Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on September 2, 1972 · Page 11
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 11

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 2, 1972
Page 11
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Caused fey a */ Alton Evening Telegraph Saturday, September 2,1972 A-13 Icy cold cream of celery-crab soup in pretty glasses, hot or cold meat, salad, dessert—for a fine summer meal. Refreshing cold soups for late summer meals Plenty of warm weather still ahead and so, plenty of time to enjoy one of summer's gustatory pleasures, cold soup. Chilled soups may be made well ahead of meal time and the task of preparing the soups need not be arduous. The trick is to use canned condensed cream soups, of which there is a goodly variety. Add mixture of cold milk and water and then come the various refinements from a bit of seasoning to flaked seafood. And of course, there's always consomme that jellies itself in the refrigerator obligingly. F o r seafood fanciers there's: Cream of Celery- Crab Soup 1 can (W/2 ounces) condensed cream of celery soup 1/2 cup cooked, flaked crabmeat % teaspoon dried dill leaves % teaspoon lemon juice 1/2 cup cold milk Keep can of soup in refrigerator 3 to 4 hours. Just before serving, open can and combine soup with remaining ingredients. Serve in chilled bowls or glasses. Serves 2 or 3. Pitcher shown in photo holds 2 quarts. Glasses shown hold 8 ounces each. That addition to our cuisine from old Russia, Rorscht, has, through the years become a favorite everywhere, it can be made from scratch, of course, but here is an easy way to prepare .'i servings of this rosy red concoction. Quick and Easy Korscht 1 can (W,<2 ounces) condensed beef broth 1/2 cup chopped canned beets, chilled Vi cup cold beet juice 1 teaspoon lemon juice \'-> teaspoon grated onion Sour cream Keep can of soup in refrigerator I! to 4 hours. Just before serving, open can and mix soup with beets, juices and onion. Serve in chilled Mirror of your mind By JOHN CONWELL •H. Can men 'take or leave' clothes? Sterility may develop from mumps bowls; garnish each serving with sour cream. Serves 2 or 3 and is nice enough for any meal. Fruit soups have become another imported favorite through the years, deriving originally from Sweden. Here is a quite exotic, delicious version: JELLIED CONSOMME WITH PEACHES 2 cans (10'/ 2 ounces each) condensed consomme 4 to 6 canned peach halves 1 package (3 ounces) cream cheese 2 tablespoons peach syrup Keep cans of consomme in refrigerator at least 4 hours. Chill peaches. Soften crea mcheese with peach syrup. Chill. Place peach halves in chilled bowls. Open cans and spoon jellied consomme over peaches. Garnish each serving with cream cheese mixture. Serves fi. A pleasing party luncheon soup! Another refresher: SPARKLING PEA SOUP 1 can (lli& ounces) condensed green pea soup 1 soup can milk 2 tablespoons chopped watercress 2 teaspoons lemon juice Generous dash mace Dash crushed tarragon leaves Sliced radislics- Iii saucepan, stir soup till smooth; gradually blend in milk; stir in remaining ingredients, except radishes. Heat; stir now and then. Chill 4 hours or more. Thin with additional milk, if desired. Garnish with radishes. Makes about 2'4 cups. Cooking cues Saute bananas, cut into 1- iiicli chunks, in butter in a large skillet. Add drained canned pineapple chunks and sprinkle with light brown sugar; heat. Delicious served with broiled chicken. DEAR DR. LAMB - Would you please tell me if a man contracts the mumps when over the age of 21 does it make him sterile? If this is correct, is it temporary or permanent? If this disease does make a man sterile, can you tell why? This is of vital concern to me right now and I would appreciate anything you can tell me on the subject. DEAtt READER — Mumps can cause this problem but many mature men have the mumps without becoming sterile. It depends on whether the testicles are involved or not. The virus that causes the inflammation of the parotid glands around the jaw can also involve the testicles and even the pancreas. When the testicles are involved they become inflamed and swollen just like the glands around the jaw. In adult men sometimes the swollen painful testicles are the first physical sign