Herald and Review from Decatur, Illinois on May 10, 1937 · Page 3
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Herald and Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 3

Decatur, Illinois
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Monday, May 10, 1937
Page 3
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Monday, May 10. 1937. TWO KILLED, Kansas Couple Victims of Hcadon Collision Near Long: Creek BABY INJURED Two persons were killed and pere than 8 dozen were injured in a:c:tien!s in and near Decatur Sun day, i p-t two fatalities occurred in a: c'.'.j. n near Long Creek four1 r.;5 as' Decatur on route 36 areut 6 45 rn. Three persons are : x St. Mary's hospital as a result! ft the accident. ' The dead are Mr. and Mrs. Ben- i jarr.ir: Elder, both of Gridley, Kan. y.r. Elder died en route to the hos-- al :n an ambulance and Mrs. Elder d.ed a few minutes later. In-.red m the same accident were y.r. and Mrs. Glen Wheeler. 458 5-..:h Twenty-third place, and their ;8 - rr.er.th - old daughter, Barbara Collided Hcadon Sheriffs Deputies Earl Reiter i.-.d IViilum Hamilton who investi-ji-ed the accident said that the ta car?, one driven by Mr. Elder 11 "re -ner r neeier, appear-j ti 'n rave collided headn about a: hn!f rr.-'.e eat of Long Creek. Bo;h r.arh.nes were wrecked and had! bri furred in the opposite direc-j . - -. 1 - the ay they were travel- persons were killed was said '- have been e ung east and the '.Vhers weie driving west. A Pi-.'S'n A Wikoff ambulance -: ic'.ms to St. Mary's hos- r 'a.. ".ccirr. who is 11 was se- re.y :r...irn. n.n ins a compound. B. Sill of Decatur, investigator f.-:-.ire f the left Ire. a possible for the statP Honartmont nt rtnra. - - frv- ;re and ser;us cuts about : ! i:-.-..'.dr. The baby at first ap-l ;-iT"i ti ho only bruised but later ce.-fvea mat ne naa a ar.d was suffering Wheeler received shxek. Mrs rr.r-r c..s. Seek Relatives Mr. Elder was ider.tif.rd by p-'..- rh: .ch a card in his pocket-'f-K atd ider.'ifiration of h:S wife ve. They are believed to a"" r 40 vrars of age. The bd-i rnr, to th5 D,inn " V f f :.irxrl hnne. Effnrs were ts- reach relatives of the cou- Parke rburc. W. Va.. last ; ? d. rector! by Mr. Elder's i 'xa'xn card. V. Grissom. county coron- tnar an initivr will he e inured rersons in he o-her car have suf-e'evered to testify. M.mv Minor The ?,'1,p !aw forb'cis 5ale of prod-'Edgar Allen. E. E. Joynt of the; I nets of this nature in any establish- j Millikin National bank has accept- j Crashes Reported !ment other than drug stores. ed the chairmanship of the special j .v . N. g,9 M K,nJ Mr. Sill pointed out that sale of : gift committee, and is now selecting ' 'Sr' ' ' ' " ' ,'lvsol and aspirin by unlicensed j members to serve with him in this j l.y a-.r;;e. was treated in t- ?pllrrs is dangerous, since these j group. I Vir;. 5 hotpit-il for face cuts, and prod,K.ts may be bought by persons! Organization of the business divi-1 r'"y Brubeck. 2345 East Main who take them in too large quan-jjion of tha campaign which will! - r ahont I titles with injury to health, and in solicit 1.000 prospects will be under, f--:;-w:r.e an accident at J5rr a-i North streets about It .".1 a m. S..r.day. Miss B.-ubeck ; r.i.rs in a cr driven by Joe ..' i"-.3 F.i st Drive, and Hack i r -i.rg with W. H. Price. Negro. M Xirtrt Monroe street. The two ,k ,nr ,ni,ic I i: vers escaped wi F-'.xe reported that Acton, driv :'Z r "n North s'reet. failed to r-p - Ja per street on w hich Price . ,ro w j-..-.; n-i-h .M VII m v. le hsve he en drink. r.g. police said. Rear-end Collision j Pt. H..rkile. 1119 South Broad-1 y. w treated m St. Mary's hos-f 'a', f ' r m.in r injuries received in s:i re der.t at Eldorado and Twen-j ty-'h rd s'reet about 10 p, m. Sat-; urdr. Cer.l F.ilk. l.TM East Gr.ind' -e- ,e -eroded that he crash'-d m-r--,r of a car driven by F'.