The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 15, 1927 · Page 4
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 15, 1927
Page 4
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TAGBFOUR lOLA DAI 1^ REGISTER CHA,$. FJ 8COTT ^tered «t-' thje .< • Second Valephone ... , (Private Brai.cii All Depaliftmenla) Official Paperi Officiai Papeij Official PapeH ibla 'osto Oaps Ml ttcr. 1 r ' 'ostofflce 18 Exbhqnfie' ConnectlDK Ciiir of tola.: City ofmtMtt. Al en County. . SUBSCR^PTiON RATES. ! •itiy Carrier In lila. Gas City. LaHarpe Bisselt. ........15 Centa 70 Cent* 17.80 BK MAIL Allen County $5.01) .12.50 . W-BO ten County .A 14.00 ...»2.00 ; $1.26 ; 600 an^ One Week One Month One Tea|: ...J > ^ Outildej one Teal- Blx Monthx Three Mjunlha I In Al Onn Toar .... Six Muiitlm .. • Three Moiithn One Month .. Member of— National Edltbrlal Atwelatlon. Kaniar Press The Kansas I Audit Bureau Press Con Inland Da The Kansas Dally Leaoue. - - - - ijfji • The Rp<cl»ter .PrMW rcjHtrt 1>; Thp Anxorlnted tn. All rlKht.s o ,clal dlBpHlches h I V PII^H TUSH POOH! Ill's Business Magazine: lis a habit in some sejctlons. Natid It a habit even o headi a bank corner of Wall Association, tally Leaoue. of Circulation.. I, of tHe<~World. iPress Association. Press' Conjiresji, of tif e<~World. MEIMBER ASiiSOCIATED PRESS. :arrluN llic AnMuciiitim tpcrlnl ir-iidPil wire. »res« in oxcluKlvely en- titlpd to the ufB for rcpul)llcatlon of Bii news illKpatei^s crcdil«?d to It or hot olhiTWIsp ri^ditPd In thin paper. •And also tlic loo il newn puhiishod here- republlcatloii n( ape- trein arc nine r^-scrved. Bxhlc Tim some chamlers of commerce, to Renounce- "bif busi- ness'f as the et emy of the firmer; to say that bar lis and manufacturers a!nd all tho e who make up the world of busfnesa chucKle with glee I as the fij'''"^'"'^ profits disappear. A jbusiness ijian. wheth« on the wit Street or'se! and stick i candy on pies Btreei, would bn not li kna r jie kcdent Ik ap- Main •0 IVuf what in sonietimpM wnrHn t inn a iknav(t —H fool -If hojlid not jtnow that ;jfarni proBpi-rity Hpells •] prosperity for hlnii niMd. HoW Alfred I'. Sloan,-Jr., ofiCen- cial Motors, who hcIIh the I armor autoniol >l)nH of all kIzph. fr)in a Chevrolet to n ('tidlllnc. .niii «it liato to seji K prospprouH farmer! Owen U. Young, of General trie, hiUHt grlovo at the sight elcclijic-liKhled farm house! C.jM. Woollcy. of American tor, must shudder at the idel ght for Today. Go lye (lierelore, and make dis- ciplcsl of all thje nations.—Matthew 28:19: "IT IS ^•0 >Thc Senate a,'lr(^ady had passed a |)ill \e,ry sligh'tly ly modifying t lej modification thjati approval of so of the primar; White. There and conservative^ primary lawC a had the entire jut^wavering a friend hs William Allen jwas everjr expecti- ; tipn that the House would' also j pass the bill. the vote was to have been taken ; in the House ; came out with front page "BdO.!"-^and the stufit jiiny chaiige in ; law was based LAUGH." farmer having a central heating apparatus! And how firmly fixed is.the idea of General J. G Harbord, jof the Radio Corporal on of America, that the radio shoQid be confined to our urban population! Business, big or little, the memy of agriculture! When the next farm agitator a.scrlbes sipisl<;r motives to a man who not agree with TUs parti'culai of relief—oh, say to him, and nonsense." •THE lOtiA DAILY REGISTER. TUESDAY, EVENING. SAP'S STARTIN' TO RUN AT T-AST. IjIARCH 15. 