The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on May 21, 1892 · Page 3
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 3

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 21, 1892
Page 3
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HONEST CLOTHING-. THAT MEANS ITS I fti PwtYlllc Weekly Review. P98MSHSD EVERY SATURDAY W. K.BURDICK. BY THRMS: H.bOAYEARIWADVANCE. THAT'S WHAT Wi! HANDLE! THAT'S WHAT WE BELT.! LOCAL REVIEW. f lot* nt light on onr lltprt* »l fttj»M, Whlfh flight*!!* tit* pm««i {if, !• not to t ,n ftnrnfl, llioiictt irnly wninl, A* tliti Klpi»tn of llie F.vll %y*>. Till* ftlful irtnlti'Irr of n *lin%t 'liner's f.*tfi|i tl Ray Sctltll".'! lnt*M • lilr.yr.l* lump. —Ta-ra-rum, (Sum de ay! -No Stale Meat, /it Hurt'*. --K. E. Hwenson Is at homo. -"Additional Local" thin wtck. - litef Hteak H tvntl 9<\ Hi Harts. - Ool'l Mid Silver Shirt* nt Gray's. —Salt. Fish of all kinds, nt Harts. A harm)*** scrap Tutsday nvciiing. - Sioux City Flour at Lt.HMAK & SAXIlIltS'. - Call ou (Jray, nt tli* V. T. K. — Froth Lake Fish lit!, at Hint's. - Urny sends awny Laundry Wink. - Poultry bought ntitl sold nl Hint's. -.Ion Gray l:ni bseu treating lilt residuum to a nf>w coat til paint. Artist Jot llilcy la pushing llin brush. --A eluinl-buisl near Spnnccr last Weilnattlay dnlaystl Iho ovmiiri|{ Mil- wnnkno passenger ahiinl two hour". For Bala. My residence on the north aide. MM. It. II. lU /xmoN. -Von can always Hud a fresh supply of t)i* Choicast Maati of nl) kind*, at Van Vclzer A Gilson's. —J. M. Wnrflel.l mill (.'lias. tttirhlsll have utititllhured In tnir "host lund'' thli week I'.v paying cash on *iilist:flp- tloii, and the ruin mill rmilinui't. • Sugar Cored Ham* from 'J to !U Hart'*. 1.1c, — Call at Sktlton A Taugoman'a for ft Genuine H.'ing Proof ltiibbsr Hoot. fcTery pair warranted. Mine Anna £n*tcn, Inatriiator on tlio piano ami organ, Postvillo, lows. — W. S. Woblsar has Tilted up a 1111:1 littlo insurance nffian for himself in the rear of the new poalofTn * building. — Fisk's 'I>IID»«'»» Jubilee Singer* will appear at. the- Congregational whtirolt on Thursday ersriing. Juris Jn<i - Dr. Mality gives m 11 professional card till* week, which yntt will find on editorial pan*. Iln I* located over Hit: hardware store of Waters A Nicolst. —The Epwoilli League entertainment lail Hiindny evening drew n cruwdtd homti. "/'ho program w*« well rendered ami ant forth Ihn tihjatda of lliti It-aKii* ami ll« aix <!<•('« it tun nt« in it rrrv Intdtl nianiier. Card of Thatika. VTa wl«h to mitirti llmttk^ to Iho kind fliffi'lf ami nfljrlihora wim «n kindlT ntilitiil in tlnrini; tin- iHnem ami allfr (Im death nl tnir hti"han(l find falhar. MRI. CAI.VIM liaitmr.K A KAMII.T. • JIMIH t'odciwoid. a notcil »trati- jjalinf, will fin |if*rri An^fK' Ifl .tfid tcld ({onpal innntinjM in Iho tlistrinf (;o'lp^l tun'. 