Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on January 25, 1962 · Page 5
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 5

Fayette, Iowa
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Thursday, January 25, 1962
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Doctor sees threat to Opfomisfic Nation from within Economic By Dr. J. President, Dudley Youraan Jr. Shreveport Medical Society effective technique. Mr. Kennedy, Mr. Rihicoff and Mr. Cohen are selling the lie in the same fashion about Anderson King legislation. They emphatically deny that putting medical can- of the aged under the Social Security Tax is Socialism. They deny that they „, i i already have plans and intend to We sorely need wise courageous cxtcnd this leaders today of the stature of Was- The greatest threat to this nation is from within. It is Fabian-Marxist- Welfare-Socialism which history teaches invariably leads to dictatorship or Communism. ington, Jefferson, Madison, Teddy Roosevelt, to mention a few. I da'-e say with those men, there would have been no Yalta with its resulting island of Berlin surrounded by a Soviet sea. There would have been no Potsdam or sellout of China to the Communists. There would have been no Korea, Vietnam, Laos or Cuba. There would have been no -foreign policy' based on giving away our wealth to the point of bankruptcy. For years I have considered that these "blunders" were due to unfathomable stupidity. Now I wonder. If the public had been told there were Communists in high policy- system under Social Security until everyone is covered ana oy Soc j n ij z0( ] medicine is in minimal form will increase the Social Security Tax by 10 per cent. This means that with already existing Social Security laws the total Social Security Tax will be over 20 per cent ( one fifth Of what you earn up to $5.000 ) by 1969. You pay every penny of this Soc. . ,.-._, ial Security Tax. On the books it no .foreign policy based on looks likc half is pai( , by thc cm . ployer. Remember the company which hires you has no money except what it earns. Therefore, tin- only way your employer can pay this tax is for him to get more production out of you, or he has to raise the price of the product he making positions in government dur- sells. If this happens, you pay for Ing the Roosevelt and Truman Ad- it in inflated prices. Don't continue ministrations, the informant would to be a duped American; you earn have been called an idiot. You well and pay every penny of tiie Social remember Alger Hiss and Harry Security Tax. Dexter White. They were Commun- Add to this 20 per cent Social Se- ists in high policy-making positions curity Tax the income tax withhold- and advisers of the President. The ing which begins at 20 per cent when public was the idot. The American a single man has earned $675 and people were duped. you have a 40 per cent tax to start The Supreme Court refused to let with on the first $5,000 you earn Eisenhower clear the government after deduction. I say when and if of Communists. Are there more that occurs, that will be Social- Alger Hisses and Harry Dexter ism. They are now talking of rais- Whites? Does this explain some of ing this base of $5,000 to $5,200 the blunders?' Do you not some- right away, and it has been stated times wonder? in the Department of Health, Ecl- The Fabian-Marxist-Welfare-Soc- ucation and Welfa [ e that there is ialists have been trying to socialize no reason whv „ thls base shouid medicine for many years. This is an not *» ™ ised to $9-000 in the future. essential part of their plan to social- Kennedy, Rib.coff and Cohen fear ize the United States. Doctors have most thc equating of their proposed warned about this for years. These socialistic medical legislation with warnings have been half believed or Socialism. They know that the gre- off because they from were at majority of Americans do not thought to" come~"~from ""a selfish want any part of Socialism. They in- interest group " tcnd tnat whcn the dl| P cd Americans Doctors now' realize, and we hope wake U P- ;t will be too late as it to convince others, that it is wrong was for duped Cubans. to fight only socialization of your Why should you care if your doc- profession or industry. A united t° r and lhc other American doctors effort to fight all forms of Social- a™ socialized? You had better care, ism and Communism wherever and because the socialization of you will whenever it comes up is needed to ™t be far behind Senator Hubert become a force to be respected Humphrey is reputed to have said and listened to that tlle p . Ian to SOCIallzo tne United Mr. Kennedy! Mr. Ribicotf, Mr. States exists now. He stated that Wilbur