The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on May 21, 1892 · Page 2
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 2

Postville, Iowa
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Saturday, May 21, 1892
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Us The Postvillc Weekly Review. FOW Vlfcti*, 8 AT'D AT, MAY 81. W. J*. BTJRDIOK, Editor. *»<«r«l at tht pOBtoffice at Poslville as »«ccnd-eiu™ matter. T HE bo*orah Republican favors Hon. T. UpilagrklT for ronrrro**. While we Mo not olijeot to VIfa. Dailey naming Ills fchclco, and enter no protest against tha ability of Mr. Upde;rraff, still wo nvo forced to believe that hit nomination would not bp judicious or Insiiro llis enthusiasm requisite t« success. While ho i» a good ami able man lie, like Cleveland mid our particular friend, Sweney, is politically a "buck titiin- hor." The odor of defeat still attaches to him, nnd it almost always proves disastrous. Muoli as we ndmlro Cul. Sweney, and much an we would liko to sea htm occupy the joat that he n»s Ivy all rifiht and justice entitled to hold auother torm. "till wo should liy no means favor his noniibsitioii now. even though ho desired it, which ho doos not. Though ho was not ra»ponsibla fov tha tidal wavo of "tarilV refoitn" which swept over tho count ry two years »{jo. retiring many of ihx t>o»t men in con- presa, still he wont down with the wreck and to attempt to rasiirrcol him now would ba bad politic* Air. LpdegratT went down whin there was Hi) such tidal wave, and whenthoro were no sorehead politicians, of the H. V. Wright clas». beaten by tha smallest pattern of a man who ever had the hardihood to ask fov any office in tho state of Iowa. He would command very faw democratic votes in Clayton or nnv other county, for the simple reason he has been a democrat once and turned his coat twice, and that is the ono tiling' a democrat never forgives in any man, a.i was evidenced in tho case of Judge Fellows. If anybody can draw democratic votes in Clayton or any other county it is such an anti-proiiihi- tion Gorman at Mr. /Ceigler. Some such a niaa in this presidential year could sweep tho district. At all events there 19 no safely in naming 11 defeated candidate. Kither I.arralice, ZeiVler or Fuller would bo safer, and safety is tde first consideration tin's year. Tire Cedar ltapide (Jastette has got to j commending tha Dubuiiao Times tor Us "tndependent" petitions. If any republican paper can stand tho political commendation of the Uazotta it nniat hare an many lives as a cat. A DE.VOCHATIC paprr In Memphis pricks II10 Boioa bubble by saying: '•Governor Holes, it seems, takes his candidacy for the presidential nomination seriously. Holes is a good fallow but 11 tuna who lives for sixty yesis na a whig and a republican, and than oilers the butt-end of hit, life to tho democracy cannot be president of those United States." IU .»U'U J JL..J MRS. VICTOKIA Ct.AFMN-WoClDItl'U.- M AIIT IS *, who was oderously conspicuous in this country as n free I OTO advocate a quarter of a century ago, has returned fiom Knglnml, where she has resided a number of years and re-mnr- riud, in timo to run for the presidency. So far as is known none of the parlies are losing any sleep from foar of her election. Kvon Helva Lock wood is trampiil. "TIIK price of twine has hern advanced two cents per pound by the National Cordage Company, the twine trust, and there is lest than one-half enough mine to supply the farmers now in the hands of dealers. Of course the price, will he still farther ndratueri at the oxpeiiM' of the farmers, and yet Hie republican congressman voted against putting twine on the free list."- V'.lgin l>lu<. As the tariff on binding twine is only seven tent lis of a ecnt a pound how does it enable tho trust to raise the price two tents with the probability of a further rise? It is trust, not tarift, that doss is, and these trust* exisi in free trade Knglaad the samo as here. '•Down with all trusts." Tint Manchester Press has always boan ono of the rankest and most ultra prohibition papers in the stato, and has boon inclined t« think that a ropu'oliean hid no right to be anything but a prohibitionist. Hut it seems that the work of tho third party prohibitionists has about tired out Bro. Kaan, as it ought to tiro out any republican. The foolishness in New York eight years ago boat the great Blaine for president and now it has turned the stale legislature over to Tammany. This iB what tho latt Uveas lias to say about it: '•Tha honesty of the third parly prohibitionists may be judged by what they are doing in Malno, nnd what they have alroady done in New York. Nowhere are there more stringent laws against liquor selling than tn Maine. It wonld soon), to a man of ordinary common sento, that tho business of a prohibitionist should bo to help enforce the law as it standi, nnd to uphold the hands of tho party which passed and maintains the law. Unl liiey aro not doing this. On tho contrary, they are organizing a third' party movement, and it!