The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on May 14, 1892 · Page 4
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 4

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 14, 1892
Page 4
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J*r. Joseph llcmmcrich, An old nol.llpr. living nt No. G20 Ea*l I4Gth itrMt, N*w Tork Cltf, a wall-known and thorough!f r«H- *bl« mtn, write* an voluntarily an account of hit able cur* by Ilood'i Bortwipnrllin, which llliisv* tr&tei tli* frreut f*lo« of tlila medlcfna at n Ihor- otifth blood portflor and atr»nff)h elvar. In IM3 at the battla ot Fair Onkn, he KM ttrlcken with lyiiliolil fever and nftor a long at'itRglo In ho»- pttaU, .Biting aararnl jpnm, wtxi dlnchnrnad ai lncarabte. liocton tald h« had cntmiiiiiillan, that both lunpt wort* ofTocted ' coold not live long, . comrnda arged htm to try Itood'a Hnrinpnrllla. B«- fora ha hatl Unit-Tied ona bottlo hln cough b«gan to gflt Ioo<«, tli« choking aonnntion 1 «U and night aweata graw lata and Ian. Btnca taking the Otth boltla ha haa bnn In Rooit sriierril limlflia _ 01! • tokat llood'a Haraapa- rllla a* a g«n«rnl blood rxirldar nnd M|irlftg Sl>tl- • Iclm* and cordial)/ r*o- ommanda It, *«p«>ctntlf to hU comrndaa In tha Q. A. It , of which be haa been a tuembar for 5tt> fear*, lleiuenihar Hood's Sarsaparilla Cures Where other rirepnrntlnn* full. He enra to Hood'w HnnmpnrUln. It U 1'ftenHar to UaelC. Purify inai 001 Your Blood PRIDE'S CONFLICT*. A STORY OK CABTE. jj "Florence, ten me," a* said unit an Hour later, when they wore on their wny in Piccadilly, "why were you «o persistent In your refusal to-day until .litst the last." "I don't, know," sho answered nervously •It was perver*ciic»», I suppose. I have often been told that I um perverse." "Anil then what made you ehungc your nilntlr" "\ desire to please myself, 1 supiiose.— I could scuri'i'ly think that you wished ma to conic. It was to your house, uud you pre>«ed mo very little," slic said evading ills lust >|uestiim. "You think that Is i|iillc the 11 nth, Florence?" lie usked ln-niHni; down nearer to lief face. «< Y«m were not sure that I eared fni urn tn ,-imir?" "llinv enttld I lie wh'-n you si-nrucly ex- pri««id a wi-li lor me to do so?" *»Tlie ^li-l" nr-reil ynii iionstiintly, and I miil.l not lnr.:''l my l:is| tietilii'ii. when you were tnler.ii.U linn in luttr deeUion from the Mi-si. Well, at any rate I iniist thank you lt»i •-.Hiiiii*,': ynii pH- me p-i-nt pleasure, ami h;t\i- :ilnn.-t i-tliici-tl the palu of ymir l.i-l r< I'II-H I." "Win sl.'iuid »••ii i-are whether I eainc oriioi; I .an mil) see that }"il wish to Ilnotl'M l*IIU nm Iho boil after dinner Pitts, ualildi, --'ion, eure beatlaclie. " How Old 1 Look, and not yet Thirty." Many women fade early, simply because llicy do not take proper care of themselves. Whirled along in the excitements of a fast-living age, they overlook those minor ailments that, if not checked in time, will rob them of health and beauty. At the first symptom of vital weakness, use /.yt/i\i /i. I'iiit'uim't Itgetablt Compmni. 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V "Mothers* Friend" makes child birth easy, Colvtn, La., Deo. 8, 1880.—My wife) used MOTHEB'S 2 -HIEND before her third tonttnement, and »«y« *ne would not b« eritUout It for hundreds of dollar* DOCK Miua. ' Sent by oprtts en receipt of price, fl f> per bot- tk. Book"To Mothers" malledfree. BRAorieLO neauLAtoit 00. fee • • s« mi *u. •nuaoisTo. ATUUtTAt tMi A 8»mpl» Cakt of Soap Ik. suit Id puis Hook on Dtrms- lolugy auil llnuty. lllut- tfHtiHl. On bkln. Scalp, Nervous end tlli -oj j>ta BSSM. Beut (Mind for • ..? ,, 8.. I'lilm.r*- iiientsllk* Dlrtlill»rii, Jlijliji, W .rls, Jndl» luS and Powdtr insrki, Bure Millnii ,llodiioHo(7 «o»e fiiperrluous llslr. I 'lm- 'JeEL'Jji 'Si JOHN H. ifSWOODUU 9 9 eoO 1"'" li 'Vnd's luV « I I „. . DRV. OR •'«'•'"«»u»i««i»t. tea iwlt™? r i . c, . , ' , «i < ! «»«nl|««lo» W" li», »t uBlMorliylcUw, Tirtt'sTinyPills® A»jnBledos«jnrTOljimie toineflplal re-^) •ults, uliinirvUvHrriilneu of uilinl ana A tiiioyniiey <i7bmljr U> willed you ware A I J P iHirnra a straiiKcr. Tlie* eivfoy a iwu-rj _ uliirlty uii|i»ralli<le<l. rrloi, ssots. o•••••••e» Ly«f«r ^l »raaCi [il! Pu!l !a*a£ _ , (fATINTIU.) The trreRgMi end jmrttt Lye m;de, UellUe other l/e. Il bila( •>ane powder.tod necked laecaa with removable Ifd. lee cooteata jre alwaye reed{ (or use. Will make tb»»/ii iierfunied llaidioaa in m nlMtttes without Mttn$. II Is tha but for elMBleg waeM plliee, disliifecllBR aluka, cloieu, weibini boulee, peiuM, treee,eu, PENNA. HALT MFO.CO, (Jen. A«te., Pbtle., Pa, HUT POtaHH III TH< WQRIsP, mr lid give mc ploasttrn; I must l>f little to yon, I know." "Florence, you nrr npiirnacblnir dangerous ground; do not M us venture upon It Just now. The pn-i-nt Is too plensunt for mo nt Iciist; [ do not wish to risk It." He waited a moment, Hiinktiig that she mlfrht resent the words; hut she did not.— Could lie have seen her face nt that moment, could he have heard her heart beat— end she thnuftht lie almost must—he would not have doubted intioh. Hut lie rarely remained long In the same mood. She often felt that he took pli-iisuru In toimentlnu; her; believer seemed to tiro of doing so. SI10 thought so still more n few minutes later. «Your coming to u< must Imvo been a great trial to you, Miss Wnrtbingtnn; but I hope and think II has less painful to you than you first fe.iiiil." "Why nrc you always saying that to me, Mr. Carrington? What rUht have you to imagine that It was anything hut pleasant to mer It is you who are now saying what you do not think I" Florence answered hotly. '•I am only saying whul 1 11111 sine of." "You cannot he." ••Hut I can," lie said softly; "and If you ssk me why, I will tell you." "Well, tell uie then," she said half fearfully. Ho laughed his low light laugh, which always MI toi IIH uliil her. .She withdrew her hand from his arm under the pretence to re-giillier up her dress, hut ho kucw that wus not the reason. Tut your hand hack again l'lorencoj your dress is alt right. You Know that lithel arianged your aiistoerntle. skirts for II walk bcV'Jro we started. 