Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 16, 1927 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 16, 1927
Page 3
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TTTE TOT,A^T)AIT.T REGISTER. WEDXESDAY EVEK Kulatc n. Aiidorson wiH RO to Jopljn tomorrow ^ii a biislniess trip. —Try It. onco -^jou will hav* no otbor. V^u Hpozer 'a Bread. Cli.irlic' IVniinK:r nf n/.i<-kwoIl; Okl.i.. is here visitiii;; liis ri'lativcs :il lOS North Third btr<tl. ^\m. I'eiiii—« A (;«i»id Ckar Mrs. 'P. M. IViiiiinRton of ihiuV- Funenil of Mrs, J. M. Joue> TUc funeral services; for HrH. Mina K.] .louos will bo Iield ijrom I lie Catliolii- ditirch Friilay »p ins at 10 <^'«lock. Tlij- Iioily lie in .slate at tlie .\Uani.s Hcsser .Mortuary until Tim cvonins. Mrs. .louts i.s/tli<! w IJeafh 01" LoBis B. Br<«rkfiiriilz«>. I.iiuis I!arhi »r itrciki-nriii^c. iti- faiil . riiii of .Mr. ami .Mr.;, l.iniis Hrccki-nridgc. . born on MoniI;iy, i March II. jiassi-.j :i '.va >;l on T'li..- ijay rveniuJ!. .Mari !i wasliin-' i«/il in Ilio .Urorki^iriii ^c |fan:i!y at ihc lola ctnrtitiry tbi >i afii r- noon. For the cnnsiilatinn of III w« nppiMul Ibt w >r <i.; of .Ii'sNs: • "For in lic.iv ti liK 'ir aliKfls ilti .-ilwuvs bcliiiici t"!i- l^^.ji]' (;ir.- i.f my Falli« r in Ji -.-avcn." .Matt. aml|l--l"- .•jday I ''''"l Mrs. Bri -(lc .fnri'l:;('. and {'„ ,,'f I rli.- oth -r UKiurntii;,- r.-l.tiivts liav ; THE BOYS WIKJ DISCQVEREP NEW GOLD FIELlj) if the youns <• fijllowiiiu NG, ^?ARGH 16, 1927. PAGE THREE - J. M. .loues. Brocer at 421 N.rlh »•'<• i-m'-n; sympr.i.iy .,r a laru-.- .Iffforsou avinue. Burial wilt akei"f mnn-l.-d Iri'uil.s. .\ place in IligbJand ctiiKtery. j 1 1-n. iid. 4Thc Kelv-nator is the <id' • ' boldt .spent, yp.stcrday with .lohui! anil best electric refriKeratc^V IVnnington. ot tin- I'cnninslou sro-I the liome; K. C. Electric and I'iujnilj-i • i'l'"' llie.-wi- ;; .'nd with ,.,.ry. i ing Co. ' • j-'^'''^- -Ayers^'s niiiihcr. .Mrs. Maiy ' ' j I ; l!iannimi, anil brollnT. .Mh.-ri lyj.t j .Mr. anil >lrs. IJcyd Ayirs am iy,i. I litlli! ilau .ulitiT. Clcniiis. (H .Mail!-• I. ison. Kan.. : peni ll|i ',-we I; "'nd with KIks Atlrntinn. H. li. Hildebrant made a busines.s I..ast initiation of tlw year will I trip lo I'niontown today. Barney !'<• held Wednesday night. Buffet l;incli. .\. IX. KNFIEM). E. II. i.s employed by the KUis .Motijir Co. Brannuni. of t:.'! South Syca::;..'r' street. ; —O. L. Cox. M. D., Bpeclallit i Eye, Ear, NoBo ami TbroaU , An Howey went to Stark. Kans., today and brouRht back a ilruiki — ' Ezra. Lister has returned to his load ot beef b^ftle for .Mr. Great-I l.i.iiisc rimilli, R. NV. li.inie in IV..iia. 111. alter a visit j hoiise. Mrs. Howcy aceoniDanied ^' -lohn.. l)^Hpil:•l .