Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 7, 1961 · Page 11
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 11

Alton, Illinois
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Friday, April 7, 1961
Page 11
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, APRIL 7,1981 ALTON 1VBMNG TELffGRAPM You're the Doctor well to bring his problem to his physician rather than to waste time and money trying one weltadviTtlRfd preparation after the other. At least, don't scratch. 0 1981, N. Y. Herald-Tribune. Inc. Junior By Joupph D. Wameniifg, M.O, TUB MBABrttra OF tTCfttfra itching, therefore, wouM do Everyone knows what Itching fc, but even the most skillful skin specialists an often at a toss to ,dnd«ntaM why U It. Some scientists say thai Itch- Ing Is related to pain. Others believe it Is caused by enzymatic breakdown of certain «kln chemicals. The "Itch" nerves line the a outermost layer of the skin dpOft&ffteft tO and, if this layer Is scraped * off, the Itoh also disappears. dfOWH That's one reason why scratch* ing gives relief. At its worst, Itching may be more difficult to endure than pain. At its mildest, it may hardly be noticeable. Broadly speaking, itching tan be classified Into two types: (1) localized and (2) generalized. The classic example of a localized itch is the Ming of an insect. When the bug bites, It injects a venom into the skin which Juniors of Alton-Wood River Sportsmen's Club completed plans for their coronation dance to be held April 20 from 8 until 11 o'clock In the Sportsmen's Club. A queen will be chosen, and those attending will cast their ballot by ticket. Candidates for the honor are the Misses Beverly Pershall, Jo Ann Dlx- on, Barbara Conrad, Betty Ford, Carolyn Wood, Connie may cause both itching and* Beckman, and Eleanor Won!, pain initially, but the Itch persists. Contact poisons, too, may cause itching and the usual example here is poison Ivy. Allergic Reaction In other cases, localized Itching may be due to an allergic reaction of the skin. This allergy may be caused by direct contact with the offending substance. An example is the itch (and rash) that is often seen around the neck of some persons In winter due to contact with fur pieces, woolen scarves or clothing. Some people are allergic to wool and may itch wherever wool contacts the skin. In other instances, the skin may react with an itchy rash (hives or eczema) to food allergens, such as fish or eggs. Even medicines may cause itching. Some infants develop eczema because they are so allergic that they cannot tolerate cow's milk formula and have to use a soybean "milk" substitute for their'nutrition. Many chemicals, too, are irritants to the skin and contact with them Is probably the most common cause of localized itching in the industrial worker. Other local causes of itching include mechanical irritants, such as scratching, rubbing, and wind burn; irritants due to temperature, such as cold and heat, and all sorts of chemical irritants. Confined to Areas In some cases, localized itching is confined only to certain areas of the body, particularly the hairy parts. Itching in the arm pits and in the groin may be due to the fact that moisture and perspiration in those areas soften and decompose the skin and allow microbes of one sort or another to invade the skin and cause irritation. Itching confined to the private parts may be caused by annoying discharges. Each case, of course, represents a special problem of its own and every patient must be treated individually. Anti- itch ointments and salves that may help some people can actually cause worse itching in others. . Generalized itching is ofien related to some general disease of the body. One striking example, of course, is diabetes. Doctors still do not know why diabetes may cause itching. It does not do so in every person, and it apparently is not related to the severity of the condition It is possible that the itching of diabetes is due to increased sugar content of the skin which is a reflection of the increased blood sugar, but this point is difficult to prove. Itching of the skin due to diabetes is almost always relieved when the diabetes is controlled with insulin or with the newer anti-diabetes tablets. In Jaundice Cases Some cases of jaundice produce severe and terrible generalized itching, but this is true only in those cases where the jaundice is caused by obstruction to the flow of bile. Medical'scientists now believe that the itch is not due to the