The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 16, 1927 · Page 4
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 16, 1927
Page 4
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1 1 PAGE FOUR THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. WEDNESDAY EVENING, MARCH le, 1927. :4ii.'»iij^^^•5Aj^:'!fJ•,••- ' I lOLA DAM RE€ISTER CHA8. F. SCOTT Qiiteretl at the < lola Po8toffic« u Second O BBH Mattfcr. Vatephone •... .-. Il8 (Private ExclmiiKe Connectin { All TJA|virtmi*nlii) SUBSCRIPTION RATES. tr OuirLr In loin. (lui Cliy. I^Harpp and Uii'HH.-tt. ^ I Olio We.k 15 CentJl On» y.i.r ,...I7.I>|) DY MAIL Oulild* Allen County . One Y«.< |5''P Hlx M MI UI IH K .f 'O •nit<.« Muiillm H 'O In Allen: County .•)M0 Y-ur »«•<"> HH'". J:'* .Out- Mniitli Member of— National Editorial Auoclatlon. Kansas Press Astoclation. The. Kansas Dall^ League. Audit Bureau of .Circulation.. Prees Congress oli thcr Wor" " Inlanjj Dally Presi Associa rid. atlon. PRESS. MEMBER ASSOCIATED ., Th*. |{.!N-l.sti-r i-arri«*s th" A|ss.«;i:it.>d PreMi f.|i<>it t>y f.|ii.i-l:il I<-a.s>-<I wlr<-. Asf;'n-i:itfVl l*rr*ss is excliisivMly eii- tlUrd tu tilt? u.sf for )r<-|iulili(ration of all iit-ws dif;|iati;lit»s-cn-ditfd to It or nut otlii-rwlsi? fi?>dltHd in tlilH paiwr. and also the loc.'il news puhllstud b<Ttf- tii. All rlKl'ts or republh.-iition of special dI«(.atoli>-s lierein are also re.serve<l. Bible Thoufjht for Today. H P Kliiill dwqll on hi»;li: liis place of delV'ii<;<! Khali be the inunitiutis of rockb-.- IS THK I'KI.MAKY LAU I'KUKKCT: Wicliita Ij'acon: The recent.ef- forlK to imjirove Die primary,election law ill Kaiisa.'l liii-s called forth a certain form j of propaganda •whifli holds that tlie pre-sent j law must be continued on the statute books' just as it, is, and that any effort It) modify il is "reairlioiiary." NotliinK could ije more fatuous than such iiropaganda. In its essence, such proiuiKau'la I , - ... V (leniocrany do itifeir is the very enibodinient <if| Klaiidiiatisiii. Ttii; primary election Jaw was enacted uveiity year.s a^o. U was admitte'lly ancxiieriiiiefit, and it.s Hpon»ors admiitiMi ihat ii woulil probalily rei |ulre iiiiprovem.'iiis from lime to tlhie. | No law l« like iMlnervii sprlMK- liij; forili fully i;i"own fnuii • llif,- hli/W of .love. TlilnKH lllte tllUl <lo iiol happ '-ii III Ihesi' m.-iller-of-fiicl days. j .A law niay Ttie in IH I e ^cl •11eIlt in llH princlpje, bul 'in detail il IMIIH I UHuJilly ,1)1'; iiiodifieil and iiJiproved from Iiine;to time in order to rec- jtify errors that did-not at first appear, and accdinniodate it to newer conditions;' . ' ^ 1| lias li.jen found that the ballot under the present prImaiTr law Is KetliuK entirely loo Ions and cum- !Jiersome. so that it' is impossible Tfor the average voter to' know j more tlia .n a half or perhaps a 'fourth of the candidates. The result is a lot of uninformed and un- lintelliKeiit volinB. j Kfforts should be made and have Ibeen made Id shorten the ballot, !in liie inlerest.'of better govern- menl. At every effort there has been a IhouEhtlesH and concerted |whoop—"I-ook p|it! They'are try- PARTY ltE»PO>MlBlLITY. ReqitlnK the Fall and DauKhen scandals in the llKht of recenk court j decisions, the Kmporia Gnl- ztitie says: I "No^'. If tlilH buHlnesH of par( roHiwiiBlblliiy exists,, the siundpai t(-rH niiisl see that ' nccordlnR their theory, ihe whohf parly was to .Illume fo pthe thIevlUK of the llardi|nK eniouraKe. And* thus, ut- cordlnK lo IheIr noUon .df ttilnKH, ('oolliJKe, a nominee of this purty, should have been Houndly Iroiincel for the sins of the Harding cablnijl when he ran In 1!