- P . n ' wit.h his brofiier. Kalph Uster. | hliu on the trip! j-uii ii.l ca ^e tor j . , ! ; . j wi -'k-;. rciiirneil ird.iy to h:r It ;-l,adirs of First Cbristian.churdi; Wnu l'enn-5 cents-A (Jooil CI),'ar 1'I K riyvalc. I'll • I I wo .M 1-. In 'l-lv Mr.' Kll.-n- wilh will serve a chicken dinner Thurs<l..v. .March 17. at the churcli. Price I .Miss Dorothy .Naylor of Yutes Iriihlii- invited. ! Center Is in lolii to spend the wick | 1 vltiiting in the home <if .Mr, anjl i . .1. IJ.^ IVi'M is reported ser- ijl at; .her honic. Mi; .Vortli Iirttiii avrillle. . Dorothy Boyd and Mrs. Williams spent tin- afternoon riends in Humboldt. IVin. Viin .'» rciils A, iitrnd ('(far .Mined I'eniUKer of rui'hlo. Colo.. JK vi- Mill. IVnii. jMiit-i -A Good ( litar . Mr. .•iiid Mrs. I..-.. Fiiit-/ a:-.! Mr. . NEWS EVENTS OF HUMBOLDT .'Kofiiriuus Hold niiiii |uet. ;Proi;rant Follows—(.'eunre Bailej Visits FatJicr IJci-e flub Xcws. Sure leiief: ^^^^W!^^^ BELL-ANS' jL -Wfe^ i ' Hot water FOR imiQESllOl 254 and 75c P.kgs.ScId Lverywhere ' (Francis Culver.) Ilf.MF.tll.UT. Kans.. Mar. 15.— Mi.i^ .Wiilinc fteynolds. daughter ot. Alrl ar..i .Mrs. C. A. Reynold;, of 'thii; ciiy. aud .Mr. Vernon Cooper I ill" (Iiii ago. were united in mar- iriau'c fcday at. th.e IJeynoids home lli'.-i-i' at ;::0'io'clock. The wedding ! was :i <iuiet affair. The couple left many numbers had to he substi^ , l/Iiis aficrno.ui for KanKa.s City tnted in this llaiiau jirogram, a.s ; • riMui which city they, W;iU go to | those assigned parts could not take ^ ; ('liic;i^ii. I tlieni. . Ueci)rd niuniiers fri)ni the' ' Cha^.tiT .\.: M. of P. K. 0.. met '''"'••''•ent opcias prnved cntertain- cv.nin.!: al the Iiome of Miss ' iJ '.sc and the following program by ; Kva O'Connor. The annual elec-"'*' members carrieil out: (i,i.n nf officer.s was held at this ''"<'-'"e i iwper i. .Miss Jhelnid. Wil-- ;Vike!iiiir. T!ic officers for-i;i27 are: j IJams: gania I.ucia. vocdl du6t, J.Mrs. .\m.!ia WorKs. president; i-"^l'^=s .McKiltrick. .Mrs. U.^rfwig: J .Mrs. Klla .Mrf ;inity, vice-presiilent; violin solo.. Kohcrta Worh.s.i acciim- .Mrs. Ceorge Fltzpalrick of !(> .N'orlli :l-awr-m-.-. Kan-. ,,;,.| i,r. .I, Cheslniit Htreel., vl-.jtcil nvir the wiik Willi ]y.v. and: .Mr-i. Uoy ll:inlin ,'«f HI -Dr. A. B. Twodoll, Otteopath.j ''"''ii'l ' i''ili'- i^id ipvc-i;. r.Miii. II lU- 11;..I (ii.iiiv wo'.i* :i. V, I; . 1.: .I;- . !•' I!. ;! ii.i.'gi'c fharl. H Ful' Hardin. arc brotli- r.