The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 16, 1927 · Page 8
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 16, 1927
Page 8
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PAGE! EIGHT THE TOLA DAH.Y REGISTER. WEDNESDAY EVENING. Team Is Making Trip to Hays in Two Cars and Will Reach Hays ' Thursday Is i Plan. NEWTON CAPTAIN RI^ADY TO PLAY Xewton.j Kans., .Mar. 16. rAPt - Onl.v a fvv minutes iw^re required for Or. Pnog Allen to deternuji e that Captain ForcKti Cox of t) o Newton hiih school Uii.-kcthall tea n wua .sufferuiB from a dislocated I'iii and after I several irealments Cox r'fTiined, to rejoin his teani-n!ate|j.' He will bej.nibie to play in I lie slate toiirnameni at' Hay .«i. this week. \ WHAT IS MEANT BY HEElSiOVER HEAD. IISTE si lola loia two high Coach .lohn .Soolt and his high school liasketeers left shorlly after noon today in cars for the Kansas state school liaski-thull tourney which Piiens there Friilay morning. • Th«' ti-ani will ilrive as far as Salina. where Scott will put his men lo bed for tlie night. Tomorrow llie .'Situad will ccinJinue the Journey In Hays. , I The leaui is schednle^l to play Its first jjaiue al ft o'<lotk Friday winner cliislies with the ;wlnner of the Concordia-I'arsons game. Ri'-! j)orts indicate'ihal I'arsons will' no) ailend the lourriey. | which j would Kive Concordia a >esti bi'fore i cir-'liiiii: with loin or \Vinf/eld. j Sixteen leanis are entered in the ; liieci. lola lioes as winner of llie i .\einleslia district tournament. ! CLASS B TEAMS iREADYTOOPEN Drawings Ma^e .for the ! Tournaments Starting ! 1 , Friday IVlorning. i Topeka. Kans.. Mar. l.'i. t.VI ')-4 Pairings •wereicompleied] toilay for the first round In the Chjs.s B style high school baskelliall ii)urnanW-lii|. which will lie played Friday aiii| MARCH 16 FACULTY TRIMS SOPHOMORE FIVK Closinn the'game, with a dash of Rcorini; ilie lac ally leani defean-d i|] • snpliouuire sciuiid in a hard game al the high school 1 la.<l night by .-coring two points lo ; ev.»-ry one ihe soiihomores made in I the la."! iiuarifr. ihe facitltv won ;n lo ^ i ; The soplion:ofes ilroppfd into ah 'eaily lead and slaved Ihere uhiil the final ((iiarler. leading llie. faculty 20 to at liie half.. ^' Koenip. facull .v center, scored ; •wilh; 1-1 poinis. 10 of which were! gaiixfd in the first half. Onit' .Mc- | Inuire of the class men had iwelve points wiiich inade him,high iioint man on his team. In the preliiilinary trounced the seniors. The IKI.V score: Saturday at the W'ashliurij. gym lia'dum. "The first contest, at !t j udocl Friday niiirniiig. «;ill b-;- ti.-twcei llaldwiii. and .Whiting high schoidsi fjther games scliediiled. lor Kiidav; Chiise vs. l.eonanl^'iHe', In a. ni llillsboro vs. Mine Mixind. 11 a.m. Iladilani v '.i. .Aiidovi-r. 1 p. lu. . K-ilion Vs. 'Chaiitauiiua. p. n|. Oakley vs. Meiilo. '1 p. m. Kills vs. Virgil, 4 p. m. Carfielil vs. Sacred Heart of Si lina. ;."> p. in. I'efry. byo (lo iilaii winner o Ualdwin Whiijug game al 7 p .m.i Williamsburg, play win ner of Hillsboro-ltltie .Mound gain^ al S p. m.i. Fronleiiac;. bye (lo play winnc of Chase-Leouanlville game al l <!i p. ni.). time 0r the follow Coellerill field i t 7 Sail la Wei inso!\. 