<2I. If lliiTe 1« KUi!li n llinKas parly responsibility, how do Ihey i -xplaln his siili- siantlal majority?" s j If the (iuzelte is lookini: over in Ihe direction ul lola - and it usually Is when it says anything mean about Hlan'dpatlers—it needn't lose any sleep oyer ihe answer, ("ool- idge was, elected bec -ause the voters hud confidence in him and in the Republican parly. The voters have sense enou^Ji to kn6w - that guilt is always jiersopal, tliat a po- itieal party is lio mdre to;be condemned because one of it.s iofficials goes wrong than the church is to he condemned becaiLse one of its ministers goes wrong. The 'doctrine of liarly responsibility does not rest ujion imiividual instances but upon general programs and practices. Let the people once get the idea that the Kif- publican party deliberately hunts for rascals in order that it may put them in office, and see how quickly the doctrine of i>arty responsibility would he applied! Let the people once gel Ihe idea that the Republican party stands for debasing our currency or letting down Ihe bars to Asiatic ininiigrai tioli and see how tiuickly the doctrine of jiarty responsibility would Ihe applied! | The people of this Kepublicaii • a lot of indeiiendf THE DIIJET IS NOTIAS HARMONIC AS ANTICIPATED. • • • • •••••••:•••> KA.NSAS WKKKI-Y t Kill' KKI'OK'r. • •> • • <• •^ • • Spring in Ihe time of year when Topekn; singl,- people wIHh they Were mar-, Week wa.-< ried and fijarried ones wi«h Were singlet they Kan., .Mar. lij. Very favi.nil.ll Secre capai to forget. I of t 'oiiulariiy is ii deity for Hkin ivheal. Hain cr • si belief ici.'ii iiiianliir*'-. ill the .*iati' toward t!:e i week;. Con-.'iili-ralile. Hdi l.aNl (nr Kill!-, low t II in ill p .irls of id .,1 I',.Ill"\'< IIM-llt . ifroiii 'hlKh winds oiciiir .il ili.- !h •! remembering 1 ^.jr, ;,„• ,h.. week in w- -u -in ;.i „l jl'tdliral coiaities hill llllti 'h el lie' " ' * IdamuKe iicciirrlim In wli .'ai v... ^ m The sil.-nl walehrs t>f night i;, leiuporary ;i.itiire and e;i l l\ laie as liki'iy to l>e Klgins as Inger-! moisture that fidl mi ih llili rmd Isols. fif lliey aiii not wound. •'^i'l'"'- Hoioinoii and • «••<• jKepiiblican Valb-y (cuinliis luiw Heard injaii lola barber sliop: •''•I'"!'' f""^' ^I""":- mois-iu- ell, shiil yoiM- nioiitli so 1 can ilaeH to start sliavin'." FOR INSURANCE City and Farm IMiont? 1:51 or .S20 Ray Invi'.stmfnt Co. Mrs I 'hilip S. Hay soiue pla VWIW BIRKAU NOTKS • • ;ci)niji,tions tlie.v have had lor ~"V' er.-il-jyears. Th.- noitliw ~( le.-.v :ia.-! Sufficient siiilaee nmisKir' ii> •make' .spring plantiiig atiiartive. \ Oat and barky s>..>i|ju._. \u..:\..- good i pnigri-ss :lie .lirs: halt rV last iv.-,k. lint wa .s stojipeil Irv^ li •• iain.s on Friday.- In sii:iii' .-litiih em i :-onntii -s lietter ilian hall s'o- I'il-k-riis O UT Hie (iiiiuty. loats has leeii pl.