The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 15, 1927 · Page 7
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 15, 1927
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

I ^l^rkfit Heads' tJpward Tliis Afternoon, Led by : Indiistmis, PAGE SEVEN MERCHAyPIgE Faroi Equipment USED IMPLEMENT BARQAlf 10-!nch John Deere gebg "pi jw^; 12-inch J. I. Case gang plovr; 16-:^ Inch Emersdn snlky; Cl<Sver I)«af- sp^eal^cr^ Case corni planter;-M-lB John Dpere Disc Harrow. Sbjanr^ noil';;, lola^ New York.fMar. IS. (AD—Mi^xwl ; priro inov ^nientH, ; rt'flccting the play of ppiHJstnR sppfulaflvc rorics charac^i^^ireiV , toilay'.s stork mar. kct. Kcaclionar>' prit-c tendoiicic!^ prcjloiuiiiiitccr(Inline ih<» nior/VlriK but by early ;afliTi >oon ih<> mnelict wan headed upward aRain, under the leadership of a few hiph Rrail.> industrials. 1'. S. Steel common 90ld. within a'fraction of itK reford • top, and llic new "*-)irn ipsued" Ktock touche(i a new pealt prlee at ll7»i. • '• tlenewipd weakness of the oH Bbares folloi^wl thi-cxii-nsion of recent crude and gasoline price cuts, . The iieavy turnover of funds In connjrtion with .iJie feilcral nov- ernnient finnncini; and tiicotne |tax paynieni.N failed to ,<li.'<(urli ^lie. money pinrkei. fall funds wn-re Ip, iplentlful sjipply at 4 per c^nt. ifi« rUlinff ratp of the last (ew weeks. The iijcreuse ojf in hiokers' loans last week apparently had no iiinrket effect. Kniisa .f I'lty l>r;iln. Cit\^ .March 15. (Ai'lWheat: IteceilJts ST cars; 'KC 50 Ic lower. No. 2 rdark hard i$l.:il'H(f/ 1..37; So: :l $J.30>itfi 1.35'i"; So.-2 hard r.36>i : Xo. .!'Sl.;!u>af( Xtf. 3 red $I.2.'t'-.*/].;}««-.. No. 3 $1.2KCtl:29\f:. ', Corn unchanged. Xo. 2 while 71>sei72',2e;'; JS'o. :! "GTfiTO^ac; Xo. rnd. Feed, Ferltlken XICE PRAIRIE HAY—Baled, 35c bale at barn. Lewis iPowell, ihHe north and one ea.-^t Iron Works. ! PRAIKIE HAY — Baled: hcjtlgc posts, i miles castrl-ii south Ipla.- Slp'plien AVeith, Lallarpe. WKLL ROTTED .MANURE— For Packer's Son b Stock Fens "Haikd flowers, garden;] and lawns. J| H'.itcher. 0 Vj T.3c: Xo: ' 2 yellow IZy^ibjhi:- So. :.73^ic: Xo. 2 mixed 70',i:fi 3, 674/70',2e. • . . . Oais unclianped. Ko. 2 white 47lL-fMllc: No. 3 ICfflSc. .Milo maize JllGiR 1.20. < Kafir $1.07fTi 1.1!): Rye !(6 (i7 ;)6Vic; IlarJey 72(&74c. else: Whcuat: May old $.l.:i(isi : May new Jl.Sa; .July ?1.2l'.i-. Corn. May 74%c:'JuIy 77'ic: Septomlur SU'SiC, KansnH t'iJy Lfif<^loek. Kausas City. Mar. 1^5. (United Slates .OepBrtniPUt-.yf Agriculture! Hops 7.0trO; slow, iiuuvtfu: desirable 200 to 2:!0 pSuiids *ri.r>off/ ;H.70;' 5c to lOr higher: better grades i;tO pounds down 15e higher: sppts up more on light ' lights: bidding arouuil steady on •wcightv Imtchrrs; stock pigs li^c to 15e higher, $.11 .75 <fi 12 .65: lop $12.15 on HO . I o 160 pounds: de- 1 (lirable 17*> lo 190 pouudH (ll .7r ><i IJ.OO: light lights up to ll:.'