The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 15, 1927 · Page 3
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 15, 1927
Page 3
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T. B. Shannon is In Kansas City ithisweek aitending tie- annual iuu'otins of the Soutl^weJt Association of Hardware and Implenient dealers. This is one o£ he largest iniile asflociailons in. tlie stat« hav- iiijC a membership oi nipny thons' anil. .\Jrs. W Jll.' \Vr)lf(' A. .Aylinff. orperator at Beauty Shhp, liay with friends ia VVliI . -tilovor's Taxi will K uipht train service, i HI jspent Sim- hita. ve day and Mr. and Mrs. R. I. Jam^ spentj Sunday w ith friends in Erie. Bett Jones of 213 South Ohio stre«t Is flu. B^ryle street is eported very 111 with thej Workbi^n are busy getting the; grounds>«round Junior high read.vj to plant iii grass. Jone.s of B17 South Oak ill with the mt^le.s.. Wli.-^s .MargueriJi- ("lark ha.s a<-- I'l-jited a poHition as jliunkkeeper at 111.' Beik fuVnituro store. (»lli»i' Huiherland, j of iho Shannon liarUwari' slurM, WUH in i;ar- lu -ri .^aiiinlay on .hiisint'MH. i -Ui-. t:. S. Lanibj-th, Surgeiin. (iffiiH phont- :;.'.«; lO-s. piione CI."i.l. <.'f<>rge -M. ItcyiioJ .N-fffrson avenut« IH <iii liusln<-ss. IN (>f .W.'i .N'orth in Kausas City Mi.HH .N.'Jl .Marie Darnell of COl .N'oiili Cottonwood 4irwt, vyho jias h'i'n ijiiltc III for IIK- JJUHI few wii -kr -i, wa« ri'ini'iiili«'red \iy the iiK'iijhoM of ilii> .liinlor UIgh Cirl .ri-!ti!rvi»s Willi ii liDiiquel of flowi-rs. X'll Marie IN a Iiieiiilier of llie C'irl Mis.s MUrgaret Taylor, who spent Sunday hjere with her moither, AlrsJ Miunie' Taylor, reiuriijed yesterday IflO is ning eai-hing school this winter. Ollle Sutherland spent yestenla.V in <;han ,—Laxt to Richmond wheire she e on business. £lkK Atl «ntkHi. luitlutlon of tbe year will night. Uuffut be. IIPIII' NVednesday l:incli A. R. KNKIKLU. K. R. . K:>(KIK|.U. Mrs. '\yilliani Newmaji of La- Harpe left on uu.dajlM lrai;i this morning JTur Topeka whtre she will enter thtf H. ». lA.. hiispltal fdr treatment. .Mrs. NVwinan Is tlje raqlher lti^(oi'<' yoi ApugfSl to 1^ ' vijo' ui4i xm.r.sus c I'hone Sj'rfib; oiriKlWliI ly our; IlillK ' .Mrs. .1. T.Miuldox of <;().1 Sonlh fiiiio Hlreet retuni^il home Saiur- 'i;iy night from Nevada, .Moi. where Hli*. was railed lajil we^k •lentil of her moilniV. by the Miss Zotta Siafi? or r.04 .North .leiferson uvp.. who spent the week end with her jiarjenis, .\fr. and -Mr.-. T. Scnfo iit-ar Hiinjbrildt, ha:i rein mod. | • --.(. M. Warfonlj Xursery, 10:{ X. Fourth, is bu .^yj steriliz: phiiits and trees for Stalei ixg his Inspw- lioii. Phono ordersjtaken.PUo. 1():!7. Mr. and .Mr.s. C. Rodgers dnd son siiL-ut Sunday with their daughter and sister. .Mrs. -rom Starks and ."Mr. Sfark.s in (iami^tt. >t .Mrs. Walter .Mundljn unit Chajles Newman of this ciiy'.. Little IJorothy Allrte • Tweedy ut ,Soi)l J Klrwt Mireet, Is 111 with tint meat les, —JiMt llk« Augel Food Caka. VM Hooter 's Bread, 2 tor 16o. THE lOLA DAILY BEGISTEB. TUKSUAY EVE Mra.' Mina Jones, wllfe of J.M. JoiKS. agad 85 years, passed away this morninK at 11:05> o'clock at the home,' 419 Norlh Jefferson^ avenue, following an ilin^ss of about two weeks. Mrs. Jon^s is an old settler in lola and |' has many friends who will be sorry to learn of her death. The announcement o£ the ftineral hour vfill be made I later. Mr., aad Mrs. T- G. Sheets, who were called here by the illness and death! of Mrs. Sbeeils's nioiher. Mrs. p. H. English, retiirned today to their ihome in Tonkiiwa, Okla. Mrs, KIchnrrt J. hopkiss of Topeka. who haa bcoa here visiting her ulster, -Mrs, Carl (5. Ilea and .Mr. lies, returned home this afternoon. Mrs. Gladys Crook of, Carlyle started on the nooki train today for Lu<( Angele.s, Calif. Ajlrs. Adda Dimes, of Arkanaatf Ciry. arrived this afternoon for a visit with relatives. ^ Mrs. H. E. Bell went to Princeton.