-; i Ads.rs. 602 East Eldorado d that Adkins stopped d that he was unable to n due to oncoming, F i lrer 155 North Broad- was held m the county jail on a rrv-e of -h,le mtoxicat- ' ' a Hen! at Frank-' accident ai rrainv-1 l,r, Wo, d sf;ee's early Sundav n- 9C1 East signed the warrant. ,oi it.it Fortner drove p s. gnal at the inter- ng h,s car and over- Bottle Found in E S Sneaker who FVr h accident, also reported that i r r.m the stop light. Squad '.r .-In-.en C. E. Brown and c-r H-r: Ms;,? found Fortner's car 9i t-me later at South FranKlin. a: -i the Lake Shore drive. A: f .-f l.quor w ns taken from the H'rr-ert P Sm.th pleaded guilty ' i r ,i;e of rerklei-s driving Sun-:' n.ght a; d was fined $13.40 by F"; Mag.strate E. A. Schroeder St highway pol.ee arrested Ed "! Ford. 2515 East Eldorado ,-r'. at routes 51 and 43 on a chffs of reckless driving. He was "'f-'i :r. the city jail last night. Six Negroes Hurt . v i ct .M;ri,rs were uerfurvj i, l . . . c,r , wh" h'Th vre r.d.n! t:- road at "dead man s turn"; PARK TRAILS OPENED v , j v . kl , t . f r:1-. IK Hundreds of Decatur persons turned out Sunday to explore the Stevens creek addition to Fairview park, and many stopped to enjoy such quiet spots of beauty as this- (Herald-Review Thoto). ON "QUACKS" State to Conduct SliTVeV Downstate to Mamp Out i A drive to rid Central Illinois of , quack" doctors will be launched at ! once. was announced yesterday by tion and repistration xhp dwn!!,a.e campaign was riflnnrd at a meeting of inspectors of the department in Springfield Friday, which was presided over.OI!lce- ihe broadcast will be given by Homer J. Bird, department sup-1 erintendent. ; A similar campaign waged rec-ent'.y in Chicago resulted in prosecution of 2.) persons charged with) practising medicine without license.) The survey downstate will be' planned to detect persons licensed : for one branch of treatment who are going bevond their license in the practise of other branches of medicine. Mr. Sill said. Limit Drug Sales 0,,iring the last two weeks, the department of education and regis- tration has conauctea a successtui campaign to abolish sales of pirin. lysol. petroleum jellv. and ciear ir.e nent irom tne cuaoei aii-namn couniy. uniy oona noe resi-similar "products from taverns, rie- 229 West Main street, has already dents of this county are eligible to rartmert s'ores and grocery stores begun work under the direction of receive treatment without charge such cases the selr might be held : liable, if the products are sold U-j legally. Mrs. Phebe J. Nichols . T, . c 1 Dies olInvinjr MroKC ; Mrs. Phebe J. Nichols. 65, of 'pw London. Conn., died Sunday 'morning in St. Marv s hospital lowing a stroke suffrred two weeks; Mary Carroll, and Mrs. rt. v. uar-ago while she was driving through ter. Decatur enroute to the west. She and her husband. Alonzo B. Nichols w ere near Decatur w nen Mrs. Nichols suffered the stroke. She was taken to the nnspitai oui never recovered. They were on their way to Kagles Aest. a. m., where their daughter. Mrs. Ray Maben. had oeen in. inrj , planned to bring her back to Con-; necticut. Mrs. Maben and her nus-bar.d came to Decatur by tram after Mrs. Nichols became ill. The body will be shipped irom the Moran & Sons lunerai nome '"William Harris. Herbert Hendricks, j New London at 11:4(1 a. m. ionaj. aa. j UeCailU .UilU .- I n. uu.i , , f . Dedication L.UK)1 HIOIJ lltUltdUUll Edward Weatherford. l.-24 .N"n;h College street, returned riom.- - ' - urday alter auonum u.r u, ..o.,.