The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 14, 1927 · Page 5
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 14, 1927
Page 5
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1 1 - idPJANCIAL MoDer Ita Loan—Mortgages 40 FABM h reasonablle thbrne. LOJANS—Qaick lervica and rates. A. D. Haw- S. Washington. 213 FARM AIS rate on or short P CITY UOANS—Base f^Vms, 5%. city 6%. Long Ime. K. M. Gannlngham. MONEY eastern and cit)| Terma rower. TO LOAN—Private and iponey to loan on farms property. Low rate, payinent to suit bbr- $tewart & Fnnk. ailid Ilogsl Cats Other Pets • 47 Whrft Unit flone Before I I Gnrrett Folnotn 1 H Hlabhefl to ; rieath whfle aw nnniiiK at Owui. , Town; N. J. POIKODI'S batlung companlonH had bcj'n Roger NVville. a biisi- nfHH purifier; Jfrs. Flelen .Miirna- by anil Curmplifa Valdoni .VnaslaHia F'llsniii, ei'contric:; and niasii-rftil sister of tlio (load; HHJII . arriires uixl takos cominuiKl.' Ai the iuqueiit it is Ij'urneil tliiit I ilio (li'aili weapon was a pi<ha(|. j .III Orit'iual kuiff'. ami it liad been : hoiight on ilio i)oardwalk. ' It is leariK'd that owe Croyilon : .Spars is a faii<-ler o' : <'iiriouH^ wf-apons. He adinit.s'I n.viiig two-knives bnt not the picbac]. Anastasia engaKt's Titus llipgs, an an-hitect, to i/iork on the rase. J Jail Pelton. tbo^ dtjad uian's ii «'i)how. arrives aii'd is intrigued . by soni«» iturious French dolls in ; Fol.wm's- room. Croydon Seara sends (or I'lfni- ing Stone, lamoti^i ileteftivp. HP tplis bim :F(ilsohi bad lieen blapk- niailing him ami be bad lied at tl'L' imiupsl );ut was iunocrt-nt. .SIon» nipois others ol' Ibp fir- • IIP . iiuliiding .N'ed Harron and his wife. .Madelinp. and begins iliiifflly to work, illc orders Dan . Pelton to produce FolsSom'S lui- 'I^pr'?^ anil PeJtdn ai'ts as if he i** trying to conceal i^omething. >'«« rJo On With the Story . ] ('HAPi:«H XI.. •'lias anyone nieddb 'd wiih tliese 'thiliKK sinre yon snw ibein l-asl?" Stone said in a most inatler-of -fact lone. ".No," said Pellon, looking up in .snrprisr. but turning KM!. •'WIIO would do so, and why?" "1 don 't knffw, I'm sure."? and- turned It; off lightly. "Was thai suitcase lUcked?" "If should liaVe heen." and I'<-1- lon .'xaniined ibe eutrh. "Uui it wasn't. It seein.-i lo In- :i lillli- mil order." ' "Ifow aliDiii thai man ul yuurs'.'" Hione said. sinliTeiily. < • U.JSH '' lie wniildn'l liiin-li i|. "Call liim.hi, idi 'M '-.e," Sli.iie sajd. .\ nionieni later the iiiipifriurli- ahl" vnlei Hioort hefore ihem "JuHi a few iiueiiiliiMH, myjiiaij.'' fitone MBJd iiffably. and iliougii UKSH looked a lilfl" Htartled. he Ntiiod <|iil <-ny at utteiilion, ready to re plv. . • ' "1 kiMiw you 've been llirou »li this a dozen ilnies," .'^tom- -all {deasantly. "I>,ut JusI once aKaiii. pieane. WlH-rej were you when vonr master.' .Mr. Fdlsonu WIIM killed?" "Here in this room, .sir." . said floss, his lips rwliihing a iiltle with emotion, but otherwise ealin. "Waiting' for liis' reiujyi. l''ni told.