The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 16, 1927 · Page 7
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 16, 1927
Page 7
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11 MARKETGOES DOWN AND UP ^ Selling in the Morning IH ^ Followed by Jiimp In Afternoon. NVw York, Mar. ||fi «»(Ari 'IIK' Kloik liiarkd I 1 IH|IIJI>-<-I 1 iinoliii'r ••<>iii|(l«'li' rt'Vcrfial of loriii loilay. liollliiR (ilT' hliiirply (liiriiiK ilir itiiiniiuK IIIKI iJifii riillyii'if: liri-^kly i liijlln! Hl(«-rii<ioii. Till' lali- hiiylim .u«H iriHiiircd liy Ihc lowcrliiK of till! <all iiioiM'V lal.i; tiy |iiT 1 <-chl. Ilu' lowrtct figiir<» Hiiif' lasi June. iiiKl HIP imblicallDii (it' the weekly Htfi'l' traih' rovipws rallill); [ ntli'iilinn to cxpaniiiiiR mill ojx'ra-! lions ami stillc.-niiif? priri- u-inU'ii^ <;<"iii'ral Ahrtnr.s was again ,thv i inark<'I k-ador imsiiillK llirough j ]7fi lo a new liiRli rcconl for the I lirespiil stoi-k. ' Du I'oiil toucliod a new lligli around IIO."). t-:.\treni(» wcaknpss dcveloiifd in (lie Soiitlicrn OairioK,jssurs wlicn ilioso slocks wero 'sM'iJwtcd to bear attacks, the A dropidns 7'- points to 2 (i and the IJ. 3V4 to ii':;. Buying of industrial stocks appears to lif growing more siid-'ctivc ia charictcr. ,with tUt donianU centering on Issues whose current earnings and prospers gave indi­ cations'of sustained prosperity for sonie-tinie to come. MOM'N POP TTTE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. WEDNESDAY EVENtNG. MARCH 'jOmCi AT THe* OFFICE, pop?. THE WRONG WAV. BY TAYLOR Av/-/4crrso<3obor TVTE WANTS To RlM ine BusiNess iHplsilTWoOUDBE, HE'S fmm TftoLT^ ANDAIOrOOlMCiHIS VJORK VUHCM «E io; Hello, U. &! Kiinsiis I'iiy Hiir. 'Kansas City. .Mar. lt>. {I'liited ^Slates Department of Agriculture) tf. S.' No. 1. alfa fa $l!i,.">0: $l.-..r>(j: No .s. $l2r,i>. • I'. S. -No. 1 al'alfa. verv inah^ti; No. 2. $l7.r,0(f/2!. ; C. a. .No. 1. tiitiothy .^IT: -fir,: .\o. 3. ] •r. S. No. 1 pi^aific $11: ?12: .^tQ. m. i K.-llisiis Clfy (•'nifil. Kansas ("ily. uMarch If!. (Al'i AVIieal: Ucccipt.s 61 1 cars: market '.<• IO Ic higher.- No. 2 dark hard ?l.:!2fti l.:{S: No. :!. •.*l.:iK./ l.:!ii'.: .\n. 2 hard Jl .aiuiT; l..{7'i: No. $l.:!Krtl.:tKi^: No.-. 2 . red 41 .:ior ,r l.;n; No. :t $i .2.s 'iff i.:!0. (.'orii unchanged to '-ji- higlie No. 2 while !72fi7:!c: No. :! Ii7"-ji5/ 7l< • No. 2 yellow 741}/7r,'-<-; .N'l :! 71^/7)1:.- No. 2 H)I\IM | 7 I »/7:{'- C; No. ;i. ti7Vj'"-< Ic. " Uats unchanged. No,. 2 wliili' 47 'j'''/ l!t>'; No. T! ISc. Milo maize Jl.lll'f; 1.2;'.. Kafir .$1.0T'frl.l!t. Itye iWiftiSK'.ic. Iiailc'y 72'(< 7)c. rjo >e: Whf'al: Miiy old .« I.."!I-"H ; May new $l.:iO'-L-; -liiiy il.^. I'din: 'Mav 7,'i'ic; .Inly iX^v: . Kcplepilier si%c. - Kaiisiis no liiirHtiirk. Kansas City. .Mar. 16. '(iMited Statp.s Departnieiit of Agrifulliirei lioi ;s iM.ri'ni. uneven: fairly active cm I desirable grades scaling - 225 Vounds'down, at lu t> l.'n; lower priies; -.veiglitier offerings very slow: I)iddinK;slwri»ly lower. sUteU J.ig.i 111 to i.'iej low.^r. .$ll.7.'fi I2:r ,ii: top .