The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on May 14, 1892 · Page 1
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 1

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 14, 1892
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« P0BU3MD EVERT SA.TUHDAT W. W. B0BDIOK. TERMS: 11.60 For Year, Strictly la Advance. The Bett Aittti'iilng Medium lo rrorh the four north-eastern comities Office Bonlhwett Cornet Lender inil I'll l >-i. ADVERTISING RATES: W. N. BURDICK Editor and Proprietor. INDEPENDENCE OUR POLITICAL CREED; THE OOLDEN RULE OUR MORAL GUIDE. TERMS: $1 .50, IF PAID IN ADVANNCE. VOL. XX. POSTVILLE, IOWA, SATURDAY, MAY H, 1892. NUMBER 8. Tina 1 in. Sin. 4 In. V< col 1 col 1 wee k .... II 00 II SO *s w »l % ». 00 (10 0* t weeles ... 1 60 s r. S " S 75 8 (XI 18 OU 8 week*... i 00 S Oil S OH 7 50 10 On I* 00 t month .. •I .to S o sr. » 3S IS OO 19 00 9 montns. a oo 4 50 0 on II IB ir on a oo Smntttliv. < 00 6 as II 2', 10 00 S' oo Vi 00 1 IllOtltllS.." S Ml 8 01 IS oo 91 00 m on .VI 06 1 10 00 13 00 is a 10 00 45 00 80 00 ltu*lnffts cnnls not exct-e<linit fl»e lin -Mi, f.V \*y grit ndveitls.'Uiritis nt rale*. AdTt»rtl»»> men'* insert".! with no vpcciMc time «ill be , piiitlNhp t tint 1 ntitf rp>l nut niiV rh*rR«d tor ao| coriliiK'ly. All bill* piyabl • qtintterlf. THE NAME OK .JESUS. Bev. T. DoWitt Talmngo Discourses TJpcn a Mighty Subject. * Nnrno Tlint Has l!c<-n Ilnmloil Down Through Klirtitrcn I'ciitui-li-s us dm Embodiment ut All tlint l» Com] mill 1 'uro. In a recent discourse In tin: Brnnlilyn tabernacle Uev. T. DoWitt 'l'tilun»ir«" loolc "The Nnmo of .lesus" for hii- theme. The text was: Tbe namo which (snhovo ovivy H.imo.— Phil- tj >pans li., 0. Paul is here making rapturous and enthusiastic description of the name of. Christ There nre merely worldly names that sometimes thrill you through and through. Such was the namo of Henry (.'lay to a Kcntiicldan, the name of William Wirt to a Virginian, the name of Hanlel Webster toa New Englumlcr. Uy common proverb wo have come to believe that "there is nuthiug in a name," and so parents snmd'uncs at the baptismal altar (five titles to their children, reclilcss of the fact, thsil that title, that name, will he a life-time hin- deranee or a lifetime help. You have no right to (five yourehild a name lacking either in euphony or moral meaning. It is a sin to call a child .lehoia- kirn, or Tiglathpilesei—or by anything that Is disagreeable, ltccausc you have haul an exasperating name, yourself is no reason why you shmild indict it upon your progeny, dinl yet. how often it is that we sec n name full of jarirun rattling down from (feneration to generation, simply because a lone; while ago some one happened to he afflicted with it. Institutions and (Trent enterprises sometimes without Riiilieient deliberation take nomenclature. Mighty destinies have been decided by a name. While we may, by a lung course of Christian bshavior, get over the misfortune of having been baptized with the name of a despot or a cheat, now much better it would have been if we could havo all started life without any such Incumbrance! When Paul, in my text arid in other passages of Scripture, hurst forth in aspirations of admiration for the name of Christ, I want to inquire what are the characteristics of that appellation, "The name which is above every name." In the first place, speaking to yon in regard to the name of Christ, 1 want to tell you it is an easy name. Yon are sometimes introduced to people with long unpronounceable names, and you have to listen cautiously to get the names, and you have to hear them pronounced two or three times before you risk trying to utter them; but within the first two years the little child folds its hands and lonks upward, and says: "Jesus." Can it b:< that in all this church this morning there are representatives of any household where the children are familiar with the names of the father and mother and brother and sister, yet know nothing about "that name which is above every name?" Sometimes you forget the namo of a quite familiar friend, nud yon have to think and think and think before you get It; but can you imagine any freak of Intellect by which you should forget the name of Jesus? That word seems to fit the tongue in every dialect. Down to old nge, when the rolce is tremulous, and uncertain, and indlsticnt, even then this regal word finds potent utterance When an aged father was dying, one of the children came and said: "Father, do you know mo?" and in the delirium of the last sickness ho said: "No, I don't know you," Another child camo and snld: "Father, do you know mo?" "No," ho said, "I don't know yon. Then the village pastor came in and said: "Do you know mo?" Ho said "No, I don't think I Over saw yon Then, Bald tho minister: "Do you know Jesus?" "Oh, yes!" said tho dy- man, "I know Jesus; chief among ten thousand is He, and the one altogether lovely." Yes, for all ages and for all languages, and for all conditions It is on caBy name. Jeans, I lovo Thy charming namo, Tie music to my onrj Fain would I sound tt out BO load That Heaven and earth might bear, Hut I remark further in regard to this namo of Christ that it is a beautiful name. Now you havo noticed that you can not disassociate a namo from the character of tho person who has it. There are some names, for instance, that are repulsive to my ear. Those nameB aro attractive to your car. What is the difference? Why, I happened to know some persons of that name who were cross, or sour, or queer, or unsympathetic, and the persons you havo happened to know of that name wore kind and genial. Since, then, we can not disassociate a name from tho character of tho parson who has tho name, that consideration makes the name of Jesus unspeakably beautiful. I can not'pronounce that name in your presence, but you think of Hethlehem. and Qethsemane and Golgotha, and you see Ills loving faco and you hear His fender voice and you feol Ills gentle touch. As soon as I pronounce His name in your presence you think of .nim who banqueted" with heavenly hjcrorchs, yet who came down and breakfasted on the fish which the ' • . rough men hauled . out of Oonesurot; yon think of Him who, though the . clouds are the dust of Ills feet walked :'. footsore on the raid to Eramaus. I can not speak Ills name in your hear .1.1 —i— v.;,* „„„ ti ,i „i» „I„I,I 'fake all tne glories ot DooKOinac and put them around the page on whicii that name is printed. On Christmas morning wreath it on the wall. Let it drip from harp's string and let It thunder out in organ's disitpason. 