Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on May 24, 1965 · Page 2
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, May 24, 1965
Page 2
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(Iowa) ADVANCE MONDAY, MAY 34.194$ . their health dnd their hands to the world. Ht i rt 1 H«H"H H-l H in my VEINS" §y MARIAN INMAN f-H-l-HM 1 1 Mil m 1 HIM | i rm..H-Hi'H"H I MM t-H'H-t Today In our high schbol llhrary. two voting girls a«ked me to help them find some research material for an essnv ihev planned to write. "\Vhat t. A Tecnaset* Owe to America." What wbtltd you have referred them to? How would you have helwd tnehi? We found some articles in current magazines with articles on challenges to teenagers. We discussed their resnonsi- buities toward America in the light of learning to be good citizens while they are on the threshhold of adult cUizenshin. We discussed their responsibilities toward good moral living, responsibilities toward their home, school, youth groups and work they do for themselves and others. They talked and smiled and nodded and wrote copious notes and gathered up their references and left for their study room. I will be interested t«i read their article. Did I help them? I am sure they will help themselves and we will be proud of their thoughts. , A few evenings ago. Emily McGuiro and T visited with Mrs. Charldtte Habeger. Wo found her chfeerful and busy, taking up the pattern of her life where her husband and she left off together and seemingly determined to continue the tapestry pattern as beautiful as ever. Golden threads of happy memories woven in with colors of everyday living solashed with purples and rose of friendship and her wonderful children. Charlotte will be proud tp show her banner when she is called to give an account of her, stewardship. Each day Will help hei* pats,through these first lonely hours, help her say,"But this will pasY, and where the sad winds sang, buds* will'green the hill* of some tomorrow." Charlotte Habeger is so like and looks so like a friend of my youth, June Charlotte, that I call her that without thinking. As I travel about and_sce. so many look alikes here and there I cannot"help"butT think thatthe good Lord has a number of molds alike and casts them here and there so that many times we think we see a friend and say hello and it is another person who looks like our friend. I am still accumulating materials for the egg artistry, I long to begin but must put it off until we have finished the •eel cleaning and school is out. Then do come and We'll have fun together. ., A very special piece of this week's mail is an invitation froth.th4 GreenWood 4-H girls to their annual Mother's tea at which they entertain their mothers and former leaders of the club. I look 7 forward to this and always come home refreshed and inspired to do better. These girls give one a new sense of values. Discussing values reminds me of this bit of philosophy I read the ether,day. A bar of iron costs $5. Made into horseshoes $12. Made into needles it's Worth $3,500. Made into . balance springs for watches its value is $300,000. Your own value is determined also by what' you are able to make of yourself. It matters not whether the wind blows north or south or east or west No wind serves the many who has no port of destinationf^Our young 4-Hers have a* port of destination. A port of service in which they pledge their heads, their hearts, VV« can tike « lesson from their courage, deir «uM«tk urtdftufifidneti. They do not lit the" whol« b*wih»rtnt picture of challenges discourage them; they take ante tHf«f at a time. They remind us never to be discouraged but td remember that at one time all of our United States was a forest and one man and one axe chopped one tree at t tlmiV Certain primitives bind their skulls with strips of hide so that their heads grow "on a bias." Wh'ert these wrappings" We removed, the first flow of blood is extremely painful. In our society, many people bind not their heads, but their minds, and as a result of this tourniquet on their iffifi gtnation, their thinking is biased and their opinion hidebound, To remove the wrappings and permit a flow of new ideas is painful here too, and these narrow-minded people ere careful to avoid it. Does your mind have a tourniquet? Be