Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on December 4, 1963 · Page 10
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 10

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 4, 1963
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

10 nit e The N/GHT, The WOMAN By Stephen Ransome C«£FTfgkt© Mtt, 1963 b) Stephen RMSMW BriiMM by Mhnptper Brterpriie Aon. xxvn They were nearing the downtown section of Fernanda Beach now, still driving northward, Chief Kresh's headlights f laring in the rear window, arceuo went on: "At that time Gibbon found a new interest in living. Masters-Stowell hired a new stenographer. She isn't attractive. But Gibbon fell for her. She'd probably never been so flattered by so much masculine attention. He took her out to expensive places and had to borrow in order to keep on impressing her with his free- spending front. He was up to his neck in debt when the girl suddenly broke it off. "The mother, of course. Gibbon had brought the girl home to meet her and she's been hateful. The girl saw what an impossible situation she was getting into. The split-up must have been humiliating to Gibbon. His three time-payment loans were delinquent. He tried to recoup by betting on the dogs and jai-alai. Of course he lost and got in deeper. He must have been afraid that Masters- Stowell would find it out and fire him. That's when he dipped into the safe and took off eaving, and outside the entrance, Mrs. Wheeler was at her bedroom window. She heard Gibbon say, 'Just remember, the best way is to play it quiet with a big club in your hand, fiecause some people have more to lose than their liberty.' Mrs. Hayward answered, 'Just you leave all this to me—I'll get the money and you'll get your share.' "Then duplicate key. Step right in, Mr. Carden." Blake's pulse was a heavy beat. He went through the door and stopped to stare. The air smelled of damp mustiness and stale liquor. The cabana consisted of one room with a bath partitioned off one rear corner, a kitchenette in the other. It was cheaply furnished, full of the messiness of an untidy man living alone. A studio couch served as a bed. George Gibbon was sprawled there, clad only in undershorts and socks, taller and heavier than Blake had pictured him. His sleep was his l^st. Mass Polio Immunization 'No' — Mr. Carden—there Mrs. Hayward wasjis no sig.i of violence," Barcello suddenly dead, and Gibbon said softly. "Everything you needed monev. Since he could see here is just as we found it no longer go to her, he went except for one item. A bottle to her source directly. This'of whisky, a fifth, half full, put him in an exposed posi-jwas sitting here on this table. tion. which is dangerous. Blackmail always is." • * • More to lose than liberty. Blake's license to practice law . . . Disbarment. His entire future. Barcello had slowed deliberately to a nerve-chafing crawl. "I'd been feeling around for Gibbon in a blind hunt. Mrs. There was a small amount of sediment of some sort in it. I sent it to the lab." "You think he was poisoned?" rrsemblins polio, were reported among Sabin vaccinccs. Stiscquently, the Special Ad, visory Committee on Oral Poli- ln L A HailGU om y rli,ips Vaccine to the sur| goon general said "because po- —- j initial risks of vaccine are believed to exist in adults, es -i CHICAGO fAP>-A mass mi-; p ,, c j a || v a b ovc the age of 30.! muntzarion prcwrnm in Los An-• vaccination should be used for: peles County in which more ; , rtl ,i, s nnlv xvi , n ,h P f Ull rccog .j than 7.5 million doses of Salmi n j tion ot [, s vcrv sma ii v isk." oral polio vaccine were admin- .... ,.