.!.'".: bulk 200 lo 2no pound aver-iges { ll.nor,, 117 (1; packing tiowii flufi 0.50. , " CallJe S.500; (vilve.s imi; fed sterr.i very t\'iw, weak (ti J 5c lo»pr: light mixed yearllngi and- fei( heifers, slow.. siwjdy; ajl gradis slaughter cows, fairly slcaffy; YcoIerK COe lower: welglity valves Steady; Hlock 'Ts uiid fecd<'rK are steady: good ycarliiiKs am) medium moighl xeers #U; tome hold higher; - medium lo. (<(>od short feds { ."•..lO; few liiadH mixed yearlings U.50<i( 10 ..'iO; lijsbt wcicht heifers up to Shptp C .OOO; lambs steady to 10c lower; odd Jots sheeji sfead.v; lop lanil)K 114.85; others mostly JU.BO (& 14 .75; from f ;ill -.«horn California l»mbs for slau'phte tl2.50(fi 12 .75. The name of Edward iKoss AViiMIn. j;;. Princeton graduate. Is In tho iotlul jeKiiiier of ClilciiK". li'.-< also ou the pay roll at the stock yards, Vvhere JOUHK Wil.xoii Is lolluwiiig in his dad's foot.stcps. H« l:t the son of Tliomas i:. \ViI.;iiM,.'miIIioMair<; packer, and Is starting lo learn tlio luslutB:? 110111 the ijijttom «)>.' \Vilson Is shown i here willi his Uorsa icady to •yard" tulvei in the Wllbon peus at CUlcaeo.' "NEWSNQTES OF GAS CITY Chicago (Traill. ! Chicago, Ma^. 15. (Al *i close: ; i Wheat: May $l.07->sff; l.:!7-i4 ; .luly Spreial Meelinu at,Methodivi Kpis. Kipal I liiireh'iTliiirsda.v NIghi t: -I{en(er >i Changing | ^i..i2is<?i i.:j"2'/,: Sept. li.2n-i Corn: -May .7fi->.,'(i7«"sc:. July SO'KC: Sept. S j^-sc. - ; Oats: May 45Uc: .Inly A',^ 45 "sc; Sept. 44%e. Rye I May $l.n:i!fi i.t):',»s: .lulv $1.01'.^: Sept. n(;i .'.c.. Pniiiertie^ fit j (;,\.-^ ciTv.m .ir j f' rd <)!" r{ro!!>i.i) I the home or .Mr. I toll. Mr sjieui Oas vi--!ting at the son and wil',. .Mr. Dickersoii. A St. J'.i!.;.!,-:^ U>"1<1 MoniUiy r.i-iii ^ea.:s^l^•rs i>l tiie \i. as >pc'iil I."..- Carey .M.-f- -iteil .Sunilay at ;iihl .%!;•.;. iiainil- . JUKI Mr>. Slu!i!K.!i i)it!:ers(lii t SmidiiV, altenuiDii m^rt'i of rocJv and partiier.s : tile evening by il>. We! [ .Chicago Llve«*tock. , ; Chicago. .Slah. 15. (United Suites Department of .Agriculture•—Hogs ': 27000; slow; uneven trade; bulk ' 140 to 200 pounds 4Il.:!oT( 11.^0; . I packing sows $; pigs •$11.75<f/12.10; heavyweight. liogi= $11.25(11 ll.UO; -»eilium $11.5o® | i 12.05; light |li:5<J@i2.15; light: i fight $11.30firliJ.i5; liacklng sows i . . !^0|5^10.Sa; laughter pigs *H.^0 , ^:<:-;r ^^^^ Cattle 11,000: bulk of quality and - I condition to sell at $9!?i~ 10.7.'".; best heavie.-} early J11.35; most bulls |6.a0©6.7,5: veulers $10.50(f/ 11.50 earl.v. Sheeii !».oOO,; choice handy weight lambs to .shippers [early Strong at $15.60; wooled lani'bs are mostly $14.50?fl5; choice; handy weight lambs shorn Ihirty days ,^ held above $i:!.riO: askiiig around ' ' ilS for good hi.'avy ('Uppers. Culls fll'f/12; sheep; steady; lal ewys J S<fi$!i: few choice handy Weight fl .riO; feeding and shearing lambs ---unchanged, 'i !. I Kvevybody i;cmie as Ihi.*^ will be a get-together hieeting. .Mr. and .Mrs. Charlie Fine and little iluughter of lolii are moving into the .liin Fine property" which tliey iecently purchased. .Mr.':. Charlie Kidd and family of Ilenryetta. Okla.; arc- moving tiack til .Mr. and .Mrs. lid ward Kussell ijiiid -Ml::. .Maude Smith .niotored to Clianule Suii|!ay alterjioon. ; .Mr. am! .Mi : Ceor.ur .McDaniel 'uMil lainilv moved to JJasseit .Mon- The Tho:ua'» family h:i< moved 'into the ili>rri.