The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 15, 1927 · Page 5
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 15, 1927
Page 5
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:? •I' n l^liat J as (lOne Before „ Garreti Falspin is stabbed to death Vrhile swimming at Ocean Town. X. J. Polsom's bathing companions had beeii Roger jN'oville. a business partne ••; Mrs. Helen Barnaby and Carpielita Valdon. Anastasia folsom, : etcontric and masterflul .^ister of the de.'Ml jnan, arrived and takes command. At the.lnqu !Kt it is learnod that eapoii wa-s a pichaq. jnife, and it had been boriight an the board\FaIk. . It is lean ed that one Croydon Sears is a fancier of curious •weapons. Tte ;itlriiitH buying iwjo knives but i ot^ the puhaq. L -i^aRt's Titus Uipcp, .. ttf work on the lasp. reltah, '• the dead man's fos and is riilrigiied Ana.stasia an architect uepbew. arhii by some cuilotisKrcnili dolls in Folsom's rof Cr'-vdon H III. mailing him the ijiquf-st StoH" mot i-aj-? .^ends for ?'Ieni- ing Siono.- f; niou." detecti\e. lie * tells him Poi<oM ha«t he-" !>lack- and he had lied at nit was innocent, s others of till' cir • cle. includin < ;-Vi 'd IJarroii ami his wife. -U itjy^iu''. iind bcRins quietly to wjork. In FDISOCI'S room. Slfiiie asks I'cltnu to |ir<i- duc<. ihc dc id tMan 's papers, and it tonii-s to lii ^ht that C'annidita Valdcili had Mldi-ti .'•utue li-lli-rs fr(Jm tluni. .^ii>|.k"i<iii ininii-di- ali-iy f;(lls m fanm'l;tii. .Now i.o (In ^>irh the Morj: (II kl-BK N^l.l "It inn't r di<iulous. cscipi llial It's noi W;M4 . to jump at com-lu- «loiis so rapi lly.'' salil iliges. "Hut 1 have lei! all ajoun ihal .Mis. V:il- doii kiiowiii ltior«.iJlAau she. lias ail- iniltvd. and tliaj sli" is a wnniaii "Or lutirdfcrmts .itupulsea and of desperate paskiortiji i!»nil capable of any trlmel"' 'Mi.«.>i ;Fol8oin ranted oil.. "I Jiuow her^-orl, Ih^^niomenti r set 'eyes on-'lier! and that was .sojne'years ago. Slio made a dead set for my brnllier. and they had ai» .affair ivliich.stie tttought. would end in Carry's luarrying her—but it didiL'i. Ciariy was just a littfe too smart for that! ttui there was a bit of a scandal, and konieliow or i ati'.e'r tiarry k^pt the whip hand. i Since then <*army and 1 have been friends .yutw:irtlly^ and she and Carry were seemingly friends, but [ she was atraid <if liini." "Not afraid of him." amended UARCB "'IIH ' kniier <aid I mydon Srars who. Hill", was ll-leii- j itia lo Stone. eiiiUK iiriiuie. or prnv.-d a ijeal'in- amused ai' the • emphaiie diilara- tent. for revenue—" i tioiis of .Miss Folsoui. "riipy' couldn't he as bad as ^|„. ^^..^ striding up and down that." I'eltcui said, and was Hioppeir ,,.,;,„. j,,.,. bobbed hair, .^soaped by bis auni. j , ,iroin the *lifliieiice of brilliantine. "rihut up. nan." she advised, ^^-ayf,.^, i„ ,|„iverin-4 tult.s. Her "Yiurve fallen that woman.'as j,,.,,,. ,.„.,. ,.v.-niiis pown wa.s shoit you do for .v.-ry spe.imeii lif that ..,„i g,,.;,, r.-d rose at her i«iien lypi-. Givn a low. jailing .^i„|„i.i..r shook' on its sti'iu as she ,voic.- and a pair of, dark, I hive- j,,.^,,-,.,,!.,,,,,I jviiJi her lAiie! arm. y'"*"; Willi h was held, now alolt. like the ['"'""•''Statue of Liberty. aiiH now straight 'hiin:;rv evos. ali.l aiiv wnnid • " .1 ii:t: 1 suiipose .-.lie bi gned y wicked, dcsiKntog nit- tore.. . ;• I I . • Fleming Stone was interested. "It does look Ilk? Mrs. Valdon," he declared. "Of course it does." .Miss Kolsoni said .scornfully. ".My brother was a fool about'wonien. or rather, they inade a' fool of fiinij So whenever he c'uild find a doll: who reiniiided him of one of his favorites : he bought it. .Ml of Uiese re'present s sweethearts." I.Anastasia was a strange mixture of scorn for these amours of her brother and a staunch loyally and love for the man himself, whatever he might do. ^ "Why ii?bk on thai doll, then?'' Titp KiKgs said, thoughtfully. ".Miiybc the human prototype of soiiie of thest other dolls wa.s the guilty person."' "No." and .