„„„,., ' fh „ , „ . ! day. The AMA Journal commented , All three tvpes of Sabin vac- .'editorially: , cine were used in the Los An- "The present status of this 1 peles program and imnnmiza-> problem appears to be that, tion was mtjed for all persons while .some persons believe the 1 over three months of a^e. The vaccine to be responsible for vaccine was given in the fall, sonic of the illnesses observed, and winter of 1962 and 1963. firm proof is still lacking. ; Elsehwrre in the nation dm- "The estremely low rate of ing 1962. a small number <>f> untoward reaction anion? the cases of paralytic disease, some millions of recipients makes' this among the safest prophylactic agents, even If one accepts the etiological role of the vaccine in the cases presently under consideration." N"o bears are to be found in Africa or Australia, except in zoos. Parts of Asia were hit hardest by the 1963 drought. More than 300,000 Pakistanis were forced to abandon their homes in West Pakistan to seek food and water. You can refrigerate salted nuts (in the tightly covered can they came inl but it's best, not to store them In the freezer. RAY OPTICAL MEANS HIGHEST QUALITY! 5 9.50 Hundreds of latest ntjie frames with highest quality Kryptok bifocal or single vision lenses. Also prescription Snn Glasses. Thorough Kyp. Examination $3.50 New Frnnies And Repairs While You Wait Hours: 9:00 to 5:30 Daily — Fri. to 8:30 P.M. Closed Wednesday Afternoons RAY OPTICAL CO 117 N. Locust SL Centralia, III. DR. RAY E, DAI/TON, O. D. No Appointment Necessary Phone: 532-1015 Roynl Portable Typewriters CHRISTMAS PRICE $49.95 HUTSON MACHINE SERVICE 2251 Casey Ave. Ph. 212-2197 LINKON'S ANY GLASS - ANY CAR DESK TOPS - SHELVING • AUTOMOTIVE • "I'm reasonably sure of it. Murdered in all probability by the same person who killed Mrs. Hayward." Blake's throat was a hard knot. He swallowed and asked, Wheeler's description of his carj'ilow long has he been—?" made it definite. You'd be) Barcello looked hard at him amazed how many rusty green ias if to ask. Don't you know? After FOLGER'S INSTANT COFFEE Several hours, I think, dark certainly." Barcello turned to a table near the couch. On it, beside cars are tooling around. Each! owner had to be checked out. and finally—" Barcello had turned again,! into the parking area between ian over/lowing ashtray and an 'One day about two weeks;the two rows of cabanas. He'empty drinking glass, were a - - — 'braked and Chief Kresh stopped|wrist watch, a billfold, a few behind him. A police cruis-'COins. a ring of keys, a cigarette er was standing near the old|lighter—the items a man usual- green sedan and two patrol-|ly empties from his pockets be- men were stationed outside fore undressing for bed. Barcel- Gibbon's door. Several elderly!lo took up the billfold and pay- ago, Gibbon showed up at Mrs Hayward's home. Mrs. Wheeler was upstairs and could hear Mrs. Hayward screeching. Mrs. Wheeler was eavesdropping from the top of the stairs because she was afraid something violent might happen, but then Gibbon seemed to get Mrs. Hayward calmed down and they began whispering together like conspirators. When Gibbon was men and women, evidently tenants of the other cabanas, were standing about, curiously watching. "This door was locked, but of course the manager had a tially removed a number of bank notes, fanning them for Blake to see. There were several of small denominations in addition to two $100 bills. (To Be Continued) ISRAEL THEATER TO TOUR j Theater on Feb. 1 in a sc\cn- week engagement. Other cities NEW YORK UP. - Habimah, ,0 see «™W include Israel's national theater com- Boston, Philadelphia. Washing- pany, has selected a classic, j ton, Toronto and Montreal. j SPRINGFIELD III. <AP\ •The Dybbuk," and two new | The plavs dealing with mod- 1 The State Division ' of Traffic dramas /or performance during ; onn i sra ei are B.7.. Tomer's ,Safety warned today that Uli- It« forthcoming Broadway visit j "Children of the Shadows" and; nois traffic deaths this year and American tour. I J-J _ Bartov's "Each Had Six I ma >' surpass the 2,000 mark The group opens at the Little 1 Wings." " ' I for iir ^ time sincp 1937 • . i Forty-throe persons were killed in traffic accidents last week, boosting the year's toll to 1.8-10. That's 1-H more than on the corresponding date a year ago. "Only increased caution by motorists and strong enforcement by police officers throughout the state will keep Illinois' fatality toll this year below the 2 .1100 mark," the division said. In 10.)", a total of 2,096 Persons lost their lives in Illinois traffic accidents. i k If if i ^ !