Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 7, 1961 · Page 14
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 14

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, April 7, 1961
Page 14
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Urt'RTEKN ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH IT11DAY, APRIL f, 1961 Warriors Thump Alton, 14-4; Oilers Kayoed, 12-3 Redbircfs Get OnlyOneHiU In SW Defeat ORAVrre CITY - The Alton n£ouli tiff dropped their fourth fpirne TWW* Thur^Kifty as they lost a star •Inning 14-4 nVrlslon to hV Granitr City Warriors in a South- wsfpm Conffrcnrf contest. Boh .Trmrs was hombrd in hi* fWUt Innlnes on the mound as th>> VTniTior< touched htm for 11 rum on eight hits. His cousin. Tom: Jones, camp in and hurled thci taut two innings. Tom gave up the j final three runs. Although the Redbirds did score I (our runs they were stopped by Joe Holder, who gave up only one htt and fanned 13. Grant Takmaj-j in hurled the sixth frame for GC. i The tone hit was a three-run honv i er by centerfielder Bill Roettgers i IB the fourth with left fielder Miko i Wyatt and right fielder Jim Minsker aboard. The Alton squad scored in the first as shortstop Getis Fowler walked, stole a base and then scored on an error by the catcher. Second baseman harry Diak of Granite City was the game's hit- ring star as he rapped out twn home runs. Alton now stands 04-1 and 0-2 in the conference. It will travel to East St. Louis Monday for another loop contest. The Warriors are 2-1 and 1-1 in the league. Alton (4) Granite City (14) Player AB R H Player AB R H LEADERS LIGHT UP AUGUSTA, Ga, —Bob Rosburg, Ga. Thursday. Both had 68s. four un- right, holds a light for Arnold Palmer der par on the opening round. (AP after they tied for the lead In the \Virephoto.) Masters Golf Tournament at Augusta, Fowler Boyer Ulricri Kelly Norvell Bemis Perica WyaM Curry MJnskw Dawson Roettgers Sumner B.Jonef T.Jonet 1 0 Dlak 0 0 Sparks 0 0 Mance 0 0 Neipert o o Horfeck o 0 Shardan 0 0 Buehler 1 0 Corev 0 0 Shuman 1 OCooK 0 o Feltmyer 1 1 Holder 0 0 Tak'jmn Writer Picks Dodgers, Baltimore to Win Flag \E\V YORK iAP>— The hos An- Dodger pitching is the most re- AUGUSTA. Ga. iAP>—Defend- 0 2 geles Dodgers and the Baltimore spected in the National League.: ing champion Arnold Palmer, who 1 o'Orioles. a pair of dubs loaded It is evenly balanced with Donjhad things mostly his own way 443 432 3 2 1 1 0 0 Palmer Shares Masters Lead With Rosburg Hawks, Celtics Meet Saturday; Clyde Returns ST. LOUIS (AP) -The St. Louis j Hawks today counted on the pfob- 'nhlr return of Clyde Lovellette — 'hack brace and all — to give •them n much noedrd lift against the Boston Celtics in pro basket- j ball's world series. ; Tho 8-foot-9 Lovellette. who jnveraged 20.3 points against the Celtics during the regular season, will be available for duty here Saturday afternoon when the best- of'Seven National Basketball Association title playoff resumes. The Hawks trail 0-2. Lovellette, out of action since March 27 with a twisted back suffered in the semifinal playoffs against the Lakers, has been working out tlw last few days. The Hawks' third best rebound PI- and scorer said the doctors' have given him the so-ahead, pro-! vided he wear a stiff brace om his back. Lovellettc said he can't bend ; down with the brace on and iti jmay hinder his jumping ability.! ; But, he added: '• "It doesn't hurt my shooting.'