• "Yes. .sir."; "Where wf ^pe you sit ting I'" "1 Wasn't sit^'ng. sir: I stood at the window looking down at ihe (-rowdij.and yeti listening ^or Mr. Folsom's .siep. inithe hall. •' I . "I see. You! «iidn't .see the com- niotion atieudant on tbe b|i-inging of .\Ir. Folsom's liody from -ilie. water?" • ! ; • "So. sir. It is not visible, from Ibes.' windows. Or if it is, 1 didn't eee< tt. If I "bad I should; have rushed out there, sir." i "Of coiit^e, yev. S'ow. ,UoS<«, yon have another good muBter 'ili .Mr. P.eltonr ; "Ves. sir;." j ".Vnd beiis conf dential with you, .Mr. Folsom was'/" "Yes, siv. . The mail looked at his interJocntor witli a mild wonder, as if not- nnderi »tan <ling tin- drift, hut itiiying attention to the word«. "When he leaves the room, he ddpsn't' lock up things from you'.'!' ."It is not neeessary, sir,'" ami Ross's altiiud'! was^that of CaVsarS wife Kt her best, I ' .Vo. I'm s-uVe of that. Well, tlien. this evening,c while Mr. Pelion was out, who could have (-.-me in, b- re ami nu-ddled with his be. loiigings?" Heavy Buying Brings It To Highest Price In History. ages $11 hulk pa( sirqnif w fiJ2.l<i: '?/il..iO: light !$11 ..s.'i: 2(50 to i^»'^,u\4^i la kinK sows iKiil slaught eavy weighk niediiiin .SOfx 12.20; 1 .20; packinrj "Ji 10.7.-.; .Ulaiighter 12.20. lOOlOD BTHD Don—For sale. Phone 1400 or iiiquire 423 gast Lincoln. Horses, C9ltle. Vehicles 48 aver- ly; early [»lj».35(?ri0.K0; ler pigs $11.7:-. liogs <11.20 $n.40if(12.UU; ght light at sows $10,15 fed steers at .\ew York. .March Heavy hiiying of <!en which crossed H4 to price recoriled unil'-r M. •ral Cattle IS .OOO; bulk |$I).'.iir,i 11175; best . hi|ar|i»<« $13.:!"): 1 Vi -arlinnsj il2 .(iii; stockei's and feed- (APl—!ers *7.7.'.j^iS.:->0; vealejjs $10.00Tl .MotorsIII,.',.) to packers; . m ;oB |ly *lt>.oOff .Vntoma'iHes for Sale CIIEVUOLET TOURI\G~For sale or trade: ntw paint, new top and good tires. Inquire 620 South Chestnut. FORn TPDOIl- 192.-. sedan, balloon COWS—2.-.I gootl Jonc Jersey.^ of ten days; 7 red nurbanis. will freshen JQuernsey tires, naturhlwoptl wheels, origi-|. gallons nkilk per day when fresh; nal finish, lock wheel, good upholstering. Al merhanlcally. Kasy terms. .McCarthy Motor Co.. 212 South Washington. Phone SW. 6 head <n i'lioul years old the highest, ii.H,; oi.Jisi.Urs jl.-t .t U(f H .OO. I mRIl f'ARS ' I'Ve lust eot its .MMit ShePii a7 .t )0U; earl.^, I ulk wooled ^^'^^^ . ^ -^R^T' , , nrice recoricil unii'-r iis i >n-.->-ii' ^<nepu. u < .oou; eariv, IIUIK .women , i , , ,n.,^ ci italization. revived bulli.b en- ,,h„h.s;^lk 50^,; i'trctly choice! "^^^T.n^"^ -'''^'t^'yl^l tm.r thisiasm in toilays s.ock laarkel'h,,,,,,-^...),.., $15.60:,; J^-.'-?^!^-^,'^-';^^^^^^. 'T<^!i, after an earK v'^riod oI nervous- f,.«. [o.,,;^ i.eavy l^m is arouxid ! ''-' in-.