The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 15, 1927 · Page 1
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
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Tuesday, March 15, 1927
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til VOLUME XXX. No. 121. DRIVEN FROM HOME,FAMILY MEETS DEATH When Starvation Threatens, Faipily Leaves Home BiitBliizard Claims Tvf 6 Children. The- Weekly Ueglsder, Tli"!lola Uailv K.-)ft KsUbllshed 1867 (ifrr. BstiibllHhed 1S97. He's in Line lOLA. KAN:, TUESDAY EVENING, MARCH 15. Lalicviow, Ore.. Mar."!.';. (AIM - Urivcii from a barren lioiiu- liy the tiirpal of starvation only to -be I'appwl in a blizxard, two small children were frozoii to floatli near Iwre and the Ktorui had all hnt . idlccn the lives of tlu> nnjther and a third child when a rescned ^ tljeni late nifihi. ^ The mother. .Mr.s.'D. \V. iAmlnirK- . er. left thc.'r shack in the monii- tain'i last Saturday in searih of foodj whllo the hiisband and father irjis ' in Lakcview. , Shortly after they started a • ti-ri-ifir bliz>:ard hrohp over the niouiiiains. Lost and helple.s'ji. thej mother ' stood belwccii her ejiildneif and tin- stiiriii, bl I she eould do little. When (he jiosiie arrived tlie two' older ihildron. 10 and 'a.yeans old. were doa.l. Tie mother wa.s frozen i<> (lie knecj and the-Jliird child wa'ii ill a rrilij -al condition from hiinsiir and exposure . They had been iii , the Kiorni-'fh" hours., FIRSt SPAN OF NEW BRIDGE IN Tlie ('iiTit Hd'el .«|ian of tlir- niiv ln(Ii ;iii creek l)ridt;e. ;i luilf mile •uitHt of ficncva K;IS 'lioiUcd inio |ila<". and .vlrtuaHy '"•"'<• work haH been m'rtiu\\iUshri\\ on the ni 'w inTi ^Jool stf'ci ;i ru^s lirldK'- ' over (he creek. , i' i Two more,: <;Iiani>' of t||i' .I;:;!;.!!'!.'! .^lrllclllre. yt-fi KI> Inl" |d;tc<- mid I ho blldKf slHiiild !»• npcn fi/i traffic In ;i jixinllj, iiccor <!in« Ki hue NoftzKcr.; cou rty ciipini cr. Dairy Herds in In Short Period ,\ remarkable advance in the i ailivitie.s of the Allen County t'ow ' ^jl'c.^tinR as.sociutioii for^the last •'•\)iree niontli.s js .shown in the re- iiiiVt ">f Warren Kcliaulis. county i:ow tester.. . ' In Oecember. li)2fi. there: were ; nineteen jherds in' tlie association. . while at: the present • time there 1 ,are 2!) herds and two or three more ; may bi- liandled by the cow tester. ! • louring, tlie last three months, ' .bis rejiort shows that 2."> cows have been cnlledoul and sent to llie butciier. while several niore : wiM be taken from herds; tliis ! month. . ;' 111 Dccx'mher C; fl. Hiliinels herd had the highest averaKe.. as did liis"^ herd in .lanuary.. In Febnfary. however. \V; A. tMarshalTs herd had I hi: liiKliest av<>raB<'; '. I (lerd avera&es for tlie' qiiarier slu w the foUowiir,;: <'•. 11 iliiniicl. Ii;:.!;; W. A. .Marshall. lliO.r.; 1. .M. Whitworth & Son.s.' !il:7: A. II. Ki;oeppel. SS.'f. Walter .Samp, S7.7; | Henderson & Craf, S'l.S; I i^frother.s. SI..',; ./. ]{. Hhiiiianl. SIM: Hoatty A. Ilay. Tit; : K. S. Ilawley. 78.';; CcorRe Tippin.'Ts.:?. Sehaiilis is now-cnuihasizinR volume as well as economical proilm - tion. SrtCYCLE LOSES FIGHT WITH CAR Symin pavement a which he w| car on the the bicyel^ nioli^hed. LUNCH K waj5 knocked to the Id his riglit IcR bruised this moriiiiic when the .bicycle on IS ridinR was hi^ by a ast side of the S(|nare. was vlnualiy de- .\Ir. and Dry Admiii^tniior J. I). i'fiiiiiiii;iiiii ni tiie nesteni r ^nn-sj 1 miilji-W«-sl; V I r it I ii lu lUstrht is a likely choice (or llip new f4|di>r>il commissioner (II liniliilMlioii job lu lie fille^l soiiii. A similsir iMisitioii iin^ hei <l lij- 1 (0}- lluyiies !•< n>ioli >lied by law April I. The neiv conuiiJssjonor vill uorii iiniier (ieiiVral I.'.iiciilii V. Andrews. Horrors! Women to Cover Ear$ .New Viok. Mar. l."i. lAI'i i lOiirs of ibi'j l;iily oj fashion in l !):.'7 avaiii jvill icnciii inio oli| siMiriiy, vviili llic iiassini; ol lb boyish boh. .Sii. a' least. Iris i|.