\nastasia took his sugcpstion seriously. '•'You see, I kno,>v many of these. I don't mean personally, but I happen to know tiiore or le.<;s about them. .Vo doll hi-re is the image of a person down hero, e.xcept that one." "1 gave a doll to the girl. Myr- tlk" sain I'elton^ thoughtfully, j "^lie cho.«-e ii herself—.said it *a8 '1 l'|nc!e Carry's favorite. .Maybe she's the—" j"Oh. nonsense about the dolls.'" .Miss Folsom cried. imi>atiently. 'm not using that point to faste;ii is thinu iin Carmelita Valdon. I inly say .-.he had the real reason to | want Carry out of the way. and | sfce had the nerve and the wi.-keil i sijiiil nei-essary to the deed." ".\nd the oppiirttinitv." put in' KiiiFs. ! "'I'bose thin»;s are all reiiiiired." ?loiie sa'il.. smiling'a little at the ;;lib repetition of thi- hackneyed ttjrmM. "but there are other thing.-*; tit 1 )1- lonslilereii. .\ {murder such as thjs one we are conshlerlng Is the result of careful/planning an(f preparation. Your ordinary bather does not (arry a sharp knife around in his pm-kot on the-chance of wanting :<i kill somebody in a hiirr.v. .N'or is that sharp knife easily come by or easily carried about. It means premeditation and that means a long time and definite purpose. .V'ow. Mr. Folsom only arrived here the night before, so whoi-yer killeil him prepared for it in a hurry. I mean, in a/lnirry at the last. 1 hisist that t e.xislrd lonij before. T seems that sonu- one. wh murder in his heart. w ;i! down hi>re and learned that evening that .Mr. Folsom ha 1 arrived. Ttai he laid lifa carn<id tfie next i] lomiuR With siicH cleverness BO cine. ••The kiilf^?" said Ctdydon Sears, who. sayingllittle. wa^ pisteiiing to Ston "That -and ;!• thiln bought atjilie auction clever doilge. "I am was one of the knivei n!ght: it niji:.- haife any time.i or. indeeil. from elsewhere. But to indicate a lover o^ the antique, laud that not be a; ilue. Prob^lj to my mind a collect any weajxin rather th own i -uri'/s.l* "Yes." agreed. Croydo I ^ears. "I rvriainly sluiulil have tone so.' bdeji it^ Stone iidmlts, fn t)ii ter. that; a beautftut his Ust ni Mispeels. Louisiana, on accoiijit of the large number of its inhabitants whtiare rif French or Spanish de- S'T -nt. is Ipopiilariy ktii wn as the (,'reole State. .plans and them out that he left it was ribom -was a lot sure it tought that bought at |b^bught here does seem ollector of i^iay or may ly not. for would use one of his A Queen .Anne w father (;hair. upholst English n 'i >edlework. ' aui -'ion in l.,ondon r *1.S -HI. lie motive ; me ^it had the'; ^ already I , vamp yoa! .Now drop I'er ' .you! ;.:>t in t !eep. IWfaic ><'U ,,„, "j.^ Vlie poi'iited. in eiiiphasis. :4vtf ']i.- rewa;rl Voiir Fncle tiarry;.,, „^ juiorhor of her bearers. lu for' Interested: hearers, too. for Titej some- Jeitors , hierhajis a hit i Pelton. "but he had of hers which .were indiscreet. These tho naturally watited to get back ater his death. So w-jmain wants her letters flaunted to the iniblif.. So not unnaturally, she tried ;io git them. She knew it woitld be useless to appefil to rhe poliif. and she doubted the wisdom^ nf asking my aunt for them; so—" ^ ' "Y'oii know a lot about it; Danj!'. .siaid Jiisauni. with an ai iiisiiig -glaii:;e. -i "I do. .\iint Stasi .i. and I'm telling all I know, becausi- Widl. bi- causi- -Mr. Stone raibiT imjdie I *lhat opejines.^ was the be>t way out." "I'm Pot sun:' I impliei all that." Stone said ;inil. liN line ivas grave. ; "Much depends on the nature of ) those lellirs. Ij' liley weii- ni 'Te 'ly Indl.screet love Icllip. llii 'V iiil;;hl bring no siispliiou on Mi-'. Valdon. Ir ll)ey wi'ii' of a ibi 'i'iil- ,'tfiat packLt of letlers »>-_•>;'^V'^- jtig^ a" u.^^ i ght on Where luis It been all the tine? I „„? i„...,„,jf,i, ,i^<„.vdon ! haven t seen it., ^^..^^ iJc-iuning to seel it wa.v i "1 took .an of It. IVItoi said.. ,„„. ,.„r bimself. and Fleming Stone lobstiiuitely. I hearing ,and weighing ihis in- I know yoU (l:il. liiit wh«-Vc did ; formation, so freely giveii. and •'•''' i rapidly a.ssignins it to it* true aside! place in his collection of evi- nevei I dence. | '"!" I "Ceiitlv. uinily. Miss Folsom." he jeil his! saiif. looking at her kindly. "1 It; the I knoiv you tliriik you liavt- discov- yoiir sense >iaven't 1. havi "I know yoil (l:il. Hut wh" viMi f .nd i'.' 