1927. How Bloc- of an How Iladia- 11 ;of a docs form 'stuff But the day before he Topeka Capital a double column th_e knowledges that publications Jwould is^of the people all ho^ might haVe the 5 fi)r the bill only e ible to pluck up to :Stand and be irtjpf it was was off! With aH the Capper brand as eneml , the members temerity fo vot 17 members we couragfj - enotiBl| counfcdL And the funijiy this:. The Capikal's protest against he ijresent primary chiefly upon the assertion that the "political fixei-s, ; who usually hive axe.s to grind" were opposed tp the law! -It would have been Intel esting tp have seen : the handsome face of dhltrlie Ses' • sions ^wheh he 'vrote that; sentence, ; for it certainly would li^.ive been wreathed in a smile, i And the 1 smile would haije been due to the knowledge that it was written ex• ; clusively in the interest of the best littleipolitical fixer who ever came ' down' the Kant as pii^e, and who needs, and uses the primal? in his axe-grindinfe pr)ces8 as 2 no, old time convention manipulator ' ever needed or used the convention. It ;is all right, of course, for a man who is secure in tl^ control of free publicity which makes hiin invul- nerablp in a pri nary, to be for the primary: but tc represent him as supporting the pHmary because "politiral ifixers' might manipulate ^ conventfpn—weil, as our .French iTriends, with th« ir peculiar felicity in the clipice of words so deftly . Inbserve. "It is I > laugh!" pel those who wanted to knock around Jr l.\ THK DAY'S NKWSf Eighty-eight years 'old toe ay is J^dward Paji.s^n Weston, wlM ie astonishing fea^s in pedestri iuisih aroused the sporting enthusiasm of our ifathers. In the misfottunes which have ojvertaken him in old age.,Mr. Westbn has been aidid by a generous public which will ever remember hinj as the great American apostle oif walking. In his active l<iareer. 1 extending. <|v( r a period :of morei than, sixty years, he performed maiiy wonderful fci ts in long-distance walking, tiieel j and toe contests w^ere his early years; wh the specialty of en such [contests were 'much in vof]:|ie on both sides of the Atlantic; llater he! tot k up long-distance ' ' pejle^trian sm his feats in this line 'intludiijg ^valks •from coast to coasl in record In tho past few ycarji walkin shown signs of coming "back popular favor and in time it again! arouse the same degree enthultiasni that it did when wrd Payson Weston was prime. time, has into nfay of Sd- liis pri fid ill \\\ School Bells Ring f07^Dry Ageitts —They Will Learn to Respect Homes and Get the Highei^- Vps ralling^tt6nti>n to ibe fapt that^ Dictator 'Mussoiint rehises pass-: ports to ^alfaoiiwhajwunt'to go flierely oil p^eastixe tii^b to Switzerland or Prat ce, Will Rogers points out the enormous results that would foIU w if President Coolidge could keep aill Americans out of Europe ro|r a year and corn- travel to their ojwn country. In tlie firdt place! America jftould have aboist the niost prosperous year in is history, and in ^lie second plac< Europe would Ijiave to find somi body be«!dcji Am- (iriran tourists tn! laugh ;nt.4-jo the turie of a loss.of dollars. abaujt'^dO nlilllon i Senator King. Democrat, of L'tiih, who has been making a great row In the Senate because .Vnielicari marines are retained in Hailij, announced his intention of vis^iting that little country during the vacation. Whereupon the President of Haiti gave out a polite hut firm announcement that the Senator would be regarded as an undesirable visitor and would not ht allowed to land. The episode doubtless is embarrassing to Senator King, but the logic of his own attitude leaves him no ground for protest or appeal. iHe has been attacking thp Administration on the score thaO we 'should get out of Haiti and give the.authorities there a free hand. The -autliorities apparently have a free hand so far as Mr. King is concerned and it has been used io give him