Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 15, 1927 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 15, 1927
Page 8
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lOLA PLAYS iliiLDIN 'OTTER SPRINGS i " (Mrs. Vernon Ostrander.) ilj MJirch Hi—Mr. and Mrs. L«j«rls ClioguiU and Miss Moarc altenled the community meeting at Oakldnd Tuesday night. Mrs. Taylor, Richard and Jlkr- spent Saturday- wii S.': C. Mann of Hunliboldt. i Ira Hays called "Vhursday evening on Walter Kingf S. C. Mann of Humlwldt called Sunday afternoon it -the; • Chas. Miller home. Piullne King spent Sunday after- Upperj Bracket Is Stiff, i Official Tournament Drawings Given jOut Today = J Indicate. WlnfieliJ. March la. (.AP)—Offic- ".ial paiiring)! of tiie Kansas State High School Class A tournament, to be lield at Hays on Friday and Saturday of this' week, were announced here today Ijy /\V. W." .Mc- f'onnell, secretary, of the State Hifjh School Athletic A .SHOciation. Thif pairlng.s and time of play follow!: r'nper Brnckef. :161a vs. Wfnfield, s; a. m. Frid:iv. Parsons vs.Concordia.,!! H . ni. . I'rfltt vs. Arkansas Clly. l)) a. ra. fijatlie VH. Alijlone, 11 a. m. L<»«pr BrurkJ'l. J»awrcnct' VH. DneU" ''ity. 1 p. in Tbpi'ka vs. Newton. : J p. in. JJrewrtler vs. Kl Doriido. .'I'p. rii. Alfl'lierHon VH, I'owliaiinn, i p, MI, T^m flrsi round of ,piny. Ii. In, • Pdfed/ f-ndx III t p. tn,i Friday, aiiil :n» <l p. nj, Frlfl^y rtie H'-COIKI ronml l<H Kinr(/'il.,four unineii liilnii played Friday night which iyiiv- only finir team)t in llic tptirti!iiiii-iii. mid • lllettn go Into- llic (' CIDI fIniilN iiiiii fipniH on Kiitiirday., ; Tilt to Raise Funds Billed i Here Tonight In Iho 'lasi^anK' of haski-ihair in.the higli school gyiu loniglit tlic strong faculty team mi'ei|S the floph6more.s.- As a jireliminary tin- senior class loam inects the' cli%rap!onship junior team. • - :6bth ganic.s should he good. Tlie •faculty team lia.s not been defini cly picked as 'yet liiit tlie prohdhle Starters are: Koenig. center: ] Sipckehraud and "Vic" Kirk, forwdrds: Scoii and Van Caiiij) guards. The sdpljomorj's will havi- ()nl« McCiuire of the-:f|rst team of , Jthe 'high schoo land Jack Maioiie , of tho seconds as well as a proni- i.^'-g group of men to pick from. The first game starts at 7:30, with'the lacuity-sdiilioiuore g.ini.-j at S'sl').. ^he game is to get moiieyi to, I send thei-high| school team lo^ the state tournament. !at Hays Friday and Saturday. garet spenl Thursday evening wjith i noon with .Mr. and -Vlrs. J. B. Hen- 1 Mr. and Mrs. -Fred Churchiil tind derson. ! family. I i .May Hays spent Wednesday with | Mr. and Mrs. Frank Strack and ; ^''V'"" •»!rack. .', famiiv called Sundav evening I at i -Mj;!. \ cruun (Jspander and Mary Kv<iyii s|iei:! Tuesday night with Iht- Ray Hays home. Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Ostrander and Mary Kvciyn spent Friday evening with in Hays. and I-<o .Mrs. .1. U. Henderson and .Mri: lohn Kiiig si-vnt Wednesday wi'.h .Mrs. Wailter King and family. Freddie Churcliill spent Fri lay evening- with Itoyce Hays. Vivian Strack spent .Sunday with .Mr. and .Mrs. Lewis Choguill. .Mr. aiid Mrs. Oren llaugli sp>iit al till' Vi-riiiin' s|iei:! Tuesday night .Mr,, and .Mrs. Oren H:iugh. Kreddie- Cliurchill and CiarelKC Wi>i>d spi-nl'Snnday afternoon will: Uovci.' Havs.' .Mr. and .Mrs. X. H. Williams and family ot Toronio spent Sunday with Irl H;iy.s, .Mae and Leo. .Mae Hay.