The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on May 14, 1892 · Page 3
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 3

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 14, 1892
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HONEST OLOTHINGh THAT ME AITS ITS I ftt Postville Weekly Review. NTfUlfllft EVERY SATURDAY W.N.BUROICK. BY TUMI: tUQAYEAR IK ADVANCE. LOCAL REVIEW. THAT'S WHAT Wli HA RULE! THAT'S WHAT WE SELL! -Don't forget --The Apollo Concert —To-night at the If. E. church. —No Stale Meat »t Hart's. -Sao ordinance Litis week. -Beet Steak 8 and 9c, at Hurt's. —Gold and Silver Shirti at Gray'i. —Salt Fish of all kinds, at Hart's. —Koad "Adilional Local" on other --One 100 gallon kettle (or lale, at Hurl's. —Sioux City Flour at LonMM* & SAXMUIS'. —Six Loaves of Bread for 21c, at the Maker;. tf —Sugar Cured Haius.from 9 to 13c, at Hart'i. - Handkerchief* by the thousand, lc up, at LDUMAK & SAHDKBS'. —Veal calves wanted at Hart's Meat Market. —Call on iiray, at the U. T. K. —Freeh Lake Fish 9c, at Hart's. —Oray seads away Laundry Work. —Poultry bought aiill sold at Hart'j. —It rains again to-day for a change! —Yesterday was a pleasant day. and everybody, "gave thanks." —New Dress Goods and Embroidery at Skelton A Tangeman'e. —You will get 25e worth of musit for 10c at the Apollo concert. — All lovers of musie should attend the Apollo concert without fail. —The best stock of Shawls kept In the town at Skelton & Tangsman's. —Wood is wanted at Beady's I'hoto Gallery in exchange for photographs. —We aro now hoping to get gardens made before the 4th of July. For Bale. My rotidence on tbo north side. MRS. H. U. HAZLETIW. Look Here)... For Sale. The delivery outfit of the Postville postofHce, consisting of 414 call boxes and 58 luck boxes, all in tip-tap order, is for sale CHIAP; to be delivered May 1st. 1892. This is a rare chanee. Inquire of A. R. Pnr.scoTT. FOB SALS I Buggies of All Descriptions. Guarantee: After two week's trial if tlio Rice Coil Spring proves not to bo the easiest rider on earth, will exchange and give any spiing desired—with the "Handy Top," Iho most convenient buggy. W. S. WBUITEK. Kiss Anna Barton, Instruetor on the piano aud organ, Postville, Iowa. Mies Nellie H. Abbott, Teacher of Voeal and Instrumental Music, Postville, Iowa. Salt Fish. About a dozen varieties of salt fish, the best to be had in the market, just reoeivod at J. B. Hart's Market. Dr. Will Cole's Dental Rooms Will hereafter be open every w«ck day, as I have associated with mo Dr. M A. Humphrey, a graduato of the denial schoiil at Iowa city, and a good operator. I shall continue to visit Postville on Tuesday and Wednesday of each week, as heretofore. Wiu, C'OLB, 1). D. S. —Mr. aud Mrs. J. W. Preis came near losing their three year eld child a few days ago. Mrs. Press, with the child, was at Mrs. H. Dresser's and by seme means the ohild fell iuto the oel- lar, which contained two and a half feet of water. Mrs. Press heard the splash and jumped in and rescued the child, but it took some timo tc resuscitate it. It was an exciting time for a little while. We handle the ^9 ire "buckle Suspenders. Every pair warranted. You can't help being struck with the superior merits of our goods. You CAN BANK ON THEM. We are at all times prepared to show you an immense line of Men's, Boys' and Children's Clothing, Hats, Caps, Gent's Furnishing Goods, Trunks, Valises, &c, &c. M. GRAY, THE TJ. T. K. CLOTHIER. - -We have not hoard >uy talk of picnic parties yet. —Pure Maple Sugar and Syrup, at John Thsma's. —Gray is showiug an elegant line of Spring Clothing. —A full line of Meats, at Hart's. Salt and Smoked -"The O. P. R. the Apollo concert. A." by request at M. -Tun, wit, humor and pathos at the X. church to-night. -For Dreas Goods call on Luhman & Sanders. Dr. 0. It. Topliff, Will be at the Park House, Postville, Tuesday and Wednesday, May 17 and 18, for the practice of dentistry. Horse-Shoeing. No hit and miss, bnt a good job every clatter aud prises very reasonable. Titos. SnOKTRKEU. —Louisiana Dimenson, Cypress Shingles and Arkansas Yellow Pine Finishing, for sale at SANDERS & KAI'LEH'S -Let us exercise faith. We are told that seed timo and harvest shall sol fall. —Tho railroad commissioners were at Waukon this week, hearing complaints against the C. M. & >t. P. rail road for lark of train service. They passed through Postville. —An Epworth League progrim will bo given at the M. B. church next Sunday