•creel ili American Ma.sii r 1 l.iirilre .'i ^crs| Assocliil ion III ( iiivi'iilioii .1.-1 i:eilij)li --i|, ! Kmlbirr. Iillil.s in :i bcaiily .j 1 .1 1!':;7 liiiidi' well' ;;lveil li.V! •MisH .Alii !•; I'. Ity;in. vice pr. si! il'iit (if the .\iiiciicaii IJi-aiil.V ScbiKds' Assiiciallull. [ The boll will he iiil liiiiKcr. she said. The newest is tUd "arf and arf." in which the hair is drawn back severely oii cii.' side (if :lie head siijas to e.\pose (ine ear. and on the otli- "er side is arranged so thiil tbif ear is covered and the hair ciirves out of the eyes. ! For eveniUK flres.s. womeii will wl 'iir loiiK liair made of hair pieces, the i|(inslruction of which "Is said t^j have reacheil such a staire (if developmenfj •hat lliiv iiiniKii 111- dcteclei( from real b.-iir. i j Uoi'iKe will bc> deep oranKi' hue. eyebrows xiill not In- s 'i| ihiii. anil fiiiK-i 'i nails will be polished Willi a pearl rini.-;li. Charles .N'essler. pr •sldent of Ijie bairdrcsse/s' assiicialion, ;;ave some st.ilislics on heaiily iipkeep., There arc riii.diid bair dressini; and 'lie;intv parlors in llie Cnited Sl.ates. lie said, and last year (iii.(Mi".o'i" women siieiil a lOlal of jrHi'i .iidO.oKfi for bejiuty ciillure. TKreeof Hoover Uniform Traffic BiUs Are Killed TopcKa. Kalis.. Mar. -ir.. (Al*l — KUKLUXIN FORD LIBEL SUITTODAY 'International Jewry" ^ Also Bakis fcir Queries To Jijirors in the , Ford-Sapiro i Trial. .! l»e(roll, Midi., .i !;ir. l.".. (AI") \ Jury oi six waimen ami >i.v men nas snitrii iii today in the tnillloii iloilar: li'tel suit of Aaron Sapi^v against lienr}- J-'oril. Hdrley Prentice I Divorce Suit in Allen County .Man. Convictid of Grandj I.arce ly, 1 Receive- Information Tomorrow Wh<>n; I'apei -s in ace^ the^i Wife'.s Suit Are Served On Him. Will Seated in a cell at the state penitentiary at Leavenworth tomoiTow, Harley Prentice, serving five year.s for griind larceny from Allen county, will have another burden placed on his shoulders. ' The .sheriff of I^eavj-nworth coun-fr ly will feceivu and serve a summons on hiin. bearing the information that he is be:n'i; sued for a Detroit. .Midi., .March 15. (AIM-. The Ku Klii.v Klan. "international lewiy." cii-operalive murkctinK or- !;3ni7.ations and farmers" as.socia- ions liKnreii larf;(;ly in the ques- ioninK today of prospective, jurors n, the" .$1,000.(100 libel suit in Unit•d Stales district court against Henry Ford. The crowds in the 'iroiirt room craned their necks jcagerly in :iopes o!" seeing Ford (limself, but .vere (iisa|i|)o:nte(l. .Mr. Ford will iippear when he is wuiitWl, said Senator .lames A. Keed, of'.Missouri :hief of defense counsel.' As to when llial will be, niioneifi certain, rlie senator said he believed the remaiiuler of the day would be taken up with selection of the jury. : .\ iiioiioii of comiscl for Aaron S'tifiini. «ho is siiin^ Ford becaii .sc of a .-( rie-i of anicl -s in the I)e; l>oni lii 'li (icii'lciii. w ii(h he chai 'Ke.s njiireii 111- iliiiiacler by accnsiiiK him of bviiiK .1 menijier of a JewiKli cnicpiracy lo control agrienltlire wa." denied by Judg^rFred ,M. Uny- iiioiid. The plaintiff^ askejl to have the plea of tbiMtefetidiintH stricken out because justilicalion of 'charKcs of libel was iiot iiiaile and: the leriiis wen- evasive, i Till' prosjieclivi! Jiirois. lour of .wl'Kiii are WOIIKII . Were (iiiestionrMl closely by .liidge liayiiiiiiid as to 4 %hclher aiiylhiiiK Ihi-y h :id read or' Jiciinl would in any_ way affect thejr )ea'liiiiK a fair anil! impartial ver- iiicl. They were ;(skerl whether ih-y or any of their fainili(^s be- jdiiKcd lo Ihe Ku' \\\\^\ Klan or any of a niiiiiber of fat-iiu^r organlxa- iii .li>. Willie- .es III' be call(!(l are from all parts of ll|e coiinl'ry. but none of the veniremen seemed to kimw I hem. • Senator Iteed drew from J. M. Ci'arrison. of .lackson. ^^i(.•ll.. a postal- clerk, thai he had once belonged; to the /<ii Kliix Kl.