-^ teturiK'd h<iaie with tiieni for a few days visit. Frank Hays srn<iit .•leveraj days la*: we^k helping liav Hays make fciice. OhllHori—-Mrv. (. II. Kngllsh. "Henrietta Kevser was liorn March ,11, 1S4C. in Bedford CouniiV. Pennsylvania, and. dep-iricd iliis life-.March 11. I!t27 at her home In lola, Kansas, aged SI yearrs. In ISCS she liioyi'.d with'her parents to Andrew County. .Missouri. ' ,,iilj'd in .Xovemhi-r <if th<>. same year ' i-he was iiJarried to Clias. ii. liiig- :lisli. ShfWith her huslcind moved to,lola'in 190.1 where she rcmtiin- , <.'il until her derilli, .'To this union was' horn eight children. tlil *ee of whom preceded her in deaili. Her' liiisliaiKl ili <'(l ..December m. litis, ; While yet a girl yirx. JCnglish wa.? converted and joined tlje riiii- .ed Brethren church anil continiied In that relation iin'.il lier jdeiiili. She told.tliose at lier licdside ihai • she was at i)ea<e witli Coil anil was ready to go whenever He called her. She w;is a kiiid and Ioy:il nelghlior and ha<I a hosl of friends " Wlio will miss her. ^ She leaves to innurn her loss three sons and two daiigliteis. fler- Jie and Itoh'erl <if tjie lionie ad- i dress, and (hias. of Seattle Wash.. .Mrs! T. (i. Sheets, of Toiikawa. Okla.. and .Mi.s. (ioldie Culver of I-Colony, ; Kans.. also jine brother and five" ."-Asters: Uohe'rt Keysfi" "f • l.allflrpe. Kans., .Mrs. 'Ksther Weston of .Moian. Kans.. .Mrs. Ida llemerv of Kidorado. .Mo., .Mrs. Alice, Edmond. of Wichita. Kans., Mrs. Frauds Scott, jir Westpliaiia, and Mrs. .Minnie Dooilie. of Poca- tello, Idaho,—A Friend. STONY POINT [tL^ila McFarlaud.) Mrs. f\\['atsdn* of Bronson spent Thursday at her daugiiier's. .Mrs. J'ark Cald>velisi .Miss Evedean Harclerode ofi lola and Harley Kobh and family all irpent Sunday at thl^'home ot .1. B.' Harclerodt ;8. Mrs. Leinon and daughter. Grate, and two little gianddaiigh- lers Kpent-.AVednesday at Austin .McParla lid's.' -Mrs.; .lini Maitoclls and daugli- teri I.*ola, and .Miss ICthel Sloan were callerH at Mi*. .McFarlands .Thursday evening, getting egg.s trf •Bet. : . ' r Clarence Hamilton : and faniily spent Sunday at .Mr. .iolm Broiigli- toij's. , ^ Air. and .Mrs. Ceorge Brouglitou j and daughter. .Miidrert! spent Sati urday night and Sunday at I heir • dai^ghter's and sister's. .Mr. anil Mr*. Lester .•Vnie.v, near Cariictt. ; Mr.-and : .Mr.-. I'ark ('aldwcll ami ! little dai'Khier spent ''I'uvsdiiy ev- ienihg at .Mr. .N'ickles"s.._ Airs, (jrace Steward rind two iit.t.le: daughters spent Sunday-night and Monday at lier sister's. .Mrs. Aui;tin Ali Farland. 'Mr. and Mrs. Tii'm Ireland spent Sunday afternoon at .Mr. I'iirk. rs .Mr. and Mrs. I.rfin .Mattocks and «on Dale, and Mr. and .Mrs. Hovvi spinf Sunday evening at .Mr...I. W. ! arcFarland'.