The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 15, 1927 · Page 2
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 15, 1927
Page 2
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Going aparf! The soul a (fosprt se<iks, ^ i A quiet ftia««', Willi sky vaai, far Uiibroltpn t-veii'by Brayiir Kray in streakst ; ! Nor any clomls tliat 'croHs tin surfacH Hi ray, iWlierP m ^ariH' tin- Bli ^-iiti-st l)r«-f?7.i' Aavi to iniriiile, ^ Or one lon«' DOII- or hird fall on 111; ear, I>avlnK 111*' iiijlriij hivc|ii'(l In noll- iiiili'. • S'-niilnK no otlu-r i-niity lnn<'ar! fliM'li .a williilr.'iwini'. lliii'- . <-:ii'li niorliil cTtiviii, P«rpl<x"il !ii)<l iviiirif-ii - ^ Kr'*al worliI'M ilifi By; toll *lil <=li liaiiiiiiTH. Wllil 'Il MlnfaVfH, lJiir «Hi of Koiiif, out iiml coiiiliiK in; Tliroiigli forly il:iys? Oil, nrcaHuri- IIOl lllH llnii! Till I'uly call us hai-k in toni-s Hlirlll, clear! ' ifven this n'siilu- iiifans what h<-iBlits snhlinu'— haunt, to solace, till another .year: K«'llf} Wrili Tli<! Unity day brill and essw Til.' by i-il:iloni Y »-t— To —Ella A. FanntiiK York Tiriies. Th 'I hi MrH. Mil!)- (leorjij Hfon. .1. Kit V. Mrn. DalKn^nu, Apl. al'ternoon was iu room with MrH. Inl) nieftinR yesifer- ihe Ke E. B. C Mrs. A. K. Enfield as h^Hl- yiCH -presidiiut. Mrs. N. wa.H in ihargf Of the st THE lOLA bAILY REGISTEK, TUBSUAY illey Vtuk ( m liijact- of .Vn-M. K. D. l^nd, prjJBil- (!<»n(. who \(as oiif of town. Mril. Btirlify. .Mil|«.r talked on "Iniajii.'if PrimipleH,"! and. rt'ad u paper jO (i -Moliii Ooiilfl Fletcher," |trepar«-iil hy Mrs, A. II. Knfleld, who Was mii- able 10 be preseni. Itojl call Hiib- Jec( jtvas "Apiilied Education." next iiieetlnK will h<» with Elizabeth Apt. . : ni >-iiiberH ailenilinK wefe: |<:. li. StodKhill, .Mrs. liurijey MrM. J. II. Sowerljy, MVH. Talberl, MiJH. \V. E, Ktil- |Mrn rharlcH K: Hcoit, .Mrs. hey, .Mrs. J, W. lleHH ..r.;'AltJH. iKirKett, '.Ml'M. O \UMIH Ered I teuton. Mrs. (.ii>i>. jr., and .MIHH n<:ilziil )el^h in Ihc New aire DlniuT for BaRketbull Tenni ^ Mr. and Mr.s. Grant Billlw and Mrs. -M. A. Allen, of Eapt Lawn, entertained the boys on the first team of the junior high school Sunday at one o'clock dinner. Black anid jiold 'were ;tlie decorations and a baskietball made of crepe paper C4>ntered the table. Kibbons from the ball terminated za.eachl plate and after dinner the boys pulled the ribbon.s and received favors which were, concealed in the; ball. Wi|liani .Miirph.v. Ernest Hair and Dorothy Hair assisteil. in .serving. . The guest.s were: -Mr. A'cinnii A'an Camp, coach, and .Mi's. Vnii Camp; Harold .-VviTett, Howard ! Sharp, Thomas Hair. Fred DriKgs. : Raymond Harbison. Hilton Baker, i Jonas Skinner, Ralph White. Harry I Thompson. } ^. ,> lEqtfrtain Sorosis llnb Mrs. G. Jl. gainer and .Mis.