19271 CLASS c DRAWINGS ARE ]VJADE TODAY Etnijoria. Kaiis.. Mar. 16. (AP)— Pairiti ;s for the state class C bas- kctbal tournament here Friday and Satun ay were made at. 2 o'clock this a|fternoon. The pairings and | ganie.s Friday e\-!eniug j of Mulberry p. m. vs. Win- vs. Dodge Cit.v. 7:45 p. ington vs. OIathe,'S:S0 p. Knii oria vs.; Sherman of m. m. HutchIt: If. pj m. TRAPSHOOTERS WINONCEMORE • Texj^'co Greasers Lose Rifle Shoot Last Night. I Soiiieiliiug.for a photographer to write ho-ue about is thl Che<|uer ll:iiidic;ip Sleepleclias^ al liiHwick. KiiglanJ. bled at one ot llic- jumps anil ral.ip^lled Fosier. lor jockey. in mid-air as hi-: mount baps bac-k to lier feel. I'nsi.r w::s I the c-xtrrnM-dinary pi<:iui-e of an acc-lcleni jMl 'S Ciubeen."'W!ill;:c.'| I'liilip's eil'tr.V. italglit over hi-r head. lh«- c'Uinera cali-hii] lH'e il'JUIed. " '! • STRAW HAT HELPS McGRAW, The prove ] c-halleiiger.s, when they compeled in''** -"• ;,• I ch iinpions.than the Klks .s^uad the 20 1 Juniors FIRE LOSS GOES DOWNINKANSAS Rejiort Shows Big Drop Over February of Last Year. Fatnll.v If'brand. Kirk, f Koenig. c- ! iSc -olt. n Camp. Fleming, if ilJarrison. f . r, . .-fi _ .1 . - It ...1 - 0 FT. 1 1 '> 1 (I 0 0 F. 2 1: It II 1 0 Sophomofes Funk, f . ^ - Mcfiuire. f -. .Maloiie,^ c' . McCarly. g" Itrei'kenrldge. Meh/.ie. g . F.lliol.i. f LMcCarlv 14 Ft:. :! . - - c. •t J) II .11 II . 0 12 FT. II I (I (I 1 0 0- F. 0 1 1 fTopeka. Kaus.. .Mar. li;.: (AI'l — Fires in Kansas liiiritig February destroyed l)roi)r.-rty with a liital value of $:{!iu.7sri. aci-orcling to the monthly ivport of W. A. KIslun. state fire niiirshall. issued today. The total loss .for the month was $20.00(1 less than that of February, 1!I26. Again Ihe burning of dweilings headed the list of losses, by classification of building tyin's. A total of IC2 bomes valiied at J112.<;2S were destroyed. Three c-auses were assigned to the majority of these | fires—stoves and fiirnaci-s, cliini- ' ncy fire's, and sparks on roof. (If the, ?:;'.ll ^7^.•..7 .N^• V.yi- l.iss. 2r)4 .:',iiS 'was li.stecl as the cause. . . li.sled " ' being unknown. ; of tue lor; i .More ilian cnl- baseball critic fails lo .vhare Connie .Mac-k's opti- luisiii ovc-r Ihe chaiic-es fcjr the Alh- Ic^lics.lo get into the nc!.xl wculd's scrii-ii thioiigh Ihe services of Ty iCohb, PMdie Collins ajicl Xiich •Wheat. i : i'<-tininglon. a bantannveiglit, was fill' otilv llritisher suc'ci-ssfill in ihe Frani:o-l!riiisli ainaieur boxing boiit'c held rec-eiilly in I'aris. The Cambridge University Boat Inn ot Kiigland is celebrating the < lie hunilrecllh anhiyer.sary 6f Its 1 iiinding this year, r jPifty-niue of tBe 10r> counties re- !pl>rteil Josses in • Februar.v. Miami county reported ;llie heaviest .loss, $t)7,72.'i.• ilarvev; county was second with $C2e'i72l Losses in other couiitieK 'Were as follows: Cloud. $:!;t.41S: .Marshall. $:!il.(;ii.'.; Kingman. $14..''i(;r.; heiivenwortli. $12.S4C: Huller. $14,770; . Anderson. $l.