-r. Tholleglster hajf a newspaper clipping from K. ^V. Stanfield. of Ilollyt ^'Ofld, California, assuring tlie whole world that the recent "flood" In that ueighjiorliood was in reality a "hundred fiilllion dollar rain." —meaning that it was worth a liundred million, iiot that it cost a hundred million. .Ml tlie damajie It did, .according to this clippinjg, was to wash out a few highw.ny and railroad bridges. So every- Iwdy still is happy and the gpos • li(inksh:g!i aiid there ii/ iiotliing whatever the matter. wjth • the "doriouB CUiuatejof California," Sunday afternoon Ofitrander home. , Toi.eka are ii Mrs. Allien Wood spent Thiirs-, [ .'''} I^^' ' day afternoon with Mrs. Frank ^" "' ''• Strack. •Leo Hayes siieiit Tliur.-day night vith .lohn and Frank .Miller, i .Mr. ai|d .Mrs. .lohn KUison and Joan took Sunday dinner with .\li. and Mrs. Will Feeiir -V; Irl Hays and Leo called Sunday nioriifiig on Vernon 0-.irani|er. .Mr. and .Mrs. .lesse .l;i(ks'>ir a:id .\'ocl and .Mr. and .Mri-'. ileiliifii Laude, and Cleve .liirkson railed Suitrfjiy iilleriniiin :ii the W.iii^'i lillig home, .Ml.<, Veillcin f|i-ti-;<ii'le| iiiid .M; Kvelyii Kpeiit ."i.itiii d:iy| .illiriKi Willi ,MiM. .Iiiliii ilai'tuiK and . M.H line. .lolin :iiid i'riiiik Mllh r »pi ,Siiiid.iv af(er/i<ii)ii ttjili I.eii ii y Waller King asnl-led Clixe .l .ii 'k' sou 111 hiliiicJillK; eiirii W. iliii : ila.v and Tliiir.iday la-l week,; .MIS , ClniK. Mijier and f.iiiiilv .Mr. ami .Mrs. Frank H. Brown, in lola as guests F. Swong.'r. Mr; Ill-own. who fnriiieily was eili'.or of a labor iiaper in Topeka. Iiut now j :s an r-iii|do \e.. i.f t|i.. Capital, is j c<)iisiilering entering into biisiiies.V i 111 loia 111. I iias not yet uot . far ' • iiMii 'li v.iili Ills ni-^-oiialioiis to | warrant an nnnoiinc<-men'. This is i hi- >e( Olid vi^ii to lola and he di'- ' i -l .ii-'-- lie d.icH not know ot another ', rllv in K!in:;.is wlii r.- he would M > i 11,11. II like lo live. ' ! Ill . .\ small liii: Jiti'ri 'Hted inidieiice, t'l'lnreil a' ilie Kir -I .M, K. •liiireli l.ixi evening to hear Ille Uev. S. W. ';,i|ii :,|i' deliver IIIN leiliire on th" 11' « Ihllleell inomli <!lle(|d :il. ,1 jeetiii',' ilial iTown o',if^ of lit i I.'. I 'll ' .S 'iie!:iv ilie True Siili 'Miiili el <-,.,|-- |'".il |o« liii; llie leclVire Ilie • i eil;.-f wut kei I I'lr.aii hour ni <.ieiiii;; i!;ie-lloii.'i Iroiii lliose pies- • I '. . ' ; m WESTERN GRQUP PLAN SCHEDULES Topeka, Kans., MaKjlS. (APj»L- Final «ctioii on Western Association-schedule^ for the {1927 base- bait season njill be taken a meeting of tht circuif'i managers and officials a't the Robidoux hoitel 1ft St..' Joseph, Mo.. SuiJday mofn- iug, March 2(J. Dale fJear, president, announced today. PAULEN VETO TO MEASIJRE AGAIN? Topeka, March l.";. (AP)—Governor Paulen will have another j chance to veto the bill jto establish 1 a state board of examination, registration and regulation of podiatrists. The house pasjied the bill LOSES CONTEST Emporia Teachers Win iit Second Round Battle •Today. Kansas (^ity, .March In. (.-VPi—In the sbcond game of the day's play in the National A. A. V.. basketball tournament here today, Kniporia Kansas. State .Teachers; .semi-finalist last year, outclassed the Parsous.' Kansas. Oe Mol.iy team in eliminating it 37 to 10. 