Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on September 2, 1972 · Page 6
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 6

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 2, 1972
Page 6
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lt*6 Alton Evening Telegraph Saturday, September 2,1972 f% tribulations for Angela in Russia KAMIL WINTER (EDITOR'S NOTE: Kamil Winter, associate professor of mass communications at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, was director of television news and public affairs in Czechoslovakia until the Soviet invasion in 1968. He composed this open letter t o American Communist Angela Davis after her recent comments following an acquittal in California on charges of conspiring to commit murder and kid- naping in connection with a prisoner escape attempt in 1970 from the Marin County courthouse. Miss Davis was critical of the American system of justice before, during and after her trial. She has been touring East European nations and this week arrived in Moscow.) Dear Miss Davis, During your travels I think even a superficial examination of the political and judicial systems of the countries you visit will show you that you would have been spared many tribulations you had to undergo in this country. Insight To begin with, you would have been spared the ordeal of that much publicized struggle against your dismissal as a philosophy teacher because of your antiestablishment views. In all countries whose ' economic, social and political systems are based on Marxism- Leninism as interpreted by the Soviet Communist Party, no anti-establishment views may be held, much less advocated ex cathedra. Marxism-Leninism is the only permitted philosophy and, more importantly, a philosophy as interpreted not by an individual Marxist- Leninist but as interpreted solely by the current Communist Party leaders. If you break your journey in Czechoslovakia, you may find out how tricky a business that can be. There in the past 20 months alone more than 1,000 university professors were dismissed, but not because they held antiestablishment views. (The overwhelming majority are, like you, members of the Communist Party, the ruling party over their.) They were dismissed because they were suspected, not convicted, of interpreting the establishment philosophy as it w a s interpreted three years aeo 0 n d e r the Communist government and not as understood by today's Communist government. Also, you will find that in those countries the procedure of dismissal is much less bureaucratic than in your case. No faculty is involved In so unpleasant a question. No board of trustees has to meet. There is none, anyhow. The decision is made quickly and without undue publicity In the Communist Party headquarters and with the same unbureaucratie speed is handed down to the University party committee and immediately implemented by the university administration. So admirably quickly in fact that the professor, opening his desk the following morning, may already find someone else's belongings in it. He will pot be informed of his dismissal by the media. Neither will others, so the question of inciting public protest does not arise at all. Don't be concerned about demonBfcratians o n your behalf. The establishment y does not provide tto k&t of behavior, you 40. not protest any decision , fetched by the party which .;»:|l tbt constitutionally WSPguizaJ iflte representative w people and has the flf touring their best «t •*} tines. Unless, |P jrait to jawe by such behavior that you are an enemy of the parly, the state and the people. Having been dismissed once In such a manner, you better forget your career as an educator. No other school in the country couild possibly consider employing you. You may find that your department chairman, as il happened in Prague, is having difficulty getting a job as a blue collar worker in a factory, though ho appears luckier than the president of the Academy of Sciences, who is having difficulty finding any employment. Y o u r problems with publicity. Miss Davis, would also have been much less irksome than they must have been here. Of the many thousand men and women arrested for political reasons — for their alleged antiestablishment views only — in countries ruled by communist parties, n mere handful have been known to a broad public. In Bulgaria this may have been true of Traicho Kostoff (don't forget to inquire about his trial of a few years ago) but then Kostoff was general secretary of the Bulgarian Communist Party; or of Rudlof Sansky, but then he was general secretary of the Czechoslovak Communist Party. Both were executed. Others were luckier. They were sentenced to imprisonment from five years to life. Their nearest relatives, ignorant of their arrest, were notified where letters could be sent one to two years later by the authorities. Widows or orphans of those executed were unable to obtain the remains, even after official admission of "judicial error." The ashes had ben scattered in ditches in the countryside. You will find out that such unfortunate happenings must not be blamed on a prejudiced jury. The judicial system in those countries knows no jury. Your attorney would have saved himself many efforts to convince your jury of your innocence. Your problem — and his — would have been of a different nature. Your anti-establishment views would have. been an i n d i s p u tab 1 e motive for whatever you did, a motive that would have had to be accepted by your attorney unless he wanted this to be his last case. Evidence compiled by state security is considered