Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on December 4, 1963 · Page 4
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 4

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 4, 1963
Page 4
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MT. VERNON REGISTER-NEWS 116 North Ninth Strett, Mt. Vemon, Illinois (DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY) MT. VERNON NEWS ESTABLISHED 1871 MT. VERNON REGISTER ESTABLISHED 1882 CONSOLIDATED SEPTEMBER 28, 1920 JDWIN RACKAWAY . WM. C RACKAWAY DRIAN METCALF IOHN RACKAWAY GUY HENRY THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS Washington Notebook By WASHINGTON STAFF 10BERT K. THOMPSON IRENE PURCEIL JOHN McCLURE Harrinuin Quips A Compliment for K Newspaper Enterprise Assn. WASHINGTON — (NKA) — _____„ City Editor j Under Secretary of State Av-j •'' "remarkable docility,' Adverting Manager ' f'!' 0 ' 1 "''rnman, commenting on , gradually being worked into the Editor Buiineit Manager Newi Editor — Sporta Editor one scientist, was a "traumatic" experience for both. Lab oratory men frequently ended up with nipped fingers. A new monkey, the Macaca speciosa, reportedly displaying is MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED MESS The Associated Preti h •xcluiivaly entitled to mo for ih* publication of • II newt credited to It or not olher- wite credited In thi* paper and alio the local nov/i published therein. Second Clan Postage paid at Mt. Vernon, Illinois his recent conversations with I experiments. Society Ed.tor , Russia's Chairman N i k i t a I MAJOR FUROR in the Circulation Manager i Khrushchev, said, "He nets! Pentagon for the past year is SUBSCRIPTION RATE Subscriptions muit be paid In advance By Mail, Jefferion County and now like a politician, like Lyndon Johnson." This flippancy drew criticisms | from the vice president's admir- I adjoining countiei, one ye«r J 7.00 eis. But. Harriman got out of 6 monthi 54.25; 3 monthi it neatly by sasing: "Lyndon $2.75; 1 month _._ $ 1.00 ! Johnson is HIP most effective By mail cutiide Jefferion and adjoining countiei within 250 milei, one year, $10.00; 6 monthi $6.00; 3 monthi $4.00; per ungle month $1.50. Outude 250 milei, 1 year... $11.00 6 monthi, $7.00; 3 monthi $4.50; one month $1.75. Delivered by carrier in dry per week 30 political campaigner I km, A Thought For Today There Is one lawgiver and Judge, he who Is able to save and to dchtroy. But who are you that you judge your neighbor?—James 4:12. o-o-o o-o-o o-o-o God will not look you over for medals, degrees or diplomas, but for scars.—Elbert Hubbard. Editorial Alliance Of Equals He acts i over news management as ; practiced by Arthur Sylvester, assistant secretary of defense for public affairs. Sometimes this censorship and news management have been achieved by "classifying" embarrassing documents — mark ing them "secret" or "confl- F.X-I'RKSIDEXT Hairy S. • ilcntial." Tinman was in the audience' - Now <*> Pentagon wag—high when Austrian Foreign Mm- .on Sylvester s own staff — has i<tor Bruno Kreisky made a I'V'. . Uv " s |« ns on 1,10 wal1 ba ck •-ncech before a luncheon club"/ ms desk: in Kansas Citv discussing the • WHEN YOU MANAGE NEWS ["oblcms of a neutral country , DO IT ACCORDING TO THE in the cold war. j ind After it was over. H .S. T. | TK fT .c 'uvKU 'ARn came up to the microphone | CI ASS1T- Y IT j!"! 1 said for everyone to hear.. STATE' OEI'ART.MENT fan I hats ihc best speech h i)s , d ™ Ive heard since 1915. bm ^ js ^ ^ SKXATK MINORITY loader cerpts from typical letters Everett Iiirk^-n K-lll. has a "We need a mental health K \,*>k double -talk an-wer program in the White House asked about his wows ccmrin- and State Department." ing the moon race. " Irs c|p;u ' Soviet appcasers "There once was a question '"'e 'taving a field day " on V mail carrier pvim" 'How ° np " f ,lu ' Persistent rumors: ?ar a i r o ml f™m the :J here are thousands of Chinese «. r -tuv r^o fr-ii^,..