-in but had with-drawn two years ago. He said he h.'id joined Ij^canse of curiosity anti bad not attended niaiiy of the meetings. \i divorce by hi.s wife. .Neoma M. I'reiitice. and that she is asking the (Custody of their two children: .Marjory, .'» years old, and Ixmald. 2 years old. -Vs a basis for the divorce action, j court to thu s Mrs. Prentice alleges in her peti- 1 county. tion that he lyas convitteil of grand larceny Dcce|mber 1! 2ii. and taken to tt|e sttiteipenitciuiary two days later. | i I She charges that since [hat time she lias-bei'U forced toj sui port Iter­ s'If and theij- two children. I'apers were maileii to lay from " "«•••' ''the clerk <i>^ district lieriff of] Leavenworth the office, of i Frederickson Is Suspicious; Man To Asylum Jim Frederickson. marslial at Bassctt, .spotted a man last night who "Ifmked suspicious." and proceeded to makf! an arrest. The man resisted and Frederickson arraigned him in court this morning, when he w .is fined |10 and cosl.s.' \ lii((uiry hrtMiglif <'Hi the fact that his iiaiiie was Clie.-.t .-r Iliitts and that he was from .Mound Valley. "Iln's supp((.sed to bo in the insane asylum at .Nevada. .Mo," .Mound Valley told Frederickson. "If lie's out. W(« didn't know he wa.s dismissed. Frederickson tailed .N'cvada and Jinlt.s jwill 1M> held in j.ill uniil t() Paper^ Given O.K. ICxtraditionl papers return of Karl to Allen coniity to faccj of possession of sto^len ,.. ..— ^ were honoreij late p 'Sl <tr(lay by Henry S. .lojiiistoii iif Qkbilioma when presented bySherj at Oklahoma jcily. Stnock left I Oklahoma aiilhorities arrive (nniiirrow lak(! him back to .N'evada. nigjii for .Now hopes to arres >oyle from rftlahoma Mty last ala, (>k:la . dliere be \ Doyle, r * • -I I ent is out on( Rond :aj similar in J)kla- wbi liiip charges property f Smock ijith, fharge^ lodgedjagain:! homa. I)(>yli! will 1 e (barged y session ofv'property 1 stol the .Merc)<Uiit and I .<Kn «r stores here ea riy this! year .Stnoek Weill to l>klalioiia City Sunday night and i^ expected to reiurn toinort'ow with lliiylc. Successor to The lola lol.a Iwily Record.? an SINCLAIR IS LOSER TODAY raJEAWNG Government Wins Important Pointi^ in Contempt "~ Trial; ^o Directed Verdict, Says Judge. \Vashinsto;n. .Mar. Ifi. l.\P) iDally Resist rl lol.i fVilily • T. The Index. EIGHT PAGES Wed^ihyv)tl2 Only admitii tempt trial clair. arc to .lustice Hitz giving his to counsel. "1 am on! lo till? jury t declared, "w of fact -Mr. ••moned, wh( whether the to him. and swer." (1 facts in the coii- of Harry K. S ;ii- ibe left to the jury, indicated lo'lay in riews of the ca .'^e goini;: to leave it b say,'' .liisiice Hit/, lietneit as a matter l ^incl:) r was sum- lier te appeared, (luestti.ns, were put lie rtifuKeil to an- .' lA/'l The wo imiiorlaiit oiilempl trial Washiiigion.j .Mar. government wim on! points today in the : of Harry F. Sinclair. .lustice Hit^ in ijistrici of Columbia, suprcjirc ciiiirt overruled a de.fense ni(ition inr a direcled verdict of not^guilty and held that GIVES FIRST ORDER TODAY .the questions .which liotiaire oil ojierato^: .-iiiswer iK'fore; the : mil lee were pert in qniry that biidy \f ;tlie miilii-mil- rcfiised to jiinale oil coni- iit to the iii^is conducting Ai; 12 j ears' oi age, Alice (irotfe istihe ehiei lielr to an estate (»f' ^IS.'VilMm left liy her father, Charles (;rotte. Onialui real estate iiian- Alice ll^ei* with her inidtierin .Miinankee. ir,. (Ai'j- l (i .s of (le- liale. (he seii.ile rcjccleil. today, three oi llie Iloiiver elide iiiiiforni motor veliiil"' code bills, wliicli (lie house adopleii ;-.everal weeks after several days of argument, hiotioii lo' kill the loiirlh was fe;7leil and reading (if ih'e meas^i was started . This hill was f(!W minutes later. STAND HAS CHANGED HANDS (Mrs. fjeiiry .McKlwain, , of Butler, Mo!, who havt^ hei.