Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 7, 1961 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, April 7, 1961
Page 3
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APRIL 7, 1W1 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE THRU Educating Mentally Handicapped 6 h Money in Taxpayer^ Pocket 9 Thl« |« the firm in n »«rie» of article* on upecial education in the Alton ncMool »y»tem.-The flromm to educate th» educable mentally handicnpped I* treated here covering lt« position in Alton nchnoln today and plan* for the Immediate future. Other divisions to be covered in thin «eri«g include the problem of hwrd hearlni and deaf student*, the slnht handicapped, the job of social workers and psychologist, speech problems and ther- spy, and why educators believe a full assault on them ts not only socially desired but economically sound. By KLMKft RR09! Telegraph Stall Writer The mentally handicapped student who does not receive special attention is costly to the taxpayer, and society in general, experts say. nnd for that reason the Alton school system proposes to increase Its facilities for them. Lloyd Norman, in charge of spe cial education fo rthe district, al ready has recommended the open ing of core classes for the mentally handicapped and described the situation as the district's greatest and most urgent need. Current Program Currently, the program for educating such students takes care of only about 75 children. Norman thinkes that there should be facilities for at least 90 more. He bases this on his own observations and that of the White House Conference which estimated tha two per cent of the students actually mentally A SPRING LESSON Committees for District Music Contest Appointed Committee members have been appointed for the April 15 Illinois High School Association District music contest at Alton High School Boyd LaMnrsh, school hand director, is chairman of arrangements. He will be assisted by Le- MEDORA — The Rev. roy Frit/, district music director.'C. Harmon will preach Medora Church Program Listed Present were Mrs. Mary Skinner, Grafton, Mr. and Mrs. Colonel Hrnlpy, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Colonel Hralpy, Sr., and family. Bake ftolp Saturday MEDORA - The Hawk Patrol of Boy Scouts of Troop 100 will have a hwkr sale Saturday at H. L. Mnplo's storr from 9a.m. to noon. Pot-hick Siinprr MKDORA — An all-parish pot luck suppor will hr hold at St. Donald John's Catholic Church Sunday Miss Janet Car»onSpedk» At Godfrey WSCS Meeting GODFREY — Miss J«m>t Car-| son. art Instructor In the Roxarm School District, was gupst speaker at the monthly meeting of thp WSCS of the First Methodist Church Thursday evening. Miss Carson showed slides and told of her experienrps while at Charles Carlton, social retattom secretary, and Mrs. Ronald Trent, secretary of loral church •cHvl- ties. Mcmhcrs are n.iked to balm cookips and bring to the churrh April 12 to be sent to Scott Field. A rummage sale will he upon- at the nt 6 p.m. The RPV. P. P. Helncn tending an international youth and C. A. Stuchtlk and Harvry \ Methodist Church at 11 a.m. Sun- ol the Holy Ghost Church at Jer- Volertsen. dny school will be at 3:45 a.m. seyville will show slides of his Contestants making a top rating. At the Baptist church the Rev. trip to Europe last summer, will be eligible to compete in Iho Bill Loafman, evangelist, will! Srhool Klcrtlnn state finals at Carlinville on May preach at 10:15 a.m. and 7:30| MEDORA — The annual school 8. The Alton Band and Orchestra Builders will he in charge of food and concessions. Charles Harris has been named general chairman. Committee heads are: Mrs. George Butler, cafeteria; Mrs. )nald Vellum, desserts; Al Brandt and Harold GoslinR. eon cessions; Mrs. Raymond Keiser and Mrs. N. A. McConothy, office: and Mrs. Sterling I^aMarsh, infor mation. Additional help is needed, Har- p.m. Sunday school 9:45 a.m. Sunday school at SummervlUe Baptist Church will be at 9 a.m. At Kemper Baptist Church Phillip Peek will preach at 10:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Sunday school at 9:30 a.m. and BYF at 6:45 p.m. election for Unit f) will be held at the Medora Grade school Saturday from noon till 7:00 p.m. Two members of the Board are to be elected. Earl Allen of Shipman is running for re-election camp in Germany In 1959. Preceding Miss Carson's talk, a worship program was present ed by Mrs. Donald James and Mrs. Carl Malhias. During the business meeting the following officers were elected: Mrs. Kenneth Davis, president; Mrs. Hayden Jennings, vice president; Mrs. Carl Mathias, secretary; Mrs. Cleo Perotka, sored by the organization on Aprtl 19 at 9 a.m. on Belle street In Alton. Refreshments were served ta the church social room by Mn. Sari Hatfleld, Mrs. Donald P»g> and Mrs. Paul BreltwelMT, and Allen Hanold is running in:treasurer; Mrs. Loyd Carson, pro- Allen Jones' place. Jones is not'motion secretary; Mrs. Ralph a oatlldate. Broemser, mission secretary; The Rev. A. Applemiist will at the Bethel Baptist Church all Metlorn Note* Mrs. Joseph Shellon, spiritual 10:45 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Sunday MEDORA — Mr. and Mrs. TJlifc secretary; Mrs. John Webb school. 9:.'!0 a.m. ;B. Rkr find son. Tommy, King-'youth work secretary; Mrs. Ver Tod Kinsell will be at the sport, Tc.nn.. sprnl the weekend non Scheffel, student work sec Christian Chruch at 10:30 a.m.;hero with his parents, Mr. and retary; Mrs. Joseph Sanner, chil nnd 7:30 p.m. Sunday school at Mrs. Don Rico. dim's work secretary; Mrs. Har 9:30 a.m. and Youth meeting at, George Smith, Sr., entered Wat- old Chamberlain, literature sec handi-'6:30 p.m. ison Nursinc; Home at Jerseyville retary; Mrs. Lowell Seitzinger the educable mentally capped acquire part time work. : Mass at 15 to 17 Yearn ;Church, 10 a.m. conducted He was thinking specifically of, the Rev. John Sheahan. St. John's Catholic by Wednesd.