^T^' . . ,, i ' in bank loans was r> natural develophient. Alack Trucks., Pierce Arrow, fi„i,^l ,p ,.j; Packard anil Hudson moVed up "Mciioice li tbe wake of Oenei'al ."ib.tnrsdespite recent rumors of ruiHier price cuts. | Acute weakness ' developed, how-, S.7i5; feeding and .shearing ] lanih.i $i;:.5iiffi 11.25; (tood to choice around $U 5i^; sliictly hi weight held around .ever,: in Siewarl-Warnei i sp. edom-, Chicagd. liar. 14.—( Pjter .wbic.hsank to the lowest level; $i.:t.\i,; ; ,inl; Chloiigo t.'rjilri. lose: ilay in several years. Apart frym re- Sepi ' 5;i.:!iliK ports of a lurllier iiuickening of ^ corn ' " steel operations in some ilislricis !v;^ probably in anti<-ip.->lit)ii of llie pro-: o";,,^ posed siriki' <if sou ro;il miners, n;)^',.. and tbe rept.rled cnrtailineni in the |;ye- operations o ftlie .Xpierican Woolen ' ,',:,7 ' Conipaiiy. there was little in llie!' ' " •* day's news to inllueuc-i- !h<- |iri<- ^Iay TC?4fi''ic .S4'ic. 45%<i ^jt- Sept. 44'.>T(44'!JJc. .\iay *1.04%(Fii'i. iSept. flSc. few day^ will tnu e hogs. .1. —_—• i sale. S. 1 S-cylinder Qldsmobil 1925 Ford coupe'.;balloon wheels RECISTEpED iind lire.-? with fots'of extras; l'J25 j Wheat: %: .Inly SIW movement. I'cjols again were her m speciall i<'s. active 111 a iiiicii- CLASSIFIKD AIljVERTIS. IN'U .LNFURMillltfN. I' Kansas (ily llaj. Kan.las City. .March H. lAI'i Hiiy irregular. I'li* car^. . Tlinorhy. No. I. ^15; slaiiilanl, $14.0llffi 14.50; .No. \.'..:.>r. So. :i. |ii.50''<( i2.r.ti. rj.ASSiFtBin Diillv rlite |»-r Hue ii.-4«rtl'iii."<t ir..r 1, iH'<ii:. Si>. 2, Prairie .So. $12.5U«»i:!.50; .No. ;(, »!t..'.u';i ll '.'.O. i Alfalfa choice *21.5uf<i2l.uit: -No.] 1, *"19.50r(( 21*. slaniliird flVw P>; j .No, 2 $i;:..'-.mfiHi..5();; .No. «io«ii:!.i Clover, mixed light. No. 1. i\if(i 11.50; .No. ::, $i2.5ii'i( i::.r.ii. Klx ^U\y1^ riir..- diys OlK- .I;iV Wtii'imm etinri{e. Sfir Mhiiiiiuiii cash,: 30e. .foutit Y |vv» wnrd.o t <i Pllf),\'E YolfR Cfi AtJ TO II jriiarge I7c- . ^Rrrors ri-iiorled lATKfl rly| kilt Miisl It lew iiiiestloiixl my man." Slone «;ald nffnbly in 'kn'i". .•\iiil villi 'Ifin 'l i-:ire lo lidiiiil ii. !<ll III- who til • iiiiriidj'i- ^•iin"" file Willi oil, iiiiile as If Pellon I s:iiil yi'S to Ills (jiierlu^.instead — 'nil. ! •Of (oiirse I don't! Tliit Is—" I'lHcll hllilii'.led' ill Ills Kpcech— "of (our-'', iii'iliudy came Jii." ; "Villi niay i-,o, I KoHs," .Sljilie said' 111 iln- mail. • aii't'as you go, ;<i 'iiil ' liii^ i ',ii- rhaioliermald." j 'ri'^eie (irileri< AV'ri' obeyed, and l;i ti flioil liiiii- llyrlle arr veil. I .•jlii- rami III, ijiriimlng lurself as i uit|h a Hi'iiHe ol jlier owi Impor-I liiUVe, lilll when hjic saw tlie crest-"' f.illeii li.iil, :•••,!!, diiwii-tii'a lid .'ill pcaraiiri- of Daii iPeltoii, j jihi', too, l>e4iii to look frightened.;. This se(|iience !of events jwas not [ upon Slonej who said, ralher Yon are the maid of these ronms?' ' ! Ives, sir," said .Myrtle, her .air liravaxhi meliiiiE before that di- IViMi llave been in here (hi.s cve- a woinan "Miii h< Stone loo los cm ; iiiii i ilo ^l tow i yol li |i tl e els." 11 knoiw that. hit iir. f(.i a I in <!ii wa s'.