1 1 II the suitcas "Ye.s. .\iiil I just laid il for the moment. | kmw she I killed ilH '-le. lio.w jcould sh . "Why couldn't .»h4''" retort jiunt. "t^lie itood lie.xt him ro;<e; that we. know. Stood jat his j ered the one' who killed ri'^lit-liand side. So she hajl mo- 1 brofhe*.-and it i ^xcites you five and opiiorliinity. ..\-J tjO the ; ol jiisiii i-. but reilieiiilnr u e • weapon, w.r 'vi- no real reason; to proved aiiytliing and. imlei'd. have a -siiiiii- il niu -st have been i |ne ofliill,. to lijiiik on, ..\ pai-ki-t !.if love . ilios/' aiilitiue tliiniis. It iii !:y bavc ' letri .i s and a pO^iiioii iii..\i ; lo .Mr. , bi 'i 'it a hoiel carving knife, j .\n" ' Fdsoin <iii the lup-. in ihej ocean. 'woni ^Mi cl .'vi .r eiioMgli lo plan and , I -^ee no nioi" that, aijil that, larry out siuh a si iiiine oljniur ' ' "' Don't, Llet A Chili! Qough A Conghiog child needs h#I?. For .64 years. Mothers have r»"licd on Chamberlain's C'jugh .Kennedy. Itre- movea choking phie^^ni and Btopstho cough. Aak your druggiKt to-day. Mothers—write for free' booklet on "Care of the Sick." CtiambcHain Medicine Co., 603 Park. IJes Muinea. Contains no alcohol or narcottcs dtr Vv'oiild be qiiile I Irvt r e|ioi:i:li til.. vMMlion pan of Ih lear lady, is not enough. "j "Ii 's iiiofiiili fir i::..:" .\n';ista-la ' _ IILD;RE »rSii"'_ COUGH REMEDY LOOSENS THE: COUGH u H a- > O u a: < Ed Q a m > o o 12 ThMan With TheHoeSays- I h-\l .rliap- iady Jiead«^ who U lit irideil granil- led in old s sold at ently for .A: new^ specialized employment has appeared in suburban towns, the "iawn builder,]" a sprecialjst in making fine lawns.{ usually a land- fcape gardener or| architect or an employee of the llitter. His- profession take possession of the premises to be devoted to lawn and prepare ^he soil, sow the seed and get the lawn gjoing. Often this is a great convenience to the suburban business man who has iictle time to devote to jthe heavy work such as spading ^nd leveling off the surface. . competeiit lavn builder takes care of the job in fine style and the lawn is started in early spring and delivered a verdant sward by midsummer with c ireful directions left for its maiute lance. There is nothing occult or abstruse about the work that arty home, owner with a strong backj and reasonably well-muscled armsliannot do him-self but the lawn jbuilder relieves him of the toil. j Thorough sparling and working in of liberal supplies of fertilizer ^ are the first stei»s.| Then the law -n : is leveled off careifully and skilN ' fiillv with due attention to such ' slopes; as there are so that they may ibe regular and pleasing and then the seed is sown, raked and rolled into the soil. Bone mealis one of the inost' valuable of lawn fertilizers i foi^, soil of fairly heavy texture as it is the most lasting of the commercial manures and will be giving service a year from ! the time of its first application.) Calan<ed mineral fertilizers give ; quicker action. The lawn is recognized as or.e of ! the most important points in the ] pi*ctnr« to be drawn aboaS. I tbf home 'and. too much care canno be taken in its dnitlal preparaUonL This will tell whether it is toi re main piirmanently beaatiful 'lanif %elvetj; 'wirti ordinary care o whether it will require' makin^T over within a season or two.. Firsti grass seed is even more i imj- portant than careful preparatio for without the highest grade see^ the finest soil cannot prodiice good "lawn. Buy only from flrm^ of recognized standing. ' :- BEALTH FOLLOWS owMWiJicnc COBUCCTS PttssuicoNsniuu ItnvCSIH DISEASES OF .THEFDUOWieSOteUS: ,m$ -nmt -iums >H£A «r ^umts uvea ^ SMMMH MNoLlS 'snteii- BOWUS^ KEEP WELL It is better and- easier to KEEP. ;WELL than it is to GET WELL. Pre- teerve health while you have it. Do not Hvait until it i.