- ,ii,in 't •( ommunist troops in Mexico, knw so°h thought ff <" ^ V ni : C 'l while and finallv answered, Whore this one started i'Just far enough so it won't ; » f > h " (1 >' hn«jws. but it has spread I interfere with me and the duty | ''J' of mouth to many parts I of carrying mail.' He got the nf . np country. ! j on> " i. Every such letter gets a LOS ALAMOS Scientific Laboratory has been trying to find a more docile a friendly monkey for research work in the U.S. space program. Says Oswald Started Writing Anti-Red Book JT IS NO ONE NATION'S FAULT that the business of having ' and keeping allies in the West seems steadily more difficult. Holding together in tight formation a peaceful alliance of free countries is a hard matter at best Free peoples seldom get stirred by military concerns until they are in war or gravely threatened by it. If the urgency is great enough, even a utandoffish President Do Gaulle of France will commit his full support. He did so in the Cuban crisis of October 1962. But urgency Is not a mood easily maintained when the threat is less than extreme. We and our allies are all relatively prosperous. We do not believe war Is close at hand. We believe that nuclear war Is something both the West and the Soviet YORT WORTH, Tex. (API— Union seek to advoid. Lee Harvey Oswald, obviously This being so, we and our friends abroad can indulge the scared and nervous at the time, luxury of asserting our differences. There is always some of this,, ,,nlis,f,(1 'he help of a public . , , . , j .stenographer while working on even in war. The cleavages grow sharp as crisis recedes. what a public stenographer De Gaulle's strident nationalism shows itself in all but the called an anti-Communist book direst calamities. It is hard to believe that in most conditions he in l%'2. would be much different whether U.S. Policy were made by j The stenographer, Miss Paul- President Johnson, Sen. Barry Goldwater, the Americans for it1( ' V. Bates, said he told her Democrat Action or the John Birch Society. | .^.r^.^ri ^^T-xpSng 1 '^ We here in America also see varying and conflicting pros- 1 had only $10. sures at work in the field of alliances. Some would like to bolster -j' n j s ^-curred only 17 months NATO. Others would have us cut adrift OtherR, evidently in-' bet.>re Oswald, an admitted eluding Goldwater, often suggest action—like a blockade of Communist .sympathizer, was Cuba--which could well have the effect of splitting us off. 1 ,0 '^accused of killing Pivsi- •c-. „ .1 u ... ,,. ? . 'lent Kennedy, m turn, a Dal- Even among those who want the alliance strong there is )as „•,„,,, SI ; )t owm . r )<,]],, (1 0s . frequently serious disenchantment over the behavior of allies. An wald two days later as city p<>- adrninixtration official once said privately: | lice started to move him to the "You learn in the White House that America's friends are county jail, of ten only slightly less troublesome than its" 1 J^<\ h ™ y ^Z« ^ But the Western Europeans generally feel the same about n 0 W cnt there in YXO, decDr- us. Right, now they are said to be particularly Indifferent to-; ing he wanted to renounce U.S. ward some Of our policies. I citizenship, but later obtained We may be close to the hard question: Do we want this t*!^ JJW^,"' ft'Thu „... , .« HI 11 .1 J . I, . . s\on and loan to return to this alliance or do we not? Would the dissolving of it serve us, or country. the Communist world? The Reds have tried to destroy It from '< Miss Bates said Oswald came the start. ! to her office with a mass of the jot fiiTO denial in reply. One woman correspondent worried about the Viet Nam situation, closed her letter with the admission, "I realize that if I were living in a Com»,.™» ihnvM wn iicint" munist country, I would never The type they d been using for space experiments, the ... Macaca mulatta, nnf '. J )ccn ,'l I Comments one official: "We problem. Handling h.m. said • don . t , oso lhcm nlr WHEN ..A POWER .failure caused a temporary blackout in the State Department the other day, Son. Karl Mundt, R-S.D., observed: "It probably didn't cause much trouble. Some observers clnim that our foreign policy seems to operate in the dark all of the time." Trouble in the Ivory Tower WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 4, 1963 HOROSCOPE FORECAST By CARROLL RIGHTER Digest Of The News INTERNATIONAL The Vatican Ecumenical Council ends its second session with the promulgation of a decree ordering a vast reform of the Roman Catholic liturgy. ..WASHINGTON J President Johnson sets his sights on the lowest possible federal