J. Cohen and Mr. Walter the nation will be socialized as rapid- Outlook IUG2 will IK- a good year possibly a record year - with more jobs, higher pay and increased production, according to Changing Times, the Kiplinger magazine. An article in the current issue of the maga/ini 1 takes a look at the year ahead, and finds the economic picture especially bright. The editors of the magazine p-e- clirt that more jobs will be available, with the total number of people working in the 70 million range. "But joblessness will still be a serious problem," they note. "Unemployment will average out to about four million or a little more. The unemployment rate will drop about seven percent to not much higher than five percent. "Production will soar - industry will operate at 90 percent of capacity or better, compared with a bit over 80 per cent in 1961. That means more of everything, from steel and aluminum to buttons and safety pins, will pour out of the factories. Gross National Product will rise to a rate of at least 570 billion dollars by the end of 19G2 .... an impressive six percent increase." Pay will go higher, too, the magazine predicts. But how much is a question. With profits rising and industry prosperous, unions will agitate for more money. Many employers will go along rather than risk interruption of output. But some may not - notably the steel industry." And a major steel strike, the article cautions, could trigger a business drop. But overall the upswing will be steady, at least until fall, for practically all businesses, thq magazine concludes. "People generally will feel more secure. Economic danger signals, if they occur, won't be seen until year-end, when the possibility of a letdown is by no means remote." Reuther intend to put medical care the economy can stand it. You of the aged under the Social Secur- had better care if you want free Ity Tax ( Anderson-King-ForanoV enterprise, if you want labor unions Type legislation ). This is social- " J™ wan tho right to stnke and ized medicine. More • legislation of the many other freeedoms we enjoy ~- same type is pJannfd for the ^"j™ g^™^ tb?5J the direction of his past thinking. Through the years he has written slant flow of letters, telegrams and by word of mouth, Insist to them mrougn me years ne '-«'-<-' that a passive resistance to Social- and advised on much of the Social " Communism in part of its Security and Welfare Legislation . „ . „„. onn ,, ah Wo ^ ant mnn Security that has land. become the law of the Mr, Cohen held the enviable post forms is not enough. We want men who are vigorous, vocal, and active In this fight against our number one Mr. cohen neia tne envmo.e post e ^^ W(J can be ^^ of legislative liaison with ^Congress from within> but not from wlthout . as a protege of Arthur J. Altmeyer, Chairman of the Social Security Board in 1946. It was at this time that the master plan to socialize the American doctors was written by I. S. Falk, self Director of the Bureau of Research and Statistics in the Social Security Board with the assistance of the Bureau staff. This piece of literature is called: Medical Care Insurance, A Social Insurance Program for Personal Health Services; Report from the Bureau of Research and Statistics, Social Security Board, to the Committee on Education and Labor, United States Senate, 79th Congress, Second Session, Senate Committee Print Number 5, July B, 1946, 185 Pages. This plan for socializing the American doctor and American medicine is comparable to Hitler's Meln Kampf. It left no detail untouched for the complete socialization of medicine for the American people. The Murray-Wagner-Dingle Bill during the Truman Adminstration was taken from this plan. This was the first real attempt to socialize medicine. Mr. Cohen followed the plan when he helped draft the Anderson-King Bill. This bill IB not dead. It will probably be up again in Janurary « one of Kennedy's must welfare locializlng bills, Mr. Kennedy, Mr. Ribicoff, Mr. Cohen and Mr.,Reuther fear mogt the revealing statement that placing medical care of the aged on the Social Security Tax is socialized medicine, and therefore, It is Social- ilBm. To stealthily socialize medicine, IjBjey are trying to sell the lie in the •lame manner used by the Commun- Remember the Congressmen must come to you and ask for your vote. You are the boss. Act like one. In this fight, often by saving the other fellow you are saving your- Smithfield Homemakers Study bracelet making MAYNARD — The Farm Bureau Homemakers of Smithfield township met with Mrs. Raymond Calhoun at 10 a. m. Tuesday, Jan. 9, for the craft lesson on making bracelets under the leadership of Mrs. Arnold Paul. The