-n here as guests (if .Mrs.' .McKIwain's liro.ther. Mr. Andfewl Wilson, and family east of the city, have j purchased the .Quick Lunch Santlwich stand on the east .side of | the' square and. soon will take pojises- sion pf if. .Mrs. .McKlwain will assist ptrsonally in the business. . WAITRESS CUTS HAND ON GLASS Kafherine Miller, waitress at the Kelley Coffee Shop,severed an artery iii her -vvrist on a broken bottle thil morning. Four stitches were'taken in her wrist after it had b<ed profusel.v. She was etting better this afternoon and er condition is not serious. . , ROSALIE JONES , AND DILL MARRY New, ;York. Mar. la. (API—Miss Uosalie ("General"1 Gardiner Jones.'nationally known leader in the women's suffrage movement, and U. S. Senator ;Clarence C. nil! of Washington were married today at St. .lohn's Epjscopal (hurcli. Cold 'siiring -Harbor. L. I. The (eremony was private. .\ reception will be later today at (h<; Hotel C.itham. • • ' 'The Hev._ Henry Hairelt. rector' oi the chitrch. officiated. , The bride was unattended, and iMu ItivJiailons .were iHBijed, THE WEATHER mi .'f.t A.ST Fttlt KAV.S.tS: t.'en. vrallj fair tuniuhl aiid Weilnesday. Teiiiperiliirc. Highest yesterday •is. at t p. III'.: lowest last nigitf. at 7 a. m.: normal for today. 41; excess yesierday. 12; excess since .(aniiary l-;i. ZAt) degrees; this date last year. h:ghest, .lO: lowest. Prccipilation toi- ihe 'i\ hours 'iidins at ~ a. m. foilay. .<>i>; total for this year to date, 2.10: deficiency since .(annjiry Ist, 1.!<I inches. I.'< ).-iiive humidity at IL' nnon ye .s'- lerday. :i.'! per ( ent; 7 a; ni. today. 7.". per cent: b.-iromeier rciiuccd to S'-;) level, .'lO .n I incllCS. .Sun rises, li.;;:; ii. m.; .--ets. C;2!) p. Hi. Weatlier and .Itouds. .Ml clear, all roads good, except .Salina. J'ittsbnrg. fair; Arkansas City, rough. Pulmotor's Use Is Saving Life At Fort Scott pos- fi from jewelry Senate Kills Dodge i Topeka. Kaiis., ."Miir. 15] The Davis bill to -stablish the Southwest Kajnsas sthte c Dodge City was killtjd 21 the senate tdday afier ; the senate had been on for] and l."> minutijs.j to f(irce ;i Fort SmU. Kan.s.i .Mar. \:>. (AI'i The steady use of a piilmotor thi -oiit ;hout yesterday .'ind last night and the arrival of antito.viii . last evening ly airpianl- from Kansas Cil.v, niay re.'jitlt :n|savi ;ig the life of Mrs. .Mona Coodliody. who lie.^ de.s|ierately ill with pneurponia at Fdltoii, twelve miles nortliesist of here. The pii)iiiotor was used coiitin- iKiilsly tbroiighoul yesterday, pump-1 .senators werelmade to vote. As a result bill, no state of thi kchool Tdefeift of the Iwill Ipe established by ihe 1927 Itjgislature. The Cre'al Bend sHioot iilso lias been into the leasiiiK to hiiiclair of Hie Teapot lloliie^ icivaljj oil reserve. Present. 1(11111 of lijiji. del,.|i.,i. <.ii- lence today re(|iiire j |.--;s ihan an honr and thej jury .iKaiii <\- ilSfd wllil(^ (;ouii-c ; .irgiieij pray- jiiry- Czar of PenfEnds Rei^n Extension of Licenses of Commerce Department To AH the Ship an4 Amateur Radio Stations. ( /ei t <VP)— jleral )day, I in- Washiugton. March 1".. orders of the new radio commission, issued provided for ail antomatie an ! definite extension of existirg li-' censes of the i coiiini'erce dejpart-> ment to all ship and amateur station.s. The commission- aniiininced parations for re(;eiviug ap timis from briKidcastihg st; through the prt^sent f(!deral inspection service, and cal series of public hearings to b« in Washington beginning .Mar :n 29 for the purpose of cohsK^ering broadcasting. A .statement issued at its formal i^^ organization tneetihg toda: • tbe*. crimmission said it would prpceed to function fully in radio ^r( tion. not withstanding faihii congress to appropriate fund 11 IV uiii: imiii-i-i .ii^iieii ers or iiislrdclio/i.i'i I./ Die men. ' Tlie defense was j.>ii i efforts to geti befiir)!,- Ilii HtMenient Siijclair made \,^ committee th:i slul ill it.f jury IIH- Ihe Bill (AD- illege at to 17. in call of an hour hseutees kill(!d. Threats Of rants for the irrest ins' Iiure ozygeii into the patient's , geaiit-at-arms Kcarchcd tht.