_ i ^ [• MILNOT 3 TALL CANS W r FOODCRAFT 25' HARRY'S SUPER MARKET PLENTY FREE PARKING 1010 NEWBY AVE. PHONE 242-2340 Same Location - 1010 Newby But A New Enlarged Store Store Hours; 8 A.M. to 6 P.M. Except Fri. 8 A.M. to 8 P.M. Smoked Tenderated 6 To 8 Lb. Average HAZEL COIN LAUNDROMAT Coin Dry Cleaning, 8 lb. $1.50 3 rinm — soft water — self-clo*ning tubs — weshers — dryers — Big Wesher, all spin. Hair dryers. Open 24 Hours. Washers 10c 9 p.m. to 7 a.m. Traffic Deaths May Pass 2,000 k TOMATOES 2 N • GREAT NORTHERN BEANS y SHEDD'S o. 303 Size Cans No. 4 Size Bag 39' Hoi>e racing was banned in the U. S. in 1944 for the dura- - " on of Wm'ld War II. jjniiiiniuiiiuiui^ LUXURY SPECIAL I » PEANUT BUTTER k JO-BO • DOG FOOD L FANCY—LARGE SIZE •HEAD LETTUCE L YELLOW SPANISH • ONIONS ^ SALTINE 5 Lb. Poll $|99 6 15!/ 2 -0z. Cans 47« 2 - 29' 3 B L0b9 19* >CRACKERS UB .,19* •HAWKINS KORN KRUSTBREAD SWIFT'S CHILLI * Lge. 24-Oz. S"|00 FOODCRAFT EARLY JUNE PEAS f% 303 Size L Cans 2? ORCHARD PRIDE APPLE SAUCE f% No. 300 25' WELCH'S GRAPE JELLY ) Lge. 20-Oz. 0 Jars For $100 KLEENEX FACIAL TISSUES 400SiM 2 Boxes 45' NEW SUNKIST ORANGES Doz. 39' GOLDEN RIPE BANANAS 2 Lb 19' GOOD QUALITY RED POTATOES 25 Lb. Bag 69* 2 Loaves A - ?*? I LARGEST SELECTION OF HOME KILLED MEATS IN SO. ILLINOIS s 1* 1963 MERCURY k *r Have you dreamed of oiuniug this bentity, but found the price just I a little out oj your reach? To-day you con oitn the quality and fine jeatures \ found only in automobiles costing S4,000 to S5.000, at a great sowings. I | "' Be thrifty and save that jirst year depreciation. Enjoy the safety that only a big car can give. Enjoy the conueincuce of power steering, power brakes, power windows, power seat. FM radio, and brcejetuay rear ttnndouj. Enjoy the luxury and comfort of factory air-conditioning. Enjoy traveling in the comfort of your living room Drive relaxed and in a dig­ nified atmosphere. Own a car you can speak of with pride, one that appeal* to every American. Own this 1963 Mercury Monterey Custom Sedan today s I s s at the very special price of just S3,200, Hake arrangements now for | an approval drive. I W~G Motors, Inc. • FRESH HOME KILLED PORK P PORK SHOULDER STEAK 2" 75* • FRESH PORK SHANKS L „ 15* E COUNTRY STYLE PORK SAUSAGE 2* 49' • FRESH SIDE PORK SLICED 3 Lb$ 1°° | CENTER CUT PORK CHOPS _. 69* • FRESH PORK HAM c ""^ _. 59' • BONELESS TENDER PORK LOIN ^89* I FRESH PORK SPARE RIBS 39 f • LARD FRESH HOME KILLED BEEF DU QUOIN BLUE BELL WIENERS BRISKET BOILING BEEF _. 19' FRESH GROUND HAMBURGER 3" s 1°° ROUND 0R SIRLOIN STEAK 79' RIB BEEF STEAK u 65' FANCY T-BONE STEAKS _. 95' FRESH GROUND BEEF CHUCK 55' FRESH BONELESS STEW BEEF _ 59' BONELESS BEEF ROAST ~~ RUMP OR SIRLOIN TIP uj?; 4» Jft'Os. Pkfl. BLUE BELL BOLOGNA — SPICED LUNCHEON— JAw PICKLE LOAF Lb .4r HOME RENDERED 149 25 cJn 50 £n $ 5 513 South Tenth Mt. Vernon 1 > SOUTHERN GOLD OLEO • 3 Lb5 49' Telephone 242-6420 EMGE'S-BLUE BELL-HARRY'S HICKORY SMOKED — 3 TO 4 LB PC •SIDE BACON End L ckut 37« 41« HARRY'S BULK MINCE MEAT FRESH BALTIMORE OYSTERS ^tmiuiitiiHiHHiiiMiiit iimiitmitiMMHHnttttumituitMtuniimtmnHntuinmNiinMir H.M.M , i.,,,.,, MM.J .M, , tl< • .i, t . ..„. 1(1 .., iWir ..t f ^ PICKLED PIG FEET _. 29' HARRY'S HICKORY SMOKED BACON i u._». sn^-u .49* HARRY'S HOME MADE ^ HEADCHEESE ^ ^ _ Lb 35' <

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