Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 15, 1927 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 15, 1927
Page 6
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KEA H«r)ice Writer ChieaKdy.'Mar.: 16.—oror th« tojthe old folktf* homo in tbo vatlcy .btjoar Blanchardvillc. Wia.. wi>nl Irs., Sarah lloiaiiiRton. ! had fdUeiiL <h6 Rood UkM. w, with the whllo halrof her 83 jars luclced undbr a poke bonnet, nd'tbe niemoriefi'ot unavuHjn^ ioll juia. motherhood ^rung oiitInto the Ipait^ shetMwed )ifer head tu resis- aitioa M tt to a: fate. I They took herin and gave her all old-folks' home's I comforts. Her bauds were goarlcd with service for .•^ttiers.! There wai a wistful look " fftf-taer dimming eyes: jlThost at the home knew little aboiit .:her because she told them qpthitag. ' Life had t9.'i^ed her up. She was somebody's-mother. But whose, no one' kne#. j As for Mrs. Hoisington, she J thought of the husband wh6 had left her 40 years-hefdre to wander aWay.! never more to be heafrd" , from.; She thought of the two cWil- i dj'eh With whom she had made her ho^me, aind who now were c^ead. - iBut most of a)l she thought of ;^lliie, "her Wullic"—thfe hoy -whom her liusljand hart taken with , .'Inm almost half a century liefore. Wafe he dead, idol Sh^ wondered. Tlitf iTiadereh . Meanwhile \yilfie Hoisington had fared; far.* |His ifathfer had taken hipi a^war, and then the father had . di |3appearert. ^Villie had groWn up. HIR had mm-ed ahout from bity to cify. remembering little of the He had married and moved to Chld^o. the pas;t, a mystery, had : aika»,fascinated him. Where was hiW^ molherV | , . - - | . rrijere came'>two daughtei|s aiiil thpn a son; These grew up.i They "Hrke-Willie's ihildrcu. Th^ pasi. thb lost legend of Willie's boiyhood, mirstl'fled his own children jUst as Itldfd him. [ > j pno of WUllo 'iS dHnglitcrs n^arrln) a d two grandchildren canif| The iteroal urge' spurred oiji the mother. " ' j i'Ottd," Flic snid one day, "ypu suy WlaconMiu is the stale you ri'moni- ber yolir lather took you \ from. Miijrbe your njolher stayed liuhind. If she Is living I want l«cr jto see her grcat-grandchlldrfn.'s try to jfiud her,"' , i , Many letters were sj-nt out. F.iu- aflv one came in. reply froln the Blanchardvillc. Wis., postniiaster. 'It ^td an old lady named Hoising- touj had becibreceived at the <ounty •home seTien years-ago. She now was near death, it; added. Willie went immediately to Bltiucbardvillc. A- feeble old lady, rOJised from what everybody believed was her death bed, met him.. Shj didti'l know him and he; could .not remember hen "I'll tell you a story," sh<» said. "'DJ you rehiember Ihis?" And thdn slie told him of an Incident that had happened iu "Wiillic's" ; early boyhood. Willie remeniberert. He supplied the details. ^•^My boy!" cried Mrs. , Ho'ising- toiu "Come, mother," Mid "\Villle. "You are coming home with me. My motbef! If I only had found y *»u hefore!" 