{.2(io: Wyandolle, $ii.7(i4: Cowley, $.S.2S(t: .lackson, ?0,(Mio and ! Sumner. $ii.l."i!t. Losses in other j coiiiilil's reporting ranged from $!» I to $4.0iiO. ,Mc-hison county's lc»ss i was b|it $6; Finney c-ouniys • $10. i Franklin countys $:!it and N'eosho icoiiniy^s $."iO. i Forty six c-oiinties did not report losses. The list. Included: Chau- ItaiKjua, Clark, Ccunanche, Dec'aiiir, Doniphan, Kills, Ford, Cove. Cra.v, (;^e(Jey, Creenwood, Hamilton. LAHARPE AND ITS CITIZENS :a rifli luring SlIIUl- ihe ihc-v Trapshoolers sijiiad,' tune a few points! closer to 'fclld a 1 m argil Krann I'arket ' Hair r.ov NciMil>> Hate \tteiiiiiiiii. Pre llik< •ihinen Smith liiiip iMonlgojmery I 'arly :H lliijiie of (lark. I.AII.XKI'I-: l.ilhupe Ki ii.Ue .•^:iiiiii|:iv Op: K; ii.lie .s:iiill'l:iy ;i|IerilYon lo ^'!cive !o pass llicj sfccjlid < las T!l'.>..- pi.-.-eiil v.;. re- l|)alc- '("! 1 .Milihc-ll.l IIS.. Mar. 1.1 eoiit." went leriicjoi) to Tin-: sc-cires was a Ihe, betlter install)' is^ lest, i '^^v"';'-, land the —The oil a [Hoofs 'iMie ciEirveV. t . I [" 11.1 -I .loiinson,'f"?""? I,-.; r;i:ii 'e 'IViwii.-inil. .Marviiil and l .'.re;; . l-li,, k., riiiiil llowel. Ray I I 'lilUi r-'i!ll !!(i-;s.J i;;iiiis and Scout \l:i^). r. .1. Q.' IC'ilierts. Tile t'-l.lie II itr Ihe hig! skliool :!:M1 a Fiid.jy eveiiiug, A[lar(;h •[ !,",^,„||!pj I IJ :il ! iii .li'iiii" iiif Wilson ( .v. w .IS' ^peiit III pi • III'!; ie; .\i a .lali> i .!ih!iir-^ wi r< served. A V.MS luiil by a!!. Those iji; .Mis-: lieiilah .les •,:r|. vii .Miller. H.Heii Hatten, lie TriK-el. Velmii Daniels. Tie :;riiii. rcf: lime .inil.V MclMlAW .lohn .McCraw is looking his .New York (iiaiii • over a! Fla.. fidiii c -yes beiiealli a sl!a'.\ bai. which lo- Ifimirhi over n;< .\:aiiy lockics luiist "jb" Ciaiiis' bjnP i locdi oVer |iliis ye;ii. ;i:ii| • iiiit wa tal.c-ii lo S:irasO;a' lo pnveiil (lid Sol fioili be.uii:!; do iieavily on his eyes wliib> cloing so. .Mcfiraw is not nialiiiig any rash pn dii Hon.- il .i: e;iriy in I about copping the .S'alioi'.al I .eagiii' J-i'liliiii'.i l>i:l IK I< • 1... >i.' I ir.isiila, :ii ('iili:i. 11-.- w \\ II lotl lark. Iiying hour good ires- ieph, .\el- tluby •iMd laiie llrydeii; Klva De^iton. Fein I. Teas. Kiilou.i Kdwards, plna l'.:i;! uv; :ii;d. l-'erti Clark, Charles !I:ittnti.-i;. i.rge .\ ore. Karl Spiith, i !i"s .Sia-iilr ,i(ik l{:ili)h Kusi linger, I, 'CI. Ilalliawiy and Wilson I Mh .\iiss Sti ll .i. and .Miss Tji-rril, spoiis ()r>?. .Mr. .Vib 'Tt II. ii iinn and .Mrs. CiM .;e :• were i;i.-itiied .Sunda.V <-v- eiiiiii.', M:ii-. !i I I. ly the .s:-;i:i :l. i.iislor I,' \U( • iiiiri ii. Tlie.r !:i iiiy friend.. ill :'i HUH -1 liapi iii .-s and peii'y !i>;;e*l.ler. .\ Ii'liiilber of til l/;;i.l.- s I'eri by I h-stra Anotli ; from ill HAVE STRONG ^«^NE Pitchers Are Needed by Team Winning Last , Year's W. L. I Flag. in! .shout last nigh against alihongh Des .Moines, la., With virtually 'be- same iiiieuii as I hat whicli Ihe.v won tlie l!i2l! championship, the Des .Moines Di'-mons will i -iiter the 1927 Western Kc ^agne race a formidable lo'nttncler for the tijtlti. Pitchers and catchers .st the spring training camp in Uiredoj will have rwi) weeks anil file field ' iiiien a wi-ek of preparation before Texaco CJreasers failed to i the fir«;t exhibition games will" the themselves very formidable i "••'roit Americans at l.arwlo .March ! I There is but one sinall item in the way of lining up talc-nl yet toi be attended to. I'resicb'iit Key.,- j ser hopes to sign a jiair of first-j class hurlers belore the? caiiipaign i gels jlMder way .April 14. i •Wlilh a few ..more high class- hurleirs on our .staff," President ! Keyser said. "I Teel that we will ! be 'sef for the coming year. Wc; I will havif Mat Donahue, rec -eiitly j accillired from .Mobile of the South- | erti associalion, Karl Weir, .star i first baseman • of the .Midwest i League, 'and .Manager .lohn Collins ' fronr which to select our first base- ' man. •We will have Cislasoii at sc>c- ! Olid, Knot he. at short, I'rauseii at i third, l.dngford niid Criffin in the i outfield, and llaworlli and Sprinz as catchers." . Collins, it is e.xpetted. will act as util'ty man, while Donahue.'Will go to the outfield provided Weir makes good at the keystone sack. l..angforU. the other outfielder, was return (>iV to the Demons from the .Minneapol's club of the .American a.ssociatiim. : Sale of Frank AVetzel, "slugging outfielder, to the .Minneaiiolis- As­ socialion. has left the third outfield position more or less in doubt, I but Keyser believes that emergeu- \ cy w?ll be met in fine shape. The ' Demons are to get players, probably two pitciieis. unless Keyser i desires an "Utlielder. to replace .M'lr li! (API i Wetzel, from the'.Millers. same liiieii|i week ago. They ilost by a of :».'> points. Tlie scores: Tni|»slioi)l«\r». J |ch - ——mg- --- Arbuekle Hergmim V 1 = - 1 {- -1 Texaic<» (•reaSers. -L .S9 • -Slj! --S4 ! .91 -!si; -SO 61 ! DalgarJio ' ' Diilleal : : { II otal of the Tnipshooters Was some better than il ^vijek bctore. Uno largely to lights #liicli had been l.j Arbuekle qualified as krannich as Sharpsliyuler rest of the teani as Marks- HATS BEST DRESSERS Smith ^n'alified as Texaco Kxpert. and .Mohtjgomery as .Alarksmen. men. I .lones : er shoot will be held a >\I.PH>VBET week friom Thursday with a team pres-c-nt Xeal .V .-W H:! Ibis sea leaguer bairs hii by mak play. lola .State Bank challeng- second team of the Traji- Abbut 40 visitors were last night. |iall, who is lo Tna^iagc' the ven Easti rn Leiigue cinb ion is an old-time major |vvho gained a nicliij in base- If of fame some yejirs ago ng an unassisted triple Four hundred colleges and more! than twEce that number ol prepar-j atory sc loojs have been invited to' take part iii the- thirty-third relav crarnival of the Iniveisity of Pennsylvania at the end of April. Kcv. T. H Mr. ,, ,r ••• spending lloUiiess,,,.,„g|„ wish liiyJl sihoo tiiilcats attended the the [.iitle Symplionvj in lola Friday after Mr. Fr.iiik Darker arrived 1.1-1 wei k iroiii Santa Ana, Wliele 111. liiis been workliig •• his i" iros- and con- Or- loon. lonie iTex.. to eran.Sr ac 'C|Uil 'ed in u inter deals and idiiKi< (Jianis dangerous from Ihe ; tail. he l,;iiiif!i; liii v\ 1 ! n NEWS FROM LONE ELM AND VICINITY Number 1 (Continued frnin Page 1) Uv\. I.iiren/. .>H>liiMli. rrea (lie>> FIr<.l .Sernion Here- Mr. anil • .Mrs. .\lin 'il KiigerN at Corpiit I iirisll. jHaj^n Outstanding In Golf HAGEN'IS ouHtanding among golfers, undoubtedly tbe kame's most colorful player.' I However, Walter Hagen, in a fan- jtilng be« .on sports in general, 'A-UI Inyarlably drift to baseball, as his favorite .topic of conversation. Hagen likes baseball as inell as jgolf, probably better. His one re- igret, despite, the fame }ie has won in tbe.links. Is that he didn't go in r baseball. :As a yotjiiEster, Hagen early l^howed proficiency in baseball, *rbis wa^ long before he toolc up ^olf, first as a caddy., later to become onO of tbe game's greatest players. I I have no doubt but that he would itav« been %-big league star. The J emarkabie ro-ordit ation that fea- ures Mis golf would have made him 4 batsman of the'Ty Cobb style, 1 ^ • l^'lay Slumped During Winter T3' AO EN'S play during the past winter has been slightly below usual high standard. 