-a v.) I iah| • .s sill hi-r w.-i il <i melljng before I a VP been in bore • I alway.-i cniiie, sir. to bed, and bi'ing , At what jtime did coniji; for that puiposej I ••luiilKi. .'Hiiu: ei.eht, ' .\iui 31 wliat time did Will come Coi;:«-. til f|t .so;neOne else lieifau.-^e viiu wer« iC";- f eai:li seiitepce Ston :tle U'ore iii'j a 'lillU' tteriier l..n< lax, hii- void, ih-jnv'h i of a II.Id. deadly infleij 111! .Mynle nearly .>.. s, as '.VMS till- i'ete.-;i le, iiileiiliivi;.. I- iM-Kan ii> cry and St ilv: . ly .-ill you ir.e ynu lief;ilj. yo:i let iiito|this rooi^i; Quick, i-mnl. nut Willi it I "\I's. A'aldou." said Myjrile, ini- H -diued w vv, sill. I'm sure," and lissmt'Mt <ir •1 don't know Ross showed no enibarr »>ven undue interest, "Yet soniebiidy did so "I know nothing" of itj .:^ir." "Nor I*" ex.cla|tned iJati l'^ .III tic. sill il liy till- inexorable v I .--In- rail fniiu the roiini. And sii." .•^lone said, as the door! ;id. Aoiie loo gently, ai,t( •and so, M-. Pellon. •itou,; Mill • rii.u 's aboul Hiiable to kepp Mill loilge Wlia'' are you driving .at, .Mr. H''-.' V Wlii said any. one came .In i hi- - and rummaged, my fblng.^?" j •"YoM «aid It yoursi^lf. ilu.. 'i not In so many words." replied imiii, calnJy. "Is it not the trnlli';" "Triitln? Thiit somebody uni- magetl-nonsen^ie! Of ciiur--e i is not the trtitb.'! 4 GRENNAN'S MARRKT W« pajr the following prices: ; -Fancy Eggs 1 i'le ; Jfo. liEirgK —r : —IN- i Xo. 2 Eggs -Ifie : f» Xo. 3 Eggs Ii<-: ~ Hens -,.lSc to 21r .Springs ^———1 Ittcto I9i-, ' Tonng and Old Cocks !2e Green Hides «<• Horse HIdies ... . We will come after yonr poaltij. J. F. iGrennan Produce Co. CMt Hoaroe HMI Ela Pli«a« tit I«UiiKuu. . - v lo shield .Mrs. Vald in is so •heels of at thai vi'U I •log the w order ito gratify turn fresh guess." i h-II liaid ,.,, looked Ihaiing. a^d siiokc j W thei :ot loud, i tion atid \ •of ll-rl •e's am-! me said. '. : i ike, my Jirl. hut j tell nu I who il | lice, and | rasi ^eil, but'far from penllenti MIKH Anarilasia Highed. '•Thai 's Dan all over!" she .said. He'd aU'lays do anything to save from annoyance," I hlisii'! saved lief," mid bed IndlRuani. "In fait, be has prohahly made more troil- hie tor hlr than if he haii 1 n iiiiiili in (lie flrHi plaii-j" / "Wliiit ilio I yon meitii by that?" and 1 Wan J'l'lliin's voice held a Mria'l fear, ' i Tills did not est'npe .moue'«» alert altehiloiij nnil he presNed tlieiHiliil. •file facts ."tre Helf evident.", he '. said. ••Carret! Folsom hail letters or papers that ill some way In- criminai'ed or at least botliered Mrs. Valdoii, and she was determined to get them, Mr. PeltOJi knew more or less about.thpsc pa| per .'i. anil 1 IP had po.ssession o[ them, he supposed, in that siiltr cajfe lull of papers. Right so far, .Mr. IVjlon.'" I •"Yes." was the answer, growled raiiier than spoken. •Do you know the