-iuted. In mutli- iern counties drilling . is li.ircly Walter i^troiig, .Moraii. was over'started bm nnicli sialk (iitliii^- aiol one day >veek and seeiired in-jseed bed pnpaiat Ion has le -i n a.c- oeulation lor twelve bushels of' <-,-,iupIis!ied.' Sunn blank li-iiiif (;weet ('.over s-ed. He is one of|;,iid plowing for ei >rii has li .i n All'-ii ijiunty'.i leading sweet <lover ; ^one in preparaiimi for ; ..i -o :im' grower*, aiid ulway^ lias (|uiie an!>;;-ain sorghums. Potato •aireage. All of his seed is iiioi u-; ^iarted lastWeek in the Mated and he makes sun' that his i,.y but was sif.i.p.d hy isoil has ideiity of lime before seed-! 'pastures are' r.'i.orte.l iiig. ling up from the inlhunc PHONE KtHJ VOIR <'<>NVKMK>("E >VK IHI rVKR KRKE win am! plant Kaw Val- rajii. as i.'!'.,-,-ii• of rain Frank Harris, also of Moran. also ; ;ind warm ilay's. Kasniii .Kansas l )elii'>.es strongly in swii-et clover, i jong grass! pasluri-s were 11 n ivia--' and wijl at least twenty iiheir annual l>uniing la' w-• k. bushels of seed on liirr Various ; Some Texas'calil" beL'::i) io arjiv. r.-irms tills siiring. lle'alyii usesl;-,.,- Flint lliis irrazing aa.! w:l! Ii. iiii'iiilalion and has oiilCred a ear ,-(iii!.'h fed tilt j:rass is t;o(id. 'lie' of linie lo prepare one field' for; ;.)falf;i field- ar.- sho.viii;; a .s'••ding. '• ianii normal early LMOW II I with (leo. Tippiiiof fleueva has made yii^Jit compUiinl of winter killiiiL' siicce.-s of spring seeding of al -ijn noilheas'^rn counties. a!ta. In lIC". lie seeded ten acres, j In a few and lii .s first cutting the following jtomolaints PHONE -65- ent voting, but most of it is for tliij very, purpose of enforcing parl> reHponsiliility. Oiily a couple o years ago or/fuchj a matter ir>i),i»ii( Kansas men and women voteil foif an indeiiendeMl candidule for flov ernor, not beeaiise Ihey particular ly loveil him. (iilthinigh plr-nly o them did love lilni), but becaiisij tlp-y wanted i|o teach a lesson o party respontdbijily. In' ti i|ii«rli where It wiiH; much needed • - am where, we niay add, II was very effeclive. ' f And that, as .1. 1). P. says, is all.! I\ THK 1 »AY'.S .NKWS. "Just for fun," , Miss i Violetle Cordery has started from : Kngland on a ]'t,tiuu-mile auloniobite trip in the course of which she e.vpects lo ciircle the globe. Miss Cordery is deseribi-d as a vivacious girl who has already perloiined wonders as a nichu^ I iiitorist' thai have won for her the title of.pniniier woman aiitoiliobflist of Kiirope. On her present adventurous journey across' five continents she is being iiccom- ' panieil by a girl friend, an expert mechanic, and an official "observer" fri ^ni the Royal Automobile TheMan With theHpeSays& Idealities losses of leu as- inil early laijiilis lowing and !» en good. are ( iddeniic. I.'oi a! ajji of blackleg hiis st!i!iiilal'-d ReportiDg one of Hie incidents of the'late Pan-I'aciflc Conference of college students held at Lawrence, the' Journal-M'orld sajs: "Oiie of the highlights of the convention, occurred Sunday. Warreii Davis, a delegate from Wa.shhurij foljege. became agitated' by the ing to kill the primary! This yell has been made with- !6iit making analysis of the effort to inuirove. It is standpatisra of :lhe most flagrant sort. — the as- >;umption that a law enacted twen- t.v years, ago-is perfect and must sttiiid in that forrn forever. . In order to get good and pro- •|gressive, government 'Which is I abreast of the times and not reac- itionary, Kansas people must rec- jopnize the need of occasional change, even in