^ Iiings. Tlie airplane arrived about! "".<:x<'"s<''! nieijibers 4::to. having made the trip from i issuing war- i )f tliel niissing iwhileftli(! ser- city for KANSAS FARMER KILLS BOB CAT iir of demanded and; ohtaihcd a the senate aiid[ Frank .Mclror. ser- geaiit-at-arms.; w:us Snstruirted to bring in the tnissingj senators. When the roll call I en. the vote stood'1ft' Kansas City in .'.T minutes, and atj,,,^. hj,, alreiidy ;") o'ljlock an luiection of the anti-1 killed by the house, toxin was given. Shortly after ;"f (t 'reensburgi auth seven o'clock, when the second injection was given'; the patient began to show marked improvement, and it was d(!ei(led to continue the use of tilt- piilmoior only at intervals. ; . The use of the pulmotor was stopped at 3 o'clock this niorning. as .Mrs. fioodbody seemed to be better and holding her own. It WiLS kept in readiness, however. Three tanks of oxygen were consumed yeyicrday, and twii full ones are i .n hand. was fi to is! Hit fak- ' against Jijid been Senat ^ir Davis he'bill, call of After a forty mint! te wait, three senators •«-erc brought into the chamber. Senator Fr zell of Lamed voted "aye" iand was folliiWed by Morton of Concord! i and Apt of lola who voted ;n thclaffirnia- tivr. Senator Spent-cr of Sedan, who previously had been jexcu .s(?d. re C. OF C. MEETING IS AT if^ORTLAND Wi( hiii. Kaus.,' Mar. l.*i. (API- Wayne Fleming, a i farmer living four mill's northeast'of Derby, shot and killdl a bob cat yesterday. It iilleijl a ' was the first bob ciit to be killed i-ii this t|err'itory for many years. The animal weighed 4.'> pounds, was Xi\':. feet long and stood two feel. high. Fleming brought the, bob cat down with one shot. The regular noon liiiiclicoii nie^'t- ing of tin; Chamber of Comnien'e will be held lonifirrow ;ii IIK; Portland hotel: Kffoits are being iiiiJde to arrange f(ir a speaker from Coffeyville. U Leopold Said To Be Brains In Pen Break ( hicag(i. .Mar. i'.'i. (AT) .V plot to (>m|)ty .loliet peniteni tiary (if {!>< inmates bjr tlie nliolejale slaughter by poison, of the guards allegedly eiiiriiieerpd by the sinister figj' itre of >'atlian Leopold .Ir., hii* been revetiled to prison authorities by a paroled e^nvictt The disclosnres follow a seiisa.» tional prison Itreak' Sutnrduy when tliref prisoiiei{s e!(ea|>e4 and only twi» were msiptured. THREE MINERS AR SAVED IN OKLIA. SENATE APPROVES FEDERAL AID NOW .M.-lAlesler. OWla.. Mar. If). (API — Three miners who were iinaccoii od for early tod.ay in No. 5 min the hsage Coa and .Mining ci pany at Krebs!. were found a a')ou brnii noon ttKliiy and are to ht from the mine as Boonj effecItH iof gas Ntct^neSH is i^ubd^ed, uccurdiiiK t(} word from tiip pit. jwi^Jitwj'iiyiiSjjiLej^" ^''' ' nt- liin- ive be as Tofieka. Katis.. .Mar. l.'.. fA.P> — The slate senate today rejcctjed J t(» IJ, a house resolution petitioning the Kan .-iC'^ delegation, in ;con- sre.'-s to use Jhi'ir influence to dis- c'liitiiiue all federal aid projects, .•ind adopted aiiofher Iiouse resolution ^acceptins the terms of the .Sliep.iard-Towncr act e.\feiiding aid to the slates for the promo- lion of maternity ;uid infancy welfare. ; . KANSAS CITY HAS WARMEST MAR, 15 Kansas City. Mar. 15. (APt — With the mercury still rising, a temperature of 7.*! degrees was recorded here at 2 o'clock this afternoon, the warmest March 1.5 since 1914.; On March 16. 1914, the temperature reached. 82 degrees. Arbuckle to Appear Again In Comedies I/O Ahtreies Mar. IS. (Ai') - jiie Kxaminer says Kosroe C. (Fatty) Arbnckle, whose film wireer wu«,cut short In ItWl wlien he was accnsed of re- sponsihllity for the death of Vireinia Kapite, hot later ar< tinitted, has signed a contract to apain cavort lM »fore the (•umera. voted "no." iScnatr r Griybiji of .Vewton appeared a s)iort t mc later and voted "aye." With the vote staiiding 20 to 17 against the DtHige I City school. Senator Warrett of iFort icoiX. attempted to raise the for Davis prtitested and tained by President iro te|m Laing. Tlie chairman latci revirscd jhis ruling but thi Warrjn m( tion itist after Davis (|«}manrfel thai Senafor Ileglcr ofj Wichita be force I to vote. The lak liiiiexcuSdl ser'ator appeared shortly afteij^rard ind voted against tlic .school, j With i majority vote agaihht thclpill it was de- t Senator Gedties ofjJEl D(i|-ado and Parker of Latimer \j ere aosenl. clared lost, the cali of tli|e sijnate raised and thi; door< unl.