budget. But he concedes that the spending blueprint he sends Congress next month may Today In Washington the! Quick Quiz O—Why Is the figure of a cock used in many weather vanes? A- By a papal enactment in the 9th century, the figure of a cock was set up on every church steeple as the emblem of St. Peter, in allusion to his denial of Christ thrice before the cock crowed twice. If we make this inquiry and determine that we still want i U 0,< : s , c ; in(1, ' ,nnin « ' if( \. in ., ... , ' J A ,, . i Soviet Union, presumably the alliance, then perhaps wo ought to discover a new maturity 1 10( | ,i own np wils abroad, in which we recognize once and for all that allies are not bosom She recalled typing this paragraph at one point: "The TV I in Russia) carries nothing but the Communist party line, but you have to turn it on or somebody gets suspi- hook published. She did not re- dlos and are enthusiastic over the Voice of America." Miss Bates estimated she had transcribed a third of a hook manuscript June IS, 1!) and L'O last year while Oswald wailed, "fidgety and jumping up and down." She related these details: He did not permit her to keep his notes overnight or even to see them alone. Oswald refused to let Miss Kates keep copies of what she typed and he ordered the caruon paper destroyed, j Once he displayed a letter! from a Fori Worth engineer ex- j pressing interest in getting the j book published. She did not ie-i call the name of the engineer. On the third day he went to her office. Oswald, seemingly worried or scared, stopped Miss Bales after she had finished 10 pages. "Ten dollars is all I've got," he said and handed her the money. She offered to finish the typing job and let him pay later. He refused the offer and left. Twice after that Miss Bates saw him on downtown streets. Oswald did not speak. companions but mutually useful associates whose policies and attitudes may never coincide on more than a few vital points. Won't Let Law KiH^Pet Dog RICHMOND, Va. (API-Virginia's Supreme Court will review the ease of n dog lover who balked at surrendering his pet for execution. The courl agreed Tuesday to roasider the apjieal of Jim Laing ol I'earisbui'g, WIKI was lined SI 000 and sentenced to four months in jail. His German shepherd, Kicky, was sentenced to death, two years ago in Giles County Circuit Court for sheep killing. Laing appealed, claiming Kick> did net kill the sheep, but was only standing guard over the carcass. Twice I he U.S. Supreme Courl declined to review the case, and Lalng was found guilty of contempt when he refused to surrender the dog for execution. He contended he hud given Ricky lo a friend and could not surrender what was no longer his property. Kicky, meanwhile, remains safely in an otil-ol-state hideout. WASHINGTON (AP)-In news from Washington: CAMBODIA: The United States is opposed to a proposal by Cambodia's Prince Norodom Sihanouk to neutralize both Cambodia and South Viet Nam out leave North Viet Nam under Communist rule. Slate Department press officer Richard I. Phillips ox- pressed the U.S. attitude Tuesday in reaffirming support for South Viet Nam's long strugle to overcome Communist - led subversion. U.S. officials said the 195-1 Geneva agreement already guarantees the sovereignty and independence of Cambodia, as well as Laos and Viet Nam. MRS. KENNEDY: The Senate passed Tuesday and sent back to the l| msc a hill that grants Mis. Jacqueline Kennedy and her two children the protection of at least two Secret Service agents for one year. The measure also provides temporary secretarial help and office space for one year and up to $5,000 to cover death and burial expenses of the late President Kennedy. The version of the hill passed by the House Monday authorized secretarial help and office space for six months and set no limit on the death and burial costs. JOHNSON - MCCORMACK: President Johnson has ordered House Speaker John W. McCormack to be kept informed of national security matters and to attend meetings of the National Security Council. The President took the step, White House press secretary Perre Salinger said Tuesday, "to assure the continuity of government in the event of any contingency." McCormack, a 71 - year - old Massachusetts Democrat, is next in