Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 16, 1927 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 16, 1927
Page 6
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• < PAGE SIX (By NKA Inilianapolis. 44 TIfE TOLA DAILY REGISTER. W^NESDAY EVENJING. MARCH 10, 1927. Horvitc) Iiiil.. Manli ri hp one 10. f^epfcriihpr ;J0 is ko hp on(> Rratiil holiday in Paris. . .ShD|)K will cluKfl ami llie ipopiilu- . Ilion will turn but in furnuil welcome to .'{O.oiKl of I'nclf. Sam's vot- crans of war -nifmluTs of thV Aineriran Legion-. In - the FrPBch ca)iital for thf nfnfh " annual ron vcntion of iho l«fK on. .Americans wilj jjtrpani into Paris , several rtas-s hcfor? the open in K of ihe convention, finilinp; their tern porary honu-.s in Ihft many hotel.s of the French ine ropolis. But on the 2iUli they <ill will \u- there to make a'prinrt niarch down the C'h.-iinp.s d'Kyl .'iees. before J tlie_ ieyes of their war-time comnibnrt-'i 'er.«. who will s|t ijn: tlu' revie'wiag ' Btand near the Art} Tlie eohveniion mth in the Palac^ the Seine. ' Ih" wdrlil's talle.sli iiiffej tf)wev. Here's Digest Wa •.J ' E.F. 9% of Preparations for It; 30,000 'Vets to Attend Paris Legion Convention irTriomphc. lopeDB on the Trocadero. on the river from ruction^ Two Yfars' Prppiiration. For two yeijr^ a ; fion committer", of KIder is national been worklna on movement of the p Travelers will po ships from .Montreal. New York. Boston. Hampton ton. .\ew Orleans I^anilings will French por.t.s- Fratice conven- \ whi^h Bowman : cnairman. Iia.s j dans for liie! hac.e-time army, i on chartere<l I I l |toad.s. Charles- j and Calveston. ! at three riierboiirK. be niade -Havro. one Belgian i and BonlOKnc—and I>ort—.\ntwerp. Tpon arriviiiK ih debarkation ports, the tarmy of lyepionnaii-es will lidani •.speeiai; tniins. niimb.M-- inp more than half a hundred, to speeii on to Paris., I'wrli II Hd Fpi>liin (c. In the'reviewing stand on parade day wili He Ceneral Ferdinand Koch. Cen^-ral .lohn .1. Pershlne. Ceneral Couraud. military Kovern- or ;of Paris; Howard P. Savage, national cominand'er of the l.e^ion, anri ciiiiinianil('r-in-<-llief of the "Secoml .K. K. and inany other noleworlhips. Tlie Trocadero. in wliiih the, .•onvrulion ses.^ion:. of the lecion j''?. K'"''"''^] l'">'^- " arelo be held, waslu.ilt in 1ST.'? i.v I'•'""'»«'*•'' ll"'»>cl' Hithe Freii.l, KOvernin .It an.f is used ^""^ l"'-^nce convntloi. as a nia.e f-r sorts of exhihi-^ ""' tion.'-. - ; Tiie Paiii-; troisay. one of i:;'s the conveniion heail(|iiarters foj- the "if*, and K." The Continpnt.i'l hotel.-liiim* to Americati travelers in Kurop"-. will t irn over ermvenfiin ses- ^Vi 11 theythe as glad to ship (if the fleet, in w non—shortly alter the or colli! nij ,is thcv were r ipaiiit; I vUiw I A Jr. lo get lin;iieV .\bove j:^ •. a lii>alIo:id of niMiiiing iK'eli its I't lit:- .• i<'<!enily l.euioii- I : Vaiii- hest hoi. 1.4 has'been obtained I' he .ouveniion head.n.arters fo-f., " ''^^l">'•""' f'- head'niarters of be at ttiri its ballroom for skin-= of the .