Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on September 2, 1972 · Page 9
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 9

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 2, 1972
Page 9
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Clustering' issue arises By GLADYS HINE of the Telegraph Clusters, or clustering, a new concept for Protestant churches, and not a unanimously accepted one, has become a dominant Issue for members of Elijah Parish Lovejoy Presbytery and one of Its key components in organization of the newly re-formed Presbytery (formerly portions of Presbyteries of Southeast Missouri and Alton). A cluster, composed of congregations formed by mutual negotiation between Sessions (local church ruling elders) and the Presbytery, will consist of those located near enough to provide face- to-face communication with ready access to physical facilities and resources to be utilized. The diversity of each of the nine clusters, embracing 30 counties in eastern Missouri; two in Madison and St. Clair Counties in Illinois, and one in Arkansas, is expected to provide fresh insight and potental resources within its province. It will be large enough to employ other resources of its larger body, the Presbytery, in a more effective way. The cluster function is to develop a mission design for "witness of the church in the Cluster area"; to review and report to designated authority; to develop program response to needs in the cluster or cluster area; and t o elect nominees for Presbytery bodies. Pastors, as well as assistants and associates, commissioned church workers and ruling elder delegates will make up the membership, which in turn will be permitted to include any other selected individual identifiable groups of congregations, representatives from special mission units, and other, ministers residentially situated within the cluster boundaries. Approval of this proposal at the special meeting on Sept. 18 will permit each cluster to elect its own convenor and clerk, and devise other organizational structure necessary to its function. The 62 responding churches out of 102 in the Presbytery proposed development of cluster (or parish) along geographic, ideological or environmental compatibility; concentric circles; hexagonal; along major highway systems; or grouped around larger churches. These clusters had to be manageable in size and administrative scope, with a mixture of practical and philosophical influence in each. The geographical design for Cluster iir to include all four Alton Presbyterian Churches, also includes those in Edwardsville, Eoxana, Fosterburg, Moro, Bethalto, Wood River, Liberty Prairie, Mitchell and Salem in Illinois, plus two in Missouri; or alternatively four instead of two in Missouri. Also slated for discussion at the September meeting will be the proposed standing rules for administration and service. Years of preparation for realigning Presbytery boundaries was climaxed with the approval at the 1972 General Assembly at Denver, when a decision also was made to move the national church office from Philadelphia to New York resulting in months of labor and disruption to bring about more efficiency throughout the denomination. Among officers of the executive council is the Rev. Cortley Burroughs, pastor of Alton's First Presbyterian Church. Texas man is new minister of education at Calvary The Calvary Baptist Church, 1422 Washington Avenue, Alton, has called the Rev. Larry Jameson, Fort Worth, Tex., to the staff position of minister of education and youth. The son of Norman Jameson, pastor of the Bethany Baptist Church in Godfrey, the Rev. Jameson will assume responsibilities for all the educational and youth ministries of the local church including its bus ministry and children's church. The Rev. Jameson is a native of Moline, but has spent most of his life in Missouri. He is a graduate of Southwest Baptist College, Bolivar, Mo., where he majored in English and Christianity, and of the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, Texas, where he received his master of divinity degree in July of this