a stiff bjff on the chin. • . . i The Wichita Eagle reports that thousands of acres'of new land| are being plowed jUp in Western Kansas this spring. Doubtless ii ; is being done in order that the (jwn- in :l or ex- hat i The cHmpalgn Vare-Beidleirinn which won in the primary, gives ou w-hich' he asserts campaign luid i cpailfion Was exp [liaiiagcr of tl>e coalition ticket ast Pennsylvania a statement in jtha! the $649,000 •.hcd for that |?iided on behalf of .S.Otlil cundidatts, not of Vare aiono. and that e r'ery dollar of it was, honestly expe ided and honest!>• arcounted'for. He insists that mere money coul I not have been responsible fpr the nomination of Vare since Sen; tor Peffer.- in whose behalf a ni was spent, was not successful. The statement may not be true and it may not be conv entitled to go int what it is worth. Charlie Finch: [uch larger sum ers of the land may gamble wheat. There is no law of Go< man that warrants anybody in pecting It crop of anything in section -except at long Intervals rwlien thfre is a freak winter or ah unusual s|)rlni^. Once In ^our or five years perhaps when thcTe is an unusual, amount of precipitation between tho first of.October and the first of May a crop of wheat may be grown. And dur ng the four or five years of interviils. when there is no crop, the "farmers" cuss the Government and demand "relief." There ought to a law against il! »Y KonxKV dit<-;hek .\EA Service Writer Washington, Mar. 1:").—Picked prohibition ugents are jgoihg to school here' — with classrooms, teachers, desks, blackboards, ink wells and everything. They're being taught good manners, with special empliasis on the constitutional sanctity of the home —though the hPme be au humble one. J They're being taught, too. to get the "higher-ups" in big liquor- feaklng and liquor-selling conspiracies. / Ge'neral Lincoln C. Andreivs and his aids started the school. Andrews wants its graduates to rale 111(1 per cent in both capability ijnd gentlemanliness. ^ ' Tho students arc being scliooled particularly to avoid all highhanded and illegal tactics of which prohibition officers have been accused in the past. Harsher Punlsiinienl. Looking to more adequate punishment for the "big boys" behind liquor-vending plots, the school will endeavor to turn out experts at 'both legal and scientific inquiries having to do with such cases. With its first semester jijst opened, the Prohibition inspector's school will have 30 dtudents fcr, each period of three weekis. During the next eight or niiie months. 300 men probably 7*'ill be trained. . • The cliief of the Training Division, as this school is officially designated, is Webster Spates, a. la.wyer with seven years' experience in the attorney general's office, six years' private practice iii Miami, Fla.. ahd now legal adviser to Colonel James C. Waddell, su^- erylKor of alcohol and brewerjr control. meet circumstances land emergencies and how to conuuct one's self on the witness stand. 6—Authority> and -general duct-of officers in tl)e field. ;: Nothing like this |has been attempted before. The students will spend six hours a: diijy in the classroom and probably will have to do homework-; j "We don't want t|) deprive anyone of his constitutional rights," says Spates in speaking of the ethical part of thfe curriculum. "We wapt them t) be a credit rather than a reflection on us. In the past, men sometimes have been hired and put in the field without any idea Just what wjais expecte<l of them. Now they wijl know." ! Sean-li ^'iiniiiit>. i.Many peopli? mliy be Interesled to hear that the ' prohibition offl- ciirs will be taught tju-y nsust have alsoiirch warriiiit in every be- i'ore raiding ij private' home. To get warrants. [ they will be instructed thai "probable cause" for srarch must be tjstablishod be- fr )re a federal Judgf' or commissioner. In other w( rds. presumi)- tive proof (if a vicjiatioii of law must, lie ailvauced. | There must l)e rea .Son .nble ground to iielieve. a crime ps being coni^ niilteil liefore any place wliatever is raided without a ! warrant. Use of their noses may be one subject for instruction of the inspector.