Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on January 11, 1962 · Page 2
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 2

Fayette, Iowa
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Thursday, January 11, 1962
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Established In 1914 My Neighbors Creek Bottom Comments By Reuben NATIONAL EDITORIAL 61 -TLfeSi Subscription Rates In F;iy<!t<- and Adjoining Counties Outside Fayette and Adjoining Counties S.'i.OO Per Year S3.50 Per Year The Leader is published weekly in Fayette. Iowa, and distributed tin '!'inn Nflay innin'uvi Kntert'd at the Post Office at Fayette, Iown as >!vond class matter, under the Act of March 3. 1879. Maurice Sioneman, Owner and Publisher "You wash—and 1*11 wipe." Editorial Comments - - - Public Be Damned Gas Tax Sometimes losing the game can be a satisfying experience. A few years ago there was an attractive, eligible, middle-aged lady working as office girl at an implement sales & service in one of the larger NE Iowa towns. A little guy thought she was "just wonderful", and finally got up the nerve to write her n "fan" Sitter and tell her so. There was an immediate reply, on pretty pink stationery. The lady was pleased and flattered by the compliments, and hoped she was worthy of the admiration . . . Hut at the time, she felt deep obligation to an ailing elderly parent. . . And when the obligation was terminated, there was another fellow, that won "the inside track". So long as the little guy lives he will have appreciation for the good woman's courtesy and consideration. Losing at the game of hearts is no reason for bitterness or re- There's one thing you can say with certainty about the motorist. He isn't the forgotten man! The tax collectors state and federal • - remember him with a vengeance. According to V. S. Bureau or Public Hoadx est tim.-'ti s, tax receipts on motor fuel accounted for W per cent of total state highway user taxes during the 5'car that just closed. In terms of dollars, they came to S3 5 billion. And this wasn't all by any means - for the federal lax. of four cents a gallon, added up to a handsome S2.-1 billion. There is, however, a very definite question as to just now long this goose is going to give ever increasing golden eggs. While state and federal taxes on gasoline have risen SO per cent in the last decade, the rate of increase in gasoline consumption has, in late years, shown a substantial decline. For instance, when the federal tax was increased in 1950. there was a growth rate decline in -10 states. The same thing happened almost identically when the latest increase went into effect in 1!>">!) - 3!) states reported a con sumption fall off. So what we seem to be witnessing is an example of the ancient and irrevocable law of diminishing return. The combined federal - state gas tax now averages more than 10 cents a gallon. So motorists drive less, or shift to the smaller cars. And government in the long run, is a major loser. Fayette School News Second Grade — Kveiyone had a grand time during our Christmas party. We had < ookies. candy, ice cream and milk. Mrs. Kverett received a beautiful white lambs wool sweat or. She liked it very much and would like to thank the students, parents and room mothers. This week marks the end of the semester. Therefore, we will be having tests in spelling, read ing. arithmetic and health. We are going to review for our spelling test by having a spell down. Ten students are absent today. Most of them have the chickenpox. We hope they get well "quick" and come hack to school soon. Seventh Grade — Cathy Alshause Today is Danny Petehe's last day with us. The class presented him with im adventure book and a pair of st'etcli socks. Danny told us about his new home and school in Oelwein. This week many people in our class have been sick with the flu. Thursday .Ian. Ill we are going to have a tnbaggon party. Jim Bitterman, Clark Austin, James Lee, Bonnie Tripp, and Ronnie Lau are furnishing the sleds and tob- aggons. The party will be from 1 to 4 p. m. We have $00.42 in our club treasury now. Coach Milt Kramer, stated that Dottis Van Bogart and Donna Kuhens, iKith