year. His wife, Linda, comes from Rockford, 111. She also is a Alton Evening Telegraph Saturday, September 2,1972 A41 Religious finds excite writers By tester Headline writers have been enjoying a theological field day with two discoveries this year — which one religion columnist went so far as to claim has "strengthened enormously the historical basis of the Christian faith." But if the admitted speculations of two Hebrew University professors and a Catholic priest-papyrologist constitute an "enormous strengthening," the historicity of Jesus v/ould have to be regarded as practically nil to begin with. The discoveries: (1) Professors Shlomo Pines and David Flusser of Jerusalerti report an Arabic text of 1st century Jewish historian Flavious Josephus' description of Jesus. They claim that this Arabic text shows more authenticity and less evidence of Christian tampering than the widely Religion in dehumanizing age is studied by scholars Quartet ^- i to appear The Travelers Quartet and their piano accompanist, Wayne Giffin, of Garbonclalc will present a concert of gospel music at 7:30 p.m. Sunday in the Whitelaw Avenue Baptist Church, Wood River. They also will appear at 10:30 a.m. Sunday at the Spring Street Assembly of God Church, Alton. Evangelical to ordain Ostendorf The Evangelical United Church of Christ on the Beltline will ordain its first son in i its 123rd history on Sunday. David] L. Ostendorf, son of Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Ostendorf, iOO Gerson, Godfrey, will be ordained in a 4 p.m. service, in a ceremony open to the joublic. The service of ordination will be conducted by the| church pastor, the Rev. Walter H. Krebs, the Rev. Charles L. Stevens (a former pastor), Dr. John L. Schmidj, minister of the Illinois South Conference of the 'UCC, and Elders Marguerite Huebner and Harry "Mac" McConathy of the congregation. The Rev. Thomas Bentz, associate editor of the United Church Herald, soon to be merged with Presbyterian Life, will preach the sermon. Music will be under the direction of Doris L. Rue, choral director, and Nancy Massar, organist. Mr. Ostendorf graduated from Alton High School in 1965 and did his undergraduate work at Elmhurst College (Illinois), graduating with high honor in 1969. He received his master of divinity degree in June of Hutton new ™ ft The Rev. James E. Hutton, West Ciester, Pa., is the new superintendent of the Illinois district in the Church of the Nazareie, effective Sept. 25. His appointment was announce^ at the Kansas City headquarters of the denomination by Dr. Eugene L. SJtowe, the general superintendent in jurisdiction, following conferences with the Illinois district advisory board. Mr. Hunton has been superintendent of the Philadelphia district since 1963. He will succeed the Rev. L. S. Oliver, Springfield, 111., district superintendent for seven years, who was elected president, of the Nazarene Bible College at Colorado Springs, Colo., in mid- August. Prior to becoming a district leader Mr. Hunton pastored several churches in the East including First Nazarene churches in Philadelphia, Pa., Cleveland and East Liverpool, 0. this year from Union Theological Seminary, New York City. During his years in New York he worked with the staff of Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church, with the Planned Parenthood - World Population national office, and as a research assistant, i n v e s t i g a t i ng the environmental practices of U.S. corporations and complicity of churches in defense industries. In addition, he was a student in the Bellevue Hospital clinical training program for pastors. Mr. Ostendorf will begin a program of studies this fall in Environmental education at the University of Michigan school of natural resources. He will serve at the same time on the staff of the Church of the Good Shepherd, Ann Arbor, where he will initiate a specialized ministry in theology and ecology. The wife of the ordinand is the former Rosamond Meeker who is a 1966 graduate of Alton Hteh School. Promotion day Convention Proniotion Sunday will be observ< 9:15 a. in the sd Sept. 3 