$12 onjun to ir .ii jounds: I huik • dpsirahel 170 to 22-'> poirnds ?ii .:i .:.mi,>st iin i.i ifi" ihs. $11 T-'/fi n .9ti; no lieavies sold: packing so>v-: .?y.S."ii(i lii."ri. \ Cattle T.Pdli; c-ulvcs l.iHiil; fed sieer.s slow l"! lo l."c l ;iwvr: light liilxed yearlings and fed heifers .steady to l.'n- lower: slaughter i-ows and Imlls steady: .vealcrs are steady to weak; s'tockens and feeders slow ITi to 21)1- lower: mmd heavy steeis andl niixc'd yearlings Jll:' weighty steers held higher: hulk fed steers $S .7.'i «(J.ti .r >(.i: practical veal top $12. Sheep .."i.Oii'i: Iambs slow, arouml 2 ."ic lower: odd iois sheep steady: top iauib.s $14.l !ii: bliiers around .fl4 .50. . , ^ Chicago (;r:iiii. t'hicUKO. .Mar. Ifi. I .AI'i -Close: ^VIleat; .May flJiS'.,: .Inly jl.:!2-'<4 lo "i: Sept. $l.:m;",,. Corn: May 77'5. to '-'ii-" HC : .luly S1 "'K to '.jc: Sept. .S4";c. Oats: .Mav -ir.-\, to ^iifi->4c: .Inly •Ifi'sc: Sept. 44%c. IJye: .May Jl.o.-tVi to "-ac: .luly $l.()i"„: Sept. '.K-HC AUTOMOTIVE I' Aatomobile .Aeencies PAGE SEVEN II rnSON -ESSEX—Sales and : Serv ici-. niiil White .Motor Co.. 21'.i South W'ashinston.' riion'- ISu. two - j HAVK . OI'KNING;^-For men on Maytag sales ibrce; good proposition to right pajrties. Call buwecn ."liand .6 o'clo Antonioliilps for Sale 11 CHEVROLKT TOCIUNG—For sale Coblentz Store, 109 avenue this we^ic, or 747 \V. 1 :k at the! West .Madison i' or phone T9S or trade: new paint, good tires, liuiuire Chestnut. new top and |;\JAKi{iKb LMA.V G20 South CnUSVI.KR -aS" •Overland- sedan; 1922 Ov seilnn: 1!I2."> .M;..vwell cniich: COCl'K - l!i2.". j rlaiid,' I for responsible positionj with chaijcc for ad relerenco ifequired. W care Hegister. lola. Kails. V„,-||1'OIYTKK once at WANTKD —At sale or trade. Koss Arbuckles Car -I; Kelley; KoteI._Call in jpenson. iSINC.LK MA .\—To |.- age. Chrysler Dealers, Phone S6 DKPISNDAnLK USED CARS—hate' 1920 Clievrolet coach; two 1925 Chevrolet coaches: one 192:: Chevrolet roadster; one Ksse .K six coach. These car.s all in best of cohdition. 15. T. Barber (iarasc. 211 West street. I'hone al.'i. worK steady employment. ( er. mile wb."!, mile south Piqua. WA.NTED—-Middle age man for farm work around. Karl Monfort •any--fi 'ifi iFrniice's new nmuassauor lo 'lie l..nlted Stales, . i ^ul ClBudel. is lo,-where Claudel on hl8 way lo the Ishown here :nt n recent farewell party In Tolj wuR nmlKiKsndor for B1.\ years.I The envoy now If , U. S. to take ov*r the post at -Washington. KUo*n as the poei ^mbasBador," Claudel lormed many Irlendsbips in Jap^n. F(.Rl) noADSTKK- 1921 standard roadster, good tires, good ttip. mol,or in good' condition, (iiiaran- leed. One-third tlown.' halance easy terms. .McCarlliv .Motor Co.. 212 S. I 'hone .S9;;. , good I Ei:< ing| tile Briinai-d. Wanted over 25 ; good pay anccmciit: lie "C. C." on . W. farm. Beck- married the year two miles KOKD CDACII 192-. model, four '.'.••y.- tires. lu4v paint, upholstering like, now. in fiirt class mechani- 1 jl -ondilion, a r-al liny for $.'75. Boyer Motor <'o. 212 South .lef- ferson. Pltoiw 2:!. north and one west Ipla- Phone 997-2n. W .\NTEn-4Asents to Represent a legal "reserve life iustUution whose 20 pay, ordinary life , a id term in- ."iiranie p ly for tojal diHability. olil age h 'nefils, hi'oktMi bones, oiierations. and maternity hciu;- fils. liow rates. Spier did agency contracts iind life employmeiil. Write .1. A. Green, I'ar.ams. Kims. W .SHuatlons Wanted-Kcmale 36 (xperlenced Savonburtf School Notes (.Mable WaHgren and .Margaret W.dllle.) Kiiglisli IV class is stiiily4ng •'Tile 'l.ile of Two Cilies." by Dickens. Kimli.sli I elass is reading "Ivan- hor." Iiy Walter Scott. All i.f llie iiigJi school sludenis who have li'cii tick wilh m<;asle.