freshmen, have improved much since the beginning of the season. They both played a large share of this game. Hot Lunch — Monday: Chili with crackers, celery, fruit cup. cinnamon roll, milk, bivnd and butter. Tuesday: Chicken and noodles, peas, fruit juice, cherry cobbler, milk, peanut butter and lettuce sandwich. Wednesday: Goulash; relish tray, white cake, canned poaches, turkey sandwiches, milk. Thursday. Baked potatoes and butter, corn, tangerine, chocolate pudding, graham crackers, cold meat .sandwiches, milk, cheese wedge. Friday: Macaroni and cheese, hot or cold tomatoes, egg salad sandwiches, apricot sauce, raisin bar, milk. names; Mr. Jackson talking in Biology about shapes ( we won't say what, shapes ): several pairs of shoes off on dress up day; a couple new knuckle busters; Dick V. S. throwing paper wads; some very sloppy outfits on Dress Up Day. ( I'd hate to see what you'd wear on "slop day )'. Buz/, we're so happy you enjoy Knglish literature! Girl's let's start winning our games so Mr. Kramer will wear his "victory tie"! Everyone join in on our "Put the tie back on Mr. Krnmer," campaign. Support the girls' team! Girls Sports — The Fayette cavdinalettes started off a little on the wrong foot for the new year when they played South Winneshiek of Calmar here Tuesday, Jan. 2. During the second quarter Fayette was tied with South Winneshiek, quite a few times but South Winneshiek pulled away at the end of the quarter and continued ahead through the-game. The final score was 01 - 45. Mary Manson was high scorer with 29 paints, Marge Webb with eight points, Sharon Pattison with six points and Sue Crafton with two points. Mary Manson was high rebounder with 10 rebounds. This 'n That — By Marge Santa goofed didn't he Jean Ann'.' Gosh, what good is a box of crayons without a coloring book. Barb, what did you mean by the little message written on that Kleenex. Were you trying to tell us something? Mary, what was so interesting during the Calmar game? Alas, F. H. S. has finally found our own Mitch Miller! But, Dayna, where's your beard? Mr. Powis is looking forward to the lovely soprano voices of D'Ann Bierbower and Kerry Jo Kramer. Their solos during the Christmas concert were simply "overpowering." Karen, do you still believe that the nerves of the tongue are tied to the heart? Geewhizl! Say, Ken and Scott, what were you trying to prove with the towels during girls basketball practice Wednesday night? Seniors, the magic date is May 17! bnly 5 months, 19 weeks 133 days, 3192 hours, 191,420 minutes, or 11,485,200 seconds away! Seen and Heard; A senior boy snoring; Mary Manson using last Wins Homemaker award Judy Elaine Langcrman daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Langerman of Fayette is winner in the Fayette school in the 1962 Betty Crocker Search for the American Homemaker of Tomorrow. She achieved the highest score in the examination on homemaking knowledge and attitudes taken by senior • girls Dec. 5. She becomes eligible now along with winners in other state high schools, for the title of State Homemaker of Tomorrow. The girl named State Homemaker of Tomorrow is provided a $1,500 scholarship by General Mills, sponsor of the program. The state runner-up will receive a $100 scholarship. In addition, the State Homemaker of Tomorrow and her school advisor will join with other state winners in an expense-paid ed- JUDY LANGERMAN ucational tour of New York City, Washington, D. C, and Colonial Williamsburg, Va. At the latter, the 1962 Ail-American Homemaker of Tomorrow will be named. The national winner will have her scholarship raised to $5,000 with second, third end fourth place winners being granted scholarships of $4,000, $3,000 and $2,000 respectively. The knowledge and attitude test, prepared and scored by Science Research. Associates, Chicago, is the basis for selection of local and state winners with personal observation and interviews serving as factors in national judging. The 1962 Betty Crocker search reached another all-time high in enrollment with' 406,132 girls in 12,874 schools/ participating. The program now is in its eighth year. By the end of this year, more than two and. a half million girls will have participated and scholarship awards will have totaled more than three quarters of a million dollars. if SHARON PATTISON *t ths'rlgHt/ battles for the ball In the closing «M »i )i« of tin aamt with South Wlnnoihlek last Saturday nloht, Another „ hrvwto »*rkmX *»t9W ljK«t>»h* »•« w«!Hns to snatch the ball If they have lived all their married If «Jj^W*(»tf «*»e, * 1 Ufe in North Guthrie Ckiunty. 