the best of laws, even when the principle of certain laws is eminently correct . and Hoiiml, We would be uncompromisingly:r,;:-^,;;^,;-^^^;;: " ' ^ in the ppmary efforts of Philippine. Japanese and Chinese students lo tear down I'nited Stales jnimigration poHciesi He arose io a point o,f order and ask lo be; informed 'since when have .Japan; China, and the Philippines been dictating the immigration policy of the United States'/' He 'suggested ^hat if foreign students arc dissatisfied with the way Ihe AmfTican governnYent operates, Ihey might leave America:" This episode and some others that o currcd during the conference n ay •well raise the question whetiie • 'such meetings are of any real v; lue, whether indeed they may net,do harm rather than good. If the discussions are carried on I by met who are candid enough to express their real sentiments it is nearly certain that offensp will be| given aind taken, for there are cer-^ tain questions, and those the mosti vital, oiji which the Asiatic and the! points . of ; view ^ are club, %jlio will reiMird thv perform- iinie in detail and niak« a report. I'iThey hope lo encircle: the earlh In five iiiOnlhs, and will probab^y'Nlra- verse seventeen countlries. (.'rjass- Ing Kuroiie- from north to'sijulh, the 8Ubse(|uent route ; will' be by way of India and Ceylon, AuiStra-j lia, Hawaii, North America, a<iros8 the North African nc .scrt',' and thence across Central Europe. SOUTH MAPLE GROVE Mar. 1.-..—Mr. and Mrs. Clark Wilbur spent Sunday Mitli Mr. and Mrs. Frank fiibson. .Mrs. Earle Thompson and llenore spring made over two tons j)cr a« le. Ill lyi'G he seeded anofher leii aires. :ind il now appears that lie will have a good' crop on this this siiriiig. He is platf- si -eil another field this ^ ;;j.ji -l .(.i ..siji. lull the same si/e". ; Ni edle.s's . i -eport>il.i i' 111 say. .Mr. Tipi>iii u'se.s'the most The friill ouiloi,!. japproved melhods in his .'•'•eding., Some wiiiiir killin:-; .Ciioil adapted seed, plenty ot lime.,, ,.i t.-iin |,nl sii ..r ' iiioiiilatioii. adeqiiaie tertillziiig.' > i,„wiiig Viomi... tiriii, W' 11 Jireliared sied lied ;..,ii,| -i i'airly lull , Si-i-Ill not to !:;! . th 'Ti ar spring Ili; a ral.- lai laiiiliiui; wa)li!r a;.\o jiV''.-tl>l k ili .1 ;' : ' '""•a.'..i:! use !• \\\n:\ Ydfil l.ICHTS CO 01 T <)i; Mil it IM .rMHINO r:iii:s UAi) V r Electric and ^^•^•PiuinbiiigCo. Tin. KAiHo .vrWuK mat' ria the comer, American against any chang eleition law which would reston the <ild eonveiitkin syste^pi as lo the important offices of the state, • ucli as governor or senators or jeongressmen. And we believe that the primary principle! should he |mainlained intact for coiinty officers, a.s the candidates for county (iiid other local offices are usually Wel kiiowu lo the voter. TRut it is iioor service to the primary law to insist thai it be niaintained pri- [•\iip ]y as it is; with its long string bf: state officers to be sel.ected by priinar.v. This (inestion must bii faced in :an unprejudiced and open-minded {wa.v. It lis a mistake to set up an ,iuntliinking howl against any and lall changes. Tiie best friends of jthe primary electiiin principle are [those who realize that it is getting Ito be about time that it be ini- iproved. wfiolly irreconcilable. Oti the other hand if speaker.s are mijrely conir- plinientary and, not c^ndjd