The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 16, 1949 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 16, 1949
Page 12
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WEDNESDAY, MARCH IS, 1949 BLSTHRVILLK <ARKO COURIER NEWS 1 PAGE THlKTEEW: !>UT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj» Hoople EGfcD JASOrt.' THAT OOKJFOUhJD soup-f?ePeLLEWT SLIGHTING MV LIPE — 1MG MV MEMOIRS.' — LETS XJlSPOSfr OP THE- KffWW t»MOT, MtSTAH MA3DR tHAT VJ6ST LOOK IDEAL FOR etx R 06 E&PEL. HUMftKJ BIRDS FOAATH' , CAMOKi 6F Trt 6V SE&&THAT 8(G CHEST LOOMIM" OP AT MOT ATHING--HES &O ABSENT-MINPED HE PUT HIS WROJG FOOT INTH' STIRRUF? BUT HE'S SLICK EWCU&H TO TALK IT DOWN, SO CLOSE MOW. IT FAY TO &IT Political Announcements Subject to Municipal Election April 5, 1949 For Mayor DOYLE HENDERSON E. B. JACKSON For Alderman First Ward RALEIGH SYLVESTER JIMMIE SANDERS Second Ward WALTER 0. GATES J. W. ADAMS Third Ward JENNINGS BAILEY LOUIS G. NASH By Bob W«te and Bill Miller QUEEH ^^^rfa h. M W«fc ••* M u*u> © k, M *•*• .* M U*«, MIA MIVICI, IMC Fourth Ward (Two to be Elected) J. WILSON HENRY LESLIE MOORE We know watches EXPERT Watch repair TUB STORY. Job. Rrvr? ••! 5I*i C'onoTer, vacftllonlBK !• Ikt desert, arc rBtKHjclrd 1» • Murder iHTolvlB* the "Qneen." mm. IHth On lory Syaalah Ireanarr irallcam. which ••Ilcd ap the flooded Colo- rfi>lt«r by ike M*rd tr vlellM Johnny. Sin'* trick w*n*r7 r (nln» tit rue direr iloMt ••£ Johm oft>r» tkrm i* fl«rael«m. who holding the ComoTerv prlMBtr, Sl» l» relented. R»r»el«v affrer bat Hfter Sin U r+lratrrf JftknMf •incved mm h« trl*» t* ••«*•*. XXVI11 JOHN HENRY moaned and ** opened his eyes. Gray light, like a shower of pins, slabbed them and he shut them again. A slow fire was baking one side of his face; the other was ice-cold. "Johnny, Johnnyl" he could hear Sin's voice near him. "Darling— please wake up—oh, please—* "Oh, darling!" Sin breathed from somewhere in back of him "Thank God! I was so scared—' His head began to clear. They groaning en route. Then he wormed around to look at his wife. Sin had been similarly hobbled. Her red hair wai mussed nnd her bright eyes had obviously held recent tears. * • • • J OHN HENRY groped for memory. "Sin—what are you dang here? Why aren't you in I3raw- ey?" Your poor head, honey!" Sin xclaimed, ignoring the question, er eyes fixed on the lump which tiowed through the matted brown air. "Never mind me,™ he com- n a tided. "Just tell me what all lappened." Sin obedietilly repeated the gib- ng explanations she had gotten rom Vernon when he had add« John Henry to the basemen >rison. Vernon claimed the Con overs hadn't fooled him at all When they had turned the Mer cury toward Barselou's ranch, Bill why couKInt It have been thai bartender of Uut'selou's?" "Why'd they let you go then, honey?" "I didn't have anything, Barselou still wasn't sure we were the right people," said John Henry, "All that happened before yon got caught with Bnrselou's maps. That put a clincher on our guilt." "But we didn't know anything," n protested. FRECKLES 4 HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BL098BE Who Go«« Ther«T "Don't let your mother tell you how much money I used to spend on dates—she was always glad to be with me without going