Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on October 5, 1959 · Page 6
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 6

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, October 5, 1959
Page 6
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Junior Editors Quiz on SYMBOLS QUESTION: What is the bundle of sticks with nn axe on the back of a dime? ANSWER: This is a symbol called the Fasces. In th* days when Rome ruled the world, it was a bundle of birch or elm sticks tied together with an axe in the center. Fasces were carrier by men called lictors, who were attendants of Roman magistrates, and were important in ceremonies of that time. The meaning of the symbol is unity. An old legend tells of a man who showed his sons that if you had a bundle of 12 sticks and wanted to break them in half, you could do it easily if you broke each stick separately. But when you put them together in a bundle, it was impossible to break them. The axa is a symbol of power or strength. So the Fasces means that there is strength in unity—in sticking together. FOR YOU TO DO: Besides the Fasces on the back of a dime is * motto: E Pluribus Unum. See if you can find out what it means. (Steven R. Harris of West Englewood, N. J., receives the $10 award for this question. Send your question on a postcard to Violet Moore Higgins, AP Newsfeatures, in care of this newspaper. In case of similar questions, Mrs. Higgins will make the final selection.) CARNIVAL By Dick Turner T*. RHJ. U.6, P.L OH. <9 W59 bj NU Strau. Inc. ''I'm trying to get Henry interested in do-it-yourself projects—like getting his own breakfast!" SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith fM. R«C. U.S. Pit OH. @ 1959 bj NCA Sonlct, Iw. "Maybe you weren't doing a hundred, but I'm going to give you a citation for trying!" BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES SWEiTII Pll By Nadine Seltzer TM. Rig. U£. P»l. ML C> IMS b» NEA S««tt*. I»- OUT OUR WAY BY J. R WILLIAMS "We launched it!" TIZZY By Kate Osann ©1US9 bj NEK Snrict, fat. TM. RK. IMS. P*. 00. Isn't it lovely that we're bttth having insomnia at the same time!" Vive La France Answer to Previous Puzzle ACROSS 1 French resort 8 Folds 12 One of ihe Gcrshwins 13 Former ambassador 14 Medley 15 Put on 16 Most reliable 18 Beg 20 Regions 21 Pronoun 22 Italian city 24 Not clerical 26 Writer Harte 27 Before (prefix) 30 Fix on a slake 32 Sea nymph 34 Big or Little constellation 35 Danish city 38 Mineral rode .37 Observer 39 Bearing 40Lunches 41 Pose 42 In a throng 45 Giggles 49 Say again 51 Born (Fr.) 52 Container 53 Entry 54 Vehicle 55 One who Csuffix) 56 Disturb K? Pixie DOWN 1 Assistant 2 Metal 3 Scolding wife 4 Change 5 French district 6 Sharper v e i raraa wmm \mrsm asm 7 Legal term 29 British 8 French river statesman 9 Nautical terra 31 French writer 10 Home of the 33 Pardon leaning tower 38 Property 