-,. a new i-u. tory at .Menon ins. nun-. Pa. Mr. Weatherford formerly held a fMlnwvhin at the institute, and was , cuest at the dedication. Earlier in 'he week Mr Wea-herford attended tilt. . .... the 41st annual convention of the Amfnf.m Foundrymen's association m Milwaukee. ;lt the west Ue of II l.o poli Ih e. brought to Decatur by u-nj, ho was driving a bus here from Quincy which was to be ged to take the Decatur tommo-i rtres in im , Peoria for a game. The accident occurred about 5 a. m. Those injured were: Lillian Mos-inn North Railroad avenue: Mrs Helen Rogers. Ill south; Jackson street: Sylvester Mason. Tavlorville- James Harland. 927 1 East Oak street Springfield: Ivory Hughes. 1030 West Olive street. and,eariy aunuay mr a cui on me up 'Mrs Ernest Leacvn. -'"""i Leacvh. 1020 North j . . , R.,1road avenue. None of the pas- sender, was ser.u sly all were released after treatment, ! i u:-. fv, . 1 SCOUTS TO GIVE . FIRST OF SERIES OF AIR PROGRAMS Boy Scouts of the Decatur area council will give the first of a series of seven broadcasts over a Decatur siauon irom y:is to 9:nu p m. !Thursday. will consist of rt talks by leaders of the scout organization and by music and variety numbers. Don Hathorne. 'cub commissioner, and Albert E Hunter, Eagle scout and Millikin .university student, are in charge of i the broadcast. n scouts interested in providing talent are asked to notify the scout r)ver s'aion WJBL. GIFTS ASKED FOR CITADEL Seek Advance Donations to Clear Salvation Army Indebtedness The advance gift committee of , as-i'he Salvation Army campaign to; the direction of Eldon Geiger. Six teams of men and three teams of women will have charge of this section of the campaign. The special gift committee will meet for the selection of l.-iO pros- pects Friday noon. Captains who have been appointed for the busi- ness division include: L. W. Hurtt. ; I. A. ttallins. j. v. uoneny. .miss i Advisory Board in ( harge The campilif:n to rai;:e $20,000 is dp r sunerVision of the local Sal- vation Army advisory board, com posed of the following officers and;'0 mrmbers Howard A. Edgar Allen, Krigbnum. president; vice-president; W. R McGauchev. treasurer: Ira Abbott. Rilvmond Augur. Miss Maude Bur- rows. H. F. Carmichaol, Jack Cooper. H. Clay Dempsey, Mrs. G. R. Eshelman. Eldon Geiger. Harold Glessner. Mrs. Geo. W. Haan Jr.. George Hoewmg. Lindley W. Hurtt, r;erEe Hoewmg. Lindlev W. Hurtt, iOtto Keil. Mayor Charles E. Lee. Ambrose Moran. Martin E. Mortn- ,;,nd' w- E- Mueller. Frank Myers Dave Neustadt. Mrs. Pen- j. A. Wallins and W. H. iwhihhh, t. Wilev Mayor Heads Speaker Group A speakers committee of which Mayor Charles E. Lee is chairman is . being organized and members of! friends may call after 4 p. m. to- Funeral services will be con-this committee will appear on pro-i day. ducted at 2.30 p. m. Tuesday in ! ""' '"; Internal organizations during the ,-rtrvimo Torlnient "The advisory board feels", stated Mr. Krigbaum. "that the time has now arrived when this indeb- loatmcc chmilrl ho naifl OTT and in-, torf,st pavmont; storped. The trans-. icnt relief, social service, religious, anrl eh.irarlpr nmidioe aciiviiies nf)W bpin2 carried on by the Salva ,ion Armv in thls bulid.ng are of ! inestimaDie value to mis commun-; lty and with the burden oj aeDl lifted, an even better and more complete program of such activit ies can be maintained." CUT IN FIGHT Jack Allen. 530 North Broadway, was treated in St. Mary's hospital following a iigni. fonce were cau- j , ed to make investigation, but Al- 1 to give any inform- t.on. DECATUR Entire City Sightseeing On First Bright Sunday Decatur literaiiy took to automo biles Sunday in endless streams of traffic on city boulevards, public parks and rural highways. Greeted by the first bright holiday in several weeks, the populace was spurred to get out and around vesterday particularly by the opening in many places of the spring and summer sports and outing season. A continuous line of cars drove into the west end extension of Fair-view park, bordering Stevens creek and situated in the creek bottoms, upon official opening of the addition. 