1 Wins Flifht lor Life. 1 firandchildrcn and gireat-ftrand- ):h)idrcn greeted her on her ar- i-iv^I at Chicagoi • . i "^'ullic,"she saijl, "it is too good to "be true. Wh^ 1 found you were myjson 1 was [ready to die right there In, your arms. I thought or thejyears that;ha4 passed- I had •given you up for dead along with your father." Sunday evening "^Villle, though 52 himself—a "ud .Molly -Meek, prosperous maiififaclurer—bUt still a bOy to his redl.scovered mother, srciied |through the tears in his eyes. ; , . • ".Mother, will you make mc some pf y 3ur coffeeT" he asked. Dr. <>wMt<« of Emptrtia Collrffe i'ae uKy.fllN Moran iVwIiylrr- Mn Pnlpit BnniUr—I'er. »«n»l ParngriiirfiK. yred T. Bl^own .of lii'i -ibusiuess vii iter hcril morning. Mij. Brown last of ihe week to T fisit of two <ir three w Claude .Myies, who Sti^udard Oil truck, is usual health, ilthou to his room. V^iew soon bo improving. canfliic'd lis u6iA; he '.viil were: Mr. and .Mr and .Mrs. .lini SVtrAt tllK KKIXION—"Wulllc's^ mother |MJurs ujcup of coffee for him In the Holslnjttons' thjcitgn home.- Arthur. .Mr. aiijd .Mrs. Hil( IJpn. .Mr. and Mrs. Orovcr Rjiissell and Eva arid .l^ern|. Mrs.-He nett and .dauj^htf-r \Va His JoK^a Deuce of a Card • (Mrs. 0. 11. Ford) MOKAX, .Mar. l4.—The Ilev. Mr. Ti ticsdale. pastor of the Trckby- terinii ihUN'h. occupied ihrl imlpit of the Presbyterian chunh at Nowata, Okia.. S-.inday. and Iiis pulpit l:eri' was tillL>iI by Dr. 0\<ciis. ;n niomb.-;!- of the rdculty of ;!!e Kui- poria Cdllor?. Mr. and Mrs. Cl .Ti'Uce Conk ai.d .Miss Colei.iaii .isilod in- Cciicva ^ Sunday a.f. rn i. jof the pupils, •• : Aliss r !(j:c'!:e .Millrr. v.lio isjperhe Hils.selt (•acher ,'• .- :> 'ii-.a;;.- ii-parlnir-nt 11!'. our ;..i«>;.-i l.i ! lias iui.'n li;iv:ng 1 :)'.•.• r.-.janos. ul-,h: to rr- tii!-" Id 'li-r V, i>rk .Monday inoiniii.T. .•\mniis th :'K'^ I'r.jiii !i<-!i" whr. at- tj-ndi'd tl!.> "Liillf .-'yinplif.r.y" coii- cfrt in lol:: Friday cvcnins were .Mr. and Mrs. Wriltc-;- W.iod and Sipott, Mr. and Mrs. O. .«!mith. .\lhs. Cliuc, Mr. and .Mrs. C. L. Cum'nihr.!.'' and Mis" IJoiothy Cuinniings, .Mr. Clarence CooU. Rev. Truesdali;, .Mr.anjl .Mrs. U. 11. Ford and Marjorle. .Vext Thursday evening will occur the annual congregational meeting of the c |>urch A fellowship supper will iireccdc the regular business hoiit. Mrs, Jack Kctcliem is enjoying a visit from her s ster. .Mis. .Vellio Owings, of Medlciine I.«dge. .Mrs. Owings is here Assisting Mr. an :l Mrs. Ketchem in vacating tlieir home which they have leasod to .Mr.. .lames CampTioll of l.ainout, Kan.«i.. who has p.uriha.sed the Ketchem filling station and who will ' take charge tomorrow, ilr. and .Mrs. Ketchefli will flKst go to Wichita and then will visit Mrs. Ojvlngs in .Medicine Doilg 'e. after which time they will spend the siiipirter in leisurely travel hoping ! to benefit .Mrs. Kctcliem 's health which is far from good ut this time. Their iniuiy frlenils hope ' Honor . MA iihd LUrs. ( nut. ' MM. J. L . Ci-aft. ttach^ r at Shnr-. bn,-Kans., spelu the wee c end with henhUHband, Who is tcai hsr of th .e Scotland schMJ. and Friday evening the newiyjweds we're ijlca.santly surprised by .the.patrons of Scot­ district with i kitchon shower. The[ large box if useful gifts wnSf carried in and ircsenttid to Mr. and M^^s. .H i>; Crp\l by two' Wanita li k Richard White and ThUWonderful Ttihic restores YOURboidy needs r^ett and present niair. .Mr. sbiiall son ^iuss and Mrs. Ilaiirir Palett. daughters •liert H:ir- li a. .Mr. Why lA»ok <(ld Before; Your Time.' -r-So many tired, run-down men ami W()men looking ' older tlian j their years, needlessly endure bod- i ily misery and discomfort by day ' and sleep-disturbing bladder weak- • ncss ljy night, when jiisi two Foley 1 Pills diuretic (corrective and regu- j lative) taken at Intervals as dl-• reeled, would give : tlicni bodily i comfort anil a gratdtul ease from i pain. As a recent user siinis it up 1 "Foley Pills made, a big differ- | eiico and 1 feel stronger and j j better iu every way." Satisfaction | suaranleed. Ask for Foley Pills . din'refle.