-.oti ))vopc>-i;-. LAHARPEAND ITS CITIZENS llJfrh Srhool Operetta Thursday and Friday Kieiiing'> -.Mrs. Walter WINou Knter ' tains Club. (Mrs. Opal Mitchell» LAHARPE. M.VllCH 14.-Thursday and Kriday evenings of this week the charmiiig story ol' Cinderella will be told in song at the high schocd auditori)ini when the high school students will give the operetta. "The .Maid and the Colden Slipper." The mu.<:c is simple but beautiful.. The- costumes will be attractive especially jin the setting of the new .sceneiy. inslril- inental numbers by Mr. Remsberg and others will be an added feature to the entertainment. The proceeds will be used to ilefray the e.\penscs incurred in remodeling the stage. The entertainment begins at 8 o'clock. —.Viiloniohiies cau't talk but actions speak louder than words. 1)1 ive in and let lue make your car speak .for service. I ilo^ll kinds <if repairing antl 'now located in the rear of the Kerr Hardwai^e. I wMI appreciate your trade.—C. I,. Denton. Wednesday afternoon Mrs. Walter Wilson was hostc-s lo the Twentieth ('enlury Clnli a) her pletisanl home (ui .Vorlli .Main slrct. A so- cial'time was eiijtvyed by all. also a line radio program added to the enterluininent. A lunch was served .Mrs. Sovensful «ssl:ding the hosi­ ers in serving. Tiiost? present were: .Mrs. II. Siephc |nson. .Mis. Cheivn- Iving. .Mrs. C. Pennington and Mrs. J. Uiirger. of lola; .Mi.i. <>. Cleveii- gef. Mrs. I). Rarker. Mrs. R. Itar- ker. .Mn:. Win. SOKUUIII, Mrs. J. A. It"<vi;s. .Mr;;. E. Rebman. .Mr.s. W. Kerr. .Mrs. .\. Iliddi-iiyii. Mr:* T. Uarker. .Mrs. O OIilfeHl and .Mrs. W. Wili:i.i). The next iiiceiing will be Willi .Mr.. Rebman ii| tv.o neeks. .Noihe, i I'lid. r Ordinaiiii- .No. L'l; it i.* unlawful for any oivii'-r or keeper •if chlcTieiis or'oilier barn yard fitwlM lo let i\iu at lari;e |ii the city li ;nits of L.-iHarpe. Kansas. J. .\. RobU. Maii-hal. The women of the Kami I'.ureaii will iin-el W«'ilnesilay afternoon at 2 ::!0 o'cItH-k at the lioate <if Mrs. Will Woods tir plan their balsl They are to liring material to work with. AUCTIONS i AncfJonn 1'1:B!JC .J|CCTIOX-^ iiishop's jSalc good sheep.: C. S. R| PlBUjC AUCTION jiublle auiUion. i-'rld at 2jl East JacksbiJ lioii'ieiiold. furuituri incliiiling ;Estate H davenport; ceilar w ing ^lachiiie; librnrv ilii.^ser; 2 beds MA f wifr .sell .It! Paviljioiii; 15 head ! 2 li:'l.xl2. I!t.xl2; Aijohi combination ' range: gas rande; tables: stands; chairs; sanitary cot; kitchen cabinet; refrigerator: icuplionrd: sideboard; chiiia closet;- 2 jiorcli swings: aboit 500 ft. of new 2x6 lumber: stjirie odd lumber: and many other articles. II. D. Smock, ..\ucti4neer. AUTOMOTIVE :AatdmobUe Ai _AUTOMOtlVE Automiiliiles; (or Kale 'i;SED»26~ ill sjiop, Auct. will .sell ii .March t 2 o'clock, (jf all kinds j •alrola, new: [ rdroiie; sew-' tjable: white^ colnplete; rugs. (.'OOiri'SED CAR.'J—11(26 Hudson conch with e.xtrfl«i 1»24 .Maxwell .sedan: Kord tourings; nukk toiir- ings'at bargnin jiriij-es.. .Marr Auto Supply Co.. Huick Dealers. FINANCIAL Mone; to Loan—Mortgages 40 FARM LOANS—Quick aervlce and reasonable rates. A. D. Hawthorne. 