- Kan., this aftet^noon to atay Willi the family ;of her sister. Mrs. J. P. Haggard, while .Sirs. Haggard is in the ihospital. Sir. and Mrs. Wallucfe Smith ar-j rived hobie about noon today fvoni | California where they have been for the | six uu.nths. They I,," „ ^ spent most of the U)s An-i, v<e band will fiirulsli. the gele.s. and River.side. \ 'I hey '"ade the trip overland. 1 The Sandwich Inn basket ball {team will give a dunce ionigkt at M. AV. A. HalL Smith's aix- I • I musie. The Misses Ruth ai|d June Reid visited relatives and fijlend-s in .Mn- rau over the week end. Max Bariihart has iresuineil IIIH studies at Junior College' after ii jfew days illness. I Marjorle. the liitlel daughter of air. and Mrs. Ilussell iMarry of Rust -Monroe street. i(i ill with lliej .Vbloken pox. < Mrs. Homer Diigan. of 2'iS South. Wallltit .street,, WIK) is ill with llie llii. I.s reported belter today. .Miss Jona Thompson of I.,oiie Elm was an lola shoppei: yesterday. John Reuther. \V. H. Root. J. B. Kersey, Mr. Denninj; and' Mr. iiiiiehart, went to Inilependence Satuiday to attend of howling. There in whicii four teams | took part: Parsons, Pittsburg, lola and InUe- penden<'e. The lola team came home.with the high .seiire. match gaaia whs a contest \V. II. Kool went to| first of Hie Week to Slate I'liimhers' conv WIchitu the attend liie ntion. Il.ii-old Ciitliirih of acri'iited a eliiiir in' tin imrlier sluip and is work. Mildred .ha* • .N'orth Blile alread'yi at .Mrs. r .i hi KaWis CSiy weeks, rHurned |uul Kegely, who has been for th<> puMt two home Saliirdiiy, .foo CiiehuMkl iuid Vernon I)itg«n spent Sijinday with friends jlii IMtishur^, KansaH. -Try otber. It once—you will hgrc BO Van ]^oozer 'i Bread. , Miss Louise Po itMidiiig school at( Emporia, visited o^er the week'end i-Mrs. L. L. Pona- effer.son avenue. her mother.. tm of !io:! .N'orth (isler. who i» at- ihe Cpliegq .of ;^.\r .NT I'ATIiICK DANCK •- AT KLKH CLI:B .Mnreh 17 Or<-he>.>ra he luMt 4liin<fe Reason. $1 pt!r eoiHile . Thursday, VoHiiKherg Tlii'> will he l| . of lh< I . .Ml I'.lks lllivltei Taiii Si<*kH of iWrfielij .spelit the Week eiiil with his paj-eiils.i Mr. liiit .Mrs. I'. Silks of ?illL.,North .jj »-l'ter.son iivenuij ' >' , 7 • '. Mr. andjSrs. Jludge of Indejrend- «Ji <e, Kaiiaas sttent Suiiday hero Willi .Mrs. Fridge); parents. .Mr. and .\lr.s..J. M.-Thomis of 421 East Liii- eolii\^treet. . J ! —Dr. Montgoinery, Chiropractor, lola Laundry Bl^dg. Phone 138. .Mr. and Mrs. two .'jons. Williainv and SVarren. of La+Jarpe. spent Stinday with their. Mr. and ul' South Mrs Baysinger of Nd SiiiKlay and visi New Glob^BIdg. F- J- Bremer 407 East SprucI Wilbur Sicks and parents and grahijphrents Mr. and .Mrs. r*. Sicks, ollj .North Jefferson iiveirtip J. C. Atchison of CollMJrn street aiid W. rth Walnut street motored to Cl erryvale. Kansas ed friend.s. —Dr. A, B. TTwad^ OsteopathL Sccuth Elm stre«. Pfaone 181. iias- moved from street to 206 Bobby Cook, t arid Mrs. Harry ill of chicken