-* jrone and then make a frantic effort, to regain it. Ah occa.s- ional .spinal examination, with adjustr ments. if needed, i.s the greatest preventative of ill-health. Cnnaultation is Without Charye or Obligation. "DR. C. Z. 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GOVT INSPECTED MEATS In Mi.i.ia..- .1... v....„.,n pan ot til.- K.,| S,,„,-. ..v..s sniH-pcd. .She Hnatdi- V..MI- . nmiiial. uo and g.'l 'XvrV M''' '-^ • Mad -111- ,-.<«• I..CII I.-.S ....)• I'"-!'!i' I ."II tiii'nt-:. I';; .Slum. WDiiliI li:ivi' ! b.-cii ! THE DAISY^ ;l>ear Pnssr Cousin: • While out • to sf-e their Jidly little faces twmed r'alking this" morning I st^ipiied in , up for a drink, wheii 1 sbakej my unt of two vlumiw of daisies and j dew dnqis IUKJM theni." beard in Interesting conversation, j I realized for. the first, time '''s th.' H |)<- Mill.' j.''" hhc cx rlalllM'l as -III' ;«;ivcd the ; piippet l|i l';>' vi'iy ijii" (if Kli 'iiiini; Stone, •friial'-^ III" ivji.' iif Cannidlta Val( cm: a with a' sijrpciit's j'liiil'" ; 'I'll- ildll. a "iipi'iior spiT 'lnicn of Ki'ii' li ail. diiT indeed look lik- ''nt la-lita. so much MI lliati it was sii;'.!-'- in:. I!iil il it .^ly. even -iii-i 'T. i'\!i' lii'iicath the liiria:; ~iiiilc ami llif ••xtjii^jle fca- I. v!i?l'. fi.-iinatin^'.) v.-ere ae was selfish and the other uu ho«r beautiful her fBc was. It wafe all The selfish daisy was an iaglow with the happiness of doing sisters. This l.'jt weather they 'aeed ail the inn'-ture tlief can get. I lor« only child, whose parents had for others: s-. different from the selfish's face. .| Grandpa daisy then said. "I |hav» to take good lea re of my three pittl» wutche<l that little daisy make her sacrifices. PerLaps it IS our ifault; At a Sensationally LOW priire of only $89.50 Embodies the same mod- B(r nme LJttte Mslcn SnUed L> tX .Me. picked wbea ^ was quits yo'iing. Bbe' had been .brought up by her (randmatbsr and grandratber. who lad d*vot«d tbt^r entire time to her. Had: she givmi them anything In return for their care and adsntlonT No; she bad not Uer saUtsb little taee showed it.: She stood er»it, turned toward the uomJiig sun.. Her gOwn .was clean ind whlta from;'its bath In tire dew Uer po^r old grandfather was itoope<| and benti while her grandmother's dress was torn and shabby. "Mewy," said the proud. selfUh Jttle dtais.r, to the daisy that crew near her, "you would have as l>eautl- tnl a gown as mine. If yoti did not take all your dew drops and shake them«h your three iilsters." ••Perhaps tha;t Is so," she an!.- iwered. **My parents were broken off by a thoughtless.little boy and left to die iB the snn. They told me I :^<gwWlill^yJK. has she that our little granddaaghterj the ndfhih dlMpoKltlon that shows." "Wh .vi grandpa'. I»o jrou, think that I iiiu selfish>',kald the daU.v. "if I lm'd:not tiikei) your d«w drujif and all ^if the nourishment froni the ground. wouUI vuii nnd grandma be as besJItl^ul as Mr. and Mrs. Oxeye Daisy? I slislt try to lie more unselfish;' 1 amj not n naiighty girl at heart. Just tboujjbtless.' "Oh, please Mr. Chtlm don't tell anyone what a selfi*!h daiNy I have been. Coine hiick and visit me again and you will see huw I have^hnnce «l, now that I rejilUe how jielflsh I hm.\' j 1 1 told her that 1 was very proud of her for acknowledging that she was In the wroii?. It takes a noble character to do that. . Good night. CHCM. ern engines tlje-same sk fiiil workn png practice, lied and (jhre- aiiship. : the .'•:;imi' line n|aterials that ymi'll find in washers cii .sliiiK $1.')) nnd more. Sleepers Jlistorg of Jola^midthe State; of Kansas Very sotin after the pro- slavery forces Ijccame so active in Ihc Territory, and threatened to become successful in their aim.s, an ahli- slavery colony from Maksa- chu.setts came out and .settled at I.jiwrencc. .-It can be imagined how these (wo groups felt (oward.s each other; indeed, historians say that no more bitter [factions ever stru^sied fori supremacy on this continent. O. < H I H •O > H CO o < 1^ d H B S > H Modcratc- .HATIXEF.S 2:00 p. m. 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