\m' iiiary. Or'-ral the legion will Crillnn. Ilifels Jnl Vities. Twenty-fiVe thousand Pi I •'•I rooms li;ive "'been for, Most of till' rooIli^ are in the ••mallij- lioteH lifv. Hale-: fir l.epiiilui:iir<-s •week of tl >• eonvenlion $1(1 to .*);• pr p.-^rson. Tl4--e pric |iri;:sed . a bill exempting liaiie-.- froJii Ih'- re;-,ul ir P ticket lav. :ii. a iii:iii f'iuii the middle we-!( cm Inal;'- ll-e trip jto France and brick in his lioi;ie ifi'j for approximately ?:'.nii, allow- •jny j;2.r><l for incidmiais. This jfipiMV also incladis the cost iVf a battlefields i'Ud Sining-. S.ivine^; •.I;.M;; |-, utr tin- ;-''>iiliair's liav I 111 II-and;:. .\:\. :;i)on :'?i • liav- iMpii.-il'-d . (hlbs Help. lj;ivi- been Inri.inl 1 .'•liMrj' .•ind I, - lOJiiiil tb»"Mii liy the as 111!-: v-ii-r- ,"ii'. the b.iliks :id ••• rtilic-i :;r.- i leis ii| 11 :r K lli;M !i v:;t;.-'ii-- on to n.ilioii:il li ad liigl'in lii-n-. ;• v-ti-r;iiis dc ire r- ;.-i - Iiiirtii-iihir .ships. llot-1 rican l.ecion Au.v -I „.j„ ,„ ,„„ ,,.,„i.fields ;M,.I an I 'ric.i'i iiiilii.-iry c-nieteiy. K ivill |.;iki about four week - to iiiaki' the t ;-!ji I' Fr.mce .-iiiil r'-tiiin. Km- uliiyeis ihrouuhoiil tin- • countvy .ire promising veter;nis luni; leaves iif a'lsmc'. Thp .Sfoanisliip Kale^. I;;iles for the loiind trip. jCd by the steani'-hiii COIMI' rartce from Inuice from .?14.S.r>ii to ,-:;Vit on uris ho- co'ntracted hlit;iin"d oT the for. thf- of the vi" •inhilar .-le- 'e !-is .-r .i of :-el:;. Of t-our '-e. pass;i (;e ma.v li:- ol: doiii best. es aieabiimi li:tlf what coiiii;i'idat!oiis i\\ hot«-ls in tlie rn-,"''- However. thV ordln.iry a<-cAm- ited Sta:<^s would cost. i i!K>(;ali()n:: iieriuit vi -terjiis frc .Ninelv^per ci-nt of the ' Legion-''^^•f •'•liip- naires who already have iii'ade res--| Tlir food will he of the -rvalions for the France trip have j -Stai-iooms will I- far diftlireiit made arrangements to make ibat-' f'""'" the bunks of war days.^ Ilefield and <-ea)'-tei- touiM 1 The legion has arranged iijsur- The.;..iirs have been dlwded in-'"r l.egionnaire.s L -oind to fiv.. districts; coinprisii^g I wen- 1 '•'''•n'"- Tli-re will be rr-i- ii. trips a dav. <iy triln St from fy s-parate ilineraiii-s.' .-V can IK-made from P;;ris iij They will be liiade both and aiilomoliile :arid will cii to SlO.r.ii. Half Fiirr oil Kailroiilils. ' [Through arrangements madr Wi'h foreign governments. Ive .\iu- f-rican l.egiiin \l-ill sav<- it F.iir'^- iip ;in noliii,- mi-mbej-; so^iiethin'g Ijk- ?."..(ioi).(iiiii. The stpamshi]) (-al. surgical aiid lir.snit.-jl tica'- !neiif. ..'.il ships will have'isiiij ies In whi<-h major uperati'itis he iierfornied. Ti: • r;;!r- eoiiilrn:. their ib- P'slts iiiiiil .-i shiirt ti:iie beiorc !i- y .-.r-- 111 I'- !Vc iliijr himie ci;ii-^-. f:ir • leiiark;;!ion pint::. Tle-n tie i:ii'ti'y i;: pr'?; iii-d to lb< in. illi till- 11-Lc 1 \a:i'i;i < li;tr:-," • i|i-• iiui'il .-iiid aiipi.ied nn tii-ket;:. .