< ll.ive retiirp'-d lo school, but there are still three out of the j;rades Willi tlii-.. iiiiilady. « The Saviiiiluirg liii -li seliiiol bnys" team noinred i.i riiio'suown l.isl Friday iiiglii l<> nice! Ilie there. Diir boys won ly the score of i;; to 12. .^':) many of our g;rls were on; -.viUi iii'-asK-.s.that ii.i at- CLASSIFIKD ADTERTIS; ING LNFORMATION. rr .A88IKIKD RATE.S ^ ; , Pall^ rate per line for con»rcull\Te j ;hiierllons: .1 Cbarica <>a^ Six days 7c , «<: Thr »e days ?i ! 7c Oiicl day 12c; I • 10c Minimum rhnrsc. 3Sc;on anlr ad. .Mm mum cash. ZOr,. Ff )Rn CARS Ivi^ just got in Iwinly new used Kord.^: 1926 Ford <-oupe; 2 1920 Furd lour- ings; 1927 Ford roailsl4-r: 192»; Ford roadster; 1926 Ford truck: 1 S-cyliiider oldsmoblle, si'dan:. 1925 Foril cjiiipe. b.'illoon WIU'CIK and tires with lois of <-\lras; 192.'> Ford rOHiIstor; 1925 Ford eiMip'>; :i 1925 Ford toiiriiii;.': 4924 Overland touring; 192:! •'hcvrolet ifoir- .itig; 192.! Dorl tourini;. Will sell on lime or will trade lor livistock. ,i. C. Butcher. woKK WANTED—By • hotel and restaurant w ilress "X.-'icare Rcglst cl( Jiotel. (iinan. r. Ad- FINANgiAt KtiNinf >]iKj )|)portiiDJties $9. IIIIII""(:E>IE'R4^I. MER( exci'pi groceries and sale at 511 (^elits on thi- tradi;' Box .•5Ji7, lola. .Moncjr (b L^an—Mor ga^ti W FARM LOAD'S—Quick reasonable ! rateH. A. liervlce and D. Hawthorne. 213 S. WaHbinstoo. ienii>i w;i.; made'; to take a team ] i of girls. 'I'licsday iiii^lit. wc meet boili of llieii- ie;ims oil oiir court. .\ioiiil;iy, ;iri, rnji 'ili. two of our higli .'clioiil :^'ii'|s .j .\hien Libby and llaliie l-;veritt. weh- craviii.u ex- iiteni'iit. .-.I iliey started to Els- ni 'irt-. T'lty visited .-^clioid tliei.>, all.I ilieu'. leici mil home in cmii- liaiiy wilii llie i';ismoi'.- j.rimaiy lrai-):.i. Riley. The higli scliO'd is working .steadily on the operetta. ••.MiSs ~ClierryI)Iossoni,'' v.liicji is, til be giviin in about two uec)^'.;. iiic e.\;Ki {late will be au- IliUlIie .-a lialel. » ; A ii'-v. sate lias li(.?<ii added to the e([iiiiiiii (III I'I tile ,si iiool. liyviiig been: [ilai e(l jif ihc office within the last few days. .Mo.- 1 (if lli^' pt ojile I'l.'tl tJit; I Ml 111 I)!' , jf:of ;D i;SED CARS I 926 Hud.son ^'"PHOVE ^^/JlRVA^smFD '"a-h with extras; 1921 Maxwell AD TO li^!" • "Crf ^'n: Ford'to„riii,:s; Ituick tonr- ICrrors In .Tlverl |(<emeiit>< shoul.) tip al bargain l):ii ;<'S, .Marr Auto r '<iKiits ->l liniiiri'ltalfly. Tlie IlrcUI-r i Supply Co., HtiicI: Dealer;. will not lie re!:t>on!iil>le for more than. . .'. . 1.. team i "'"^ Incorrect insertion. .yi. i. i ,.L^--,... Special rate, ifor riy «dv ..rti..i„>;.'' l)^'-^-^," , ' ' '"^^ Tl,,- in.IlvMl..j.l •• ,.,,.1 -i' I ;"»7 "<adster: J.' Pord co.ipe.: der the following : classlflejit Ions ;.ro I P""d; l.