'pw Road Soft At the end of the day, the freshly spread roadway into the addition, which was rushed to completion last week so it could be opened Sunday, was rutted in places where it was the softest and where it bore the heaviest burden of traffic. Park Supt. Joe Frazier said that traffic was the heaviest between noon and 5:30 p. m. and estimated ; burned the course, that 5,000 cars entered the area.l Older persons, those less athlet-Grading work and continued traf-jicatly inclined and lovers of natur-fic will smooth and pack the road;al beauty strolled through the Nel-into the extension, he said. son park rock garden by the hun- Many paused and parked in spa-dreds to see the tulips, now in fu!' cious iacinties provided in the new: park and got out to wander over trails built by the national park service, which developed the sec-1 tion. Most of the motorists, how- ever, took a slow turn about the $7,000 WING NEARLY DONE Roof of Addition to Sanatorium to Be Erected Today Construction of a $7,000 addition i to the Macon County Tuberculosis sanatorium was nearing completion last weekend with all steel work creation association. Mr. Brightbill and concrete beams in place and wji speak three times. His sub-she outside walls completed. jccts wji be Recreation Require-leaving plastering and installation , mPnts for Modern Youth" "Rrr.. of plumbing lixtures the only ma jor jobs to be completed. The roof will be erected today. The new addition will house lavatory facilities for the east wing of the sanatorium, to bring it up to date with the newer west wing. Free To Tax Pavers Dr. D. O. N. Lindberg pointed out that the sanatorium addition anri all nth or imnrnvpmpnts nnripr i taken in the institution throughout I tVA rlnnfoccinn in4 rncf)nroccirtn period were obtained without add- ed expense to taxpayers, whose funds are supporting the sanatorium. A source of income other than tax money, he said, comes from patients who are not residents of At present, the sanatorium is car mg for the most patients in its his tory. 67. Dr. Lindberg said that 55 of them are from this county. incilldr.d in recPnt construction operations was the division of rooms on the second floor, above the main office, to create more rooms in the infirmary section to care for the increasing number of patients. - Willis C. Moffett r w n liies oi lnnuenza Willis G. Moffett. 38. bookkeeper for the city street department and son of the late E R. Moffett. former died at 3:30 p. m. couniy treasurer j Sunday in the City Contagion hos-Ipital of influenza. He had been ill 'about three weeks and was taken to Uhe hospital on May 1. He was born in Blue Mound township, July 30, 1898 and came Decatur o4 years ago when his father was elected county treasur- i er. E. R. Moffett was also a deputy in th office for nearly 20 years. He was graduated from Decatur high school in 1917 and attended Browns Business college. He was a i member of Westminster Presbyter- ian church. Besides his mother. Mrs. F Tt Moffett. Decatur, he leaves the fol- lowing brothers and sister: Ira G Moffett. Blue Mound; J. B. Mnf fet, Warrensburg; Mrs. H A. Sta ley. and Edward Raymond and J. Warnick Moffett, both of near Decatur. A brother, W. T. Moffett. is dead. Funeral services will be conduct- ed at 2 p. m. Tuesday in the Daw- son k Wikoff funeral home, where - EagleS Club Auxiliary Tc f ' i n n r -I nn- PUhah ... w.u..tvU w.m. lt4 lpum ,&reenwood cemetery. Friends Reorganization of