^111 -Vi' alls who <-.iiiniit ; p'ak Kr-iicii will no' h:ive tiirili ilitti- • I 'lily :;>ttiim .iroiind. tir in obtain•; iir; v.;i.;-li iliey want, !-- Fre7iib (oi's aii- : ii-arniii-4 . <•> 1, sp'-:ik K-;!:l':iIi. as it mean- rood iili:st a.s..igiimeuts tor :h''-iii diiiin:; tiw hjislur wck of the Lgion convention. Ii: :erpr(t:is will h-- < vi r\ wlii-r". J'inity (11 .Ma-lc. i;.;lid' and Hrupi i-nrii- fii' l'--;iiiii p(-l.: ihroiigho'it the Initi-d .Sl.ile; .ir i'l;:!:ni::g on m.-ikii:-.-; the I'.-i- ri^i.U! trip. .Ml thi si- will pii.tici- pa'i- in till' grand parade' tlirniii;h • Pans on S"-p*. 20. Contests will Into held and prizes will be given tji.- li- '1'- t musical outfit-. Sjiecial lates "Ti s|. anishiiis have Iiei-u gi-.-iiiii-il j;er-, th. ill. ; t:iay , Welfar.- iirg:!ni:'..->tiiiiis will , dn ' -'v.oi-k similar to pi-iio'rmei! by pictnrO'I the I.t-vialban. flag- soldieiV. aboard th'- .Ngaineni- iliiiii in war days, l ,epionn.iii:es will Salvatii'ii .•\riiiy stands in i'.M'is'^.-.nd other French cities and iii\viisf during their may'in Kurope. IIi'i i.oiiKbiiiit.-i and coffee will: he rved. The Ked CrosK will five I'!.' aid. (ith '-rs will do t (ieir :t:iii;li l ,'-;;lonn:iir »s have asked iicrican " to lome acros.s tlietKn- •-•ll.-iii Channel t -nd .see the British (si,...; Willie in Kiirope. The invi- lii'ii coiti(-s from legibn leaders in Britain. .^tractive twn-cidOr "On to i'ar- is" l'(di |i -rs. giviii!? map!; of hatllc- lii-hl and cemetery lour;; and in- loritiatioM <-on( erning ste;inisir -is to b • i::;ed in' tli-', niovpnienl, are li 'ing mailed to Legionnaires re- iliiistinc llh 'in. Letters askini; for these lM >ok- lils should he addressed; lo the Am ric;in Leuioii F-"'ran«-e ("onveii- ti'iii Conniiitee. .\ational Head- i .iiar'er .s. li :i !i:inap(dis.' Ind. .M.'kin.g love iliines is wlici. while: the moon the ."-on shines. F LU-COLDS Chcclc at first .anriere. _Rub oiv—inhale vaims I givep e5 (lreinel;k- " -.Mlanlic trav- <-ompanies bavei Inw figures for iiaii el 111 the yeteriiis. . Itiillroadii of Ihe flliled i Sl:ites are (dferlng half-fare ratcj to tlie ex-soldiei^s. Itailroads of France and other (-onlinental <'-piinlrles iai'e ciittihg their fares in halfr and the railroads in the British king-1 dom have reduced price}; one fourth. I . .\ll Kiiropean goveinuients with the e.\<-(iptioi! of Biissia.- will make no passp<irl visa .harges. i.Ml l,e- ciannaires are reipiired lo do is to purchase an idc-nlificalion j certificate for ll.j This entiUes (hem to .(•nter all ciijinlries on the'contin­ ent wiihoiir jiaving th.- ordinary pu,ssport visji cViarge, which, in some ^-ountrfes. runs as high as $10 ,011. - . • The l.-^ndini; (harge ol" made Women feel at ease wjith Simpler itian yoti \l»<i tup-' po^d a thorply efficient washinj; ^^^^^ machine ^^^^^ ' : action innde the tub — all . m a c h i n-. ery endp«cd u n.d e r ^^^^^^^^^ . nca.'^ the And tht Haag Vortex waiJiei everything tnow^ white in 4 to 7 minute* without hand nibbing. The ^finest, mo>t durable washer that-can be made by^ an old cstablLihed wa»her factoryl EI|CTRiC & •ULtlMBINGCO. 