evening. •Tor a tine fit and style in Ladies' iml Misses' Fine Shoes, enll on SKELTON & TAXGEUAX. —In the list of marriage licenses for April we don't eolice any happy coup- lss from this soetion. Our girls arc a little too bashful to tako advantnge of their leap year prerogatives, it seems -The Fanners' Creamiry milk by test after this month, fairest wav. - Luhman & Sanders carry the largest line of Boots & Shoes in town and sell them cheap. —Asparagus, Lettuce, Onions, Kad- shes, Puas, Cabbage and Pineapples, at John TUorua's. 2w Headquarters For Dress Goods! Henriettas, Bedfords^ Serges, Chevrons, Challies, Silk Foulards, Silks for Dresses and Trimmings. will buy It is the —We acknowledge receipt of oash on subscription from the following friends during tho past week: H. F. Kjfgert, T. B. Cowles, J. W. Ward, Rev. C. F. Scholl, H. S. Harris. • Waukon Democrat Tor Sale. We wertf surprised to see at the hilad of the Democrat columns this week tho following notice: dwlHg-toths failing, health of tile, editor of the Domocrat llie properly is now offered for sale. It is one of the best paying country newspaper plants in lows. The establishment is fully equipped with steam newspaper and job presses, paper folder, paper and card cutter, perforator, power stapling machine, a large assortment of job type of latest styles, and all in good, neat, clean and serviceable condition. Will be sold either with or without real estate, and on favorable terms. If not sold by Juno 1st next it will bo leased to responsible parties, for a stated length of time. We must take a rest. Our exchanges will confer a favor upon f by making mention of this ofler and we will cheerfully reciprocate should the opportunity oceur. Fraternatlv,''" T. C. M*!>A*T." It seems too had that after years of toil and when Mr. Modary had just got his oflicu in shape that any man might bo proud of, he is forced, by poor health, to resign it. But such is the way of humau life. Wo are also admonished that it will not he a great while before we shall have to do likewise, as the infirmities of age are creop ing on apaeo. Wo should be tempted to do the samo thing now If wn could see any way of keeping the wolf from the door. But we shall have to keep our ahouldor at tbo wheel until we can do so no longer. —Wo now expoct to ba absent nearly all of next week, leaving tho local page in cbargo of our assistant. We hope all the friends will assist him in getting ou to local items so that ke may be able to get out a phononiinally good paper We shall net be jealous, no matter how well he does. If he "knocks us out of the box" we will go away the ottene ia tho future. —The entertainment committco of the Epworth League gave a social las Tuesday evening to quito a lumber of inyited guosts. The program consisted ill music and essays, followed by a nice little xpread of cake and fruit, aflsr which all enjoyed a social hour. All present enjoyed themselves greatly an vote it a pronounced success. Th cornet solo by W. J. Hanks is worth of special notice. —We are surprised to see that Bar less Brothers are "turnod out" of th old Robbins drug store comer at Wait kon, the new Citizens State Bank hav itig leased it for ten years. It seems to us that it would have paid them te have bought the building at some price to have paid double its rental valu rather than to leavo that corner. They know their own business but it seem to us to bo a great mistake. —Judge Hendrick was chosen a district dolegato to ths Chicago democratic national convention, and tho local domoorats don't rejoice thereat. R. J. Mcllugh, of Cresco, is the other district delegate. The platform indorses Boies and free silver, of course. - Miss Lillian lijllman, accompanied by Miss Hall, of Waukon, were RnviEW Bailor? last Saturday. wora with -If you want wood leavo me or any of my teamsters. P. J. BEUCUCU, Drayman. —Col. Otis writes us that he will issue the first number of the Mouona Leader about the 19th. —Skoltoa & Tangoinan are carrying double the stock in Ladies' aud Misses' Shoes than sver before. -Dr. C. H. Hunt is the father of a acw boy which will doubtless make a dentist one of these days. —Tho Graphic says that Dr. J. Q. Mabry, a brothor of the late presiding elder, will locate in Postville. New dark Prints, only Comas Cloth, in new styles, Black India Linen plaid, Silk Drapery Fringe, Brocade satin ribbon, 3 in. wide, Satin Ribbon, 1 in. wide, Outing Flannel, only Check and Plaid Shirtings, Damask