'J'h" lout will prohahly h" 1 '>f -Rt- od on th* jniMh: ^'|tiar» wait of Ihn I'ostvillf SiTtf Hank. op, Hantlkf:r' , .hii:N Wy the thousand. If,, at I.t;iiM*» A f»AMl>Bit^'. On<: 1'A gallon kmle for «slo, al Hart'*. --Six I.oavoi of (ir^-id for 2Jr., at ( IF: Ita'xerv. Marknl. ••Juil a of rain." .M want<-'l at Hart* .MfJt littl* .»iiBithin'., jmt a li'ap We handle the -wire buckle Suspenders Every pair warranted. -- Ara we to ihia lesion? have a h»s« osll elnb pni:l«d hom« Satin - - Miaa Kelli» H. Abbott, fonoher of Voetil and frutnirnODtal Music, F 'ost7illf, fowa. Kd frior want lo Clermont Tuoa- day, where li* put up :i nion irrienl t*"» mark the grAVn of the late Hnlrn If in. I'oa- -Thr. «ilitr»r u e>'jji day I 'Tfttiin;^. - i''i'.ink On* wai up from Vonona on Wc.i'iniailar. You can't help being struck with the superior merits of our goods. You CAN BANK ON THEM. We are at all times prepared to show you an immense line of Men's, Boys' and Children's Clothing, Hats, Caps, Gent's Furnishing Goods, Trunks, Valises, &c, &c. ^r. m. gray, THE TT. T. K. CLOTHIER - f>:'ay it showing an elrgant Spring Clothiiijj. linn of -Karmflr-t livinjj in ihi ririnity of Clorniont »*y lhat ihey liave uevor known land lo o« aa r.adiy w.ithetl a« now. —Thoao who have luon kanpio^ an arronnt with lhr> wnath»r lind that rain liai fallen snvr.nlern day* of th«! Is^t twenty. - John Croi'>y hai an r.lejf'mt- aliip load of »ho «H a» a window diiplay. 'J'. M. Kldriiljra it tlm inventor of the boa'., wo believe. - Vf", Ihti "devil." are under obligation" to Kd. Prior for nuiilini; n« in getting up .1 loeal pa ^e thi« week. Kd. ean h '^alife JIM( aa weli n« he ran knerk the Irttern on lo .1 lorrihatnm', aatt that'» jusr a« jror>r| a< anyhody. Thanke to All. The A polio'^narler wi«he« lo thank I all who favored them with their pr"t- ; enre at their ronreit and nil who in anyway a «ii »tf(| thern in makiiij; their ronren a «iK:»e*«. We *** liv the Rtfkfonl Itoyiater lha: Mr*. I>r. I'.rown atteri.l-rl the V/. It. C. il'moni' ration nl fittnmwa lartt vr and n "down on the hook*" for atfenojtnrr tij>oo lite *tale ('onvrr** tional aaao'dation a' VTeliiter fity tlii* w«e'<. The f.ire for >):•• r>,»nd 1 rip from 1 F'o-tlviiM to the Kdiir:«tionel Mm I Meeting at Clear Lake, on Katnnl-.iy of J ne<t, w,eV. in $5.15. The tram leavet ! here in 'lie morning al ".!.'> and arrive* ; on the return trip aomethinw liuforn 10 ! o'chwk. UDtl'UAttf. Calvin tliTt »ni t 'a« horn In llnritttott. Staintend C>i., I'ftivllicp of l^nehee, .lime IH. IMI,\ and died til lilt liotne llfRf I'natvlllt', Mil) II. IR'JS. He was 111a ilitd to Hnllle llnwkliM, lln.v \i, l «3J. who -"till aiil'vlrpa him. Iln irnioted from I anndii I'l Wonilitotk, Clmtiipnlgn i'n., Ultlo, In Jitlr, t«8H. /(1 l«. r iS h" came lo I'oi'rilln, trherr he has iliim raalilt-il. Tnths idilhllen weie the fruit of (heir imhitt fliehoii ami <n»eii glrla all td wlimn tire lUIng '•Trept the lint hurn, a hoy, who diet' from auti'itrohn at tile n^e of three yeit". fie hiitl alwaya enjoyed ftnlu\ health iinlil (let., I«7 'J, when ho atrirken with paialv»l«. 'Im-e whhdi time he hae he/'ft ^rathi.illr r-ovrIn;; wertker, lhoit|_'lt ronlim-il lo hi* tied Im! »ery little until hU rerertt fllne «i. lie hegatt llf 'i :t poor man. hut through J energy, economy and prrri'veranrp he : am»'»"fl tpiite a forfimo II' wn« j everywhere known ei p iptiM, itidu'- ; fri'm* man and w:i« nere r iriT 'tlvril In c»nl rorersie? or neighborhood trotthlee The funeral wai held fr'mi tke M. K, ehurrh last I'ueiday. K, ,1. I .T 'k- wooil oflieiaiing, and wai Inrgeli attended. nnTABI .II 'lll'.l) II1M3. 