as established proof. In fact, you cannot be brought to trial without the ruling party's consent. Party authorities approve and often write the prosecutor's speech. They also "instruct" judges on procedure and approve the sentence — in advance. Nevertheless, you would get some publicity, though of a different kind than you received in the U.S. Reporters from other countries, even from East European ones, were at your trial. They would make sure you get the publicity you deserve and not leave if to the unreliable arid G->d knows only how prejudiced "lackeys" of some undesirable government. They screen not only tre reporters to be admittd to the courtroom but also the audience. In vaiji you would look for your parents or sisters. They would hardly know the date of your trial and if they did, they would not be admitted. The chosen reporters usually do a magnificient job. They give you so much publicity that people reading their comments will be convinced that the the sentence, however stiff, appears to be ridiculously lenient You may also expect public meetings when your trial is over but of a different kind than you experience here. These meetings would "spontaneously" adopt resolution congratulating the court, government and party for having brought to justice such a "dangerous criminal and anti-state element." The justice of course being, as you know from your studies of Marxist-Leninist philosophy, the only genuinely democratic class justice. For fairness' sake such comparisons are valuable, particularly in view of the trying experiences you have had in past months. And for fairness' sake 1 have to congratulate you and every citizen of America on the basic concept of your American judicial and political systems, however incomplete when practiced by, alas, so incomplete human being. 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Saturday 9:00 AM-10:00 PM — Sundays in Foirview Heights and Alton Noon to 6:00 PM Alton Evening Telegraph Saturday, September 2,1972 A-t Your cat* Look for cuts and cracks in sidewalls or tread of tires By Eugene i \tilmoe Years ago, new and used car buyers would always kick the tires to check sidewall condition and strength. With today's tires, even a pro football player's sensitive toe can tell absolutely nothing. But close visual inspection will. For example, you can detect slight cracks or cuts in the tread and sidewalls — or more serious damage caused by constant driving over road ruts and potholes. You can also spot abnormal wear due to misalignment, unbalance, underinflation or overinflation. Side treads bear most of the wear burden when insufficient air is the reason, whereas overinflation, or too much air, will rapidly wear down the center tread area. No particular pattern can be attributed to wheel misalignment or unbalance but you'll know one or both must be to blame if tires develop cups, bald spots, scuffs, scrapes and so forth. Q — Something must have gone wrong with my power steering because the car has become hard to park. Fluid level is okay, so what cou'.d it be? - B.D. A — The pump belt may be loose. Q — Please tell me why my stick shift transmission keeps popping out of high gear. — H.O. A — There are a dozen possibilities, but the most likely suspect is loose or worn shift linkage. Q — The last time I read your column, you discussed the many possible causes of noise. My problem is a bad squeal when I step down on the gas pedal. — J.G. A — First think any gas station would suspect is a loose or glazed fan belt. Q — My car clock keeps blowing fuses. Would this be due to a short? — S.F. A — It could — or it might be that the clock mechanism needs fresh lubrication. Tip of the week; Make sure the radio is before starting. off Jacoby on bridge By OSWALD & JAMES JACOBY NORTH AA1074 VQ4 • A10543 + 72 WEST A 5 VAK95 4J972 *AJ43 EAST A Void ¥1087632 + KQ +Q10986 SOUTH (D) AKQJ98632 VJ • 86 East- West vulnerable West North East South 4* Pass Pass Pass Opening lead— V K West opened the king of hearts and continued with !he ace. South ruffed; led a trump to dummy's ace an<! played dummy's three of diamonds. East took the trick and led a club. South's kinij lost to West's ace and a club return left South one trick short. "Not bad," chortled South. "My preempt shut East ami West out of a small slam in hearts." "Not bad, if you follow the old saying that half a loaf is better than none," said North. "It's too bad you didn't go all the way, make your contract, and have the who.e loaf." North was right. Just a little early planning would have brought home the spade contract. South couldn't do anything except follow to the firat heart. He didn't have to ruff the second one, and if he had just discarded a low diamond everything would have been easy from then on. West would still be on lead. His best continuation would be a shift to a trump. South would win this in either hand and go after diamonds. Eventually he would set up dummy's last diamond for a club discard, and wouldn't care where the ace of clubs was. This type play is known by two names. The loser-on-losar and the avoidance play. His diamond was a sure loser and the discard was the play of a diamond loser on a heart loser. The avoidance part of the play was that South avoided the possibility of East gaining the lead to play a club. The bidding has been: West North East Sooth 1 + Dble Pass 1A Pass 2 V Pass ? You, South, hold: A 87 43 V 2 •AK943*T62 What do you do now? A—Pass. Your partner fa showing a very good hand bat your singleton heart is not going to help him. 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