8ound it often, sound it well, until every star shall seem to shine it, and every llowcr shall seem to breathe it, and mountain and sea, and day and night, and earth and Heaven acclaim in full chant, "lllcssed be His glorious name forever." "The name which is above every name." Have you ever heard in a Methodist church, during a time of revival, nscore of souls come to tire altar and cry out for mercy under the power of just two lines of glorias old John Wesley? . . . i> - . , _ti uvr>- nil. l'i> lb,- rep' ntiinr to the exhausted invalid I" the Sunday-school girl, to the snow-white octogenarian, ills beautiful. The aged man comes in from a long wall:, and he tremulously opens the door, and he hangs his hat on tho old nail, anil he puts his cane in the usual place, and he lies on his couch, and he says to his children and grandchildren: "My dears, lam going away from yon." And they say: "Why, where are you going grandfather?" "Oh!" he says, "I am going to Jesus;" and so the old man faints awuy into Heaven. And the litttlo child comes in from play and she flings herself iu your lap, and she says, "Mamma, I'm so sick, I'm so very sick;" and you put her to bed, and tile fever is worse and worse, and some midnight, while you arc shaking up the pillow and giving the medicine, she looks up in your face and says: "Mamma, I'm going away from you." You say: "Why, where are you going, spirits in prison, and other (iiottos tc appal the vision with the crucifixion. It will he preserved in the world's literature. There will be other Alexander Popes to write the "Messiah." and other Dr. Youngs to celebrate 11 h triumph, and other Cowpcrs to sing His love. It will he preserved in the world'.' grand and elaborate architecture, and Protestulsm shall yet have its St. Mark's and St. Peters. It shall br pre. served in the world's literature, foi there will he other Pnleys fo write the "Evidence of Christianity." More than all, it will he embalmed in the hearts ol nil the. good of earth, and nil the great ones of Heaven. Shall the emancipated bondman ever forget who set him Irce' Shall the blind man ever forget the Divine physician who gave him sight' Shall the lost nnd wandering ever forget who brought them home? Why, tc make the world forget that narncwoulil be to burn up all the Itibles. and burn down all the churches, and then, in the spiritof universal arson, go through the gate of Heaven and put the torch te all the temples and mansions and palaces, until in an awful conliagration all Heaven went down, anil the people came out to look upon the charred ruins; hut even then they would heat the name of Chriht in the thunder ol falling towers and in the crash nl temple WIIIIH , and see it interwoven into the flying banners of tlame, and the redeemed of Heaven would say: "Let the temples nnd the palaces burn, let them burn; we havo Jesus left." .. .,!,.IIS ...,i :;e tol-evcr." • . ii )!.)• ,.• v. Iii li is above every name." M.v I'ri.-inls. have you made up your niiu<I by what name you will accost rluist when you see Him in Heaven? how, that is n practical question. For you will see Him, child of Uod, just as certain as you sit there and I stand here. my darling'.'" And she says: "I am . going to Jesus." And the red cheek j I! y what " llme havu y° u mnde_up your that vou take to be the mark of the fever turns out to be the carnation bloom of Heaven. Oh? was it not beautiful when a little child heard that her playmate was dying, and she went to the house, and she clambered upon the bed of her dying playmate, and she said to the dying playmate: "Where are you going to?" and the dying gild said:" I'm going to Jesus." Then said .the little girl that was well, as she bent over to give the parting klsa to her dying play- 1 wiu loo,c "P illto if you are going to \ K . ft y= "*Iy Lord, lng this morning, but you think right | • away of the Shining One who restored the centurion's daughtett, and who helped tho blind man to sunlight, and who made the orlpplo'B crutch useless, and who looked down into the laughing eyes of tho babe until it struggled to go to Him; thou, flinging His arms around it, nnd Impressing a kiss upon IU beautiful brow Bald; "Of suah is the kingdom of Heaven." . Oh, beautiful namo, tho name of . - Jesus, which stands for Jove, for pa>-,:. h tlenCjO, ,for self-sacrifice, for roognanl- jolty, for ovci ^u'ii 'iig that is good and < glorious and, tender-and sympathetic i i ,vc; *nd kind) H Is aromnUo with, ull.odors, >P<^ 1 (3 accordant wllj,all ha'vraontes. Sometimes, when I look at that name i-.v «MMqB^CM*t»-lt st^iins^B.if tho letters .t\' '.jfjrQ made of tears, nnd they seem to ssjji &fct; gleaming crowns, Sometimes that K a «»i«it». ^nn. whiah _UQ la v. and then If Oil mate: "Well, then Jesus, give my love to Him." It is a beautiful name, whether on the lips of childhood or on the lips of the old man. When my father was dying the village minister said to him. quoting over his pillow the passage: "This is a faithful saying, anil worthy of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners," and there he stopped. Then my father finished the. quotation by saying, "of wle-m 1 am chief." Hut I remark upain, in regard to this name of Christ, that it is a mighty name. Rothschild is a name mighty in the commercial world. Sillinian is n name mighty in the scientific world, Irving is a name mighty In the literary world, Washington is a namo mighty in the political world, Wellington is n name mighty in the military world; but where In all tho earth is a name so potent to lift, and thrill, and arouse, and rally, and bless, as the name of Jesus! Why, the sound of that one name unhorsed Saul, nnd threw Newton on his face on ship's deck; and that one nauii to-day, while I speak, holds a hundred million souls under omnipotent spoil That name in England to-day means moro than Victoria. In Germany that name to-day means moro than Empcroi William. Oh, mighty name. I have Been a man bound hand nnd foot of tho devil and captive of all evil habits, at the sound of that namo dash down his shackles nnd march out for ever free. I have seen u man overcome of misfortune and trial, every kind ol trouble had he; but at tho sound pi that name tho sea dropped