213 S. Washington. (.•m.d Thing.") to Eat ClTl MHKR PICKLES—In brfcfet gallon. Pho. i>18F2|. ', IIon<iehoId Oooils KtltNlTURE— Of a .six roomhcusp must be solil this Week: dii trig' room suite, living room suite. 112 South Third. OAKLAND — Dei»l(;rs-- PO.NTIAC '24 Ford roadster; 1'22 Ford coupe.i good; .'IS Ford coiipe, cheap: '22 j Hudson sedan, good shape; '21 j Studebaker 4-pasK. cou-pe. fine i Fhape; '26 Chevrolet coach, fine shape; '22 Dodge cpupe. good: '2.'? Dodge coupe. Soijie other, very cheap cars. Cash, terms or trade. Hobarl-Steele .Motoir Co. FARM AND CITY LOANS—Baae raU on farms, 5'/r. city 67c. Long i or short time. R. M. Cunningham. LIVE STOCK Dogs, CaK Other I'ets 47 ENC.LISH SiCTTER Registered Engliiih setter pups for sale. Call 14S7J. Horses, Cattle. Tehlcles 48 1926 FORD ROADSTER — Starter, j COWS—25 head milk balloon tires, original finish, ex-i go6d ones from .3 to tra good mechanically. Guarantied.. Easy terms. : McCarthy .Motor C^o., 212 S. Wash. Phone, .S9.?. PIANO — Victrola. . rugs, chsIr^.. floor latni). refrigerator, llbiary' table, ijeds. dresser.' rezuor,- mi' numerous other article.-?. Ja ncs . 1- 67 6? l>ane, 21S S. Cottonwood. Pho. P97!- R,Uf!S—Ten closeout minister 9x12 rugs. $/S.50. Henninger's patterns ^xl-' your choice. Furn: St >re. , A USED.CAR—Is as llependable as the dealer who seljs it —Dodge Sales and Service. The best place to buy good, dependaiblc used cars: .\t present we havA a complete lino of both open and clo.scd models, prioed to sell, i Ellis Motor Co.. 2U North Washington. .t u(««i«liile!( for Sal< 11 Aoto Acces-sorJeg. ^Ires, Tai^s 13 TIRES—Buy yonrtires in lola. \Ve j beat the mail order prices. 29x4.40 ] St;tndard make, $7.95: 30x4.75.ii $11.95: aOxS>^, $7.95. Tippie Mo-( tor "Co.. 206 South jst. Phone 682:1 USED AUTO i?ARTS—Batteriqs.' generators., tires; 'used parts^-bf all kinds. lola [Wrecking Co. Phone 732. ; cows, extra 7 years old; 5 Jersey.s, will be fresh in sight of ten days; 7 red Uurhams. will freshen in about a week; one { Cueriisey cow. just fresh, giving =1^121225; gallons milk per day: one red j. Durham, just fresh, giving 5 gal- i ^^yn'Z Tn 'll.- nny ,lf»\-. I»,t,. SPECIAL SALE—On all furnitjifff. New^ cotton mattresses, '$(.50i, Chimney Sweep Furniture SfWis. Phone SO.-;. . i —I . i SPECIAL PRICE SALE—This WBCk on Congoleum rugs, gas rang< steel beds, and cotton mattres Rryson Furniture "Store, , .iH(\ 'Jfachlnery arttf toolU' CHEVROLET TOUltlWo-f-For sale \ BUSINESS gERVICE or Iraile; new paiiil, good tires: iu(|liii-( <'hestllllt. CIIRSYLER •OH" Overlajid ' .sedan; .sedan; 1925 Maxwelll leiv top and Cao South (hUl K — 11125 :|2 Overland cnach; f»u- sale or trade. .\rliuckle's Car-! age, Chrysler DcaleW. Phone 56. i BUILDING, Bnsln?ss Services Offered' IS WILL RE IN lOLA—This week efjuipped lo sprayj. Prices right. (}. II. Sutton, People's Cafe. Biiildlni; and 6ontractIng 19 Ions milk per day; one red Dur- haiti. just fresh, giving 4 gallons milk per day; one (Jueni.sey, will •be fresh in few days: one Shorthorn .and Jersey, 4 years old. will freshen in few days, will give 5 gallons milk per ilay when fresh; 6 head Shorthorn?, will be fresh in about teji day.s. from .'