Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on January 3, 1962 · Page 5
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 5

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 3, 1962
Page 5
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Legal Notice } REGULAR MEETING ! NOVEMBER I, 1941 ! Meeting called to order by Mayor Beck, 7:45 o'clock. Councilmen ^Present Borchert, Gooder, and Brown. Absent, Henry and Crafton. Minutes read and stand approved. Motion by Borchert that we cancel and refund part of the fee to Harold Schmidt on the cirgarette permit, second by Brown. All vot ing aye, Carried. The Clerk is to direct a letter to the Underground Construction Co. in regard to the account of James Miller of $100.00 which has not been paid by them to this date. Motion by Borchert that we approve the class B Beer permit of Helen and Paul Wendrich, and Harry's Cities Service cigarette permit, second by Gooder. Roll call Borchert aye, Gooder aye, Brown aye, Nay none, Carried. Bills presented and examined. General Interstate Power Co., service $ 7.15 All Steel Equipment Co., keys 1.00 Matt Parrott & Sons, election supplies 18.61 Fayette Co. Mutual Telephone co., tolls 8.25 Fayette County Leader, printing 76.52 Standard Oil Co., fuel oil 31.20 Donald Kimball, election judge 14.25 Margaret E. Henry, election judge 14.25 S. E. Campbell, election judge 14.25 Esther J. Johnson, election clerk 14.25 Donna M. Randall, election clerk 14.25 Melvin Holtzman, service 2.00 A. E. Wood, salary 168.30 Harold Schmidt, refund fee .„ 25.00 Alfred Ash, salary 280.50 Lloyd Holtzman, salary 236.50 Total .$686.95 Sanitation Frank A. Miller, welding _...$ 7.50 State Hygienic Laboratory, service ifl.oo Wilbur Motors 6.00 West Union Motor Co., parts 17.28 Zabriskies Garage, lab or 2.50 Hcineman Texaco, gas, oil, etc 39.13 E. H. Carley, service fi.49 David McGco, salary KK).(X) Gooder aye, Brown aye, nay none, carried. Motion by Brown and second by Borchert to adjourn, carried. A. E. WOOD CLERK Utilities Interstate Power C., service ............ $ W8.15 Total .$ 198.90 Municipal Enterprise Interstate Power Co., service $ 3.84 Imogene Sheeley, Ass't Librarian 29.10 Jean Karr and Co., books 24.72 Doubleday and Co., books ._ __ 1.90 Campbell and Hall Inc., books 59.62 Gene Wn Singer, service 3-1.11 DX Sunray oil Co., fuel oil 58.34 Beryl Thompson, librarian 66.82 Total _ $ 278.45 Utilities Interstate Power Co., service $ 167.40 Louis F. Whitney, service _ 41.25 Langermun Construction Co., Machine service ._ 117.00 E. H. Carley, Water main construction 181.34 Totnd 506.99 Road Use Tax D. G. Colby. Black top _..$ 70.00 Fayette Stone Co., rock 35.94 Langerman Construction Co. machine service 12.00 REGULAR MEETING December 4. 1961 Meeting called to order by Mayor Reck. 7:30 o'clock. Councilmen p"escnt Borchert. Henry, Brown. Crafton and Gooder. Minutes read, stand approved. Motion by Gooder to cancel niul refund part of the cigarette license of Clyde Williams, second by Borchert. all voting aye, nay none, carried. Motion by Rorchort that we np prove Class ( C ) beer permit Win Dilley Super Valu. second by Henry. All voting aye, nay none, carried. Bills examined as follows General Intel-estate Power Co., service $ 8.66 Standard Oil Co., fuel oil 31.20 Vaiulersee Plumbing Co.. service 350 W. V. Clark, legal service 200.00 Clvde Williams, refund on license _. 25.00 Katherine Gross, Tres., salary 48.00 Jack Reck, salary _ 500.00 Virgil Borchert, councilman 72.00 Thomas Henry, councilman 36.00 Harry Brown, councilman 68.00 V. C. Crafton, councilman 76.00 Ed. (ioodor, council man 48.00 C. R. Lewis, councilman 32.00 State Bank of Fayette, blank checks 5.12 A. E. Wood, salary 168.30 A. E. Wood, petty cash ._ 23.41 Total '..