and the clouds parted, and the sunburst of eternal gladness poured upon his soul. 1 hnvo seen a man hardened In infidelity, defiant of Qod, full of jeer and scoff, jacoso of tho judgment day, reckless ol eternity, at the sound of that name blanch, and cower, and groan, and kneel, nnd weep, and repent, and pray, and bollevo, and rejoice, and triumph, Oht it is a mighty name. Under Its power tho last temple of superstition will coma down, and the last Juggernaut of.iniquity will be shattered tc pieces. Tho red horso of carnage, spoken of in apocalyptic vision, - and tlx black horso of death must como back on their haunches; while tho whito horse of viotory goes forth, mounted of him who hath tho moon under His feot, and tho stars of Heaven for HIB tiara. Mighty naraol It will first make the whole earth tremble, and then it will make all tho nations sing. Mighty namel Other dominions Bcem to bo giving way; Franco had to giye up some of hoi fayorito provinces; Spain has lost a great deal of her power", many of the thrones of tho world are being lowered; many of tho scepters of the world are being shortened, but every traet-dls- trlbutor, every Bible printer, every Christian institution' established, spreads abroad tho mighty name ol Christ. It has already been heard under the Chinese wall, and in the Siberian snow castle, and in the Brazilian grove, and In the Eastern pagoda,. That name will swallow up all other names. That croyvn will yet cover up all other crowns. That empire will yet compos* all dominations. ' All Crimea shall cea» and ancient fraud* shall feol, Returning Justice lift aloft bar scale, Peace o'er the'world her olive wand extend, And white-robed Innocence from Heaven de- mind to call Christ when you first meet Ilim in Heaven? Will you call Him "Annointed One," or "Messiah?" or will you take some one of the symbolic terms which you read in your Hible on earth—terms by which Chi ist was designated. Somo day perhaps you will bo wandering among the gardens of Ood on high, the place a-hloom with eternal spring time, infinite luxury of lily and rose and amaranth, nnd perhaps you to the f^ce of Christ and 1 have a right this morning to commend His friendship to all the people. Oh! come Into tho kingdom. Do not say you are too bad. "Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts." "Look unto me, ail ye ends of the earth." How is He going to do—drive you into the kingdom? He will not do it. If you get in at all, it will be because you arc drawn in by His love. What does He say? "Look unto me. all ye ends of the earth." lie was lifted up. What for? To drive? Nol lifted up to draw. Oh! come now, come now into tho kingdom of our Lord Jesus. You have heard of that warrior of ancient times who went into battle against Christ. He hated Christ, and he went into battle lighting Christ; but in the battle he got wounded, lie was struck by the arrow and fell, and ns ho lay with his face up to tile sun, nnd the life-blood oozing away, he put his hand to his heart and toolc a handful of blood from the wound, and held it up towards the sun, and cried out: "O Jesus! thou has conquered." And if to-day, my hearer, struck through by the arrow of Cod's gracious Spirit, you realize the truth of what I have been saying, you would surrender yourself to the Lord who bought yon; vou would say: "I will no longer battle against Christ's mercy. Lord Jesus, thou hast conquered." (ilorious name! I know not what you will do with it; but I will tell you one thing before I stop—I must tell it. 1 will tell you one thing here and now, that I talce liira to bo ray Lord, my Ood, my pardon, my peace, my comfort, my salvation, my Heaven. lllcssed be His glorious name forever. "The namo which is above every name." THE LATEST NEWS. GENERAL NOTHB. thou""art the Rose of Sharon and tho Lilly of the Valley." Some time there will bo n new soul come into Heaven to take its place in the firmament and shine as the stars forever and ever, and the luster of a useful life will shine forth tremulous and beautiful, and you will look up into the face of Christ and say: "My Lord, thou artabrighter star, HieMorningStar, the Star of Jacob, the Star of the Redeemer." Some day yon will be walking among the fountains Hint toss in the sunlight, falling in crash of pearl and amethyst into golden and crystallino urn, and wandering up the round- banked river to the place where the water first tinkles its silver on tho rock, nnd from chalices of love you will bo drinking to honor and everlasting joy, and yon will look up Into tho face of Christ and say: "My Lord, my Lord, Thou art the Fountain of Living Water." Some day you will be wandering among the lambs and sheep of Heaven feeding by the rock, rejoicing in the care of Ilim who brought you out of the wilderness world into the sheepfold, nnd yon will look up into His face, and say: "My Lord, my Lord, Thou art tho Shepherd of the Everlasting Hills." Hut there is another name by which you can call Him. Perhaps that will be M. D. Excel 1 , who hus recently be?n inude mayor of Alliance, Ohio, is only 2.1 yearn of ago an 1 f jur yoira ago wns gnu! ualcd from xchool. But he his already nuide his nimk in Alliance and if he is lho loungest mayor in Ohio is by no means ne rcost JDcapuble. ,wbWh4ty ,'toyi MKI then iia tyjilt' wfli § tho thrones i But I reniark again, taking a step forward in this subjeot, that tho name of Christ is an enduring namo. You got ovor the fence of the graveyard and you pull the weeds back-from the name that has nearly faded frpm the tombstone, and you wish that Walter Bcott't "Old Mortality" would come along and rechlsel it no that you might really find out what the name is, : Why, that was the name of the greatest man in all the town, in all the country, in all the state, now almost faded from the tombstone. And so tho greatest names ot this world either have perished or are perishing. Gregory VI., Sanoho oi Spain, Conrad I. of Germany, Richard I. ol England, Catharine ot Russia, Those pomes were once •mlfthty, an thoy made tho earth tremble, Who care* forthsm mow? x, Nose poor as to do them reverence. Dutt^e^amoof QhrM la, ojjduriw torevertfrtttWUl b^sprfti »rjrej(Wn! tbft»'^'i ;4 n ^ ^ijl'bere tho namo I have not mentioned yet. imaglno that Heaven is not all full. Every throno has Its king. Every harp has Its harper. All the wealth of the universe has coma into Heaven. There is