2. * REAL ESTATE TRAlf SFEKS • * tssned Dally from Office ot-^ * IoU;Abstritct Co. * * I ! - I ******* e 4>:-f-f <f 4> •» March U. 1027. ' Flora Roberts to J. E. Glffin. that part of-First St. in City of Gas. beginning on W.side of McRae St. and between Lot .1, Blk. 7 and Lot 7, Blk. S, and being on the Kast side of .Alloy running north and south through Blk 7 and 8.' Sarah K. Adams et al to • A. J. and Bculah Leek. Lots 1, 2, 3. 4 and 5. and! Lots 12. 13, 14, 15, and 16 all in Block 23. Ovcrstreefa 2nd Add to City of Gas. Jl.OO. Minnie Dale, widow. Clayton 4 The teachers were taller and, much heavier than the De .Alolavs { Rale ant' w'f'? Doris, to C. F. Prib- ,„„„,„ • 1 , ! and the latter had little chance in h'-rnow, Lot.^ A and 4, Block 6. „vLh :'"H-king the Emporia-guards, who-fiiy of Humboldt. $50.00. oter tne executive veto^ ^ ,„„^ the bail over their heads time! Mary P. .McGinnis, widow, to H. i after Itim'e. j .S. Albauch, Lot Ifi and N'-iof Lot lietijamin. DeMoIay guard, made! 15. Block I, Criise's 4tli Add to fxi- NEW KING JUNIOR WELTER CROWNED PITCMHD TWO Howiii'il i;iiiiike. \K ho III! iialei ni.tin (luring Iter as an .\iiiei icnn l,eaj;iie pitei;i r. Iiejjivi . ue hine oiii giealesl se;:.'-oii :i iiniler Coiiiiie ,\lark lliis yur t"iiiiii". by the |ioiie liuiler w lio pilelii-ii l \wi Miiee: sive i !(il:ii gaiiie.s. Hij sill li a feat agaiii.-t: hi- pre .-i 'ii i ;ii ;i jn .Sep(f:iil>i r. IIi:;". and won liiirled aiiotlicv wluiti he liiieil the, Vaiik-'rs four il .iys hiier had o'licial scorers licee, a liil l"liieni on a lojigle iirete l.y Uliiley V Kindly Feeling for Homsby! gALL playdrs are mighty seiisl- tive. I have known that ever •inee,I starf&d umpiring. ! However, it was never broujiht more forcibly to my attention than daring my slay ai Avbn Park, Flai. where the St. Louis Cardinali are training to win an- jother pennant. ^ ; As 1 breezed around amqng the jplayers. i; sought to get tlteir sentiment relative to the passing of:, Rogers lloi-nsby, ajfter he as manager had given St., Loiiis its firjft pennant and world chaniplonshi i. Among most of the players I found a very kindly feeling towaid the depo.sed manager. All of them tho-jght he was the victim of ja tough break, even though he may have been partly responsible fijir 4t him.;clf, due to his salary de- mtnds. • ] From my conversation, I gathered i thej players liked Hornsbir aid Sympathized with him. York. Pittsburgh and CInclnnaC te beat out the world champs." ... I Cardinals Resent Insinuation TTORXSBY may have said every word of it and then again "some mere sfafemeiit of his rela-|j live to the chances of the Cardl-j i nals may have been exaggerated. •, One cannot blame Hornsby for believing the GiaiitS'will win tlic National League pennant. Ifi a mighty fine bail club, managed j by none otlier than John McGraw. i ivho leads only winning toamk The Cardinal players didn't ib- : jcct so much to that part of the Interview. It was the opinion i-x- pressed that SI. Louis would jbe lucky to linish In the first division. That!statement caused a dccid- : ed reaction- in feeling. From it, j the plaj;ers inferred that the pa.