Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 7, 1961 · Page 13
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 13

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, April 7, 1961
Page 13
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Section 2 Pngc* 13.20 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Established January 15, 1836, ALTON, ILL., FRIDAY, APRIL 7, 1981. 5c Per Copy Member of The Associated Prttt Upper Alton Mews Events Boy, 9, Hit by Car While Wheeling Bike on Milton Older People Leaving U. S WCTU Told Lynn D. Abernathy, 9 years old, was seriously Injured by an automobile while wheeling his bicycle In the 400 block of Mll-j ton road, Thursday, 5:30 p.m.,, police reported. ' The Mark Twain School third grade student was taken to Wood River Township Hospffal and admitted with a possible buck Injury and two bone fractures of the foot, his mother, nesday after spending three weeks at the home of her ate- ter Mrs. H. J. Stengel-, 2831 Residence St. In the meantime, word was receiver! that a brother-tn4aw, J. J. Cranley, in Rochester, N. ¥., had died. Mrs. Hutehln* son will attend the funeral after first stopping at Sarnia. Cranley died following a heart. • j attack at the age of 74. He Is 'survived by his widow, Mrs. | Bessie Cmnley. Many senior citizens are leav-l Ing this country because living Dodd at District 13 to Elect 3 Directors Saturday High Twelve Club Hears G.W.Bell EAST ALTON — Two Incum bents and three other candidates arc running In Saturday's elee- tlon for three posts on the Gradr! School District 13 Board of Education. Polls will DP open from noon to 7 p.m. at Blair School and the high school. j Incumbent candidates are: \ Lynn Unterbrink, 291 HI Polnte| Directors to- Be NamedSaturday In District 8 j BETHALTO — Residents of i School District 8 will elect two ! members to the Board of Educa- 'tion Saturday. Five candidates Uire listed on the ballot for two Ask Edwardsville Be Forced to Pay Damages WOOD RIVER — G. Wilbur PI:. Rosewood Heights, and Wil-| Be ,| ch an dlerville. was guest Ham Buckler, Jr., 711 Ridgewayj 1st. Emory Walkington, w nose i costs are too high, Mrs. William) Faith Community Petei-sen. candidate for the Alton in a talk! Evangelist Charles Dodd will Unterbnnk is mnning for «i tcpnnt j on Suprcme council of Ded ay second te™. Mrs, Fred Abernathy, of .149 Milton, said. i school hoard, said Driver of the oar was listedjThursday afternoon before the!he guest speaker at ..„„„„„ as Eugene A. Sawyer, wcffljupppr Alton Woman's Christian'morning and evening servlc.esia child «elfure Holman St., who was traveling Temperance Union, north when the ardent hnnii. Mrs. Pefcrscn, a member of j on Humbert road. a t the Wednesday dinner mc eting of the High Twelve Club terrn will also expire, is not run-j nt the "Masonic Temple. Ining for re-election. ! , s fjeputy of tne j n . I three-year terms. | Polling places will open from |noon to 7 p.m. They are: Precinct 1. Betlialto Elementary School; Precinct 2. Cottage Hills Grade School; Precinct 3, Gulp School Building; Precinct 4, Meadowbrook Grade School. The two incumbents seeking reelection are Charles Nave, 320 of Southern Illinois, EDWARDSVILLE — A petition for a writ of mandamus commanding the City of Edwardsville to pay judgments assessed against it as a result of civ!) actions brought, by four residents WHS filed today In Circuit Court. Plaintiffs are David Skam- enca. Norma A. Skamenca, George E. Little and Evelyn S. Little. The mandamus was filed by Earl Vuagniaux, attorney for the Skamencas. Ralph T. Smith of Alton is attorney for the Littles. It is demanded that the city ) 11V>1 Ulllf- «.n»x» v- '-•»••» "~ ~~ , of the Faith Community Church'Department of Public Welfare, , - - . ^" Po1 " ?hv B f, ]1 A U( °,' B S r°; v p^ $6 '°°° flama s es to the H;noted for his outstanding worklRoberts ,>2 \\ McArthur St.. Cot- Skamenca8i which is due then 'Department of Public WcUare.——• ^ Df , mo . f( ,ge HIHs. Nave is seeking his ^^audgment enured In I.