. !l'm hitting pretty good." j Clyde averaged .4"v3 from the| (floor during the regular cam-j jpaign. Many of his 1,471 points, came on one-handed shots from i the outside. The H wks feel that a consist- j lent outside shooter would force j the Celtics' B-foot-11 Bill Russell; CHICAGO <APi — You'd have;troit look the play away from us. SHOPPING CENTER WORKOUT champion Davey Moore in Los Angeles Saturday. Valdez planned to box four rounds but the 90-plus temperature changed his mind and he stopped after two rounds. (AP Wirephoto.) Danny Valdez, right, spars with partner Wicho Morales in Atlantic Square shopping center in East Los Angeles this week in preparation for his title fight against featherweight o with young talent, arc the choices Drysdaie. Stan Williams and Rog- after last year's opening round. 4 o i;here to me* 1 * in the 1961 World ;<?r Craig firing from the right side today was crowded by two dan- land Johnny Podres. Andy Koufax gerous fellow pros and a brawny 200 000 o * o 'Series next October. o } $ Walter Alston's Dodgers. whoi nn d rookie Ron Perranoski from amateur plunging into the second i finished fourth last year. ___ repeat their 1939 National League 20 4 1 Totals 123456 Totals INNING: Alton 10030 0— 4 Granite City 32510 3—14 Umpires: Prxada. Anderson. 32 14 9 ( triumph because they possess the R H E Beavers Grab Season Opener CARLINVILLE — burn Beavers dual meet wta in the ast work both ways, start and relieve. | Tournament. Pittsburgh has the same team! Palmer was tied for first at i siprime pennant ingredients—strongithat defeated the Yankees in the i 4-under-par 68 with Bob Rosburg. 9 *;'pitching, stout defense and superb {World Series. The Pirates have (whose record 100-foot putt keyed j speed. They lack power but they j good balance, sound pitching and|a torrid finish over rain-soaked iare blessed with sufficient i an admirable defense. Shantz, thei^\ugusta National Thursday, i strength to two-platoon without ; only newcomer... should help in the! j ust a s t ro (( e behind Palmer suffering any noticeable dip in bullpen. i anr j Rosburg. whose rallying quality. The Cardinals figure to bej round also j nc i ur jed a holed 120- i Paul Richards' Orioles also'tough again. Larry Jackson's in-| foot pitch shot] vvas mp vear - s I have the speed, defense and pitch- iJury—a fractured jaw—may setj top nlon ey-winner. South African |ing-especially pitching. Always | them back a^'little^but Jhey have j Gary pi aye r. at 69. Two strokes arrears was the muscular amateur. Jack Nicklaus, who bagged a YO playing with Palmer. Nicklaus, a runner- up to Palmer in the 1960 U.S. Open, matched the Master to come out, giving the Hawks a better chance for baskets from inside. So far, Russell, while not breaking any scoring records, has ' Blackburn Wins Tennis Match CARLINVILLE - The Blackburn Beaver tennis team scored >a 5-2 win over HIP Concordia had lost and the Detroit Red'was replaced by Hank Bassen atj£] earh1Prs . °f. Springfield here Wings had won. : lhe star, of the second period.!™"''^ '" «he opening meet of There was a sharp contrast iniSauchuk collided with Hawk Mur- 1 y Black Hawks Win, But Can't Tell by Players Strong East Side Deals Out SW Loss WOOD RIVER - Ute Inning scoring by the East St. Louli Flyers pulled them to a 12-8 Southwestern Conference win over the Wood River 'Oilers here Thursday afternoon. The Oilers broke to a M lead In the first as Sam Ladd, Paul Hitter and John Heck walked, Ladd scored on a field as choice and then Rltter and Heck scored on a single by first baseman Dan Proctor. The Flyers knotted the score In the second and took a 5-3 lead in the fourth. They added three more In the fifth and four In the §ev- enth. The Oiler hurlers were John Heck, Jim BlacWedge and Phil Whitlock. They walked a total of 11 find struck out the same. Blackledge was the loser while J i m Stokes was the winning pitcher in relief of Bill Bernlnger. Mank relieved Stokes in the late innings. The Flyer hurlers fanned 12 Oil- ers. The OHers are now 2-1 for the year and 1-1 in the conference. They will go to Western Military Saturday. The Flyers