nothing to be added. The song full Tho ranks full. Tho mansions all full Heaven full. The sun will set afire with its splendor the domes of the temple, and burnish tho golden streets Into u blaze, nnd be reflected back from the solid pearl of the. twelve, gates, and it would bo noon in Heaven. Noon on tho river. Noon on tho hills. Noon In tho valley. High noon. And then you look up, gradually accustoming your vision to tho sight, shading your eyes at tho first lost they be extinguished with tho Insufferable splendor, until after awhile you can look upon tho full irradiation, and you will cry out, "My Lord, my Lord, Thou art tho sun that never sets." But at this point I am staggered with the thought that there may bo persons in this house for whom this name has no charms, though it is so easy, though It is so beautiful, though it is so potent, though it is so enduring. Oh! como to day, and see whether there is anything in Christ. ' I challenge you to test with mo this morning whether Qod is good, ana whether Christ is precious, and whether tho Holy Ghost is omnipotent. Come, my brother, challenge you. Come, and wo will kneel nt the altar of mercy. You kneel on one side of tho altar and I will kneel on the.other sldo of tho altar ol mercy, and we will not get up from our knees until our sins aro pardoned and wo are able to ascribe all honor to the name—you pronouncing it and I pro' nouneing it -^'the name which is above every name." His worth If all the nations knew, Sure the whole earth would love Him, too, I prny God Ho may move upon this assemblage now, that we may seo Ilim walking all through these aisles, that the Holy Spirit may spread Ills wings over .this auditory. Now is your time for •Heaven. 0 my friendsl meeting once, perhaps nevor again until the books aro opened, what shall wo say of this morning's servlco? Have I told you the whole truth? Have you listened to the whole truth? Now. is your time for Heaven. Come into the kingdom. If you never had an invl tation before I give it to you now. I do not ask what your sin hits been, or whajt your wandering. That is not pertinent to the'question. Tho only thing is whether you want Christ, Come in tho furthest off, Come, the nearest by, "Where sin abounded grace shall much more abound.*' • Is there in all this august assemblage a man who feels he is too wicked to come? You are mistaken, Come now, "Now is the accepted time now is the day of salvation." iP ye who are young! eomo BOW. U no gloomy religion that, Jj>rea$». win take no lustre from yp»r eys, wlUteUfl/notjolortrpra your ohgok, will' taJw no. spring; Jrom,,,. yp.ur stepi whaH '^WMMT ttb<> ut, t) h.aY,ojfeltthe ep»sokWp» Pt-thhtgrace Jg'Wtm'hWft ,M» wtu * theory? »-,.i ..V -m »' 1 --<'T '1mnw 'nm - itrnYh-m "T ItAllnwA.* C'ONCKN'i'HATlUN OF WFA1T1I. William Astor left at his death n for- luno of 870,000.000. Following Buspic iously close lo tho Eng'.if-h law i f primo geuiture, ho loit aonio 803,000,003 lo his sou, John Jacob. To his three daughters he lelt E2OCO.0CO cash and to lii widow an annual itcoaio of $o00,000. Upon her death this turn also reverts to the for lunate elc'eit son together with the magnificent family residence. Such wills ;. B this ore to be deplored. They are (be mtans of fostering great for lunca, of concentrating tho wtalth of tho world into the hnnda of the few. Young Aster, v.ho now comes into possession oi -ome 8GO,C0O,O0O, • is only about twenty eight years of ago. He has the promise of a lorg life, nnd as bis property is almost wholly invested in icd (state in New York city which is increasing in value at an enormous rate, it is iinpossi hie to give a fair estimate of the magni lude ti the fortune wlieh this Astor, ov.y lho third or fourth removed from the fouu !cr of Hie family millions, may bc> quenth lo his posterity, It if, hcwivcr, (Le policy both of the VimeleibiltB and Asters (0 eccoarago the peipetuity of colossal estates, and in the Innguago ot one of the Vaaderbilts, the public inny, if it doesn't approvo of the policy, be damned. PElt&OMAL POINTS. Attention is called to the fact of tho urtut jncK'Ufie in tho number of women ubtronomcre. None of thpm have thus fur achieved so high a reputation as Maiie Mitt'bil) made fcr herself at Vassar, though the woik of Mhs Rose O'Bulloran in bun Francifco is said to be the most ex cellent. stubbed S itimUy night in New York by J Thcmus Kelly, is dead. His Ur>lher, who was ttaibf-d by Kelly at the same time, is in a critical condition. AN ALMANAC MAKER FIRES AND Ca.SUALTIHa SIXTEKN inches cf snow fell in Nebraska recently. RECKNT severe frosts in Minnesota have greatly damaged wheat. THE granite-cutlers of Massachusetts have mudt for nine hour* work ut 25 ecu's :n hmr. 1 IIK ruling price of butter on the Elgin hoard of trud- on Monday was 20 cents, at which figure 0 000 poundi were sold. I'KIIDI.NAND WAUD , the notorious Wall street swinali-r, w .is liberated from Sing Sing prison Satuiddy. COUNT N.ipoleoii Ney is among the in- mbers t f the French Chicago world's )nir commission. IT is doubtful v.Vo'her Mr. James Anthony Fronde will iiccnt, tbe professor- hip ot hintory at Odord Unircrfity llut wa» recently 1 ff .-red to hiru. THE supreme court of Pennsylvania has sustained the constitutionality of linker ballot reform law, which g02R into ffcet at 1 he next election. AIIOUT 800 union mechanics at Decatur, >Uui 'k for 9 hours and building is paralysed. THE St. German Accident Insurance company reinsures its entire business with another company nnd quits business ithcut loss. THE NationalCordairo company lias in- rpi -std <he puce of sisal binding twine 1)4 lo IK cents n pound over the rates of ibt Bpu -uU. TKi .ErnoNE patents have been granted to K iirun, terminating a contest that has been in progie&s for years. NEAIII.Y a thousand workmen employed in the quuiriffl iu and rear Stony Creek, Conn., ure on a strike for an increase ot pay. AnTiiun SKWAI.I . & Co., of BaUi, Me., re to build tlo Brat s ( eel sailing ship ever constructed in the United S'ates and he first iron ship produced by New Eug- and, A. LOUDEN SNOWDEN , tho American minister 10 (ireecj, hus induced the Greek government to grant 8100 000 to be do voted lo preparing historical exhibits for the Columbian exposition. TUB Robinson Woolen company, of Kiinsiis Oily, wilh branch stores in var ious western cities, has mude an assignment. Tho liubilitii 8 are not known, bit tho umti tire estimated ut 81.000 000 Du. MANSPIHLI> MKIIIIIMAX , of Lobigh University, huB been (II-red 'ho chair ot mathematics in the Chicago University at a salary of 67,000 a 3 ear. Ho has taken no action t °gurdiDg the offer. CHIRP ENOINKEII N. 13. CLAUK , of Washington, inventor of the dtflective armor now used on the warships of all nations, died Monday morning. TitUMAN A. MKHIUAM , who waB member of the forty-eighta congresB. and for many years a repirter on the stuff of tho New York San, died Saturday. VAST damages aro wrought by floods in Iowa and Illinois. CIIAIII.ES FEIUIY nnd Hairy Qliggs were killed by a power explosion in 11 mine at Aspen. Col. THE Eur'ka qiartz mill, on the Cornstock, in N.