no good end can be attained. Ij" a group whom; exist ir-, reconcilable differen<'es'are lo remain friends they would do- well t ojimit their intercourse to social^ functions and to jiolite small talk. ' At Boulder, .Coforad'o, a university student was' calling at one :of the sorority houses when it was I quarantined by a health officer for scarlet fever. The house was full •of-girls and off hand it would seem as if the lone man would have been, as it were in clover.. Biit was he'/ 'jfe W33 not! "They were all n'ice j^irls,'' he reported afterwards, "all Jrirteen of them. But I ask you was it fair for them to make mo wash iiU Ihe dishes every night, Includ- iiK the fudije pans which tho way I hey lilackeiieii them wi^rt a criuio," \t was a dog's life, he ittnid. The Kansas Senate spent half an hour the other day in an Indignation meeting! protesting against thejhigh cost of upkeep of Ihe two legislative chai|ibers, at the end of which they a<-tually adopted aTres- olution censuring Secretary of State Ryan for not doing a better job with less money. One item that specially aroused Senatorial w.r.nth was o' S-IOO for disinfecting the two chambers. Of course considering the sort of statesmanship that has been; spilled around the rofims a good 'deal of disinfecting doubtless" was ueeessary; but $:!00 doe-sseem a leetle high. dtii-oration of tlie home in general aiie indebted to two striking per- srinalities whose influence on mpd eriii gardening iia-: been more widc- vfsited Sunday with Mrs. Tipple, j'^lfead and benign than any figures • Lavera Croi-sant and .Marian 1'"; horticnit;rt-al history. These Parker have the measles. Miss Cenevfeve Wilbur called on .Mrs. Albert Lassman .Monday jaft- ernoon. -Mrs. Saviiigi and Mrs. Albert Fronk and children spent Monday afternoon at the Will .Martin homo. art^ Mi^ss (e rtiiid • Jekyll. the grand ! practical teachings ^lavo olil laily o: garileiiing. now in her 1 :''"''*»d and exaggerated lo aj eighly-iourtii .\e;rr. and William; "'••'^•''''•K degree hy some ot' Robinson, tlie grand old man of j devotees who overlooked tlie ll" till- seeret.-i cU' lljs slleil ss. .Mr. fl 'ippiii thinks that olteu too loose and mellow a seedbed :s famished tli.- yoiin:; alfalfa plants, and as a result thi 'V ianiiol .-^I'liire food and iii :>isiiire lrom':b 'diiw. Tin- s .edbeil should he firip-eiioiigli to drive over it! liiifli Willi a car. aeioi'ditig In iii.isl iiiitliorltii s. Sev II cars of agrieiillMral lime- sloiti- have lii-'-n piirehaseil by Alli 'ili louiilv fariiierk in the last two w».eks . The piircl|aseis are: Frank Smith, fleiieva. i)n\- i:ar; Henderson and Hiidley. Coltjny. two car.S;; SiKidwick and Mejulerson. Carlylc-. one ear: Klein-aiid Anderson, .Mo­ raii, tv .o cars: Fijank Harris. Mo- r.iii.'one car. T^iis lime will be ii.sed in preparing soil for alfalfa ;aiid s -.veet llover seeding. I Te-fhi:; Ifeporl of Interest. A Very iiiterestling and pointed I r<-porl of the iiasit three months •..; work w.'.s siven hy W. K. Scliauli-s' wereJAlli'ii eoiiiiiy lowj tester, at the Ks. ' dairy meeting'last [week. He show- They have disiippeared and a ed that many herds in the assoeia-i [tempered regard Ifor foilagc- ^ilants j t ion were iirodutjng biitfcrfat at - - - has I a feed cost of fiioni twenty to e in-' lw>-n.fy-five cents | per jioniid. and why Ihi.s differen<-e llio garden although her nsefiiil and .iwa.