0ARL.HOliTP5H.Pmp • Flelow wo give the Iowa Weather and Crop Kepr.rt f-.r the wteK ending 1 Saturday. May 1 llh: I "Another fold arid wet wee); mint lie '. added lo the reeord of thin unpropilioin I •(eaiiriti. The daily averng'- tf rn f ?n re - ' lu-e wan ali'Hit ten dearee* l.elnw nor ; tnal. and Ihe rainf»ll wna generally in ' exee««, ranging from one lo Hire/- inrh- 1 on. There were not more than twelve hour* of umahine. on the avrago during the weelc. A* a remit the rrop fit- uxtii-in 'n lieeoniing *eriom in '-oufiiler a '-ile portion* of tlieata*" V"rv h'tle plowing ban henn ilorie. r\r*.I a har* Ij'-^inning ha^ tie^rt made in rorn plant- in/ in thi» more f »-.-oi -i»r| |. (l 'aiitie* Farmer* are idlv wnitin^ liil tin- rio'idt roll by. In :h" "•i-«ti>c:i and southern iflittrietM. whore the rainfall h** leien • linavie<t ih" arable bottom land! are un'.t*M' water and the nphnrl-* air a o;^av •.vit)) moi*"u-e. flat-' and r,iivr ^niail /r*in e;-/n>* ^,n well drained fteld* are rloit-.g fairlv , well, but; in low land* Miey arc gen'-r- ; ally drowned out And evm with llv niont favorable eondtlion* in tl." futttrn there 1* no imminent danger of ovr . *toekitior ih" market* .villi ih" i-m-enl - A full lmu of Meat*, at Hart' J. S-.iit and Smoked Mi** COM Sn-jke .Sundaye«t at home in Naahna. - Mr*. .John K. M< n% iieivi tlii* week. Ciio». RlU)!). of town Wednet.tay. .tl has been v-iiit- Jl .-i iVina. ^vaa in —Tha addition nearly r.omiilated to Turner Hall i* I -Ci down 1 Sorthei-g iho oounlr •men' la«l Sun<lay - Mr. Hardwi':k will occupy tho new itore. wenl of the f. f). building, whore > he, will k>'ep a «toak of sewing' mtiehine*. Horso-Shoein^. ! So hit anil mi*«, but a good job every ! rlatt'ir nod prices very reasonable. ! Tii'.a. SITOI - rn I>o not mi** tltoae Ilar^ain* in til*:' r.adiea' Job l,ot. of Shoe* ;ti Siphon .<> ; '1 'angomau'*. They aro Icing otV-rnl al lialf nrira. The wo--u «tovni of the aeaaon dovarftaletl lite lotiMoint:* river eouu- try on W'edne-idav. fireat loan of life j i* reported and it in e*!imx'nd 1! 1 -t• «l leant *,000 person* am reinlered iionie l»«a, and all proipee,' of a rrop are! a'oamloned. ( iir'* Sti'oebel, the p'>|)ular up: 1 'iT .i A\ ( >n dealer, and hurghrr er;!di left Wednomlay evening for prod doln "ill! i -t« of lw; ! fa i r! -, nne •/!>• ihi* and yea r. fruit ra *J M pro»»e Whil" we ha-. of the e,,ri1intlou* pa *t. two montlr* UNMAN SANDERS, —N'ew Or.i<< .'loodi^aud Kmhroid -Jt -y at 8 KOIIOH A I'angenian'*. ~Ui** Flixay Hovnton Sundayed in Monona with ae'piaintanrea. --Mr*, fi. F. Afednry ha* iteen ri»il- iiif; at Vi'aukon the pa«t week. Wiiy not cngaiiiao a home dramatic company 0 Somebody »l»rt, 'er. I —Tim motto of the railroad grader: "You let it rain: we do Iho BEST." —Thera i* lalk of a change in the coiiitrurtion force on the Burlington. —Tha best stock of Shawl* kept in the town at Skclton & Taogeman's. - Mr*. Kd. Stone returned to West F.'ni'.n lait Saturday to commence. hotmekeeping again, Ivl having rtnallr aeeored a iiouae -John Parker'* barber eteaped to Wi *«i. n*tn la»t week and Mr. Coney i* now "collet! wbinke.r*" al. Parker" toneoriul parlor. ' — Rev. L. Kurton i* in attendance '; at. the j'ate Congregational afaoehition al Weli*ter City llii* w«ek^ He return on Saturday. c»to" r';»it roof. n»tt -"hot)' in Wiie:0T)K!H iindc'- tlio p-u-en'.