line to the presidency should anything happen to Johnson before his term runs out on Jan. 20, 1965. reach a record $100 billion or more. A plan by House leaders to resort to a petition in an effort to pry the civil rights bill out of the Rules Committee is threatening the bill's shaky bipartisan backing. A home with a history and a warmth, filled with the art she loves, will greet Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy when she walks into her borrowed Georgetown residence today. NATIONAL With formal inquires by both a federal commission and state officials impending, it appears the people may hear nearly all the evidence before Jack Ruby goes to trial for killing the accused assassin of President Kennedy. The American Cancer Society fires a new statistical barrage against Cigarette smoking, based on the broadest study yet made relating smoking to "death rates. SPRINGFIELD—The old time constable apparently is fading from tho Illinois scene under court reorganization. Deputies now do much of the work already. CHICAGO—Cook County's privately recruited "sheriff's reserves" stripped of fancy badges by real sheriff; everybody had command rank in drag group. People In The News WASHINGTON (AP) - Arthur Schlesinger Jr., the Harvard historian who was a spe -i uw nuruy ie«aer naa a busy cial assistant to President Ken- (lay, including conferences with nedy, has agreed to stay on 1 officials of his government and the White House staff. I formal opening of a highway threw the Spanish republic in 1936, was 71 years old today. The hardy leader had a bus day, including conferences wit Pierre Salinger, presidential press secretary, said President Johnson asked Schlesinger to remain. Salinger added that Johnson had been in touch with all of Kennedy's top aides and all had indicated they would continue to serve, himself included. Shakespearean Cast Antwor to Previous Puzzl* ACROSS 1 , courtier of Denmark 6 , conspirator agoiost Caesar S Buement 0 Bounder 7 Tropical plant 8 Slightly fried 9 Mouths of volcano* 11 Woolly M .Lord J2 limiyer warning «wm!ant on 113 Sunshade 14 Prcnrli city 10 including •ivorythlng 16 Diminutive HUfflX 117 Nobleman 110 Javelin 21 Kvcn (contrj banlahod duke II French statesman 18 Clnna, a 191.egal point 20 Chilean city 33 Roman robes 28 Click beetle* M ,„ 29 Before 23 Warrant officer 31 Heed (comb, (var.) form) ?4 Utter S3 Legal minority 22 Time loan* (ab.) 25 BrMcn 38 Hardened 23Dlspoweator* 27 ~—.amage 34Incantation* 25 Depart 26 Winter vehicle* 27 Stop 30 Knelneering degree (ab.) 81 Wflo ot Caesar 34 Godly person (ab.) 87 Winglike part 38 Gaaeoui elcmont 3ti Kpic poetl* 10 Uralded radio cablo ti Aromatic seeds M To a jtuip'i right or left *0 Interstice* 47 World Wart batUe (BDocii* 40 Inflow <OBim* DOWN t Rowers tTanglo I Feminine appellation (grain's 36 Etsentlal being 39 Orate affectedly « Novelist Grey 49 Burmese dry measure 45 Encountered T NFAV YORK UP) - Rachel ('arson, whose book "Silent Siaing" set off a national controversy, has received the highest award of the National Audubon Society. A citation presented to Miss Carson said the hixik "alerted and aroused the public about needless and dangerous chemical pollution (by pesticides) of the natural environment." MADRID (AP) - Gen. Francisco Franco, leader of Spain since his nationalist forces over- STARTS TODAY tunnel 31 "miles from Madrid. HOLLYWOOD (AP) - Bob Hope may not make his annual Christmas visit to U.S. troops stationed overseas this year. A blood clot in his left eye is causing (uzziness of vision again. Hope has deferred final plans for his final trip until doctors tell him whether he should go. The comedian had planned to visit Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Crete and Libya. Two weeks ago, Hope went to New York for an examination of Ills eye. He faces minor surgery. Today In History Today is Wednesday, Dec. 4, the 388th day of 1963. There are 27 days left in the year. Today's highlight in history. On this date in 1776, the 16- gun brig "Reprisal" first entered European waters and carried Benjamin Franklin incognito to enlist French aid to the colonies against England in the American revolution. The warship was one of the first ships constructed in America. On this date: In 