1 can assure you that they are safely on" the ground," be tald lingering a moment behind her; and then he held out his urm to her, and she felt obliged to take It. "Well, Florence, you see I understood you from the llrst, and I pilled you too. 1 saw that our people were not your people, and 1 did not wonder from what 1 had heard about you j hill 1 know that you must have lieen falnl with shame when, I'm- the Hist time in your life, yon had to place yourself upon un i 'i |iiiillly with trndespeoplit. You shrank from my dear, kind mot her, you shuddered ut luy lather's well-uieaul embrace. 1 completed your horror on the lli-st day I came You see I knew It—and I must confess 1 enjoyed tho knowledge. TI10 two girls • lone wcro not distasteful to yon—hoiv could they be," he usked, "except from their surroundings!'" He was so rarely alone with her that ho _ 1 'ineil to be nerving himself to tell ber all that was on his mind. "I think you arc most unkind to 11101" Florenco answered warmly, with dllllciilty keeping buck her tears. "You say things you cannot know, and you can only wish to ptiin inc." "Indeed I do not menu that, liutlook up .Mi's YVorthlugton, and tell me, on your honor, that what I havo said to you Is untrue. 1 will bollovo you—nay, moro, 1 will retract every word, and ask you to forgive me. I cannot say more, can If" Jlut Miss Worthingtou, If sho had many 'a.lings, had ut least 0110 virtue prc-utul- .icntly—she was truth Itself. She was si. .cut. "There you see I um right," bur tormonU jr persisted. "I do not cure what you say or think," she answered at lust, "I love thoiu nil; my new homo Is really home to nie. You do not know how grieved 1 shall he to leave it, if 1 must—how much 1 cure for ull—ut lew., all but " ' "iler Well, you uro truthful now, Allan Worthingtou, I do believe, or nearly BO.-- YOII liavu begun to like your new homo, your uncle uud uuut, Maud and Kthol.— You like all but your liuuiblo servant—and you have little love for 1110,1 can see. You need not toll 1110 Unit." tibo wus right; he did line to torment her. Ho wus hulling her cruelly now, muub more than ho thought. "Hut then, you see, I huva no clulnr upon you like tho rest; I um not really your cousin—you huva told mo so so many Minos, uud have so utterly repudiated any kind of relationship between us that there can he none, of course. Well, there only remains for 1110, Florence, to try lo cam u little regard for myself ulono us time goes on—to try to merit your esteem, If you will grunt mo nothing else—and that must he hut cold friendship, I fear. Ho hud gone u Utile farther than be mount—Florence, wan in tours. Her bund wus suddenly drawn from his iirtu—uud she itt-ove to Join the others; but her walking powers dltl not o<iuul theirs—they wore almost out of sight. "Fergivo mo, Florenco: I have pressed you too liurd," he pieuded gently, trying again to make her take bis urm; "but I realty wished to kiuiw exactly tha ground wo nil stand on with you. You buve pained mo not a little many times, I must con. less, nnd porbups. 1 have now retaliated too hardly. Can you forglvo inof" If 0 pleaded, but Florenco was hopelessly ottunded,-'hopelessly hurt; her happy day was ttirnod Into something tho very reverse. Her feelings wore quite Ineom. prehonslblo to her. Could they have been clearly analyzed, she might have known thai site had begun to like her cousin, but wished liltu 011 no account to imagine this, while exuding the return of u frleudship be could lit no way rocoguize. '•You will not say a word, Florence,— How wrong I •must havo been I" Uut she was, still silent, us well us 0 little tired.-— "You are too fatigued. Let us drive lite rest of the way,' ber vouslu proposed. Hut she would not be conquered by* ivulk. ^,"1 um not at all tired," jibe answered coldly. And they plodded on in slteuee, "Only angry thour" "Yes, Iain angry," she tried to answer Indlgnur.lly, but uciwoleo wus broken. ••Well, I um really sorry, Florence You must try uud forgive me." "I oan novor forgive youi Mr. Oarrlng. ini<—novrtr-l Ynn have suld tblnw to me tr.ut 1 thull never forget, nor forgive, stou are the only ouo who tries to spoil all my pleasure." «I bad no idea what » culprit 1 was," be answered gravely. They walked: on in utter alienee, Miss Wortblngton tortured us she bad never been Ueforo, yiilllp Currlngton's cousclenue e little hurt).but'to btu» tuere was bidden, sweetness In the hurt. He bud discovered his power to-julu bis eouiln; audi 1>V<1 DUO cured'- nothing for Ultn-raa she tried to mttke bin b^iyyerHilte would buve laughed at ull-Ula aoouaatlouj. Instead, 1rtw bud only b4t |tay«ttlM4«ptlt of «e,r dlsplousurei ' "l ^l ^siltpn^Umore victortuan oiwi iiiui l» hail been • et he now fell sure in ttmo wouiu no Ms own. Slid might torment him as to tho ways and means of obtaining It; but In the end she would be bis. Miss Worthingtou walked straight from tbo ball-door to her own room; the girls lingered for a few moments below, and then followed her. When Florence raised her veil .Maud's quick eyes discovered that she bad been crying. Ktiicl wns too full of her own walk, uud said that John Hustings and herself had hecu quarreling. "He Is so provoking I" she declared,— He persists in always wishing Cambridge to win tiie boat-race. And he has not forgotten my Oxford blue bonnet of last year, which lie said was hideous," she said lutigh- lug. ".Nevertheless I told him Unit 1 have kept it ri'.iglously for the next race. I have 1101 really; hut I will have another mudo of exactly the same color." "Wiiat ito.isen«e Fthell" her sister said. "As if you cared u straw which won 1" "Hut I do cure .Maud I And John decides for Cambridge only out of pure per versity—and 1 do uelleve to tease inc. >iow I stand up for Oxford, becauso Philip was there; so 1 at least havo reason on my sld^ —you know that." Could Florence believe her cars? "Was your brother ut Oxford?" sho ask ed quiekly, turning from tho light. "l'liillp was at Harrow mid Oxford too," said .Maud. "I fancy papa was unable to uH'ord It; hut uncle F.iiwnrd Insisted upon it. I think I'll il would liked best to have gone to the Har afterwards; hut papa wished him so much tn he with l.iiu, and to be an aualythal chemist, thai l'liillp gave lip his own v/islies; and llien uncle Kiln aril left him all his own liusii which papa says is a good one. l'liil bus always •>•-•• 11 iiieky," coalMincd .Maud. "Let us hope he will he lucky In his wife then," laughed Kthol. 