-' of Mr- New Globe Bldg. Phone 191. Mrs. .1. f).' Allen, of 21:, *<i.rlh Buckeye Hire'el Is at home siffei-- ing with an attack of toiiHilltis. ,.• luck liaidorv sp. ni .Mrs. Allen Is principal of the, (iar-' aflijiionn in I'm Held Heboid. .••li •.' .I.I'' T.iyl .ir of 'iiing his motherl .Mrs. \. .\ I'uiiiige- of lOS .Vorlh Thii.d street.'* •*»••«••»•!.»•»»«< i la-ioy .Vilanii; of 201 South Cli"sl-!« Hill .'-Iriet rdtirncd home vesler-; " (lav from a vl.->lt in Kansas t'ily. i • Restore your {spring .Apparel to its 1 iiewnesH by riginiil jour Xollce. I I« Clover's Ta.xi will give ila>^ ami '* iil^hl train service. Phone SU". The Ccorgc McDaiiiel family in.'\ing from Cas In Basselt. Dry Cleaning AHI.KSON ( I,KAM:I{.S I^rfone I 'la .'diss Kate Moore, recording sec- Panist .Maymey tJsliurao: i Verdt, r.KTv: .Miss I.aurjila Uiniond. 'l>aperi. .Mis-< .Mary S< Itigp- . . r !'.'sp ..;idi!ig secretary: .Mrs. | letto. j.iano du.f. VenH. Mrs. Harti Kjiif. S.l.niidi. treasurer: Mrs. u. j wig. .Vlrs. slater. i ; I.. OiK.:;. chaplain and .Mrs. Jon-j The Ilunil...hit. .Rotary Cliih held : : Iciln Hartwig. guard. i'*'* regular meeting in llie dining Mr.- Fi ;iMk i;iles entertained the i "•')oin of t!ie Preshyierian church 1 ' ll.ii : M..!IV Thimb!- club at her | "'K I"- An . CK . eiieiit banquet ^ 'h.ipie i,',ls aflernoon. I --served by tlie girls of .the : Ceor-;.- Bailcv of Yale^ Okla.. | V'"""? I'-'ophs Chrissiair.Eiiileavor ia. briMi'.-iil in ;i new '[ruvir' of prusiiiM iDis .-re , |-,,..„|„,. ,.,.si,i,.|it of Humboldt; is!-^"eieiy. Following the banquet an and' and' el,onaf(l Tr,jv!i.,r. i:i (liiKiiM. .Mining'; h .-r, liii; week lo visit his father. |'"'•••''^^^""K i'.rogranr w^is givyU. '• e Hill I e. ore'is jcporled li. a-^say :i7t. a ton are .MrHuiby. , , . ^ I lie liimbolilt Music club met Ij. .Mr.. 'lOhiiied S(ll;ill ('. K. potter of Hie Poll' r, llaicli cry ne;:r Clianii'o was \iilliiig ii tola Sunday. • i IV III. reiiii -T. cenl- A (Jnnd ( igar *, .Mr. ami Mr-^ Itov Fiu'lii i.f Ml •|.Soiilli Third S I IT"!. V.IMI I 1 I :, W ' relicc yesterd:'ty "ii a : !M li l.ii i• licss trip. • • * • h'vl Kaliive i:- <c'tiiir<.: hi hi-, ;bll|l |e. ."-II.", .sJi.ll! il rlle I mil r • le ' . . '--, . ! T. B. Shannon returned this on aecoiui! ci iilnc.-s. Cl-ii McClynn. who has bi .'Cn i ,„<)rning from Kansas City vvlnre i vi^iiling Earl Mtdtoii of Bassetl. has | h.. attended a nieeiing of the direc-! Mr. ami -Mis. \\- '".;:!.la -i. Vi'J returned (., bis home in Aii;;iis(a. jlors of the hardw.ip- and imple |.\('i(li .leif. ;• mi ;r.