pox. 0 |ie small son of Mr. Cook, is reported F. L. B. LBATELlk M. D. Special attention glTen Dii- eases ot Col|on and-Rectum. £lectro -]rb «rftp7 snd Phyalotherapy. Office lola SUte Kaok Bldg. Phone6-tl47 and 70S. Lloyd Illnso .Mr. and -Mrs. East Spruce It, ^le small son of Dan^ llinsoh lif C19 t^lreet. who received severe biirnM dhout the face In a gMHolliii* exploi^ pol'leit as geltl] -O. L. Cod, Kye :1Bar, Not* Maxine Kent] win. who la Ion last week. Is r^- lig along, iiieely. BSd Throst] oTsli Nortte Jeffer- student at Junior The meeting eontinties with increased Interest at th6 Church of the Nazart^tie. Stinday night the evangelist > preached on the siiu- ject "Thi? t'npardonahle Sin." to! a largo crowd. Tomorrow night j it will be !"Thc Man. With the E e- phant Bxperience.'^ Several ha(ve already jbeen blessed in the revival mieetlng. It will continue tliis week only.—Church Reporter. 1 The Rev. P. K. Boswbrth ; of Seneca,' Kans., Avho came to oiffi- ciate at the funeral of Mrs. Miir.v. A. Reynolds held iu .Neosho Falls' this afternoon, is a guest in the Jiome o< .Mr. and .Mrs. F. 11. Child.s. —Are you frying for the Kelvl- nator Electric Refrigerator? It's Free! See K. C. Electric and Plumbing Co. | .Mrs. P, N'. Roe. who underwent aiL operation at Si. Johns hospital three weeks ago. w:is able to return to ;her home, 4i>3 South Bijtk- tjyi- strek't Sunday inorniiig. I Mrs. .f. II. Wren .,f Phoenix, .4riz., . arrived on the Sunflower Special jla-st night and .Mrs. S. C. Holcoui^ ot "Vales Ceiile.r came this moniiug to attend the funeral; of I .Mrs. C. L. WllliuniH and son l.,ii Vaughn, of I'oiica t'iiy, who have been here visiting their iiareiitjt and graiiilpureutH, .Mr.-and .Min. K, J. Wright, returned to their hoin>.' today. ; I. K. LlnelMuk. of LaHarpf, The S, and C. dub met at the j '•''I"""'' IM today. An fobi phasic lionie of .Mrs. John Hum. Jr.,'"" was called In the case, day afternoon. The afleriioon WIIKJ — Mpenl li^ II general discussion for| .Mrs. Ji -sse Jiiiikins. of Stockton the future good of the chib andiCaUf.. Is visiting ,Mr. and Mrs. H, A dfllcioiiM luncheon IH needlework. was xeryed to thit f^illowlng members. .Mrs. John Kok.'-Mrs. Cleveland l'ull«-y. Mrs; J.j W. (Jordon. Mm. Uervy Bland. .Mjrw. P. .M. Love, .Mrs. ^>l Smith. .Mrs. S. H. liandley Mrs. L. .Newman and the lloHIe .•^s. —.Mrs. John Hass. jrl, reporter. GiKirge Mess, of 806 South street, motored to Bart, Oklahoma. Satiir-! idi-nce on day on a business trip. Syninies of CU) North Fourth St .She in leaving today for Kansas City for a few day|< vfsif with ,Mrs .1. M. Clark, after; which she will ^;o to Chicago for a visit with her daiiKlHer there. A. K. Wells who recently purchased the .Marr Auto Supply t'o is moving with his family to a res- SoHth Washington. ! The Dean Transfer Co. drove to Mr. and .Mr.s. James Hall of 41'i! Baxter Springs, Kan., today with South .lefferson avenue. ; relumed |tu„ truck loads of tools for the home yeste.'day from .t visit in}Fry Bros. Construction Co.. which tolumbiis. Kansas. ^ has a lug iro^d contract there. was called I Lewis Johnson and family have F. P. Swiggett. who here by the <leath of father. ;,„t«.,.,I from '.m .North Chestnut A. Swiggett 01 \\heeler llelKhls, j.s,r,.,., ,„ a residence at the corner retuii.ed to his home in Wichita | „f Kast Lincoln and Third St. Mr. and .Mrs. Walter Hamilton of 204 South Kim street, have sold j their rental property adjoininp the j home place t|0 Francis Bremer. : M..