< lord eoiipe. < heap: "22 arranged la AI .PltABETKfAl- order, Hudson scd.m. goo.l shape; '21 FARM AND CITY I^OANS—Base rale on farms, Ti/r, citj^ or short ttjne. R. M. Cnnningham. TO .MONEY! eastern '"Onoy to loati anil city . property. Terms 1 and payment t^ : r. w'-r. Stewart * Funk. LIVE STOCK ANNOUNCEMENTS .Slniyed, liost. Found 10! KtlX IKRIMKR-IJiown ajid white,) .'itiidebaki'r 4 (-o'lpc. fine shape; '26 Chevrolet coach, fitie shape: '22 Dixlge <-oiipe. good: •2:'. Dodge coupe. Some other 'very I heat; cars. Cash, terms or traile. IIol)art-Stce!e .Motor Co. I»o(?s iais, other KNOMSH SETTER — ' Englisii setter imps foi] MS7 .I. I ^ - wearing harness, 779W. tag -No. 19. I'ho. 1 AUCTIONS Auction!* lOA I Auto Arcessorlcs. Tires, Parts i:{ • TIRES - Buy your tiiVs in lola. We" the mail order prii es. 29.x4.40! Stiiidard make. $7.95; :;iix4.75. $11.95: :!0x:{>... $7.9.'.. Tipple .Motor Co.. ilKi South St. I'hone l!S2. Horses. Catties. Vehicles 48 HANDiSE. meats for dollar. • .No JKansjis. to 6%. Long LOAN—Piilvato and farms ^on [Low suit rate, bor- Pets Registered sale. Call r^^ItFI aad SappUes S—S. C. R. I. R^iis. for hatch$4 hnndied; id.sted 90'. fer- at '^wo hatcheries. .1. R. Carlyle. 'Phone 985-22. riiUHEST '.MAKKKr—Pnces paid for creain, eggs and poultry. Ou • truck and chicken coops are at your service to ipicli up poultry Barker Producei Co. Pho. 658. QU.|HTY ELECTRIC HATCHERY; Ca ! City, Kans. Custom hatching. 3c per egg, or 5c per chick. Baby chiL -ks. hcjavy breed, $12 per lOO; ligit breeds. $10.50! per 100 Wanted—LiTestock WA 'ITED TO BUYH-All kinds cattle and hogs. J. ^. Butcher. CniINK WOOD—Fo^ sale, %2M In tinfber or $"».25 delivered. A. J. sWinford. Phone 51S. 7 S low CASES—Class, from 4 trt 10 feet long, priced Irlght. Can be se( n at Barley Store at .Mildreii. Bijslness'and Office JEqnIpment Si TYPEWRITERS FOll SALE.—Rent trade. Adding machines, any kc. Public ntei^ographor, no- y and muHlgraph work done. 10-11. over Giobe Clothiers. Ildom Artlele* rorlSale Farm Eqolpm^nt &5A FAilMERS—.\r.e you ready for the 'ispHnp work? Remember fhat we lirtve all kinds of farm Implements, also replacement parts for yoSir old machinery.! Allen County it7|plement Co.. TRACTOR PLOWSL.Two Llllle Of nius's, $90 each: No. 3 Primroie iT^am separator, 650 lbs.. $75; De i« ral, 500 lbs.. $65. These are al .new machines ithat we .are cI ising out. Ralph jE. Smith, Kin- ca id, Kans. ITSIOD I.MPLE.MFi:NT BARGAINS— 10-incb John Deere gang plow; .12-inch .k 1. Case ganc; plow: 16- in -h itmer.son sulky; Clover Leaf spreader: Case corn planter: 14-16 .!« hn Deere Disc Harrow. Shan- ncn's. lolai ROO.MS—For | light housekeeping. 222 South Buckeve street. Phone 14:{8W. REAL ESTATE FOR RENT Apartments and Flats APARTJIENT— 5 roon'is and gar; age, nicely furnished, entire upper floor of modern house. 710 North Washington . Phone lOS. FUR.NISHED—Entire upstairs. " rooms, 2 closets, pantry, sleeping porch, front porch, private entrance, modern, close in. Pho. 554. i ROO.M APARTMENT—Ideal for summer, newly finished and nicely furnished, modern; breakfast nook, close in. CaU llipw. Farms and Land for Rent 7S 40 ACRE FARM--Improved. Jackson Realty Co.. over Brown's Drug Store. 160 ACRES—15 in pasture, garden 'aiid lots, halaiKO in cultivation: possession at once. A. I>. Hawthorne. Hoases for Rent FCRNISIIED HOUSEi -Fivo rooinc strictly modern, nicoly furnished; garage. 710 .N. W.i.s-liinglon or phone 108. •N'lCE 5 ROO.M 2 rich lots ! plowed, .". car gunige. Iiii|iiirn I cfirner Broadwav and Ti-iinessee. THREE ROO.M HOUSE- Electric lights, city water, loi'alcd at 50S South Chestnut. Sen M. A .Schlirk. 