during the n. Church school hour REV. JAMESON graduate of Southwest Baptist College with a major in elementary education. Rev. Jameson began his new work with the local church Aug. 15. Gospel singing Gospel singing programs will be held Saturday at 8 p.m. and Sunday at 3:30 p.m. in Alton. The Saturday night program will be held at the Community Church of God, 2508 Johnson St. Guest artists will be the Faithful Airs an'i the Tones of Harmony from S t. Louis, the Five Spiritualaires from Chicago and the Faithful Harmonizcrs from Memphis, Tenn. The Sunday afternoon program will be at Abel Hall, 3821 East Broadway. Artists will be the King Sisters, St. Louis All-Stars, Heavenly Four, and the Crowns o? Harmony, all from St. Louis. Wood River First Presbyterian Church. The Rev. Manley Mace, pastor, will resume his duties with the Sunday morning 10:45 a|.m. worship hour after one ironth's vacation when the church has been served by gueiit ministers. Plans; have been completed for a Sept. 9 retreat basod on the theme "retooling for Church, Renewal" in the religions center of Southern Illinois University, Ed- wardsviille. A coffee hour at 9 a.m. and prayer led by the proposal Rev. Jl !ace at 9:30 a.m. will open tl e all-day session. WASHINGTON (AP) — Rep. Claude Pepper says ru i s going to introduce legislation authorizing Hie creation of a national commission to study which expenses of national political conventions the federal government could pay. In making the statement, the Florida Democrat Tuesday said it cost the city of Miami Beach three times the $1 million the Republicans gave the city. He said the Democrats' convention was a losing proposition too. DAVID L. OSTENDORF LOS ANGELES (AP) Three thousand biblical scholars will examine the role of religion in a "dehumanized age" during a conference beginning here this weekend. The scholars, representing nearly all the intellectual bodies concerned with religion, will meet for five days starting Saturday for the first International Congress of Learned Societies in the Field of Religion. With a theme of "Religion and the Humanization of Man," the scholars will seek ways to instill a humanizing of faith in the establishment- oriented church. "Religion must come to a new way of looking at itself in Western civilization," says Will resign after Nov. 7 WASHINGTON (AP) George S. Romney plans to resign as secretary of Housing and Urban Development after the Nov. 7 election, The Washington Post quoted him as saying in an interview. "The President urged me to stay on until after the election and I agreed to do so," Romney was quoted as saying. The exact date of resignation will be decided after the election, he added, and then he will discuss the "public service in a private capacity" he has mentioned previously. Banquet A church-wide banquet wi". be held at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday as the kick off for the fall revival Oct. 29-Nov. 3 in the Wood River First Church of Christ, Christian, Howard McFadden, pastor has announced. Prof. Boatman of st. Louis Christian College will be guest speaker. Plans are being completed for a delegation of the church to attend the Christian Men's Clinic Sept. 8-9 at Lake Springfield. the conference chairman, Dr. James McConkey Robinson. The scholars will hear a dozen nlajor addresses and 450 research papers, many on religious topics, but others on women's lib, religion in an industrailized society and race relations. Two hundred European scholars and a score from the Far East will join American theologians at the session. The conference grew out of a desire of religious scholars to coordinate their activities and exchange ideas. Fifteen societies will participate. "The real objective of religion — any religion — has always been the humanizing of man." Dr. Robinson said in an interview, "and unless we can deal away the verbiage and get with it (religion), faith is going to slough off, to the detriment of civilization." Religion's emphasis has tended to be on. the "next life," Dr. Robinson said, whereas the conference will emphasize that "religion is intended