! to 5 years old: one .Jersey, 2 years old. can he registered, will be fresh in few days. Will :<ell rm- lime or will trade: for other caltic or hogs. J. C. Butcher. SHOATS A.VD BROOD SOWS— For sale. H. W. Chancy, das. Kas. DEPENDAliLE USED CAlRS—Late I i:i26 Chevrolet coucihl; two 19251 Chevrolet coaches;.oni- ll>'23 Chevrolet roadster; one j Hsse.x six coach. These cars all ih bent of condition. R. T. Rarlier r.arage, 211 West street. Phono 515. I'OUD CVRS- I've Jt iwenly ilew used Ford coupe; 2 1926 iug<; ii;i27 Ford Ford roadster; 1926 1 .S-c.vliiider OId!un6l 1925 Ford cou|ie. bdl and tires with tots of Ford roadster; l'J2:. ;: 1925 Ford tourings ;| land touring: 192" Ch<* ing: 192:; Dort touring time, or will trade fcj J. C. Butcher. CLASSfFIKO ADVERtlS- IXG INFORMATION. C0N'1!RACT1.\G — And Repairing. See na before you repair or build. Wei do all kinds of work. Can saVe you money. H. Pavu". 715 N. Cottonwood. Drejismakln? ind fftUlnerjr tl St I go) in 'ords: .1926 Ford lour- roalstirj 1926 •'ord .truck; CHILDREN'S .SEWINC — Wauled. r,0!( South Elm Htreel. Pho. 1252W. |lie IMIU edan; V heels 'CORR TRAN8FBR; CO.—Packing. Htora^^e, long distance hauling. Reawrtna1ile _rateB. : Fhotie Krofefialonal gerrlee* xira^i; 1925 i'oril coupe: 1921 Over- 1 vrolet tour- i Win Sell on; r livestock.,' SURGERY —MedlcRifl. X-fay. Dr. F. Lenskl. Phones: office, 886: .residence. n2«W. j Poaltr^ and Supplies 49 BABY CHICKS—White Miuorcas for sale.' 5(i5 North Third street. .Mrs. .1. S. Caldwell. fcif.GS—For hatching. English strain White Leghorn, 50c per setting; hedg'e posts: A. l>. .Morrison. H.AJtROW—S-ft. John Deere; nfeed Wallis Cub tractor. Phone Ste^ei ROOMS AND BOARD Rooms for Ilonsekeepinj; ROO.MS—For light 222 South Buckeye 143RW. housekeepittigl street. JPhijbd es. irth « REAL ESTATE FOR RENT? Apartments'and Flats APARTMENT-5 rooms and gkri = age, nicely furnished, entire jp4 per floor of -modern l^use. .710 .N'orth AVashlugtoii . Phone lOf F U R XIS H E D—E n t i r e upstairs, rooms, 2 closets, pantry, sleep porch, front porch.^ private •trance, niodcrn. close ip. Pho. i54i' E(;GS—Pure bred $3.00 per 100. W. Harjie. 67). White Rock, E. McVey. Lri- KGGS-1 Huff OrpiiiKtoii batching rgp«. i^irlze winning strain. 15 for 75c. no for J'': nl'.io some fin ja.viun Urpingfou piillcl:t; . S. 15. Agoe, (;as. Kan's. EMPLOYMENT Help Wanted—Female 32 for ci>n.«(>outlve , h'inie of ;in:! Mrs. tiielr C.l.ji Mr. .111(1 Mr,s niov^'d into the .Mr. Thomas. Jim Fine proj.erty vacali have •fl bv lJ;jy i..i:iv «;is l>y tile JC'jw'jrtli Obituary .lo-eph .SIrubhart. .I'iser;i .Sirubhar' was born at .