of the mumps instead of the welling noted in the neck. Whether a man will be sterile or not. after Hie involvement of the testicles depends on how much damage to the cells in the testicles is caused by the inflammation. If it is minimal and there is a good recovery, which should occur certainly within a lew months after the episode if it is going to occur at all, then the m;m is not sterile. On the other hand, if a lot of the tissue which produces the .sperm cell is damaged, there may not be sufficient sperm cells for fertility. This does not mean that such A man will lose his masculinity. The cells that produce male hormones in the testicles are not the same cells that produce sperm. If these are not damaged, the normal amounts of the male hormone will continue to be produced even if the man is infertile. DEAR DR. LAMB— I hope you will answer my letter. My problem is with my periods every month. I really suffer w i t h cramps something terrible. I have tried things like aspirin, but they don't help. Also, my periods are NO. Men can be as emotionally involved with their clothes as women are with theirs. Men will make sure there are pads in coals to give the broad-shouldered look associated with strength and masculinity. Yet, as proud as they ca be about their clothes — just as the peacock is about his fine feathers s — men are somewhat chary. They wear clothes to be noticed, but they want to be sure they are noticed for what they are, not for what they are wearing. Do adverse statistics burl marriage? NO, although Ln constantly hammering at marriage, critics do interpret statistics in ways that support their point of view. It is surprising that more married people don't say to themselves after reading the adverse statistics that cast gloom on the future of marriage: "What am I doing being so happily married?" Yet most peopl" are successful in marriage because they feel lucky to be married; not lucky to escape marital disaster. Is inferiority compel* hereditary? NO, that is definitely a state of mind that a child develops from those around him. Parents, since they influence their children at the most impressionable period in the youngsters' lives are, wi 1 tingly and unwittingly, largely responsible for a child having an inferiority complex. \ father, for instance, who says "Here, Son. let me do that for you," can do just as much harm as a parent who belittles his son. 1972 Hint 1-futures syndicate. Inc.) By Dr. Lawrence E. Lamb very irregular. Sometimes they arc a week early or two weeks late. I have been having my periods for four years now and it has always been the same. It is getting now so that cramps last for about seven hours and I have to go to bed so they will go away. Also, my sister and I disagree on this so tell me who is right. 1 .say that you are supposed to count 28 days from the time your period ends until the next one starts. She says that you count 28 days from the day you start until your next period starts. Who is right? My period has never been regular and it worries me becaue I never know when it is starting until I start to get the cramps. It is terrible. I am afraid to go to a doctor because I don't like talking about things like this. Also, I am really afraid that there might be something wrong with me or lie might do something to hurt me. I am a chicken, as you probably figured. I was wondering if you could tell me what to get to stop the cramps or what would you suggest I do? You •are probably going to say, go to see a doctor. Anyway hope you will answer this. DEAR READER - You are right. You should go see a doctor. He may need to examine you to see what your problem is. Cramps are common in young girls. They begin at the onset of mem situation and usually last only one day, stopping at the time the menstrual flow gets started. Cramps are associated with increased accumulation of blood in the pelvic area. Masters and Johnson, the sex researchers, have shown that this is associated with unrelieved sexual tension — at least the cramps disappear as soon as a woman has an orgasm. The unrelieved sexual tensions cause the build-up of blood and once tensions are relieved the blood drains away, relieving the cramps. Finest In DRY GLEANERS For 25 Years TEMPLE GLEANERS WATCH FOR GRAND OPENING of MAGIC MIRROR HAIR FASHIONS Washington Plaza UPPER ALTON Natural and Organic COMPLEXION CARE PRODUCTS • Clonnsors • Deodorants • "I/ip-Stucks" • Huir &• Eye Cure. For Free Demonstration And Information . . Call 254-1468 or 254-1704 BETHALTO REXALL DRUG Route 140—Bethalto NOW AT YOUR SERVICE 24 HRS, DAILY NEW 24 HOUR EMERGENCY PRESCRIPTION SERVICE PH . 