6 ROO.M IIOCSK Only .$ S.IMI per ; luontli. The .\llen County Iiivesl- nient Co., Kelley Hotel Bldg.. iola. Kansas; Snlinrhan for Kent Simi -RBAN TBACT-^For rent, ,S or 9 .teres, for small"grain. Plione 1050 ev^^nings. REAL ESTATE FOR SALE Farms and Land for Sale 83 Fuel, Feed, FertlUzers S« I'CI'.I.IC AICTION 1 will sell at: !,ii!ilii-"anetiiin at Bishop's Sales j I'.iviliiiii. .Saturday. .Marcli 19. at i-^ji.-r) ACTO I'.MtTS Batteries, 1 p. III. 7 iiead good farm horses, -onerators. 1ires. used parts of .- ji-x.d cows, some young .calves. I .,„ lolit Wrecking Co. '.liclieiis, ::o head of hogs, plows,' pi,„ne 7S2. (irn plant-i COWS—25 head milk - gooil ones from S to 5 Jerseys, 'will be f res i of ten d.>iys: 7 red Durianis. will freshen in ^ about a Nveek: one Giieriisey (ijw. jtlst frt _• gallons'milk per da :)ws, extra. |years old: in sight <h. givin.g"; •: one red Durham, just fresh.-giving 5 gal- | ions in ilk ham. jiist per day; one wlio iiave iiiierni'.'iiaale mejsles • are I hose ' wlio l\eiiiieti( and CliicillfM Liu-stock. fliicago. .March ^ Ifi. -C ii i l e <i Stales Dcpartmenl.-of AgricnUure Hogs 19 .001); niieveh; top .?]2.it5: lid to' ave- i 240 : re. Watch for the liafe. rhosi* r.)e ,iii|i .iig Iai4;e'cerlifi • p.Tfeii spi -iliiigi I'--' •• •r.-: Cliailey .McClu . . .. .-•aiisain. l-;ilv..u-il Walli strong weight slaughter pi^s i!l 1.51) i,i,„. Railih'. Elma Hei roj.12.0fl: heavy Wright hogs $111.90 I l{;,i!ii:i', I '.iuh .Mosslaiid fo?ll..-!5; mediuni ; $11.25«( $11.S.-,; j Wallureti. iMnrlan.l Neh .early bulk 150 to 200 pni rag{>s $lU;5fi $12 .00; i 210 pound initclu'Vs .$ll'.?,0 packing sows mostly $10.25 .for p I $11.65; j wer.-: » $10.5il; ; .swaiisjiii. jMv.. M-I 1 W:I |1 KIC-II . I rod. ler. . Th . , Isoii. Jll light $ll.35Ti $12.1)5: light lights Swifi. and;.Mi!o Wat.son. Tliesi ?11.25(fi'$12.0l); pajking sows $111 .10 jiveii by ii :e (oiiiily siiperinlj' (f/10.65! slaughter pigs ..i;il.25''o ciil I'.ir evny one Imndreji p( $12.00. . slielliiig lii -.'in'-' Sumeofllie Cattle 9.01)0; most fed steel s $9.00 I pli- reieivfd; l!)iirs .lasii nn «)l$lo.5<); early lop $11.50; some , Wa vii'.- nupdy, liijin 'WittSell. -held above $12.fM); most light heifers $7.25'?i $.S.50; fat cow.s $5.75'o $6.75: vealers $lli .O (l downward lo. packers; outsider!; $i:t,o(i«i ju .oii. Sheep lo.onri; .•boice' handy weight; lambs $15.2.5\: early bulk bee:i .ali>tii! rciuiii on ai liaek ii; .sciiooi again, iiave not n'turm-d are Tlie iiHernuiliate people ! arc working hard on an o;.T.-iia which will lie Ii in'ihe school atidi- toriiiii! sniii.;iiiiic in t.he lieaj- fit-; 1 ales iiioiith Liieille iris- Gtfirge dnia iiita' are •iid- ifeVi peo- iitli. and lisiii's. wlieat drills. lyy. < iiltivalors. harne< of :.'ood Isousehold iludini; good piano. .\iii tiiiiiecr. all kinds fuhii""''. in. S. Bishop, BUSINESS SERVICE Ilnildhii; and Conlrnclinsr 19 .milk per day; be fresil in foiK' linin and J>;rs( freshen in ]fev, gallons; milk p fresh, giving one (iue days; days. \\ riBLlC AUtJTIO.N—I will sell at ' jiiiblic aitctiiln Thursday. .March 17. at 706 l -iist Jackson, at 1:SQ, all kinds of flood furniture, tndud- | iiig tables, ihairs. reznors .i .