<s- j Ing of ! Hornsby meant the club I had dropped from the position of ; world i-liamps to a .second divi.sion club. • 1 BA^EB A LB- ALPHABET a:t;i li'i- ;i :ir. iiu. .Ml-, and :ill M.i :iii' .1 (-1 A I <I.i Y .\li l-;!.!,;>r :|i<:/! w i' Ilj \! r. :i I,'! .' tin <:'ii '-'ol li sf! i:! • Uri. r. ,!.• |-:.!«v:,: \\'.\ ii A I.I .\Ii lilSie l.illll.V 'Jp'l .\i \\ •ill!. Will. Siimht.v a I;: U^niiie ;iii <l W:illi \ • .1 i i;il VeH : ..V<-w York, .Mar. 1T>. j (APl-^Pdp- •nlar reiognitlon as king ""of junior i welter weights came to Mushy Callahan from New Yi)|-k fandom today in thi' wake of a .siinsationai two round victory over Awiyldvo- di. Ill .Madison Sniiare C.Vrden liist nivlit. . ' I From six to t.even mll.-s'of caii- v;is approxiniafcty ii yaril wide, leii mile:* of rojie and fifty' niili-s iof twine enii-r Into the mfiking of'n ciiciiM lent of the ItirgiMi Hl/e, j .Some widows are gVa <». Jiiit fijv. are freen. ' I A I 'Oefs only chance I money j« ,„ ,„.„.,.j. n it iiot for Ilie' Emporia forwards, liowe'ver. breaking up many sitor- ing tlireals with his aggressive tactics. , .Moslier. of Parsons, scored SIX of Ills team's ten point .-f. The scores: .Million A. ('.. I^afayelte, itid.. 40; South wi'hl|i-rii Teachers College Wealherford, Okla.. Harpe. $1,110. J. H. Henderson and wife Joan I)., to .\. J. and Heiilah Leek, Lot I.-.. Block 2:!, flverstreefs 2nd Adil to f;as City. $1.00. C. S. Lardner and I"). B. Lardner to \V. C Ulce. SK>; of SW>4 lii- 2i;-21. ISdiliiO. I). P., .Vortliriip and wife Doiia Gila Cojlege, Thatcher, Arizona.^ A., to W. W. Jone.s. .1,S.H2 acres In 3.-.: Tulsa; Oklahoma, Eagle;. | .North Half of Sec. :M, Twp. 21, I'lillllps Cnlverslly. Knld. Okla.. ilti.'. IS. $ 24; Jefrei-jMinville, Ind.. Elks, 20, Slieriff to Christina llelder, K';.' .Norlhern llllnolH .TeacherH. I).t of .NE'4 I!>.23-21; .N'E'4 of SE'/, Kalb, III., City, 24. •.•.•J; Oak I'ark, Kaniias of making l^isca-j .N'oihlnir Is so easy to heir iis of bis your ne|g|,,,„r-„ MoubleJ. inrleil; 1^1 liave I 1 ot the .'It. ; el : .'-"pnil li. :i::;ri Mr. :!!:.! Ml -i, i:. I.. (;ili ()] Vir.g.l wry, Hll^ll'l -r KIl'SIs iii Clli .s .iii'^ 'in. si Jiv. .\|r. ani I'lMiik CiliHii! anil Charre,'; evifiing r .v .Mrs. J. 11,1 Siin- i aiid i i^riiooii I Rob- i o .Mr. i s;ii III Tiitursday ,1 i;. I.. (;iliioh and John : .Mrs. I 'sili 'Ut Interview Changes Sentiment A BbUT 24 hours later tliere was ajdeclded change of sentiment In tlij« camp of the world chaiii- plons. Ill a statement from Sarasotja, the training quarters ofi the Giants, Hornsby on being inter- viewcd as to tlie chancer of tlic Giuiits and Cardinals, was nuotcd or ml.squotcd as-fotlows: . I . "The Giants will wiii the 1927 pennant in the National. League and the world series. Was never surer about anything in my life. I'd be willing to wager my entire season's salary. * "What about the Cardinals? Tliey won't lio troublesome. • lU just an ordinary ball club that will be liicky if it (Inlshea in the (irst division. "I look for iJ>rce^team «JJ ^KwIfiir ^{a _fly. Incentive