are coasting along with a 3-0 record and a 2-0 loop mark. Wood River <3> E. St. Louis <12> Player AB R H Player AB R H thought the Chicago Black Hawks 1 Red Wing goalie Terry Sawchuk Ladd" Rltter Heck Milllgan B.Blac'gc Proctor J.BIac'ge Burk Cobb 0 Wood I 1 Peludat 1 1 Moder 0 0 Willis 0 0 Basarlch 3 3 .1 1 1 2 0 1 Bernlnger 300 Payne 200 stoker 300 Mnnk 22 :i 2 t 0 12 11 1 I 10 00 ruined the Hawks with blocks and j the aftermath of the Hawks' 3-2 ray Balf pur and re-injured a j should j the left side. Larry Shery can (round of the 25th Masters Golf rebounds. Here, too, Lovellette's victory Thursday night in the; bruised nerve in his left shoulder., Singles result: Jav Bland (B) defeated Jack! 235 pounds would come in handy, if only to jockey Russell out of position. SPORTS MENU "? Zl^ia prime factor, pitching takes on>a solid pitching staff headed by meir secono, added importance in me Arneri-jErnie Broglio. Bob Miller, Ray tnis season Sadecki. Curt Simmons and Al Ci** additional two teams which cotte. They have adequate power caused an expansion of the I in Musial, Boyer, Bill White and l schedule from 154 to 162 games. Daryl Spencer. Their crying need i; c ' s the season' Joe Keenan of Blackburn set a new school record when hej The defending champion Pi-, 510" in the high jump.-rates and Yankees should finish! mark was held by Dick < second, with the Cardinals and) Martin since 1956. 'Chicago White Sox third and Mil Dave Hines paced the win withiwaukee and Cleveland fourth, three first places while Leroy| This appears to be the sha P^g w fielder < Shouse and Max Sargeant copped!of things to come in each league: are the only champ's closing nine 34. two under par. Last year, when Palmer led •y round to capture his second and Bob' AIasters tiUe - no ^^ an open'ns established! 67 —r*' 0 strokes better than the opening game of the National'He may not be able to play Sat-j Hockey League Stanley Cup finals'urday. in Chicago Stadium. j Also doubtful is Detroit's ace The best-of-seven series, the i defenseman. Marcel Pronovost. first all-United States cup final in J who has a bruised right ankle and 11 years, shifts to Detroit (Saturday night. j Chicago, who conquered the;late in the second period j champion Montreal Canadians inJLen Lunde took a pass from Gor- jsix games in the semifinals, j die Howe and rammed the puck 'Geach (C). M 6-3. Chrales Cummins (B> defeated Don Rauschek, 6-0. 6-0. 1 Dennis Newman (B) defeated ;A1 Davidson (C), 6-3, 6-0. Whitlock 100 Totals 22 3 3 Totals 3012 9 INNING: 1234 5 67 RHE E. St. Louis 0 .» 0 2 3 0 4—12 9 2 Wood River 3000000—3 3 4 Umpires: Prlmas. Dwlgglns. Golfing Group Elects Officers FRIDAY Butbtll MarqueUe at Duchesne Southwestern at Staunton Track D SS'd le«umonti h001 !scored all of its goals in the first!past Glen Hall. and Jwseyviiie «tj period before 15.438 raving fans.! Detroit scored its second goal JThey all came in the first 1-1! in the final minute of the third Stadium Assumption Wood Blver Edwardavtlle at Madison Tcnnlt Western at Wood River Belleville at Roxana SATURDAY Baseball Wood River at Western Routt at Jerseyville Track Triad at Western. Lehar (C), 6-1, 6-0. Doubles: Paul Miller and defeated Geach and f-5, 6-2. Franks and Ron Langner de- starters with the possibility two firsts. Ted Comden of Green-! National League-I. Los Ange- ^ ^^ ^^ ^^ .^ 'ihis own. They sorely lack a ville led his squad with two firsts les. 2. Pittsburgh. in the mile and two mile. 4. Milwaukee, 5. San Francisco, j Blackburn's next meet will be 6. Cincinnati. 7. Philadelphia, 8.!**" its own invitational on April 22. j Chicago. Other teams participating will be; American League—1. Baltimore, St Louis University, Culver- 2. New oYrk, 3. Chicago. 4, Cleve Four others broke Augusta Na and land. 5. Minnesota. 