60th Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Raner of Bagley were honored recently on the occasion of their 60th wedding an- iveraary. Except for a few years gret, when the loser has the feeling of having been treated as a MAN ( instead of a little old dog. ) c-bc And now, a little story that won Norman W. Vanaman Jr., of Alloway, N. J., $100 as a "TRUE story". He alleged that while in college, he look a filler" course in psychology. One day in class, the discussion got around to sex and sexual behavior. One male student stood up and said," Professor, I guess we all fairly well understand nymphomania, and it's causes and effects, but what do you call a MAN with compelling and overpowering sexual desires?" "Absolutely . normal", came the sweet voice of a coed from the back of the class-room. c-b-c Patience can be both a blessing, and also a curse. Let us never forget, today is the tomorrow of yesterday. presentative of this office, can be reached by writing to me here in Washington, or m Cedar Rapids, or directly to Clem in Oelwein. B Schools, colleges, and public libraries interested in obtaining surplus books from the Library of Congress should write to my Wes- ington office. B Next year there will be 250,000 U. S. Government employees in the City of Washington, an all time high. LOCALS L. R. Lockwood received word of the death of his step mother, who died Jan. 1, in Santa Monica, Calif. Burial will, he in Valentine, Nebr. —*— Mr. and Mrs. Israel Shaffer attended the funeral of his sister, Mrs. Harry Gilson, Friday, Jan. 5, at the Illyria church. —•— The Rachel circle of the W. S. C. S. will serve a 50 cent noon luncheon, on Wednesday, Jan. 17. Serving will start at 11 a. m., in the Methodist church basement. The menue will be goulash, salad, rolls, pickles, jelly, pie and coffee. —«— Mr. and Mrs. Dick Bass and family of Waterloo were week-end visitors in the Farrell Bass home. Mr. and Mrs. James Bass and daughter were Sunday afternoon callers. —•— Edward Roberts and a friend of Winona, Minn, were Thursday supper guests in the Howard Roberts, Sr., home. Merlin Roberts of Winona, Minn, was a week-end visitor in his parents' home. —m— Mrs. Ena Davis accompanied her son, Thomas, to Waterloo Saturday and they spent the day with their son and brother, Martin Davis and family. —a— Wednesday afternoon visitors at the J. E. Olseri home were her brother and sister-in-law, and Mrs. Carl Follmer and family of Stan­ ley. Sunday evening visitors were another brother, William Follmer and family of Stanley. — m — Mrs. Harry Randall began work recently at the Coffee Nook cafe. —•— Visitors Sunday at the Burton Odekirk home were Mr. and Mrs. Robert Odekirk of Waterloo and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph McLeese of Fayette. —•— Mrs. Rolanda Gray is a patient at the Allen Memorial hospital in Waterloo for medical care. —• — Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Severson and family, Waverly, were dinner guests Sunday at the parental Fred Maurer home. —•— The senior class of the Fayette high school are sponsoring a bake sale Saturday, Jan. 13, at Knights Hardware to help defray expenses on their class trip in the spring. —•— Sunday afternoon visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Louie Sorge were Mr. and Mrs. Dorsey Cannell and Vaylord of Sumner. —•— Mr. and Mrs. David Briggs and family, Minneapolis, visited from Saturday until Monday at the parental Walker Briggs home. —•— Mr. and Mrs. James Thycr, Sharon and Lavern, returned home Wednesday morning from a 10-day vacation trip to Florida. THey report the temperature as cold, and normal for that area during their JAMES E. BROMWEU. SECOND IOWA DISTRICT The meeting between the President and Chairman Mills of the