•\vision. CiJnton Ct»unty, Illinois, (lie l.Mli in !lie vear of onr 1 l>hiyii|g ap-i |,„ni. ISTo. .ieparted this lile at his I'uf h oiie en- home, seven tniles east of Huni-' with a 5^ham- boldtj, .March the 8th. 1927. hiir.hi (Till cr.AsaiFurn I>nlljr rite per line nsertlons: Chnrge Ca«h Six day.i 7o Si- Three i»:iys :io 7e One tV.iy ILV l«e Mliilmtim eli:ii(;e, .ttlc on niiy ad. Minimum c.i.":h. .'Oe. Count five wnrils In a llni>. PHONE YOIR CLASSIFIED .AT> TO IS Errors.In aavertl.aenients yl.oulJ l-" r-iiortml immeili.-itelv. The ItegNter will not be rP .<:poii.slliIp f<; av.e Intforrcct Insertion. Speei il rule? fur veiirty, .\d» iinlereil :r.r six tlinic' an'l'stnp- p-d bf or«» expir.itiou will I., for oiiiv tho mumber nf «imes tlie aj i|'pe:ir>»'l. anil iidjustnietit!made at the nite earned. | Tlie ;in()lv!(lii;il adv<Tti.serneiit'« under the following classlficitlons an- <rr:inKtd In .\I.I'l!AHi ;n <Al. order CSED CARS—i :iL'5 F 1924 Overland touring touring; 192;? Dodgi- ird (oupe.; ; 1921 Ford roadster; iGIRL OR WO.M.\Ni-To help with ' I'lOiispwork on farhi. Phone 992-12. .\. L. TownScnd. KGC.S FOR IIATCIII.NC^S. /. IJedsJ $2.50 per hjjudrcd. R. W. lArniKiroiiK. Phone Moran. Half mile cast' Moran. oi-.fioriiti") Highway Fruit Farm. C. It. .Mrs. 1007. 102'> Ford toiiiiug; I.'<2^ Kord tu- dor seiluil. liku new. We sell on i ea.!y paympitls or traile for livestock. Boyer .Motor Ci>., 212 South .leffersoii. I'houe 2, r more than advertislni;. id' stnp- ill -.irsl^ • chosen for of a igreeu medium I ''i''"""'- Rf'Ireshliieni.s «orr' ieived to the foIlowiniS: Ernia' llarrij;. Letlie Folk, lletlie, Kdith andj -Itoy Perkins. Leata Hamilton, lua anil .Maud Morf:aii. Ori'U .McDaniel. Hazel Hentoii. (iolilie . Nornian; Dd- A fawn «:aiiary. priced and two blue' cuharles. e; • Were among tlie exhibff; Cent bird show in Loiido • $500, $250. ;i le- .\ woman's dresui uFed lo he a poem; nowadays Ifs an ei ram.. nionl Adams. .Madalein KidiV, othv and Mevji. Ciffiu. Flovd. and Violet, llolleii, .Mr. amj Harry Hylton. .Mr. and Mi ward RyssvU. Mrs. .^lierinaM ersiui, Mrs. Lena Perkins.' A. F. Hidteii. Mrs. "ISissio and Mrs. Maude Siiiith. M"s. Lina llisley of Mildre, •the week cud with her slsii .loh'i Iteedlli'.; anil helpcil iji brale hen blrtlnhiy. whiidi •>( ,011 Saturday. \ .Mid-week SI rvices at the c'lUreh ThiirK.dav night at 7 special program will be. Jo.s'eiih came to with hi j parents when seven years of agel where he resided on a farm .six ' miles i northeast of Chaiiute until • !ie . grew to manhood. On November 17. 1S96 he was iiiarrleil to .-Minilia C. Waingler of of Chauute and.?moved to his Dor-.lariu east of Humhdldt. where he Fern |'r'"'ided until death claimed hiin. .Mr.. He i« survived by his wife, two . Kil- •-'J>b''..- ""K'l and Oliver and ;Anua Dj,.];. ^Kliitr.bach. a foster daiighlcr; Four ! ANNOUNCEMENTS Strayed, Lost, Found 10 Ft)X TERRIER— Brown and w bite. wearing, harness, tag So. l :i. I 'liii. t79W. AUCTIONS Auctions JOiV UUD WHITE MOTOR CO. HUDSON-ESSE.K DEALER— P,UICK. :'.: lii;;o KoailHters. cheap. CHB\'HOLET. V.rJi ROADSTER. DODGE. 1926 SEDA.V DODGE. 192R ROADSTER. DODGE. 