nature or fonti-nts of the papers in nues- tion?' "I do not." "I thought so. Wellrtthe papers disappeared from the suitcase without Mr. Pelton's knowledge, for it was easily seen that be was relieved when he opened the case to find that the papprJij'were not there. He spoke of some letters of bis own hut that was scarcely plaurible." "Tlien it was that woman, after all!" and Anastasia Fplsoiii's voice, rang out in triumph, ''ijknew you'd! find out. Mr. Stone. .4"^ Iknew il was a woman who killed Carry! She looks the adventiires.s, Ymi i call see it slicking Out all. over' her", "(>b. hush. .\unt Stasia! Don't he ridi.uloiis—" began Pelton. but Hie l{i;;i ;i5 inierrupted. (To He Conflnqed) . ImmedltfiPly. , »m-not I)p re9 |H |iislble I .ii4f liieiure <-t lii.<»rtIonj Slwelal rat."!" fgr VfaJ Ad.^ -reil six hUII«>as III) <.niiM. l,or oiily the uuiWr «jr Kansas Ciiv, .Mar. 11. (Al'i - i 'U'P *''i ["'d .i and adpiistmifiit Wheal; i--c..,,„s 200 lais; '"ark.-, | '**.,;-",7;><J.,,,,^ iilichallgeil. .No ;! dark haul * I..t2 '.. l d «p Ihe jfolluwliiif ela| !f I :;i' •'il 1 r '»'^|mp'l IAiiPiui -i"jpl|iKMflc«iluii mill nJvcirtlsen ^eii^H ,<liouId bP he l'.PtrIst»-r k more than f(l.:;'7'-..: .No. ,No. 3 hnrd .•: 1 ::i n I '<.•: No. :r'ai *I.:{| 'i'li I. ; No. 2 n-ii .vi.:!<itfi» i.:il; .No; :: *i .2 .s'.jf.i i.::<i. Corn iiliilianui il. .No. 2 whin No. i;7 'o 7ii' : .V'. " 7ii • al ! No. I 7iiiMfr( I e; Nil. I .Nil 2 Wllile .11 71'<,.'ii7.': '2 yellow ".•|V.,,c; ,No, 2 iiilNcil :t, ti7fi7o'-c. Oats itni haiii'.-il. l7i-(»» l)»c; No. ;: ;i:'«.i>-e Mllo mai/i;;-.! 1 2:;. . Kafir JI.OT'ii I.I''. fl"i?/!iS"ic. ISarley 72'}i74i. Clo.'.e: Wheat: .May old .May new $1 :;ii-r, : .Inly »1.^J'»-,. Corn; .May 71'je; .liilv 7T",c Sept. 81c, KP((l«pr Kfi 'lP iif IHb'-rH r ^HiTve ih« riUht) iilti' eliiMwIfl.Ml II Aucno ,luly 4«fi ,lulv al year old. Ford roadster; 1925 Ford coiipci; ^ Bayard,^ans. :{ 1»25 Ford toiirings; 1924 Qver- ; land touring: 1923 Chevrolet tour-'-YJOA^S in^: 192."? Dort touring. Will sell oin time or will trade for livestock. .1. C. Putcher. For sale. POBi LIVE STOCK jhehd milk cows, fstra • fipm .": to 7..vears old: , will be fresh in sight FttH. Feed. Tertllfaers 5g PRAIRIE HAY \- Baled;, ;hedge posts. '4 miles east..l% south lola. 'Stephen Weith, LaHarpe. GtWd TUlngs to Eat 67 CUCUMBER PICKLES—In brine; no cents a gallon: Pho. ..348F21. Hodsehold Goods S9 Fl^RNITlTRB^-Ofa six room house must be sold this week;, dining room suite, living room .suit?.' 112 .South Third. 1 —ui_ PIA.N'O — Victrola rugs, 'chairs, floor lamp, refrigerator, library table, beds, dre; ser. reznor. and numerous other! articles; James I^ne. 21.S S. Cottonwood. Pho. ."ifit. Rl'OS—Ten olosehnt patterns As- minister 9x12 riiss. yoiir choice. $28.50. Henningers Furn. Store; n aboiit a cow. just week; one fresh, giving S^i gallojis milk per day; one red j Durbain, loiis mill^ bam, jus milk per be fresh horn and vfrpshen SPECIAL PRICE .SALE—This week on Congoleum gas ranges, steel beds, and (iotloni matfre.sses. Brysoii Furuiture - Store, Northl Jefferson. , ^ jii .