11 Topers 40 Come in 17 Made lace 41 Stalks 19 Bottle again 42 Curves 23 Spanish 43 Flesh gentleman 44 Another 24 Italian resort French river 25 Persian prince 46 Followers 26 French cap 47 Actfcal 27 Remorse 48 Slave 28 Ascend 50 Lip Mystery BY EDGAR MARTIN 1 w 1 OUR BOARDING HOUSE . . . with . . . MAJOR HOOPLE m IF 1 READ THE 5MOK& 51GMAL5 T5R/v\"~THAT IS TO SAY ACCURATELY WITHOUT MY <>\1 ASA EXPECTIM6--EP?, AH '-^ , AS POPULAR ASA LEAKY r?(66EK Otf /MAYBE- YOU 5HOULO &ASIEP?AMt>MOf?& PROFITABLE -*~UK&T£ACH1M<3 fO SO Ai?OL5MD IN OF SKEPTICISM r... ATT ITU DE,-DESPITE-A\V V MjMBROK'ESl LIM& > BUGS BUNNY Hat Rack VEPTV WELUAAASTER FUPDi ALLOW ME ., TO TAKE NOJR / GARMENTS WHILE VOU TRY THEM ON 1 PRISCILLA'S POP Don't We All? BY AL VERMEER BEING IN THE FOURTH IS NO PICNIC MORE HOMEWORK!! HISTORY SPELLING, GEOGRAPHY/ THEE WHAT ) I DID IN J KINDER- T GARTEN! S,/ DWAWED A, PITCHER IO-5T SOMETIMES I MISS THE GOOD ' K 1859 by NE< S«rvm, Inc. T.M. »tr. U.S. P«l. Off. ALLEY OOP Return Trip BY V. T. HAMLIN 'im.BLrr WE WERE / THOT IS, IF HE I SUPPOSE. MOW THAT\ FJXIN' TBO EVEN I ISN'T TOO ANGRV fHE LAB IS BEING SHUT V BEFORE DOC DEN TO OPERATE POWN,\OUTVWO WILL BE 7atW>TO CLOSE ) THE TIME- GOING BACK TO MOK^fCTH 1 SHOP W!A^MACHINE OH, NO MATTER ABOUT THAT.IU. RUN YOU BACK MYSELF/ iWEUL.GEE^WEU.BE NICE,/ READY 'OF YOU, /ANY TIME OSCAR I YOU ARE OKAY, YOU TWO. HAPPY LANDINGS/ 10-5 frJPta bj HEA &*r».a«, Inc. T.M. IUf U.S. '*t. Off. MORTY MEEKLE To His Liking BY DICK CAVALLI HOLD MY HAND <yO WE WON'T BE i , / <3ePARATBD. / W YOU'VE NEVER v "" 1 " BEEN CHOPPING WITH ME BEFORE-IT WON'T HURT VOUJU5TTHI6 ONCE. WHV DIDN'T vou TELL ME CHOPPING WAQRJN? BUT I DON'T WANT TO/' FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS A Fancy Dan BY MERRILL BLOSSER { I WAS AFRAID OF THIS/ I'M SKippiM6 PRACTICE TODAY, COACH/ MlLDA.'SEWTHE MUMBERS ON MYJERSEV AcSAIM,, AMDTMIS T/ME Mo FANCV STUFF/ THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE Doctor Approves BY WILSON SCRUGGS [ YES, AUD AS IT HAPPEM5, I'VE V HEAKP HIM PLAY. HE'S NOT A /DAVE BRUBECK OK A THELOMIOUS MOMKYET; BUT HE'S Vt»UU6/ DIDSHETELLYOIKHE WAUTSTOMARKV I PARTICULAKLY LIKE HIS "LULLABY BIROLAWD," AND THAT THIU6 HE DOES WITH "AUTUMN LEAVES".' 1 HAD QUITE A TALK WITH ) SOME BEATWIK RAWO DAU6HTER DOWklA LAST MIGHT/ CAPTAIN EASY Inside Job? ARE YOU SURE WO OWE SAW IT/ N »—^- ' ANP *\APE THIS COPY/ BEFORE WHEtJ I V WU LOCKED IT UR PR, COMPLETED THE EC?UATIOM ^ -^^r—r^wra TODAY i PUT IT IKJ WV SAFE- AM, HEREIT IS! POSITIVE! IWORKEPALOWE , ,-,„„„ lll|n i^ N THI& ROOM ALL PAVJ ONLV / SAFE WASM'T 5TEPPEP OUT FORT A QUICK FORCEPl WHO 5WACK AT ,W00W! WOT iWd \ EL5& HAS TH5 ENOUGH FPR A SAFE CRACKER\C0M6INM'ION ? TOOPEW ITAKIP E5CAPE 1 . BY LESLIE TURNER ONLY MV SECRETARY. I HAPPEN TO KNOW, PR.ROHATCH.THL WE NEED PROOF THAT SHE WASW'l INVOLVED 1

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