„ f» 1, ifu-T" . ..' (Who with his family will oi-cupy : Mrs. O. R. White, of Moran. pass- j, ., ,,„„,e. ed through here to<lay enroute to' Cha.s. B. Tippie of the Tijipif Motor Co.. went to Kansas Citv day on busine.-.s. the lat< be held ^'alls. - For, 1024J. .Mrs. .Mary A. Heyiiohls to this aiti-rnoon at .Neusho K*Ullej- HrilHlies, phjine .\. R.JJCuflelit redtriied IIOIIK: uight from a ten days Inisii trip in} Texas. Carroll lloyl (!. B. Stoilghill, who aceoiiipu Mr. KiiWeld to Te\as. will retij tor a longer lime. ast ••ss :iiid led aiu An lifl-ihiy llieelllii! of the iilllll- lioldt unit <>f .the Woineii's Finn Bureau 1 M being held today at llii 'i home if Mrs. Davi; Wood at ll'um- boldt. 'The niurning was giveu jWeir to iHtfrilflon, while clotbliig will he the subject for this afternoon, tfrs Florence Syverud, .county linme demonstration agent, iii atl^n Inig the meeting.., tiud a^iijiiitlug in the demouijtraiions. Everfett ton, D. night, of his G. Carroll of Wasli C, arrived in lola Sljji s •illii Ifalled by the serious grandmother. Mrs. J. ing- day ness Williams of southeast ot LaHarp Keiristnitlon Notice. —The office of the City will b^ open from 8 o'clock Ijerk U .i ni. till 10 o'clock p. m. begiiniifag March 1927, for the purpose of « tratioii. at the vemhe must vote a April All those who did notj General Election last K or who have moved 16, 1927 and closing .^ (register to entitle them ' to the Citv Election to be held P. 192T. B. L;- MCNIEL, , City dlerk. arch [egis- vote No- ince. .Tohn Eisenbarger returned home in .Martinsville. Mrs[ to her yesteiTduy. She was called hefe by the-d^a'th of, flo VanH lozer. , | Wil ipm Peterson of Kansa ijclty. .MoJ, was an over Sunday visitor in tbie home ol his cousin. C. V^. Nelson a|id family of 16 Bruncr iijtrcet En4icott-Joli|ison World's ;tarjce«t Shoe Makers WOMEN'S IVatoot One-Sirup, ('Hbtin I Heel. I'al-ilej Trim. WeWa to attend tlie funeral. <if her nephew, Raymond' Lloyd Riebe. Too late for the meeliiij; to li.- called off word wa.s r.iceived from Dr. W. A. .McAfee, of Topeka. who was to have addressed the Current Topics dull las! eveniuK. that he could not he here. In his absence Charles F. Sl;ott addressed the dub,'taking as bis topic, "The Foreign Policy of the I'nileil States." It was anuoiiiiced that Senator K. C. Apt would be the speaker next .Monday eveninu ami that' Dr. McAfee woulil come wiihoiii fail on the I'Sfb: The lawn surrounding the Junior f'olIeKe biiildiAg has been graded up anil is now; reailv for the grass s I. / Mrs. farl Klllngton of Lone Rlni w;!s sliiipping' in lola yesterilay. ..f. ('. I Heard drove over to Buffalo, Kail., yesterday to pay a short visit to .Mr. Sale whom he had not met for 44 years. Tluy were old time boyhood friends hack east. Miss Kthel Thompson was- down from Lone Kim -yesterday on a shopping expedition. Ccmpani/ DRY GOODS-WOMEN'S WEAR-MllLINERY ; >OUk - - - -. KANSAS >'ortliru|i BIdgJ furttieriy ucniiiled Ity JJumeii Klcliardsoa lOLA'S POPULAR STORE —Spring: WOMEN'S DRESS HATS $3.75™$1?.50 SPORT HATS TO OHH.DREN'S HATS TO We find at this store the largest and best selection of Millinery in Allen' county. (That's what customei:s tell us every day.) We feel sure wejsan please you. Come in and look aimmd. We ai'e always glad to show you and we invite comparison, j SOUTH SIDE ^*where savings cif]e sredtesi SQUARE lOLA, KANSAS Values American Worsen, the