—H. A. Brown & Son. ; —NEA. Lbs Angeles Burcan John R. Walker.-of Los Angelei, had told his wife, Jean, he was worth a millloii dollars, but after their marriage'she asserts she had to pay all the bills. When he s<|nt her a -joker, the former Denver '' nursci took it to court and got an anhnlment; : Gas Pressed Heart Caused Sick Feeling j —"Gas caused pain around my I heart, and I bad a sick, heavy feci- j Ing after eating. I got wonderful , results from Adierika. Now i cat ' what 11. like and feel cheerful > again."—Mrs. l>ydla Belmont. Even ' the FIRST spoonful of Adierika re- i Meves gas and often removes as- I touisliing amounts of old waste I matter from the sy-jtem. .'»l3kes f you eat and sleep better. No mit- , ler what you have tried for your stomach and boWels. Adierika will surprise you.—Palace-Drug Store. Mdst ing!" Durinir liver ge^ sluigfEh -l: gets lazf. YSttltirel you saSer aches and constipation . .i . p< -i Dillingham's If lanl ^ you feel like a ^eiy {person. This famous old pleasaiit-tasting.remT edy will pep up your| llvey—ii will make your stomach do its, joo. Made from heatth-giTfiog herbs and plants. It acts'gentl^ and naturally. Restores yoiir|Tigor»" Rebuilds yoiiT worn-out byptem. Over tliirty/years' record joi^! wonderful success. Ask your ' Plai Noturcas ^ TONIC i you need a You' Wasted Strength •nd Energy. "Fin." leaves the body weakened and rundi wn. In siirh a tonic' is clearlj Indicated. Restore the appelite ind rlil yourself of that let-down ccllng.' "Flu" s a very enervating disease. It caves ilsvlctlms so weak and deb! Itated that there is us much dat ger from the after-cirecls tiS from t le discasq Itself, in other words, af cr an attack of the "llli," you need i selective tonic to tchnild I'- ^vstem so that yoii may have your old-£irao strength and toergr restored. v • S.s.s. is urieqwallcd for rcstoHfig strength and vitality. ' •-; You owe it to yoiirsiclf and family to plvd S.S.S. a trial. It help* .Nature build up red blood cprptUH- cles. It improves fhe processes by which the body Is nourished. It-is lime-tried and rellablii. made froni the roots of fresh herhs and plants, and is TJrepared in a scientific way in a modem laboratory. S.S.S. is sold at all good drug stores in two sizes. The largdp size is moi-c cconomicoL ' Headache by With headaches arc caused eye sti'ain. out correction b y this condition is likely to become increas- Is prejci ion ini]^a rec irring headaches? soriou.s. wise to neglect the )us asset of clear vis- Is your efficiency red by constantly Yniir lines l-j.i'imbud JEWELER-OPTOMETRIST li- Doctors had given up Mrs. Ilols-" iliigton to die. Njpw, because of the William Jewell .Morris was iti Westphalia Wednesday afternoon with; tJrandma' A man named .Tschatkonwski i ! living in a village in Central Prus sia. claims to be -145, and a woman named Malariewa, in Uussla. iru ^rnuriipn with her "Wullle," She has roco^ered. ^ - Love.and happiness combined to effeit the .miracle'of the restora-i tlon ofi'her TiHinh. •"UHIIIC lov(>s my coffee. Idpd blWa ci -erythlhg." she said. iMr. and Mrs. Ray Abbey and Mrs. Carrie Smith were in Fort! j Scott Tuesday. \\ -•'Mrs. Leona Cubbison liulpeil!' Mrs. AVill Anderson with beri! housework Thursday afternoon. The Xenla Ladles' Aid purcliaseil • a piano for the church. 