-.A. Bi Garrison entertained the iiieiii- bera of the Soi -oKis Club .Vonday afternoon in the hotnv of ihi? former, 825 East Hi reel. I Plans, were made for the next j meeting which will be in the home i of MrH. Ray Taylor wiili .Mrs. U. I?. WlHhard and Mrs. .A. F. Florence hOHtessPH. A papV-r on "Edgar Masiers" •waK read by Mrs. O. I,, (iarling- houBP. Mrs. Ira I). Kelley read a paper oA "Carl S:>!indbeiK." Mrs. Florenco I Longshore , read a paper on "Amy Lowell" and tlii- "Life of I)r. Charles .M. Sheldon" was given by Mrs. jr. AV. Waite. I The member:! at the iiieeling; i-were: Airs. O.' L. (iarlingboiise. | Mrs. A.'F. Flortpce, .Mr.'^. B. -M. ICoutant, W. H. AnderKon, -Mns. Dr Lucy Hull. .Mrs. Ira I). Kelley, |Mr8, .1. B; Kirk. Mrs. Florence 'Longshore, Mrs. W. E. Lvon;;, Mrs. ID. B. Mccarty, Mis. T. E. Nord- greii,. Mrs. E. W. Haglund. Mr.s. F'. M. Paul. -Mr.s. W. |E. llundall. Mrs' C. E. Russell. Mifi. F. W. Sherwood. 31rs. E. D. Shields. .Mra. (". C. Thomas.-Mr.s. B. E. Thompson. Mrs. Clyde Thompsixn. Mrs. U. L. Koenig, Mrs. T\ Waite, .Mrs. L. H. Wishard and .Sirs. (.".'.M.; Conner.! ; * • <• (.'olde^ Link Hub .l^pt'tx The members of iiie.fJolden [.,lni< club ijict ypHlleirday afternoon iwltli Mrs. .^I. M. Close, COT South Cottonwood 'jSlrceL KolJ call, responses were otr cuit- rent (jvents. .Mrs. \V. A: Woodrujf i-ead a paper on "Laying Up Treai - ures for Ohl A|;e."* Mrs. \Vi AVillia(iis gave an interesting stoiiy of the Idgp. nients The Wni. ' home life of .President (lool- .Mrs; Close served • refresli- niempjers present were: MrH. iilloi.-. .Mrs. Fred .Menzie. .Mrs.. Beula i Funk, Mrs. Erik Jensen, Airs. '.-, Z. Groves, Mrs. C. ,H. McPh<pon.j .Mrs. W. .M. Williams. -Mrs. -M.-irvii Wil.son. Ali=s. Mark Runer and Mijs. W. A. Woodruff. • •:• <• J|o\(pN<es J^o Inrrenf {liib ^ -i;. iM. (irover and • Mrs. dscm' were ho.stesses to the rs of the Current - EvcnlLs ;o.stprday afternoon in thV' 410 Wos^ Kvent .Mrs. W. HI momix dub y home nf Mi's. |Grover, Aladisdn avenue. / | Mrs.j H. <;. Ridgeway, presidGnt, was ill! char<:p. of the meeting antl loircall was "Present Lcatlors iii Eiiropi!." Tiie program subject was. "Siinn.v Italy" and paper's werii given iis fpljows: "Romp, thd Eterl- City." Miss Nellie ("Side Trips": "Venice.' Thayer: "Naples." .Mrs. .1. W. Hudj- e, the K:ter[> Wallers Mrs. W. TI IfYiJuWant Something Si for teUT toSeridYi ST. PATRICK WOULD SAY: BUY THEM BY\ THE I^OUND OR BY THE FOOT OR YARD Delicious Chocplates and Bon Bphs You'll like!the attracti\e package las well as gootlness and l>urity of the contents. the son; "MJIanh Mr». W. E. Starks and "Genoa." Mrs.i D. ;G. Minesinger, the two latter .papers I being prepared by Mrsi Henry Eyler and Mn*. H. W. Eyler. who wiere unable to be present. Guests were: Mrs. W. S. Pe^es. Mrs. Glen S. Shipp and Mrs' N. C. Mclntyre;. Menibera present were: .Mrs. W. Z. Bartels. Mrs. Martin Brown. Mr.s. S. A- Ellis, Mrs. Richard Ewlng. Mrs; G. W. Gales. Mrs. A. 11. Hecox. .Mrs. W. O. Lenhart. .Mrs. n. H. Mairtln. Mrs.i Joe Mc- Kiiiley. -Mrs. E.^ W.! .Myler. Mrs. 1>. (i. Minesinger. Mrs! Ralph Stover, Mrs. .1. E. Powell. Mrs. 11. (!. Ridg.