« qutt.o probable thai thoy may succeed in enabling tho democrats to repeal tho prohibitory laws, as the same party has just helped the New York domoorats to do away with all restrictions on the traffic in liquors. 'Ilia not, pnssoil by tho legislature just adjourned, which gives the saloons of Now York permission to keep open seven days in tha week and at all hours of the day and night, is owing directly to tho efforts of the third party prohibitionists last fall. Miss Willard and her following of misled and misguided people must take solid comfort when tiny consider the ofl'eet of their work. They havo proved themselves the faithful and effective friends of the saloon, aud It is move than probable that they will keep on in their mischievous oottrso until there is not a law to restrain the sale of runt on any statuto book in tho union. What a glorlons victory tiiat will be for Miss Willard and brother St. John." IT looks a* if the persistent and s«em- ingly uncalled for attacks on Col. Henderson by his home paper, the Dubuque Times, would insure his renominalion if he will accept. Tho warfare made upon him is move intense than has ever been made by the democratic press. It is out of our district and in one sense we have no interest in it, but in another wo have. Tho Col. grew up as a boy here and wont to the army.from hare. Ho lias numerous relatives and a great many frtwiida here who take pride in Ids record, and we are of that number. Wo don't bclievo a word of tho slush peddled by tho Times, but believe there is something selfish behind this persistent warfare. JOUN Doi.i-u, at ono timo pastor of Ilia M. K. church in Poslville, but who several years ago retired from the pulpit and weut into politics 11s editor of tho Kldora Lodger, and afterwards represented Hardin county in tho lower houso of tho Iowa legislature as a prohibition republioan, has now dissarded republicanism and is running his paper 011 the independent basis, very much like Wright, of the Charles Cily Advocate. If such men had gone out of the party before thoy had weighted it down to defeat, at Gov. Koiosdid, they would hare been entitled to great credit. Hut the party is only loo glad to get rid of such dead weights even at the eleventh hour. Snob, mou are neither a crodit uor a help to any party, and tho uoonor they congregate into a littlo vmitunl admiration socioty of their own the bettor it will bo for all concerned. Anybody that it too good for the republiean parly is too good for earth. or the dealing houte clerks make the oxchangea for him, and in lets than half an hour the whole 10 million dollars of actual values have pasted from hand to hand. Indeed in thit case the balances may be paid in checks, so that next to no netual money of any kind is needed. The bank clearing IIOUBCS In nil the chief cities work tvgelher and thus an easy, simple, cheap svttem transacts a vast amount of business without the risk or trouble of carrying money, A check on one bank anywhere may travel In all directions thousands of miles, and through scores of handrf before getting back to the bank issuing it. At the present lime the banks accept as money from publishers and others the express and postal money orders and postal notes thoy havo recoivod from 1 heir correspondents or subscribers. These are sorted and arranged nnd taken lo 0110 bank direct or through the cloaring house, which bank takes the packages of such money orders etc., from all tho others, and settles with the postmaster for the whole in a lump for ihe day; and the samo with the different express companies. A very small fraction of one per cent, covers the cost of all these various exchanging*, and no money has to be handled, counted, lost or stolen. The same method of exchange exists between distant cities as between Chicago and New York. Though millions of dollars aro being daily paid by the east in the west for Us products, and by tho west lo the east for eastern inanu faclures, ale, lcry little money actually patsct between the two cities. It only when more payments happen to he going one way than the other, that money to make up the balance, is tout in one or the oilier direction by express. When money nnaits lo bo sent east, bankers bid up :i premium on drafts and oll'ar'2.') centt to $1.60 on $1.00(1, miliar than be at the risk and expense of tending monoy. We then say 'exchange' on New York is 'J5. or ,'it), or 7.S cents, etc., premium. If there are more drafts to go forward than there are payments to be made, the holders of these drafts frequently otlor them below par, at 2b eenls or more on $1,000, and we say 'exchange' is low on New York. Tho money going the rounds, or in circulation, amounts lo about 2] billion dollars or f J,S.Jl,(l n (S.f>'.U. which amounts to $:17 15 for each man, woman and child of our GJ,«'.'2,'J60 inhabitants; or $17bV>2 for each of iy,fi!