'Florence, you areovertlred. The walk has been ton much for you," said .Maud.— "Come down stairs and havo some wine and then go to lied." Hut Florence refused to go down stairs, "l'liillp was foolish to let you walk so far. Of course It Is nothing unusual for us." ' Your brother did wish me to ride, and I would not; but 1 shall he all right tomorrow. Hiy good night for mo down- tuirs, Kthol," Florence requested. Vainly l'liillp watched the drawing-room door for Ills cousin's reappearance. "Is siie coining?" he asked F.thel softly, as she passed him. "No; I think not. Sho says sho is too tired." A few minutes later l'liillp was standing before Miss Woitliliigtou's closed door. Only say good night, Florence," 'he repeated thrice; but no answer came for him. Maud heard him on the landing as sho passed, and stopped u moment to listen. "Why, she must bo asleep, l'nill She was dead tired." "Sho must have been prttty quick about It then. It can bo only ten minutes since Ethel left her. You say good night Maud." Florence's voice now responded quickly enough— "Uood night. I nm so tired, and hurrying to bed. Don't wait, dear." "Littlo witch!" Philip thought. "Sho shall pay me for tills." And tho hex morning lie was up and uway hoforo Misi Worthlngton's appearance was made. Kthcl, witli uu unusual long face en. lightened her us to her brother's movements. "It Is a shame, Florence I Philip declares thai he shall not he at home agaj for u week or ten days. Ho says he has some heavy work on hand, which ho must attend to closely night and day." Florence, to all outward appearance, was sublimely iuditl'cl'cnt. "It is so odd that he never said a word about it yesterday," Maud interposed ••Yes; It is a shame of him," Kthel declared. "And he so seldom stays away- only once or twice in u way. Ho told mamma tills morning ho could not be home for u week ut least, though he will run i to soo pupa. And he says wc may hav ten with him Thursday, if we like, can'toiiditio the house when lie Is away." "At any rate you will have to try to do so for a week ut least, Ethel I" her slster answercd. C HAPTER IX A wholo wock passed slowly away, and Miss Worthingtou had not once seen her cousin. Site had not forgiven him for bis lute offences against her, while Philip bad given her but little chance of doing so.— She listened cageriy for bis footsteps day after day, but in vain. One evening bo came home, and then "he Hew lip-stairs to the strong-hold of her own room, fully expecting that a few minutes would bring him after her; hut he never came. Sho thought sho would meet blin when sho condcsccndci'i to Join tho others later; but c was gone then, and the girls made no comment upon his absence. If lie know her so well, she littlo knew him. If ho had wooed 11 princess, sho must till have acknowledged Ids superiority; t, could he have loved beneath him, bow gladly would ho have stooped to ralso the loved one I In tho meanwbllo Florence's love for riillip, which she hardly dared to acknowledge to herself, was turning—or she thought was turning to burning indignation uud hatred. Why, it would have been dllllcult for her to say; but she told herself many lines a day that bo was nothing to her, that her pride was saved from giving way 11st in time; mid yet in spite of all, her days w'crc very weary ones. What on earth can Phil be doing?" her uncle asked more than once. "He called upon me to-day, and I questioned lilin; nit his work did not seem to me very important. However, ho is right not to ueg- i!t It." "And I am afraid lie will lay himself up ;alu," Mrs. Cariingtou said, "You need not fear that," her husband told her. "Ho.looked all right, and uu. commonly bright, I thought." This was pleasant news to Florence. Shortly ulterwards Lady Haven's letter 'lived, nnd onee more Flori-iH-e's old piido was stirred within her, the pleasures of lier present life were illmuieil, and she found herself craving for the position that sin- thought would satisfy her heller. Noicuiher was passing away, Chiistluus THE FARM AND HOME TI1K FAItMKK. LIU IE E. D»im. The king rosy rnle o>r Innd ond sea. The lorilmsy live right royally, The soldier ride In pomp and pride, The •nllor roam o'er ecenn wine; Dul I Ills or Hint, whun-'er tiefuli, The lie rami fefd them sit. The wrlt»r thinks, the poet slnirs, The craftsmen fashion womteroiii things, Thed ctor tresis, Ihehiwier ptesils, The miner tolhm-s 1 lie precious leads; Hut this or thnt, uhu e er lieintl, The farmer he uiutf ft-ed them ull. Ttie merchsnt he mny hny nnd fell, The tescuer do hi- tin y well; Hut men mny toll through busy days, Or men stioil tltrotlch pirosnlll ways; From kimrto ts'girur, whnie'er befall, The ftirmer heniui-l teed them ah. The former's trnile is one of worth; He's iisrtnerwitli 1 tie thy slid enrth, He's pnilner with 111* pun unit rain, And no IIIHII lo-ps tor his gnln; And men msy rise, or men may fall, But the farmer muel feed litem ull. Ood hl^«s the msn who sows the wheat, Who Itnd* us milk and fruit and meat; May his purse lie heavy, ills hesil he light. His t-Ht'li- nnd coin Hint nil go right: tlodhless H IM seed liii> liuiitls iei fall, Fur the farmer he must teed us ull FA KM NOTES. Vftliqultlbl A burning sun, though it was nearly winter, wus shining into the open windows of u handsome druwlug-rootn in the Kuo Ouluciuta, Nice. Orange-trees were i flower, uud the air was heavily laden with their sweet perfuino; everywhere was tho sky clear, uud blue with that intense blue. ness that is sccii only lu Italy uud tho South of France. The season wus whiter only in name. The Countess Haven was oven fanning herself close to the open window, uud her daughter, Lady Mcddowes, wus playing with her son uud heir, on account of whoso supposed delicate health •be intended wintering lu the South of Franco. 