6. Detroit. 7. buii-jtional's par 72 in Thursday's persistent drizzle which failed to bullpen also threatens (dampen the enthusiasm of more to handicap the Giants, who may I than 10,000 spectators. at first second! They included two-time cham- jplon Byron Nelson, -19, the 1937 have problems and shortstop. Danny Moyer In TV iking, Doug Ford, and two solid I journeyman pros, Paul Harney land Johnny Pott, who came in | with 71's. ! Seven were knotted at 72, Stockton, Greenville, Harris Concordia ol St. Louis. Boston. 8. Kansas City, 9. Los AnResults: igeles. 10. Washington. Mile run—Cornden >Gi. Time— Baltimore's pitching, best in the 5.^3 American League last year, may 1 440 run-Williams tB). Time- be even stronger because of p. 35 experience gained by youngsters i 100 vard dash — Hines (B),'Chuck Estrada. Milt Pappas.i PQ A champ Jay Hebert. 0.10.6. * Jack Fisher and Steve Barbon.j NEW YORK (AP> - Danny: Litller Tommy Bolt. Stan Shot put — Sargeant <B) Dis-iAIso. Jerry Walker, a disappoint-j Moyer of Portland, Ore., undecid- lar( j and gji^" Casper, hurdles Shouse (B). Time-1 mem last year, looks like ho'slod whether he's aiming at the! in- eluding amateur Charley Coe, 1 last year's runnerup Ken Venturi, Gene Leon- High 0;17. ^eady to pick, up where he left i welterweight or middleweight ti-; Among no { pwer than 23 ' and Hughes (Tie). Height- to tiv All-Star team. complemented by champion . Pole vault-Shouse <B>. Kaisner, 0 ff in 1959. when he was named tie. is a 7-5 favorite over J° r K e jSammy Snead and two-time win —••"••-• •••- - -The staff vrterans run-Szecholda (B). Time- Hoyt Wilhelm, Hal Broun and 10'. SSO IMS. Billy Hoeft and a promising rook- High jump — Keenan (Bi and j e named John Papa. Wheeler (G>. (Tie). Helght-5'10" ; The Yankees haven't changed 220 run-Hines (B). Time-0 : 23.3. j except for the loss of second °. Distance- st ,-j ng pitchers Eli Grba and Bob- 'by Shant/ and utility players Two Mile — Comder (G) Time, [ Ja | t . Lyjrig and Rob Orv. They . t»ast such power hitlers as Mick- DibX-us-Sargeant 106'6". (B). Dis- Broard jump-Hines tance-19'-l ;; «". Low hurdles Shouse (B). Time 0:28.1. .Kubok Mile relay-Greenville. Time-1. Mantle. RO«IT Mans. Bill np) . Hoglin today . s sooond Fernandez of Argentina for thoiri ^ 10-round nationally televised!'"^ fl ™' ^ (ABC) bout at St. Nlgholas Arena I ,. lbb( , f) to "^c e " c ^y, cool and Saturday night. possibly rainy weather—the orig- Originally, Denny and Manager , inal ^. player sta rting field will Sid Flaherrj- made plans to de-u trjmmPd to the low 40 sco re sert the 147-pound ranks to shoot i d tips cr ^ i( ^ etfi Me no Skowron, Howard. as Yogi Bfrra and Elston plus the versatile Tony mcl C'letis Boyer as well Richardson and Hector for the heavier crown, but nowJ (jps for ^ pUu . e that Emile Griffith is the wleterj Clearly Palmer agaln is the champ, there may be a change of; mnn to lx , at Rc dispelled his pre . neart - I tournoj' worry over putting Thurs- Myor has rwice fought Griffith. j dav _ usjng ^ put ts and having 3:50. Javalin-Darr tB). 157'2". EXHIBITION BASEBALL By The AtiocUted Presi I Thuriday Retultf Detroit 7 Chicago (A) 2 1 Kani>a a City 8. Minnesota 4 ; Cincinnati 6, Milwaukee 5 '• Chicago (N) 9. Boston 5 , Cleveland 6. Lot Angeles (A) 5 (12 1 (N) U. San Frin-j I. Washington 1, ;Lope? The pitching, however, is ithin with Whitey Ford the only j dependable starter. Bob Turley, i Ralph Terry, Art Ditmar, Bill Stafford and Jim Coates are the other starters. who won the welter title by knock ing out Benny (Kid) Paret of Cuba in Miami Beach last woc-k.; Mayor lost to Griffith in New York, then beat him in Portland First, however, Denny has to; so^iure matters who outpointed nine one-putt greens. Davey Moore Solid