^S.1 " T!±ti ±Hays and is an honorary mem- *econ term and Roberts• ^: ( , imiit POUrt May 25 , 1980 , and ened. thc union, ,'iscii, a iiirmm'i "i "" i...m.«... .,.«•.. , ,i,_*i nr , n : iuy» «"u in "" .«.»•••»• .....7 • rircuu i'uu told the meeting at! The Rev. Dodd recently com-jtwo daughters o P^Jool age,^ of G| , an( , Chjiptp ,, s ,„ tnR;ser v Pcl lhrce years on '^'™>^, nat $2 . 500 Ponce reported that a witness >* Mortal Hall, that accord- pleted Uvo weeks of"revival re | Mrs. Rav Krcshonr, ,'ilv) Ken. „ • , ,. , , o 'isl ration, ..(i.OOfl older people nre'tist iifdy Dr.. was In front of Saw- . ' . , . ., . . •„ J , , ..... ' hav ML' heir checks mailed to Ore bov, mishing his * A candidate for a second term, Buckler, is married and has twoj states and Europe. yer when the „„, .,.....„ ..,- (|)( , m jp o ,, 1( bicyc-le, startort to cross the road., ^ snjri ||m , ,, wp |m|( ., spoc Church. His reenfield. Ind. home is Ing to the .Social Security Admin-; services at the-Fosterburg Bap-^ ^ ^ ^^ ^^ ^ J{( , i Is vice president and supervisor' of the Buckler Foundry Co. here. 1 ... , .» u ;ire: Robert explained the importance of youth Other candidates are Robert L Third St., Cottact Bethalto Group Hear F. Kaar BTEHALTO — Approximate! 100 attended a Joint meeting of th Chamber of Commerce and Roary Club Wednesday evening in the social rooms of Zlon Lutheran Church. Guest speakers were Francis Kaar of the Greater Alton Association of Commerce, and A. Wiseman, an exchange teacher at Alton High School. The Rev. Erwln J. Kolb, who has resigned as pastor of the Zion Lutheran Church, was presented a gift by Gus Cycholl of the Roor his HafnelSoHftyHonm* Mr*, Deichmann HAMEL - tforty-flv« tnembwi and guests of the Ladles Ahf at St. Paul's Lutheran Church met for a potluck dinner Wednwday. The morning was spent quilting and the afternoon devoted to a social, honoring Mrs. Delchmann, who will leave next week, when Rev. Deichmann will assume hit new duties at Renault, 111. The Aid presented Mrs. Deichmann with a farewell gift. Prizes for pinochle were awarded to Mrs. Ella Altevogt, Mrs. Anna Deist, and Mrs. Minnie Blase. \ Oprn Mon A Fri tin; .'•'. WESTERN SHOE STORES 804.80ft f:. Bm. and She swerved to the shoulder ,til«(r on our youth but al the Paul Schreiber Other candidates Landreth. 110 Kingdom St., : McCall, '!K'. Oak Dr.. Gene Tur- t raining in the fight against com. but Sawyer was unable to follow lsamc Ump Wf ,. anno , d e ,, y 1 her in time and followed polic the necidctit Remor citi/ens" their dividends I and a cliance to the fniits; of their labor. Milesimiinism. There are Demo ay '.Chapters in all the states o the tier, 71fi Vally Dr.. and | n F| orl( | n ^^?maS'and has a.Union and ,2 foreign countries. Paul F. Schreiber. 910 Maini ; s On um i daughter in local schools. J. E. Juttcmeyer and Ellis • •' Alton . Hultie Deahl Honored on Birthday Mrs. Ha I ti<- Doalil was hun- Dcd on her 77th hivthdny Wcd- partv ;it the their labor. , , St. left by air Thursday morn-i He is employed in the engineer-i Peters represented the !u nmps In tnlkmK .-.ta.tit Ihr school, t _ f _ Mlam| _ m fmf] later | ing depar1nipn( of American Oil.!chapter at the meeting. Home> ' 1 Turner is married and is n'- A brief business meeting was 'Vcleomc< rr . .^^'^V'ludgmem^edi^^ns during his membership in ser, GO Lenora . „ ,'' \ he local cub. March 2;i, 1060. . —« 4l*ii 4 r\++ frtttr* Firemen's Auxiliary Meets at Roxana SOUTH ROXANA - The Fireman's Auxiliary met Wednesday evening at the fire house and dis- The suit avers that on two i occasions each, attorneys for Meiser is employed as a cay ; 'he plaintiffs made written de- penter; Landreth works at Olin-1 mand upon the city for payment Mathieson Chemical Corp. an. I; of the amounts due, together Thuerkoff is proprietor of the'with court costs and interest, Fourth Street Market in Forest'"but that, the defendant city fm system here. Mrs. Petersen said .,, . ,, ... _, , , , , , i 