'Johnny does look stronger, docs be not, mother?" Lady Mcddowes usked. "See what n lovely color ho is getting I" The child, u fair Utile boy of about two years, was romping boisterously, with few signs of being really fragile or delicate, or. bis young mother's lap, while two littlo girls were building ininnc bousus on tbo polished oak lloor. "Yes; I don't think there Is much to worry about with him Margaret; he scorns strong uud well." "Hut slill it was n wise precaution to come here for the winter, hccatiau you know, bo never lias boon quite himself, since bo bud tho whooping-cough last spring." "Madge looks uud soeius more delicuto to mo," said Lttdy ltuvoii. "Oh, I don't think she alls much I" the mother answered carelessly, soon betrav. lug whure ull her strongest fuultugs wore concentrated, "it is dull boro, though— sunshine uud blue sky everlasting, but no aiiiirseini'iit of any kind," Lady Mcddowes went 011 fretfully; "and John never sends me any news worth buvlug from Knglund. I aiu sure be could if bo would. Xoihiug but politics, uud bis own friends, about whom bo knows I urn never Interested. Hu UUII3UI1CCS his intention of being with us uliout Christinas, uud bo says too that Haven seems to be spending money rather rooklussly." «I am afraid ho will always do that," her mother returned In a hopeless tone; nnd thou she added, "1 cuimot help feeling anxious about your eousln Floronoo. "I nm sure you need not lldgot about her, mother," Lady Meddowes said quiekly; "she Is porfeuty sufo for the present, and appears, from her letters, to be happy enough." 'She seems to mo to be rv.ther too happy, Margaret; and I cannot forget that she is poor Arthur's child." "Uut sho will do well enough—at any rate until our return, mother." "I am not so sure about that, Margnrot; tlioro is an objectionable cousin In tho case —and gills In her present state of mourn. Ing and seclusion must Itnd excitement of •ome Kind. It would be dUugroeuble lor us if she mude a invisullluuee of that kind, wlion, a little bonce, she might make u good match, I warned her ugalnst this cousin beforo sho went to hor aunt's, .With the feolings she had thou, sho scorned to •corn thorn all, and to view with special otsgust this uuetmst's son, wno uuu. uot her cousin roully." "Vory umluiilo on hor part towards bor mother's only relatives, and towards pec- plo who, for the time, nt least, offered her a home I" Lady Meddowos put lu frostily, "Wall, at any-ruto I forcod her to go tbero very muek against hor wish, us I did not know what else could be done with hor at tbo time; but I should be sorry to havo her marry into bor mother's fumlly—she will be able to do muuli better. Sheseouis now to bo contented wboro she is; tbli oousla's name is for. ever belug repeated lu ber letters," . vLady Meddqwo* seemed to bo. revolving. wn »tb (nglft |»8r 1 min I a. "If ywll ^fliotuor,'' Jbo *aia present. was near at hand, and she might accept Lady Meddowes'invitation, to punish her cousin Philip for Ids coldness, for trilling witli hor. Site began to crave, or thiuUslio craved for her old past life and its ltixu- ties, though she could not feel Hie lack in her present one; but sho never asked lier- solf whether what she really lacked was not the sunshine of Philip's presence Her days were now very gloomy ones, she thought ns she strained her eyes read lng alone by tho firelight, little heeding what she read, and listening for footsteps that did uot come—brooding too not a lit­ tlo over Iter aunt's letter, witli all the urgent ndvleo it contained, and some temptation too, fur, although she hated her cousin Margaret, she loved the Continent And might not the pleasure outweigh the drawback? She was nilserahle euotigli, sho told herself, though sho did not admit tbo cause; but the light seemed darkened in hor pleasant home, the long days endless uny change initsi be preferable. Willie she sat aud thought thus until her dark eyes were full of tears, sho hoard the well-known click and impatient shaking at the outer door, and in a moment she had Down to her own room breathless and trembling. She heard Philip's voice en lug his sisters abo\e and below, and thelr qtiick pleased greeting. She herself bud not seen him for ten, long, weary days. She was full of indignation against him, simply because she loved him. She sal. alone, fretting, waiting, listening breathlessly; but nothing happened— She heard laughing voices below, uud longed to go down, but pride would not let her. 'there was 110 one in tile world, she thought, who really cared whether sho lived or died.' About ten minutes beforo tho ordinary toa-tiine, she arranged her toilet and went down stairs. The lamps wero lighted, and looked cheerful and bright after her soli tilde in ber dark room. Sho saw her three cousins heiidlugevcr a tablo in the furthest corner of the room aud examining something so earnestly that they did not heather soft foot-fall, or she thought they did not. Hut she was wrong; Pnl.-ip tti.iied sudilenlv to whero sho bad ulaced herself in tier usual corner: "Florence, come and look, and help us to decide tills all-iiuportuut question," bis clour volco suld. "Why, I never heard youl Como and look here, Ethel observed. -'And you buve not seen Phil for more than a week." "It is surely only three days, Kthol," be corrected, with his eyes bout mischievously on Florence. Then be bud not even noticed her nbsenco —uud this was no small oll'euco in her eyes, Ho held out bis hand towards her, and she only intended to touch It; but ha drew ber llriuly towards tbo tuble lu spite of horde, termination. "Look boro, Florenco; nnd dccldo this all-lmportunt subject. 1 have had my photograph taken for my mother's birthday.— She really wished to have otic," lie said, laughing; "aud wo cannot decide which is tho best of these." Thus uppouled to, Miss Worthingtou glanced down, but rutbor disdainfully, uud suw tho eyes so full of light uud sweetness, tho Urm vol tender mouth, the broad massive brow, depicted before ber on the tu­ ble. "Only say which you think is tho least objectionable," Philip begged. "Don't be so foolish, Phil! Let Florenco look properly. 