Favorite LOS ANGELES (AP) —To most students of boxing, young Danny Valdez doesn't stand a ghost of a chance against the featherweight champion of the world, Davey Moore. It may be like tossing a jar of honey to a grizzly bear when the pair hook up in a 15-round fight for Davey's title Saturday night in the Olympic Auditorium battle —„ — — - -. - , rranKS ana nO n t^angner ae- Iminutes, Bobby Hull flicking in!period when Allan Johnson P° ked jf ea ted Davidson and Dube 6-3, 'two goals and Kenny Wharramiin a seven-footer after Hall had'Q^ 4g the other. ! kicked out a shot by Howe. j Dav ~ idson j^ Dube . Concordia, "Maybe, that 3-0 lead lulled us ; Chicago players had little to sa >'| defeated Franks and Ron Lang- into becoming too defensive mind-;as they peeled off their uniforms, j ner Blackburn 3-6 64) 6-4 ed," said Hawk Coach Rudy Pi-JThere was much more liveliness! ^ Beavers'will' host McKen- lous afterward. "We passed up Jin Detroit's dressingroom. ;dree on Thursday in their next too many chances. We've got toj "We'll get 'em," said Howe. i matcn skate harder and check harder. "This will give us a real lift, be-; We played too carefully and De- cause we didn't fold up." Shells Subdue Major Leagues Near Finish Madison> 6 . 5 Of Spring Training Grind IVIADISON I Shells edged — The Roxana the Madison Tro- reation Center, officers for the coming season were elected. I The new president is Harold Handbaum. Elected vice-president was Bob Borman while Sylvester Davis was elected treasurer and Herb Rink secretary. Appointed to the golf membership committee were Earl Brown, chairman. Lee Wrest, Ed Johnson, Ann Rink and Thelma Wrest Other committees will be appointed later. Alton Thinclads Run Today at St. Louis The Alton High track team j takes part in a triangular meet* today at St. Louis a t Public Schools Stadium against power- By ED WILKS Associated Press Sports Writer Relief pitcher Ed Roebuck may be all through—again: the Chicago Cubs have a leader—for two weeks, anyway; and the exhibi- ber blanking the Senators on four| d ' hits in the seven innings *—' worked. jans, 6-5, here Thursday in a ful Beaumont and Vashon begin- Beaumont is the Missouri state outdoor champ. „ „. , . . „. . . . ;„ — ~, , Balhmore whipped Washington MjdwMteni Conference game „ ^ at 4 p-m 8-1 with right-hander Steve Bar- had a four-for-four he Wally Heinz ! hurler for the was the winning Shells as he re- The Reds came from behind; lieved starter Richard Harris in tion tour finally hits a major with two runs in the ninth to win j the third. Heinz had to be bailed pl l; , ..... 97 ileague park today as baseball j at Columbia, S.C.. against thejout in the fifth by "fireball" Ed The seasoned, power-nuung, tt- ol ^_ in nn tha ctai . ( Q[ thg 1%1 | Braves - Bob Buhl who went UH.^^.^ p ar sons fanned five, Alton was runnerup for the state track title in Illinois last year. Junior and senior divisions will be run. with Fernandez, ; him in Madison I Ed Roebuck on Disabled List year-old champion, from Springfield, Ohio, is a solid 3-1 favorite. and merits the role. Davey was due to check his weight late today with the state athletic commission. He admittedly has been having trouble getting down to 126 pounds, the limit. The match, which will not be telecast or broadcast, marks Moore's third defense of the title he won from Hogan (Kid) Bassey here in March, 1958. Moore has not been beaten in five years, with one notable exception. He tangled with a lightweight, Carlos Hernandez, in Caracas, Venezuela, last year and came out with a knockout defeal and a broken jaw. Valdez earned the title shot by twice defeating the then No. 1 Square Garden last October when Moyer was a 9-5 favorite. Illinois Loses Stai On Eve of Tournev at vs Milwaukee CHAMPAIGN, 111. (Al'i - Ill'ii, ,,-on Hulme. Nuvj; Jim Fail-child,;X-rays, at chances of capturing tht NCAA I'aliforniu. and Bob Lynn. South-'year-old Hous .,gymnastics title base been jolted the loss of tumble r Hal crn California. ••tamiouu m various events: .... two-day championships i Fr( ' ( ' exercise — Hadley; John today. Holmes, Pan-Am€'ri-' l)ai ' it>ls . Michigan State, and Gil side horse — cUco 7 Baltimore (night) Today's Games Philadelphia Vb PHltburgh V.irnit.i Cin< innatl Chjr.une fhHiino (N) vi Boston ai i-.ii b> Los Anyelej 'N) vs Cleveland at Las Vegat . , Minnesota v». Detroit »t Lslte- land New York at St Louis , ... ., . . Saturday Garnet ' (>an and N a tional AA U champion. I l ^ n ' s> ' Michiijan: Chicago (A) iit Chicago (N) Philadelphia vs Pittsburgh Den .er New York ut at Louis Cincinnati vs Niilwaukt-.e at Lou icville Lot Angeltt IN) vi. Sin (PCD at San Diego S«n v§. Cleveland at move into top contention with Illi - - — [X'lit, Michigan: tranipollnt City at "" ! - s }r "~^ "' "•••'•"'- ' ' Beach _ _ _ " • •• - '"'"!.„ ^...,. .in be »ht basis foi- dett-nr.ininx tliei" ' " uiid title tci be decided to- Thr other fi/uils will be Sat- aftiTIKOIl PHOE:NIX, Ariz. <AP> — sore- i armed Ed Roebuck, who made a great comeback from the minors in 1960, has been placed on the disabled list by the Los Angeles Dodgers. The slnkerball specialist hasn't pitched in a game this spring and his arm is so dead he couldn't •/ even throw for butting practice. The team physician, after making i-oncluded that th<> 29- right-hander has acute 'and chronic adhesive capsulltls sees athletes as the|of the right shoulder. Simms, I was stricken with virus pneumon-!*' :iilvll ''d an(l Bil1 l>««ler, Illinois; 'Mii. and Ins doctor said he di-finiti--1»'Sh bar-Bill o; -_....__. lly will not compete. i l>e/endmg champion Penn State. and This is a complication of shoulder trouble that hit the ace of the Dodger bullpen midway in the 1958 season and forced him to quit. I A good hitting pitcher. Roebuck contender, Argentina, Ricardo Gonzalez last year. of Southern Illinois. Greg Wei.sfi. Penn State.!decided to sturt over as an in- nd Jim H>nds, Michigan j fielder with St. Paul. In stretch- Still rings — Fred Orlofsky.iing for throws he ., gradually los.s ,,( Holmes. .Southern Illinois, and Rich Mont- worked out the sort-ness and pain afflicted his right side and v* Bo* u>c n»rn IjOt Angeles (A) at Atlanta a, Dur. Osti'i'land, Michi^H tOda> will ;Tnonlpson MitWj; . Michignn. and Stale: —Tom | that Chuck arm Len Mathews Wins Fight CAMDEN, N.J. (AP) — Now that fourth-ranked lightweight Len Mathews has defeated Eddie Armstrong, the Philadelphia has his sights set on avenging a defeat at the hands of third-ranked Car- loi Hernandez of Venezuela. After Matthews had won by a decision Thursday night over Armstrong in a 10-round bout at Camden Convention Hall, his manager, Tony Gruziano, an nouncpci that Matthews would meet Hernandez in Philadelphia sometime in May. Last March 27 Hernandez won by u split decision over Matthews in 10 rounds in Venezuela. Matthews, however, predicted that this time the outcome would be different. "1 believe I'll knock htm out," distance for the third time al-j while working three innings. though giving up 12 lu'ts. season. Roebuck, who hasn't pitched an inning this spring because o f shoulder trouble, was placed on the disabled list by the Los Angeles Dodgers Thursday, pending approval by Commissioner Ford Frick. It's the second time in three years that Roebuck, 29, has been hit by shoulder miseries. The Cubs, meanwhile, picked Vedie Himsl from their coaching group to open the season as quasi- manager. It's owner Phil Wrigley's idea to go with a leader instead of a definite manager this Johnny Romano's third hit of Second baseman Jim Frazier| Sad Sam Jones of the Giants {continues to lead the Roxana of-! r PRO HOCKEY By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Thursday Result Chicago 3, Detroit 2 (Chicago was tagged for nine runs in fourjfensive punch as he provided I leads best-of-seven series, 1-0) innings at Phoenix by the'half the Shell runs with a three-! Dodgers, who finished with 13 ; run homer in the fourth inning. 