(>cked. call J nt Sciia- ivas ius- t be deelilied I'l answer on the iilvice of counsel on the ground thii the senate bad lost jurisdiction oVer the leases by referring them to the courts. The jury was recalled to hear Ihe reading ff this ••itatenieiit and it was expect MI to reeeiv(! I lie <ase wiihiii a few days after inslruc- iioiiH have b< eii agreed to and the filial argumeit maih: on tlic facts and the law. In refusing! to direct the jnrjr to return a ver(lict of not guilty, .lus­ tice Hitz swiipt aside the contention raised by tho defense that the senate comniilteo proceeded with the oH inquii y for months without any legal authority from Hie senate itself. In holding that the' fiiiestions which the le ssce of Teapot Dome refused to .inswer were pertinent.. .Tustice Hitz lOverruled the defense in its coniPttion tjiat this wa.'; a question of f^ct fortho jury to decide. |ei (111 —i; tnoiiweali For I 'ifr -i, .A as.s.. .Mar. 1;'.. (AI') The y ar . piilli jcj I riiKii fif '•.Miiyor' Frank C. ; Cre :iiiier, ".\Iiii : oiiiBi " iif llii.s !ilile |i:im- 1 he IC.M.f ,,1' the t'om- liad I iiileil liiday. !.'years be /iel<i, l:! town otiiyes on ilie Demncraiii: iJck .i., coi|ect*,i jr,.-; aiiniiaily for Ills iljiiics .•iiid ruled Peru Willi an Inui band, timt today lie was ij5rl:iiii oiily.of the job of lax ct^liiciiir ami minority seb'Cl iii 'a 'ji. 'lie w.ik defeated for ni'nleialor ami lowii ireas- urei-. mi lied for tax collector. Tw select -ini will losi. Peru's political • rivals wore elected II which means he ! apiKiintive offices; '.">:! voters decided bis £,ate at the' 121st annual to\'Hii jneeting yesterday. There w is evidence of the" ap- proachi-,ig; downfall before the meeting *uded. when the opposition diclined to accept his hospiialily which for 20 years has coiistsled of a luncheon to the votef>;. Cre ^im r blamed his defeat n;i . his "ejiemii s" ,Tnd their "whisper iig camiijiign.'' KANSAS SEEE Kansas will of farm relii' MAY MAKE 1 LOANS SOON' Topeka. Kins.. .Mar. 1.".. (AP) — jcnter into the realms f if Governor Paulen' signs a house bill pas.sed today by the senate ii;iving counties authority to pur|:haso seed grain and il for farmers in reg- hy doiight liisl'ycar. the house and senate m agriculture, the livestock fee ions stricken Sponsored bj committees measure permits western Kansas count iris to aid of Itheir able March cent interesll iipend f'H.OflO for the mpoverished farmers. Xotes given in return will bo pay- 1. 192S. with six per added. KELLOGG IS THE K. tr. SPEAKER Lawrence. Kans., Mar. l .'i. (AP) Vernon Kellogg, secretary of the national research council, will deliver \.\\^ commencement address at the I'niversity of Kansas next .June, university authorities announced today. PRAIRIE DECLARES DIVIDEND ON ^TOCK Independence, Kans., Mar. l .'i. (AP)—A dividend of $2.50 per share was declared hy the directors of the Prairie Pipe Line Com- pahy today, payable April 30 to . stockholders of record March.31. ' Transfer books, do not close. Legislature |3f Kansas Limits Activities Now • •' - t—• • • • Topekju Kan.<i, Mar. 15.— -Kitry b 11 naiised by cither iioQse o the leirislatu e between rnwj and ajljoornraent will benm^ a laW- If signed by GoTcrnor Panlen. Each lionfie bepan-, today to restrict 1 ts work lo bills, other than th< .lie j fntrodnced by >ts own *eii ibefs or Its o *i i Mm Browning 1$ Viiclior Over '^Peaches?" \ow Yoft. Mar. {\V)~The New York American says (odnyj that Edward W. ltroHn> Imr has won his. Kiilti for sepa- . rafloii aiT^Inst bis yootbful h^-ldej Peaches and that she ha.s lost her Iconntpr suit and rhantjes oij alimony. HENRY TISD DAWrHTERJ awrcn<4.Kan.. .