'It lias cjauBed'some ot the critics up north td: eVprcss the opinion that he had lassnd the peak (of his gatpc. Jui% as this opinion was gaining i ,. , , - . - • - fUor,\Hagen. in typical Babe Ijluih \ -^"'i'^''.'- ndmlneil part of It was Due. winter; Just couldn't hit my stride; the touch and punch was missing," Hagen,. said. ; " has ever been able to fathom the reason for;a batting slump in baseball. Su«h great batters as Cobb. Ruth and,the rest of j .YVv sp .Mid the day witii a the stars, have all' sulTercd from them, yet I never heard a satisfactory explanation of how they came or were cured. • ; "In baseball, a certain pitcher will be knocked out of the box in a fe\y innings tjnder a shower of base hits. Often he will come back the next day and shut out, the same ball club, latere is no explaining it, • • I . :• ' "In golf, pertain players noted for their putting, will tor weeks play atroclousl.v'.on reaching the greejns, Oth(|rs noted for.being accurate from the tees will h^ok and slici^ i ""Then all i of a sudden these faults will suddenly disappear and the (ilayer will get buck on his game. ! '',1 am going to fool a lof of those goiilng experts who have iw-eu busy counting iiie'<iut this iwinter." (Mrs. T. F. I'eia!aailt . Mar .Mr. and .Mrs. .1. W. Dracewell. .Mr. and .Mrs. C. (1. Keevc' were? calling at | liie llos-; honi'- Suih'ay a'flernooii.i .Mr. aiid .Mrsi Krnest l.lelnis ;in 1 family speni Sunday in' l.allari.c-. Mr. and .Mrs. .Al.. .-V. ihwin an I I'apiilv motored to Chaiiute Sun rcla- just returned Ircjiii , iiiys from the DC ^j legisl.ili|re wj ; Ilii- probable iMllciime ol lii' iimise and seiiali- ile;ii||iii4. ii:i iji l>i< li Iiial st ;iti I dill ;i!:oti :t; ins il ill ml. apiiiiipi'.atiiiii liiil was reii.iied to Itie seliaie iiv Senator ,sii.viitr. chairiiiaii of the. ways, and in-aiis ctminisiee ainj a mi -iiilier ol llie SI iiool bill coiifeu-nee c niiiiiiin •Pile house III nibers wi -r-. n- -.lin. si.inclliig pal on llie Imver ehinn ber's aiiic-ndiiieiit lo gi,e m bliilitili;; e :ii il tir the le.ielie luilv. \(IT i K. 'i 'lie Fariiii-rs ll'nion will ^neet l.'.iiidiy levelling! ill the old State Iiui iliiig. 'pie families •iiicl Mieliiis .ire ilivili-ti WKSLEYbHAPEI (!•:. A. A^oiing » Marrh.ll. Will! M.v»rs and-tath- e]-. ;iii,l .!.• ,.\. Voiing. iaitelicled! the Miiii IIP .Mrs. i;. .\. l.'hitwoii|l at c .iil .liiiii I'liii/.Mo., last Tuesfla.v. .I.i|i I'.nniii and Herbert Kr^aun .11' Mililr d. I ailed 'on Jessc- A'oung Siiiiii.iy. • I ] i'.iiiii'.rs are getting busy piit- i!!!.' iiiitlieir oais and doing other -;' liim f.iriii work, j \. ;.\Iis Hoieinan and .Mrs. Dennis, .Mr. rn Hild \ut .Mrs. U. Hoger.s are a few da.vs with tlii-ir .Mr.s. Clen Ilildebrant and brant in Carnell. Kans. of .Mildred, calli-d (III lev .Siinil.iv aft .\ii-. !i:i:iv on .Mrs. Friink rnoon. and .Mrs. .Mijriin A'oiing jiiid alleil at the'parental Vitling live who has Scuiii ,\merii;i. !i. Ill-- e new s college at Days and l';tt.