-'nn-. e • > nient dealers'' association.! Mr. lliiir i:"\v leiiin ;.i .".j|.S.'.;^ l-'ree Lecture .in Cli! isl iaii Si 'i- ! shaiiitoi! is one of the djreclMrs of lucky sf.ei. .Mmiday. en e. .'siinday afUriioMii. li 20, I the association. ! ! - '' - - , ; ^,Ir.^. A!li.' lli:;r, IV in. IVnii -.•> wills A (;««d J:::il. by .lolin ltand;il Dui| C. S. B.. of 'f.ostiin. M.iss.. in Kell Tlie'.-iie'r. The public is cordially inviteij. .Mrs. Ti d- .'Vlichaid : and ' ba daiigiiter. IJoherta .lean, of (1 Basselt. left on Hie noon train Ijo(l;:y for Bartlesville, Okla.. to vlMt their pi'rents and grandparen .Mr. and .Mi.s, Robert .Stokes a family. = .Mr. anil Mrs. c.eorge Filzpitrick .lef of ir.-Xorlh Cliesiniit street tiunday in Yates Center the home, of .Mr. tind JMrh. .Vaylor. : . —Dr. Montgomery, Chiropractor. !•>•, tola Laundry Kldg. Phbne i visiiiiig in I Wni. Peiiii ."» cenN A (iood Clpar V: V. Anderson, the on plumber, is disiribuiiiig adv ing pencils without tin i'art cf the inscifiption 1 do yijiir v.'ork. you in; riibbi ri'iiil.' ke, no lh!)er 'Igar . waf here Sunday \':iii;m er. •ipellt Mr.-. ] er.-iai o..:.! liuii:'. 11! . I i\ ' ne •. '• Kill i • ;';:V!ij:- iraiit ^Hdih is. VI iiii,.: v'h Yi iH.'itdiii and wlti: !' l ':i- wiml Mi'<. C. \. '•••r- ••• . ' 8. •.•is i is mid slrci'. ii iiie ..(.iM'.' !•. 'I'..-, to leaUe li' r Imiiii' M. . ^;;!^•i.•l iilreaiiy in 'I'l -.x :-trii>; . rli.s-, c. n. .McChir. -i!' '»\ .-••liii |r ti|l'. . Wasliiligt.iu a'.' I 'lle i- I 'p'ir'.d ;i "ilf : liiili- liid.iy. I' - : ;• • mih -:cif lung >lalid;iiu ai'd n •'ivt : • ' " 1-1 lard d I'll :iit':illll:' yl !>.•:•! aye. It i< I'lia-.'d lie '.••)• I I' ' fl'.' Mrs. Fred Fiuiiell of D"pue. HI., who bas'.heen n Ruest In llie home III :\lr. ai'ill .'virs. T., (». Canalsey. I ,;,kp. so I left'the jeft today .for PitlsluJrg. Kans.. to j ,'„.i^j„;il, t„ 1„. J^M I O. vi-it her mother. .Mrs. C. A. Curtis.1 • 1 . I,,.,. „.,,|:,| Card 01 'Hiaiiks. y.„,n wil; i Mr-. A. .v. .Mitchell of .'.H South i ^ \\:. .wish to tli.'Mik our friends- Wasliingtiiii avenui; left today for Cdfleyviili; til si'end iwn- 'weeks Urucejiii,. illness and death ol our inolher. 1 and .family. re;in -'d lei ly j' in :;gll' .-.(..lilt v.ilh licr daiightei-, .Mrs. P.iiwliis and family.' . and nei*;hliors. alsn "Dr. Kerwnnd.: .Mr-, .less .l -niiins. w'l .i |j:r !i.-. 11 for l!ie kindness sliowii' iis'diiring lere visiting lie.r iiiieie, .-'.. S;. ;.,.!!•• i ; 111; , Mrs. lldell.- Mrs. Wni. Smith ami liomi' in Cliiiai-'ci. •fiinlily, Mr.s. Bertha !Mt\rIcr. ' ! i : Add.I lliiiiii- |.