-VH (a. luirn-'d Monday, enter- t lininjr 11 loss of &K 0 009. Mus. EI.MS CAUPENTKH , wife of 11 prominent turmer ot Stiupp Hill. VJ ... <*m sliuck aid killed by lightning Wednesday while praying. CIIAHI.ICS 11. KntKwooD was killed by an ehctiic street at lshponiiuir, Mich., Sunday afternoon. THE village of Kuirville. N. II., was almost wholly destroyed by lire Sunday night, eighty fiimtlie< being rendend IOUIPICS. Tne property loss is e^liiuut-id ut $100,000 WIND upset the house of David M -?rcer, whore fiirui is six miles 011'. of D;catur, Ind., Tuesday night. Mccer and his wife sustained serious injuries and (heir son, 5 years old, was fatally hurt. LATE Mnnd,ty niirht, at Louisvilio, Ky., Mrs. Samuel M. Ii ni"r was Biting a gasoline slove when the fluid exploded, fatally bu'nirg Sirs. Bauer and her 1G months old son. CAIIEI.ESSNESS on the pirt of a freight crew culled 11 wreck on the Pun-Hindle road 1 ear Colo, 0. 1'ho engineer, fire man and n halt dozim passengers were njurcd. It Was David A. Iteboll, () f Connecticut, a Name Still Familiar to Many, he "Farmer's Frleud" Ha* Het -11 lsstie.1 Autiually by the D.iboll-t Since 1772. Soma fuintH 011 this Year's Weather, and How tltn Predictions are Calculated. FOREIGN. James Brinsley- Richards, the Berlin correspondent of the Loudon Times, who died tuddtnly a few weeks ago, was highly esteemed at the Get man capital, M Brinsley-Richaidi win born in 1849, He was sent first io Paris and then to Vienna by tbe great London journal. He maincd in tbe Austrian capital six years, nnd was a welcome guest in political and ociety circles. He went to Berlin a few months ago ae successor to CbarliB Low, the author of a "Life of Bismarck." The dead man was the author ot several books, including ''Piince Roderick" and "Seven Years at Eton." He was the editor while in Vienna of the Weekly News of that city. • • • Prince George of Wales has evidently acted in a manly, generous fashion in oiToang to marry Princess Mary of Teck, who expected to marry the late duke ol Clareiifc, his brother and heir presumptive to tbe English crown The tfftiir, bowevw, illuminates nicely tbe consummate hollowness of meet royal marriages. • * • Col, A. K. McClure's arlioles on Lincoln and Men of War Times, which have been running through the Philadelphia TimeB and other papers, are soon to be collected in a volume and published by the Times company. The book will embody HIP notes of a keen oVservor, who was on the inside of national history while it was being made. • 0 * the valuable articles lost by Editor McClure through the burning ol tbe Philadelphia Times annex building was the desk, wbioh, Tbaddeun Stevens rued when iu congress, n Strusburg tbe 'Princess Hobenlohe, with her daughter El'zibeth, has recently fluiBbed a practical course iu military uoBpUai nursing, asjUtibg at operations, amputations, cleansing and bandaging wounds. The priuoeie organiied tbe class of wfaivb »be was a member for the purpose of interitlipg German women 1 hU ney form of. industry and pre paring: 1 Mm for future energweitt.' Eleven women finished the course and received the diplomas from $e prJgoW Tbe energetic, pjrincefi l%\wel! on >n the »t|tfci« ' Tbe n»tl6n*r ^nTea|R5^the Apolerjt NAVIGATION has been resumed in the Baltic, ihuo sea now being tree of ico. YALE CAHIIINQTON , tbe well known animal painter, is dead in London. I'IIE republicans made large gains in I he municipal elections held in Frani Monday. A OUEAT fife in Niching, CuiJa, d-i s'roycil U.0CO houses, and a ninauer of people wero killid. THE threatened Blrike of cabmen took pin Co in Vienna Saturday. Fivo sixths ol the cabs in the city are idle. SNOW Btorms have done much damage in Hungary unci tho Tuol. Tba orchards iu Corin'hia. where the trees were in Lu .l hase suffcri d severely. TUB death is annourcsd of Lird Brain well, adistinuuished English liwjcr an at ono time juriite of the court of appeal and member of the privy ouncil. DELEGATES from all lho temperanco BO- ciMies in Great Britain met in Mcinoriil Hall, London, Wednesday night 10 wel como Lady Somerset homo from America 'J ntt conservative and republican ornar in Paris are urging a modification of tbe press laws (hat will enable the government to preveiit (he publication of articles inciting to criruo. Deeminir, the multi-murderer, was convicted at Milbourno of the murder of hisj last wife, and sentenced to hi hanged. Carolino Itooney, cf London, claims to be tbe widow of tbolateacinr, Put. itooney, Tbe latter left a wife in New York who claims that the London woman is a fraud. During a terrible storm three French schooner* were driven ashore on the coast of Sudore, an island in the north Atlantic, all the crews being lost. THE Paris Figaro states that the Duke do M irnpy was not tbe opp meat of Harry Vane Milbank in the duel fought in Belgium. THE suspension iB announced of Dominique & Morel. gr »iu merchants, 0' Dunkirk, :ind of Rcbiffuian & Meyer, oi Hamburg and Rio Janeiro. Tne nubilities of each firm au ount to $200 000. The Brazilian government has Bent dis patobes to Brazilian ministers abroad denying IL« Irutb of the rumors of the separation of tho states of Sao Patio and Rio Grande Do Sal irom the federal gov eminent. 