1 like tills one tho best," Maud said bunding it to bor. Florenco immediately preferred tbo oth. er, so the subject still remained an opon one. "Look, Florence, bore is somothtng pleasant or," l'liillp sujd, taking up a largo boil- qttut of splendid roses. "Here is' u peuec- ollering which you must uccopt—nuy, I will ask you very humbly," ho added in a lowor volco, seeing ber hesitation; uud then their oyos mot for tho llrst time since their evening walk. Sho wus delighted with tbo tlowcrs, which seomed like old friends of happier linios, uud the girls wero in eestacies with them. "Philip would not lot us ovon look at them until you canio down, Florence," Kthcl said. "Ho thought wo might wither them with our Jealous eyes." »I soo that you havo forgiven me by this limo," Mr. Cariingtou romurkod. "I have nothing to forgive," Florenco answered coldly. "Then still less to remomberiiupleutiinu i.w " he* »nusln told bor. "I 11 in content. Florence, or shall try to bo. Uut you like the roses, do you not 1" Ue little gucssod how much. Aud Minn Worthlngton's last decision about the South of Franco was again shaken. Hud a thunderbolt fullon in tho midst of the little homc-clrclo at Fulhaiu, It would have caused soarooly more dismay than did a lottor which arrived a few days later for Mrs. Onrrlngton from tbo Countess Haven —a letter profuse almost to fulsomoncss In its expressions of gratitude, but nevertheless vory ilrm in Its intontion. Florenee 'e delay in answoiitig had made liorladyslilp not a little anxious, and she now expressed very plainly and firmly hor desire tluit bur nleco should avail herself of Sir John Med- dowes' escort, aud sturt^wlth him almost immediately for Nice. She had written in nlmost the same senso to Florenee her•Mr • TO UK CONIIJJOBD. Keep tho cattle off the plowed land. Tho bens with younir chickens must be kept out ol the mud. Grow a few sui.fljwers; I hey aro good for poultry and for horses. When honey is coming in plenti'ully is Iho bcit time to rear qneens. Ground onls cun be made 11 good pnrt ol tbera'ioD for tho ewes at this timo. Growing for lambs nnd multon, 11 s well ns wool is nccesHtry for Iho best profit. Tho average piice of sheep in the Unit <(1 S ates IB higher than any time since 1875. Thorough tillage, is an important item in securing a vigorou", thrifty growth with all cultivated crops. No man has such good stock or rutsee nich fino products but that, with u pr-jper tffort, they cannot be itupiuved. If you found that it paid well to manure a certain piece ol land heavily last year, Bupposo you try the same thing again only doubling the application. A nXMARKAtllaB LETTER.. A Prominent Professional Man's Extraordinary Statement. (.Y. Y. Sun.) To the Editor. Sin:— AR my name and face have appeared in your paper and tho the publio prints lately, and as many of my professional brethcrn are wondering at it, 1 feel it only just that 1 Bbould nmke \a explanation. The statement published 'over my name was mado ten years ego, after long and mature invc.tigulim, and I havo never changed my mind ns to the tacts then stated. At that lime I said, as A physician, that 1 believed Warner's Safe Cure wns the bet I of nil krown prep arations for tho troubles it wan ndvocated to c re, ami I say so still. 1 know it is considered tho proper thing for the medical profession to decry propri tary nnd other adroitised artichs; but why should they do so? As the Into Dr. J. G. Holland, wiiting over his own name in Sen liner's Monthly, said: "It is a fact I bat many of tho best proprietary medicines of tbo day are more successful than many physicians, nnd most of them were first discovered or u cd in •actual medical practice; when, however, any poison knowing their virtue and fore Tli» Only Ona Kfer Prlnloil—Can Ton tlnd His WorilT Tbero Is a 3 Inch display advertisement In thta paper Ihis week which lias no two words alike except uue word. Tho siutiu Is trueof encli new one nptieitriiigeiieh week from The I)r. Hurler Medicine Co. Tliis house plncus a "Crescent" 1111 everything they make and publish. Look for il, scud llicin the inline) of (he word, and they will return you 1100K, UKAUTIFUI. I.ITIKKIIIM'IIS or SAMPLES CltSO. Tic—"You didn't know I was color blind, did you?" She—"I suspected it from tbe neckties you wear." AMT book lu "Surprise Series," (best nu. thors), 25 cent novels, nboul 200 pages each, sent free, postpaid, by Crugin .t Co., of Philadelphia, l'u., on receipt of 20 wrappers ot Hobbies' Electric Soap. Bend 1 cent lor catalogue. "bo you smoke T" "No; the husband of my wife's mother who lives with us did not tuioke." now Mr TniKMT HUUTBI Then why don't you uso IUI.K '8 HONE * or lloncuouxu AND TAIL TIRE'S TOOTHACHE Dnors Cure In one Minute. There nrc two countries — China and In ^ . din—whoso swarming millions outnumber seeing their popularity "secures nnd adver ! }! ,e people of all other countries of the con. tises them, in the opinion of the bigoted • l " ,cul all virtue went out of them." Dr. Holland was nn educated physician, an unprejudiced ob.crver, nnd ho spoke from a broad and unuuul eipeiience. Prcprietaty medicincB bbould not bo decried. The evidences of their value are overwhelming. 1 have foen patients recover from gravel, ii.fl.ituiuation of the bladder and Urigbt's disease after using Warner's Safe Cure, even when all other treatment hud failed. I I make this frank nnd outspoken statement in tho interests of humanity and oecauBe I know it to bo hue. 1 trust for tbe same reason you will give it to the public. litspectfnlly, 11. A. (iUNN. No. 124 Wett Forty-tettnlh St., Seu> York, March J. In 1S.10 " SmwnU ftronchlal Troches" were introduced, and their success as a cure fur Colds, Coughs, Asthma aud Uroucbllls has been unparalleled. Sapphires round and oblong are seen In r lnlu gold rliuiued sellings ot duad gold. I is a quaint, old fashion and very distinguished. INDIANA BANKERS WIN. Slurto to Look Llkfi New. Dresses, dent's Clothing, Feathers', fllovcs, ele.. Dyed or Cleaned, Plush (iarincnlj Sleamcil, nt Olio Piclch's Dye Works,2111 \y. Water St., Milwaukee. Send for circular, Out of the 83,000 Polish emigrant* who went to Drazil, 1,500 died of yellow fever. FITS.