sure you build high but be sure you build strohg for we must be aware of the upper winds. This takes courage and patience. Remember Burket's poem patience. "How many rocks pour into swamps, before one stone is found above the rnur ; key waters, yet each helped to build firm ground. What,oVey^ j Saturday morning, May 21 Of- i fleets for tiekt year wefe ifr i stalled. , ers and hours of work must pour into an enterprise befeVe we find the first result, revealed before Our eyes. Memorial Day, when we honor our war dead is Very near. Let us turn this day of memorial into a day of rededication to ideals of justice, righteousness and peace. Let us' pray that hatred cease and wars be ended. May all of us find the bond of perfect union and peace in God our Father, Creator of all men. So that when the memorial services close with thS| rifle squad's Volleys over the* grave's ancT the" bugle' seuridif out Taps, we Can echo in our hearts, "All is well, God is nigh." the therum, eai», bind, and crews put the finishing touches on "Fihiafi's Rainbow" last week. The musical will be presented May 25 and 26 in the high school auditorium. Tickets are available from chorus, band, or at the door. All seats are reserved. Bulldo Three AHS students have received National Science Foundation Scholarships for study this summer. Peg Schutter will study virology«for nine weeks at "Iowa City,. Phil Taylor will take an eight week chemistry course at Iowa City, and Dana Snodgress will study chemistry at Augustana College in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. All three are juniors. All tuition costs ar^ covered by the National Science Foundation. The credits they receive are approved by colleges in all fifty states as college credit. Junior Glen Tschetter wait, accepted at Northwestern Univ'er- sity in Eyanstoh, 111., for a summer institute in business. —AHS— / Dave Martin was choMn to represent AHS at the American Legion .sponsored Boys' State this summer. Held at Camp Dodge near Des Moines,' Boys' State will last from June (5-12. Dan Merryman was selected as an alternate. ^ . —AHS— ' ;;.: Members of the Girl* Recreation Association held a seven a.m. picnic at Call State Park Five AHS trackmen attended the Iowa State Track Meet Saturday, May 22 in Des Moines. Senior Wayne Patterson entered the pole vaulting compete tion. The medley relay team consisting of Wayne Patterson, Skip Perkins, Dave Martin, and Dale Teeter, and the mile relay team including Wayne Patterson, Dave Martin, Glen Tschetter and Dale Teeter also saw action. Junior Dave Martin entered the low hurdles event. — AHS— The Junior high' student* held their last school-sponsored party Friday evening in the Annex. — AHS— Students of AHS participated in an experiment being held by University of Iowa "Cardpac" involves a series of cards, one for each credit course and one each for the students name, address, and parent's name. A questionnaire was included and its answers were indicated on a card. It r will be used for statistics for the 'University. The, experiment is^ being conducted to see if using machines to compute students records would be feasible. Each student received an identification number. —AHS— . . The following' was found on Mr. Sonkseri's blackboard Thursday morning: Good Morning E00295 .... from C00229: IRVINGTON IDEALS Irvington .Ideals met with Jane Neppl May 15 for a Mother's Day Tea. Present were Mrs. Art Hix, Mrs. Frank Jenkinson, Mrs. Leo Neppl, Mrs., Don Pe- Coy, Mrs. Frank Pruismann, Mrs. Jack Schulz, and Mrs. Don Warmbier. Each girl brought a present for her mother. Rachel Jenkinson gave an illustrated talk, and Connie Warmbier gave a demonstration. Debby PeCoy gave a health project. *, . , , HKW.E THE IOWA STATE. COMMERCE COMMISSION OmCIAt NOTICE TO THE .CITIZENS OF KOSSUTH COUNTY, lOWAi •» ,Mkl-Am<fiCQ Propane Distributors. Inc., Stanwaod, Iowa, has filed on application with the Iowa State Commerce .Commission under authority of Chapter 327A, Code. 1962. for a Certificate'of Convenience and Necessity to operate as a liquid transport carrier in the transportation of; petroleum products and liquid fertilizers in'tank, vehicles between any and all points in'the State of Iowa. The. Commission fixed Tuesday, June 29, 1965, ten (10:00} o'clock a.m.. Central Doyttaht Savings Time, at the office of the Commiaion, Dei Moines. Iowa as time and .