1 .Mr. and .Mrs. Will Newmaii of 1 LnHarpe spent Sunday afternoon with .^lrs. 'Anna Jaro ami .\ir». I Stella Friel. Happiness lis always i where we find it, but Heldoin wllbre we seek It. XENIA (Glen V. Dplavan.l Hdwell Andersoti anjl Clarence SmitAi were In Fort Scott Siitur- idayJ • .Mr. and Mrs. Jess Kobb ilnd chtliiren spent Sunday with .Mr. andiMrs. Buher Stevenson. Nat Scott was in lola Saturday. ; Miss Maud Mills spent, se^'cral day^ this week with her j sister, JlrsJ Clara Anderson and family. L^lla and I.avon'- Meek. Wilma Liinceford and Jaunita West spent San«ay afternoon with Cleo and Bertiice Cubbison. Howell Anderson and Dale De lavau were in lola Mondiay. Jesse Robh rented the place kDbw,n as the" Dick Taylor farm osht^i of Xenla this week. Mr. and Mrs. Da'vciMpsicr aiid Mrs. bora Newman' o I..a spenit Monday with Mr . Anna Juro and Mrs. Stella Frlel: Mi[s. Amos Boss, Mrs. Stella iFriel and Mrs. "Veda Ashley spent The relations between a young man and" a girl are often the lai- ter;s parents. Get thisi remedsj^l jroiiraiitcHtonim B'liiHr«r'Pnliiidifit Viit or ranoty iw faii<I»d. C ^.th* ; .budr tube wth plh pipe, 'n ^PA20 Sufferers PILIiS !plpc;:3c:»rjhetlJh.«.6B. After Grippe, ^Srbnddtiif Cold OrCottght BmU Strength ^jth RithinTheHeafthr Gafing V ^iovmhs 0/| : Cod'liverOil First Imsression Coonts! MJ ke It Register Heavily! , Pill ytjur ippearance I in our liamls "amf wo'li sec that you create ;i favorable impression wherever you go. We'll makn , you well t ressed by ; keeping you well pressed. I SE>fD US SO.^ ETMING EVERY WEEK. PhoniB 105 If you want to know | just wl^ere most profitably put that smjiljl poultry vestment you usually make tjhjis time of the year, you'll find the. answer the "Poultry and Supplies" Classified Section. V Hatching eggs, chicksl i^ulle somewhere in cilumn of our si laying hens all sorts of poultry offers a|i^e being made find it profit-; there from day to day. You'll able to watch them an^ take £ dyantagi the ones that best suitiyour rieeds. bof READ THE CLASSIFIED SECTION REGULARLY RAT/ is guaranteed to kill from 10 to 50 Tinjies More Rats thaii Same Amount of any Similar Preparation RAT-TOX is powerful, quick, positive and effective. Doesn't have tij be swallowed or taken in large quaii- tities. A nibble kills. Action starts in the mouth. With this powerful poison is combined a tasty bait which lures rats and mice. They scent the bait, nibble a secondhand die. RAT-TOX is packed in handy .tubes. Get Rat-Tos from your retailer. =1 latinee 10c and; 20c; Nights 10c ami 30c TONIGHT—L.\ST TI.\IES ' The Screen Gives If s Utmost! 1,()01 Loves, But ONE too many! Ben Lj'op, Lois Moran. I.ya De Putti. Mary Krian, Ian Keith, Sam Hardy and Olive Tell ;|.en big stars, a wonderful story, beau-; lit'ul scenes,'gorgeous .settings, all woven inio one great picture ijy the hand of a Gt rman master-director. See it I .It may year.s before a drama aS powcrfiil as s will again reach the.screen! " Also Comedy and News WEDNESDAY AND THUILSDAY I I I Slro m drdmatic ac\ staf/e I , fanuiiis-l From the play of the same name. FRIDAY—"LOVE Adaiif^d frobi the faAioim .Ha^iiniay V.fet\h\s I'h.sf (Time** of the .\r«ncha!r Cliih.- lon. Beautiful iVOinefi. Gildi doin(/ the dafice for which she is ivorld -r sensational Broadway EM AND LEAVE 'EM" I I I I i I SATURDAY-"THE ^lYSTERY CLUB" (O .MI\ki-( OLLKEV .MOOHE unil JAfK .MILHAM. In «Omill ».S .VM) l -H.IIIXE''

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