—All Fits stopped free by Dr. KIM Girat Xei-ve 7iV.</om\ No Fits after llrst ilav's use. Marvellous cures. Trcutlse and f'J.OO trial bottle free to Fit cases. Scud to Dr. Kline, U31 Arcli St., l'hlln., l'a. PecUlon or tho State Supremo Court Under the New Tnx I.uw. INDIANA POMS , Mny 10.—The Indinnn bnnkors won their ense ngiiinst tho Bow Ktnto tn.T lmv to day in Iho Supreme court. Under t.llO law the lionril j Pn-r Hint Whntrsoine Quality of Tnx Commissioners could fino nnil, Commends to public approval the California During a sevcro clcctrlcol storm at Bradford, l'a., a tank containing 30,000 barrels ot crudu oil was struck by lightning and burned. Potatoes for llorses. A few potatoes every day nro very bone- 6cial to nil kinds of horses. Sjmo of tbe most succtEslul H'nllion keepers in 1 hit- country feed hundreds of bushels ol potatoes every year to their stallions They are fed' rnw along with the grain food. Klectrlolly In the Garileu. The arc electric light is now being iimile use of by many girden-irs in f jrwurding the growth of their plants, with marked advantage. Tho application, howtver, requires skill to obtain desirable results. Tbe light is found to be injurious if placed too near, nnd its influence is much bettered by tbe use of the opal globe. Trent ment of Hers. To bo succefsful, n bee keeper must possess gentlenesB, patience, ubjence of tear, nnd perfect comniund ut self. Four must be overcr nw or oncealed. It mny be present at first, but utu illy gives place to confidence after a little experience. The theory that beeB instinctively select some persons as mtural enemies, has no foundation in tact. imprison for n refusal to nnswer ones- 1 liquid laxative, remedy", Syrup of Figs. It 11 .,„. . 1 « 1 1 .. 41.„ 1, ,...1 „„„ i>i.: 1 :„ i-> » p ciisiint to 1 hi- taste and by acting gently tionsnslceil by the Hoard nnn Philip C. 01| ', ||C |>i( ys , ivcr „,„, bo ' uu|s loBt .f tullB ; Decker, president of 1110 Lvansvilla bl ill, who refused lo testify concerning deposits in the liiinlt, wns sent lo jnil.l but relcnsed on 11 tuihenn corpus writ. | The Supremo court lo-dny passed on the ense nnd derided Hint the clause- Inflicting fines nnd imprisonment wns Unconstitutional, but thnt it did not vitiate Hie net, the other radical provisions of which n-.-e now In lilignllon. the system elfecluiilly, it promotes thu li on I Hi nnd comfort ot nil w bo uso it, nnd with millions il is the best and only remedy. In London a book Is put under baby's pillow to insure aptness Ir cilueatloiial mailers, and money Is put lu Its bath as a guar •nice of lllii'i.clal success. JOHN BULL GROWLS. Strawberries. If you set some strawberries last fall and they show nn indication of fruit Ihis teuton do not encourage tnem. If you are wise jou will pinch < ff every blossom ns soon us it appears and lot the strength of the pi Jilt go toward making it more vig orous for next year's fruiting. The runners also should be cut off, except wheiothey are needed t) make new plnntx. Amerlenn ItegWtry for Two of Ills Ships tti» Gimso—Admiralty to Kxplnln. LONDON , Mny 10.—Tho pnssatre by tbe United Stntos Congress of the bill granting nn Atnerienn registry to the Innmil steamers City of New York and City of Paris is received with much grumbling here. The board of trade has Ut'le to say on the subject. In-| qnlries tire being made nnd it is be»| lieved that the iidmirnlty will tnnke a • statement of smne kind; otherwise It; Will be mude 11 question in the house. Stole From Ihe 1'uetllu l-Jxpros* Complin J. AHKANSAB CITV , Ark., May 0. —Herbert Dnrraugh, aged 19, and the son of well-to-do nnd highly respected parents, bns been nt-iestcd charged with stealing a pnelmgo containing S?,200 from the Pnolflc Express company, by which company he wus employed ns a driver. lie bns confessed his ciiino and returned the cash, lie also confessed to stealing a diamond ring u few months ago. Testing the Cow. Tho good caw is seldom bought. The buying tf a cow to take tbe place of cne that is dry ia simply a chance in a lottery, for she must be tiBted by milking before her worth can be discovered. There is but one sure way for securing good cows, and that is to breed for them, n method whirh will not only lead to larger profits, but uho greatly tend lo lessen contagiou- diseases. When one buys a cow he may bring disease in his herd. The great scourge of dairymen—nbortion—-is due more to the selling off of dry cows and buying fresh ones from all sources than to any otner cause, as the new CJWB spread the diseaso. Nlijlit Noll. Managed as it should be, night soil maybe made an important means of restoring waste land to renewed and increased pro dactivenesB. Out in any case such fertilizers should not be used for growine plants whrso leaf is used for human food, ns cabbage, lettuce nnd celery. It i through the leaf that offensive matter in the soil <>> changed and purifi:d. Tbe seed is not 1 fleeted. Hence where raw manures are applied, it should ouly he on fruit 01 grain crops, where the plant or the leaves are not u^ed RB food. When night soil is thoroughly decomposed, it is no more offensive than the same amount of fertilizing material in any other form. His rarely, howi ver, that entire decomposition is possible before using it. Henoo its appli cation reqiires thought and care. TIIK reason of Mr. Glndstoro's opposi tion to the woman suffrage bill begins to be apparent. It granted tho franchise lo piusters only, nnd the British Blale mfn probably beard something nbiut unique;.ftatuicfrcm their w.ves. THE IIUMAX FAMILT gNUuO'^W-uvica w tawwteii 10 twi ly, «(you'm»VjUik hor over h«io for purre. 1 S IIQI tuii IwW been • Uttln uawrtilu. jwUijiogj to oj ^np''waaitlM.'' Mr-Mitt' 'tvid vt git* UvKfiw.nUur. ubunot iutfiig »i Young Animals. The young animals are ibe most profitable. 