1808, Napoleon entered Madrid and suppressed tho Spani'/i Inquisition. In 1867, a secret association of farmers — the National Grange of the Patrons of Husbandry — as founded at Washington, D.C. In 1915, auto magnate Henry Ford's Peace Ship sailed for Europe. In 193-1, more than 200 tons of stone fell from beneath Table Rock, Niagara Falls, at the tip of the Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side. In 1954, Social Democrats on an important election in West Berlin as the Communists made a poor showing. Ten years ago .. The U.S. State Department asked Canada to make arrangements for the questioning of former Soviet GENERAL TENDENCIES: Rest on yesterday's laurels or see what you can do to take advantage of the chance now present to get out of the public eye and maintain consistency of purpose in carrying through with generous and charitable ventures already put In motion. A smile to unhappy persons Is especially helpful now. THURSDAY: ARIES (March 21 to April 19) Getting off the practical work beam to dash out to unnecessary pleasure could cause you a pretty penny now. Look upon labor as a privilege. Get problematical affairs quickly adjusted. TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) Important you use tact and real diplomacy at home or you get Into quarrel there long on the griddle. Don't give way to pressures. Show you have complete control of yourself. GEMINI (May 21 to June 21) There is an element of danger on the road today, so be sure you are overly cautious. Also be very thorough where reports are concerned. See that you have made no mistakes. MOON CHILDREN (Juno 22 to July 21) Take care not to invest unwisely throughout day, persuasive though some sales person may be. You could lose your shirt to him, or her. Use passive resistance. LEO (July 22 to August 21) Beware of n clever person who could take advantage of your tcmijorary lirod feeling, especially through flattering words. Smile, say you will sleep on it. Be courteous. VIRGO (August 22 to September 22) Cut loquacious one short today and give more time | lo own problems and work a- 'head of you. Get into vital research work. You can get the answers needed if you try. LIBRA (September 23 to October 22) You can certainly get yourself into a heck of a lot of trouble if you take on worries of a complaining individual. Get about socially in PM. Be tactful and save friendships. SCORPIO (October 23 to No­ vember 21) Any fixation with regard to credit or those about you, could lose you much good will now, Use caution and don't bo Irksome with others. Always think before you act, spenk. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to December 21) If you get rid of usual limitations, you can reap much that is of benefit. Fine opportunities for advancement are all about you. Be magnanimous Instead of petty. CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 20) Make it a point to get your bills paid up instead of thinking of fun first. A partner will then be very cooperative. Show that, you are a fine, conscientious person. AQUARIUS (January 21 to February 19) Don't permit yourself to get Involved in any altercation between an associate and nn official. Be sure to carry through with promises made to others. Do so cheerfully. PISCES (February 20 to March 20) If you do not plan your time and work wisely, you can easily accomplish little by shuffling from home or office to running errands, etc. Lot co-workers tend to own knitting. Respect their views. IF YOUR CHILD IS BORN TODAY . . . you must early tench true values; otherwise there can be too much generosity at tho wrong time and not enough at other times and character will be weakened. Teach to discriminate with intelligence, but avoid snobbishness. An excellent chart, for work connected with government and the functions thereof. "The Stars Impel, they do not compel." What you mnke of your life is largely up to YOU! Carroll Righter's Individual Forecast for your sign for January Is now ready. For your copy send your birthdate and $1.00 to Carroll Rlghter Forecast Mt. Vernon Register-News, Box 1921, Hollywood 28, California. (Distributed by McNaught Syndicate, Inc.) WORLD NEWS MOSCOW (AP) -The Soviet Union today released two Dutch sailors imprisoned 2% years on