- way, Mrs. ('. II. Vifli'eni. Mr.s. A. A. Schell, Mrs. 11. H. Sheririan, Mrs. W. E. .Slarks, Mrs. ^. i:. Hpeegle, Mrs. W. T.- Thayer. .Mrs. tieorg- Vosse. .Mrs. H. L. Wagner. Mr.f. J. [J. TroinlHild. Mls.-t |.Velll.- Wallers ind Misa Bess Marljn. I'urtrnK In To|i#ka (|ti|tltul .\ iilcliire, which iiil»lit hi- coii- rildered a porlrait. nt Airs.'Fredi-r- UU it. Apt, and Ell/.alieib I Apt, Sunday issiie of the To|ie|(a the wife and daughter of Slate SeilHlor Al)l. «ppe:(iit in the Mrpi. FreiJertck. Gazlay Apt, lola and her nine months' Capitaf. The portrait appeiCrs -in the society column under thci caption. "Two Pleasing Topeka Visitors" and [the Capijal has thi.s to say about It: of old daughter. Elizabetii Lee. have, with Senator Apt. beeii-guests at the Hotel Jayhaivk during Abo legislative .se.ssion. .Mrs. Apt is the daughter of Jlr. and Mrs. J. C. •Norton of .Moran. Kan. SIK- atiend- e<l the Emporia Teachers College, and is a iiiemiMM- of the natliinal peilagofiical sorority. Pi Kappa Sigma.I While teaihiiig at lolu. she becaiiDt acquainted with Major Apt v.'Jieii i -i -turned from the.Worlil War. .\ woman of Individuality aiid cliarin.. Mrs. Apt has made many rrleniis during her s.iay here: •> * <' ,; All«>i:<l liltrtlidH} Itlnner .Mr. and .MFM. .1. W. Edwanhi. Mr; Hiiil ,Mi'n. Ben Fryer ami chililr^-ii, .Mrs. .M.'irtlia Alfoid and .Mis.i;! Alford allt'tliled u dinner Sutiilayi ii the home of (i. W. Eilwaid;'. of f|j i- nut<-, ill honor of t|i» birthdays of Mr.-;. Alford and .Mr. G. W. Kduard-'i i llohie Ko> Holds .tSrijCiliK I The Hoiie 'at the Hfgli KNING, ^ AUGII hdiiilr<c rinb Economics blub met school buildink Mbnday nlpfct for ti picnic suppel ILuella j Ecdnomics K Miss Variier gave a talk on "Op- MKS. IE. Mimday at in til* Field * •> * UHehPon Adams I country hiliii^ given lin .Mrs. M. V (irook. who i leave Wed to join her The glle; Keadeil. Hi Ffoyd lli^v Kettle. Sill ,<;. Dickers.: -Betty l^iiij While tt Kdiiibiiri'li blown liit<ii '•Uni and I liiirl. |-S .le ,,l:, in the .Stat!' [leijday for I.,o!l a noon luncheon in her honor of «-]xpect.t to . Angeles iisband. were: lilei .leuiie Keail Siiiboihani. .Mrij. W. .M le ilil •• Ann Kettii}, Mr.'i. J .Mm. B. W. Kink a pf Hoiiie MrK C. J. ell, Mrs. k. rilmg in a nia ihole in i^ii elwilriclun , Wflfl ^ he! air liy a gas e 'iidild in llie .HIWI'.un- • name of Wasliinglf 5. 1927. ..1©' TOE WORLD'S GREATEST —contains two leavening units-^ne begins to work when die dc^gb is Mijced, the ddm waitB for the heat of the ov4ii, then, both ttnit»work tbgedier. Gives you doubfe pt^tec&oDL aga^ £ail^ un .8imtiiiie ---waster -^n 'y* WJOM MkKSm lAi|ll». or illfY OTHER BBlAKD 26 YEARS OF SUCCESSFUL MERCHANDISING in lOLA the Month of March Tomorrow in the Hosiery Department WkiifE Gptos and DOMESTICS We bffer Real Saviniffs Durii|g March A niro iVahic .sale of Full IFjishioiurd I'tin- Thii-ad Silk-Mo.