1 o concentrate former years of feeding and rare in one-half the space means three or four ttmeB ihe profit. This applies to every animal roared on a farm, and as much to the poultry as to any others. It has been shown tbat a ettec that miy make tnree pounds of live weight per d*y in its first year at a cost of 10 cents will make rnly one pound a day at a cost of 20 cents in its third year. And at the same time Ihe steer, bv the best feeding from biith. will make as tnuoh weight in twenty- fuij months as it ean otherwise make in fifty months. How to Pronounce Them, Naiad—nay-ad. , Na'f (tna«oullii,e)srrnab'«e(. Naive (fepinlne)-~n».b,'ev«. Naiveu!--natvevestey. Naively—nab-eve-ly. Gape, The a is long.' '•>' Ntti-cent, not nay-sent. • • 1 Nfts-ty, Bfoaden. the a, -., ~ NattStory,' i • t i WationaI«irnMS'UQ'(»l 1 npt.ra^hW 'H* Tha fira™maxWn«rU. tbaf olll -ttM ItuMpUti tuept Wtibster, and. his modu. of pronouncing Ute woid u not eyw.ofu* ujii|«d tn v» '»*• edition" of bli uotlPjH •rvi. v • if ' .* u . : i - • - ^ \ • N #ll«nallty^naib-'i».ai.l .tj; -f'NMUrftmBatMMi.' ' - ,',0 . Small Pi aft*. Intensive - agriculture is something more than a phrase; it is the drfiniliou of the system of farming that is bound lo obtain in tbe near future in all tbe more closely populated distiiots of our countiy. The wile farmers are petting in line with the movement now. it does not mean large traets of land belonging to a single owner and poorly cultivated, but the direot opposite. It means small farms brought to the highest state of fertility and cultivation, yielding a vastly larger product au acre loan our average terms do now. If means progress in the ssience of agrlcul ture, and a wider and belter average ot prosperity among those engaged in Uncoiling. It means less manual and more mental labor! and consequently Ibe oppor tuntty for the farmer to advance to a a higrer plane ot intelligence and living The, surest wiy to if aohjuls is to become an earnest slwent, now, of every develop meat tb»t is, making in tbo sclwoe and to try and keen abrewt \W>tb its progress. Wiera i« no longer'any need of clinging In old •sys.JheoaMath.aya™ safe, as many ol Of nil tbe forty ill: American' *t »mp >r rttui&tt^ on? JJP 1 Eight doctors treated mc for Heart Disease and one for Rheumatism; but did mc no pood. I could not speak aloud. Everything that I took into the Stonirch distressed me. I could not sleep. I had taken all kinds of medicines. Through a neighbor I got one of your books. I procured a bottle of Green's August Flower and took it. I am to-day •.tout, hearty and strong aud enjoy the best of health. August I'iower saved my life and gave me my health. Mrs. Sarah J Cox, Defiance, O. 0 GQVGH rDON%DEI-AY BALSAM ft Cnr« Cnlilsj, Conctii, HOT* Throat, Oiw Jnfltnsni .it, WhiMiinim t'miutl, Itruiiohlili i AsHlitMH* A certain vurtt f r < iiit<siiiii|illiin I D I •'iifal, ftiHi n >nr- rrllff ih nil vn inotl *\HJ(**. DM s\t>>D Von will 1 lio ett ells) -I eflvot kSt«tf titklnr Hi>t ilu-o. Ui-id by d».«n uTsinrwucr*. Luge bull M». tvntf *ml II lA 16 LITTLE LIVER PILLS no KOT cmrK unit KICKES. S OT. run lor RICK IlKAIV ACH K, lmpilf..| ^iKr.llaH.roniO. r.|lioi,.ln.|t,.| |:li||ltU. I'hf-jrirOUtS rilal arK.,1.. rtmo.t n.u.ri, till* ill".. AM 1,1, n.iciroii ICIil. ll*-.VSRniltilinlil,-r. CenilUfr litiuiiH nrrvoiM ills- urdi-rs. KiiBt.llsti no*, unl D AILY Aurtprt. Rnnuttfr complexion by purl 'fylna Dtooil. I'i:liri.v YKUtTAIH .S. 'Ilir iln.r It iiln-lr •<l|ii-ti.l MI .ullr«*4<, n nn* nltl em B4-4I r tivto., miirli l:jrli , lutr.irililiif 42. rirrlnl In vttt TK*Vrl. liVff trail priiril. IlllsilirsH tlllltl*M sill r"livri,ii-nrc. '1'M I II-II rullrr llilll miiir. Solilcvcrj. srurra. All nviiiiint jiuuil. Lrir "Ori-.criit." ftlnti ?-««iit 4Uinri. Yuu net CV |il£c book witb limpll. DR. HARK.R MEDICINE CO.. St. Louis. Ha, this And lis OreMlml Need. Tlia Imninn rorn ns a whole la tn preat ncvil ot ii gnoil lilooil |niritiur. Tlieru ara about 2.4U0 illsnrilwrs liii-iilctil lo the liuinau friinic, lliu lnryu mnjiirlly urlsinj; from Hie llii|mru ur |iiilsuuotis cutiilltiuii of the bluoil. Sirofiila, n dlsc-iisu ns ulil ns onlli|iiH,v, lias been iulii'i'ik'il by ^uiiciulluu nfu-r (jeneru. lion, mill i ii a n 1 Tub I a llsL-lf to.iliiy virnk-iil mill Tlrtiuilly iiiR-liiiuKi'il front Its mii-luiil forms. If \vu nrc so fortuiiiilu lis to f.sriipu liuruili- Inry 11111111111 K -H In Um liloiiil, we inuy i-ontract lllaeiiau fnn.i tlie yei'im In (liu nlr nu lireutlio, tlio fnoil uu rut, or lliu ivutcr \vu drink. In lie-oil's Biti'sit|nirlllii is fomul tht incill- Icllie for nil blond discuses. Its reinurkitblo cures nro its louilesl tirulse. No remedy bits every hud so iiiiirki'il euecess, nn lneiililiio was ever ni-cmileU so gient |>ubllr |nitron- BKe. Siroriilu in its serurunt forms lius yielded to its potent limvers, liloud nolsoii- 1»K mid suit rlieinn mill inmiy otlier diseases liuvu been iiei'iniilieutly liil'eil by It. Il is iiiimiestloutibly the best Bpilny Meillelno uuu bloud jiurlllcr. l)u sure lo gel Hood's. It wns one of the upper ten, n member of thu old English nobility, who, nreorilliig to l.iiid Houghton, anxiously Inquired of the sliuiruinu wlio wns exhibiting the Siamese twins, "Are they brothers!!" F. J. CHENEY * CO., Toledo, O., l'roprs. of Hull's t'ntiirrli Cure, offer $100 rewind for any eaBO of rnlnrili Hint cannot bo iiiied by Inkliitf Hull's Cnlnrili Cure. Send for testimonials, free. Bold by Druggists, 7.V. Mrs. Jttstrlcli—"Tlicso dlnmonds nro ceno Ino, of eoiirsor" Jeweler—"Cerlululyj know tho manufacturer personally." BsECnA »'s rtLis are n painless and effectual remedy for all bilious and nervous disorders. For salo by all druggists. Kerosene will soften boots or shoes which i hate been burdened by water aud render Mieui a* pliable as wlieu new. Is IT soiialUlur Is It reasonable? Is it economy, to sutler yourself and worry oluors with n heiulnelo when Ilriidyirntino will i-e.luve you in llfieou minutes'/ Of nil Urugulsts. It cost son I v Hflv i-cnta ii Iflll.y (orra>UTiia (r > " What'e that ? A new InTontlon which works all the year round f Surprisin'—theso days nro not like tho old times. Bloodin' was tho only remedy them days. But now, ns you nay, Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery ia a truo remedy for tho blood." It's not liko tho samparillas, that nro said to bo good for tho blond in March, April nnd May. Tho " Goldon Medical Discovery " works equally well at all times, in all seasons nnd in all cases of blond -taintR, or humors, no matter what their natno or nature "Golden Medical DiscoTcry" ia tho enly Blood nnd Liver medicine, suld by druggists, guaranteed to benefit or euro in every cote, on fair trial, or money paid for it will bo promptly refunded. World's Dispensary Medical Association, Proprietors, No. 003 Main Street, Buffalo, N/V. Sluing Trouble. In tho early days of Spring, when the temperature Is littblo to sudden chances—warm In the morning, we> nnd showery In the afternoon, cold at night — many people take cold. It settles on their kidneys and produces rheumatism, pain in the hack, plou« risy, ami pneumonia. Ri-:io's G KUMAH C 'OUOII AND K IDNEY Cuunwill euro all of these maladies. It docs It by Inciting tlie kidneys to action, by Stimulating Ihe eintilation so that tlie skin pei funns its usual function, and liy aiding the digestion so that the stomach is able to throw oil Iho moi'liid matter Hint would otherwise) clog and embarrass It. There Is no other remedy on tlie market that accomplishes tliis work as well as H KID 'S G KIIMAM C OIIUII AXI) K IDNEY Ci!iu&> It contains no poison, nor any deleterious substance, but can bo taken without fear of danger. If your druggist will not get it for you, wrlto to us. Small bottles 25c, large ones 50c S YLVAN U EMEDY C O ., l'corla, 111. TniiVlMlSisiMicfl M&*rf«S lo imr ri-iitlt-i* U IHI itie LUBURGMFCCO.i Niw.321, 3M mill N. MbflL ) I I. I H., nrc uiin of Ilia I HTCPM itiii nfiiri II ret • of lll>jirlf >a| C'lilldrrii*!! CurrlafMi - In EpDeptio Fits, Falling Sickness, Hysterics, St Titos Dance, Nervousness, Hypochondria, Melancholia, In- ebrlty, Sleeplessness, Diz* dneu, Drain and Spinal Weakness. rirlm rlustM, nn<l ItrrrlacrnlorHlu tha t'nlli'il Suit-rt. A limr lliruusa 1ln-lr iminuii«f> KHi'lurx !• pof lllvp proof. In llii-lriinisiiln- cvnt MiitMi-nniui t*tu will nu4 ,i v^ry lurse Itm-k of <*,<u H bin unit lllrirlo Sulla, 'i'lir Currlutfo itrisirliiirnt sra- n-lili • CTOtuI R|.|M<Hrsnra. Willi ii-verul liillull'i-u conclwa ) / ll\ II Iriliiiiiml. Thflilm-liT lUfrls- •7/ II \ ' criili.n wllli llillr mm «>IU f //•• t"< liiiiilailiin art Hit outs m ^f7^ mm tmU ]>nirllcitl Itrfrlffrriilori miiiMs S ^aw *n» Wl nUu ntillcc a uuut vitrklS Krrlinlng Clmln. Ilullm Tu|> Ilivsllj I'lialra, c. Niniitf ,IIM.(|H ilntin-ii *iiu A valftlugui fully wMHtria* locb «rlkl. «ul Uiiiul, This modlclno bas direct action upon tbo norvo centers, allaying all Irritabilities, and Increasing tbo flow and power of norvo fluid. It Is perfectly harmloas and loaves no unpleasant ofXects, PHI*l"— A. Taluauta noo*k an Werroui l# Uls II IllaeaHeii aeut freo to any add ran. a HI • and poor patients ean alto obtalJ | I I I B I B Ihia iiiwllclno Iree of oliorao. This remedy has beon nrepirert by tha Rov«nn<f f 'astor Koent*. a( FortWivm, lud, ilnce 1870. one BIIOW prepared unoerhliillreoUou brUio KOENIG MED. 00., Chicago, III. Sold by OruaYtaU at SI par Bottle. OtoSI r.nnco Hl«a. SJ1.70. 0 Bottlea tor mo. MOnti Ut ilDtPlli Ta A«*ala ta SMI ' C7IUAH4 TO UatAl.lCataj, as tut laUaFLO FREE I 5125^51 MANY LIKE THESE. NEUR/4LCIA.- Bethany, Mo„ Aug. 4, 1888: ~"8uflered for years wltlt nou- raleia, but was finally cured by 8t. Jacobs Oil." T, B. 8HBBKR. ««« .sua _Constantlne, Mich.,Feb. 10,1887: "Was troubled 80 yean SPnAII*9» w jtii lining in tho back from strain! In bed for weeks nt a timo i no relief from other remedies. About 8 years ngo I bought 8t. Jacobs Oil und mado about 11 applications j havo been well nud strong over since. Have dono nil kinds of work and can lift as much as ever. No wjumof ^^gg™' ..a»aaa»a»» 760 Polpbln St., Bolto., Md., J«n. 18, 1880: "I fell down 0!flJi8K8a~t ue baok stairs of my i«sia>nc« lu tlie darkness, and was . bruised badly In my Wpandektoi suSbrod seventy, Bt. Jacobs Oilcompletely oured mo,' 1 . s *7s« 0. HARDEN, ™ ^ ^HfmbsT of State legislature. ............^........Y^.M.., the Kliiiiiiirli, llvi-r mil bowili. liitri* Tv Hie I I I MH I . nn, wife mill flfvrlualli lliu Uwt imslli-hie kuowu fur bilfclll»i IIUIW. i-uiislliwilun, ilyiiiaijala, Tuul Un-alti. btsulHclie.iiitfiilal dr|iraarioa,i luilnful illtfvitlou, boil romiileilaa. will all illwtiiei uaiuwd by fallur* til i. "^^^ tlio itcmuub, llvrr or Wwtll l« I rorm llielr nroper t iini-tluiii. I*ermiiu glieji — • iiatlus- are Geuelttfs! by Uiklna une efler IMIS I'rlii. S4 1 Mtuule. IV. M nniHBliile, ur eeiit by * Hll'iUH CIIKMK'AI. CO.. luKliruce SI., Nrw V , ImiiiMniiiHUinieiiiieiiaee* REE lllusimiMlf uUllontl <>n»,ejlta MAFS, aeaurimus Ulunenola, Nonti bahota, Moi.Uss, lrl«h», Wulilnatim and Orevon. Ilia Frex Uor.nnnaiil imdCIIKAl' — Northern Pacifio R. R. lluxl alffrlculturtkl, Urizlug i i OUUD to »«Uler4. UiBOII.UndUei now OUUD to swUler*. UkTlei Nil. I. UilOII ,L >ndU <im.MJPJlJI.IM.I >anT,l GOLD MBDAL, PARIS, 187E AY. BAKER te CO /S Breakfast Cocoa tiom walih tka aiaMS of •• I hii beia unwied, It aitotultly pur* mm4 it If tolytl: Nb Chemicals ara sied lo Ita preparatloa. .11 haa mare l\qn Mr« Sj>M« tk* ttmgth «f COIM ailiH wlta 1 Btaich, Airawtaot »l taia*, I and la Ibtiefort far astra aaa> I norattat, aaillaf laaa laaa *M l«fiiac»y>. HUdallalMa,aaa» I tibial, ilrioiiaialas, BASM »i»aaTSB,"^od admirably adiplad (at latalMs aa well aa far piriooi la aaalta. MM by Brecin lurinkata.., • W.BAI£E4C0,DorohMUr,Kus\ WmK$& 18 THE SAME, ICYCLE8 OS'.TMB • HIQHE6T QRADI Racers and Roadstsrs, Lsdlas' and Oents*. Pom Lln« I D tbi Win. Writs for Catalo|d 'i, Aaeaas waattd. Eacluiln Tanttory. Uaaulaaunrs'Pricaa. . V. P. flANSK, Irapartar sind Hlvtv Ageul, 608 &laua Ml., OHIOAUOi FAT FOLKS REDUCED \^ a ^V'ih'^»\vL% l '.i' a " in u ' 1 ' 1 ' i7iw'l('u \?S . . •<ll, Willi W JI |l|,(0'i,i*l lit, WANTED Tha addmaws ot all M '1 »ra ,wup liomestaailaa a Ii " a HOME8TEAD8 .im&?& 80LDIER8& ip lomestaai.laa a lass ,nutquer ofsons t&an Wani ai proof oulbal Patents! Pensions! Band for Inimtoi'inulile or How to Obtain aPstaat. t 'llt family \V »»li Itliie, {grimls \>) Orocars, , Plitfa n »m »dy foi Oatarth isths IWM . j »*ii «t' to DM. ark) CtMpaat

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