House Ways and Means Committee on Jan. 6, may prove to he the most important concerning the medical care bill. Mr. Mills' will be the most important decision as to whether there is or is not a bill. B The action of Sukarno toward the Dutch, like Nehru's action against Goa, keeps before us the hard question of defining foreign policy. What, or who are we for? B It is already clear that there will be no legislation reducing Federal taxes this year. If there is any revenue legislation, it will increase, rather than cut, taxes. B I have not received one comment or criticism from the Second out Protection", issued by the Gov- District concerning the book, "Fall- ernment on Jan. 2. These books are available free at Post Offices. B There are over $200,000,000 worth of new U. S. Government buildings under construction here in Washington: There are over $100,000,000 more on the drawing boards. B Mr. Clem Crahan, district re- stay there. —•— Zoe Anna Martin, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Martin, was hospitalized at the Oelwein hospital for medical care for a few days last week. —•— Deane and Duane Watkins, twin sons of Mrs. Ethel Watkins who are in the Navy, returned to their base at Pensacola, Florida, Saturday after a two weeks visit with their mother. —m— Ruth Holtzman submitted to surgery Thursday at the West Union hospital where she will be confined a few days. — a — Dr. H. I. Robinson is hospitalized at West Union for a few days after submitting to surgery. Eight civil actions, two Criminal actions filed There were eight civil actions and two criminal actions filed in the county clerk of court's office during the past two weeks. Criminal actions included: State of Iowa vs. Lester Staake, false check; State of Iowa vs. Curtis Anthony Smith, OMVI while license under suspension. The eight civil actions were: Fayette Stone Co. vs. Walter Erkel and AI Erkei for an account amounting to $332.48 plus interest and costs; Florence Halverson vs. Earl Streif, transcript; Phillips Petroleum Co. vs. Donald L. and Mary Kimball, $430.79 account, plus interest and costs; Bryce Weaver vs. Donald Reinert, $200 note, plus interest and costs; Willis Mueller, John Cahoy and Duane Cahoy dba Mueller and Cahoy vs. Daniel Reha, $111.49 account, plus interest and costs; Iowa Motor Co. vs. Earl Arthur, $174.10 promissory note, plus costs; Westgate Elevator Co. vs. William Lehmkuhl, $177.10 account plus interest and costs; Shirley E. Aupperle vs. Earl G. Aupperla, divorce. Mission circle meets The Grace Mission circle met Thursday afternoon, Jan. 4. Mrs. Norman Betke led the lesson discussion with the theme, "Love Reaching into all the world." New officers .for 1962 who presided at the meeting, were: Presid- ent.Mrs. Gary Alber; vice presid- ent.Mrs. Floyd Alber; secretary, Mrs. Paul Boshell; treasure Mrs. Paul Boshell; treasurer, Mrs. Eldred Dumermuth; and L.W.M.L. secretary, Mrs. Caroline Engler. Hostesses at the meeting were Mrs. Howard Nicholsen and Mrs. Don Streeter. Women's Bowling W L Chases I. G. A —36 12 Harry's Cities Service 28 20 Maynard Co-op 26 22 Wilke and Wilke 21 27 Singer Plumbing 20 28 Fayette Speed Wash 13 35 HIG — Jo Heidrick 187 HIS — Jo Heidrick 450 HTG - Maynard Co-op 819 HTS — Maynard Co-op .1..2248 Now...for the first time you can... heat with automatic natural gas There's no better time for family fun! There you are, warm and cozy, while outdoors the cold winds blow. It's the kind of a day to stay inside ...the kind of day to enjoy your natural gas heat. It isn't very often you even think about natural gas heat. With today's automatic controls, you set it and forget it, for months on end. Natural gas is always on the job —safely and surely—cleanly and quietly. • Natural gas heat is thrifty heat. In fact, natural gas is the most economy ical fuel available for use in your homo. ' Solve your heating problems the modern, economical way with natural gas—the miracle fuel. See your heating dealer or: Live IVIOPBRN...POW ix *9 ~wmmmm\;<^' ? J*:;?L"3i* PEOPLES NATURAL GAS Office Between Fayette Leader <fe Theat* e — Gilford Hayes, Mgr. — ]R&ne 2 66 .ft I*'

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