-*. as the coijrts have hc-ld prohibition agents liijay act cn other senses than that pf sight. bu !ht here I ver the I 1 e taught bs of aicci- Vebs-ter Spctes* Uolonel .liiines U. WaddcIl cnn- reired the Idea of a schnnl I 'lii^ ]in>. hibltiuii agents. Webster Siwli-s Is Its headmaster. Ideii .^lji> ,Spre:ld .S (li (i )liii.!;| :\viH be ec|niiuo(I^jfor the i>resenlj to •\Vaddel)'s alcohol :in'l brewer.v division, wh ch hau- i (lies perhaps the. two in )st iiii- I pert.lilt phases of iirohib lion- en• -j iprcerneiit. il>:tler • the icie: of c'llu- ^ li.iiiii; prohlbilioii agent^ Jjrobably •wiM spread. ' liispi'ctors will bo hv Ii -r ichooHng from al^ liiiteil Stales. They wi pijucipaliy the intricaci licil and brewery supetjvidion. but nlll !)(• tutored ill ull-rc|uiijd prolii- I)iiioi! work; also. 'i"hey will be taught jto conduct raids wltli p:>lish and piisi'. The faculty, selected b* Spal,es and Waddell. coiupriseii ilieibest e\iie.'-i:s under (ieneral .• .iidrews. who ai>proved the sc ho il after ("ofonol Waddefl had coiicfived the idea. The? "professors' \\\\ Icm- lUre and otherwise fu iction as might a college instructc r \n muthT emallc* or Greek dram: Jii'.-ideiitally. there will I be ex- .itiiiiiation*. ' The .schooling; is in no way a selective pr )cess. but new ageiits: will be uiidtjr close .scrutiny, of course, and it any bad egg.-i find their way iul they are likely to lie'eliminated, j | "The idea; of this' sc^ocil." said Mcridmas.ier Spates, "is first: to pror nic;le efficiency and. sj-ct raise the standarct of the nel. so that |we may .coram ic pect (if the public b.4 t ilmt of cmr officers.' What They 'll Learn The course, he explainei|,. is , ili- videi! as f(>llpws: 1—Herniations govern hill plants and breweries 2 Si>arch ialid seizure.-j: get warrant.'* iind bow t|r> ihein so thf law will be cifc^rced in | u li'wfiil manner. I .'!—Consiplracies: ivh.i ficiinspiracfes and how to iJK.ite and pet the evidence |j I —Klentenl.s of evidence: •get evidence land how to s xn proiier form. ' , .".—General iinvcstigatioi): NORTH WISE (.Mrs. .Mclviiiney.! -March 11.—This kvas a busy week for. everyone.! Tliose who were not .sowing oals were threslf- ing. moving and all jotlier kind of work, but this liltlej rain has delayed ili(> whole works. Wiir Grieve has tieen Iireaking a young horse to w^rk. Lloyd Weathermai; hauled corn Uy .Mr. Ballard's last week. .-Vvra Wilmotli is (iriviiig tlic milk truck ou this route-l Mr. .McKinney helped .lock Bab- coi 'k and Harry Km'ith with their ilireshing this week. Alvin Gregg haul -d fei -d' rnuii his father's place Monday, A family from -N'^bnisku moved I i )ii the Hockett place, vacated by (Jay Hencirix. We welcome thcui to our coniniunity. i 'I'he National Baiikj iieopic of La- Harpe has a man •'| painting the' buildings on th(!ir farm- whicii will add much to liie lojuks of things around j here. i .Mr. and .Mrs. Ualiard attended church in Colony Sunday morning. .Mr. and .Mrs!; Klvijin .Vickies of Giiriieit and .Mrs. Dii-k Culler and' Wendell were Sunday visitors at the parental and j grandparents home. I Maria Cmiden and| little daughter. Darleue are here fur a visit \vith her mother. Mrs. Zau Ballard and Mr. Ballard. .Mr and .Mrs. V. iJ. Thomas and Evelyn and George of Diamond were' Sunday afternoon callers at the -McKinnev home. .Mrs. Will Hrieve H able to lie at her general housewcirk again. -Mr. and Mrs. .Iimj|l{yan were in Colony Saturday aflitrn -oon. CROSS CURRENTS (A. C. S.i Alloyed blis.s described as a five min'ute kiss witii a lieau- tiful girl to the accomiitiniuient of the: tick-tick of a laximeler. . Today's headline yliiril nc v.r see: SI.N'CLAIRJ LK\\IS i;il-:.S'l' of: lIO.NOIt .