377-8221 DUGGER SWIMMING POOLS, INC. AND SPORTING GOODS 332 W. BETHALTO DR.. BETHALTO. ILL. 62(310 HWY. 14O • 61B/377-B237 TUESDAY WEDNESDAY SEPT. 5-6 ONLY 8"x70" Living Color only PORTRAIT * * 'Plus 50* Film Fee * Babies — children — adults — groups— 1 Special of each person singly only 88#, plus 50# film fee. Groups $1.00 per person, plus one 500 film fee. $ Select from finished pictures in radiant black and white and living color. * Bonus quality "Guaranteed Satisfaction." $ Limit — one Special per child. * Fast delivery — courteous service * Senior Citizens Welcome StvAU Hvvnt 10 AJL i* 1 P.M., S r.M. U « r.M. Open Labor Day, Mon., Sept. 4th-11 am to 6 pra "Enjoy Better Living With Grants Credit" 19 EASTOATE PLAZA—EAST ALTON The traditional concept is that a good exercise program to maintain good physical fitness helps with this problem, although because of the fundamental mechanism of unrelieved tension, 1 doubt that this is very useful. Aspirins are commonly prescribed for the pain and sometimes women get some relief with the aid of a hot water bottle. More often than not, women just endure them. The type of menstrual, crampy pain you are talking about tends to disappear in girls after they reach their middle 20s or after their first pregnancy. Thereafter, if women have pains with their menstrual periods they are of a different nature and apparently related to different Fashion tips Waterproof Waterproof make-up will last through beach weather, exercise and sports aclivit'-s and still look like it was freshly applied. mechanisms. As to how to count the days for the menstrual cycle, physicians use the first day of menstrual flow as the first day of the menstrual cycle; therefore, your sister is right. Better luck on your next, argument. Irregularity is common in girls when they begin having menstrual cycles and may persist for several years. Thereafter, they often become more regular. FRIGIDAIRE BUILT-IN APPLIANCES "It's easy and plensnnt to shop for home rurnlshings at JACOBY'S. You will rind complete accessorized rooms to give you Ideas for your home. The prices will fit any budget. Browse If you wish." Phone 465-4451 627 E. Broadway Alton RBE-533P Frigidaire Compact 30 Built-in Range. Oven cleans itself electrically • Electri-clean Oven cleans rts«lf, racks— automatically. • Compact 30-inch design saves space- easy to install. • Cook-Master control starts, stops oven at pre-selected times. • Designer Door Trim Kit for custom front—available at extra charge. SEE OUR DISPLAY OF FRIGIDAIRE BUILT-INS • BUILT-IN OVENS OR BURNERS • DISPOSALS • DISHWASHERS • REFRIGERATORS Available Through Most Builders & Kitchen Remodelers! Open Man. & Fri. Till 9 p.m. • Convenient Terms • - REFRIGERnTIOn - 550 E. BROADWAY 465-7722 SHOP SUNDAY 12 to 6 p.m MONDAY Labor Day 10 a.m. to 6 p.m Are you ready? This has to be the biggest holiday event in our history and you don't have a minute to spare! Get here fast and share in a Savings Bonanza for the whole family... unbelievable buys, unbeatable special selections, unheard of low prices, and right at the start of the season! LADIES' COATS AND PANTSCOATS new Fall '72 • Entire stock 20% OFF LADIES' DRESSES orig. If QQ &PANTSUITS to 14.99 LADIES' PANTS $O $O AND SKIRTS 6 LADIES' BLOUSES $1 $O $O & BODYSUITS LADIES' SHORTS, $1 $O $O SETS, SHIFTS J LADIES' & GIRLS' PANTYHOSE reg.'i LADIES' LEATHER BELTS orig. 3.99 >*., .. • \ , _ - -;L GIRLS' NEW 90% An* ir A mm\J FALL'72 COATS %£ Qpp $ 1 MEN'S LUXURY SUITS orig. 39.95 to 42.95 $ 20 MEN'S SPORTCOATS orig. 26.88 to 36.95 MEN'S DOUBLEKNIT SLACKS 788 MEN'S SLACKS . $O $O AND JEANS 5.95 to 12.95 ^ ° MEN'S SHORT SLEEVE SHIRTS 3.99 Reg. Reg. +\ 4.99 1mm SIZES 29-34 for for BOYS' FLARELEG SLACKS & SHORT SLEEVE SHIRTS MEN'S PILE ZIP-LINED RAINCOATS orig. 22.86 2 • S 5 12 88 2811 GODFREY RD. (Rt. 67) Just North of Delmar Ave. at the Beltline \

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