-'ii';ed l.niii'- j will); today Iroiii .\ Ciiy • aii '-r n ill visit: with lier daiig!it-r. .tli •. lola i^aii'ndeis. /' r i ye.sterday. said this morning! that ; — Ihey had come hack to lola toislay. : .Mfred Itiejiari ••f C dli-isvin.' i.- They all do sooner or later. Illie giie.-,t -if iiieiids in I'ly city. 1 .Mr. and .Mrs. WallaceiSniith I spent the past seven month 'CaMforniii and wlio arrived in SAl.ST I'.VrKICK DA.N'CE AT ELKS ClAli i 'liursdav. .Mart -h 17 Voiiiigbeig Orchestra This will be Hie last dance of the st-ason.; .\ll'i:iks invited -.?1 per couple >Vin. Poiin- ."» roiils -A (Jimd (,'lg'ar j -i' o Uicvard "l -lu I'.i:; s!r,.,t. ) -- 'who has been ill of Hie llii tm' !v.'i ': lola is .lust now being fhioded i,,. ;lijie wcdi^ p. 1 -1 V. .iv ':'i|. -Ill j:witli neckties which are beiun sen'. ;i„. ;,; 1!,, < andy ^st'iir.-• .%t •!• rdiiy. loll' by a "lilind"; man in St. limiis. ; 1 ,1 ,1 js nni f. ili,,;^ so w-il I 'ni .r. .iinl "If you ilon'.l waint them sejid |t liem , i,;,s 1 eiu.iiiied ai hniie..- back." are the iristriictions oil the' — package. . . -i-,.,] .Mi,-i,:i..| left ye-t' ri 'iiy "ii ; husliie .-s fur pninis. in I 'l -.a-. CARIAXK I Fl rn 'liniji y i. Thiis vein's tennis chainpionshipa •^illlie Ilunihiilil! iiii.'-h school audi-; of ilie Soutlierii Iniercidlegjate A. iiirimii .^loiiday aflernoon with a • .A... will be held ut. iJiriiiingham,' irri.iil attendance. Hwing to Illness I April :;:(-Jo. ••.i. 1:. (iilk-- ..t' vlilli idi.i.iii'- • nine deeija! v .,ir:, i|i.;i-' L ; .Mr-. (Ill WilKiiLSiiii li;..| II Ii.'.i' ' - \ is wcrk:::!', iii m ii.iii w'l 'i li:i i li; ha\ ill'-' and yisiiliii • I're-tiill The llr)iii-; , \Vij:i;e:s ire t T! i!;s- l);i :.e 11? Of :'ii'| > liu:'. h. Iced ;• ii'iilt liiey 'i.:n ^lig (1/1 laiifly. in r:.i re|j:irl,-: .'i l:' '.v iciiiii li':-- .\Hu rt iiy liiiiii.'. .'ill F. I|.. limiey an ! ;•• aiai-ii'-;! ih- ;;io ^1' •aile! Ilniiie in j, ii-re in hi.:;ii:- |)ili- rihilay W<;die-d,i> ••. ve- i-. .\ii :".iii!!-fr. V eo ii.i-; h::it; • •i <i:; r<Kfv. Hnwy-. :^• : li.l^: .i.- _ ;hi •• .-.ill. C. Milin 11^1 r § .Ml ^. r Ki'llle .-iid and Ml-:-, i:. i;' K .-i- 'iiireji .• ''ifal .•^.;ii .i;:y al . hi ill 1;. : i- l.iCi' 'vVarren 'A • i:.l!i rs ;|ii liie iCo!i"r:.- ;;y 1 nilif.':. •i'!l::i .^'vi liir'wa.l aii.ilili' to at-, |.i :id -1 !;ii!:t .^'tiiriny ioii 11.1:111111 nC g .Vii-^. !•;>..> ; ioii'.'ht\| Arix.. wjii; !:;,- .'.e . .11 ^in Ci 'i <i::-i,ii. I...I'..' Ill r l;(ii >ir wOil !i. • M-i. \li I 'll-., j :i!'.| It. .:••.'• Ill f ire-iiiiri VI rs. <:}•'. i.<f. i 'l ti'.;- ... (Maiiitr ' ' :il'. . (iiilvi- t ^ivMi-iiip will 1 ..