\T' MiMSTKKIAI, ASSOCIATH)N BA.NQl'l'"!'. ^; » * • • I Luck Is a beautiful and independent maiden.'fav'oring llidse . wlio seek her least, and niiiniiiK :iw:i.v from those who would eiiil.n :(>'t' her. ; • ;»».• KU'iy iiiarrifc'l niaii kii 'iw:; \\hM \ complele relaxation nnd pi 'iu -e , ni(«iin'— wii'i-n (ii(> one-year-old drnii.'^ off to sleip for tiie nielli- FOR INSURANCE Citv and Farm Phone I.U or 820 Rav Investment Co. .11 rs. Philip S.- Kay Wlien the, niilleiiiiiuiii married men will proli;il)Iy ce.'ise j to exiiiain al iiridge parries how j their wives propos.d Io tlnin. j 67 Kilt vol K t 'llWKMKNUE WK Un.lVKR FKKK <xlt .^(nr. • Grandmotlier Knew there was nothing so Rood ior c(>!ii;os- ] tion and colds as mus'ar.-i. Hut ti'ooifir i fasilioned mustard plabtc.r L(ur;K'd and i blistered. ! Musterole gives the reJicf md hrip j that; mustard plasters Rave, wichout tlic; plaster and without tlie bii^t-tr. Id is a clean, white irnde i witHloil of mustard. C' i-.h it in. • See how quickly the p-in d:-='ipp"'irs. • Try Musterole for s:;r'; t:ir<.:i!. bron- i chitiis, tonsillitis, cmitp. ctiff neck, j astlrma.neuralgia, headache.congestion, 'i pleurisy, rheumati-m, l'.:ml)n'.;:». ji::ins ' and'aches of the back or joints, sprains, ; . sore'musclcs,bnii.';c^, chilhl'iiris. fiTisUfl '; — feet J colds of the chest (it may prcvtiit i ^wj„.,i.i.i\ pneiimonia). | ^^fffg PHONE -65- WIIKX YOl It Licri IS GO 01;T Olv.YOI'>t Pl.UMIU.N'G COi'IH i5.\D If r Electric and Plumbing Co. Tin: i: vi)io .s'roHK Better than a mustard plaster LET JONES DO IT! Jones Electric Works I'HOXK I!>2 on the comer, mmm HARDWARES IMPLEMENTS lOLA-K^J-Ajr J'ince rnsT' "TMiS MERE ^ »4»0iM' OOR PAKi-rs so's MOU WflKJ G»T -TM' -TOWEL FUST ».S AGrO»N -fOH St&P RKSHT NOW? :PAMTS -li ^iS IS OME. MAWMIV4'VOO" Gr \T-r »A' MERMAIDS POWDER Puff WET FipqR SACV^J vfOb WASH JFlRSr AFTt-R; us * PANVTS? be ncing; but it is the record for "I can not see aijiy excuse a pert on can have for keeping a dog in town," an indignant lady remarki d the other day in| ray hearing. Npw I kept a dog years, and yet I [ never found inl town for many afiree with the ladi^. an excuH? for It, Th<> posthumous, ex post facto, post-ihortem. de functus issues of. the Congressional Record continue to make their appearance at odd intervals, loaded with "leave to print"^ !?peeches which will ne\ er be read by anybody but the pri it­ ers and pi^pof readers. The Con-- gressional Record Is the liter^rjt snake that continues to wriggle |ia| a life-like manner long after it: is- dead. The reviewer of "Elmer Gantry" .who said that Sinclair Lewis, who wrote the book, had fairly earned for himself the Utle of the Falty Arbuckle of literature, seems itb hare s.ifd about th? last w.-rd. <St »-r AW /W FROM 1(4 \ FROKiT O* HIM STlFp^ • . > I'm AGoiM -r'MAwe. a MOOKiTlNlS Wl -n^ l-\iM ! \F HE^OOMT COO&HUP PAKTsy iid. to per.son- imd the le con­ ns alco- j ; iI\ow to lexecute makes investi- o 1 them, hriw to bmit il Hbel is a written | faniatory statement spoken one. >r jirinted de- slander a That Baby YoiiVe Longed JFor yivi. Kiirlon Advise^ Women on .notlierhnnd and ('6ni|ianionshi]i. ~"'K«»r si-A'*T;iI .M-;tI< I Iil*'S.