Towels, 13x28, all linen, only Gent's Colored Border Handkerchiefs, only Windsor Ties, only 3c per yd 7c " <« 8c " c. 10c " <( 10c " « 2c u « 5c " 5c -Orin and Ed. Gordon will soon have tiiulr names carolled as bicyclists, having ordered a daisy this week. - The most laughable character song out is "The Professor at Home." Go to the concert to-night and hear it. — Flak's Tonnesssa Jubilee Singers will appear at the Congregational church on Thursday evening, June Jnd. —White. Rye and Graham Bread. Buns, Piss, etc., always on band at the bakery, all of Mr. Eaton's own baking. —Do not miss those Bargains in the Ladies 1 Job Lot ot Sioe* at Skelton & Tangemaa'a. They are being offered at half price. - Ohas. Schari has purchases! the lots adjoining Carl Meyer of J. S. Mott and will probably build a residence thereon this fall. -Our friend, M. F. McGaheran, will leavo for Ira future home at Brown's Valley, Minn., next Wednesday. Wc rcgrot being out yesterday when he callod, but :liia docs not prevent us frem wishing him much prosperity and happiness out on tke wostero border. —The Apollo Quartet will give a concert Friday evening, May 13, at the M. E. church. They will bo assisted with recitations from Mrs. H. S. Luhman and Florence Boyton and instrumental musio by Harrington's orchestra. Admission 10c. Commences at 8 o'clock sharp. Eastern Star. All Masons in good standing in Bio thcrly Love Lodge No. 204, together with their wives, daughters (over 18), mothers and sistors are requested to meet in the lodge room in Postyille, on Monday evening, May 33rd, for the purpose of taking tho preliminary steps for the organization of a chapter of the Eastern •tar. at basket picnic. p:ited.--N»ws. 8c each 5c 3c «* Blacksmith and Wagon Shop. I have secured the sen-ices of one of the best blacksmiths and horse shoers in this part of the state, and am pre pared to do all kinds of blacksmithing and wagon work on short notice sad in the best maansr. Mew wagons, bug gies, road carts, ale. on hand and mads to order. Call and examine work and prices. 2nS H. C. HON.V. Take Hotlee, That the Portville Steam Roller Mills mil grind Faad, Corn Meal aud Gra ham Monday and Saturday of each wack hereafter. Having added a line of wood-working machinery we are prepared to do Planing, Matching, and all kinds of sawing, on short notice. Bring In your logs and have them sawed. Respectfully, E. D. STILM. ESTABLISHED 1883. POSTYILLE CLOTHING HOUSE, j OARL HOLTER, Prop. PRICES LOWER THAN EVER. — Rev. Lock wood delivered a dis course last Sunday evening on tho devil, taking the ground of the person ality ot his Satanic nvajesly, and giving scriptural proofs of the correctness of his position. Whether there is a par sonal devil or not mnxes but little difference to mortals so long as a "sjsiri of evil" is iu the world. The porplex ing quss'.ion is how he or it as tho case may be, came into the world. The bible says that God created everything and "without him was not anything made which was made," or words to that effect. And still it is maintained (and it looks' consistent) that God is not the author of evil. If not the author of it he certainly suffered it to come into the world when he hud the power to keep it out, which in tliatcnso seems equivalent to creating it. The fact is we know but very little about the author of either good or evil, and novor shall until "the mists are cleared away." We do kuow that tho cen- touding principles of good and evil are in the world, ant there is by far too great a preponderance of the latter. If we may succeed ia displacing a little of the evil and substituting in its stand a corresponding amount of good it in about all wc c&u expect in this life. An old Quaker once said that he would do what ho could -while he" -was in the world for he would never, pass this way again. He died long ago, and up to thin date he has not returned. We are selling four different styles of FINE CASSIMERE AND WORSTED SACK SUITS^NEW- SFRING- STYLES—worth all the way from $13.50 to $15.00 for $10.00. This is an offer which resembles the old Quaker-It won't pass this way aga in. It will hold;good just lonff enough for you to take advantage of it. If you do it you will be in pocket from $3.50 to $5.00; if you don't, you will lose just about that amount of money. Is a word to the wise sufficient? —Tho Masonic fraternity of McGre gor is making axtensive preparations to elebratc St. John'n day, Juno 14th. All liuighborinjj lodges are