-.; $ 409.28 Slrief Philip Fish, labor 1 $ 4.00 Frank A. Miller, repair 2.00 Heineman Texaco, gas, oil, etc 18.13 Cities Service, gas, oil, etc 27.60 Lysle Wooldridge, welding and repair 19.75 Melvin Holtzman, salary 298.75 Total $ 117.94 Recreation Park Board, $ 350.00 E. H. Carley, pump repair 3.80 Daniels Drug Store, band tickets 7.00 Total $ 370.23 Public Safety Frank A. Miller, repair $ 5.00 Howard Hubbell, ass't police 29.10 Hooker Supply Co., siren • 35.97 Zabriskies Garage, parts .and labor 32.54 Heineman Texaco, gas. oil, etc 54.29 Cities Service, gas, oil, etc 8.05 Lysle Wooldridge, welding 5.00 Total $ 360.80 Sewer Rental Interstate Power Co., service $ 73.52 State Bank of Fayette, principal and interest sewer bonds 3,162.50 State Bank of Fayette, service 25.00 David McGee, salary .... 198.90 Total $1,345.19 Street Frank A. Miller, labor $ 4.50 Cataphote Corporation, brackets _ 5.08 Henke Mfg. Corp., repair parts 9.89 Ed Campbell Station, gas, oil, etc 94.04 Melvin Holtzman, salary 374.65 Alfred Ash, salary 139.30 Langerman Construction Co., snow removal 163.65 Langerman Construction Co., snow removal 42.00 Total ...... ------------ $ 1W.15 Sanitation Vandersee Plumbing Co- labor ............ - ....... $ 10.00 Zabriskies Garage, lalmr and parts ....... - ........ 16.80 Arwell Inc., service ....... 20.00 Ed Campbell Station, gas oil, etc ................ .-- 67.00 David McGee, salary 175.50 Total ...... --- ..... $ 325.05 Municipal Enterprise Interstate Power Co- service ...... -------- $ 5.55 Iinogeno Sheeley, ass't Librarian ---------- ..... 37.10 Beryl Thompson. Librarian ................... --- 66.82 Total .......... --------- $ 109.47 Road Use Tax Fayette Stone Co- road .. ......... - ...... $ 173.56 Marcus Baker, road ------ 4.52 Total ....... _____ $ 1711.08 Sewer Rental Interstate Power Co- service .................. $ 12.142 David McGee, salary ... 21X1.1X1 Total ........... ________ $323.42 Debt Service State Bank of Fayette, principal G. O. bond ....$1.000.00 Total ........ __________ $1,000.00 Sewer Revenue Bond Katherine Gross, trans for ..... . ....... -- ......... ? H4.80 Total ______ ...... - ..... $ 114.80 Grand Total ________ _____ $5.390.77 Motion by Henry and second by Borchert that the bills be allowed as examined, all voting aye, nay none, carried. State Highway Commission let torn, ordinance, and resolutions pertaining to the by-pass of High way 150, were discuss and tabled. Motion made Gooder and second by Crafton to adjourn, all voting aye, nay none carried. A. E. WOOD CLERK Total $3,459.92 Debt Service State Bank of Fayette, principal and interest G. O. Bonds .$2,970.00 Total $2,970.00 Grand Total $9,359.46 Motin by Gooder and second by Brown to allow the bills as examined. Roll Call Borchert aye, Total :....$ 833.11 Public Safety Zabriskies Garage, service .$ 8.90 Ed Campbell Station, gas, oil, etc. 100.40 Zbornik Body Shop, repairs and labor 135.00 Zbornik Body Shop, fire dept. tanker 39.50 Alfred Ash, salary 300.00 Lloyd Holtzman, salary .. 385.70 Total $ 969.50 Special Meeting Dec. 27, 1961 Meeting called order by Mayor pro-tern Borchert. Councilmen present Borchert, Henry, Brown and Gooder. Absent Crafton. Councilmen meet with Attorney W. V. Clark to discuss ordinance fixing and establishing controlled access facilities and regulations of traffic on Primary road No. Iowa 150 within the town of Fayette. Attorney Clark read proposed ordinance with the council. Motion by Brown that the rules requiring the reading of the ordinance No 212 on three different days lie dispensed with, second by Henry. Roll call on the motion Brown aye, Henry aye. Gooder aye, and Borchert aye. nay none Mayor pro tern declared the motion carried by unaninous vote. Councilman Henry moved that ordinance No. 212 be adopted, motion seconded by Councilman Brown. Roll call 0(1 Motion by Mayor pro-tern Borchert Henry aye, Brown ayo. Gooder aye anil Borchert ave. n:iy ivne. The Mayo 1 ' protein Borchert declared the ordinance No. 212 duly adopted by unanimous vote, carried. Ordinance No. 