retention of the yellow and green bile pigment, but to bile salts. At any rate, this type of itching is best controlled when the obstruction to the passage of bile is relieved and the bile flows normally again from the liver into the intestine. Other cases of itching may be related to still more serious conditions. Hodgking' disease, which is basically a glandular disorder of the body, may cause some degree of itching and, often, this itching is accentuated when the patient takes a warm tub bath. Still other cases may be related to leukemia and other serious blood disorders. On the other hand, some of the most severe cases may be due to nerves—and only nerves. Simple sedatives, tranquilizers, or even aspirin may prove most helpful. Most cases of itching are due to simple causes and are simply treated. There are a few. however, whic,b will tax the ingenuity ami resourcelui- ness of the most highly trained specialist. The person who is Miss Hazel Sheppard is retiring queen. The dance will be open to the public and tickets may be purchased at the door. Mike Rice and his Rice Checks will provide music for dancing. Carlin Rebekahs Elect Delegate To District Meeting Mrs. Charles Parker was elected as a delegate to the District 26 Association meeting in East St. Louis on May 2 during a meeting of Carlin Rebekah Lodge Thursday PVO- ning. The lodge members met in Greenwood Odd Fellows' Hall. Plans were made for a cakewalk on April 20: a ham supper on May 20: and a bazaar on June 1. Mrs. Millie Moulton was presented a 15-year jewel from the lodge. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Lynn were honored on their wedding anniversary, and presented a gift by Mr. Lynn's mother, Mrs. Elpha Williams. Refreshments were served by the social committee. Eight Couples Place In Duplicate Bridge Mrs. Robert Damon and Mrs. Herbert Bock were first place winners for north-south last night at the Duplicate Bridge Session in Hotel Stratford. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Campbell placed first for east- west in the game. North-south winners in second place were Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Williams; third, Eldon Durr and Mrs. Pete Chiste; and fourth, Mrs. Kenneth Kelly and Mrs. Kenneth Brunstein. Second place winners for east-west were. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hewitt; third, Mrs. Harry Stone and Mrs. Wilbur Klingenberg; and fourth, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Ewen. Woman's Home Board Has Meeting Activities during the month of March at Alton Woman's Home were reported during a meeting of the hoard in the home Thursday morning. Programs were presented by a group of children brought by the women of Twing Memorial Chapel; and by a Boy Scout troop from Hartford. The Eagles' Auxiliary of Wood River gave a party for women whose birthdays are in March. Other parties were given by the African Violet Club and the women of the Evangelical and Reformed Church. Services were conducted by the Fosterhurg Men's Brotherhood, and the Berean Bible , Church. Mrs. Levl Reflected By Lutherans Mrs. Charles Levi of Bethalto was re-elected president of the Lutheran Women's Missionary League, Zone 2, at an all-day meeting Wednesday in Trinity Lutheran Church here. Over 100 members attended the rally and heard the Rev. Paul Chang, Chinese Lutheran minister of St. Louis, who was guest speaker. Mrs. Edward Gardner of Jerseyville was re-elected treasurer of the missionary group. Mrs. Raymond Jones, member of the Concordla Lutheran Church, Cottage Hills, was up- pointed Christian Growth chairman, and the president, Mrs. Levi, was named delegate to the international convention in Pittsburgh, Pa,, July 2R-27. Three new societies, Hardin, Brussels and Kampsvllle were added to the zone. The Cottage Hills church invited the group to hold the rally there In 1962. Churches The first session in a'series of four study classes on "Alcoholism, a Christian Responsibility," will be held Sunday evening at 6:30 o'clock in the First Methodist Church Dr. W. W. Billings will be the speaker. The Women's Society of Christian Service is sponsoring the series which is open to the public. The Senior Methodist Youth Fellowship of First Methodist Church will have a fellowship hour following the study class on alcoholism, in the home of John Rogers. 