to Win Pennant jpillOR to practice the next day an : Indignation meeting was held in the club of the Cardinals. It was strictly private, but some of my.good friends among tlio players informed me that IIoi^is- by's' ears must have burned during tlie cpufcrencc. Ho was the sole topic of conversation and much of it wasn't complimentary.. It was fhnny to listen to the chatter of the players as they later went about their batting practice. ••Ilit one for Hornsby." was tho college yell all afternoon. Tho players resent ilie insinuation credited to their former manager that they arc a second division aggregation. Nothing could have spurred them on more than such a statement. • It strikes me when tho Glant.<i meet th9 Cardinals this summer. i IS FOR WALTER ci-OHNSON, WHO REACHES HIS OASEBALL MAJORITY ^HIS SEASON AND CAN THEN VOTE IN THE. MAJOR LEAGUES./ li :i!iil fani u:e .Sniiila I {ii .<.-e!l itii'-m fi.i' a vi •> i: M:-i. Iliii ;-I;inil ioi:"->> ."••'iiii iv. .\lai:: \V:>; .im lit \'. .lii-'r ^( .ii.-i-'s > SCOTL.W'I) .\ riliiiv ;;!iiii..-r - V nr.. I.. I V .M.irch 14. .Mr. and .M;- Liiiliy visiieil a: .Mr. \ .'-•IJIIIIM y ;iIlerno <i ?i. .lohn (iihson ii'Hii;|,i Iiors" I'r .iiii Mr Knniliei U !' .Mr. and. .Mr-, llarrv II:.!.:. .\ .;. ami .Mr. SheDi.v KK .t-on MI ,I : <..: ily and ..\i'b ae Lilii).v s:i. i.i >'iir.ii .\ ai Jim \Vliii>-'s. I Mrs. .Miiieti and Ii<'- ai' ! M. lores, .Mrs. .L J. Cr :ii''. .l..-^i•• 1:1.; l.orane calli'd at .Iolm Cili-oir I Sunday afti-rnooli. j .Mi.<. Lulii lliiiiie reiiiini 'i! to Uriianiite afier ;i tiiree w.eK- visii (il-ovi;- Hn.-> li •- i:i iMiili '-r. AI :,| lli'lll' .Ml. and ll'iiiMi- Ca:: .Mrs. v-silti.l .\lrf. i ;eorL'' .Vii ii !il,\ if is . .1 ^|.li:i.Vi' - ;i- Kvilieil i -;,!•; -.vl;-'. :iii:.i!i;;:i. .Ml- • .Ml - I.. r C i;:o S;i:;ii il:i:.' ii :;.ii .iiiii SiiniLi.ij li.iiiil (•.i;;i:ii'.-^. i liiiiie-r ('.i:i .i|| ;iii| fiiliil) ' . V( niii;: .It |.\i -!!iiir I Crov.r l;ii.-,-ell ! i.'iiiriii i Texas VIS- His Inrii- \-jisit.> ; i |e.| at Jane inlay. Wii- ipiite l ^pellt at •|';i .MI.IY triitii i'l,]]. ]{•• I> > ii IM .-iMJ. a.f the • ;i - liiiii le-r'.> « ij .i -i ^in •ri.'i;i:'-'-'ii I liliii « I 'ri.\-iii;>>m w . r, i;.' .1: '••riiiMiti \ i -i '-i;.- .11 Ii \|el!irvi-. Iioiii •. \. i.1 \U: > .1. V -il i ojs r;i I'l'iit- W ' il;!e.,r!.} y' loj' Mrs. II. C. Iiavid C:ilion noon. J. .1. Cr.-ifl sdil .-t I inv :in Il-rs hi I'llnie.- I'riei. f.iiieii v;-;i. Weiiie MJ .iv irelll |.i<.hy '.-f. lome here leral and Suii- Wil- . Klover Mrs. fter- il iome nily. Farmer.s who hn^v; the sturdy Johi Deere r.i.-i .'^V '..i at itc great power. Thei^ see this c-jir.p.-ict, weight trticto: —h -jiiirtuG of p(j)l ;nd3 lighter—out^p. r- fori:i::i° I.-^rrc, htavier tractors'in: ;dif- ficu!t c-_::d;.i -.)::3'::-'. the'field and at th; belt. Here^s tlis Reason: Th'i"! Ki-:; H.'P. fr.irtrr wtii;Iis coly - J.O'JO pcLnu - h.aiJttil'; tf I..»UI,..S li,.'. ; r l '.;aii otiur iiai;t".'s (f t!:.- "..-line :-i*ni;-: p^UMr c<-Jin .;- i'y •.vasU-! in ir.' vi"^ tui': : V.-.i^l.t ia 'iic l.iiJ ii .'ipj-'- •! 1 J iliav.'uar cf Il.t J ..;.:i lJ< V rc. I'lic J)li:i Dif Tc i". lii-;-.