>0,H,2 families. Of course a part of this is held in reserve in banks, etc., for constant calls, and as security against debts; also iu private hands, in stockings, tucked away in chimnoys, stove pipes, between bedding, etc., etc. The total amount, however, is available if called out for use. Owing to the system of checks, drafts, orders, eleariug houses, etc., explained above, only n small part is actually needed, "very dollar of actual money being equivalent to a balancing in transactions of values oil tho average of ten times greater or more. We sco above, that in the Chicago ami other western transactions, only about $1.00 actual money is needed foi SCO in business transactions in Chicago and between the country and Chicago." WHA* 18 TJNtV8»SAt.ISMP " 'Tis the sunbeam (hit flrio* The nlRiu-nathcrett tear from ihc violet's eyes— That vritmt tha cold earth 'tounit the valueless thorn, And flings through the riarVnes* a hcauttfnl morn. What Is II? Tlis perfuma lhat aleals from sweet flowers, Vr^iextha sick heart it pining tor summer's loved showers; The rain-djop that falls on tha denolate leaf; The oil that composes the billows of Rriaf. What is it? The young breeze, whose pinions unfurled. Stay not till ttieir choice gifts hava circled tho world; A harp-tone at midnight, when nature is stilt, Or the voice of a dove by n pine shaded rill. What is it? A star on the vrild-htaving sea. Prostrating the proud on a prayrr-bended knee; A fire that relinelb the metal within; The canker which gnaws at the vitals of sin. What is it? 'Tis mercy, 'tis justice, 'tis truth— The stair of tha aged, tiia glory of youth; The rainbow of promisa, lo brighten our taars; A lamp in dvath'a valley, dispersing our tears. What is it? Thou askelh—thy answer is there In thy own swelling heart, with its beautiful prayer; It breathes through alt nature—(t centers above- 'Tis our own spirit's essence—'tis Infinite Love." —Miss Anna Eatton left fbr Oarnor Thursday on a parental visit. —Will Kluss now ritles a cushion lire safety, aald to bo the finest in town. -II. II. Tnylor'a folkn hare not •arrove" yet, thoy probably missed connections with the steambeat. It seems our W'aukon friendt gol but little satisfaction out of the railroad commissioners regarding belter train service. The Ostian Bee comes out 111 a new dress anil enlarged to a tlx column quarto. A .tocided improvement. HE GOT THE HAMS. A UEPBESENTATIVE BODY. From all appearances the republican national convention aoon to be held in Minneapolis will be the moat representative hotly over hold In this country. Added to all the heretofore recognized nationalities, such as Germans, Scandinavians, Irish, etc., not excepting representatives ef the African race, a full blooded, eduoatod Indian will ropviv sent Oklahoma, and a woman will represent Wyenilog In part. If this is not veprotentlng all nationalities and class os It would be haul to do it. But then the republioan party is tho party of the people and it is proper that the people should bo represented. It will be the greatest convention nnd attended by a greater number of tho eminent man of tha day than any convention of any party ever hold in tho United States, It will unanimously rcnominata President Harrison aud the people will triumphantly ve-oleot him next November. There It now little doubt of ibis on tha part of the democrats themselves. T HB little opposition to the renomin fttton of President Harrison In the republican party is in a pitiable oondl lion. The; are very mad because they eXntld not get or control tho offices but thoy oan't lind a candidate that thoy can make any boom on that will sliok ifebce they sliok to Blaine with a death like tenacity and insist that he shall siobept tho nomination "dead or alive." We sorely sympathize' with them but their oasa iu beyond Ihe reaoli of help, It they cannot get on to the Harrison band wagon they should make haste to play the part of the dog tinder the tragou. It will b», th* only wagon In ,rbc proeeaslon Uitsjreaiv '{HB njitionrt republican conven^n, IOWA shipped S1,7M.(WL' pounds of btit'.er during 1891. The best author! ties Cktimalu the home consumption of butter to bo 50 pounds per capita, or 100,000,000 pounds; to this adtl 68,DUO,715 pounds, and we have a» the total make of the slate, l(i8,61)0,715 pounds. Kstittiating thit amount at 30 cent* pur pound gives $'.W,7U8,113 as Iho value of the butler industry in Iowa. This is Ihe product of 70o creameries. Bremer county has produced the largest amount of any county, 8,168,720 pounds. Fay elte, S,1G:!,'270 pounds. Thirteen counties produced between y,000,800 and 3.000,000 pounds, and 111 counties between l.OOO.OOOaiid 3,000,000 pounds, Allamakee's product being 1,0-11.075 pounds.