1921 TOURING. ESSE.K. 1926 CX)ACH. FORD. l !Ji :6 .ROADSTER. FORD. 1925 ROADSTK FORD. 2 FOROr 2 1924 TOURINGS. Help Wan(ed—.Vale 3S H.WE OPENING—For two good men on .Maytag sales force; good lircijios-ition to right parties. Call iutweeu 5 and 6 o'clock at the Cobl"nlz Store. lOd West>.Madi.son avenue this week, or phone 79S or 747W . ' ! I .MARRIED .MAN—AVanted oyer 25 for responsible'position; .gbotl pay i with chance forj advancenlenl: reference requiredJ Write .^C. C." ,c:ire Register^ lolaj Kaus. R. 192:; COUPES. HUDSON, Ilfl26 SEDAX. lil'DSOX. 1921 SEDA .N. IH.'D.SOX. 1921 SPEEli)STER. Pf).RTER WAXTEIV A! once at •'Kelley Hotel. Calf in person. jsI.XGLE .MA.\—To worM oii farm. • steady employment. G. W. Becker, luile west, mile; .south Pifiua. HIGHEST .MARKET—Prices paid .for cream, eggs and poultry. Our truck and chicken coops are at your service to,pick up poultry. Barker Produce Co. Pho. 658. QUALITY ELECTRIC HATCHERY, Gas Citj", Kans. Custom hatching. .1c per egg, or 5c per chick. Baby chicks, heavy breed. $12 per lOo; light breeds. ?10.50 per loo. Wanted—Llrp.stock 50 WANTED To BUY—All kinds cattle and hogs. J: C. Butcher. , MERCHANDTSl I ROO.M APART.ME.NT-Ideal (for. J ;-i!niiner. newly finished and nicely furnl.'dieil. modern, breakfast iiotiki dose in. Cyll lliow. Farms and Ijind forltent HOUSE Barn, dil. U-n hoiine. acroH soii'li Sonlh i.i K.ound. ,2 milea wesjf 1 of Inla. Kim. ~E- ». Butler, 40 ACRK FARM improved. Jabki son RejJiy Co., over Brown's Dfug Store. • ^ 7« 10 ^01 160 .VCRI 'JS -15 in .jiasture, garden and lo'.s, balance in cultivatiiinij possession at oncj. iV. D. HaW-;^ thorne. ^ Houses for Kent Fl-RXISIIED HOUSFi—Five rooJnsJ KiricMy modern, nicely {urnishid;; 710 .\. Washington [ort phone lOS. HOUSE-Five r^iom furn'shed; aiso iurn -Fhed apartnient. close |inJ.?l Phone ;i9.S. " " HOrSE -lMve room liou.sp. ntodeth,'i with .gara.w. ^ Call A. W. Ander-f son Grocery. Phone 292-291. Articles for Sale M'A.NTED—.Middle iilged married f man for farm wcirk the year^ CHUNK WOOD—For sale, $2..^0 In timber or $?..25 delivered. A. J. Swinford. Phone 51S; j I'SED GAS ;RA.\'Gi:—Miir=i be in, good condition. Phone lOS. 7 SHOW CASES .-Glass, from 4 to 10 feet long, priced right. Can be seen at Barley Store at Mildred. _ I XICE 5 ROOM -House. 2 rich Ibta 61 i plov.ed. .'I car garage. ' Inquire cor'ter P.ioadwav and Tenne: THREE ItOOM HOUSE—Elect! lights, city water. located at SiVMpi Chestnut. See M; A. Schll Suburban l>r Kent ;suj}rRi5A.\ ~ ^ north and 997-23. , one west lola. Phone | Business and Office Eqnlpment o4 TRACrr—For. rent, or :» acres, for small graiiii Pht lO .iO evenings.. :. J[IEAL ESTATE FOR SALfi I • . Mr f'nndy lOLA lilDE, FUR & >\ f )OL . COMPANY fiet our prices on rOTOTRT AND EOGS We irlll come after poaltr.V. . B. A, JONES ^ 111 So. Ohio Phone t-io; iroiliers. Leo, .Martiir and Ed Feg- I of Clianule and Fred Fegel of 1 ! liakersfield, CHlUdrnla; Lizzie j ;;p,.m I Swiizer ;)iid .Miiry Hrlnknnn of! , Mrs.Katie |.Merlz of Kansas! •' cele-'" >''>''er, .Mrs. iKira Klulzbach . .I,,.,,.,1 having; pieceded.him to a belter' .; world fift -en years ago. I \i V 'i "'* ••' l"*"lnB hus-^ •jj," '^';il>and and father and highly re- '_,-..,„•''fpected friend In the community *• "u which he Ilved.