anywherel" too urns DARLIN6J LAST /COME TO PAPA If PRISCILLA'SI'OP This World By AL VERMBBR All Work Guaranteed Reasonable Prices DHEIFUS Meet DreiFiis . . . Wear Diamnnds :iiiLA\r.!ii \i\i\ ST. ITQKIf I t KTTHEVItU UID STABBS BROS. REFRIGERATION SERVICE A ELECTRIC WIRING Lawrence Stabbm J. B. Slabbs PHONE 2559 Day or 'Night 2018 W««t Aih Street were in some sort of dim vaul under a low ceiling. Cardboar< boxes of all sizes were stacker against the opposite wall. Down the center of the room ran a row of wooden pillars and, at eye-1 eve above the cartons, were three sma grimy windows. John Henry de cidecl this must be the cellar unde the Bar C Ranch. "What'i happened?" b« man aged. "How's your head, honey?" John Henry moved it gingerly to and fro.' "Holy cow!" he complained. "What/a headachel" "Try to sit up. Maybe you'll fee! better." ' He discovered when he tried it that his arms were asleep. They were bound in back of him. His legs, too, felt numb and a moment's careful focusing showed him his ankles had been tied together and then his legs doubled back. A rope connected his wrists with his ankles. He wriggled to a sitting position. iad just saved him the trouble o an open fight The bellboy had fol lowed them quietly and listener outside the casino door. When Si came out, he had shoved a gu into her spine and • cloth ove her mouth. A few minutes late she had been left, trussed, in Ui cellar — where she had been ever since. Vernon had' then driven Faye Jordan's coup* around th drive and s short distance down the road to persuade John Henry that Sin had actually left The story didn't help Joh Henry's head at all. He sighed "I should*' .have left Faye Jordan alone," he admitted gloomily. Sin didn't argue about this. John Henry wriggled around a bit and whistled a noiseless tune between his teeth. "But 1 don't think Faye knows anything about this ship business," he added suddenly. "Well, then who was it that put something in your drink and searched you?" Sin demanded. "1 thought it was Faye, all right E had the route to the ship— that's enough evidence tor m," John Henry replied. "H just ocs to prove that there's some- ody else mixed up in this race for he Queen, all right." "Mr. and Mrs. Jonee?" "Sure, Sin. I don't know whore oboltom fits in but he thinks ve're the Joneses. Barselou thinks •c're the Joneses, Anglin was ooking for them when he stum- Died into our cottage by mistake.*" ohn Henry's voice took on ex- Hement. "Thai's it, Sin. There re two sides. Barselou on one and he Joneses on the other. Anglin was playing on both teams and lidn't score anywhere. Barselou lidn't kill him. So who did?" 'You want me to say the onesos." "Uh-huh. So the next big question is the Joneses. This is damned mportant, baby. Are they man and wife or a team of acrobats or what?" He stopped. A scratching noise came from one of the high windows in the cellar wall across from them. Sin gulped a couple of times and whispered, "What to it, honey?" John Henry shushed her gently and k^epl watching the ground- level on the other side of the basement, It was being shoved nrmly from the outside. H stuck for a moment, then screeched inward and up* JUST THINK/ TOMORROW I 1 PRISOLL/VS BIRTHDAY/ IT 5EEKV3 THAT ONLV YESTERDAY 5HE WAS TINY &ABY.' REMEMBER HOW HRILLED AND HAPPY I WAS WHEN SHE FltfST 5AID "DADDY"? VIC FLINT Unexpected Help Hy MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANE ward. Crouched on the window slH, peering in at them curiously, was an animal. Behind a malevolen^ head with pointed ears, the creature's body filled the window. Its si?:e made it impossible for the huge beast to be what it was. A gigantfc black cat. (To B* Con tinned) Devon* eitoff tut) root! Aee YOU TKYINSTOGET US ROTH SENT TO HURRY UP/ FU5H WILL THW>W DOTTY STMH6 OUT THE TORTHOLE AND I'll BE CHARGED AS AN ACCESSORY / NICE TO HAVE YOU ON THE 6IOE Of TWf ANGUS, JAY FEATHERS. WASH TUBBS Cathy IK Hiiro UNCLE EASY ...DO VOU THINK HE MIGHT BE PISAPPOIMTED lilME? SCOTT ALLEY SIGN & NEON SERVICE • Better Signs • Belter Service 808 North Franklin Phone 3203 THE GRAMS COMPANY r\E \LTOI\S Morhi Phone 521 * - lnMiivin« BIYTHIMLLI Phone 30751 COTTON FARMERS Chemically delinted cotlon seed terminate quicker, plant and plow the same week. Reduce chopping expense and produce more cotton per acre. STATE CERTIFIED VARIETIES AVAILABLE D. A P. L. No. 1«, per SO Lb. Bai »10.00 U. & r. L. No. 15, Fer SO I.b. Baf 10.00 stonevillt •; B, Fer 50 Lb. Bat 10 -°° Sloneville I C, Per SO Lb. Bar 10.00 Rowden 41-B. Per 50 Lb. Bag 10.00 Hall It Half (Hibred). Per 50 Lb. Bar. 10.00 ! Colter's 100 Wilt Resistant, Per SO Lb. 8af 10.00 Paula, Per 50 Lh. Bat 1».W Empire, Per 50 Lb. Bat 1 *- 0(1 Come In and place TOUT order or gel tour supnlj today. BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. Phone 856 Blytheville. Ark. Phnnt 837 Branches: Lcachville. Ark.. HorncrsviUc, *Mo. and Senath, Mo. on,ISN'T n EXCITING! Bur IT SOB.T OF FRIGHTENS WMEKI11HIMK Of SEEIUG P600V SO SOON By LESLIE TURNER = 1-1. Dt l^j< -^^r ~~^^^ ^^—. BUGS BUNNY .Stuck for a Stick By FRED HARMAN 1UL so\wwy,Y\EAH, \V BUT I TURN/ TOO BAD 1 HERE !/ />*• A>'K T * VER OOMMN GET AWFUL VVET WITHOUT NO OM8RELLER .' ALLEY OOP Telling It to 7,cl By V. T. HAMLIN TUDEBAKER. America's worst enemy Is WASTE. You're wasting when you buy Inferior, unattractive Venetian blinds, regardless of the prices yon pay. if you want extra quality, extra service and extra-low prices . . . you're looking for the blinds available at DEAL'S PAINT STORE. Drop by, today, and modernise your home this easy way. THt MOONTAIH GOAT IS NOTTB fOt) tTt UN&UPfMSABt.l 5KILL IN MOUNTAIN CLIMB1NG--THUS ELUDING ITS ENtM\E5. ll> PEAL'S fantSbu. Business/tumef 469 10$ fxsr MAIM srmr SlYTHlY/Uf . ARKANSAS Here's Your Truck! m There's a new kind of Operating Economy in every w sixc and whcelbase of the New )!M9 Studchakcr Trucks, Come hy todny nnd look over our complete ^ m line of Mflers. Chamblin Sales Co. "Your Friendly Studclwkcr Dealer" Railroad & Ash I'hone 2105 •S TUDEBAKER 1 NOW WHAT5 ALLEY OOP UP 701 TH DAPiSUM 5ILLY CL(?WN IS FIXIN' T<3 SEIZE TH' LEMIAN BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES ,.,AN THEN ESPOUSE TH' PRINCE5S ZEE •SO LEM'* NEXT K!N<S HE'LL SUKELY BE BUT WU<? A IN T KINS HO McPRE. MY PET.... ITS RSiKASABA. * N ' UPSET: THAT THAT LITTLE HU5SX HAS HIM BEWITCHED... BUT TOilSH OLD KINS WUE CAN TAKE CARE OF THE CISOWN ANGLE.' i\'s I.e.sson By EDGAR MARTIN voo CR\ME DDLS NOT

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