Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on October 6, 1959 · Page 7
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 6, 1959
Page 7
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Junior Editors Quiz on BIRDS SWEETIE PIE By Ngdine Setter LIB-TEN TO THE MOCK-IMff QUESTION: Where did the mocking bird gets its name? ANSWER: The mocking bird has a remarkable ability to 1m- Itate the songs and calls of other birds. One naturalist in South Carolina has reported he heard a mocking bird Imitate the songs ef 32 different kinds of birds In 10 minutes. Actually, the mocking bird does not need to imitate, because hi» own song is one of the most tuneful of all bird songi. 3ut he thrives on doing both his own and other birds' calls. And that of course is where he gets his name. Because of his ability, it is hard to tell when he is himself, so a description of his appearance may be in order. He has an ash- gray coat and darker wings and tall, both with white markings. His breast is ashy-white. Males and females are almost alike in their costume though the female has a little lest white in her feathers. The bird is from nine to 11 inches long, with long, slender body, and long, slender tail. Their nests are low, in bushes, thickets or low trees. FOR YOU TO DO: If you live in the southern half of the United States, you have a good chance to see—and hear—a mocking bird. If you don't, perhaps you'd like to color this picture, and find the music for the song that is underneath it, "Listen to the Mocking Bird." (Today's winner is Patricia Van Hook, of Arlington, Calif., who is now $10 richer for her question. Write yours on a postcard, and mail to Violet Moore Higgins, AP Newsfeatures, in care of this newspaper. If duplicate questions are received, Mrs. Higgins will select the winner.) CARNIVAL By Dick Turner *•* M. »•«. o» ffi 1969 by NEA Bmka, tat. "One threat to peace after anotherl Quemoy, Berlin, Laos—now this visit from my wife^s motherl" SIDE GLANCES By GalbraiHi ' T.M. R.,, U.S. fu. Off. <S)19»9l>>NCASinic«.lne OUT OUR WAY BY J. R WILLIAMS ROAPT)IM<; HOUSE . . . with . . . MAJOR HOOPLt ". . . and he has temperament, too." TIZZY By Kate Osann « 1968 by NEA bnfeh IM. T.M. P«. U.S. P«t OH. "This year I'm going to start my Christmas hinting early." President's Wife Answer to Previous Puzzle ACROSS 1 President's wife, Julia —— Grant 8 She——the wife of Ulysses S. Grant 8 They had —— children 12 Thought 13 Rend 14 Gaelic 15 Biblical name 16 Mount Psllorltl, Crete 17 Views 18 French revolutionist 20 Distilling vessel 22 Term in physics 23 Cravat 24 Nautical term 27 They were in 1848 31 Guided 83 Explosive device S3 Tim* 34 Japanese outcast 35 Pegs 36 Chemical suffix 87 Remark' 39 Maxima 41 Much (comb, form) 42 Play on words 43 Aims 46 Beast 60 Feminine diminutive 51 Scottish burial mound 53 Resiliency 54 TBoth stump 55 Preposition 56 Lohengrin's bride 57 Spiritless 58 Scarlet 59 College official DOWN 1 She —~ in 1902 1 Feminine appellation 3 Gaseous element. 