-A Friend. ITHf.IC AUCTIOX I will |l it public ductiiiii .Thursday. .Mar.jii 17. at 706 East .lacksou, at l:'.o. all kinds of good furniture, including tables, chairs, reznors. .\corii gas iiiitge. refriserators. rocking 'chairs, j library tables, diiofold, Round jOa'k heater, .2 beds complete, 2 drcssi-rs, Vlctrola and lots ,of recoifds. rugs, sewing machine. •dishes, cooking utensils, garden tools and lots of other articles to" numerous ui mention. This funii- tiire'iv all in first class condition. C. S. Bishop, .\nctioneer. XASH. iri2l closure. OVERLAND. Touring. i. 1921 • STL'DEBAKER, new Coupe. winter cii- rOl'Rl.N'GS. .'irtoria ! WA.X'TED—.\gent.s fo represent a I ! Icgal'reserve life iflfititution whose 1 j 20 p.ny. ordinary life andjterm in-1 ! surance i>ay for total disability.' I old age benefits, brokctv bone.<, j 'Operations, and niaternitv bene-' {fits. Low rates. Splendid agency j'''•^'*-^"=^PS—Are ,' contracts and life employment.! ; Write IJ. A. Grecir, Wick Hotel. 1 I Par.-.oiis. Kans. ; ' TYPEWRITERS FOR S.\LE.—Rent | or trade. Adding machines, any | make. Pnblic .stenographer, no- j tary and miiltigraph work done.: Room iO-11. lover Globe Clothiers.! Farms^ and Land for Sale IMPKOVEl) 100 of Pleasantcu, A(;RES- Kans.; -One mile price and terms rig]u. Arhuckle Real Estatfc spring have i ; mehts. arm FriDipment S-'iA ! Iliiuses for Sale .^^Tl'DEB.SKER. Roadster. 192:;,.Sipecial We Tradi Liberal 219 S. W.\SH. FINANCIAL y!Ht ready for the work'< Riiucmber that we i II kiiids of farm iniplc-' also replacement parts for your oi'd inaehiuery. .\llen County Implement f'o. HOCSE—6 room modem, garage, close in.-near Ji-Iferaon scb(|oI.{ John Rent her, ' To F .\chaiiKe— Real Estate Honey to Loan—j'Vortffases 40 or Givil:Ver.v Terms. PHONE J80: ..MON^y TO LOA.NV-Priv,-j;ie and eastern money to i loan ou farms ami city property. Low rate.' Terms and iiaymebt to suit bor-i Kwerl Stewart &' Funk. ' TR.VCTOR PLOWS twr, LIllIo (icnius's, each; So. :', Priinrosi.- cream .separator, 650 lbs.. $75; De I.iival, .500 lbs.. $65. These are all new machines that we are; cltjslng out. Ralph E. Smith, Kin- • ca.vl, Kan.*!. ;;20 ACKE.S--TO trade for incojbe in jola. Have Jionie n:oi;:Gy'to iaf? differei) e. l>. E. Watson, Bri )n-!i son. Kans. ( LA SS1FIKI) ;1> ISPL.tY JGitENNANJS MARKET irie pay the following prices: • Fancy Eggs — - .„2:!c, • Tf'o. 1 Eggs 1-.^ L. —..l.V ! So. 2 Eggs RIc Ko. 8 liggs i. l "'c Heiis - 18r to 21f Springs 16c to l !»c iTontag a«d Old Cocks ^—He rxClreen Hides _ ;6c parse Hides ^ $5.00 • Ve will eoine after yonr ponltry. . X F. Grenrian Produce Co. J SM( Uovuw and Kim PbOB* SH BABY CIIICKS j You - can buy Stfitti Accredited Chicks now for $12.00 -per 100 200. $2:J.:^0; 30(i. | $35.50: 4O0(, S 16.00; 500, J56.2u: 700. $77:00 900. $94.50; 1000, $102.50. Poull try feeds and supjilies. Custonp hatching. 4c per egg. Our highest per cent on Cusfoni Hatching last week wi^s 87.6'' cf all cijgs eoL Sturdy Chick Hatfeherj SfcJO West St. I lola, £iu^ 80 s ne 8S 3 981

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