^t fresh, giving 5 gal- per day; one red Dur- fresh. giving 4 gallons day; one fiuernsey. will in few days; one Short- .lersey, 4 years old. will ^11 few- days, will give horthorns,- will be fresh ten days, from '•'> to 5 one .lersey, 2 years old. can be rtkislpred. will he fresh in Will sell for other C. Butcher. on lime cattle Y BULL E. .UcCi f ,A .i;ood one for inhis. 420 .\. .Khii-! C.VLF -.Male, ime Shorthorn. J. W. King. Mildred phon- STO RAf rE BARCrA INS:— 1 liiied Karpen chair with genuine black leather; $12.50:1 new mahogany library table, a real bargain. $15; 1 u .spd nnartered oak buffet in good condition, has large bevel plate mirror. $22.50; 1 used quartered -oak dresser with bevel ii!4te mirror. $j:5.?0: \ new. re«I floor lamn. ivory finish, two .>!Ockct, • $l.';..5ti: 1 new fibre table' laihp; /roHted brown finish. ?6'.50;U used oak kitchen cabinet in goOd condition,. .$22; 1 used Torriugton electric cleaner. $i:;.5rt; 1 used quartered oak Inifit-t, X u -SPd -15- Llich round laMe, K used oak chairs. $:!S. A. H. Sleeper jFurni- twre Cw. ^ ^ Maehiiiery and Tools 61 A.VP BROOD SOWS— H. W. Chaney. (;,a.s. Kas. HARROW - S-ft. John Deere: used Wallis Cub tractor. PlionCi Steele, s(;5. . ' GOOD coach USED CAKS- with extras; 1926 Hudson 1924 Maxwell i I BABY CHICKS—While .Minorcas i for sale. .Mrs. J. Hi sedan; Ford tourings; Biiick to!ir-{ ings at bargain prices. Alarr Auto ; EfiCS—Fi^ batching. Knglish strain : .Supply Co..-Buick Dealers. White l>glvirn. COIlSi-PUtlV* Ca^h «<• 7c e too any ad. OAKLAND — Dealers - PO.NTI.^C "24 Ford roadster; "22 Ford coupe, good; '18 Ford coupe, k-lieaii; '22 Hudson sedan: good shape; '21 Stiidebaker coupe, fine shape; :'2t; :Clievi*olet coach; fine shape; '22 Dodgei coupe, good: '2:{ Dodge coupe. Some: other very i-liean cars. Cash, terms or trade. Hohari-Sleele .Miilor Co. hedge po ECtSS FfiR II.VTCHI.NC —From -nlled S iigl^ iCoinb White Iiorn floctk, $3 iper hundred. 7). C. Cation, llumbordt, Kas., phone 509. HIGHEST UnP. :.AisiKJKi> Cas City ntlVPrllMliiiK. X and ptop- tj«f-charged lllineH the nd niude at thp rtlitPmeiits im- H -llilcatlonH urP RTfi'AI. ord-r thfir prop- Ill.- rPKid'"' :riie |.ul.- rSED CVRS —l:t25 Ford "mp< . 1!»24 Overland louring; 1924 Ford|QLALn\ louring; 192:5 Dodge roadster; i;.25 Ford touring; 1925 Ford tii- dor sedan, likti new. We sell on ea.iv payments or- trade for live- siock. Boyer .Motor Co.. 212 South Jpfferson. Phone 2 .'I.' • lor. creap, eggs and poultry, dur truck and:chicken coopa are at your kervice to pick np poultry. Barker Produce Co. Pho. 658. :!c per egg, chic-ks, h liglit bre Anto Accessories, Tires, Parts 18 CHI l.SED ! AITTO PARTS- naileries, generators, tires, used parts of all kinds, lolii Wrecking Co. Ptionc 7.S2. I luiio one year i'hone Mildred, ard, Kansas. AaetloRi BUSINESS SERVICE to edit iir l!