2500 Kohler St. Mrs. Cortley Burroughs will entertain members of Circle One of First Presbyterian Church Monday afternoon at 1 o'clock, in her home in Greenwood Meadows. Godfrey. The program will be entitled "The Light of the World " taken from the Gospel of St. John. Sunshine Circle Sees Film Thursday Mrs. W. F. Privett and Mrs. Ray Bierbaum presented a film entitled, "Operation Abolition," before members of the Sunshine Circle of Cherry Street Baptist Church Thursday evening in the church. Mrs. G. R. Tribble led the devotional. Refreshments were served by Mrs. Pearl Bray, Mrs. L. S. Mead. Mrs. Frank Sutton and Mrs. A. D. Jackson. Wein man-Reeder Wedding Announced James Weinman and his bride, the former Marge Reeder. are living on Straube lane in Brighton, following their marriage Saturday evening in the residence of the bridegroom's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Weinman on Straube lane. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Herschel Reeder of 117 Murray St., East Alton. Attendants for the couple during the ceremony were Miss Susan Russell and Alvin Weinman. The Rev. C. H. Carlton, chaplain at Alton Memorial Hospital, officiated, after which a reception was held in the Weinman home The couple had a short honeymoon in the northern states. Beauty Tips Keep make-up tools, such as brushes, puffs, sponges, and pencils, clean and in perfect condition. This will make them last longer and will permit smooth applications with minimum amount of make-up. GOULDING'S 108 Years Jewelers in Downtown Alton WHAT It MEANT BY "CLARITY"? In diamond grading CLARITY refers to lit* prasinc* or abi.nce of flaws and blemishti. A diamond can t>* termed "flawless" only whan no flaws are visible to a trained •ye uMtr ID-times magnification. There is a "common sense" way to select your diamond—rely on the facts. Let us show you the overall picture of diamond value and quality. Take advantage of our vast gemotogical knowledge and experience. You'll And this is the wise way to select the diamond you'll be proud to give or own. Hens*» AMKIUN out loam DUwiert—April's llrriutMe 4c*t'<ii4i»l« Invited riOULDING'C Born tot Mf. AMI Mra. T. 9t Rt. 2, Carolina drive, Godfrey, a son, 5 pounds, 10 ouncw, 10:32 a.m., Thursday, St. JOB* eph's Hospital. Mr. and Mra. Wed Wmtltfttt, 1715 Liberty St., a daughter, 8 pounds, 6 ounces, S:S7 a.m., Thursday, St. Joseph's Hos* pita). Mr. and Mrs. Jack Mann, 3211 Duoo St., a daughter, 8 pounds, 13 ounces, 11:51 p.m., Thursday, St. Joseph's^ Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph I AW, Cottage Hills, a daughter, 10 pounds, 5 ounces, 7:18 p.m., Thursday, St. Joseph's Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hawk- Ins, 418 Whltelaw, East Alton, a son, 8 pounds, 8 ounces, 12:40 p.m., Thursday, St. Joseph's Hospital. Bright Hope, OES Plan* Style Show Bright Hope Chapter of the Order of Eastern Star has completed plans for a spring fashion show to be held Sunday at 3:30 o'clock In Dun- bnr Masonic Hall. Mrs. Ansel Taylor is chairman of the affair, with Mrs. Leroy Williams and Mrs. Robert Moss serving as co-chairmen. Following the show refreshments will be served. Horticultural Group Sees Slides of Alton Thursday Afternoon Robert Graul showed slides of Old Alton Thursday afternoon for 32 members of Alton Horticultural Society following a covered dish luncheon in Alton Recreation Center. Spring flowers were displayed during the meeting. Hosts were Mrs. Robert Rotsch, Mrs. Herman Schueler, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Sklles and Mrs. George Thompson. Mrs. J. E. Kingery was a guest. A plant exchange will be featured at the next meeting in the center on May 6 at which hosts will be Mrs. William Walter Sr., Mrs. B. E. Lefler, Mrs. Otto Ulrich ar.d Henry Bachman. Cooking Cues Cook books used to direct that white sauce be made in a double broiler. Nowadays with controlled surface heat and a heavy saucepan it can be made over direct heat; but the sauce will need your undivided attention and constant stirring. State Bill on FalseAdvrrtising SPRINGFIELD, April 8 (Speal)—The Illinois attorney g«n- eral would be authorized to petl- Ion a court (of an injunction and ppolntment of a receiver in the case of retailers who used fnlae advertising to lure customers, under a bill introduced in the 1111- iois General Assembly this week, 't also authorizes revocation of n foreign corporation charter when he corporation Is found guilty of violating an act to prevent consumer fraud. The proposal, which is identical to one offered In the House last month by Rep. Alan J. Dlxon (D- TIME FOR CROSS-EXAMINATION PHcctoTOnfi 