'I 'Till-: iJADip STORIE Pbohe (» 109 £. Madison ir .j'oii \vant 1') luiuw jmt wliore you ran nid-^l pi^ofitably })iU that ^^mall poultry investment you ii.sually make this time of the year, you'll lind thc^ answer stnnewhere in tlie "Poultry niutSupplies'' O.^lumn of our Classified Section. i ^ Ilatelniig v-g^i", chicks, puHets, layinjir hen^ all soks of poultry vtYcvs are bein^ made' there fr:)m day to,day. You'll find it profitable to \vatch them and take advantage of the ones that best suit your needs. REAb THE JDLASSIFIED SECTION REGULARL^ " 4 ! Gibson.) I Mrs. K. S. BETHEIL (Marjoritt Mart-h 14.— Mr. an Bacon and family sp<^nt Sunday ul Ira Bacon's. Mrs. Willis. Gibson wore trading and visftiiig in Clia- nutc Saturllay cveninj^. Homer Lashe's spe^lt Sunday at Harold Butts's. Mrs. E. L. Gibson. Virgil were in lola I: Mr. and -Mrs. Chas. Wednesday evening Bacon home. .Mr. and .Mrs. Williams .lames spent Sunday ajt >Vi!lis Gibson's. .Mrs. Wray of KU and Uaymond [Murjorie and St Thursihiy. {laeoii .-ipeiit 4t the h. .S. and Altred Shrtlbh. wiell remembered by A iiorican fplIoWcr.s of athlctlcs.j Is redgning his..i)<)sition as trainer to tl c 0.\ford University, Athlcticij Club at the end of March.; One ofr the vol Id's greatc.-'t long;ince runners Shru'ob's iconnection with the llark Blues c-onimenced aifter the bir. and miiny wel'.-known Eugl ,sh .-iiiili 1".-: !i-iv- pa.-: ed thru uis ] •V.M\- I nore spoilt Sunday night at AllMrf Biitts'.s. George Andruss Jr. spent urday night and Sundliy with Wil- li.s Bacon. .Mr. Townsend spent Sunday -at Harold Butts's-. .Mr. and .Mrs. K. L. Virgil took supper a sons last Tuesday ev .Miss Zelda Bairoii t lim Andruss !Thursdal\' .Mr. and .Mrs; Cecil B boldt. Pauliue; .\'ina I Husscll Zitunu-rnian anLl .Ichii Krii'- son were afternoon calllers'ai Zirnmcrnian's Sunday. .Mr. and .Mrs.^l! ind childi'iMi spent .Mr. and .Mrs. Jim Andr Afternoon callers; Stewart's were-: .Mr. a and Mr. and .Mrs. Uus^eil .Andruss and children. .Mrs. Marry Boeken .spent Sund;iy evening druss's. - ; Mrs. Jim Andrus.s : Farm Bureau raeeling i ler Samp's Monda.v af Nila .\a(lino Oilison from litis. SLEEP WELL! Let Nature Help! lenipg—Plow Work F. G. Lawyer 's Shopt GENERAL FARM REPAIRING Oifr H'c/'/r /.'-• Aluai/s •'/•s'./)'<''"'.'/ 12 Norlh Walnut I'hoite 119, J'jii'i uss. at ftohert tid .Mrs. .lini EN you sleepi hcaTily all nidit, Bcune Gibi-oii .loiiu ciib- 1 V V ana vfake in tHcmom 'ine feci oiling. astirtda&whenyouT^enttobcd—Loo] lied on ..Irs. ; to yoirEltomach! i Thit over-tired feeling is only a little; urn (Ji Hi-.iii- thing, but it points to trouble ahead if ' Joe iiiid youdjn'twatchout .1 school on, account (»f tonsi- This year, for th«i lijrst time on record, the members lof the Vah : and Harvard crews arc to meet to-, gctlicr at .'t'dinner on Ihc eveniiiK It itieans that youi^ liver is sluggish, j your i lowels aro getting- lazy. . There's ' some R-aste matter gathering in yout .