~liiii|g and to deny Ihr liiii.r.slty n] Kau'as • lu'ard rroni .Mr. and ogers. They are in Te.\as. and Mrs. trip fine. Another Interesting jsidelight Tf /HKN I related Haj;en's explana- j tioii lo another noted pro. hej Friends hav .Mrs. AlfiVd 1 Corpus (lhr:st-i. Kogevs is stalnling ili Si hold started here a^;(in .Monday. Prof, aud Mrs. Siniih did not get back from Dakota and Karl Sloiil ipok his phice in the scliool .Moil lay.' • The Ki-v. I.oreiiz .Misbai h premli- ecl hi.-! first seiiiioii :it llic- .\1. K. c-Jjiir<:Ii hell' and at DIainoiid Siin- diiy. lie s;ieiit thi; wi-i k end al ihe Frank .Vewloii lioiiie. '< ! rile I'eiiluinrs s;)eiit Sunday al tile jiai I 'l'e:;laiid lioiliie In l.a- I'larpc-. Del'oe sl.iilcd strucliii i-i lo leplaci ni-w iiiilldiiig for would bring .liie loial lions of tlic- Session lo • Siii)\i each hall. :chool appi^opria- ?i:t. apprn.ximately ^2.O"H.'MIII mor iti l:i2.'i. Snyder said. • [••III.IIIIU than iiiiday <-vc-ning. Vi- and .Mrs sim Piles c.itled .\lis.. Voiiug Suiiday afteriio<jn. .\ iiian.v piiople in litis .'iniiy are having seven'' co'n'.!- I'le pil'Seiit lime. ; Frank Cnrley and son. 1.' :iiiil .1 A.. Young, wi-re lola v Sal unlay afternooii. .Mr. and .Mrs. .'^cqtl I!r.ia: f.iiiiily were supp'er giie-Ls liay at the p.ireiital Hraiin ^oii IS FDR KOENIG, WHO MOVED INTO TME. SHORT 4 TOP'S PLACE ONJ THE YANKEES LAST YEAR AND RENEWED HIS LEASE/ vi-j at 1 .vd. I. O.vd. isifc 'irs ; and $un- 'rhe senate pas.,eil ihe.-DroUn bill deiiyiiig iiiileiieiiiliitit caiiiiiil.iles Illel light to ell'er lOIliC-SIs I'.ij- elel-- ti\e cilices afli r Ilii- i.riiii.:i V. Killed oiici. In llie seii .ii;. I'l';:saiil bill reiluciiig mail lit district asses.-iiiiiiis i,, I eiit of I he c -ii -l \\ as 1 1 ! I.e-te KIlll to illg fill I'o .-S. Khiii lion ill in the iipiii-r clianiber : given aiioiiier i haiue of •Il .le lo l.i'(ine! ilii,iol .\lond:i.\ aiicl is slliy- j tile pnreiil .X'lfri cl Ite- fasbio.^. proceeded to do a finr .y cbmebaVrk that ciimpletely iipscj ^lie. i(o!<:alle.< expert dope, | I First, .he trimmed Gene Sara7en « and .1. in their i2-noIe grudge rnatcb. .^le later followed this, by <rouncingIBobby Cruickshank. ^ho h'a^ been Vinhing |nu)st of the fea- |t|je winter ^tonrnamehts. I After hi!», defeat of. Sarazen, I Happened totbe onje of a number of Hagen adinldKrs to offer congratiila tio|n6. Laten I heard Hagrjn :ex- ppain liome ot hii failures <f the early winter l\n true baseball fash- tin. : dffers Uniqu^ Explanatic^ UpROFESSIC'^L golfers and then added: •'Hagen h lot of 4IS much like \jhlK league IS another handicap that do not have to bother llePoe ii:.., K IIK aid. : Ml. and Mr*. U ne;ir (;eIleA:( spent .llie (',illll,.lli| !iiilie . ill llie afl';Mi!iiii. Mr. .HI. I .Ml;;. I .li Mr. and Mri ci .ii II.V s |lel!| >illll|iiy SI Tiiriiil a |io»i- .\. liuielil ol III. I'.'Uy .11 ill.- D. iiii.vs c .ill. il I .\'ii}-bol ovd S.irver jiiiid at tlic ^lIled and I a 1,11- i'l'i th. the Ifhe lys ar^ ball uyers, they havt^ their slumps. 