-.t! He will return ou Monday of week Fritz Tiio'na will 'Veep for him dnrin'/ hi* abtntiee been eonrpiainntg »•! we^ i j|i,v for t he *!ir,u)d ''einember Ih'TH are thousand* wor/n ofl'thun K.rer / ,|ail r pap'r contnin-^ par ieiiar^ of dnma/e done hy ti-« ;lo eN i.on;r ati rue iar;oi *!i-eanvi tiui* ^r-i il iioat ap'pallin;/. Kaji-eiallv .i!on/ he Mirf«iK*iopi. Mi **'i .iri and iilir.o 5 ' 'i'.'e;-' t.h" damage iri-; ic-in in'-'lte-i! •tde. and *ome lo** of iifc i-. rep-.rted riiouyarid* i ,f farm* lhat. PRICES LOWEIf THAN P,VKR An old Qnfto-or f .rici-i «n.if! Mia .t 1m y/nnM f|o what h<? fjonlrt whilff ho Wftft in fciif) v7 <irJY! for fio wot 11(1 n ^-vftr pa*« this v/ay a/yain. Ho flier] lon^ n%t,, nnfl np r,o this (latehohan tier r ofcrirnofl. Wfi f>r-, selling four (lift^rmif. sf.ytog of FINE DASSI- MERE A.ND WORSTED SAOK RrriTR NEW SFRINf* STYLES v/orth all th«-» way from $l«.f ,0 to $1.0.00 for $ 10.00. Thift i<: riTi off^r 7 /)iir -:"ri roawihlos tho old Cinakor It won'h pasf. thi« way a«;Mri. ft will. ho'id-.^ood.juRt lorifz onoTt ^h for yot'i to tn ko rf'l yanta^o of it. If yon do it yon v/ill lv: in portkot from $8.50. to $5.00; if yon don't, yon v/ill lo-;' jn«;r. abont that amount of money. If. a word to tho wifi^ ftriffjoj^Tit? Whrm it oomo?! to Fino f-Tat?; wr» aro to tho from. In Stylo, f)riT-f->l)i)i ty and Cnoapno.«:••". thoy aro riniciarpafl?!- od. Among; thorn yon will find tho ''Lnolroy," tho "Rnokftkin" and tho : Tndioator" Roff, and Stiff Hats, for whioyt wo aro tho o-xo 'ii'iKi 70 aoronts. Wo warrant oaoh and ovory h ^.n. Hooded Ai grand ji !imvl"i- f, utter. ••,,!•! D-.dge rr returned n the ;tr*f d (ratl'ey i* t ia«t >i»t>irda- r tne an indictment, fot egr-ee agiti-iet Tom he man who -ifio? —-Tlii* oHice turned out some cards liitt Saturday for the fine French draft stallion, Itrilliatit, 7227 (1*44), owimd by (ieo. Carawell. --Wood ia wanted at Beedy's Photo Gallery in exchnngo for photographs. — Mrt. Karnhara, of McGregor, visited at Dr. Groen'a a day or so this weok. - Mi** Nora Minnick i* again at home after an absence of several week*. -Fresh Fi»h of all kind* received ororv week, at Van 4 Gilton'a. -For Dreas Goods call on Luhman <fc Sanders. Henriettas, Bedfords Serges, Chevrons, Challies, Silk Foulards, Silks for Dresses and Trim Tnings. New dark Prints, only Comas Cloth, in new styles, Black India Linen plaid, Silk Drapery Fringe, Brocade satin ribbon, a in. wide;, Satin Ribbon, 1 in. wide, Outing^ Flannel, only Check: and Maid; Shirtings, Damask: Towels, 13x28, all linen; only Gent* Colored Border ttkndV WmdsoiiT®^;onX^ 3c per yd 7c «< «« 8c a (( 10c (< <( 10c u u 2a n a 5c tt it 5c 'i a — ?or a, lint fit and atyle in Ladiae' and MUaoa' Fin« Shoet, call on SKIT.TOK & TAVOEMiV. -Mrs. R. N. Uonglata' mother, SJr». Haroiltcn, of Storm I>ak«, i* here riait- ing her. —It