being invited They propose to have a grand parade foliowod by public exercises iu Knell Park. Rev. Win. Faweelt, of Chicago, well known by tho people of Iowa as one of our foremost orators. ill deliver the principal address. The graud officers of the stata are also xpected to be present. The txemses Butll Park are to be followed by a A grand time is sntiei- — During the heavy storm of May 1st the depot at Huxley, Iowa, where Charley Dapuis is agent, was struck by lightning and badly demoralized. Tho farailr live ou the second floor and had very narrow escape the roof ovor their heads being badly wrecked, the plastering and paper all torn off, the windows broken, etc. None of the family were seriously injured except by ths scare. Fire caught in tke office below but it was quickly extinguished. Altogether it was an oxciling time. Memorial Say. Wc are rcquosled to call a meeting of all interested in memorial day exercises at Wm. Shepherd's law office, on Saturday evening of this week, May 14tk. a*. 7:30, to make arrangements for the due and proper observance of the day. As in all probability Postville ill not celebrate the coming 4th of July it would seem appropriate to this year have a good public decoration program. Turn out and pass your opinion on it on Saturday evubing. —Miss Lois Tuttle, of Postville, Iowa, completed a course in shorthand and typewriting at Valder's Business Col- logo and Normal School in three months. She writes over one hundred words per minute of new matter. Considering the short tiine-onlr three months—it is safe to say that lier rec ord has rarely, if ever, been equalled by any student ia this country. Her transcript is absolutely perfect and it speaks volumes for the proficiency of Prat. Valder's shorthand department The system use«J is based upon the Graham aud Pitman anil can be learned in nearly cnc-half tho time required to lcara any other system.- -Decorah Republican. Program Epworth League Arhiivor- aary, at tha.M. S. Ohurcn, Sunday Bvoningr, May IB. The following interesting program has b; en prepared by tho Epworth League, in commemoration of tho anniversary of the Jsiiguc, to be given at tho M. E. church next Sunday evoning: Paper—"Tho Epworth League; its Purpose, Origin and Growth." Mrs. Chas. Allen. "Tho Department of Christian Work." Alice Warner. Recitation—"Tho Throo Bidders." Edith Ellis. Sola—Lena MuDaneld. "The Department of Mercy ard Help." Carrie Dresser. Keoitation—" The Legend Beautiful." Ethel McEwen. "Department of Literary Work." Nellie Haines. Recitation—"The Vaudois Teacher." Lois Tuttlo. "Departmont of Entertainment." Nellie Oathout. R«citalion — "Tho Soldier's Song Bert Taylor. When it comes to Fine Hats we are to the front. In Styla, Durability and Cheapness they are unsurpassed. Among them you will find the "Luckey," the. "Buckskin" and the "Indicator" Soft and Stiff Hats,, for which we are the exclusive agents. We warrant each and every hat. Our Stock is by far the Largest in the County, is bought strictly for cash, direct from the very best manufrcturers, and we are prepared to furnish you. the very best of goods for the very leaBt money. Be sure and see us before making any purchases. CARL HOLTER. WHY DBI'I YOU BUY HE f —Misses Mae Parry and Bessie Rol>- erts, beside the regular delegates, attended the Congregational association at McGregor this weak. OOOJ> YABM *OK SALS, -O. accent of th. inalatnaot was- farm thcr MfedfalMt M.l.teH dee- ^ Winn.shelk gatlon. U.U.. Congrestttooal associa- Co ., lowt , tUr , e tud aU ;, fra „ M wcit Uon at McGregor this wsak, ^ m*t * ,, of Decorah, in sections 11 sod 14. Well —Goo. Redhead continue* to have a improved and Umber enough for farm pretty hard lay out with his Wagner usa. In good state of cultivation. star route. Ha ha* not had good roads Wall watered and good buildings. for one trip yet. and be has ran it two School within six rods of house. )<«ng month*. time will be given on part payment. I Inquire on farm tar particulars. Address, WM. MCINTOSH, (Box. 238) Decorah, Iowa. HESPEOTFUIiLY, —The first signs of Ufa dissoverabls this week were on Wednesday afternoon, when many farmers got in through the mud and the stores did a good business. —The Business Men's Association ot Lansing asked £upt. Mitchell' to hold the next session of the normal institute in that city, and in order to get an expression from the teachers of the county Mr. MitchoTl, has,, issued and sent out circulars accompanied by postal card upon which each teaoher Is requested to write bis or her proforcace for Waukon, Lansing or Postville. The LansingUes propose to entertain the teachers alccly, afford them a dlvers'ty of amusements, including a steamboat excursion, which would be a rare treat to many of them. We can see no good reason why th* institute should not be bald there, as well as a political con rentloo occasionally, tor whleh llie U M. A. al«o ask.