5TT. LOUIS, M». (Aft <•• Ife print of both JM. txmli Artty M*|» paper* will to niMd to cents A copy tffccflw The afternoon and the morning gnve rising costs 88 tht (iffon for (he 2-cent Increase. The Sunday Pott will nmfllft At 20 cents and the Sunday Otob* at 15 oent». Today's toy Industry use* between 100 and 120 mtlllon pounds of plastics annually. Senate by Sens. Paul IZegler (0- Carmt); William Grtndte (D-Har- rln); and William Lyons (D-GU* lesple) and wa» presented at the Phyllis Schlobohm of Alton cross* examines Walker Blakely after the Harvard student had presented his argument during a debate on the Alton SIU campus Thursday night. At left Is Frank Haines, the other member of the Alton team. Seated in background is Alton student Don Fritz, moderator of the debate.—Staff Photo. National Purpose? Lost, Says SIU; None-Harvard late 19th century with the disappearance of the frontier. The Harvard team argued that the nation has never had a national purpose in terms of a "united will," but had concentrated Instead of development of The national purpose, al- ; 'that national purpose was ex-i individual purpose. Many of the though never clearly defined, I presssed In the Declaration of ideals that have been popular took a beating from both sides! Independence and the Constl- Bellevllle) and nearly 100 other request of Atty. Gen. William 0. sponsors, was authorized in the!Clark, Chicago, who said it is _____.._ !aimed at driving "crooked rttall- al purpose" forthcoming from efs out ol business." either side, some of the cft«s- exatnlnation by the speakers, and the questions from the audience later, tended to become repltltlous and argumentative. But the audience responded to the talks enthusiastically, and hands were still waving In the audience when the program was brought to rm end. Robert Hawkins, director of! forenslcs at Alton SIU. and other faculty members assisted the Alton speakers in preparations for their first debate. DESSERT CARD PARTY Wad. April 12, 7130 pan, YWCA Sponsored by ALPHA PSI CHAPTER Epsllon Sigma Alpha Sorority Donation 91.28 For Reservations Call HO 5-4350 as students from Alton SIU and Harvard University met in debate Thursday night. One team held that the United States had lost its national pur- union of the United States, together with the Bill of Rights. They said one aspect of the national purpose, the continual westward movement of the pose during the past 100 years,i fronU ^ came to an end '» while the opposition argued that 1 ~ national purpose has not been lost because the United States never had one. About 250 people filled the '4 auditorium on the Alton cam- \ pus to hear the debate, which followed the acceptance by Al-i', ton SIU of a Harvard challenge ' . to a talk on any subject. i The question was "Resolved,^, that the United States has lost ' Its national purpose." Arguing the affirmative for Alton were Phyllis Schlobohm and Frank Haines, sophomores on the Alton i '< campus. They were opposed by, ^ | Terry Schwab and Walker - j Blakely, Harvard juniors from ' lOhio. Don Fritz, an Alton SIU . sophomore, was moderator. I The Alton students contended . through the years were va«ue and tempered by pragmatic alms, they contended, and so could not be described as national purpose. Audience Responsive With no definition of "nation- ATTENTION! Gun Fanciers and Coin Collectors Collectors' Supplies See our display booth at the MONTICEUO ALUMNAE ANTIQUE SHOW Saturday and Sunday, April 8 and 9, at the College WITTELS and COMPANY 204 State Street Alton Jacobys Present ANTIQUE SHOW AND SALE SATURDAY, APRIL 8, 12 NOON TO 10 P.M. SUNDAY, APRIL 9, 12 NOON TO 6 P.M. Monticello College, Godfrey, III. Sponsored by the Alton Monticello Alumnae Association ALL ANTIQUES MAY BE PURCHASED Refreshments to be sold at cabin on campus DONATION 50c V-P Stye H*un; f tt i *U«y f it f fttS DOES YOUR CHILD HAVE A PROBLEM? Your doctor carefully prescribes for special little feet-.our trained dealers accurately fill his special prescription. Your doctor relies on Gkusrds for conscientious interest, and for quality, fully-adaptable shoes in a wide range of styles, sizes and types. Ask him about flunks today... see us tomorrow! Many Other Pattern! to Choose troro WIDTH A-I.C.D.I • Brown • Blue and White • Brown and White t Alack Nylon Velvet. 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FREE PARKING AT REAR ENTRANCE ill I. Broadway AlM.XIUi.Mif Jacoby's Since 1883

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