1 Tlin Ijfsugretmblu Task Amor-g the particular advantages desi ible fur a toy, E I ward E^rettHule numerated the daily poiforuianco of some dingre, able tusk. It need not bo esaen ially dieiigp-C'ible, but sometliing apt to b» dististifd to the hoy. sum as filling ho wot d-b x or hoeing for a stited time n lh« garden. Tho need for such disci pline doei not disnppiar with boyhood, but in lif- 1 is generally moro rigidly nforced by circumstances than it WBH in ycu'h by the parental will. And we who laugh at the boy's reBiiveneBs uoder his tusk, rebel in like manner against the cinstantly recurring distasteful duties in our own lo', and concentrate our dislike in the term of "dediiery." Tho debt we owe to these habit-forming (asks, the nio uiei.tuai gained which gives uo tho possibility ol pelf control, has been well set forth in a charming series of papers en- tiiled "lilessid be Drudgery, of which IIIP f illowing IS the opening puragrupb Of every tv,o men probably one think he is a drudge, and every second woman at times is sure sho is. Killer wo are not doing the thing we wou'd like to do in life, or in what we do and like we find 0 much to disliko that the rat tires, even wln-n the road iuns on the whole a plea 1 uur. way. I am going lo speak of the IU! tuie tlint. comes through thia very drud gery. Oar primo eli-uientuls ure duo to ourdiulgery. I mean that, litterally. The Uind.uiieiitiilK that underlie all fineness, ai,d wilh'.ut which no other culture worth the winning ii even possible, These, for instance—and what name more familiar?—power of all cut ion. powe of iiiduilry.promlitudo in beginning work method arid accuracy nnd dispatch in do inir work, perservernnce, ceurugo before difficulties;,cheer m.der straining burdens- selt-eon'rol and sell-denial and temper mice. Uv taking thj old Providence turnpike at New London and lolowing its crooked easterly course through four miles of re;ck- ribbed country, one arrives at tbe little Connecticut hamlet ot Center Groton. It. cinBists of a p)stcifi:e, where tho L°dyard roud crosses the turnpike, a tipicnl conn ry store, and a scutt"ring of hou -iH along the highway. Tbe third l> of the paste Hi :e, on tbe left h ind side of the turn pikes as one jjgs along toward Frovidence. is 11 r,:uiarkiit>le and nged structure. It is the hou<e of Davil A. Daboll, the famous old uliuiinii: maker, and it has been the oiituplncc of almauuc maters, uialheuia- ticianf, and inventors for more thin 1 century. Sinre 1772 the "Now England Alnnnac arid Farmer's Friend" has been issued un- ruully by the Dubolls. It was one of the first in the fluid, and it is the oldest publi- c,ui)n of its kind in existence today. It ii the recognized authority on the vagaries of tbe weather and the woikinuB of the sun, moon nnd stars. Every farmliouc throughout New England husnn almanac, which always hangs <it the side of I he old- fusbioned fireplace in the kit.•hen. Steamships nnd sailing vessels tha' cruise New England aaaport towns invariably have It gives tbe pisition of the mocn in right ascension and declination fi r every hour, and the sun's la'itude and longitude fur ov»ry d.iy in tbe vear. Itsliiwitlio obliquity of the eclip'ic, the sun's and moon's pit'nlliix, nbbera'ion, at the d ft-rent limes. It supplies the necessary data for the de teim'nation of the real or apparent siz\position and motion of thoplinels and their sntc'lites. It fixe? accurately the places ol about l, r >0 filed stirs, and givrs full details concerning, oc- collations-, trnn.-its, nnd other celestial phenomena, oieurring during the year. All this information is for .the meridian of Greenwich. So ir is necessary for me to ciilcul i 'e il all over again for Ib-j meridian of New Louden, nnd that takes me, tho way I roik, inVut a year. The 'Karmer't- Friend'' has all of the agronomical cilcu'atioiis needed on land or sen, us well as a d.iily fi rcast of the weather lor tbe entire >c,ir. 1 he forcasts, however represe nt, the nlnnmuc uiuker 'B persnnal rpinion; but to the farmers they are worth a great deal. He bdieves that the sun and the moon have a gerut deil to do with Ihe weifhcr. He readied that cciclusion forty years IIKO , and ever since ihen has kept, a A lily journal of the weather, with the exact pisnion of the sun and ninoti. Once in nineteen years Ihe conjunction of tie moon and 1I10 sun arc nearly the same, ho says. When he ell sin's te know what the ivcatner a year in •t'lv 'lice is lo be, ue argues ou: the exact pn.iilion ol the , un and I be moon and then siaiches hi- j irinl until be finds them in similar positions. If frosts or rain or snow preraile I nn that day, he c.idilates that there will be frost, or rain, or snow ou the one in qustion. His father, lie says, guessed ut it. D-ivid A. Daboll is Hie third gcnlleman of the family that published the'Farm­ er's Friend." His graniifatber, N.i'lmn Daboll, conceived the idea and produced the lirst number in 1772. !!•< was nrofessor of mathematics of P ainlield Academy, and the author of the tuiiious otdDiboil arithmetic, or "Schoolaster's Assistant," and a work on navigation. He mude tbe calculations until I81S. From then until l%l his son, also named Nathan, was the iilni'taac maker, and Irom that tiun down Divid A , cue of six sous of Nathan tbe secand bin figured out I 'slronoin c il problems. Everyone of David's brothers w is capable the "Farmers Friend" bunging in their 0 f taking up the worst at a moment's cabins, too. To the farmers, however, notice, but it was never necesary. All ihe little work p'ays the most important were 111 ithenialicians, Oao of them in- part. The aluuinac to them is a nec'ssiry v.mtcd the log horn, which warns tho adjunct to their bon-ebold fumituie They mariner oi'dinger wnen the weather on have seen it hanging beside the fireplaces the coast is 1 hick and keeps the seasid-j as long as th-y cm reuietnbt r, and they summer boarder awake on fogy nights, have a dim recolli'ctit 11 of I lie twins when I he present almanac maker has foui BOIIS, on every day in the week except one it was all malbenialini ins. Two of them are in the only literuturo that they read. In New York. 1) ivid A. D.iboll, Jr., livoein same of the inlorior parts of Connecticut Centre Grotrn, and expects to bo his and Rhode, Island today the "Farmer's fitter's suicssor. Friend" and lho B.ble contain tho only The house which the almunic miker oc- reading matter fur the family, and the cupieswa 1 , built by an old Nathan more two works are perused in the order nunnd than a century ago, and it has b-en the The almanac bus a circulation of morn bomonf a Dabjll ulwiys. Tho ti-st naiii- thnn 30 000 cpies. hi r of the ulmunuc was urcp ireii under its No larnier iu New England, it has been low caken roof, ann eicb sucjeding num- aaid, would think of doing any work on l,o r his b;en prepirel ther.uilso. T'aero his place without consulting tho almaiic. Nathan a'r.iuguJ bis "Sj'ioulm liter's If he contemplated planting on a certain Assistant." The book on navigation win day and the prognosticiviona in tbe little written there. Afterward the tittle hou^o book should declare unfaiorub'e metero logical conditions, he wouldn't plant *or d ud.