>'!'fJ'.'''i!K-'-'i'liy- lOA Biii>ln«ss }4ervlces Offered ,18. I'l'nr.lC AUCTION ll Win .sell at Ilisllop'S Sale Pavljioit. 15 head good slle^-p. C. S. Ipsl op, Aiict. •>vlll sell at .Manil IS. 2 o'clock, all kinds I Friiltiy at ITIILIC jVrCTIO.N pi^bjic auction, Fr a I 214 1-iisi Jacksor household fiirnituri Inrliidiiig Estate H' daveiiporC; cedar wing machine; lihrar; iiri Kansas ('!») I.ivt stock. Kansas City. .Mauh 14.. rnit<d States Depariiiieiii of •.•\!;ricultni-e -•-Hog.s 6.000; slow.* steady lo im higher", than Friday'.•; average; stock pigs steady .>! I.7.=.^(i $12.40; packer^s Koing slow; top $12 .i "i on 140 to 160 pounds; desirahle 170 jio 231) pounds ; $11.70; liiiii lights, up toi$12.iiO: ;:4ii; lo pound butchers $''<; i;i].4ii: packing sows $lo.oo'(( .i!i!,.-.ii. Cattle 13 .110(1; calves L'llu; dresser; 2 beds c'o|mi|lel 2 11.4x12. 1 9x12; A tion rihsc; gas ra| stands; chairs; kiliJieh cabinet:, refij in -ird; sideboard; liiifch swings; abojiit new 2xr. lumber; s ami many o :!<»i H. D. Smock, Aucti atrola, new.; sew- liible; while rugs. :orn conihinange: tables; Sanitary " cot; igerator: cup- liiria closet; 2 j 00 ft. of j inii' odd lum- her articles, bntier. AUTOMOtlVE Steers slow, steady tie done onl better stojk steady to 15i' Id weak ; : I it- grade.-; she' higher; bulls: steady; yealers" steady .to weaK: stockers and feeders in liberal snp-, ply. full.v steady; medium to Rood ; short, fed steers !f,s.75(;i .410.75; ' light weight heifers $9.75; bulk f.'I heifers $.'>.f )Oi !i $9.i)(i. . Sheep 4.0ni); lambs j,-ehe|-;il!y I 'le' 10 25c lower; top .$14 S5; others S14..'>i )if/ $14.75; oild sheep; steady; clippers $1.'?.25. Antomobile Agencies A USED CAR—Is as the dealer who sells Sales ijnd Service, "h^ best place tp bnyjgood, dependable used cars. *. ,„.Au..„»' «•« LaiJje "a coniplete, id clDsed mod--; Etiis Motor line of; both open ai^ els, pri-ed to sell. Co.. 21! J .North Washington. Hl•DS0^I-E5iSEX-^SaIe^ icp. Bud White .Ml South Washington. ter .Myr- 1 •our de- stands," enibar- K Carnielita Vnldon the niur' deresK of (ian-pfl FblHonif EU- denlly Aiiasiaslu thinks MI —biil read the next chnple'r. j Tlu'populatlon.of ^outib Ceorgia Island, in the Falkland group,'con- slKts^ of 1,:!,1J men ntJd ' men. ' . Chiraao Lifesfork. :Chl<;ago. .Mar.H. iV. S. Dept. of Agriculturei—Hogs 49 ,iiiiii: gen­ erally'steady 1 (1 lOr lower: hulk 140 lo 200 Ihi averages :?ll.S5 '''i 12.15; 210 to 240 lb. liiilchPis ' A nIonioMles fo hreif wo- lOLA HIDE, FUR & WOOL COMPANY' Gtt our prices on POULTRY AMI EtKJS We will come after ponllrr. B. A.JONES 111 So, Ohio Phone; I jCllRYSIiETt "58" CJ)UPE—Chrys­ ler "70'' Crown Sedf n; 1925 Overland KPiJan: 1922 OverIan»I sedan; 19;;5 .M;ixWell coach For sale or trade. JRoss Arbuciklq's Carage Ciirys^er Dealers. D|-:i'K.N'iiABLE USED (| ARS —Latti I !i2r. Chevrolet coa ' ' 11 ( hevrolef i-oaches; fl rolei iroadster; oiJe coa4h. These cars condition. B. T. 211 WeM street. WILL HE IN lOLA This week equJpiw<l lo Hpni.v, Prices right." (5. ^11. Siijton, People'*! X'afe. _ _ j itnlldtng and Contracting Ifl i UriLDI.Vf:. CO.VrilACTLNC. — And Repairing. See as before you repair or build. We do all kinds of work. Can .lavej ynu money. JI. Pavne. 