-iy. supply work secretary; Mrs. MONTICELLO PLAZA! Win Merchandise and Service Certificates I those in the 15 to 17 years range who could attend school in thr morning and work in the noon. Such a program for normal stu- jdcnls in certain departments at Birthday Supper MEDORA — Mr. and Mrs. afte| ..i Colonel Healcy, Sr.. entertained i with a birthday supper Wednesday 'evening for their grandson. Ricky Henley, who was a year old. Miss Susan Ackers, special teacher of educable mentally handicapped, Instructs small group at Lowell School. She draws signs of spring and the students busily copy her work. These children advance to their fullest capacity under this specialist, would fall arears if placed in class with normal children and hold them back as well. —Staff Photo. Olin Vocational School already isjris said. Volunteers may call Mrs. in operation. jLnMarsh or Harris. The educuble mentally haiifli-l Some 1.200 studenls from 3-1 high capped program of job placemen! I also would require the education employers as to their in school are handicapped. He visualizes no trouble in obtaining enough students within the school district to establish the additional classes to bring the total under the program to the recommended 165. Frequent Request* "Not a week passes that I don't receive a call from some parent requesting that their child be considered for the special classes," he said. The type of students which such a program applies are those who can be educated to a degree. Some experts say that their mental capacity limits their education to a filth grade level, others say that they may learn enough to compare with a normal seventh grader. But lew would reach either of these levels if placed in regular classes. Constant failure and inability to grasp the lessons would doom them to settling for much less than they would be capable of under specially tailored circumstances. Fttted to Life These students can fit htem- selves to a life in which they become self supporting, happy and social minded but they have little chance of achieving this if they are burdened with more than the normal share of classroom disappointment. As far as the taxpayer is concerned, the complete mixing of the mentally handicapped child with the normal one is expensive and generally harmful. Teachers attempt to fill the gap and take time to help the handicapped. This time is taken, naturally, from her work with the normal chHd and in that way parents, who have these normal children in school, pay because their child may learn less, or, at least slower. Society Suffers Society suffers because these deficient students if not kept constructively busy in school life may keep society busy during their adult life. Another money saver, Norman believes, is that there are 'less repeaters in class. A child who must take a grade for the second time is generally considered the most costly child to the taxpayer on the school rolls. The Alton system now teaches its primary rated mentally handicapped students at Lowell School. At age nine they go into an intermediate group at Milton School. At 11 they go into a second intermediate group at Garfield and at 13 they are enrolled at West Junior High School. No special school is set aside (or them. Norman believes they should be permitted to integrate as much as possible with other students. Some, in fact, are normal in certain areas such as art and athletics. State Concerned The State of Illinois has concern for the educable mentally handicapped, as they are cadled. It also lays down requirements which must be met if the school district is to obtain the J3.000 annually for the salary of their spe- cial teachers. devices as field trips where the No more than 15 children are| c hiid learns to identify, a robin or permitted to the class and an ap-j a W ren while before he only knew proved psychologist must recom-lihem as something that flies. lit 1 mend them for such special educa-:has acquired two more words and tion. The teachers also must be,by this and similar processes he certified as specially trained. It is for this reason that then 3 can be no crowding of these classes. Norman is seeking (he hard-to- is on his way. Loving Parents Loving parents sometimes con- find special teachers so that school system can double the classroom space. Any family may need these special services. Mentally handicapped children become that wav congenially, by brain injury before or during birth, as an aftermath of certain serious illnesses, or in accidents. Started in 1946 The program in the Alton schools started in 1946. Its success is best attested by the almost complete erasure of any stigma which formerly was connected with such children. These youngsters no longer are labeled as "just dumb" or dismissed with "he can't learn" but are given the opportunity to acquire an education within their limits and by a procedure and pace suited to them. One illustration of this special care is a chrld who cannot grasp the system of reading. The first step is to increase his experiences, Norman said. This is done by such )hp 'tribute to these lack of experienc- es by over protectiveness of the offspring they know is not normal.) But even that is going by the ! wayside. Formerly such children i were known as "closet babies". Norman has not met such a casri recently. Another recommendation that Norman made to the school board i was that a program of assisting; I of some value. schools are expected to compete j in the contest. 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