Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on September 2, 1972 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 2, 1972
Page 2
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jVf*.**** f •5^m Alton Evening Telegraph Saturday, September 2, 1972 ?.^^ t ^ Legal steps taken to stop circuit clerk's re-election By JOE MELOSI Telegraph Staff Writer EDWARDSVILLE - Legal steps were taken Friday to .prevent Madison Coun y Circuit Clerk Willard Porieil and scores of his counterparts throughout Ihe state from running for re-election in November. An injunction filed in Sangamon Circuit Court, Springfield, seeks to prevent the stale electoral board from certifying the office for election. The action was filed PS Portell hosted the 100-pin.; member Illinois Association of Court Clerks' annual meeting here. The association, headed by Portell, hired a Peoria-based law firm to seek the restraining order against the electoral board. A hearing on fhe issue is sot for 4 p.m. Tuesday in Springfield, Lyle Allen. .< partner in the law firm. !o'd the Telegraph Allen said there was dou.-.t that an election for the office of circuit clerk would be hrk; legal because the Illinrs General Assembly failed to provide legislation. The 1070 constitution left it up to the legislature to declare the office elective or appointive. Portell told the Telegraph that the legal action was bipartisan in nature and that it was not "political'y- motivated.'' as charged by Irs opponent Lloyd Bentley. Bentley, a Republican, has charged Portell used his influence as head of the circuit clerk association to plug the Freak wind rips trailer, perils 3 trapped children Winds from a huge roaring black cloud ripped off the roof of the mobile home of Mr. and Mrs. Gary Legate of Rte. 109 near Grafton Fiday and for a period trapped three children in a bedroom. The wind was so strong, Mrs. Legate said, she and her husband could not open the door to the room where her three children were in bed. They finally forced the door and Legate had to give his wife a shove to reach her 15- month-pld baby Pammy who couldn't breath, ahe said, and was surrounded by six inches of water. Mrs. Legate's mother next door saw the roof of the home fly offf but, the wind was so strong she couldn't get out her door to give assistance. Mrs. Legate said the wind struck only her home and neighbors weren't even aware until Friday morning of the tragedy. Mrs. Legate from a window of her home was watching the rain when she saw the cloud coming towards her. Seconds later, she said today, the roof of the home had been ripped off and the walls caved in. The couple finally rescued the children and the oldest daughter, Dotlie, 5, complained this morning of a sore arm. A rash has developed all over the baby's body. Neighbors propped up the roof this morning, but rain is leaking through the cracks and soaking everything inside. The walls are all leaning in towards the middle of the home. Alton pilot freed (Continued from Page 1) . against North Vietnam. He was a member of the 432nd Tactical Reconnaissance Wing based at Udorn Air Base in Thailand. Mrs. Chaffer said Mrs. Elias "will be so happy." She said Mrs. Elias talked about her husband "all of the time." "When she learned her husband was a prisoner of war she went to pieces," Mrs. Chaffer said. The Chaffers said they also became close friends of the Elias' only child, Michael, now 3 years old. "He would say, 'Mi- Chaffer, you got any goodies in the icebox?' and would tell me not to tell mama," Chaffer recalled. "But he was a very disciplined child, and at three, had the mind of a 5-year-old," Chaffer added. Roper said his wife's niece went to Lincoln School in Alton and attended Alton High School. Mrs. Roper was not available for comment this morning and Elias's father, who lives in Jacksonville, could not be reached. Mrs- Elias' parents died when she was young, Roper said, and "She and her brother stayed with us about six years. They've got relatives all around." If you fail to receive your Telegraph by 5:30 p.m. phone 465-6641 before 6 p.m. and your copy will be delivered. Alton Evening Telegraph Dally by Alton Telegraph Printing Company PAUL S. COUSLEY Pmldenl, General Manager. STEPHEN A. COUSLEY Editor * AiBlitant to the PublUher. ^UCHARD A. COUSLEY. Vie* President and Clarified Mgr tlENRY H. McADAMS Secretory tad A»»l*tant General M*M«er. MEMBER OF Last July, Mrs. Elias watched photographs and films of American POW's shown on television in an effort