-place for public • hearing in the above, docketed application. IQWA STATE COMMERCE COMMISSION Bernard j. Martin, Chairman Frank" B. Means, Commissioner Dick A. .Witt.. Commissioner ATTEST: Joseph J. Weresh. Secretary. Dated at pes Moines. Iowa, May M. 1965. .Docket No; DLC-252. • Punished in the Alaono Kossuth Ceuntv Advance, Aloona, Iowa, May 2< and 31, 1965. MEN 21 It 40 Two" Wen', to train for special sales work. These are per ma r*- ent positions for the right men. No experience is needed at the company wilt tram 1 completely the, men. selected. You must be willing to travel in your area 4 nights and 5 days each week. You will not have to relocate. This job pays a salary of $105 per week plus a liberal bonus. If you have a high school education and a desire to get ahead, then send your name, address, age, and work background to: PERSONNEL MANAGER BOX 515 IOWA FALLS. IOWA HI HO FISHERiEN! Fishing season is in full swing. Th« Uk«* *re high *nd FISH- INO IS GOOD IN ALL THE LAKES «nd for your fishing hJtds, w« have . . . whtt y«M want — lurts of all type*. 150 weights and color of lead heads, humpy-pikes, La^y-lkts, t*iy- Oalty*. Hulla-Popfwr, Jitttr ivgs, Pylvtr Lures. Plus Spin c«st and spinning rods «nd rttl*, fly rods, reels, lints, Cjifting and mono lines, tackle bo*fS; §11 st^es, landing nets, rajn {acktts, boots and waders 'BICKIR Sporting Goods EAST OF IfCION HAH, S-WIO RECEIVED 50 FLATS OF PETUNIAS ALL COLORS AND KINDS GERANIUMS PINK OR RED 50 & 69 sizes ALL HYBRIDS 4 for 50 Bring your containers to be filled and potted for Memorial Day SN DM "Toro" Mndtrgrotnd Wwniric Lawn Sjmnkler "SET IT AND FORGET IT" CotfpMt Line of tap* Snfe, Gard«n Tools and Accewofios FULL SELECTION ON HAND OF Ageratum — Marigolds — Coleus — Balsam — Asters — Snaps — Dwarf Zinnias — Allysum — Pansies — Mums —Cockscomb — Tuberous Begonias — Vinca — Spikes Fern — Good Selection of Roses — Evergreens — Shade and Fruit Trees — Pepper, Tomato an4 Cabbage Plants — Peat Moss in Four Sizes — Mixed Glad Bulbs — Shrubs anil Hedging. DUNCAN GARDEN CENTER First Road on 1419 Ea$t of 4-Corner — Turn North on Gravel 8040* Ffrfi f a|! of J^fttft"*t«ttl GET YOUR CLOTHES READY FOR THE MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND! FOR THAT FRESH, CLEA DEPENDABLE DRY CLEANING MEANS EXTRA SPECIAL CARE! Spot cleaning, fabric 'sorting, minor repairs free — just a few of the special cares we give to your garments. 4 ; . . . . . FOR FREE PICKUP A DELIVERY ELK WALLY HILL, Owner "16" Farmers, you owe It to yourself to check the iri< surance on your buildings and personal property, N6w, in May, make a list of your policies and coverage. * To err Is human, but generally a much better excuse is demanded. Our Farmowners policy can give you full coverage, including Farm Liability in one convenient policy. Stop in with your insurance questions .or problems, please! * • I like my job — it's the work I hate. * , Of all the glad Words of tongue or, pen, the gladdest are these: "Enclosed find check." * We read the other day that more" than 2,000 elephants ate required to make our piano keys. Isn't it wonderful what those huge beasts can be trained to do? INSURANCE AGENCY Algona Iowa niuiniiniiTnHiiiiiiuiiuiiiim IMIIIIIIIIIIIH^^^ My newly remodeled kitchen financed by Home Federal Savings and Loan of Algona..." A house new ?0 years ago needs "brightening and enlarging" ... and Home Federal Savings & Loan Assn. of Algona is ready and waiting to help you remodel kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms or recreattoft rooms . . . each loan is custom-tailored to fit your family ... its down payment, monthly income, living expenses and earning potential. Often monthly payments cost no more than your present rent. You can start out with a moderate down payment, take as long as 25 years to repay. Your one fixe4 monthly payment covers principil, interest, insurance and taxes. Interest costs reduce monthly. There's no obligation to talfc over your financing needs now. We make home loans within a hundred miles. Call 295-3545 Home Federal Savings & Loan Assn, All Atcfvntf fully Inured to ^10,000 Sive From The Tenth — Ea>n From The First 1*17

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