% f\LE'S IS DEAD arch ir,. (.\P) .Mrs. Cli;||rle;,s KIwi ^ll. daughter of Henry Tisdale. pi nieer Kansas stage linej-ownej iii )Ml here today, at the age [t >f-T>(i. bdio pre- hltca- tions hradio ed a held Igula- of for it. Other government dcparttn^nts have lent iiiat'erial and person; I aid. K. ()'. Sykes. of Mississippi was* elei-ted vici-cliairman and Sam I'ickard of the-department of agri- ciiltiire ra(li(j service, was named temimrary secretary. ^ . ^ The (rotiiiyissioii .ex|ilained that. .1 had exleiided the lime for amateur ^iid r.'idiii sliil> liceiisesll: ord^ 1 "•r thai il niiglii (lev;(ite its alt( ntiort to most iircssiiig; " mnller.'i. (t in calling for imniedi .-it.e aiipliifatlon only lor bro.-idcasling and p(i| piiilil stations. nt to Georgia Chutch People Aroused Over Floggii|igs Atlaiila. Ca.. Mai;ch\ 15. (l\P)— Georgia (loggings have . ai oused church people of Scongreg itiona of that .stale lo such an extei t that an appeal h .is been- made o the ^ governor to bring Mio .sc guilty tOj justice. I " I In a resolution iiflopted jesteirr; day tile Chi-istian {'ouncil. repre- ; sentiiig these congregation.s, mado' their petition to the chief ?xecii- ; live, declaring that Georgia is being disgniced in the eyes of the world. .V KU rv<;y made by the Atlanta; Constitution,-biought the recent; acts of niob violence jn three coun- ' ties into public notice. In.Tiombs^^ coiiiily, it was .said, masked bands ' liave held "weekly whippinf pari; The/ . estir; n this r ounty,^ tor of: [»ij a in THREE INJURED IN EXPLOSION mlttees. bills WU Nevada Legislature May Approve W, C«n!>IdcraUon iease at m Thnrsdaj. the leRrlslatiirej decided o adjourn sii^e Tnesday icon. (arson :City, Xev., 3Iar. 15.f: (A:P)-Th6 bill to lejrallie widep open tnimbllni; In X^rada, ( which passed by the honse of.'] \\tt leKlsIatnrp. was killed In i the -senate today. Carson '•• City, Xevada. .Mar. IS. (AP)—The bill to legiilize :wide open gambfinKin Nerada, pnfwed last week by the lower house of the state legislature. wa.s sent to the senate today with predictions of its proponents that it wouirt be- conie a law. The bill was given final action in the assembly yesterday when.the lowet house refused to reconsider \Xn pMMKe , there^ An nnofftclnr canvass o; the upper ity If It caiie the measul -e bopea On a air feht has die Cherryvalel Kans., ."tiar. 1.'.. fAPi Virgil Gardnpr. Ren P. .Miller and Wayne Brookmire. alil of Chaiiiiie and mctabers of a Santa P'e eon- creto working crew, were badly, but not fatally burned, shortly after noon today, when -one of them sought to kindle a fire in a cook stov in their bunk car in (he yards here, and tho kerosene exploded. . . ' Se|d Loans Is Up In Meeting Washiiiirtoii. Mar. |1.-. fAP)—A j «):>ii for niiiking seed loans to farmers throneh the fcileral inter- ine(ii;ii(. <r<.dit. banks was studied :il :i. cDnj ^Tciice today between Presiilt nt i ('o(ili.l-.;e and Albert V.. \|illi :iin eral-. f;iriii I Mr. Wi r 'ls.-^iiiie i maUe <lir' have coll the farmets have no collateral he proposed warrants, cashed b>'| (ies. I 'nder Commissioner of the fed- oan board. _ be to ho literal. In- cases where in;iii iioaro. . ' _ I'anis said it would I iJr tlur federal banks i Ct loans to farmers Jhnt the coutitfes issue >vhlch be .-^aid would be the fi-ibnil credit ai;en- his prf«gr:iiii the cj.mniis- sioner.tieli|eyes that the emergeniry could be i:' est bit bv let ill 'hose rr-cioiis haril- last year's-droulli. The pl,an is oi;e of several under con- sid'^^rati .iin at the White House to remedy fh> siliialion cn^ateU by the failiire of ^congress to the deficiency appropriation hill carrying a fund of $.'v,RfiO.!)(in for seed loans. MORTGAGE BILL TO REMAIN IN FORCE Topeka, Kans.. Mar. V,. ([AP»The Kansas mortgage • redemption law, giving a land owner IS months after foreclosure to re.