'will eo to Kov West, that we have made an excel- .! ... . ' ... ~ lent showing" in the chromium department for school but there is "plenl\ to flu in the cranium department" if we arc He will be in Florida two supervisor of non-academic per-iconducted weeks \isiting friends. He is sonncl al Southern Illinois Uni-ipresident. Magjs1ra , e ; vfirsjtv Alfon bv Glenn McGliee, Fred St-hreiher, and Mrs nesday night at a paily at the )(| sm . vjv( , '., v ;( | . t ,p l . t , w , n t a t ivp Schreiber home of her daughter and sun- R ,, p , |hlj( . ,„. sll(Vumb ,„ a „-,,„. in-law. Mr. and Mr*. Marvin ,-,,.„.)„„ svstr , ln ,„, default. \IMlmi Heights 4-H Harlan, 3647 Horn St. O)ll(n . sppak( . rs on (h f . program i " III °" "« '^ ul Six of her other children and VVf , rp ^| rs Orace Fortune and their families attended thc Mrs. Robert Nessl. state presi-' Club Heur* Talks Lynch is employed in the ac-' count ign department of Owens Illinois Glass Co.. Alton. He is married and has four sons and one daughter of grade school and; 1 pre-school age. AUCKLAND. New Zealand Indian Guides Entertained At Banquet failed and refuser) and still fails 1 and refuses to comply with the jsaid demand or take any steps BETHALTO - TUe VVelcomcj Neighbors Club will meei April 1.3: De f e ndants in the complaint at 1:00 p.m. at the home of Mrs. ;.„,,, tho ,, ity Mayor William C. Everett Decker. Co-hostessos for Strauhl!i c j tv Cterk Edward H. the special meeting is Mrs. A. H ; Poos c i(y 'Treasurer Joseph Fcrnandes. Rotter and the board of 10 al- The group will participate irr games and refreshments will be; served. dermen. event. ! denf of the WCTU. The Rev. Jimi ]\jjlton Heights 4-H Club metjThe 100 members of the Metro-j WOOD RIVER — LeRoy Tulp, The other children ar>- Mrs.; Floyd was a guest, gave the, Wednesday evening at the home] politan Gun Club here are safe-: pro gram secretary of thc St. Everett. Walton, of Alton; Mrs. closing prayer, and sting a solo. | of , ne loader. Mrs. William j guarding against financial lossesj Louis Metropolitan YMCA, told Carlyle Watkins. of Alton; Mrs.; Mrs. Nessl announced that|j3 r j f ] gcs ,3319 Leo St. ; in accidents by the club's $28,000 ; sfories o ( Indian lore as the Arthur Hicks, of Alton; Adam'Miss Helen M. Allen, narcotic| Karen Clark talked on "Bal-jinsurance policy. ] program feature at the Thurs- DeaW. of Alton; Mrs. Amos (education Consultant of the i^v anced Mea is" and Linda Schen~~"" "jato spoke on "Table Etl-j Rhoades, of East Alton; Mrs.!^ 1011 ^ Charles Matlack, of Shipman. ; '" Mrs. Deahl, a widow, makes i her home with headquarters wll i day banquet of the Indian guide quette." Bai-bara and Rosemary Siemer ! Edwardsville Church Registration for Services Announced Little League Set Saturday cussed having a cake and pie booth at the homecoming this summer. A social hour followed and prizes for games were won by Mrs. Myrtice Stearns, Mrs-,. Maida Johnson, Mrs. Frances Bedwell and Mrs. Ruby Stearns. Refreshments were served by Mrs. Josephine Hanfelder and T Mrs. Bobbie Hubbard. Hostesses tor the next meeting will be Mrs. Maida Johnson and Mrs. Margie Alton's Original CUT-RATE SHOE CENTER For 35 Years. Reg. $3.93 99 EDWARDSVILLE — "In The Quest for Life" first in a series o! sermons based on "Taking Jesus Seriously" will Vie the sermon top jic Sunday at St. John's Methodis Registration i Church, the Rev. Clyde Funk most of the time. Mrs. Harlan'^ )xanil Mpthwllst (<huiTh - April ;strated the making of a molded! Horace Mann Open House Set Tuesdav She also urged all members to attend the all-day, four-county seminar at Gillispie Methodist! Church. May 2. Jersey, Madison,; and Ruth Tread hostesses. Next hostesses will be Bar- Macoupin and St. Clair counties!bara Wingerter and Deborah \OUth Banquet at ! Sloan. Calvary fonight will IH; represented. The annual spring open house Mrs. Fortune commented on; will be "held at Horace Mann:current events and read articles, LeO La Marsh School. Tuesday evening. concerning