-\n<:i-iiss 'Btomach, putrefying; and poisoning uiid iv wii'.i ;yoiirsVstcm. Let Nature put you right! Dil ingham's , Plant Juice is made from 1 erbs, roots and plants into which Natui B has put the 'very things you, ne<jd. There are no d.ingerous mineral; •dnigs-l-nothing to harm the mostsensi- | tive st^omach—and itts easy and pleaa- j ant to t-ikc. j It rill encouragepyour liver and! bowel i to do their jiropcr work; it will; restor i vour old-tine brightni^a and '•. pep, a id bring biick the blessed gift of i rcstfu sleep. • ! Ask your druggist" for the original; ; Dillin{ ham'sl'lantJuice.forovcrthirty '• years ho friend of tired people. .,i Dillin and .Maude at' Jim .An- tteink-i^ the t .MiSs:: Wal- ernoon. is absent pieceding tin; .\ew I.<onddn.- hig vaidity race at PlaiirJmce ^NICANOCIIEANSER A .shabby hoiise is mt)iv of a liaFiiiity tbati an as.-^el. Your .shabby, weather u-nrn home .'-ooii bcconics. a liability to you and a .scare crow to your neighborhood. Revive it.s value—its vitality—it.s back bone—retain it.s youth and grciee by ever-coating with color clad stucco. See CHUR THE STUCCO MAN Kclley Hotel cr I'hone Klein's I.umber Yard. Mlid was up td the hubs for miles—the car had to plough tiirough I low—yet the motor was not heated— because the engine was ...Mcated ivith Iso = Vis. ^ This experience is told in a letter rkreived by the Standard Oil Company (hidiana) from a rural m.ail carrier. Standard Oil Company, s|t. Louis, Mo. Gentlemen I feel tjhat faction have been up to the al |30 bavin With Iso= pearcd in -The 665 ".iA l»".ri. [/fufrana] Charlestoit, Mo., Jan. 3, 1927. I owe your Company a letter of praise for the perfect satis- yout new oil Iso=|yis has given me. I am a rural carrier and the. time I chai ged to this new oil, the roads were in the worst condition they n for years. I drove my car in first and second gear with mud : lubs for miles without heating my motor .the least bit. I am \ a much easieir time starting as the motor ^oes not get stiff \ 'is. I having t een using Red Crown-Ethyl gas ever since it ap- ourfilling stations here. t\vo products m ike a splendid combination. ' I ani ai satisfied customer, , .Louis E. Edward, Rural Ckrrier No. 2 fho jsands of letters of appreciation have come to the Standard Oil Company t^^A c;„.« Te^^ Vis was pi^jt on the market-rletters telling of actual exper- (Indiana) since Iscj iences, like the ondj above. Amjotor oil so exi raordinary in the results it gives that people voluntarily sit dowh and write cn ;husiastic letters of praise to the Company who produced it is worth trying out! ' Iso=Vis has revolijtionized lubHcation. diluton troubles— thousandth! That and youfll see! Iso=Vis"F"forF(!)rds I , . . J ^f It makes for easier starting—overcomes jand gives efficient lubrication every mile from the first to the ' is why enthusiasm over Iso=Vis is so general, Try it once At Any Standard Oit Company {Indiana) Service Station or at Any Licensed Garage . t

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