to gapple instead with this life," with such problems as the secularization of society and what Dr. Robinson said is the inability of "Christianization" and education to humanize man. published Greek text of Josephus, which most scholars reject. The Arabic text, for example, mentions the Resurrection as being reported by the disciples — rather than the Greek text's simply reporting the resurrection as fact. But this Arabic text is dated nearly 1,000 years after the crucifixion — and is written by a Christian bishop named Agapius. (2) Father Jose O'Callaghan, S.J., of Rome, has taken a tiny and hitherto overlooked fragment of the Dead Sea Scrolls and hypothesized it into the earliest known fragment of the New Testament — dated 90 years prior to the Rylands Fragment (140 A.D.). One unrestrained observer suggested that "seven tons of German scholarship may now be burned." But the "wild speculation" verdict of Professor Flusser and the dubious reactions of many other reputable scholars would seem more appropriate. For Father O'Callaghan's fragment contains only 17 letters. And the priest has suggested no Jess than seven different passages of the New Testament, of which his fragment might be a part. (It could be a part of anything else, for that matter — including a treatise against women, as suggested by Professor Flusser.) In the general hoopla over these archeological baubles, a much more valuable study appears to have been overlooked. Israeli Supreme Court Justice Haim Cohn, when appointed the new nation's first Soliciter General in 1948, was assigned an herculean task. For clergy in four nations (including the U.S.) had written what they called the "New Sanhedrin," — with the plea that the trial of Jesus be rectified. After 20 years of research on the subject, Justice Cohn has written "The Trial and Death of Jesus," for Harper and Row He argues legally and persuasively that in hailing "the Jews" responsible for the death of Jesus, the Gospel writers were attempting to placate the Roman Government. "Those Apostles and Jesus were hardly Gentiles, you know!" laughed Justice Cohn during an interview with this writer. The eminent jurist notes that the Sanhedrin had the power to execute Jesus, if that had been its desire. But he contends that it would have been inconceivable that a Jewish court would confess its inabil'ty to maintain law and order among the Jews — especially by offering up a popular leader as one more Jewish victim of Rome. Instead, he maintains that the Sanhedrin tried assiduously to persuade Jesus to abandon his claim to Messiahship — for which the Romans crucified him. (with a sign, "King of The Jews"), rather than for his upsetting the money hangers in the Temple. Justice Cohn also contends that it is ' similarly inconceivable for a Roman Imperial Governor like Pontius Pilate to degrade himself by arguing with or appealing his innocence to a crowd of conquered subjects. Dr. Roy Eckardt, professor of religion at Pennsylvania's Lehigh University, notes that Cohn's book may help substantially in eliminating "slander and lies against an entire people . . . history's greatest perversion of justice." GRACE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH E. 7th at Henry — Alton Sunday Services Church School 9:30 Worship Service 10:30 "A Musical Life" Methodist Youth 6:30 Wilbur O. Relnhardt, Pastor Z!CN LUTHERAN CHURCH Hiway 140 — Bethalto, ID. 8:00 a.m. Worship Service 9:15 a.m. Sunday School 10:30 a.m. Worship Service 7:00 p.m. Worship Service Our church Is fit to be tried "The Bible Is the Word of God: Inspired - Inerram • Infallible "Worship Where Christ Is Real" WESTMINSTER PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 212 East Elm Street, Alton Bible School 9:30 Morning Worship 10:40 Gospel Service 7:00 LIKE IT IS LABOR — Gael made man for labor from the beginning (Gen. 2:15). But by his fall Into sin man ruined things for himself and all mankind. In Christ alone we find release (Matt.11:28-30) and through Him we enjoy good labor (Eccl.5:18,19)l fIRST BAPTIST CHURCH ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS 1 80 Rosewood Drive East Alton ! CLARENCE W. PATTON, PASTOB Sunday School . 