afternoon program following the co-operative dinner open with a skit, "Shopping for the Best" by Mrs. Leroy Henniges and Mrs. Roy Potter. This emphasized the qualifications of a good leader which includes co-operation, inspiration, enthusiasm, responsibility, tact, tolerance, confidence, patience, humor and common sense. Mrs. Lester Moeller, Stanley, county library chairman, reviewed two books, "A Change and A Parting" by Yambura and Bodinc, and "A Certain Something" by Arlene Frances, and Mrs. Lillian Berry gave an outline of how the year's study of Australia will be carried out. The ABC's of Farm Bureau was discussed by Mrs. Henniges who used a scope-mobile to show responsible, world, heathful and cultural living. Mrs. Chester Turner will entertain the group in another all-day meeting in February. Over 16 million Now receive benefits Shortly after Jan. 1, sixteen and one-half million people started 19G2 off by receiving more than a billion dollars in monthly social security benefits. 2!)2,2I)0 of these people, according to Karl T. Johnson, district manager, of the Waterloo social security office, live in thc state of Iowa. "And by social security, we don't just mean old ago benefits." MI-. Johnson went on to say. "In fact, there are 52,5(K) lowans receiving survivors benefits and 11.2IK) dis abled workers and their dependents receiving $3.8Gfi.O!IO monthly." Nationwide, the firmrrs Iw.-ik down like this: 11,090,000 retired workers and their di'i)"M'l'>n!' •• ceiving $780,000,000 monthly; 3,814,000 widows and rhildi-on rirei\nig $225,300,000 monthly, and I.O.'Ifi.ddO disabled workers and their depend ents receiving $<i«,<XK).(XX). Many of these folks are receiving benefits now because of changes made in the law in 11HJ1. August of Idst year was the first month that men between G2 and 05 could choose to receive benefits ( with the amount slightly less than if they had waited until G, r > ). This was also the month that 3,700,000 aged widows and people receiving minimum benefits found an increase in their checks. Recent changes in the law also made 1961 the first year a work er could earn considerable over $1 200 and receive some of his bene fits. Mr. Johnson stressed that all workers over (!f> who have not yet applied for benefits should get in touch with his office. They may have money coming to them for 19G1 and, more important, can claim this money only if they apply before the end of January. Your local social security office at 702 Black Hawk Bldg.. W. 4th and Cammerical Sts., Waterloo, will be glad to discuss the present social security law with you, and give you additional information about any area of particular interest to you. Accident Robert Greene, of Ainsworth was seriously injured recently in a corn harvesting accident. He was assisting in unloading corn when vibration caused part of a door to fall into the self unloading wagon and in reaching to remove it, his hand was caught in the spokes and pulled into the machine. It was necessary to amputate his left arm above the elbow near the shoulder. • STRENGTHEN AMER/M'S HACK POWIKI BUY U.S. SAVINGS New officers installed In Helping Hand Society MAYNARD — The installation service for the new officers of thc Helping Hand society was con ducted by thc pastor, thc Rev. Carl R. Carlson, at it:; regular iTifi.t'nc ;it Uic United Preshy! ian church Wedm sday arte n.ion, .Ian. .'i. Rise seen in demand For home economists Jobs f^r sonic lO.OOT home economists in business, extension work and social welfare will become available over the next few years, according to Changing Times, the Kiplinger Magazine. Reporting on a study by the American Home Kconomics Association, an article in the current issue of the magazine notes that demand is strong, nut only because of the expanding of home economists but also because turnover is very high. "That's not because of dissatisfaction with the work. . . . it's because home economists practice what they preach," according to the editors of the magazine. "They enjoy advising families on how to run their affairs and they enjoy using that advice themselves in managing their own families." Changing Times points out that despite an expanded use of home economists in other areas, the heaviest demand for workers will continue in secondary education, where as many as 5,000 home economics teachers must be recruited annually as replacements, not counting those who must be? found to staff expanded departments required by rapidly increasing enrollments. "The need. . . .is especially strong at both ends of the ladder -," the article concludes, "at tlie top where there is a serious shortage of home economists to fill supervisory positions, and