4 Sips 5 Subject to torsion 6 Help 7 Courageous ones 8 Pustule 9 Mountain (comb form) 10 Frequenter 11 Repose 19 Danish weight 21 Ireland 2 4 Fish sauce 25 Interdiction 26 Style of . furniture 27 Aromatic herb 28 False god 29 Alleviate 30 Tints 32 Her son Frederick was _ A_ Austria- Hungary 35 Saucy 38 Housekeeping 39 Brook 40 Conjoint 42 Peeled 43 Nuisance 44 Trieste wjne measure 45 Moslem priest 47 Burrowing mammal 48 Anatomical loop 49 Slender 52 Clemency "Our club Is having a White Elephant sal*. Last fall we made $5$ buying each other's vacation souvenir*!" BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES BY iOGAR MARTIN POLICE WATCH --I TAKE BIG »IX DOLLARS BORO THIRTY YEARS TOO SCOM i^^.^m^m.^mm}f^°^j S ^i^\ ms^^^m/m^mmm. 3AX.7Ef?,7H5 ,M ~:G"?.c^~.OO"O_. 3UTS '1C= YSJ AS*sD, VrV^YT.'-A IJ=25, WAS THAT MAM A3AIN BUGS BUNNY Giving 'Em Back ITS THE *LEAST J CAN f/0, SINCE THOSE LEAVES ARC PRISCILLA'S POP First Things First BY AL VERMEER THEY'RE WEIGHTS!! ME'D BUILD BV PICKING -I 'EM UP/ ( REALLY -* DEAR! AREN'T YOU RUSHING- 7TWINGS? HE HAS TROUBLE ENOUGH JUST PICKING HIS ID LIKE TO BUY CARLYLE SOME BARBELLS. 1 BE GOODr^BAR- FOR HIM! K I BELLS? V ALLEY OOP The Old Gang BY V. T. HAMLIN ANP HERE ARE SOME OF THEIR OLD MOQVIAN FRIENDS. MY GOODNESS, AlLEy; FORGOTTEN WHAT A WIU>, VW30U.Y PtACE WE'D COME FROM.' f fMTH B086-.GLC FOR SHORT FM OOP'S PAL,.FOCZV IS WHAT TM NAMEa.AXIP THIS IS TH' DINOSAUR MY FRIENP SO BRAVELY TAMED/ THE CLOSINS OF DOC WONMUG'S FABULOUS TIME- MACHINE LABORATORY, OUR TWO FRIENDS, ALLEY OOP AND COO.A, RETURN TO THEIR PREHISTORIC HOMELAND, THE BONE- AGE KINGDOM Kl OF MOO FRIENDS A3AINJ MORTY MEEKLE Time to Change Channels BY DICK CAVALLI WHERE THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED WILL OUTLINE HI-5 PROPOSED... TAX PROGRAM FOR TH6 COMING YEAR... WE TAKE YOU NOW TO THE WHITE HOUSE, IN OUR NATION'S CAPIfAL... 6TE-E-EACY NOW/ 7 9 1888 by NEA a.»lt«. Int. T.M. Rig. U.S. p FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS His Master's Voice BY MERRILL BLOSSER YOU HALL MOMJ I MUST SAY fT DOES 6IVE OMB AM EXALTED FEEL M6 Tb HAVE AUTMORITV/ MOBODY^ ALLOWED TORS ACT LIKE TO ROAM THE HALLS DURING CLASS PERIODS / THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE THIS IS 8E61UHIWO TO SOUWDUKEACK5ARET / Mf?.TORT0e CX3 YOU MEAW THAT VDU, A HEA2T SPEdALIST, EWJOY { BUT THE FACT IS THAT I DO/ High Tribute ( You? DAUGHTER'S FIANCE HAS uozs I TAIEMT IM HiS LITTLE FIU6E2 THAW I ( HAVE IU BOTH THESE BLACKSMITH'S HAMDS/ HAVE VOUJVEK HEAZP HIM PLAY? BY WILSON SCRUGGS V WELL, r... NO, I HAVEN'T./) ? T ' ' CAPTAIN EASY Checking Her Alibi BY LESLIE TURNER BUT THERE'S MO OWE I'D TKU^T SHE'* lUTEUmV LOYAL i AKJP WA5 MEANWHILE MY DATS & WAITING FOR UElV you FELLAS ARE THRU ILL STATEMENT TOWM AUU PAV1 I HER TWICE-THE LAST OWLY AN HOUR AGO! V0U SAY THBRB WASN'T TIME IT HftD TO BB'AW WA6WB HOW ME OlD If I EA5V. THEM WE'LL PKIV6 VOU WHER THS 5AFS, O?PV V0UR EQUATION) AWD ESCAPE! THE C(?W6lWATiawi

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