the liquor. i Parents and friends will tour , Ml ' s - Rus f» Harns § ave the ! | n Hospital the building from 7:30 to 9;^ votlon a " H nravp " ' K Indian Princess tribes of ,c parked ca,"belongs tTRich-j'he Alton and East Alton-Woodj EAST ALTON Tendrich 2133 Brown St., po- !Rlver Longhouses of the Alton'for Community Little League jHouser. pastor. "Y." j baseball competition this sum-' The high school MYF will meet The affair was held at the mer will be held from 10 a.m !.,t G:.",0 p.m. Sunday in the librar\ ' local Moose Hall with approxi-jto 2 p.m. Saturday in the Oom-; Hn d the junior high MYF will! mately '200 big and little braves| munity Building for boys 9-15' I1K . t .t a t the same hour in Ep- ancl princesses attending in col-j years old. i worth Hall, orful tribal costumes and head-! Adults interested in partici-, -r ne high school MYF council dress. pating as coaches and mar- w j]| mee t a t 7:30 p.m. Sunday. lice said. Johnson was traveling northeast at the time of Tulp. who is leader of Indian i guides of the St. Louis "Y," o'clock. On display wfll be student work books, science projects and other units. Refreshments; will be served the PTA's hos- Making Joe The annual Youth Banquet, to !f()so spo k e briefly on the guide ! be followed by coronation of i program and answered questions .Youth King and Queen,an honor j o f tne audience. ,. , _ _ , . ! to be given to the young persons; A snow o j rnagic was present- reports were: Mrs. | ^ LaM arsh. 2O5 Grandee* I who b(?en chMen on ' the | Palschull. assisted \1 »-W W »itVNC»»M»'»£i T-VJ. ' . ._1_T» 11 ,,.™ Tlnrtlflrt T4r»C. ' v i . , Snappy Canvas Sneaker 1" Men's 8-12 IrreR. of .$4.95 Sellers Boys' Rugged Hi-Top agers are also asked to be present at the registration, according to Gary Cannedy, repre- the Memorial Chapel. Wednesday prayer meeting and study will be at 7:30 p.m. in sentative of the commission. Kathenne Ty-i Ave .. ls , n wissourl ASUNCION, Paraguay of church attendance andjby hi's son, fBig and Little Brave government plans to lift Fred Paris, Mrs. William Foulks, ; |. Ic was pitality committee o'clock to 9 o'clock. from 8 Miss Joan Gabriel and Gretchen Hausafus. away from work for 30 days. achievement, will be held to-JThunderheadl of the Alton Sho- *» a ^°.- cigarette, beer, cement and wnisky imports but will im- playground -j-i ie { Our th quarterly conference wall be at 7:30 p.m. Thursday in Tjjg| Fellowship Hall. Officers for the j, ar) ! church year, beginning June 1,1 ' be elected. Yearly reports Group singing was led by!? 086 20 P er cent sur-charges onj WINDSOR, England - A test Awhile ribbon recruit ceremony will be held at the next meeting. Mas I. Mrs. Paris urg- Filin Oil John Wesley ed mothers with children under To Be Shown Sunday 'six to have the white ribbon tied on them. ' Man in Coughing Fit Hits Car; Girl Hurt ! night, 6:30. at Calvary Southern s | 10 ne Tribe. I Baptist Church. The remainder of the court 1 Homer Grenzebach, Alton Long- i^_ ' will be made up of two princes, i house chief, who presided as meeting :two princesses, three knights,'master of ceremonies, and three maids. will be given. goods. ;,,ack f or «rimenU.n ways of Frank A film. "The Life ot John; Sister From Canada Wesley" will be shown Sunday,' 7 p.m., at the Main Street; Vigil** Mrs. Stengel* Methodist Church under spon- ; Worship of the Wesleyan Guild. 1 Mr.-. H. B. Hutchinson. of Sar-,police reported. The public is invited. |nia. Ontario, left for home Wed- Ten-year-old Diane Johnson. 316'-',. Eclgewood Ave.. suffered a cut un-j dor the eye when a car her father; was driving ci-ashed into a parked i machine in the 2100 block of Brown Street Thursday evening. Her father, Harold E. Johnson, Street Houses Sunday afternoon has been post Martin, East Alton-Wood River 1^,^,3 un tj| § p . m . Tuesday Longhouse chief, and Bob;has been announced. : Rhodes. Alton YMCA secretary,: Husbands of the membe ,- s and! '-poke briefly. .prospective members have been Invocation and benediction| invited to attend the event during uere given by the Rev. E. ft.! which time an enrollment of new] Smith, pastor of the Wood R'veri members will be t . on ducted. ! United Church oti Mrs _ Florenue Beall of Belle-1 . . „ ". " ~~ ", ' (improving both highways and ve- originally scheduled for^J^ ha « bpen c ^ nstructed near P 08 :; | here at a cost of $1,400,000. j i " - ..... -._—.