<ery is the doing of one k P(1 in tbill W1) , ; AI)ouf , 8ixtv yeilr<l thing, ono thing, one thing, lorg aller it DMli A . Dibolln'a father, Nithan, ceasesto bo amusing, and it is this one J WlM tni3 ijj,,^ miker ta>n, thing 1 do that gathers me together from chaos, that coucentrates me from possibilities to powirs, end turiiH powers into itchicvome-iilH." THK HOME. Frenuli HuildlngT. One quart of milk, 10 tablespoons of flour, eight eggs-. Heat ihe egg« very l : ght, add them to the milk with the fljur. Butter a pan, pjur in the mixture and bake it. Serve it hot with sweol sauce. llrpultfa«t Itltcou. Dip slicssi of tho thin part of tho mid dling in bread-crumb'. Put in 11 frying pun with pirsley and pepper, and just bo- 1010 dishing pour into the gravy u teacup of Bwcut ctcum. Coconunl Fuddluyr. Beat tbe whiles of two eggs, zdd a pint ot milk, half a teuspoonrul of sugar, and one grated cocbanul j flavor with vanilla, mix, pour into a puddins pan and bake half an hour. Servo cold. Orange anerbet. S.?ak a toblpspooflfu: of gelatin 15 or 20 minutes in half a tencupful of cold water; then add a pint each of sugar und boiling water. Stir until tbe supur is dissolved and then set aside to cool. Press the juice fiom 2 JemooB and fivo oranges, Blir il into Ihe gelatin mixture, and strain it into a freezer and freeze immediately. Womes l>ulokly Mails. One pint of swerr, milk, halt a feicupful of butter, and sufficient flour to make a soft batter. Beat the whites and yolks of 3 eggs separately, n<'d tbe yolks first, a leaspoonful of salt, 2 teaepoonfuls bakinv piwder and luslly lhn whites beaten at ft. B.-iit together lightly and bake in well ana nobody could induce tim to undir tho circumstances. Tberois 11 tradition among ihe farmers of New England that the alnitti co milker's forecasts aro iniulible, und that tradition hus been handed down for inc.rd than half a century, it original- ugo who prophesied snow on the Fourth of July. He didn't do it intentionally, but was in the book. When tho almanac maker discovered the, typograpicil error, he thought tho b;st way would be to bluff it out. Tne farmers saw tho mistake and were pleased They talked and Joke J about it until July rolled around. When ttm morning cf ihe Fourth came the heads ol families loosed at tbe sky, so tho old grandfathers tell lho story to-day, and remarked with a smili was used for u nautic d school, althojg'i four mill s from the water, and tor years father and son t Might 11 iviir ition. _ B ijs came from .many towns of Niw England to receive instructions, men lor the navy. S 11110 of tho well known ciptuins of the of the pru;ent day revived their first instructions in navigation ia Contre Groton. The Farmer's Frleud for the Year of Our Lord Christ, lt02: Being Bissextile, or Leap Year, and the 0«<i lluudred and Six'eenlh of American Independence," contains, tho old iiitnumtC maker sajs, "besides the astronomical calculations, a variety of matter bct>i useful und eutor- taining." He predicts tint on Jane 15 the weather wilt gro.v dry. Bv tho 231, ho Buys, ruin will bo \ety mu^h needed. There will not be anything but fl,ing clouds and distant llmnil-r until July 1, however. On tint day bo nromises li><tib showeis. Oi tho I81I1 mid 10;h shouU be Well, 1 oilc'late Nathan's wrong fur rain lue.h as we leid >tbcu\ From then onct. Boys, turn out and got at thal'er until Aug. 24 nothing remarka'oli', speak- wbeat." iug meteorologically, is in sight, as fur as Whilo they were gathering tho golden the nliniinao maki r IMB seen. But nn that graia, towardnoon luesky became over- div we will beii;sa.ilcd by lrgh windswhich cast .so the story goes, anel suddenly be- will whistle ab)ut tun chimney tops for camo filled with feathery flakes. For u I fow ininutes the snow fell thx't anil fast, and then tbe squall passed awuy. Tbe| good fanners were speechless with surprise. Wnen they recovered, every onel vowed that Nathan was a "right Bmort| man," after all. Ever since then tho ul- manao has not been doubted. two days. After that the wea'her will behave itself fairly well uatil S-pt. 14, when wecunexpict frosls. The first snow of lho season, in the almanac maber'a opin- ior, will 11/ on NJV . 17. • Although he has smirched ihe heavens carefully und (.'elvjd deeply iu his jiurnul for weithor in tbe past, the old almanac maker bis not dis- CONUKK88. WEDNESDAY , May 4. SENATE, — 1 ho senate bill conveying tho state of Ii insas a portion of tae Fort Hayes military reservation, about 3,200 greaB'd wi Ii iroiiB, will answer. If eggs are scarce, 2 CRIME) P. H. Compton committed suicide a( Joliet on Mo.iday. RAOB pn judice and a boarding hnu;e difticuiiy result in a fatal shooting affray at Tower, Minn. J W. BUIIKB IB under arrest at f'oiuicil Bluffs, Iowa, und many charges are made against him. „„_ HENHY HUSTON , who was employed upon tbe industrial census at hiladol- phia, has been arreBted upm the, charge of making fictitious returns and swearing to them. AT New D>n, Ibe body of Louis Scnmelz, sheriff ot Brown county, Minn , was found in a liver. Ho bad been despondent, and no doubt suicided. A YOUtiO colored 'Woman ws« found murdered in a sivsmp between Winfield und New Town, L. I,, Monday morning. Her throat had been cut from ear to ear. TDBOPOHB B. BAKBR oat his with a rttzir at Lindas, Iowa, because Mi's Lulu Paddocks refused to marry him, apd died at ber feet. GEN, GEO F. DuTAfSiot, general man uger of the Phoe lit Fire Jniurance com raoj, ot riariivrd, ojmmllted kuleide Tu«day, at WilminutoD, Dd, ' AT Cameron, T«*m Coae, T. Logan. •> worib'ew obarftolir, shot and killed nit wiftfFdday, ,a»dihenii4oldt.a. . AT Jasper, tod., tbe court overruled the UQUOU for a new trial In ibe White Q -ip Flannel Cahes. Heat two tencupB tweet milk,-and 2 tablespoonfuls butter; whun mrslted, addt< pint of cltd milk, the yolks of 4 eggs well beaten, half a rake of compre .sed jeast, 2 leaspooiifuls salt, unci Hour to make a stiff baiter. Set in a warm plao > to rise; when light, add tbe whites beaten stiff: and bube at once fn a hot griddle. After it has risen, more flour may he needed. The Sworn TornuBtora «f the) Ina.ulallls», W'hH cared they for tbe froans of lb* vl«Ua a* be lay streicbed upon lb* reek? Yet people whose beans sr* neither as bard a* tbe uelber sslll itoue, nor whose fortitude Is excessive, ollsa ke«* no plly on Uirmwlves—voluntarily Incur life- ' '"leiiiuaiiani, tbe muet _ complaluis Is, usr- liu|i», more Irenueiiilr n»nleclwl lu lis Incltifeiicy tlmii any otlisr, lti« lirelliiilmr/ Iwiiiurs Iwluv Ml ot "u cold lu the Ibe almanac is use-d also by the farmers coveioil oveo u baby blizzard foi 1892.