- tlr:d:-. of j»;irf; (•!•: i! ; t!ic liiictt.r <.r fcv .-i .r ! cturclier r ..,!t-,. - I-.v.-.i IlloVioi', pjlt:-. tici'J.-C d:-- ofhrr' ey is rranlr- of th': power tliicvf. irv man' T .:.ct<;:-;. D(!t pul I. .^i.tcl dirccti'/ on •J...". •• :.o po 'vt r Ki-., . /.;i tpc.-alinr. pai 3 J.'.ii Dv'.-c tii-.: nut.itnatic- / i^.i.J \ c:>m|iltlc!/ I It.! i;-. u -.irl -pi .,01 utr.-; ir, Ipnsiljve, duct ;...! 1. .'..\ c:(f.:.. t t^: • in tj I : .r.-- f. il llci'i, ^••-i ui power, ';...! rnJii-; v.c;.r. J 'li:i De-. r.- o;:c-.piece f ;;Ti-- 'i.jii!-; all uu.'.:: i:i per- I :,..iitii; a!.^ii:ac;;t. The ?r«at power of the Jrhn Deere rrise you. : Drop in ind see this t'.urjy ir.ic- tor iieit f.iii* you >ue i.i tu '.-/a.- b. <]tuciutrat..u. Ill »nr- y ir.ic- Shatinoii^s 30 Years in lola .SK',i of .SR'i in-2.T-2I. Margaret Altenbiirg. widow, to H. and .foHcphlneCobfenty., Lot ... . . !l and :;. IHock lOS, City of lolii. 'I he iiioderti Jack and Jill might | t^,,,, „(, go lip the lilll lor a iiackel of ejg- '' arelles. .lint not for a pall of wai- .Never hesitate \h tell a woniair she's lieaiitifiil. Slie'll believe you ralljer than her mirror. f • The poef.'^ new siill iM Often only an "Owed lo a Tailor." —Telephone your Classified Ads lo l.S. Furnish Your Living Room Complete . These siiite.s'of one five-foot davenpoi-t. one rocker, one arm chair, one 4n-inch davenporttable.'jone polychrome .stand himp complete with silk shade. The 1 davenport suite i> of Karpen ^upi-antecd (iiiality. luxurious spring cushions in ^1 i pieces, two extra floss pillows on davenport, covered in your choice of four patterns of fine Jacquard velour. ' The davenport laoie is of sturdy construction, bi-o\vn ma- ojrany finish. Table lamp is two-soclc-t, polyi-hromc linish, furnished with a good choice of .silk sliiides. • _ . • Remember all ipiece.s included at this remarkable low price. Suites 60-inch Buffet, 1 Host Chair, 42x51-inch Extension Tahle, 5 Side Chairs All broad surfaces of these suites are constructed of high grade .walnut veneer combined with othcr| stMect woods, all hand rubbed finish, ('hair setits CUVT eri 'd with genuine blue leather. Four Piece Bedroom Suit $113.50 This .suite is'^-omposed of French vanity dres:-(,'i-, chiffonier, poster lx?d. and • bench, con.structetl of genuine American walnut veneer combined with other .selected ply yi'oods. ;fini.shed'light shades aiul ficcoratod. Tin? bench is of .solid walnut, upholstered with fine tiuality i)liish. SKK THIS SriTK l\ «M K V>A.Sni\(;TO\ WKM'E WI.MMIW. Beautiful Pieces iaf Wifought Iron Fini.shed in Red, Green, Hiack and Gold F'namel.s. v\Ar\^ Stahds . .....$1.50 I...... ; .....$4.25 [ .....$10.00 {'s-a:dne Racks $3.75 (jfoc Tables; .$11L00 .Aquarium w^ith Stand .$6i00 :-ieo these Items on lii -plaj in our W.ishinpton .Vteniie Wimruw. .Stands I nd Tables \ 50-LB. LAYER FELT MATTRESSES Genuine I.'iyer felt; well tailored with roll edge; Cp-ICTrTC' Regular $20.00 varies ._JL -__.. . ..__J-_ tplO./D o Pei^sian In all the New Patterns, are now on display in <our .show room.s. A. R. Sleeper Furniture Company

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