—Sibley (ja/ctto. HOW MONEY GOES ABOUND. Tho common people are so ignorant of the manner iu which tho finances af a country aro carried on (wo confess to Ihe same ignorance to a grout degroe) wo have thought it would bo interesting to our roadors. as it was to oursclf, to give the following very plain and lucid information from the last Orange Judd Furmar. It wilt bo teen that through tho system of exchange it requires but a comparatively little money trj do the business of ihe eouuley: "Tho constantly increasing facilities for exchanging values between both near and remote points, including foreign lands, by means of bank nnd commercial drafts and cheeks, express and postal money orders nnd postal notes, are diminishing the use and need of bank bills, greenbacks or gold and silver ooln. tor example, last Saturday (May 7) the banks in Chicago did a business betwoen themselves that is, paid to and received of oaeh othor, f 16,414,840; yet they usod in doing this only ?1,861,790 of actual money, or $1.00 for each »24.28 of business done, and probably less, as part of balances are often settled with oortifieater instead of money. The drafts, checks, money ordors and monoy they used In settling with each othor, was what they received tho day before from their customers, who in turn usod a ilnillav amount of cheoks, etc., in transactions with eaoh other and at tho banks. So in faot tho two days' business >as done with about 11.00 in S)6.00 of the values passing from one to another. Generally when a man sells a lot of ontlle, hogs, or sheep in the Chicago markets, he does not want a mass of bills or gold or silver to carry around town, homo in tho ears, and to bo temporarily at least kept in his house; In all thoso places it would bo exposed to loss, theft or Are, He tskos about what actual money lie wlshos to spend before he gets homo, and takes a check on a Chi- oago bank for the balance This is payable to ids own order, and come quently is of no value to any one except himself until he voluntarily makes it so by signing his name. This oheok he deposits in a home bank, or with a met chant, and gets money as ho needs it, or pays it out In chocks AS oooasion requires. The homo bank veeelvlrg the oheok from him or tho merchant, forwards it to his 'Correspondent' bank In Chicago or elsewhere, gets credit for it. and when some one in his locality wishes to send money to Chicago, or Now York to pay for something:, the bank simply issues him a oheok or draft against •lie credit in Ohloago. This draft may go to <v wholesale tuerohant or manufacturer or some 0*0 else, pi* to some other ulty. The final receiver deposit*; jt to his own oredli in his Chioago bank, Others do the samo with other checks at oilier banks. Then ,ut 10} a. m. dally each bank sorts out into packages all the oUeoks it has against each other bank, And * representative from eaoh bank meet* one from every other, at the •Clearing House,' They exchange the oheaks they held against each other, and auy differeoee Is rmid In money or otjier.wise. Tb« eysfem i» suob tttat M#vy bank's, rapmiPtMlve ono m*k lil|(C.r*p»sillt».tlVv« otevery other b»nkv A NI' M IIKH of tho "small-'.-oros" are busy heading oil Col. Henderson from the congressional nomination in the third ditlriot. When the proper tiiuo arrivos, and tho boys have bail their little amuteuient, tho colonel will be naaiod without the formality of a ballot, ami will go charging through his dittriot with the tame magnetic enthusiasm as heretofore that always mexns victory, just as it did where he earned his title. —Cedf.r Hnpids Republican. All t Uttclo Neil Coulit Not Uo'p Con, v etlnt; tltma> I'. •OF I'nc' Ned" was up, chnrged with stoirllng four hams. They had beon (oiiiiil In his possession, nnd us there was no way getting around tiiat Uno' Ned soiiR-ht other menns of defense. "Ya-hs, yovmh hontih, I 'mil dnt dey was fonn'in my house. But'pon my oat', tub, I tlld 'nt steal 'cm." "Vne' Ned" was a short, thick-Bet tnan. with bandy logs, 11 short beard on his chin and an unctions smile, which ho now turned on "1I!B honnh' 1 and tho court room. "You soo, younh honnh, on de nicht In question, I was walkln' homo nlonjr tho rnllron' track. It wns purty dnrk, snh. nn' I couldn 't too very fur. 'N' don just nil nt onco, BU I I. n man 'penrcd bofoh ma. I.or'l I wns fright- on', snh, turrlble Irlghton'. 'V Btoppo -d-d. rlirht stock-still, younh honnh." ••And what did this men do, Undo Nod?'' inquired the judge. "Well, sah, I dunno wovvcr you"l b'llovo It or no, Bah. but dat mnn bed foh bundles under his nhm.'n'—'' ••Which arm:'" '•Fob tiod, silk I can 't tjUito dlsro- mombcr, but it must 'vo boon hoes oir ohm. 'N' den do man eomos up w 'oro I was Btnndin' 'n' ho snyB. says ho. •Unc Ned, henh's foh hara'ms.' 