|.'ir.i'. I .ia!;:i.liii;.i l ;:!;i :i .-i>l;i', ii;;le ii - A: I The New Triplwear' Way TBa Old Way .-ec:i! in this vi in- g 1 Fla:;-i;if:.i E !i • V; ;ilin.; M' : i inili:; ('..: - TRADE MARK Athletic Union Suits The Back Can't Tear- Protected Everywhere $120 per suit threefor$2Z^ Boys 75c An Actual'PKoco ~ , Goodknit ~Trip!w«ap" nrnwnts are prot«:Ud inl erery plan where ardinarT athletic uhrments giva, way. (««• llliutrationi). The croaa of tape on back; and patented loop ot tape acroaa webbtnff prevents' them from tearinffZ Arm holca are^.taped. Seamsi a>«.tap«d. Seat button attached with tare. Made: extra foil fn liie tbrourhout. "Triplwear" » a real "athletic" garment built for action, Eervice and comfort. ComDare them with others for size and wearlnr onalitie*. They wear lonner and zin greater iatistactlon .but coat no more. An Actual Photo IV. ) aiiilii. ..have ever 11:1; |. t;iil' iiid jr.. s. Ill I uriiili ; :ii:;l i..', i ••• ..«•!.-. »ij'' 1 ' •' '" ! i^id 'Mr -..^ii i: . Til •. I \M, i a I i '.::i:X> >. : 1 ;. ii-i .1 AfliliUtcd Clothiers for lohi (aril of Thanks. —M"e desire to I hank the .Masonic Lodge .N'o. "S .\. F.-.^r .Uda A.'M. <.e(ir,ge Silel'V-011'l il.lS ;i.r'J."'eU a j posiiiiiii v.iih the. Ciiy Dil ( ><.. • <>••.and all friends who so kiiidl|,v as-;,,,.,. Uidadv.Sivj and Wa .-iiiii-' 'ii a=, ! .sislod us ill otir hereavemefit i in ' ^t;,ii,,„ aneii.i iii!! ami will "lis'i i;;. i the los.s of our husband and' fa-. n,,. Te.xaco pioiiiicts lo t!ie imiiie. 1 tl,,.r.-JMrs. A .Sw.iggplt. Mn and: I .Mrs. C. .-v. S\vigce{t. .Mr. and Mrs. ' Knie-t Mii ii .i'l came In irnii F. P. Swiggetl,'Mr. and -Mrs. I.eo .1. _ Te.xas iiii* morning wie re ie iiad iTrefreu. lieeii on bn.-iness. • I 1 I. I '.I r . .• . Wi!- ill 'II. 1:1:; ibie 111 ;S- E. I. Wooilard..who is working at: .Madison. Kan., speni Sunday with his wife and dai.fihter of 103 South Klni street. .;(!•• .\.i. , (•••,! i:,-; '.vi. . 'h. I.:i ••.•!»•; ill c. ;-. i:,d -Vi;-- : 11. lillU-. r. • i" W". > -I." d .•iii,i:i. Frank Fraze of Cas City started ; .Mi.^s \'ivian'l-ii nip l'!"' ''li- •''''''• •work on rebuilding a house' that eriioon fur Kansas (,'jiy ' :ii v:-it was burned some time .agi>, and iicr graiidiiiollier. Mr;. Ali'.e Kenu). abbut the first thing he did Win. Prnn—."V fenls~.\ (inod Cigar | to run 1 nail in his foot and • 1 — jiall a doctor. ; .Mrs. .1. AV. Lockhart and Miss lla/.e! .lewell of Humboldt were ml .'.li.-. .'i: ' Air. 11;.! .\i V. i;..'i':: I. : then! .Mrs. llarve liowaid and .^'Hi.' ,,,1 ;. ; .V:-. Deliiiai. 