you want wood.leaye wore with rat or any of my tenm»ter». P. J. BtucBRV, Drayman. —All of tho eleven children '>( tht I late Calvin Dr-iaacr were pro«ent. at hi* 1 funeral with the exception of Mrs. Ed. Clark, of UmUiana. --l.oniilana Dimen«on, t'ypres* Shingles and Arkansas Yellow Pine l'iniihing, for sale at SiNIlKIt* A KAVLKU'S. — Dr. C. I>. TopiifT matle thii office a pleaaant call on Tuesday evening, while down from Decorah on hi* regular profe»»iona! trip. —JSB. Flemitg, of V'alparaiao, Ind., and Bit. Fleming; of Decorah, wen. called homa by telegram lo attend the funeral of thefr brother. ; K.d. Uiigg.- al IVmeom'.c put Marefi. 1 It :* -J'.id-rjlood Ilia' (ialTey will plead | temporary inaanity canned by jpalontv. Mr. I'. '.V. Wiugger'., who l.u* '.cen in cbe.rgc of the Put.v'ile branch of' Pjitller'* e.^^ ^tor*ge '•Otieei-n of lode • pendenec, ieft, for hi* iiom*i it thnl ejly on Wedne^ilnv e'.ening. During hi* «tay liere Mr. Winggcrl has bee ime a general favorite and hi* gentlemanly pro*ence will 'on mi*«nd oy hi* many friend*. C«rd of Thanka. Ws wUh heratiy to rettin. our mo**. tnrne*t thanks to the many dear neighbor* and friend* who no kindly and willingly anisted ua ilntinc Mm «icfc- ! ne** and after (he deatl, ,,t our blowl jfiti. Mav you find a* loving 1 at, I'. I when it i* T'I'.II -* to mourn. T. Pi.iaii'.f; AVI, 1'AMH.V. Onr St.ook i« by far tho bonncht ntrio.tty for oar-ih. rnannfroti'trorrt, and wo ai tho vory Y>o?,t of j»ood« for tho fnvrft and soo us bofovo rn-rkinrr Lar^^rtt in tho Oonrity, i« diroot, from tho vory bent, o propnrod to frirni'';h yon vory loast monoy. Bo xr>y pnrohn.iofi. niKD. Ki.KrflHi, A' •.>)••. no ii" of hi* pa- i'i <r ;-.j -i.-l \l---ido-.v I '.^.i 'rii on •lay, M->v of jmemao Wtu l-':emi , i'_^. *o:i rif f'aotii''* I' mg. a.'yed \'t yar* and M da: <. Tne funeral .yj.* ludd n:i M-.nrfav from I he ' .'itiio'ie, enure 1 and hi* remain* wd" eeti)(i!rry ^l that ;i!'i"». IE 1- IRI' concourse of wJilch followed la*, r.atin^ iil-te' iltg'l e^tecrn in Wai n-!d. GOOD rmpatb lie- re: /!U" ' Icrniotit, "•d in [he Tne large • r.ds -.1 lie 'if KOR TALK. - A Clean Shop and No Stalt Meat, at Van Yetaar * Gilnon'i) Oantral iieat Market. —H. M. S. Pinafore, at the Grand Opera Haute, Decorah, May 20th, by local talent. — Luhman & Sanders carry tht Urgent line of Boots & Shoe.* in town anil <tll thum cheap. —Onr young men would do well to give a dance in return for the splendid entertainment furnished by tht ladies at their leap year party. —Editor T. C. Medary, of the Wanton Democrat, made us a pleasant call yesterday, whilo cn route to the editorial convention at Mason City. —Jat. Row will occupy his new retl- dence on the west side some time next week - . Uncle Jimmy now has a line home and ITB hopo he may live long to enjoy it. —Skeltoa & Tangeman arn carrying double, tha siouk in LadUa' and MiMes' Shoet than ever before. —Charley Wtbtr spent latt*>nnday at Monona. He wat down on purely hiuinesa (?) matter*. 