to get a glimpse of Major Elias. Her husband had been among American POW's named in a North Vietnamese radio broadcast describing the prisoners being paraded through the streets. At that time, she said her husband would have been due home that week after completing 10 months of his one- year tour when his plane was shot down. She told the Chaffers that she was moving back to Georgia because she and her husband, who once was based there, had many friends there and they liked the area. In Paris, the two U.S. antiwar activists said they personally would escort the prisoners home from Southeast Asia "in a matter of weeks." The North Vietnamese, who last released American prisoners more than three years ago, did not specify when or where they would release the three airmen. It did say they would be turned over to an American antiwar group. ce: By carrier, We ca&o4aj month; VW Open 8 a.m. lo 7 p.m. Sunday & Monday—Labor Day BROADWAY & MAIN PRODUCE MAKKET 2530 E. Broadway, Alum NO. 1 RUSSET POTATOES 20 '1.SO NEW WHITE ONIONS Lb. 59? Wisconsin Sweet Corn 6 L " r « e 39p Freestone Blue PLUMS 4 White Seediest GRAPES 3 Lbb. We Accept Food Coupons loLial loophole and avoid a slowdown at the polls. Portell Friday emphatically denied thai he feared Ben"c.y as an opponent, saying B e n t 1 e y ' s "circus-type ' campaign of wearing Indian garb "is not getting him anywhere." Portell said it was not he who initiated action bu ( a Republican circuit clerk facing reelection in another part of the state. There were five llr-publican circuit clerks on a subcommittee which underto >K research of the project, Portell said. If the legal action is successful in the court, all incumbent circuit clerks would h o 1 d over until some legislation is passed. The county board, however, has the power under the new Labor Day (Continued from Page 1) who will try to keep area residents from adding to the expected highway death tr>15. traffic deaths are expected to total 580 to 680 nationally. Many Alton area post offices are beginning new hours this weekend with the windows staying open until nonn today. Windows will be closed on Sunday and Monday as only special delivery mail will be carried. Only box pick-up will be available at many post offices. Most other area businesses, grocery stores and banks will also close Monday. However many of the area discount stores will observe the holiday by staying open. Labor Day weekend functions at the big fresh water impoundments, Carlyle, and Shelbyville Lakes, will feature camping and fishing as usual. Large crowds of outdoorsmen are expected at both spots. N o additional camping areas have been allotted for the weekend. However, the existing overflow areas will be utilized to try and acc o m o d a t e an anticipated crowd. Reservoir fishery biologist William Frit;;, who also keeps his eye on the camping areas, said that those not getting a campsite Friday will have problems even in the overflow camping areas No special celebrations are scheduled for either of the lakes however. If there's no public camping on the lakes visitors will have to settle f-T the four private campgrounds at Kayesport and the Carlyle areas of Carlyle Lake. 34-HHSEfiWffi ^^^^^^^^* TRUCK TIRE • REPAIR • CALL 462-8623 UADCD'C TOWING nHrCn O SERVICE 601 Pearl St., Alton, 111. UBtfEE SUITS mm DOWNTOWN ALTON,ILL. You're Dollars and Cents Ahead With Our Continuous Compounding! PASSBOOK ACCOUNTS EARN 5°/< INTEREST */ 0 Savings Earn Dividend* I rum Ihe Day ot Deposit! //A Cv % /ItciMf ^afttiat. ™ And Loan Association t PHONE 4W-4483 «0 EAST fHlKD ST. • ALTON constitution to declare the office appointive or electee — and even has the authority to do away with it, a constitutional expert told '.'ic Telegraph. Portell told the Telegraph that it made no difference to him. "one way or the o!h"r," how the court will rule in the legal action. He said he did not want to do to all the trouble of running for reelection and ii successful, winning under v. legal cloud. The law firm taking the court action is seeking a swift decision, before the county clerks arc given the go-ahead by the state electoral boar.I to print ballots for the Nov. 7 election. SIUE graduation indoors Sought I'oliro said they issued arn'sl. orders Friday for Samuel S. Blockton, 47, in flic fatal shooting Thursday of three coworkers at Ui-Stafe Transit S.