—.—-_-_... *-^ - Known for quality Snua ler's at sensible prices THIRD «Ml I PUSA . ALTON RED TAG SPECIALS i Pair Guaranteed 6 Months BACHELOR FRIEND RIBBED ANKLETS Regular 50e,Siies 10 to 13 Si. John's ChriM. The meal was served by the ; The Cody L. Cochran property \\'omen of the Moose. i at 1401 Main St., and the Earl Pythlun Sisters Walker property at 1326 Main WOOD RIVER — The degree; have been purchased by the staff of Esther Temple Pythian Main Street Methodist Church Sisters has been invited by Lil-' for expansion purposes, it was! linn Holman, district deputy, announced today by the Rev. to assist in the initiation of John Henderson, pastor. Pythian Sisters and Knights of The Walker property will be'Pythias at the April 27 district razed to make way for an auto-'convention in'Belleville, mobile parking area. Eventually 1 Members of the local temple the Cochran property also will be! chosen to serve as convention made a car lot. officers are: Mrs. David Gurley, The minister said that the; treasurer: Mrs. Cedric Prus-. [move was made because of the;sian. musician, and Mrs. Irvm rapid growth of the congrega-Rau. tribute to the flag, tion. During the past 2 l i years, Meeting Postponed ;233 members have joined the WOOD RIVER — The Women church. of tho Moose open house booster ville will be guest speaker. heating «*cooling JIM JONES, Inc. Alton—HOward 2-2765 COME SEE AND TRY OUR NEW HEAVY DUTY GOODALL MOWERS THE WORKSHOP Godfrey Phone HO 5-3456 Xew Location—Godfrey Hd. ', Mile -North ot tlic Fin-house BASKET BALL SHOES Beg. $3.95 SPC. our complete Hne of canvas footwear for the entire family. Open Mon. & Fri. Nigiits WESTERN SHOE STORES 804-806 E, Broadway Wmhti Square BIG WHITE 17" HANK First Quality Quality Controlled 2.98 LUX ALARM CLOCK 90 Day Factory Guarantee 12-88' Fas Snud e- 1 ers THUD ene- PIASA . ALTON FACTS CHMPBELL <T] WORTH KNOWING ABOUT . .. Phone HO $4448 24 W. BROADWAY ALTON AcroM from Uncoln-Dougla* Square WASHINGTON AND ( OI.I.KliK AVK.NTKS Upper Alton (Formerly Williamson's) 2 STORES STRATEGICALLY LOCATED TO SERVE THE ENTIRE COMMUNITY A RIGISTERED PHARMACIST IS ON DUTY AT ALL TIMES ALTON AKKA AGENTS FOU • PANNIC MAY CANDY AGENTS HW • HELENA RUBINSTEIN COSMETICS JOH LADIES' AND MKVs> • YAROLIY LINE Atifc.NTS t MATCHABELLI FRAGRANCES FOB t DANA FRAGRANCES COMPLETE USE O* • MARCELLE COSMETICS mi siuviiv • Nnt Aid Ittms t «ck loom •FLIT PMCKBT FCNC* CKOAPtWBAVB ARE YOU THINKING ABOUT A PENCf T IF SO, DON'T FAIL TO SEE OUR DISPLAY OF AUTHENTIC RUSTIC FENCE. ThU it th« i*no* mad* from Northern Michigan Whit* Cedar— th* world'* most durable fence wood. It never need* painting and weather* to a beautiful •ilver grey There i» a style and height for every purpose and every type of architecture. Early American Fence it prefabricated at the mill by •killed woodworker*— installation i* iact and simple. And best of all the oort it low. Stopjn or phone fac a fait? descriptive brochure. Surround yoar bom* with tb* charm and itoauty of fatly American whih at th» »an«* tim» tuhaac9 th» ral»9 a/ your property. FISCHER BUILDING SUPPLY GIBSON ST. AT THI IfLTLINI HWY. 7 ACtIS OF PARKIN* PHONI HO S-7701 HOOVER CONSTELLATION This is the cleaner that walks on air. No polling no tugging, cleaner follows after you on its own air stream. at &. NEW New low silhouette nozzle removes dirt and lint faster, easier because it's a Hoover. LOW PRICE! Exclusive double-stretch hot* reaches everywhere. NOW King tixo throw-away bag hold* mort dirt. Pull Koriepower motor. 49 50 ALTON HOME IMP. ,80

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