1 hits — including a double, three triples and home runs by Duke Saturday Game Chicago at Detroit Snider, winning pitcher Don Drysdale and Charlie Smith. At Sarasota, the Tigers had just four hits, but won their third in a row with five unearned mas in the second inning. was the loser. Herb Score Ga ni?ht urdav FIGHT B> TUK: ASflOCUTCD Caniden, N- J- — L«n Matthews, 13$ Phila<Jel|>bi», outpointed Ed-; 130 Athletes in the meet die Armstrong, 110, Linden N. J.,1 Four individual champions SiOllH climb— Hulme and Paul Davis. I he said, spring Roebuck's arm sud-j Matthews. who weighed 138 to California Tempi' er. lutve entered and I. fixing rings — Vat; VV, and Rodgerg Wein parallel bars— Hadley van Pond ta^.s Hadley, Orlofsky, re-j\ and Ljnn the men to beat (turn—Ray Hartley ol Illinois; Nel-ifor the all-around title tonight. denly went lame and, he suffered j Armstrong's 140. fought with a shooting pains whenever he tried i handicap. He injured his left to throw a ball. "He has overcame tremendous odds before," said Dr. Robert Kerlan. the Dodger physician, "and it is possible he may be able to make 9 comeback." hand, which had been broken previously, and his right hand early in the fight. X-ray* were taken to determine if there were any frac- tuies. but they were negative. He said he fought under terrific pain. season, shifting the head man role among the four coaches who will be with the club at any one time. With the season set to open Monday, and President Kennedy now officially scheduled to throw out the first ball at Washington svhen the Chicago White Sox meet the new Senators, the exhibition trail led the New York Yankees to the St. Louis Cardinals' Busch Stadium today for the opener of a three-game series. Both were idle Thursday while the Cincinnati Reds again clipped Milwaukee, 6-5; the Dodgers belted San Francisco 14-7, the Cubs defeated Boston 9-5, the Detroit Tigers trimmed Chicago's White Sox 7-2, the Cleveland Indians beat the Ixw Angeles Angels 6-5 in 1^ innings and Kansas City smacked Minnesota 9-4. In a night game at Miami, World Bowling Meet Slated for November CHICAGO <AP»-The fifth annual World's Invitational Bowling Tournament today was scheduled for Nov. 16-% in Chicago's new exposition hall, McCormick Place. The tourney will carry a prize purse of $48,000. More than 50,000 fans are expected to attend in the modern lakefront building. the day, a one out single, capped a two-run comeback for the Indians in the bottom of the 1 12th at Tucson against Angels' rookie Aubrey Gatewood. Lou Klimchock's throe-run homer brought the A's from behind in the seventh against Twins' ace Pete Ramos at West Palm Beach. BOWUNU I* UKEAT FQK 4 QATB 4T . . . BOWl I NEED AN ENGINE OVERHAUL? BEFORE YOU REPAIR Compare 10% DOWN On Store ItbuUt MO to 9380 AUowauc* U«d iSoci SMTI Uttbuck Md Ct. WiON Save by Taking with You PARKING LOT TRUCK LOAD SALE GUTTERING and RAIN PIPE GALVANIZED 5-in. Box Guttering 10-ft. length 2-inx3-in. Downspout l(Mt. length ALUMINUM Box Guttering 10-ft. length 2'in,x3-in. Downspout 10-ft. length fteg. 1.89 Your 153 *L per leng per length Reg, 3.49 Heg. ? 69 A»»ei«bJwl wilb Quick Action Slip Connector*. full Utw of Fittingt Av»|l»ble for Both Type*. AT REDVCEU PRICES 8gt9 Eadt Monday. April lOih Sttri w Alton . Shop Traitt, MOB. 'Til 9 P.M

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