the Ladies may call at the funeral home -ft-Auxiliary of the Eagles. Decalur PP 4 r. m tnriav A x ...ill i i.j a. the f,m ref,llIar meeting Thursday. officers of tnr reorganized club are: Mrs. Clara . Sebares. past jun ior madam president; Mrs. Edna shephard. madam president Mrs. ' Onida Stump, madam Vice-presi-1 dent: Miss Mary K. Pieck, secre tary; Mrs. Marie Howe, treasurer; Mrs. Mabel Robinson, inside guard; Mrs. Bessie Marquis, outside guard, and Mrs. Margaret Salogga, Mrs. Alfleetia Davis and Mrs Nellie Rex, trustees. WITH THE SICK Robert Foster of 1156 East Lin- coin avenue, who is ill in St. Mary's ; hospital, is improved and is able to; have visitors. HERALD park and took in what they could j of the addition from their windows, waiting to give the place a more thorough inspection at a later date when it isn't so crowded. Tennis Season Opened In another part of Fairview park, j the tennis season on the clay courts ! was opened last weekend. First play was allowed on the courts Sat-i urday afternoon and they were ! closed after a hard morning's play! Sunday. Several days of rain and! only a few of sunshiny have not allowed the courts to harden enough yet and players found them somewhat soft vesterday. William Verner, caretaker at the Nelson Park golf course said that 250 golfers thronged the links Sunday, the largest turnout this year. Golfers reported that the greens are somewhat slow and soft, due to continued rains, but all noted that the entire course was greener than it had been during several previous seasons of drouth which bloom. Picnics, which are getting off to an earlier than usual start, were held in both new and old additions of Fairview park and in Kelson park. BRIGHTBILLTO TALK AT NATIONAL MEET Recreation Officials to Attend Con gress in Atlantic City j Mr. and Mrs. Charles K. Bright-;bill are leaving Thursday for the jEast. Mr. Brigtbill to attend the I National Recreation Congress it. Atlantic City May 17-21 and Mrs. I Brightbill to visit her parents in1 Brooklyn. N. Y. I David Pettigrew. dramatic super- i visor, and Miss Freda Combs, su-; pervisor or playgrounds, will ac- company the head of Decatur's re ation Publicity," and "Making a Permanent System out of an Emergency Program." i Mrs. Brightbill will be with her!, . . . - parents. Rev. and Mrs. Frederick i Pla n Celebration Ol r lOl' K. Stamm. Rev. Mr. Stamm, who! has conducted his own radio hour ! for several years for a national chain, recently was given the Sun-! ! day morning hour formerly con-; ! ducted by the late S. Parks Cad- man- wno dlfd las' summer while; tne Mamms were visiting in Decat-;open house Wednesday anornoon ir nr. Decatur friends heard Rev. Mr. observance of National Hospital Stamm speak for the second time day, which is celebrated annually Sunday on this program. He will; on May 12, birthday of Florence continue the series until October at ! Nightengale. lt,ast- Both five planned informal pro- Mr. and Mrs. Brightbill will be; bf,c' May 2.1 MRS.SHEEHAN DIES IN HOME soldiers during the Crimean war. i- i . t t- Citizens of communities thnuigh- railS tO Recover rrom out the nation have been invited Illness Following Fall i hZ hospi,a!s on r " ;tional Hospital day ever since 1P2! in February when the practise was inaugurat- ' ed. Mrs. Charlotte Sheehan. 75. died j The day has been set aside of-at 3 30 a. m. Sunday in her home ! f,r,ativ fnr .k. relehration on nror- at 1025 North Edward street, fol- low ing a long illness of complica tions. She broke her arm in a fall last February and had never fully recovered. Charlotte Bowman Orr was born in Mattoon. April 15. 