1 | la .one toi£ti^i»i jawtlut UU9i «nd SH-Msped Quut." about. U/ini C/Stlcuiably he has inore hero wfirsh pers than all the rest of us put^together. ' "lie lias invitations galore from people whfll admire his play audi | court his company. Of necessity he ' ri U forced tO accept many-of them. ; i I'sually they mean late hours. Mo ' i much'food, and perhaps someihin? , i stronger than water, "It is surprising to me, how Hagen holds his game .so sui^erbly when you tigure how lie is feted by his .legion ot admirers. "AVhen Hagen tends strictly to, he is almost unbeatable in match play. He trained carefully | j^u-i. and practiced 'diligently for three weeks prior to the Saruzen matvh lioine. le uiis no plea, llill:; serlire Pre sliylii iaii i li:ir:|i .s^iin.Iay. Itcv, w'lJi .Mr. Claik .-p. Ill llonic' l.iliis. K.l..liikan. .Alaska. «ill b iL'SLiited by its hif ;li M limn I tile c-i;;litli annu.ii l'iii (ed il.'i ilitdastii- .basiietl.all ...tiship. »li .i 'li is to be iicid nuersiiy piil a leu • le;i- tealii S 'aies ch.iiii- al the of Chica.go. Alarcb L'!i- .iskil! .lewell. Kearn.y,, Ki.iwa.: ane. I,i:.ic-<i.n. l.inii, m. .\lcr i .Me.idc-. .Mort.Mi. ."^e.-s. ort.on. tlsbor.'ie. Pattin-e. Poita- atoiiHe, I'r.iit. Kawlins. Kepublic. ' Hi ley, Sc-oit. Kush. Seward.. :. :';i!un, rilic Smith.- Staii- n. Stevens, Thomas, Trego, Wal-' . 1 lice. Washiugtou and .Wichita. i Why Pill il OIT? (one in and (u'f a New !-;j)ri| .Suil .Mado liy K«>rr('c( ^vloihi's Compaiiy. ' C.iiar.:r.l ! •.•..•i.j ; band l ..iloiel ili i!-.-- In lic -v. , ,-iti,!' I:, .-ty!.' I'lii-.-il !.t : *:;j:ii. • lie Ill-tie « pi -r -ViM -d ill b:- iii';iit 11 .1 ii'l .si III THE HUB Pay ,-\s Ytiu R" le^ <hir 'Weekly l'.i\ n ,J IMan .Make.s Th:.. \\^- sihle. * • 'NEW SUITS Anotlior shiiimcnt .jiisl cainc in this morniiiK- Very beautiful ital- terns and mcidi'ls. I.iKht and dark colors. Two and three (ml Ion styles. Truly lieaiilifiil suits. Priced at-^ S27.50, $30, $32 .50 ; $35 .00 other IMen's Suiis .$19 .75 lo .$2r >^00 Tlie New Hat.s, Caps and Shirts are here too. mem SHIELDS GLO. CO. A i^ixying that; is as.ajiplical.h^ jto a tire as .to a lull nan] being. If a tire is made of tlie best mail proves it in lon.ti: wear—hit^li niilea^'e- terials under "shoddiv The SI Don't take chances on your old tires, when you can hajv'e Marathons and pay as you ride. TELL varied condition^, you soon leai^' Marathon Tire.s ai-e'"Ri-d-Blooded" tii-es they are compo.sed of ijhe hii^he.'^t ti^rade of ma' terial. ^ • rest way of pro llfi.Ea^t Jackson r. C.VNA If it is c'(imposed of the deception. of y'mg the superiority of these tires is to place o(ie along-side of any ("ilher tire and cheek its mileage. Tire Repair Shop SEY, I'rop. Phone 1IG There is no article of Men's WeaV that has the woi-ld wide reputation of STETSON Hats. In London and Paris, in Bond Street and the Rue de la Paix— you will .see Stetsons on" the heads of fashionable m e n, who know what's what in men's head wear. We have the^ same styles here as are now being worn in. the style centei's ofthe world. $7 .50 ^^^'^\$8 .MARVIN HATS «3 .95, $5, $6 Home of Hart .S (;hafrner and Mar.x and; Society Brand Clothes, To Cure Goidin OneDay{ Take' Quininei The First and Original Cold and Grip Tablet j Proven Safa for mors than • Qoaztar of a Century as an affeetiva remady for COLDS, GRIP. INFLUENZA aofaj • Preventive. Pri<»30c Tbs box bears thia (IgBatiira -rr^ Since 1S89,

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