8c each 5c 3e —Luhman & Sanders now dtliver thtir goods in a brand new World's Fair hand delivtry Wagon. - Art. Bnrdick was up from Wagtitr over last Saturday nigbt. II* liket farming '.n good weathtt but don't rtl- ith having it mm "dayt, nights and Sundays." Wu iisvc tried our or*! thi- we-V- not lo knock the "old on ' o' the ItK .view out localizing, for he promised u* if we rlnf he would go »v»f oil-u. What little we. have done IhOiiL'!, han kept ti* "bumping," and we think we ' should have had a severe aitacic of brain fercr ere ihi* if the fever had had r.ny of the "grey matter" to work ! on. | — Klgin F.eho echoes: I "Miss Harriet McKinler. of f'ostvtlle, ) was in town Sattr;.|av anil Sunday the guest of her brother here. While m Poslville on* day la»t week wc notie .Hi! that Katie dcKinley became; the promt po**enor of a handsome ' ^fuitrfr. Tho Farmers' Creamery, of fusty I. It. hny« decided t .i put in a Babtoek tester, and will now buy milk by the tear. This creamery it paying it* patrons good money and lias also paid for the plant itself though only in operation a litltle over a year." In Well '^OOfl ••r.-d Senrw.l :v • n j\ • time -.yii | : e /i' In'piire rin farm A.ddre**. (Box. ita'e '1 Tl <\ rod* no- for farm of eiilfiyation. -o.,d '.uildmr-v d i .O 'r-fc. j.on;; o'Ot jiayinent. U'W M'.'vi. i)eeo»'ah. - Soma of PoMvllle'g fair damtclts have taken to wtaringf their .Miaoend- tis on the outaide of Ihtir wardrobe, l'he next thmg we know they will be earryFug thtir watches in their vest pockets - . —-PostviHt* will now have lo get alairg w/efi'only two nwat marktta, n> last Sntnntay John Van Vebwr oftUe south rif*st! raafket boti^ht &fr. Coney 's tntarttt in-tb« Ctnlral mark««, and will oetnpy the latt** 1 WrttrfTbg. --Regular mteting of Iltok and l<*d tier Co. Thursday evening; Mar 2«. j All members who are absent, without sufficient excuse, will be fined. Ei>. Paion, Portmao. —Some of our local sports are talking of gplag to Decorah soma lime in tht near future to take part in an athletic entertainment to be held at the Grand Opffra Hons*. Dr. Becker's dog had hit hair clipped this week and he looks just about us handsome a* some of the "kids" do when they g»t their head* "peeled" for a skating rink tor the tlleain summer timt. • -"Policeman" fcfus McNeil, a member of the T 15. H. A. (Tuller Burglar Bagging Association) captured a burglar last Friday morning- almost. He found a strange person in a vory peculiar place for that time of the day and immediately "presented arms" and ordered "thumbs up," which command wa» obnyed with alacrity, but bofore Gn* coatd load his gun ant "ketch sight" on liia game the man explained to him lhat he was no burglar—"ay ben warking on da raleroda. — Bar. LoekWoMlF lilt oitAVtdktsdfay tor Omaha to attend the gerfertfl con- (eraao* now in setatort- at- ihnf city If* will b*-absesi ««r Suswfaj;, bnt hit pnlplt wilt b« BJled by"<i ! »lri«I«rt tvara tbo U. UXT„ orF«-yt«tvb6Jh'rii«rttIng!'