'N' ._ 'sposo, younh honnh now dat I sco how oboryt'lng was, tley wns do foh hams dat was purflscutod. snh. Now, w'en dat man says, 'Head 's foh hams, didn 't say nothin'. Do might bo foh hams, nn' do mightn', but tint ilitln' 'elder mo. But w'en ho wont on 'n' saye, 'Say, Uno Nod, you tnko tleao foh huinti homo '11' keep doui foh mo till next wcolc, V I 'll gib you two o' 'om, co'eo I took 'cm Ink nny colohod gent 'men would. But how do you 'sposo dat I c'd telt dcy was stolen hums. t >nh, is what I w'd Ink t' know?'' And thus Uno' Nod concluded his defense; and took his aotit, assuming avovy grieved expression. "Doseribo tho man who met you and told you to take caru of tho hums for htm, ' said tho judge. "Wn-ttl," snid ('no' Ned Nlovrly, cocking ono, oyo and looking up at tho coiling to help his momory. "it 's put ty ha-hd to say, younh honnh. fur was tlnhk, turriblo tlahlc. But o.; nonr oz 1 kin rocollec' ho was a short, thick Bet sort of n man," (speuking very Blowly) "wid kindnh bow legs, putty big, wid n bon'yd on boos chin, 'n' o near oz 1 could sco ho was kindnh dah-kk comploctod," doserlb ng him golf as accurately as any 0110 could havo dona Thon thoro WIM n roar in tho court room, says tho Minneapolis Tribune, but ••Uno' Nod" w«a finally acquitted, a» no ono could provo that he had committed tho thoft A KESOI.UTIOH has been introduced in the conferonco at Omaha declaring that tho church should come out openly on tha question ot capital and labor. Tha author of the resolution, ltov. Thos. Haulou, urged its passage by slating ihat he believed that the laboring masses wore drifting away from the churches.—Slito Register. THE linn of Morewoed <& Co., of Swansea. Wale?, has decideti to remove its tin platu factory to KliKHbethport, N. J. This makes the fourth Welch firm engaged in this business, to come to this aoniry in tho past U11 months. Ex. 'SUNBEAM. The I'ntlietlo Tale of a I.ooket, an litsorlp- II011 unit Somebody's fweetheatr. She was such a protty girl with a fluff of hair nnd a stylish hang to hoi gown—though, to bo sure, ono did not notice thut until afterward. Uor eyes hold ono at first, they were »o bright, BO brimful of happiness, of real Infectious joyoiiRnoss. It spoke, too, In tho curve of hev protty vnoxvtU, and In hci quick, "springy" motion as she walked. All tho clerks in tho jowolry store looh-cd np and smiled as slie entered, ays tho Jowolors' Rovlow. She was liko the sun. When Hho was gone thoy smiled still more—thero was something at which to bo amused. Sho had loft a lookot to bo engraved—"Sunbeam" on one sldo and a narno, n man's name, on tho other. Ho, tho mnn, must have been a sweetheart, for hor mouth had shown a fuller eurvo and pushed a tiny dimple to her cheek as sho spoke to tho clerk, and she blnishod rosy rod when he asked hor to repeat the low- tonod order. Thoro was u small sigh of veliof on tho girl's part as tho door swung to behind hor. If it wore not such a very precious thing sho would sond her brother after the lookot. Somehow she folt shy about it, and tho name- Ms pot nnmo for her—had been difficult of utterance boiore oil those men. Thoy told her it would be done tomorrow. "She would call? Very well." She did not call; the clerk half \vn- oonsolously watohod for her, and wondered. It had been nearly a week now. One day a young man oatne in—a. young man who had her look without the sunshine in it. Ho showed the shook for the looket and took It nwny. She had called hpr hrother and whispered to htm about the lopket beforo %he died, tvnd he gave it, ns, she had BO wished to do with hev own hands, to tho man whose name WM on the outside, "Sunbeaml" Truly, it seemed to him there won no more left of life. There hod been but one whoso brightness had shown for htm, They heard of it in the store, and for a long time no one smiled when a girl left a looket to be engraved for hei sweetheart. sweetheart. It so. happened that uo o&e. b^tJejced/'Sunbeftta" sm on!e sjda, MEN WHO BLOW OUT THE QAS, ho ADDITIONAL LOCAL. Are you going to buy a New Carpet this spring? Now is your opportunity to seo a choice selection of ALL WOOL ING-RAINS, — The Turner society will give a grand dedicatory ball on Monday evening, June 6. The Elgin orchestra will furnish the music. -Tho monument rocently furnished by tho Triors for Iho late Mrs. Carl Schullz it beyond doubt tho linett piece of monumental work in this vicinity. —It is snowing this (Friday) morning. May 20t'a, as we go to prest, and wo aro momentarily expecting a telegram {rem the editor ordering his winter soeks and snow shoos.] List of Lettora remaioing uncalled for in tho postoflieo at Fostyilhi, Iowa, May 11. 18U2. l'»r ties calling for any of them will please say "Advertised:" A. i'nfns, Sherman (liront 2, A. A. May It. 0»<>ba, John Kodarmer. JAS. FKKRV, V. M. —Notwithstanding tho inclemency of the weather last Friday evening a packed house, one of the good oil fnshiond jammed lull Uncle Tom's Cabin houses, granted the Apollo Quartet. It is needless to say that their concert was A No. 1 from first to latt. and gavo tqilomlid satisfaction to its auditors. In "The Professor at Home," a character song, the quartet took the house by storm, iu which Mr. Meier as "The I'rofessor," Miss Nellie Abbott as "Soprano," Mr. Niitolay ns the "Dutchman" and Mrs. Cornell as the "Irish I„adj" aro hard to beat. Harrington*s orchestra furniihed some choice instrumental music and Mrs. It. S. t.uhtuan ami Mitt Flossy Hoynton gnvo recitations in their usual pleasing manner. The receipts were $1(1.00. BODY BRUSSELS, TAPESTRY BRUSSELS, TTNION & COTTON CHAN Prices Low if you buy. It