Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on January 25, 1962 · Page 3
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 3

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 25, 1962
Page 3
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Little Chats on Public Notice Kates of Taxation ( No. 13 In a Series ) A fairly common requirement In the various states is that the local tax commissioners, or whatever authority is responsibe, shall publish a breakdown of the local tax structure by taxing units. This usually appears not long before the semi-annual or other periodical tax collection. It usually takes the form of a paid public notice, or legal advertising in a bona fide local newspaper of general circulation. Sometimes thus tax structure is quite complex. In one state, for example, it is for the entire county. But it includes the local subdivisions such as townships and municipalities, which may be cities or villages according to population. The rates among these subdivisions may vary considerably. One school district, for example, may have a much higher rate than another because of a large bond issue incident to a new building or buildings. Or one municipality may have a lower rate than its neighbor because its bonded indebtedness is down. In any case, the tax picture is there for the taxpapayer or voter to see and understand. He is, in effect, being put on notice as to this aspect of the public business. It is important to note that his chief source of this information is the bona fide local newspaper which publishes it in a manner prescribed by law. 0 The Delinquent Taxpayer ( No. 14 In a Series ) In times of prosperity the delinquent taxpayer is not much of a problem. But in bad times, such as the "Thirties, his number was legion. Unpaid taxes on real estate in many major countries, for example, ran into millions of dollars. In relatively flourishing times there are comparatively few such delinquents. But even then there are always some for one reason or another. And the law has a way to deal with such folks, whether few or many. This is to publicize the delinquency through a form of public notice carried in a local newspaper of general circulation. In recent years these lists have been comparatively short. But in bad years they have run to page after page in the case of the largest cities. These lists carry the name of the taxpayer, a brief description of the property on which taxes are delinquent, and the amount of the tax due. The notice "gives information also as to when and under what conditions the tax must be paid. In many instances sympathetic legislatures gave badly needed relief to hard pressed taxpayers in the worst years. The local newspaper is about the only effective means of publicizing such situations. This is a necessary but effective form of public service for which the bona fide newspaper is peculiarly fitted. Such publication also puts the taxpayer on what amounts to final notice so that he can still protect his rights. LJ ^ -j-_- Financial Report ( No. 15 In a Series ) Spread across most of an inside page of a newspaper in an advertisement measuring about 12 by 14% inches was a detailed financial report. It was the "State of Maine Condensed Summary of Financial Statements" as of June 30 for that year. Under the signature of the state controller, it was a detailed presentation of the two main aspects of state finances: a comparative statement at operations and a balance sheet. The- comparative statement was for two years, the current year and the preceding one. It gave a detailed accounting of the revenues, expenditures, "and "other amounts available," for the general fund, the highway fund and other special revenue funds. It then gave the consolidated totals. The balance sheet was similar except that there were twice as many headings. In the vertical column the chief items were recognized assets, liabilities, and reserves and surplus. Horizontally the funds were divided, under eight subheads, into "operating" and "other" funds. Such financial reports are fairly common also for local governments, school districts, and other agencies. The one In question illustrated two important points One, it was required by state law and, two, it was published in a bona fide newspaper. This is all part of the fundamental process of insuring the public's right to know. In this process the newspaper everywhere plays a vital role. 109 Mrs. Mary Weston of the Edgewood and Strawberry Point area recently celebrated her 103rd blr- .today, Although Mrs. Weston is - confined to a wheel chair following - * cerebral hemorrhage nine years ajo, she enjoys good health, knits, Wat, write* and plays dominoes. 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