- ^ nkrtf( V* »w»e**i»ln^ —The reputation which our local d«te*tlv*forc* gained through lt» »B «r- cest in the Ian robbery will undoubtedly prove' diseoitrajrfhg- t» the "knights ot tbe jimniy," who have heretofor* found Pottville an ta *y mark. —Tussrtny's l>tbuqne dallief contain- ur) an iwaounW of the hoi rible enielf y of K Hanevxra; county fsrw«r. A - man n *B3 »d B frll»in*r«>tNlot», w»» aHaebed by acvteWHis st»H'too and severely. bwl»* Mm and ifanv pl< b»d'h% *y«* out - with — Hero is the latest thing ont'n the "humbug business," which we take from the Lansing department of the Waakon Democrat, Which shows that the merchant no lass than tht farmer must keep his cyt« open: ••Another gang of smooth touguud frauds are abroad in the land. Theat chaps Und their victim* in the towtrs*. One of thera drop* Into a towi, (ortka up that proprietor of almost any store, and inform* him that he is searching for rare coin*, passing- him *>' list of speefmen* and tn«r afleged valre. If* also ask* the interested jjroprfetor' to keep teem lof him. Swrf another stroll* aroftttd. buys a cigttr of aomei other article, and exhibits-a couple of eoin*, with the remark that they ara On coHiwltfog hirllaA Talja Mottee, That the I'ouriile Steam Roller Mill* ! will grind I 'vBd, (,'orn Meal and Gr ;i-' ham Monday and .Saturday of each week hereafter. Having added a line! of wood-working machinery we are! prepared lo do Cianing. Matching, and' all kind* of *awing, on .ihort notice. j Bring in your logs (ind have them I sawed. {{eipaelfnllr, i K. 1). .S -nr .a*. j Blacksmith and Wagon Shop. j I have .secured the service* of one of j the best blacksmiths and liors.e shocrs ! in this part of the state, and am pre- • jiared to do all kin'ia of hlicksntithing ! and wagon work on short notice anil jn I the beat manner. N'ew wagon*, bug- ' gias, roa'd carts, otc. on hand and | made to order. Call and examine work i and pricnt. 2n*3 H. 0. IIOXN . j Eastern Star. j All Masons in good standing in Bro-' therly Love Lodge No. 501, together! with thoir wfves, daughters (over 13), t mother* and sisters are. requested lo 1 meet in ihc lodgo room in I'ostyille, on i Monday eyenlng. May 23rd, for the. ! 19 near. Have yon purpose <yf taking the. preliminary steps ' bought your Shoe* for the organization of a chapter of tha ! for Spring and Eastern Star. ! g UTOm6r wea r? They are cheaper than ever and we sell thein under a written guarantee. W. X HANKS. Bkelton & Tangeman'o Advertisement. FOE SPRING TRADE. up* Iir. Will Cole's Dental Xoome Will hereafter lie open every Week day, a* I have a»soflialed with me Dr. M A'. Humphrey.* graduate of the d'c'nt'al'sohoel at Iowa city, and a good operator. I shall cbntinnn to vIsftFost- vflle on Titwrfky and' WcdneMay of eat* Week", a* heroEofol "i)r;- \fitt. Corn, ;a a. s. pocket pi**** 1 - un'- coHnwK'ne ftwti#Bi jinggMt at mi i»«ac«p «on8f. tb* proprfetor flad*^ ther (}na:r«nf«*f After iifo w«ek'# trfaf If marked $46 each- Here he think*; i* a fox af&HBi B <i(rfirf«* of Alt Discrfpifons-. s good'oppwfu^ity tor'jpsaswlaehjpand lh « Ktc «(,'oll »p^ng prove* not to be ahvr »ofa» dlekerSojf; tN 'ae'emTd' pa -rt- theeatfeat rfderott (arth, wU\ exehaftg* We have all the new kinds in stock. We know ws can please yon. Step In and look' them over. jL -adies' Walking hihoea, | Ladies' Solid OomfortiSlfppdrs, ! Old Ladies' Easy Shoee, i Men's Plow ahoofi,- j Rfen 's Pine Shofin, j Men's dordovan Bho6t; I Men's Southern tyee. j T6U -F8 ! to- Please,

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