back* bone of lothutrial America, de- nland J. C. Peiiney Co. Work Clothes They Klj(OW fhe Values —the Long Weat —Oii Quality^ •reSliJiREl For the Worker The Right Clothes for the Jot -^^that's what yoii get in our Worl Clothes. Our Mass Buying for 773 Stores brings- to- every Workmax Quality at Low Prices. and No Frilb--But Sly uul Good Ti ' The Stores of the J. Dey Company do not iDucb for jfrills but thi qiulity aiid'good tMt< When ire uy our Stjol'ef are! "whirt savings art i >HMr«»* yot] - understand that we are talking of both quaUty ~' price. ; - I Not a ! lingle artici • tour displky* until its i giving qtplity has be(3i card- ft^Iy scrutinized and weighed. - Every article must tieasura tip to our high standail. Inferior merchandise isnit cheap at any price. We deare to serve yt u at all times as you want to t < served and as ve wpuld waii to be served were th? tables reversed. enters ervic^- JBbys' Oveir|aii8 "Pay Day" Of 2.20 blue Just like Dad's, back, two-sea large front an* pockets. Heavy rable. 9to »Yra. ' .10 89c_ ^enim. High legs, back khd du- 17 Yr.. Look for the Uni<i>n Label onEverjc of or Suspender ^ f| Back Jacket.!; ^with Engineers* Cuffs to Match For Oiveralls or Jacket —Of staunch, durable'2.20 Uue denimJN —rExtra strong stitching all over; ^ -4Cut Extra Full; —Overall has suspender or regular high back; —Two hip, tw> side, watdi scud rule pockets-Bar-tacked to prevent rippinc; —All sizes, indudSxig Extra Sizes; —Jackets with Engineers' cuffs to match. Look for the Union Labelon "Pay-Day" Overalls . Meh^s A iiKfetic Union Suit^ Bu^ Kow for Spring and Suromerj— Cool and LovrPnced ; Oh Boy 1 Wha i relief to get^ into cooi, comfortable athletic union suits. We are featurtr g an iinusually good quality nainsook, finished. Men and T^'U appreciata this Value in excellenjt ivell made and wjcil wometi shoppers value at '(>-i -«r «*:«;*i«iiiMinm] 4^c and French Flannel siiirls for M Of metlium weight, light gray fhuinel. ton-flap pockets, looking am\ sei shirt.; Just t|ie t out-dopr wear ^ t of thti year, priced at— mm Works. For Boyi JA' gootl iceable ing for time low Of good quali drill. One-pic< c bination style, and easy off \ few buttons and ets. Very coiplortable. Sizes 28 to 34. its Kkhaki com- :^asy on h ;Very S pock- $1.49 Mens Sateen Work Shirfs Our "C'ompassT brand, made (if very jdiiral)l« black sateen, fjill cut. vet'y comfortable; two- bulton-tHru pockjets. Excellent value at—r- 98c! Play Suits For Jimiars Open front, drop siat, three pockets; | of bliie ^nim, khaki dr|ill, khaki jean; "also blue and tan hkkory stripe ijnaterials. Skes .1 to 7 years. At— i 98c Our **Big Mac" Work StdrU Make Good Our own "Big Mac** label means big value, un- tisually big value at our low prict: of— 6^c Of plain blue or grey, chambray — two large button pockets — large, roomy sleeves and body —square cut tails. All; Sizes, including' Regular, Slim and Extra Sizes.' Riding Pants Bedford Olive Soitinir Heavy button and (jnllted knees, don- bla reia- forced ie*t', and ' •taanobidt loops. For the put* door work* ef or for the varied n a e s or tonr I ngi campiss, or otliersporta wtas .|Size> 90 to 46. $3.98 Durable Pants Fin* Moleskin Made of heavy weight, genuine moleskin, printed ' on both sides, •with black and wlute stripes. . Two side, ope watch and two button- S^p pockets; c u ff bottoms and belt loops. Sizes 30 to 46. $2.9S

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