1862. the daughter of Ephraim and Marietta Orr. She was first married to John A. McClanahan. in 1878 who died later. There were three children by this marriage, Mrs. Ora Mueller Blair. Mrs. H. G Mayme Mc ueardorn and Miss Clanahan all of Decatur. In 1R88 she was married to Richard Caldwell Sheehan, who was killed in an accident in 1915. She leaves a dauRh,rr- -Mr!;- Sylvester Ivens. De- ",ur- D mis marriage. Two Sisters, Brother Besides the four daughters, there are two sisters. Mrs. W. C. McClanahan and Mrs. Aldena La Brash also one brother. Frank Orr. She leaves three grandchildren. Mrs. Lenore Mueller Staley, Eugene A. Deardorff. and Leonard J. Deardorff, also three great grandchildren A. E. Staley. III. Henry Staley, and Mary Lois Deardorff. all of Decatur. Mrs. Sheehan was a member of L. ir, tn.v,i,c (he Moran & Sons funeral home by Rev. T. B. Lugg. Burial will .......... ATTEND CHl'RC'H MEET Rev. and Mrs. G. W. Bonebrake and Rev. and Mrs. L. A. Whitesell j left by automobile Friday for. Chambersburg, Pa., where they will; auena sessions oi inc general con i ""r71"'" ' "";gram was given for them Sundav ference Oi ine onnea creinren , church, which opens today. They , went by way of Tennessee and Vir-! ginia. Mr. and Mrs. George H. Bopp i left by automobile Saturday to at- i tend the same conference. NESBITT RITES funeral services lor Miss .Mary A. Nesbitt who died Saturday will be conducted at 2 p. m. today in the Dawson & Wikoff funeral chapel. IBurial will be in Garver cemetery. YACHT CLUB f.rU;U.L.t .'1:,' i-Ui--'J il-y n i m if n ft: V r .f4- : V ' ' i r... ' ' ' ' ''r''' ; rr"r"? VB,1JBWWlw,,mi .j,i.u,i.i,i... . . .r.W?yy .;e-t20S?l - -W.- ., .. , r -m . j ...fi ..- - . , L - ---iifcgrr. I , . The Fannie Dunker, small catboat of Duane Watts, was placed on display on the sidewalk in front of the old Herald building Sunday as members of the Commodore Decatur Yacht club exhibited their sailing craft in what was announced as their first annual boat show. "Skipper" Boyd Watts is shown adjoining the rig of his son's knife-keeled craft. (Herald-Revirw F'!vto). IN HOSPITALS ence Nightengale's Anniversary The t',io general nospit.ils of the city, Decatur and Macon County and St. Mary's hospitals, will hold grams which will consist of con ducted tours through all departments of both institutions. Led Crimean Nurses Florence Nightengale. b"rn in Florence, Italy, in 1820, was immortalized through her work in organizing and personally leading nursing of the wounded and sick lamations by President Roosevelt and Governor Horner. At both hospitals, the visiting hours Wednesday will be 1:30 to 4:30 p. m. Guides will be available in both places to direct visitors through departments where they may see demonstrations and explanations of all equipment. These demonstrations are expected to prove more interesting this year than last, since both hospitals have acquired valuable modern equipment. Both have new x-ray machines and have been redecorated during the winter. I Bert Ropers, Father Of Local Woman, Dies Patton s Sassy Susie: W. K. Bil-Bert Rogers. 65. father of Mrsb-V's R,,?,e Tp": r-'Peye owned by R.v : pc lsi Vorth ro.rv,eu Archy Foster and Ed Schultz; and avenue, died suddenly Sunday in Bloomington where he was in theplead sailing kyak owned by Wal- garage business. He was born near Oconee July 6. 1B72. the son of Oscar F. and Mary Jane Rogers. He lived on a farm near Oconee until 1903 when he moved to Bloomington. He was first married to Nora Price in Oco- nee in 1RP2. After her death in three crafts under construction and 1916 he was married to Julia San-j unnamed, because there is supcr-doz in 1932. whom he leaves. !stition among sailors that a craft r? ... . j f - D I ...rtl ... t..-.m.. iiii. Drt..