will cost you nothing to see them. Also remember that I carry the Largest Line of Lace Curtains, and Window Shades and Fixtures in the city. Yours Respectfully, WALTER CHRISS. A'O Not Pro.lnolit of lUo Piirft^r^pltcr' |tr.,tti—Til-' Trlxo Ifty*omt. "Well, said a dork in a Jersey City hotel to a Mall and Kxpress roportor. •you would bo surprised to soo tomo of tho countrymen who oomo Into this town. Mo«t ol our customers aro cut tlomon. Many of them como on all tho way from tho far West with eon slgnments. Fooplo think thoso paragraphs about blowing out the givs nro written up in nowspapor ollico-i. Why I toll you wo havo to watch for that very thing nil tho time. Wo sond watchman ovor tho houso every I! fteen mlnulos during tho night, and it av ernges throo times a month thai Unas a room with Iho gas blown out. "1 struck tho funniest o.\pei'Ionco, howovor, ob mt two woeks ago. Tho watohman camo down nnd said gas was escaping from No. S3. 1 rushod up and knockod nt tho door. After epeatod rapping tho old 'jay,' in a olco that soundod ns though ho had all tho bod olothos ovor his bond, yollod: 'G'way fr'm hove, now. 1 don't want no foolishness.' " 'Tho gas is turnod on in your room,' I shouted. Open tho door.' • • Open nothin,' ho yelled buok. •G'wny fr'm thoro.' "I put my shoulder to tho door, and with 11 ornsh tho look smashed and iho door Hew open. '«-What in thunder did you do wilh 'our gns—tdow it outP' I ttsked. " 'No,' he replied, 'I didn't blow tho gas out. 1 know bolter than that.' " 'Then how did it como to bo turnod on, as I found It?' " 'Woll, 1 s'pose 1 didn't quite understand tho durn thing. When I got retidy to go to bod I turned it oil" all right 'nough. Thon I lit it ugtiin to got tho hang of workln' it. Thon I put U out again, and just as I did so I bought now I'll havo a timo finding tint monsly hnndle in tho dnrk and turn it on when 1 got up. So. before I wont to bod 1 turned it on so'i to have it till roady to light when I got up,'" How to tit* il Slra follow. Always try and adapt yourself to sircumstancos. When you go to a BlnuVbiiko, do as tho olambuUers do— mt, dvluk and bo merry. A solemn mnn hurt no place at a elnmbiiko. When you go to a funeral, do ua the mourners, da; bo quiet and uuobtru- slvoi a jester has no plaoo at a funoral. 80 in ovory'thing study tho oharajtorof tho compunyi und thon accept their sentiments, »8 your own. This Is what mnlcos nnian "it nioe follow to have around."—Philadelphia North Aroorl T oan. •' . A Sel»»»bl«r Tiling- to l)o, If any one ia ill or unuoyod. In nny way in Thibet the ovll spirits tiro responsible, nnd tho only Housiblo thing is to go (Cud hire iv priest to frighten .them off. For this purpose tho lama roads aloud from his tutored, writings., blows ft' horn made front iv human thighbone, bents a dram tnnnufaoturod o\yt of ,wo Ivujgiiftn tfuills, rl ^gs ft hell :yoA Wile mmm'^W ^ 9f 4 Ate9<s |\Wr *>4 - I'etorson'» Magazine for June is a model number in beamy anil excellence. The full page engravings, "An Kgypliau Toilul" ami "A Pott Station in Tlniringia," are the handsomest wa have found in any of the montn's mag- nzinot. There is a portrait ol the present Duohois of Marlborough, cue of iho most beautiful among American women. The slovius me. by favorite authors and all so good that it would seem invidious tu single out auy for special mention. Tim miscellaneous articles are also of sjiuoiiil interest. "Woman at the World's Fair," by Annie Curd, gives 11 concise account of the preparations women of all countries aro making. 'Curiosities in Embroidery," by Margaret V. Payne, shows a variety of relies that belonged to famous people of old days. In "Pillows, and How to Make The.11,". Mrs. l'aull gives directions for manufacturing ail sorts of wonderful cushions, and "A Cherry Feast," by Mrs. E. A. Matth- ow3, shows how to get up a llovel early summer luncheon. The fashion and household departments arc complete as ovor. Terms, *2.00 a year; $1.00 for six months. Now is a good lime to subscribe, as a now volume begins with July number. Address, Peterson's Magiizino, Philadelphia, Fa. A complete and full stock of Lumber, Lath, Shin gles, Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings and Building Pa per, yellow pine Flooring and Coiling oak, ash and maple Flooring. All parties intending to do any "building tho coming season will consult their own interest by obtaining figures from me. Particular attention to filling bills Best of grades only handled. RAILROAD TIME-TABLES 22, 1891, Ry- will 4 :f,l p. m .3:29 a. m. .. 11:0fi n. m 4:'0 p. a. .6:3S p. m. On nnd alter Sunday, HOT. trains 011 the C. M. * St. P. leave Postvillo as follows. ooiso BAST. Passengers. No. 2 No. 4 (night) Freights. No. 10 Chicago Slock.. No. C Way No. 15 Milwaukee Slock OOINO WEST. Passengers. No. 1 night 12.10 a. iu. No. 3 10:?n a. m. Freights. No. "Way Freight 11:06 a. m No. 0 Time Freight C:li p. m No. 11 Time Freight... .8:45 p. m All Froight trains niontioiiod, nxeopt No. 12, carry passenger* when provided with proper trantportalion. No. i) botwocn N. MoOrogor and Mason City. M. E. TAI.COTT, Agent. B. C. R.