212 was then signed by the Mayor pro tern Borchert and attested by the clerk A. E. Wood. M >ti"ti by Gooder and second ed by Brown that we ndjoiirn, all voting nye, nay none, carried. ' A. F.. WOOD Clerk Legal Notice ORDINANCE NO. 212 AN ORDINANCE fixing :>n(l establishing controlled access facilities and regulation of traffic on Primary Road No. Iowa 150 within the Town of Fay ette, Iowa described as follows: Beginning at Station 708 1-13.0 the South Corporation Line, thence In a northerly direction 5.572.0 feet to Station a r i3 + B5.01 the North Corporation Lino I dentified as project F FG 59 ( 7 ) regulating Ingress or egress from and across such con t'-oiled access facilities to or from abutting land, designating points at which access may IK- permitted, regulating t'"if fie, and providing pcnalitics for the violations thereof. WHEREAS. Primary Koad No. Iowa 150 within the corporate limits of the Town of Fay rite, Iowa, as described above, is being improved, the cost of such improvement being lx>rnr by tlie Bureau of Public Roads and the State Highway Commission, and the participation in the costs thereof is dependent on the establishment of the controlled access facilities by the Town of Fayette along said highway improvement and said controlled-access facilities are necessary for the preservation of the public peace, health and safety and the pro motion of the general welfare, and WHEREAS, The Council agreed under Resolution signed July 15, 10GO to pass ordinances for access control and traffic con trol; NOW THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED by the Town Council of the Town of Fayette, Iowa; Section 1. This ordinance shall be deemed on exercise of the police power of the town under Chapter 306A of the 1958 Code of the State of Iowa, for the preservation of the public peace, health, safety and the promotion of the general welfare. Section 2. Definition. For the purpose of this ordinance, a controlled access facility shall mean A controlled right of easement of access, light, air or view by reason of the fact that their property abuts upon such controlled-access facility or for any other reason. Section 3. Unlawful use of Conrtolled-Access Facilities. It shall be unlawful for any person to: f H ) D"ive a vehicle over, upon or across any curb, central dividing section or other separation or dividing line on such controlled access facilit ies. ( b ) Make a left turn or a semi circular or U-turn except through an opening p •<> vidt-d for that purpose in the dividin.it curb section, separation or line. ( c ) Drive any vehicle except in the proper lane provided for that purpose and in the p vipc," di'-ection and to the rk'ht. of the central dividing curb, separation section or line. ( d ) Drive any vehicle into the controlled access facility from a local service road ex cept through an opening provided for that purpose in the dividing curb or. dividing section or dividing line which separates such service road from the controlled access facility property. Section 4. Penalty. Any person violating any provision of this ordinance shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof shall be fined not more than One Hundred Dollars or by imprisonment for not more than thirty days. Section 5. Establishment. . There a V hereby fixed and established controlled-access facilities on the Primary Road System extension improvement Project No. F-FG-59 ( 7 ) Primary Road No. Iowa IHO within the Town of Fayette, Inwa deci ibed as follows: Be ginning at Station 798-| 13.0 the South Corporation Line, thence in a northerly direction 5,572.0 feet to Station 853-185.0, the North Corporation Line, ident- ifird as Project F FG 59 ( 7 ) and to any future extension of the City Limits along said Primary Road No. Iowa 150, regulating access to and from Station 798 -| -13.0 to Station R r )3-fU5.0 on the east and west sides, abutting properties