11: Tiip.'ka. are vii'ing ni . • .. the I '.onie'' of ilieir p.iieal-- ai:-: : -7^ ~ JuBt like Angel Food Cake, | grandparents. Ml. and .Mrs; D. P! i rma " i he hi Ji-a- I • : • ^ ! M, . c. F, : '1 r'. ii:;. !•:. :>i: ': : :i .• . y. li'.i I ii'i J .T'i..;! I. IV., ...1. ii-,/.. I •. I;,.- . IC .l!... .i|:.!| .•'i 1 .- iiii'!.-- V i: i 'urs ,a :<..•!.. h...ii;-,. •i' •: I;... • :. ii i . a :!ev •r, 'i.'..i \r . 1.. II 1 '1 . i I • i. A: •. ; f i'. aii .i i ••enx. f. !• ..M til.. V . ', .1 . :;:, i Sii'ii 'I:' V I'.v.. 1; !') 1<. 'l- vonr Ola ! ii'ie»." !i iiriiiM » 7. l!'-7. lii 'isinesH vi.sitors in lola yesterday. | Van Hoozer'a Broad. 2 for 15c. 1 .Northriip. .'.O- Kiist sii\it. Mrs. C. S. i.owmiller and son <if Kaiisiis City, came last night for an indefinite" stay with their parents and grandparents. .Mr. and .Mrs. S. \V. Fickle of fiufi East Madison av.-nue. Mr.s. Fickle is (luite ill of influeuza. Church oi' Christ Seien- fist of lola, Kansas,! announces a Free f.eiture <iii ("liriBtiau Science, b; .lidii! Randal Dunn. C S. B., riienilier. of The Board of l,e<-(iire- shi|. of The .Mother,''hurch. The, Fi::-t Church ot Christ SdenUst,!* Of flco lola State Bank Bldg, ill Huston* .MaHsachiiseti.s. at the:* Phonca-"" ~ Kelley Theater, Siiililav . afternoon.! * I Man i^ iir. „i i!:;!ii. jl'lie public I -Mrs. Everett i;::;usberg is conk-^ M .S. I.ily Wril^i;,. o; XVi .., ,i,.ali:i | «V ^ I V\\ P AlIFMT ft escing satisfactorily from her iiu^- 1 nn.ierwen! a iii.ijer ..p. i -a ;i.,ii liii^ 1 flL-'ilill \3 liLfifi irlljLjl"! ijXJtiU jor'operation ;whieh she underweiit ; morning a' St. .Ichn'- ho: jdlal. at St. .ijdin's hospital about teji • day.s- ago. • F. L. H. LEATELL, M. P. t-.'iJiWWIi -^l'-- Pi'liem e !lieedoiii. v.iiu w:. 1 I operated n;"iii ii! Hi. .hilm'.-. le. idijil a v.eel; ;I.^M y-^ierilay. 1^ |. ported as a little jbi lie- Ki^iay. Ma\-.v. 11. iili.i .\!i' . I Waliie.-. an.I p.'r- Ruiii II .I 1 lii. I.. H. di-;-. .\iiii'oi|:- ir.=;. d.evi 11 •11 .Sl /Far . lii'ig. .• Adi; 1 DRYCOODS-WOMENS WEAR-MILLINERY ^ lOUA- KANSAS Noi'lhrup IJklt,'., Formerly Occupied by James Richardson. ipLA'S POPt'L^R STORE OUR SEMI-ANNUAL Ci^J'Tovnia i\\"^\):\^V: .Vcrjuiros ('(>nlrf)1 of • Special attention given Dljg- [ • eascR of Colon and Rcctunj. • Elcctro-Theraijy and » Physiothora'py: i|ili;t11y iiivltei MiH. S. W. V iillen. who has lighter. .Mil*" 'A 1 U..M " \,ll=.i Fwliii: of' vlHltIng her III lighter. Mli*.t > Mr.: and ^'•••*' ,,'^'7"''[ Mullen. hclenc|. InHir.icior at , Ueriyvile Kan ' Mr lor lllRh. haK returned (o her ^.