- possihl'-. Rrielly the reasons been-.j for-eeonomii al proi.itition a-s used dis-; hy the best payiiig herds were: :i!l and luids :ir,. o'c'iiiaiit lo w il h' I i.'d'- :;priiii; i. ui;,.- along with otheriuseful plantis succeeded. Miss j Jekyll is Hi spiration of the \ color scheiiie in | pointed out wa.- possi gardeninir, now in Robinson's book. Flower Carden," is his nineties. The Fnglisli the great das­ her fai t of .Aliss Jekyll's'profound kiiowl- iind , •Mr. and Mrs. Johii Thompson j T «='.'"•'':""!''' 'i'<'''"""-/were Sundav evening callers at ^''^n.'" '""'.'"•""!'''-' 'f., F. (} McMfllin'.s. ! Jekyll's "Colour m the Flow . .Mr. and Mrs. Swearingen were |ola visitors Saturday afternoon. ; Sunday afternoon callers at Will Martin's'were .Mr. and Mrs. Emerson Page, Mr. and Mrs. Kd Hoyer and Marvin, Genevieve Feeney and Ronnie Setter. /" Mr. and Mr.s. Henry Saving spent Sunday afternoon 'at the Lassman home. Due Corbin spent Sunday at Frank Thorapson'.s. Carden. Roth hdve fought false jirHs of gardening, the pursuit of meaningless fads, and have taught that tlie best success in gardening and sympathetic unders ing of plants wlii»h came h the color planning. From these two authors we ower ; taken the sound principles of Ideiiing of lite pr<'-sent time in stand- ! measure. One of the chief of iind ifore 1st. adei|uate balanced rations: :;iid. the use of silage;: :{rd. well bred, healthy cows, and itii. regular, careful attention. A study of this repon. as given, elsewhere in Ibis jiaper. will rt pay any dairyman. have gar|;real hesel -March 1.'I.-Mrs. Dora,Ogle COUNTY LINE is the open lawn with surround-i'I'd Tiiesda.v afternoon Iwitli ing flower bordei^s, a note of nity in' gardening and an is duo first to the of hardy i design and practical planfinic plants, adapted to thi-ir .soil and; stead of haphazard work. Mr. [l situation, and to their harmonious ' liison tells us of the hardy hjirder j arrangement in regard to color.'—' '- -'Robinson came into prominence as a horticultural author and editor when carpet bedding was at its height and hardy flowering plants Mr and .Mrs. Roy Cuniiingliam had been relegated lo obscurity lit and -Mr. and .Mrs. Fred Cunning- hanjMJane and Junior spent Sunday at G. D. Cunningham's. favor of ifoilage plants, and larpei plants whi<h might lie tortured VIS- ; AIrs.;i (Jig. j Helen Heiirlrick: id^i of I -Mrs. Hyfieid and Reiilah visited in-; at liarlie Wells's friiiirsday atler- Itob-i noon. M .Mrs. OHie Vetelii and ."^ons vis- and .Miss Jekyll fells how (jolOrs j i'ed . in Colony Wt -dnesday after- m\^v be.arranged in it. LawnH are I noon. not now- cut up by meauiiigless' Ciiarlie Fiillz, .Cerald Rarnelt, h"ds as they were a few dej-ades Krnie and Jasper l|oweII were i all- ago. The lawn as a part of the garden jiiclure i.s now giveii as careful attention in the scheilie of idanting its the flower and and Our idea of the resolution to which the prize ^'or utter futility! should be awarded, is that adoptedi at the late foreign student confifr-' enc'e at Lawrence in which the complete independence ot India and the severance .of that country from the British col inial system is demanded. The Supreme Court his handed painful a Kaiisas Aggie athlete surprise. It has held thn^ he must repay the money he "borrowed" from the .Manhattan Chainlivr of <.'omiiieice lo keep hUn in wihool during the foollmll HenMori. ers at Frank Ogle's .Sunday afternoon. ! Will Washburn-iold a row calf to Mr. hoyd Walters. ; , Will liyfield. -and fanlily visili->d ! 