along said Highway, nil in accordance with the plans for such improvement identified as Pro joct No. F-FG 5!) ( 7 ) on file in the office of the Town Clerk. Section 5A. Points of Access Designated Station Side Purpose 7U9+00 West Farm Entrance 799-1-00 East Field Entrance 841+50 East Residential Entrance Section 6. Parking Parking of any nature is hereby prohibited from Station 798 I-13.0 to Station 853+85.0 and for a distance of 35 feet back of sidewalk line of intersecting street approaches. Section 7. Speed Limits Speed limits on said project are hereby established as follows : North Bound 55 m. p. h. from Station A Born to a Fayette area couple LEWIS 5cto$i.oo Stretch Terry Crawler Suit DANIELS DRUG STORE Baby Travel Gift Set MAURER'S SHOES AND CLOTHING $3 in Merchandise STATE BANK OF FAYETTE $3 Savings Account For Baby FURNITURE Gift For Mom and Dad Gifts Galore For "Mr. or Miss 1962" Eleven Fayette merchants are sponsoring the 1962 First Baby of the Year contest. They are taking this method of wishing the new parents and the new baby a Happy New Year by offering the gifts listed In this ad. The simple rules of the First Baby contest are: 1. Must be first baby born on Jan. 1, 1961, or any day following that date. 2. Parents must live within an I mile radius of Fayelte. 3. Announcement of the birth must be made at the Leader office by noon, Wednesday, Jan. 2, or within 24 hours of the birth on any day thereafter. 4. Parents must show a signed statement of the date, time and place of birth/ signed by the physician. 5. Gift certificates will be Issued to the parents, which must be turned In at the stores offering prizes. fAYfTTE LEADER One Year Subscription for Mom and Dad OTT'S DRIVE-IN $2 in Merchandise INTERSTATE POWER CO. Gift For Baby YERA'S DRESS SHOP 2 pair Gold-Stripe Hose for Mom COFFEE NOOK CAFE Dinner for Mom and Dad BILL'S SI Case of Heinz 7984-13 to Station 825+00 35 m. p. h. from Station 825+00 to Station 845+00 55 m. p. h. from Stall \ 845+00 to Station 813 +85 " South bound 35 m. p. h. from Station 853+85 to Station 8;,:+00 55 m. p. h. from Station 832+00 to' Station 7:;)+ 13 Section 8 The Following street and all, v approaches to Primary Ro: 1 No. 150 as described herr : n shall be closed: fit. and Lt. Approaches (if Local Road at Station BIG ;80 Rt. and I.t. Approaches of Alley at Station 834+98 Rt. and Lt. Approaches of Street at Station 836+37 Rt. and Lt. Approaches of Franklin Street at Station 839+27 Section 9. a. No signboards will be allowed on public property along said highway. b. No signboards will be allowed on private property when such signboards will obstruct the view of any portion of t'le public highway or street or railroad track. Section 10. That all of the prior ordinances or parts of ordinances in conflict herewith are hereby repealed. Section 11. This ordinance shall be in full force and effect from and after its final passage, approval and publication as provided by law. Passed and approved this 27 day of December 1961. Virgil M. Borchert Mayor Pro-tern I, A. E. Wood Clerk of the Town of Payette, Iowa, hereby certify that the above ordinance was duly passed and adopted by the Town of Fayette, Iowa on the 27 day of December, 1961 by the following call of yeas and nays recorded heron. Yea Thomas Henry Harry Brown Ed Gooder Virgil Borchert Nay—none Absent or not voting V. C. Crafton Members of the Council A. E. WOOD Town Clerk of Fayette, Iowa Benefit club to meet Tuesday afternoon, Jan. 9, the Home Benefit Club will meet at the home of Mrs. A. E. Wood. Roll call will be answered by telling about your hobby. The program is in charge of Mrs. Margaret McSweeny and fun time, Mrs. Eldred Dumermuth and Mrs. Alva Chase. Leslie Owen of Washington, D. C. has returned to his work after having spent 10 days with his mother, Mr. Alt a • Owen and other relatives. l>,

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