-. iic ikvis other children and a sister. Mrs. Melvina Elliott of Decatur. Funeral services will be conducted Tuesday afternoon in Bloomington and bursal will be in Oconee Mound cemetery. SERVICES IN JAIL Macon county jail inmates asked ; under construction, for favorite songs of their mothers.! An insignia on a prominently dis-ii eluding "My Mother's Bible." '. played sail drew visitors' ques-; "Sweet Bye and Bye" and "Rock of tions. It is for craft of petrel class, i Ages" when a Mother's day pro-j and shows a petrel bird in flight. , . , i , by Riverside W. C. T. U. Rev. Nathaniel Van Cleve and Four-j square Gospel members assisted the union. All present sang the re - i quested songs by the jail men. Mrs. Ben Boyd gave a solo and guest singers included: Pauline Duncan, June Barnes. Mary Louise Vaughncrest lo wave crest in storms, ine and Charline Davis. Mrs. Evelyn j Flynn-was pianist. Short talks werejer" or "Stormy Petrel", borrowing ! given by Everett Flynn and Rev. I from the Bible story of Christ tell- Charles Rhodes. GIVES SHOW Citu's T('vs Put c: Shviv of Sailboats Beachcomb-rs club, whuh in summer is known as the Commodore D'c '-.ir Yacht club had an opx.i h"ii Sunday that w,)s the fir! of its k.nd for Decatur, i. .-a iboat show that drew an attend ivxe oj more than 2-i9 sailcraft admirers. Announcing the free sh'w was Fannie Dunker. a catboat owned by one youngest club members. of the Duane: Watts. It was placed on the sidewalk outside the Herald bu.lding 237 North Main street. Inside were boats ov ned by club members, placed on display solely to stimulate interest in s, iling on Lake Decatur. They were newly painted and polished, and visitors saw a display of new nap-.eplatcs. Freshly silvered chains, anchors, and barrel buoys were u.-ed as decorative barners. Along one wall was a series of plans f'-r bouts made for Lake Decatur in tne last four years, and a pir'orial story of sailing. Tlan Weekly Races Weekly races will be held this summer, and by means f a newly inaugurated hand. cap sv.-tem deferences in si?e and s-i'l area will be equaliren. Th'S v ill be dorr by time allowance. A record will be kept of points Mioird and trophies w11 bp girded a(tr.r the final re gatta on Labor clay. The local fleet, w hich in 1:34 consisted of a single boat, has grown to 20 and it is forecast that 30 or Haroin and Miss Fearl Hardin, more will be on the lake ny July bo'h of Decatur. Mrs. Georgr Sad-4. Sizes vary from nine-font boats ler of Macon and Mrs. Alex Walk-with 60 square feet of sail to 20-foot er of Lawton. Okla. There are 10 boats w ith 130 square feet of cloth, grandchildren. Shown Sunday were Duane The body was brought to the Mo-Watts' 12-foot catboat tha! carries ran A: Sons funeral home. Arrange-70 feet of sail: Boyd Watts' Petrel ments are incomplete. and a new sister racing sloop not named: Robert Morris' Cadet: The Chip, a catboat owned by Gail Ol-sen and Fred Schudel: James S. ; the most colorful of the show, a icr ueisier. ii is origni ren. a sien- ,n j)0catur rier craft w.th bright red outrig-j" Do, , , ,he state convention gers. Mr. Watts sloop has the ; in ppona npxt Frdav and SH,urday largest canvass, loO square feet nv u- F . Fc, F n Rnson. two sails. Three I nder Construction On the second floor visitors found named before completion never i,.., l u rrim rlr.1orl Malrnlm Trir ; showed his sailing dinghy, a wide! craft that reminded some vs. tors' of the old nursery r- rub-a-dub dub, three men in a tub; Bob Haupt showed a 2 io and Jean Riley had another sharpy i within a circle, all in silhouet. Thei ; design is one made particularly for Decatur Yacht club used by Boyd Watts who explained its origin jSunday. Years ago when sailors went around the south end of i Africa past the Cape of Good Hope they saw birds jump from wave ; sailors named the birds "Little