9:30 a.m. Worship 10:30 a.m. Sermon: "Gratitude" B.Y.F. 8:00 pan. Sunday Evening 7:00 p.m. Wednesday Evening Bible Study ... 7:00 p.m. Guest Hillcrest Church of the Nazarene 8316 Hlllcrest Rov. Kenneth L. Owens, Pastor 9:30 A.M.—Church School 6:15 P.M.—Family Hour 10:30 A.M.—Morning Worship 7:00 P.M.—Evangelistic Service 7:00 P.M.—Wednesday Prayer Meeting THESE TIMES . . . ... GOD IS ABLE the episcopal piwsh of Alton, rtbnois tranrcy chapel stpauft e*wech KOI sute sweet 8:00 A.M.—Morning Prayer The Rev. Roger J. White. Rector 9:30 A.M.—Parish Eucharist Bethany Baptist Church 4718 North Alby Road Godfrey, Illinois 62035 Telephone 618/466-1573 Sunday School 9:30 am Church Training 6:30 pm Morning Worship 10:35 am Evening Worship 7:30 pm Wednesday 7:00 pm Prayer Time Norman L. Jameson, Pastor Melvyn Jolly, Minister of Music A GOING CHURCH FOR A COMING SAVIOUR €kurck cj e 1212GODFREY BELTLINE GODFREY, ILLINOIS REV. WALTER H. KREBS, PASTOR REV. GEORGE W. HURTER, MINI, of ED. CHURCH SCHOOL -9 AM. MORNING WORSHIP — 8:00 & 10:00 A.M. SACKAMEXT OF HOLY COMMUNION "Seven Year* and A Lifetime" Uuvid L. Ostendorf Preaching »:uo p.m. — Kite of Ordination Nursery at 10 a.m. and Church School 1U:00 to 11:00 Broadcast Over WOK/ The Rev. W. Leroy Biesenthal, of the Stewardship and Evangelism Department in the Missouri district of Lutheran churches, will be guest preacher Sunday at the Trinity Lutheran Church at 801 Blair St. Alton. The Rev. Biesenthal of St. Louis will speak at the 8 a.m. and 10:80 a.m. services. He was formerly chairman of the board of directors of the Detroit (Mich.) Institute for the Deaf. Brown Street Baptist Church 3125 Brown Street G.A.R.B.C. (Where Everybody U Somebody Welcomes You to The wd Chrtet Ii Lord) Services SUNDAY Echoes of tract - WOKZ Radio .. 8:30 A.M. Sunday School 9:30 A.M. Morning Worship 10:30 A.M. Training Union . Evangelistic Service WEDNESDAY — Bible Study 7:00 P.M. MID-DAY MEDITATIONS—WOKS! DAILY—11:10 PJ*. Thomas M. lurkt, faster 6:00 P.M. 7:00 P.M. ALTON FIRST SOUTHERN BAPTIST CHURCH 8th and Heury Streets, Alton Howard "Todd" Taylor, Pastor 'The Difference Js Worth The Distance" SUNDAY 9:00 a.m. Spiritual Growth Hour 10:15 a.m. Morning Worship 5:30 p.m. Youth Choir Rehearsal 7:00 p.m. Evening Service WEDNESDAY 6:15 p.m. Youth Choir Rtheartal 7:00 p.m. Prayer Meeting _ ^ 7:45 p.m. Adult Choir Rehearsal "The Church With The Great Sunday Night Service" SUN DAY-7:00 P.M. JAMAICA CRUSADE TEAM Will hhow slides and give testimonies from recent Jamaica Irip. AIR-CONDITIONED FOR YOUR COMFORT I ALTON'S FIRST ASSEMBLY EDWARDS STREET ASSEMBLY OF GOD Collfg* Avtnu* SH««I StiMt •roodway June* KoftUil 9:30 AM—Bible Leuon Auditorium Study of Romans 13 Albert Culuuuy will In- speaking to the Youth Department in Sunday Schuul. • S|iwd»y Morning 10:30 am "Hisb ( ruin's Agaiuttt God" • if viuiKeli»tio Rally 7 ;IH> \uu "Standing" • IpaniUy Night Wednesday 7:00 |un CHURCH OF CHRIST 3403 FRANCE ALTON Sunday Meetings 9:30 a.m. & 6:80 pan. For Information Phone 259-3244 462-8137 BETHALTO UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 240 E, Sherman Karl WriKht Minister 9:00 — Church School 10:00 — Morning Worship 6:00 — Evening Fellowships Nursery Care Available- Do your children know God's love? In a Christian Science Sunday School, children learn that God is Love and that He is an ever-present friend, always close to them. And they are given practical instruction from the Bible and the Christian Science textbook that they can use every day. We'd love to see you and your children this Sunday. 1 hristian Science Church Services Subject -MAN" ALTON, 533 fc. Tenth St. Church Service and Sunday School — 1U am. Nursery provided. Wednesday Testimony Meeting, 8 p.m. Heading Room, luo E Broadway, 11 a.m. to -l:3u p.m. Daily. KISAH Church Service and Sunday School 11:00 a.m. Nursery provided. Testimony Meet- Ing Wednesday 8:00 p.m. Reading Room u t 35 LuSaile St. open dally 3:30 tg 5:3U p.m. and Sunday 2:00 to 4:00 pan.

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