— as an expente boek. They keep tbeir oc- Exchange, cohnts in it, and at the end of the year figuro out just what tboir nrnual eirningB were, as a mershant would withaoimp'.ete sol of books. They use tho almanac for a memorandum book, too. Jn it tbey j >t down opcosilo the various days in each month tbe things they wish to remember. — Every night, after the chores have b.en' acros, for homes for old soldiers and their done, it is customary for tho old fashion"!! families, was pasaod. The bill authoiiz New England farmer to lake down the ing tho construction of abridge across tbe "Fripad," which holds the next placi in Rliu Kivor oi North, at Q-iiocy, North bis heart to that of bis wife, writo down Dakota, was also passeJ, and the senate the work of the day, fumble over the leaves aojmrned. • , and study the euo. moon und stare for HOUSE .—The confereo repoit on (he weeks in advance. When weary of that Chinese exclusion bill was presented by be reads the advertisements and '} jkes for Geary, of California, wto demanded recreation. Tbe collection of j<kts;is u tbo previous question. Tbe report was source of ainuseromt to tbe farmer and bis "trongly oppo»ed by Messrs. littt and familv for tho entire year. Hero are two Hooker, as a violation of laitb, and de- ample): nying tbo writ of habeas corpus, Mr. Sister L'zz'e was to be married in a few Geary maintained there was uo hing in months and sho was putting in tho in'er- vul of leisure prepaiuuon for tbo cer- „ maintained the bill which would suspond the writ of , u .os . 0 .= u . D ,..u.,,.^„ habeas corpus. The conference report was emony in thi way of dress, by.oxporiuient- tuen agreed lo-yeas l&i, nays 23. Ihe nn W fnmiiv in th« ennkini/ line, house then p;a ed a lew billB ot minor . flilownio the creilli ot "a cold Iu the bones' whlili will puns awuy of llss-lf. blngiilar luluiiy —filial delu-ilonl lloi filer's Utuiuauh Killers Is a iioieiu snlfKiiaril ucuun-l ibe terrible luroads of this limlilimis anil diiiigeroun malady—daniter- una beinuse of Its prnnriiesa lo attack (be heart, the seHt of life*. NtfuMlula Is also effectually coiiiiifracl«<l and rellsveU liy ihe Uutrrs. »lal»rl«, kliliii-y <oin|ilaiiita, deblllly, Jn nrstilon, bllluua- i,ess, Uuil |i |ie, loss of appellie and tbe lliablluy In sleep are iiiuoug the coui|ilaiuM enuUcable irhli ibis genial correcilve, HAUItlsjO>f TALKS. 0« Denies Charges Cunncvtlns; Him With tile Yellowstone Assnclallun. NEW YOUK , May 6— The Mali und Ex. press prinm an interview with Russell Harrison concerning ibe at'eged issue of stoek to hlui by the Yellowstine Park association, Hirrison, in mbslence, »ay»> the a'tempt of Gibson to make it appear that stcck was issued for him ijHarrisnn) in his association is a> malicious iffort- to drag him into a matter with wbioh he had no connectjon, He added that Gibson bad preferred charges agolnst tvenr Moretary o f the inferior since bis asBoeitv Hon drwe R«fw Hatch out of th« pe|k, VlWl&ltm wa4e a determined (ffoitto i>Mki'nndru«iWBgiHtMypi>«f*4, log on her family in the cooking line, house then p. Little John was going to bed, and went | importance and HIIJ lurneel. through his usual prayerB up lo tbe point of saving "Give us this day our daily bread," when some depressing memoiy N 'ruck him, and he added: "But don't lei Lizz o bake it " TuuiiSDAY, May 5. SENATE . — Mr. Mirrili, ot Vermont, gives bis reasons for tbe opening of the world's fair on Siiuduy, favoring the wnking classes. Tae Cboc'aw Indian and A young man led a blushing fema'o into Oo'ckasaw Indian appropriation. of «2 • Ihe pres«nce o. (he Rev. Dr. CM r oiler. «9l-000, made in 1891 and held up by ihe Wo want to fot murried," to said. "Aie president, was taken up, and Mr. Piatt ad- you tie Bev. Mr. Oavpen'erV" "Ye 't responded tbe cental minister, "Carpenter and j ilner." While tbo farmers are consulting the books these evenings, and chuckling over the j ikes, tbo old almanac maker is hard at work making his calculations for "Number One Hundred and Twenty-one of the Seiies,'' which will appear on Jan. dressed the senate iu opposition to the views of the mr'orily ot ib-s committee on Indian affairs, who reported that ;there wns no good reason why the appropriation sbou d be longer withheld,- ... HOUSE —l ho house went into a commute if the whole on the river'and harbor bill.: The bill was opnosed oy Mr.,H>la»an. He favore d tbo i© ludtion of expenditures 1.1893. Hiscffice is in t->e wing of tbe propoieU ia this bill,and claimed*it was Ihe home, ps shown in tbe accompanying il- only one which be did not propose' reduo- lus ration. It is a unique little dun. The* ''""8- Tbe provision appropriating 13,- furnit.tiri iaaotiqup, and tcatliri-d around W 000 tor a twenty on- f mt channel from are books and pamphlets yellowed with Uulutu and Cliicago to Buffalo connecting age. At a small round table, littered with the great Like s, was oppotef by Mr. musly:papere, tbe old almanac maker pro- Whitney, as prematura uai ill-advised, ftr* During tbe sumroei a. d>ep water way abunnel was advocated months he sits fir into tbe nigh', work by Metsrs. Lickwood and Gbatcbings, bu r , ing out hi* calculation* by tbe glow of u ibe cominittee rose without disposing of ' " -« .i.- (hn hill. FIIIDAY , May 0. -The nv« ana harbor till was kerosene Jamp and ti tbe m.iaio of tbe the bill, obirping crickets, He will be 79 years o Jell™ &I HU 6YE ', B te}« bt > b > a hraifl tiOU «8.-iue r.v« «u» UBlw „ aow, and his memory inlaJJible. roosiuered in commillee of thewhST Irom tbe'Nauileal',*'- ' " work issued by the Greenwich severe! years i. t/peolal Mti ot astronomers and navlga- 'or;. HeontftlM for tbe navigator, tabies B*TU«DAT , May 7, of the dietanceiio* the moon from the Uow»,-,The debate «« I'I» ,i„»

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