charges of spying for NATO. They were put aboard a Dutch airliner for the trip home. The sailors, Lou de Jager, 27, and Evert Reydon, 31, had been serving 13-year terms. They appeared in good health and said they were well treated during confinement in the same cell at a prison in Vladimir. The two were arrested Aug, Public Works Bill Having Hard Time WASHINGTON (AP) — The House Public Works Committee approved a bill today that would extend the anti-recession public works program for another year at a cost of $900 million. The committee acted in a closed session. Members said the vote was 16 to 15. One dissenter, Rep . Wil'iam C. Cramer, R-Fla., said, "It is ironic that the economy being £B SUPPORT YOUR Ft_^ RED CROSS BLOOD PROGRAM Good things happen when you give I —Plus This Swing . . Sing H\\— TIMES TONIGHT, THURSDAY and FRIDAY "Ticklish Affair" at 8:05 — •'Swingers" at 6 :40 - 0:30 Opens G—Starts 0:40 Phone 242-2175 GRANADA CHRISTMAS GIFTS BIG GIFTS DALE FILBERTH OF THE MARINER—719 Main Wants To Give All Customers FREE Gifts For Christmas With Every Purchase. Free $55 Wet Suits With Aqua Lung Complete Free $17.50 Bac Pack With Tank & Regulator Free $2.95 Snorkel With Mask & Fins The Highest Quality Diving Equipment Aqua Lung and Dacor All Orders Must Be In Soon Since Stocks Will Not Last — Diving Instruction (Approved Diving Air) Will Be Available At The Mariner. FREE CATALOGS UPON REQUEST Dive Shop Will Open Any Time By Apointmtnt Phone 242-4554 or 242-3042 preached by President Johnson was so thoroughly repudiated by the Democrats in committee today." Another committee member, Rep. Robert McLoskcy, R-Ill., said Democrats "showed bad faith in President Johnson" by approving the bill. "There is a pure pork barrel bill, intended as a political raid on the treasury by the Democrats in Congress," he said. Johnson should offer to veto the bill, McLoskey said, "if he is sincere about his wishes to curb wasteful, unneeded, and ill-conceived federal spending." code clerk Igor Gouzenko by Senate Internal Security subcommittee members regarding Russian espionage activities in the United States. Five years ago ... Secretary of State John Foster Dulles said it as essential to U.S. peace and security to adhere to a firm policy regarding Berlin and Communist China. One year ago ... Prime Minister Nehru of India said his government expected to receive several jet lighter planes from Russia within a few weeks. 20, 1961, while traveling by car near the Polish frontier, Soviet authorities said. They were convicted of collecting espionage Information for NATO on the orders of the Dutch intelligence service. TAIPEI, Formosa (AP) — Finance Minister C. K. Yen was named premier of Nationalist China today, replacing Vice President Chen Cheng. Chen, generally regarded as President Chiang Kai-shek's political heir, resigned Tuesday. Ill health was the announced reason, but informed sources said he was irked because Chiang made several military and civil appointments without consulting him. RANGOON, Burma. (AP) ~- iBurma's military government has ordered a third university closed becauso ot the spread of student rioting. Mandalay University was shut down Tuesday, Moulmein University Monday night and Rangoon University Saturday. More than 10,000 students have been affected and 114 have been ar- restel. PHNOM PENH, Cambodia. (AP) — The Cambodian government banned the American news magazines Time and Newsweek today, charging they had committed "critical acts of injury against the Cambodian government." The announcement did not specify which stories in the two magazines were considered objectionable. But presumably the ban Btemmed from the coverage of the rejection of U.S. aid by Cambodia's ruler, Piinco Norolom Sihanouk, on Nov. 18. Announcing JIM FITZPATRICK Is Now The Owner Of DON DEMENT'S TEXACO SERVICE 1th and Broadway Dial 242-0982 GET ACQUAINTED SPECIAL FREE CAN TEXACO WINDSHIELD SPRAY DE-ICER With Purchase of Oil Chang* and Marfak lube This Offer Expires Saturday, December 7,1963 * EXPERT TUNE-UP, BRAKE SERVICE, MINOR REPAIRS * FREE PICKUP AND DELIVERY * YOUR BUSINESS IS GREATLY APPRECIATED FITZPATRICK 11th and Broadway Mt. Vernon, lllnio,, SERVICE Dial 242-9826

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