Pet- ling St. Peter to walk on the i- PAGE THREE 500 DEALERS EXPECTED AT GRAIN MEET Program Completed for 41th Annual State Convention OPENS TODAY Five hundred delegates from all parts of the state are expected to attend the 44h annual convention of the Illinois Grain Dealers association, which oK-ns at 10 a. m. today in Hotel Orlando. Horace Kapp. gram managT of 'he A. E. Staley Co. and chairman f f the convention program committee, said last night. Although the convn.t -m v. ill last until Tuesday noon, most of the headline features of the meeting are scheduled in today's sjsjons. Reports in Morning Reports will comprise the miii items of business on the program this morning; addresses from gim experts will be g,vcn this afternoon and the convention banquet, followed by entertainment, will be given tonight. The first two sessions will be held in Hotel Orlando and the night session will be staged in the Masonic t'-mple. Mayor Charles E. lce'wili welcome the grain dealers to Dc- cater afer the invocation by Rev. A. E. Cooper of the First Baptist church opens the tonvention pro-1 gram. The rest of the program follows. Morning ! President's address Charles J. Potter. LaRose i Secretary's report W. E Cul-bertson. Delavan. ! Treasurers report Fred E. ' Verry. Armingto.n. I Report of executive committee : A. C. Koch. Breese. Appointment of committees. Afternoon "The Itinerant Trucker" W. S. Scott. execut.ve vice-president ciated Southwest Country Ele- rs. ransas L-ity. "H. B. 237 "-Hon. Eventt R. reters. St. Joseph. Address- R. B. Bow den. secretary. The Grain and Feed Dralers National association. St. Lou.s. "The- Gra.-shopper and Insect M' n.xe" W. P. Flint, chief en'om- M oi g:st. r.l.nois Natural H.s'ory Purvey and Illinois Agricultural Exper. mental station, Urbana. yhe banquet will be served at P. 30 p. m. and w.ll be followed by a show in the temple. Mam items of business on Tuesday's session will be a round table d.scussion. an address, report.-and elections of offx"rs and directors. illiam Hardin Dies In Home of Daughter Will. am Hardin. 76, a retired farmer, died at 6:30 p. m. Sunday in the home of his daughter, Mrs. John Musser. 129 Sunset avenue. Death was due to complications. He was b' rn in Kentucky July :o. ism. H.s wife died 14 years ago. He had been a resident of Decatur for the lrs! 37 ypsrs and w-as a member of the Fivers'de Baptist church He Leaves t'AO daughters, Mrs. John Musser and Mrs. Roy Hob-son, both of Decatur, and two sons, John D. Hardin of Logansport. Ind., and George Hardin of Chicago. There are four sisters. Miss Jennie T. P. A. Names Delegates To State, National Meet Delegates to the stnte convention next weekend and to the national convention next month were elected last night when members of the ,TravPiPrs protective association met H. D. Segar. George W. Allen, Roy Mecum. Monte Goade, T. F. Dwyer. Alternates for the state convention are: A. J. Glynn. J. A. Zimmer, B Lyman. F. Wagner. John Logan. J. B. McConnell, John Tuite. Delegate to the national conven tion in Savannah. Ga., June 14 and 15 will be T. F. Dwyer. Alternate will be George W. Allen. I.EAVF.S FOR TEXAS Mrs. Catherine .O'Connell. of 434 South Monroe street, has left for Houston, Tex., where her grandson, Billy O'Connell, nine, suffered fractures of both arms at a school picnic. ter. The petrel class craft skims the water, and is so named. Visitors arrived as early as 9 a. m., and came as late as 10 p. m. Beachcombers found so much interest in their display that they decided last night to have public opening from 7 to 10 p. m. each night this week. The club members will have mass launching at the lake next Sunday, weather permitting.

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