—Waukon Democrat. —The venerable father of out towns- roan, W. S. Webster, passed away at Ossian last Tuesday morning, after a But very Utile garden work has | lingering tliness, io the 86th year of his age." Daniel Webster was one ol the early settlers of northeastern lowt, settling OD Washington Prairie in IBM, whither be came front New York. Fire sons and three daughter* remain —r. M. Orr has moved to Monona, to mourn bis loss. Hisfuocral occur* where In* REVIEW fellow* him, end te-day and fats, reniaiD* will bedepos- «rUh«» blm abd bis wooUU* abandant Red by the side p'fjiis wife, io Centeo been done yet, and what has batn done would be better undone. In this respect there Is no use In attempting to (ore* Ibe season. nwmww.Fw ™i»»»T'<7" TOPWfM VK.T, ,» - ~. tuna f %ar eu*»* «ad arc satisfied iu adv.nccl uM «wl«y A *J.o 4Mln im Our that Ihwe/M «e»»it Tbjur «paclT qmpM"«• Wtendcd «> tho** wbo —Huxa HIMSKLY.— Coroner Nopper was summoned to Mew AlUo Saturday to bold an inquest on the remains ot Nick BeUinger, of that place, who committed suicide by banging himself in his barn tit* sight before. He told hi* family he T.-H* golog to do it, but WM not beliewd, as be threatened tfm same thhig map? UHM* before when under the influence olllauor. to */k)oU he wwaddleted, Deceased wa* an old soldier, and » rwwiooer, t>nd, U i* aajd,, hadibaon on a proini*t#d;ipre*, before, csttntitting the rash MU«;H(S (o*«}uit touched the floor •n4ioB«>am?»an#d Burglars Bagged. This morning (Friday) was a live- one for burglars. At a little after midnight the clothing Blare of J. H. Gray was entered from a rear window hich opvns into the bedroom utru- pied by the clerk, Mr. Weber Ho was aroiissd by the noise and raised up but was knocked baok twice by a blow from the burglar, who unceremoniously Aid, not being louohod by the two shots tired after him. About an hour later Sam Ludekin^ was startlsd by glass bsiog broken iu the rear of Skelton & Tangeman's store. Ho arose and informed Marshal Tuller, and assisted by two or three recalls "m»rcbsd on the enemy." Two wore captured In tho store, concealed behind the counters, and after being ironed were escorted to the lo>>k up. At least two are supposed to have made their escape. We have not time this morning to g've further details. Everybody rejoices that finally two of these despicable cbaractsrs bare been caught. They are cheaper than ever and we sell them under a written guarantee. W. J. HANKS. Skelton & Tangeman's Advertisement. There ..has been considerable com plaint ffiat some of the patrons of tho Farmers' Creamery skimmed their milk. We do uot know whether tho charge Is true or uvot, but if true these individuals should read carefully, the following sections of the slate law as amended bv tke lsst.leglslalurs: geolioit 1. If nny person or p»rton» shall sell or exohnnjro, or expose for sale or' exohsuge, deliver or bring to another for domustlo uso, or to be con- rerted into any product of human food whatsoever, any Impure, uuuleaii, unhealthy, adulterated, unwholesome, or skimmed milk, dr milk from which has been held baok what Is commonly knewo as strippfogs, or milk taken from an animal baring disease, sluk- ns*s. ulcer, abces* or Tunning sore, or taken trom no animal lo days before *r 1*M than five day* after parmrUlen, shall upon conviction thereof be> ffMtf not lea* than twenty-five dollars (126) nor.more than one hundred dollar* (tlQQX, and be liable lb double the ainoujit of damage* to the »«r#o» or Mrs^^boa whom «ucb fraud shall be S»i»!!JPi«t;' p T QTi( l* < '. that the provlt* ^^pwt .ball Mm'* to tkW FOR ; SPRING TRADE. iliviji: is near, Have you bought your. Shoes for Spring and > Summer wear? We have all tbo new kinds in stock; We know' we can pleaBe you. Stop in and look them over. badies' Walking Shoes, , Ladies' Solid Oomfort'.Slippers, Old Ladies' Easy Shoes, Men's Plow Shoes, Men's Pine Shoes, Men's Cordovan Shoes, Men's^Spufihern Ties. Yours' to Please, r , . .., -« SEELT01T:

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