\corn i g.i.s 'raiTge. refrigerators, rocking chaii's, library tables, duofold, Rounil Oak heater, 2 beds complete. 2 dressers. Victrola and lots of rei rinis. rugs, sewing machine, ilislies. cooking, utensils, gardeu tools and lots of other articles too • numerous lo mention. Tliii? furniture,is all in first class condition. C. s; Bishop. .Viiitioheer. wooled_ lambs $l.'!.f.nff/ .^ir.oo: few 1 when -good medium weight and dipped : Iambs around $i:t.tM); slieoj, ;,t(.;i(|y; fat ewes $S .00ffi $S.75; fi .v good to choice ewes jiround S9.2.-: feeding and shearing'lambs very : iw 25 tfi - .5|i<- lower than Tuesday: : odo finishers $1 .^..5<l. .' .Milo Will iin {•'•' certit.ic.-ii'f.'rur reports. Tll'ie ar< iiig I Iii I this Wri'k. rivi'd I'ljiig I he , libjar .N ill five tiook the SI vral mom lily liaviiic giiinr who are lak- I '.xamjnat ions bi 'eii iHeni ex.iniinat|ions IOLA HIDE, FUR & M OOL COMPANY Get onr prices on POCLTRT AND EGGS Wc' will come after ponltr.r. .Ill So. Olito B. A. JONES Flitioe irtfl? GRENNAN'S MARKET Vie par tke foIlbWing irices: Fniicj Egsrs — 23c >o, 1 Kirgs — L-_..18c Xo. 2 Ewts ——lec Xo. 3 Kgf>i lie Jiens 18c to 21c Npring.s Ific to ISc YonBff! aiid Old Cocks He Greeo Bjides Sc Horse flldes $;i.iMI IVe will come alter yopr iioultry. i - • J. Ft Grennan Produce Co. foIa.'rKoiis. wi're giviMi. .Al'er gr:idiiig tlio| peis of those who li.i ve taken e.xa mi II.I t inns. w< firid a iietter of gr.iiles llisin liave liei-li rcce III- a:;y ing. lilt moiitliiv I >rev i Ills examinations SURGERY—IHedlcIn^ X-r^. Dr. F. Lcntild. Phones:; office. 886; renidencp. 1126W. ' EMPLOYM Help Wanted- p|l- the list vcd lur- y<'alr. This is tiie last, bi- iininat'f>n. and . the ijiii- ||ils will now have tbe'dipiomaU'x- ainiiiatioiis iji look forward to., SAVONBURG i (•(. It. .More.) i.Mir. 15. -.p.- (). .\ym:iii and_Neal Howar spent the day Saturdai" at the .Nymaii.,cabin west of Kriri .j Bales and Hangs .-^hipped .; iiwo cars'of iatile to Kansas City •Wednesday, i : , Toniniy Cation of Fairriew. shopped in Savonburg Monday.. C. O. Smith slipped a load of hay to Kansas City .Monday. .Mrs. Weldon and son. i-'iank. ni r.-'irview were in Savonburg |^at- 1 -riy on business. (V F. Overgard sports n I .ir bought jai Erie^ j Will Winters i of the (Winkers Pharmacy ha.s jiist installed a soda fountain. The genial face of .Sheriff Sn was seen on diir streets Saturilny. t:ill:y ll.:«o;-l!i and Ix-ster 'fay- ,ior have inkftn down the ash t ini front Of theiir property, ITBLIC ACCTiON-I will sell at jiiihlic auction. Friday. .March IS, :i( 211 Kast Jacksoii at 2 o'clock, household furniture of all kinds iti'.ludlng ITslate Mealrola, new; d:iveiiport; Vedar wardrobe; sewing itiaehine; librar.v table;-white dr« ;sor: 2 hcrls complete: rugs. 2 11.1x12. I 9x12; Acorn comhina- fion range; gas range: tables; stands; chairs; sanitary cot; kitchen cabinet: refrigerator: ciip-| hoard: sidchoard; china closet; 2 porch swings; about 500 ft. of WAXTKD—Honsekecj new 2x6 liimher; some odd lum-I help combined, age 2 ber: and many other articles.; credcntjials necossar; H. D. Smock, Auctioneer. ' ftobert-^. Criflley lU'ILDINC. CO.NTKACTl.Nt; — And ilepairing. See us before you repair or huild. We do all kinds <>f work. C;i^, save you iiioiiey. II. Pavne. 