&N.R.E. O. M. & St. P. Excursions. For the National Kncampiiiont anil tho National Competitive' .brill to he held at Omaha, Juno Ulth to -20ih, will sell lickolu June lllh tud 12th, making return coupons good until June 22d, at faro one way for tho round trip. Stations within 200 miles of Omaha, will, in addition 10 above, sell June 13th to 19th, ineluslvo, making return coupons good until June 21st tit fare and 11 third for tl,o round trip. To tho Uemoorallo National Convention, at Chicago, beginning June 21s', tickets will ba Hold for otto tare for the round trip from stations witliin 2. r >0 miles of Chicago, on June 17th, 20th, 21st, 22nd and 23rd, making return coupons good until June 27th. All other stations outside of 250 mile limit will sell Juno 17th to 21st inclusive, making return coupons good until July Bib. For the Conference of Herman Ilap- tist Urethren to bo hold at Cedar Kap- ids, Iowa, Juno 3rd to 9th, good for going passage on data of sale only at ono fare tor round tr.'p. Soil May 80th to June 6th inclusive, rtrturn uonpons good until June 30th. From April 2oth tickets will be sold via Detroit, Grand Havon & Milwaukee steamer. Steamer 1 ) loavo Milwaukee daily at 8:30 p. m. For rates soo Milwaukee joint rate sheet. For tha Republican National Convention, to be held at Minneapolis, June 7, tho C. M. & St. V. H'y will soil excursion tickets at faro one way for the round trip. Will sell June 8, 0, 7, 8 and 9 good to return until June 15. M. E. TAU30TT, Agt. J. SHEPHERD M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, u. a. ruxaiDK r.j.\ui;tun. 0/H«# At rani.tcmc•* on lir*?^n .ilr.M't, Beet homo RriBt nt Hoy .* Hi-Noll',, ll*r.lwu:p. BR. J. S.GREEN, : om ! of town PltrSICIAM & St'CC.'UON, n and Residence Southwest par \11 calls promptly intended F.J.BECKER, M. D., HO MECPATHIO 1'IIYSK'IAN A^II Nl'MiKON. onVn on S(!i;on(| Vloor o! VarVir'u ntmr rostofllec, roitviil*. lurru. TliilMInu, STATIONERY. Don't forget, v/hen you want j plain or fancy Stationery, that j the Review oflice is tho place to get it cheap. CENTRAL MEAT MARKET. VAX YELZKU .V G1I.SON, I'lioPS. DANIEL A. JEB.ALD, ZMIerclriarit trailer, Poutvilli', lowtt. All work»iv.irrniiled lo /rive SMtitfiic- tion. A full line o( the latest styles in samples. w, Wm. SHEPHERD, ATTORNEY AT L Imuran.,) Ac<Mit ami t'alloot'U-, Anllinri^eil to vrtictii": in all tin 1 couyU otthi* nut,,. (>Jllc«<,ve, Llcu's «tnro, briuk block. POSTVII.LE - - IOWA. Il.irinp; forni"il ii'lco-partucrship. we intend lo coiul:iutly ke-.p on hand it full stock of both fresh and salted, meats. We make a specially of bologna, pork, liver ami Miminur sausage*. Also all kinds ol prepared meats. Endeavoring to give saisfautiou, we solicit a portion ut ytnr patronage. PR, MABRY, * rilVlIOIAX * SUnGKON. Office aud residenoe over Waters & Nloolay's Hardware Store. Calls will receive prompt attention day and night. L. STRQEBEL & SON, 1- raopjuKTous or — Postvillc Boat and Shoe Store. (iX AUKSTIUItta * KQUIMIfttQItV STA.KB.1 Have ft full Uno of Boots, Shoes, Slip- ycsis, JRttbhev* nnd. everything kept tn H ,$u.'A e 'ea'tH'al shoe store. I ••i -OMttjfrlwvW AMti vopnlvlng ueirtly , S )^4 r »w|junUy-.doio,;* mm . wlr .-ww- ALL, BEADY. That explains the condition ef Ibis concern lo a dot. Our store is full of suaionablu goods, and wo aro full of energy ami honest intentions. Wo therefore feel warranted in announcing ourselves a!l IVK/I/ for business, aud respectfully invite. Ihe Attention of tho public for a few momonts while we endeavor lo show that this anuoiince.vciit is of vital importance to you all. We are expending our best efforts to conduct .1 successful business, and aro sharp enough to see we can do so only by s 1 '* 1 ' 1 }''"?! the wants of our patrons. That is what wo aro horn for, and that is Just what we proposo to do. If you want to he edified, gratified and almost stupefied by big bargains and kind treiiluienl, como rig-lit nlong, ami wo will III! yon so full of and brotherly love that you will want to give every man you meet .1 quarter. ul.'K AIM is To sell only first-class goods. To sell tliuni as low as wo possibly can. To sell only such goods a» we can recommend. To pluaso all who favor ns with their patronage. BR, C H. HUNT, tj-ig oeiNTiST. I'liriuauenlly locatu.l in Poslville. Ollicc over Waters it Kicolay's Hardware Store, Brick Illock. J. A.HA.VTRL AND, Veterinary S-ctrgreom., VOSTY11.1.V., IOWA. OlTinc lirst door East of the Commercial House, (ircen St., Poslville, Iowa. A line .set instruments. All necessary medicines kept on IIBIHI Thirteen ><•:'rs successful practice Calls promptly answered. I'i'iED. N. BEEDY, -:-PHOTOGRAPHER.-:- And Dealer in Picture Frames. Postvillo - Iowa The OM Reliable Meal Marktt JOHN U, HART, Frcprictor. Oppo*.ito - Postvillo - Stato - Bank- Xoiie li::l the best moils purcluiHcd. Evo't'l hlng in lirsl-rb'sv simps. Courteous treatment lo all. Prices nhvnjK the lowe*'.. Grant to Cemetery Wcrk, Iron lances, CurYjing &c. Those, intending lo purchase Mont.