at the bottom where the supply of beginners is too thin." New officers are: Mrs. Donald R. Fish, president; Mrs. Ivan Gamier, vice president; Mrs. Herbert Malven, secretary; Mrs, Irving Patridge. treasurer. New sectaries: arc Vivian Hubbell, fellowship; Mrs. Floyd Henniges, spiritual life; Mrs. Carlsen, Missionary education; Mrs. Robert Ponsar, social education and action; Mrs. Donald Lowry, national and ecumenic al missions; Mrs. Glen JVIittfl.stailt, Christain education; Mrs. J. Fred Ingels and Mrs. Charlotte Ranncy, sewing and supplies; Mrs. Clyde Renfrew, cheer; and Mrs. Frank CummingB, literature. On the program was a discussion of "Let's Face the Facts" led by Mrs. Hcnniges. Items of business included annual reports by retiring officers and the secretary and making plans for the two dinners to be served later this month. One of these will be at the Community hall for a northeast Iowa insurance company on Jan. Ifi and the other will be for the district Presbyterian meeting to be at the United Presbyterian church on Jan. 13. It was announced that the Deborah and Rebekah guilds will meet on Wednesday afternoon, Jan. 24. in the respective homes of Mrs. Floyd Gilley and Mrs, Fred Schrader. "Do It Yourself" Lunches ONDS TOM tHMI IH AMMtICA Announce engagement MAYNARD — Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Lundry- are announcing the engagement of their daughter, Bessie Jean, to Dick S. Miller, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Miller, Dunkerton. No wedding date has been set. Miss Lundry, a graduate of the West Central high school is attend ing a beauty school in Waterloo. Her finance, a graduate of the Dunkerton high school, is employed by the Corrugated Box Company, Waterloo. TRY AN AD IN THE LEADER IT PAYS TO ADVERTISE "Do it Yourself" can be fun for the youngster who fixes lunch for herself whcn mother is forced to be away. Mother, of course, plans such luncheons for good nutrition and sees to it that they arc simple enough for a youngster to prepare. Pictured is one young miss happily setting out her lunch: Luncheon Meat Sandwich Green. Salad ' Scoop of Ice Cream from the Freezer Tall glass of tangy, chilled Apple Juice Apple juice, is a wholesome, natural fruit drink for youngsters for lunch, or lor after school, for supper or breakfast. And apple juice confirms the theme of National Apple Week (October 12-21) "Apples Taste Good Any Time, Any Place, Any Where". . Other "Do it Yourself" Luncheons: Hot Chicken Soup ' Canned Apple Slices with Cottage Cheese, on Lettuce Chocolate Cookies Milk Cold Meat with Tomato Slices Wholewheat Bread. Canned Apple Sauce Hot Cocoa Now...for the-first time you can... heat with automatic natural gas SELL VOUH DON'T WANTS WITH LEADER WANT ADS A well drilled 4,000 feet deep in the Sahara provides abundant water to create a large oasis. )t! Dr. Tirso Del- Junco, in his Ulk jta CommunUnn - In Shreveport* to T> your doctors Invited you, said . Castro'sold the Cubans the Castro told them that he was ran oppressive die- tand restore all of iand liberties pf a de- Mba.;At the saine time Ll —•"'-''te'of j^j mouth, Qpntmunlst poi the Cubans i been duped, power. This ' lie hap in .every standard. Keep your dairy herd at PEAK PRODUCTIONI Every mouthful counts when you're looking for that margin of extra milk from your herd. In Rath Feed, every teaspoonful contains exactly the right amount of each ingredient. Smart dairymen know tha,t what you put into your herd will come out in greater profit. Rath's critically high standards assure you of highest quality in all its feed ingredients for continued peak performance in your herd . '•;. stop in soon, Animal Protein makes the difference Dumermuth & Fay ? »yette Sand & Gravel Co, ' ^ \ r (? * i *•--.'•. ETTE SAND & GRAVEL CO. FEED At home ... at work — let natural gas provide the comfort you want during cold weather. Natural gas doer, the job for less, because it is tho thriftiest fuel you can use in your home. Natural gas does thc heating without another thought. Modern, automatic natural gas does so many jobs around thc home and office — safely and surely ... cleanly and quietly— even when you forget. Today's automatic controls keep the heat at just thc temperature you select... spread the heat evenly from floor to ceiling. Every corner of every room stays warm and comfortable. . Solve your heating problems tho modern, economical way with natural gao —> the miracle fuel. See your heating dealer or: PEOPLES NATURAL GAS Office Between Fayette Leader & Theatre — Clifford Hayes, Mgr, — Phone 266 • , j '", '*#* LIVE MODERN...FOR LE^.vMfiTH NATURALOA3 f

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