7 i 5 .\. Colt on w ood. Dressniakini; and .Millhierjr 21 r day w wilil 6 liead Shorthtirns. Ml I 'boiit ten days;, fnim years oli!; OUi' .lersey. -J^ can be re,i;islereil. will few days; \ Will sell will trade i for other hogs. ,1. C: Butcher. CHH.DKICN'S SliWiS-C — Wanted. ."09 South Kim streetl Pho. 1252W. SHO.ATS For sale. AND BROOP .Ny-l-: PRAIRIE HAY—Bale<i. :5.5c Ijale at barn. I-uwis Powell, mile lirrth and oiie east jlron Works. l.MPROV'ED lOO ACRES—One mile of Pleasaiiton. Kans.; price anil terms right. .-Vrbnckle Real Estate. Houses for Sale 8i REAL ESTATE FOR SALE To E.\rhitui;e^-lteal Kstate 8» 6 ROOM ilOlTKE- lii .south part of lola for a four room .liohse' in north part. Wiiat have you? Box .167, lola, . _ _ :120 ACitES- -To trade fi^r incomi' In lola. Have some money to pay illffetf 111 »•. D. E. Wats'oii. Bron- soii. K.ins. : - 1 I,A.«<.SIFIK.I) i>ISl'l.,\V IK~yo"u ARE A~ • MAN ; jWORTIIV of the name :ind not afraid to work. Ill bet you $.51) that yon <i;iii"t work for .'!0 days anil earn.less 'than $200. Think riu bluffing?. Then answer this ad and show me up. (fpening for .Managers. The "Wonder Box" sells on .sight. TOM WALKER ' I'lTTSBlIlGH. PA. BABY CHICKS You can buy State Accredited Chicks now for $12.00 per 100: 200. $2::.50: :{00. $:!5.50: 400, $46.00: 500, $56.25; 700.'$77.00; 900.! $94..50: 1000. $102:.50.. Potilr try- feeds'and supplies. Custom hatclrng. 4c "per egg. Our^.highest per cent on Custom Hatching last week wa.s .S7.6'' of air eggs set. Sturdy Chick Hatchery 220 Wp«.t SU lola, Kans. LEGAI^S I,e:;al Motlces »1 .>()TI( K «>K API'OIVT.MKNT Adiiilnislrnlor. ^ Stale of Kansas. Alien Counlj% KS. • " X III III" llliltter of the e:Uato of Cynthia Wright, late of Allcii County. Kansas. , ^ .\t»TI( K «»F APWMNT.MKNT .Notice i.s hereliy given. Miat on the 24 1 It day (If lebrii.n;/. A. 1).. 1927, tlie undersigned was by Ihft Probate Court <if Allen '~-(>)ilfity; Ktitisas. duly aiiiHiinted and 'i|itali-i fied a.s .Administrator of the esla((v of Cynthia Wright, late of Allen coiilify. dec-r;isri|. .\l! parlies in- teresteii in said estate will take notice and govirii'tliemsclves ac- cordingl..'. J. F. WRICHT. .Adniini'strator. ;)-2-9-16 M)TI< K <»F AITOI.>'nil-:^T. Kxeeulor. Stale of Kairsas. Alien" County, WriU- ROTTED .MANCRI-> fl< wers. gardens and lawns. Bi leher. I - j HOUSE—6 room modern. -For 1 close in, near Jefferson J. C. In tlie niatjer of tin- e.itaie ot .Mary, .Vnn Slioiip.' late of Allen County. Kansas. .NOTHK t^F .U'l'i>I>T.HK.\'r Notice is herebv given, that, on the 2Sth day of February, A. D., 1927. the undersigned was by the Probate Court of Allen County, i Kansas, diily ap|)ointed anil quali-. fied as Execuiri.x of the estate'of cr 50 (iond Tilings th Kat •lohn Reiithcr. _ Snbnrban for Sale •C.MBER PICKI.BS—In brine: cents a gallon. Pho. !)4SF21. "IVK^^T " i Marv Ann Shoup.^ late of .Ml^n I county, deceased. All parties in- '-i;.--ilerested In said estate wiU take 8J ' notice and govern themselves ac-' — jcordingly. ,SCBURBA.N --1.{ ai res. city water..! W. O.. BOLER. I gas. fruit, good soil:! or will rent. I ] Executor. Vanllyning. Kelley Thoaler. ,i:;)-2-9-16 red Dur- 4 gallons nsey, ^yilI iiie Short- XIC-E F.\T lb;. each. Trowbrii Bi'iiner. Phone 12ni| 4 veai ^s old. will ! ill give 5 ^len fresh: be fresh to 5 Ft.