-:inic <.f niotli.'i'iio'Hl >I;*i'K.'tt»'I F:iirt<«ii. "f l\ w;ts iffiiM'.' M,-r\MU-: ; ..: i .i'iil.).- sT.ff. :tll»'llt,li;i. Xi»W I til "f a li.'.'iiilifiil lilil" il trill* e«itllp.iltt<.|l ;ltl<( iIl^|•t(';tttnIt hiislKiiHl. I l»..|i..\'i. hiir w«'ii>»'»i wttiiM !ik.- t<t k • if tii.v li.ii.i.iii'-ls. .111.1 \ \.'':il it I't :inv ni:itl'i*-«l will writ.- it:'^.'" .Mrs. Iwr ;t<l\ ire *.(ii ii \\ Sli." ti;ts '.L.thiii;: 1.. s.-ll I..-| I.. .Mis. .M; '.'iv:'Illlsi-lts l<:i ('<,rT'*'s|i(iii(|i.Mi-f will h" ilelltilll. how to i;. It. ninVI .I .S. cashier IIIOS. H. ItOWI.r.s; i 'rcNident %llen Goiinty State Bank j ' lOI.A, KANSAS KNlablislied a (Jiiartcr of a t 'enliiry Capital Stock ... .\........ . 3 (),()()().()d Surplus and Undiv. Profits ... ir>(),000.(M) Deposits 1,000,000.00 IXTKKKST I'AIH ON TIMK BKIMlsnS SAKKTV OKI'ttSIT IMIXKS FOR KKN'l !iv:.s th' wiil.'s .Mrs ns;i.s Cii.v. -I imI siilij.-ft 't rirj;i :in<l in«'l- [•r.iii.l ni"ili-r lIKllI'T .'111.1 M in\ li-ed" i .r .ith mw III-' sr.|'..| will kIikIIv 1.- woniaii wh'» Miirioii ofin llioiii I'liiii'Ki l..'ti.'is shoiiM i'Kiii'i-t Hurt.ill. isiis City. Mo. stt'ietl.v 'e'liiili- Insomnia (Waktfulniess) stomach invariably cause insomnia and 'nervoushes.<!. If you cannot .sleep a; get up and tal^e a spoonful of Wils(>n's S cdy and wash it down |«BLO.s.mT.eiV.-, BOT -TfAERS SoMPWiVl' WEfJfeR-tttAM WATfe ? MES, VSJEttER .Ti ^AM WATfeR , B\f TwiCE.. WO'Rc. MdRE.-lHWM vMET WHEKI ^JH GRftE; 1 f BvjfMUA OpESi VOF^E EWeS WTJH A HOVyL vuH vviPED. Bar vo're wefjfeR ih\Ai4 tSJeR WV «>4 ^Re QW.-tW -OLiAWAJ6»^l«»^ of water. This will sbon counteract the acid condition ach HJiat causes wakefulness. STOMACH REMEDY : you should, leaping,-tea- omach Rem- .with a glass ,of the stom- For sale by Brown's Cook's Drug Store, Store. Drug Store, Fry's Drug I.. K. IIORVILI.K. 4 're'.i(IenJ V. O. 15i:NSt»\. Cashier .1. W. BKCK, Vire-I'residenl i:. I). LAM». Asst. Cashier JIAKKY SIIIVi;tV. Asst. ( iishier lOLA STATE BANK WE I'AY I.NTKKKST O.N TF.AIi: I)i:i'OSFTS Capital Stock ...... i......... i?50,000.00 ;Surplus ..: .i^A00O.0O Civil War Ifeteran Praises TsiolaG After Surprising Reeo\ery Front IndiceslionandAilmfMsCtuued ^. Kuti'Down Condition, W. R. Clark Wants Everyondto Know AbinitTanlac. W. R. Clarfc, liv, •' ing at 1024 North / Price Street, June- - tion City, Kailsas. : > says: "For being an . old soldier of the ' Civil War days, I could not wish for better Jiealth or more pep. Vfhen I began taking Tan- lac I had giveii up hope of recovering my lost health. From mom njg till night I suffered tormenting pain. I^digtetion made i t almoet impossible f (!ir ine to eat. I hadnoeneigyand was woin out completely. I could not gain I an inch= of groimdiumyupbillfightforgCKidhealth. "Soon after taking Tanlac, however, my appetite increased and 1 was able to digest mv food- My enerpy returned and I no longer felt run-down. ."I have never found a medicine in all my life like Tanlac," says Mr. Clark, "for it baslresiored my health." Tattlac^made from roota; barics and herbs, relieves constiptttion, and helps build .strehgth. gbod faealtlL Take this wonidBrtoiiio ua remedy. Ail your dnigid^t 'sli L1 ; . * VOll EVERY OFFICE FOR EVEJtY HOME 0 ' The automatic pencil sharjjenci' i.s a convenience now found in cvci-y nioilern office andjn thousand.s of up-to-date private h6mes. With the Chicago 'Shai-jicncr j ^elling at only a dollar-^no one need tlcny him.solf the pleasure and satisfaction of this modern convenience. Phone 18 and we wall deliver one to yf)ur Store^or home. i OFFICE SUPPLY DEPARTMEST i THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER / i "Everything for the Modern \ Office"

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