-^i-:it^ T $1.00 ^^"$1.25 Rek'iilar|?l.;).');v:ilui- at ?1.2.5 a viiiv. All Silk Chifl-onf in .sizti 9',-> aiul 10 oiilv, p.'iir— $1.25 Regiil ir S1.95 valut?. All PurolSilk Servioo Weight, sizes 9'-. niid. 10, p;iir $1.00 Regular ?J..')0 value. I I Hope ."Mislin, per yard £ .36 and 40-inch Pepperel 2 .'jc, VWf^e il^nderweait • • , .| 1 (In Wh \^<: ruil jilcnched Standard Sol"! ^MnKsh, E.xcept 19f Yarli^ v ide Pajanj 17f Waujmliec part .{(J-in. rifie duality Cj^m^ric |{<mkF<>Id Shirtinjr C :V>-\nvh La iFrance 19<i :{<i-in. H^ayy Quality in a I the new Spij :\tti^ tiitamyl l*astel .shades, I'nt erwear Crepe, ; Queen Ann«| ii.^i^ Chintz!, A(!A Feather hrienE :h^v 7)tk- valu '.•,T>c iinn] (•en nine -.12c .i25c --15,c ICS Tubihff Crep«!i ^te, PinK and P6aeh Qnality! 9-4 Sheetinc: _-..'59c iinal Quality, No Starch a Cloth, white, yard if. roller Crash, yard Finish {Perca iot, yard -J - color Dress G^nffhani I'urci Irish Lbien SbltinR ing shad^ _.| L Wlc neat iligures, P^'.ssc per yard Gintrham, yard yard Ticking, yard — i 12'/2C .-ISc . -Lie __1 I z:iv Tomorrow An Unusual Showing of the Newestin SPRING FROCKS per - 2.'>c ._.29c WASH GOODS I Ajmo.^t extraordinary .showing. The largest and morit completje line shown anywhere. :JG-inth Kerchii-f IJnon at— ' 39c Regular .jOc value. Shown in a wide range of beautiful new Spring tone.s in Check.s, Block Pattern.s, etc. HOUSEWIVES— tou Will Want to Share in These Great a el fa Flal Catit AT $12.75 $19.75 thiat are worth much more than i.s being ill for I hem. A remarkable .special pmchase off ei-.s pice of this season's newest and frbck.s and , M. Beautiful for every Spring dre.s.s need. (^/Vepe.s, Canton Crepe.s, Georgette combined with oil, otc. Extra Sdecial This Week .100 Dozen FROxM OUR LINEN DEPARTMENT .^6x36 all linen Lunch Cloth with d*"! A A 6 Napkin.s, per .set r>4x54-in., $3.95 value, all linen Lunch (PQ fVfi Cloth and 6 Napkin.s, set --__«pO«UV 54x54-in.i §5.50 value all linen Cloth, white with blue, rose and gold borders, hem.stitched , (S^A^ K/\ the cloth andlG napkins for tl)T :«tlU You can cui^tain the home this month nt PCQ/» Big Saving, Wc value Nets, yard , Imported Handkeddhiefa from China; imported Handkerchiefs from Ireland; Imported Handkerchiefs and 3.5c values^ placed fromCzechd Slavpka, 5 different stylesj, 25c KO/» in groups of 6 for O^/C ly only 81x105 2- (grt QQ $SM yahjle __ W^iWQ New Spring Silks In a Special Showing This Week—Featuring for Tomorrow 1.000 Yards of Beautiful Flat Crepes in Rose. Mon- kc', Navy, Biege, Sand and Biege atJ— . ; $1.75 ^ i . The most popular silk on the market this .spring is "Ming Toy." a washable Flat Crepe of exceptional beau- '"f $2.95 *^ - . JGuaranteed 100 ])er cent pure .silk—Giiaranteed , wasliable—Guaranteed to be fast colors. \ The Winter is Not Over With Yet—You Can Save by Buying 25 Per Cent Discount on any pair of Wool Blankets or Part Wool Blankets or Beacon Indian Robesi while they [last. i 20 Pair Beautiful Beacon Plaid Blankets, Soi.sette Iwund, large double bed sizfe. 1 $5.75 vahie Ht i :^.:_*l .:-l___::-^.__-___:_L_^> $3.95 ......... m

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