The Decatur Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on May 16, 1940 · Page 7
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The Decatur Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 7

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 16, 1940
Page 7
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Thursday, May 16, 1940. THE DECATUR REVIEW f AGE SEVEN YOUTHS LIKE THESE FIGHT BRITAIN'S AIR BATTLES JNO ;it j C j; jg 4 mil UyL c w ; 0 hi fit M r 6 f o ir "How do you I ftf l rate Jones?" c ran-down- jaw.? guywllget myjob!'' THEREFORE I reason sensi-W...lhr. Tonic to take lor mv run-flown condition is S.S.S. I build Kick my body and blood litcnrii siimuluie my appetite and Kxm " f'-rl like myself again,' In niv unik Mtirdv hraltli is every-t!'i:i; . . . i must keep fit and on top of niv joh to hold it and pick, up my fcccUv p.iv envelope. If ion feci tired. ..let down. ..or lou in pirits, in the absence of an organic trouble. S.S.S. mav be just vbat you tifnl to sn ip back into yonr goodself. nu mve it to our- Jrlft.i Infill on S.S.S. l.i it is economy In ir.iin health . . . rr mm in v to Purchase the I n;jf size .S.S.S. Tonic, s s s. Co. mm These three young British airmen in London were awarded Distinguished Flying Crosses for a raid on German war ships at Bergen, Norway. They ains like them pilots planes en-are, left to right, Flying Offi- gaged in combat with Ger-cers French, Homer and Mul- many's air might on the Wes-loy. Today other youthful Brit- tern front. (ASSOCIATED PRESS WIREPHOTO) Seen By An American Reporter Inspection Irritates Italians 43-Minute Examination by Men from British Cruiser in Mediterranean Is Example of Latest Goad By G. C. JORDAN Of the Associated Press Rome (AP) This correspondent has recently seen the British method of halting and searching Mediterranean ships in contraband control, a practise which infuriates the Italians and has put a chronic strain on Rome's relations with the British-French Allies. A British sailor told me the incident I witnessed was a typical one. I was on the Italian liner Egeo bound from Naples for Piraeus, Greece. We were at dinner when we noted the ship had come to a standstill. I heard someone say, "It's a warship. They've stopped us." A Sicilian army officer, returning to his post on the Island of Rhodes, rushed from tire room. I followed him. Gradually other passengers did likewise. Dark Shape Circles Ship Our ship was standing quite still. We had no idea where we were except that we should have been near Greece. The ship's crew had thrown spotlights on big Italian flags painted on the sides of the vessel. At first it was hard to see anything but finally we made out lights blinking at sta. As our eyes became accustomed to darkness we made out a huge form moving silently around our bow. It was n. British warship talking with us in code with her twinkling lights. The huge shape moved around us slowly. A searchlight was turned on us. The warship made a complete circle, examining us minutely with her searchlight. By the time she returned to our starboard side a large rowboat reached us. A ladder was thrown over our side and three British officers and a red-haired sailor climbed up. The British saluted the Egeo's officers smartly. The latter did not return the salute. The passengers, mostly Italians bound for Rhodes, stood by silently on the narrow deck. The officers mounted to the captain's cabin on the upper deck. The red-haired sailor kept guard outside. A temporary ribbon around his hat hid the name of his ship. He asked if there were any Americans aboard and I told him I was an American. He wanted a cigaret saying they had been at sea so long they were out of American cigar-ets. His ship was a light cruiser, one of those which had been hunting the German pocket battleship formerly named the Deutschland. After Christmas the cruiser had been transferred from the North sea to the Mediterranean. I asked him if the Italians ever made trouble about having their ships searched and he said no, that only one crew had raised objections to being searched. They were Greeks. Next Suspect Sighted He said he had cowed them with his pistol. He said he had to practise shooting with a pistol for six months before being sent as a guard with the boarding officers. If the cargo of an examined ship was suspicious, he said, they took the vessel to Malta. That did not happen often. This warship had halted and examined as many as 15 ships in one day. Just then we saw the lights of another ship passing a few miles away and the boatswain in the row Don't Suffer GAS PAINS Wn Ruby let tones writes, " suffered so from itvtizrstion that at times the gas pressure trould almost dime me dor hie. I took Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discover y for a time and tvas relieved of this distressing condition." FOR over 70 years, countless thousands who suffered from bloat, gas pains and similar indigestion distress have taken Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery over a period of time and have been amazed at the relief it brought. 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Name Juf fl You'll agree that SsSxvl we have the most ' frvf' I A - thrilling variety in !; ftwjS-f' x J styles to select from jfX for all x jfJrM occasions. : ttJ ; S?GG ml " s J iv ' Montgomery Grand Jury Special Session Called Cases of Robert Grear and Virgil Brackenhoff to Come Up Hillsboro (Staff) Montgomery county's grand jury will be reconvened at 10 a. m. Friday, May 24, under order issued Tuesday by Circuit Judge J. T. Bullington. Among several cases expected to be brought before the special session are those of Robert "Cosy" Grear,' 18, and Virgil Brackenhoff. 34, of Nokomis, who are charged with attempting to burglarize the tavern of Raymond de Larche at Witt on Tuesday night, May 6. Arraigned' for preliminary hearing Monday, both waived preliminary hearing and were ordered by Police Magistrate William Woods to await grand jury action. In default of $2,000 bonds each, both are being held in the Montgomery county jail here. boat below mumbled about having to go after that one next. "We will be at it until three o'clock in the morning," I heard a voice in the rowboat say. Soon the officers returned from their inspection of our manifest and the passengers' passports. They saluted, climbed down the rope ladder into the boat and were rowed away. The whole business had taken exactly 45 . minutes. Lineman's Hand Crushed Between Phone Poles Tuscola (Staff) Wesley Alltop of Cerro Gordo was taken to Jarman Memorial hospital, Tuscola, for x-ray and treatment of a hand injury, Wednesday morning. Alltop received a broken finger and badly torn flesh, when his hand was crushed between two telephone poles, while working as a lineman for the Illinois Commercial Telephone Co., near Tuscola. He was released after receiving first aid treatment MARBURGER WILL FILED Hillsboro Four sons and two daughters will -inherit the $25,900 estate of Mrs..Emma A. Marburger of Walshville, under terms of . a will filed fo probate in county court here. Elmer Marburger was named executor without bond. I 1 U I I I I U IP m m av w aaav m m fBHiili OPFICC PHone 2-3737 RCSI DCnCC PHonc 5688 rrn 11 -LIU! MM 0 71 JpTO'v ..but THIS BEER IS! WRIGHT-WATCHERS accept the invitation of a cool, delicious glass of Sterling unafraid! Skilled brewing that uses nothing but natural grains makes this beer low in calories. No sugar, No glucose, No fattening syrups are added. Actually an 8-ounce glass of Sterling is no more fattening than a good-sized orange. 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