•"'"•'•Y MrK in Lnbelle City. liwiiiK vvciH home Sunday but Mrs. ^ Kwlng remained for a longer vlidi., ^_ \V„,„1 K, „f the reluming home last iilRht. P Itoyal Viiciium Sweepers' the best .terms. K. C. Electric iiliil PdimblUg Co. T. S. I »ni{. of "N 'oilli Fourth .street, received painful iDJiirleH Monday work on the nevvV river ' bridgu West of town. , Sir. I.or ... at tee iilg| Oil k Refining C".. was a biis|iiess ; ! .,,.„ I visitor In I.eroy .Monday. K was one of the forin buijders Iwork there. He fell abou^ fif- i feet on a pile-of rock, bifeak- his lelt arm juSt alwve the wrilst and tearinp-the ligaments in the] roll arm loose. The wrist waR also iwii out of pfuw'J It. will bo sqiie time before he will be able to irn to work. ii • • i i been I •nHh :. ,liin- luntc rb 'sii Best Results in Your Baking ^ ! 11 i 1.1 y i €if < ili". l.r '.'i ,' Ml ;;i'iilii:c : |i;nc^ .-i.- ^.'ir;;ll -':•! ii'll 'I' piri '..l' ,i, ...i T,;I. /i';i;ii. 1, ;l.-i'! if -i"ir".-«l !•;• 'lijia:!..' nt-; (Dti- .Mil'.-:-. kill}.; lihi'i.'," Jiii'l use Makes Girls More.Attractive If the face powder you now nso does not stay on long enough to suit you—does not keep that ugly; shine away indefinitely—doe? not make your .skin colorful like a I peach—try this new.i wonderful: special French Face j Pow-! <Ier. called MEi.LO-GLO. RcjmeiB- ber the name .MELl.O-GLX>. T lere'd nothing like it.—Gook'a Di-ug Store KC BAKING POWDER SaimejPrice lor oiverSdv!ears aSonacesSorSS/ MILLIONS of F|OUNDS USED . By THE GOVERNMENT i Guarantee^ Pure K ;iii.i |i'', riifi :•. 1 "f i!i. ii^uii''! cf ;iM 1',- ii :M 'li;'ir nT 1 • i; j ,. '1 ri' •.iui'; II. N I dii.-i,... '.',;:; '..I'l.iii/ in 'i.- "'uvi'iy'- iiiim-ii'ii 'le :\\V<\ ( ill., I 'l-. .i;.!'!!!;." .'f I' '.•• .'I'l .i.'ll !:;.:!|Ui 'il' tllt 'C " |i;ii'ahi . • 1 . ."'TI).' ri .>i-.| •('•1 i. •'•••ii.' • '>''\\\<u'i\- :\V !)i ,;i -i 'i .)'.'ii Kii! ti »• i'la 'liti. •<y<<\.\\: ''ii. i->li'i !ii '.iin '.s." i'j 'i 'ctnl.-. ikki'Il. Ill' at rain !' Ill" ap- i ^ll'Cl'.' Ill' \ s-iJ(K: T 'lc ir.u.-i GENri , HESTER 115 Vt 'est Madi M BATTKRY CHARGINC 1 VI: UlLI^ARD BATTER .^$1L95 i 5ATTERY & ELIfXTRIC son : Pht 1 inn in 1 CO. ne 282 FRIDA Y NIGHT 7 p; m. to 9 p. m. WATCH THrRSDAY'S KEGISTKSl VOll TIIK 1 I 'I ?I(K. IT WII.L Sl'RF'RLSK YOl . Do you remember oui' first nig-ht sale la.-^t fall? Were you here with the crowds to take advanta^'e of. it? II" you were you will be hc)*e P'rida.v iiijjfht at 7 o' when the doors open 200 New Spring Dresses in Every New Spring Color Watch^-Wait—Be Here! SElNEKER'S SENEKER'S

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