\s((!in's garage. By DOUG THOMPSON Telegraph Staff Writer E D W A R D S V I L L K Constant rain today sent the. Southern Illinois University at Kdwardsvilln graduation indoors tr. several halls, ballrooms and auditoriums around campus. Linked by a public address system, the widely-scattered 800 summer graduates heard SIUE philosophy instructor George W. Linden call the generation gap "the one world that has been building dangerously for the past few years." Linden delivered his speech in the University Center b a 1 1 r o o m directly to graduating students in that hall and indirectly, via speakers, to other graduating students in the Communications Building theatre, two science building lecture halls and a small group under the tent at the Mississippi River Festival site. Graduation was originally scheduled for the MRF site, but was moved indoors after the rain because the tent could not provide shelter for everyone. No SIUE hall is large enough to accommodate a graduating class and its guests and the group must be split. "Our mothers bore twins," Linden said of the older generation "ourselves and fears. We are bom and nourished on fear. We were afraid of starving, of the Japanese, the Nazis, the Chinese, the Russians. But there is one nice thing about fear. Fear is focal. You know what you fear." Linden said there has always been a generation gap and there always will be one because "the young outlive us." "Such a fact naturally generates resentment in the old and guilt in the young," he said. "Yet the generational world is symptomatic of wider worlds and something dangerous has been building in it the last few years — hatred." Quoting Buddha, Linden said "All we are is the result of our thoughts; all we are composed of is our thoughts. The world we inhabit is in large part a projection of our own minds which we cast upon the shifting screen of circumstance." While the older generations dealt with the twins — themselves and fear; the younger generation deals with more, Linden said. "When you were born your parents had quintuplets — yourself and anxiety. Why are you anxious when we were only fearful? Because the worlds beyond the generational one have been accelerating tremendously. With mass media imploding upon us, we are suffering from future shock," he said. Linden said the .older generation saw airplanes ny. "You graduates see men on the moon, monks burning in your living room. Change itself has changed. Faced with uncertainty, the ego nflates and distorts the world it creates. We suffer from nostalgia for the future," he said. Linden urged the students to relax and deflate their egos. Again quoting Buddha, he noted that the prophet, seeing one of his disciples depressed, said to him, "Remember. . . he who feels puncture must previously have been a bubble." Ouafffy Discount Shopping* Coupons Good Sunday & Monday, Sept. 3 & 4 Only! CLIP YOUR WAY TO EXTRA DISCOUNTS USE LIKE CASH TO SA VE MONEY! WITHOUT COUPONS YOU PAY REGULAR PRICE! VALUABLE COUPONS JM|VALUABLE COUPONS Screen Print PANT SUITS 4 'GLP Bonded Seafarer — Tone on Tone. Step-in Pants, Button Fronts, Tie Fronts. Sizes 10-18. (Coupon Valid Sept. 3 & 4 Only) VALUABLE COUPONS Venus Paradise PENCIL BY NUMBER SET 59 « 'GLP Set Includes 6 Sketches, 6 Artists Color Pencils, and Sharpener. (Coupon Valid Sopt. 3 & 4 Only) VALUABLE COUPONS Mens Bike Brand ATHLETIC SUPPORTER 99* mr & *GLP SPORT DEPT.- -LIMIT 1 Sizes S-M-L. All-Purpose Cotton With 3" Elastic Waistband. (Coupon Volld S»pl. 3 & 4 Only) VALUABLE COUPONS 16 Inch GYM BAG $177 1 I I I I I I I I \ *GLP SPORT DEPT.—LIMIT 1 Heavy Duty Vinyl With Stripe. Water Resistant. (Coupon Valid 344 Only) VALUABLE COUPONS 27x27 Size BED PILLOW S/zes4fo 74 GIRL'S SLEEPWEAR $133 1 "GLP Pajamas and Gowns in 100% Cotton Flannel or 100% Brushed Nylon. (Coupon Valid Sept. 3 & 4 Only) VALUABLE COUPONS 9PairMera/ SHOE RACK 66 'GLP Keeps Closet Floors in Order. Chrome Plated. (Coupon Valid Sopt. 3 1 4 Only) VALUABLE COUPONS All Metal UTILITY BOX $77 1 *GLP 3 Part Cantilever Tray 13" Long, 7" Wide, 5" Deep. Hardware Dept. (Coupon Valid Sopt. 3 & 4 Only) VALUABLE COUPONS Junior Boys Long Sleeve KNIT SHIRTS $ 1 • *GLP Sport Shirt in 77/23 Polyester Cotton. Knit Shirt of 100% Cotton. Sizes 4-7. 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Non- Toxic. (Coupon Valid 344 Only) G.LR Guaranteed Lowest Price on these advertised items during sale or your money back! BELTLINE HICHWAY (at luckmattor Lcmt) ALTON Plonty of Shopping Hours DAILY 10 A.M..9I90 P.M. SUNDAY H A,M,6 P.M. WE HONOR ALL INTERBANK MASTER CHARGE CREDIT CARDS BANK AHERICARO f

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