'Sunday al tlif Joi' C.illilaiid hoaie I near Lone Kim. j i i -Milton Ilyfield spent Saturday j : iiiglit with hlime folks. ! • Lee Fiiltz 'and wife. ' Fiiltz and Car) Rariieti ail i reiice.. were visitors .it thri : home Suiiday.i I Fred .McCuip- and f.iniily were;! 'all day visitors at J<-ffie Vcteio's a : week iigo Sunday. I Thei veti-rinarian : was called out j to Frank OgIf''s Sunday morning, I to se.' a sick row. • I : ; Kva Heilien ,'spent, .Saturday night • and .Siiiida.v w 'lith .Ma.viiie Veteio. ! ilerle Setteriuyer was .T caller ' •• ;it: Frank Ogle'-' Siinday <.-V -ening. j Lasl Tinu-.s—Ktimance^ Wil.h Thrills :iml^','h(er LON CHANEY-WILLIAM HAINKS -HI- "Teli It to the Marines" ri.ifhlin};, I.»»ve .Ma.kino in This fi 'rj.-if JJj)if of . "The iKvil !);.os" lit-n ••Mexaiultr in "Sctilt.v of'thj" Scotifs"—.At'sttit's I'a- Ifh's —'Jopics tif (ho J)ay . Don't .Mi.s.s 1(—Cliiidron \(h-: Aifnlls I(lc " • Tlitlfxilaj and I ridav -2. 7 .Misd !l )i. iii. I.ote on Ihe l 'ii !iliiicnr A lieaui ii'nl Kjiri \lirii :t<l Irene Rieh in "Sili;cn Shackles" VI I' Im;:).::!!.! i": .•!!. ;ii; I «ife i ':'i)ni her See how a eli own| follv. ilild •2 'ti: Added AHraciii.iis Maliiiies li-e .ind Jilc: Mi,h|s IDc SJar(iii ;r .Aiondavi "Thf .^carlc! Letk-r." now piayinj; the .Newman Thf .iire. Cify. Charlie of Law- Powell "K E L L'E Y iVlalinee 10c tint! 'iOc; Nii,'hls IDc and :!()(• TONHMiT THIl'v.SD.W ; Tie, in golfy is derived -from an . Icelandic worii meaning ij) point. : ou;t. or startling poiiit. i A pimply face will n at cmbairass you much longer if you (et a pjickage of . Dr. Edwards* Olive 1 ablets. The skin ! should begin to cleat after you have' j taken the tablets a fe\ r nightsi I Cleanse the blood, x>wels and liver I with Dr. Edwards' O ive Tablets, the ! successful substitute fcr calomel; there's i no sickness or pain aft«'r taking them. I Dr. Edwards' Olive Tabletsdo that ' which calomel does, a id just! as effec- ! lively, but their actiiiri is jnintle and 1 safe mstead of severe: nd irritating. . I No one who takes )live T^ablets is i ever cursed with a "da k bron(n taste," j a bad breath, a dull, Ii< iless, "no good" j feeling, constipation, torpid liver, bad disp9sition or pimply face.! ! Olive Tablets are a ] mrely vegetable compound mixed with olive oil; know them by their olive co or. j Dr. Edwards spent .'cars among patients afflicted with ivcr'arld bowel complaints and Olive |Tablet<| are the immcnselyetlectivercs ilt. Takenitjhtly for a week.-Set* huv/ much better you (eel and look. lSc,3gc.()0c. , 1' • I i . V • atriuiij dramatic action. Ilnintiful icnmoi. (iildu ihiiiHj Ihi driiici fur iriiirJi .<]i<- is irorld fanions! 'FriDii the :-r,i .-:.ii/ •i .nnl Urixnfirai/ stuijr plan of H" -"^vn /r I 'll nil'. Also Comedy and I.yman llfme \loi\<iv Podtce FUIJlVY—"I.flVi: HM .\M) I.K.AVE TvM" SATIKD.AY—"IHi: .MV.STKKV (lA 11" I* .\d)ipt)'i{ friini (lie fani'mis Saturday I!tcnliig- I'nsl Crlnu-. <if the Armchair I liib." Nlorj. "Th« (OMivi; COI.LKKN MtlOiRi; iind .H( h .Ml I IHI.I. In "OIM IIIRS AMI I'KMlvi;"

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