- years okl. ^e fresh in.l ojO time cattle FRlES-jI'i lbs. Se. 318 Honsehold Goods DINl.VG T.\BLE. $9. $9l.5 '0: 6 chairs. $6.0i: in good condition. to 2': West 1 1 CLASSIFIED DISPLAY 51) •>0 — Buffet, i ; all oak and ! ^hone 949W. RNITURE—Of a six room hoase week: i^u.-^t boF sold this rODin suitle, living rtjom suite. Scitth Tliird. dining 112 SOWS— H. W. Chaneyj. Gas. Has. or i FrRNlTURE—Oil st6ves and cook; or I stjves: carload high g?ade .iiseU furniiiire just larrived from Kan-, sas City. -Save onii-half. easy jiay- | m Mits. free delivery . Curtis Bar- 1 gain Store.. I-aHarpe. 1 Moving, Tmcklnff, Storagre • S£ CORR' TRANSFER CO—Packing, storage, long distance hauling. Reasonable rates. Phono 140. SHORTHORN BUW^ 11 months old, eligrlilo to regisl|er. -M. T. .Morr/iw . Phone 952-12' Poultry and Supplies Professional Serrires 28 ; EGGS—For hatching. English strain White heilge Leghorn, 50c pc jmsts. A. D. .Mo ENT GlRh- OR WOM.AX liouscwork on farm. .•\. r,. Townsend. I 'o help with i'hone 992-12. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS EGGS -I»urc; bred Wh .';:!.t)0 per 11)0. W. E. \ Ilarpe. 671. 49 settings rison'. 1 le Rock, (tVey. 1^- Iialching ECrGS- Buff 1 Orpington Female .13 ..pjs. prize ginning fttrdin, 15 for 75c. 110 fori $4.00; arlsokome fine 'aying Orpington pnlleis. S. B. Agee. Gas. Kans. • . er and offief- to :!5. Good D:-. M. B. Kains. EGGS FOR IIATCIII.NG-(-S. C. R. I. Reds. $2 .50 per hundred. Mrs. R. W. Armstrong. Ph mc 1007. Half mile ea.s'l opposite Highway Fruit Monin, Farm. GRL\Y HOOSIER —(fabinet. new.; will sell cheap. Intpiire :{12 West | C .-Jmpl)ell. I i Ri; m $2 Pi A.Nf) — Victrola,- rugs, chairs, fl( or lamp, refrigerator,- library la lie, beds, oresscr; ^eznor. and, nt nierous other artic.les. 'James' l.«iiio. 218 S. Cottonwood. Pho. .597. IS—Ten <-loseottt I patterns Ax- nister 9x12 rugs. | your choi('c. •^.aO. Hcnninger's Fitrn.. Store SPfcClAL SALE—On all furniture. .V w cotton - mattrpsses. $6.50. CI imney Sweep Fui^nilure Store. PI one WZ. • SPfeCIAL PRICE SAlIj ^-This wee|c onl Congolciim rngs, ,gas ranges, stj -el beds, and cottoh mattresses. B»vson Furniture Store, North Jrifcrson. WE KNOW WHAT hew I ock ' iee.s ; EXCEPTIONAL USED CAR VALUES A Used Cur Is as Depnidable as the Dealer Who Sells It! We h.-ive on hand at present the best assortment of used caiis we have ever had that must be moved to make rooiu for. our new cat^s that are now coming in. 192.-. DODGi: COIPF:, same SIS new. 1926 IHHM;K .S|-:i>AN. sunie ns new. 1926 IM)D(;K SI-OKT ItOAD.VrKR, sliglitlj used. 1925 i>OU(;K IjOl'RiXG. winter lop, a real Talue. • 192« OAKI>AN» LAMIAT SKIIAX. at a liargiiin price. 19*0 ESSEX ch .MAh *lfelitlr used. - 19ifi FOill* IMWAU.STKIt, H real value. 19*.-. F<>R!» KOAn.STKIt, n real hny. Two 192« FORI) COIPKS. Slime »«* i Tw new. o 192.'> FORU TOrRI>(^ W.rUi the money. 3 GtMid Serrlcwihle Isfd FonI Trneks, i heiiji. "Ten other good cheap Ford tourings and roadKterr. that' we must move. We trade or sell on easy terms. ' ^ Dodge Brolher.s t.'ars Graham Brf>thers Trucka ELLIS MOTOR COMPANY 211 .V Wasfclnglon (Open Evening.*; and Sundays) Phone 301 POP WISHES NOW. V »ISMBQM6 MaBlX,OlON''r TbyoO m mm

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