* menial work for future delivery will , r . , , ; lind 11 lt> ihuiradvantage 1 icxnnrinoM. To represent our goods only at wo 1 y jjjjjej.'g Granite Work iu Cemotc- beliove thsni to b*. ; l .; ( . a> ; , s | u - is doing (trsl -elKss work at as To (rest everybody honoslly and fair- > low jiriues as can ba procured in the )y as we would ourselves be treated. I oounny. If ho has not trailed upon you 0 ,„. , , drou him a card at llecoruh ami lie will 1 hat sounds good. j be phi'tsed to visit you with IVsign* Has tho right kind ol a ring, docs it ! , Rra ;)les of all klmls of Granite, al notP and now pleaso bear in mind we praulice just exactly wkat we prc»oh. You need not tako our word for it, but come in at nay lima and seo for yourselves, And uow a word iu regard to our st»ok. Wo, of course, think it is nice. Wo know we have made an honosl effort to seourn'tho very best articles in our lino to he found in the markeU and know no one can buy oloser than we have. The goods aro here In out' store, we hart) marked the goods as low as we possibly can, tho result must depend upon our ao.Ums, and wo do not worry over the Issud. We only ask the people to exaunno our goods, leant our prices, hiul follow their owu convictions. Thanking our old frionds for Ihe cordial support we hare received at their- hands in tho past, and promising onv 1 best efforts to merit n share of your fuiuro patronage, we remain Very truly yours, W M. KLUSS, POSTVIIM, IpWA., Manufacturer und dtmlor In all kinds of harness, and all outer goods belong, ing to the trnile,'' A full nnd eompleto slook always on hand. v V, S. ,We havo «onl« IrVtnttr G00U yot ittnlare «nxloiiS'i'o have thorn rill BOIII ; Ilmpfpro ,iv}U<«ieH the balonoo nt qirtetiy 'mi \>\wi the lowost possible, prices. M.V.KIDDER, 34m0 ' Decorah, Iowa, A Gnsrsnteed Cure tor Pilot ot what.voi- kind or dnree-'Ksternal, internal, llllnd or Ulecilljiu, ItcliliiB, Chronic, Hocont or HweilltnrT, This Kemodv hu mwlllvely novel lio.n knoivu lo fall. St.00 a hoi, r> bo»«» tor tj.oo; .ont by mail prepaid on roco nt of pneo A written Ounrsiiles nosi. tlvelv Riven lo earli vurclisivr of 6 bows, when purchased »i ono lime, 10 refund 1I10 »5.oo paid if not cured. Guarantee luuwl tw 1 Solo Asenl, Poauillo, lona. R. N. DOUGLASS, Pans. J, F. SMITH, V. P. JAS. MoliWKN, CM MKK. CITIZENS-STATE BANK, rOSTNlW,B,tOWA. PAID UP CAPITA1U "$85,000. IJonQenornl Banking Buiinote. Huy and sell Ifovelgn mid Domestic m~ oltungo. Aociounlu of Wmers, Mov- ohitnts nnd others received and. o»ve- fully protooteil, Intevent ptvUVtm Tlwe DeponHs,., Investweois insth, for outside panics on fftvoi'aWo vovtui. 1^ ' LEAVING AND ARRIVING TIME OF TRAINS. DECOItAH DIV1SIO!*. Tunc Table 111 efTt 'Cl Nov. 15. 1891 Passenger goinfj North... ft: lo. I' M South. 4:10. " Krcighl. " North, ... V:4S, I'. H J. E. PERKY Agem. Postville Eray Line P. J. BEUCHER. Prop. lluvinp; purchased the origina. I'oM- villu Orny Line I am prepared to il'.nM kinds of" drayinjf promptly, caiefiilly and satisfactorily, (loot! tentnj. pooil drays ami careful drivers - lwnjs at the service of the public. »tt Jail' prices. All kinps of lip;ht f' heavy haiiii»g. in town orcouulry promplly done. CilVVLGil DIRECTORY. (:i).v<i;:Ki,M'no,VAr,.--i:«v. N. r.. tinriou, |m«- toi. V'ri'iicl.iny overj Sunday nt'lCiXO A. M, mut7::lil J 1 M. HultbtitlO Hcliool Luuiliidlivtoly attor ni( vuinu uurvice. Y. 1'. R. C 1". mwnta ovei-y Haiuluy OTeniny At fl;l.7. I'raynr Mpti- lui* Wii'liK-Rdrty ovuuini;a. JIKTIlOIiIST.—Kov. K. J. /.ockrooj, I'nalor. I'rotkL'ljiny fioj'riot-a ovory Sunday lit 10:110 A »',mul7:30 V. M. Rnlilmll) Kcliodl tliniiedl- ati-ly after uioriiinu ;acrvli:,>. 't'lm k:p«t>rtli r.tiuijuo wrry Hundfiy ovauifia r.t (i.-00 u'c]^ck. t'ruyoi'm.:otlu^ u\«ry^ \V«d^er,^^^y uvviiiurir,^ 7 :Pu n'ulock. Yon.aro eariK-itly InvlLod. POSTVILL.E LOCOES NortLK LODGE N O M. A. O. V. W. Tht t,n\al Ancient Order of United Workmen mccti the Sccoml and Fourth- Saturday eveiiinjrs in ':neli month, in Iho Mnsoiiio Hull over the llrad; Drug tore. J. YV. SHEKIIT, M. W. Wu, Sntciir.ui), Ueuurtler. BROTHERLY.ILOVE I.OEGF, A'o. 201, A. f. Ji A. M. Regular meetings on Tuesdiiy ercn- iu<l on or before the lull of ihu moon. All brethren in good standiuj; arc e«v- ttially invited to attend. K. I). STILUS, W. W. W M. M OTT, Sce'y. TONSOKIAL PARLORS v.i n:i TIIK IOSTOKK.' C I. All work done in the hiphesl style o lie art. Sutisfi'ctinn p'uarnnteed. ,1. T. I'AK'KKU, l'rop. $1,000.00 REWARD Offered for any- Machine that wilt do M great range of work and eta It as eaally ana »» well us oau be done on the DAVIS v ' iv "jSLiStA. -C*.*^^ ^MftY^ mm Tltti offer has been before the public for ine past ten yeare. IT HAS NOT BEEN GUaMED, proving tlwt the »«vU Vertical yeeHlstlie BIST OW lAftTH. DAVIS SEWING MACHINE CO. IWWeSWk Awrac, • A, M. THOMPSON, It*l\il)e

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