=;tore liis property, will remain in the statute books. The House of Repr<j;senta- tJyes defeated today the •bill for repeal of the law, which •was enacted after the panic of 1S9.3. ide Opelil Gambling Today jtke senate, biide by those favoititig iU passage, iiidicat- ed the me laure would. gc through lOiise wth a sa 'e inajor- to a vote, bijit foes of were pinning, their he poasibillty would be buried in comdlttee. The inemaj-e voitid tiiat It recognize gambling by levying a t.-j.x of $1.()00 annually on each gaming table-In, the slate, and would permit. ail forms of chance games. Those favoring it argued in the ussemliiy that it: would furnish $4(J0,000 annually in revenue on tables' which now are operated regardless oC an eH- Iwtlng xtato law foHiidding them, ! Chinese In Battle With U, S. Boat Peking. Citina. .Mar. I.'.. (AP) • The American,(iestr(iyer I'reble : was fired on by Chiilese troops • Sunday near Wuht'i on the Vanirtsp river while eseortlnsr ji Standard Oil iiinnch with which the Cliinese previously had interferred. It was learned today. There were no casiuiL ties. The vessel replied to the aftack with machine gun.s. SALINA TRIAL IS READY FOR JURY ties" for more than a year total persons whipped, it i mated, was more tlian 100. (rouuty ;ind in Treutlen,' ( where H. .M. Flanders,. . ed_ the Soperton News, wasi wl ipped,! the Constitution correspo.ndtnt declared his investigatioii f bowed | that two groups have taken t ic lawj into their own hands and cowed those who are in f.-ivor of U w and order. .Masked bands in Toombs :onnty have whipped women,, the correspondent said. These band i have paraded in robes anti other'legalia, he declared. Among the luiown victims are: '.\ man who was said to hAve de- sorted his wife, another whim tho masked, men difl not think hid5)ai<f| a fine fiuickly enough for vl >latiori of the prohibition law, a t tarried woman accused by her assiilants of mi.sconducf. a man wh( waa "drunk and lazy," a father, s )n and daughter, a preacher and a r tarried viomtm about to become a iiother, all charge^d wMth "immoralitir.' The Constitution .said that out of) all rhese whippings, which are' common'knowledge, not onjc man has been ptinished. (Joveriior Walker has not oom- menterl on the council petiti m. NANKING IS NEX SCENE OF BAHTLE -Salina. Kans.. .Mar. 1.5. (AP)— T(|stimony in the case against Rilph A'andruff.. iormer police (officer, charged wHh murder in connection with the fatal shooting of; I.,a\vrence Klwick, Al)llei;e youth the njgiit of .January 2.3, Was con- rltnied this afternoon. Court adjourned until tomorrow when instructions will be given to the J 'iry. .1 Shanghai. .March 15. (AP)j—"With^ the next serious lighting n iw ex-j pccted at .Vanking. political de'vel-j opme.nfs today assumed an import-; ant aspect in both Hankowr ind. Peking. Belated advices troi i Han;!- kow told of a bitter interns 1 fight; in the Kiiomintang. or Cat tonesej Republicjin revolutionary party.; whose central executive con mittea! now (s in session there. Despite! reports that a truce had been-declared b- the contending fictions there sefnis little doubt 'that tho, dissension is rerselyi the prospects of Southerners andi has reached a pitch where recon-; ciliation is doubtful. - . ' KATY PRESIDENT IS ACTIVE Parsons, Kan , .March 15. AP)-T-; Coijmbus Haile, gray haired president jof the M. K. S 'T.. is not an old man iyet by any manner of meana-. he avowed here today. To shoW; his youthfuiness Mr. Haile demon-; strated his agility in skinniig the. cat on fings at the high schoiil gym-l Mr. Haile was. ojie pf a p irty of; "Katy" officials attending/a litnch-i eon at;the high school toda', as a part of the annual Katy day pro-^ gram. The afternoon wias 8 >ent iii playing golf at the country j tub. A dinner at a local hotel tonig it wUl conclude the program. WAN!

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