715 .N. CiMtonwood. WANTED lure, firs per mont 309-2, M try and Supplies- 4!): Musical -Merchandise 6^ 505 .North Caldwell. Third si reel. dOOD Pl.V.NO—For sale; will sell cheap. Phone 1400. ' ROOMS AND BOARD sts. A. 50c per .-eltiiig; -1). .Morrison. Rooms for, Hon.sekeepirig i 69^ ROOMS—For lishl liousekeepiiig. 222 South Buckeye .sireel. Piione .14:i^W. " • REAL ESTATE FOR RENT MARKET— Prices paid ELECTRIC. HATCHERY, Kans. Custom hatching. Apartments and Flats 74 APARTMENT—:: room^moderii, fur- iiished. ground llniir, front eii- trance. 210 East strict. 1'ho. I.IQB. or 5c per chick. Baby,] yy breed, $12 per Hm; kds, $111 .50 per mil. K - OIL HOVER csed in good condition, $«.5(i. Rose King, Bay- Winted—Lhestock WANTEDITO BUY —All kinds ciit- tle-and^ hogs. -J-. C. Butcher. 15 bead loWs to pas- i-oiiie, first :ierved. $2.0ll Ih. J. P. t!opeiilng. Pbdiie ERCHANDme Moving, Tracking, Storage 8S GORR TRANSFEJR CO.—Packing, storage, long distance hauling. Reasonable ratej. Phone 140. CHUNK V timber Swinford I'OOn— For sale, ^2.50 in $3.25 delivered. A. J. Phone 5LS. i USED n.-^S RA.VGE —Must be conHition. Phone 108. SHOW CASES —Glass, from 4 to 10 feet long, priced right. Can he seen at Galley Store at .Mildred. l>rofe8slonal Services j^nsfness and Office Eanh^ment M StiRGERY —MedicUre. X-ray. Dr. P. Lehskl. i Phones: offlciB, 886; I residence. 1126^^. : I EMPLOYMENT TYPEWRl TERS FOR SALE.—Rent ot trade. Adding machines,, any make. Public- stenographer, no-- tarv'and multigraph i work done. Room 10-11. over Globe Clothiers. Help IWanled—Male F^m Eqaipment iFL.\SHLK:HT OPERATES ^VITH- lependable as it — Dodge land Serv- out Batteries Never Fills, user will ; wan salesmen, W 1 K > wish to earn money considered. Demand ready rreated-l^iio Competition. he Light 'Hiat tvery flashlight one. Only live big al- If vou can recognize a good proposition get busyiahd make yourself $lijn per weeli. I Motflr Dynamo Light; Corporatioii, S31 .Mfrs. Exchange Bldg.. Kainsas Cit.v, .Mo. FARMERS spring w have all nienls. all your old .InipIe'niPij —Arc- you ready.for the brk? Reniember that we kinds of farin impIe-1 ISO i-eplacemerit parts fori inaebiuery. .All^-n County ( HAVE OPE.N.ING -LFor two good itfji^'Co.. 219!.n,pp Ion .Maytag sales force; good • Phone ISO. FSSlT propcsition to right parties. Call between 5 and 6 o'clock at the Coblentz Store, 109 We.-it Madison avpiiup this week, or ]ihone' 79.S or 747W; —U : --' Phone 56. MARRIED MAN—Wanted ove.r 25 for/responsible plisilion; goodjpay with chanife for advancement: reference required. Wiite care Register, lola, Kans. two 1925 I • • 1923 Chev- I WA.NTED—Middle 'C. C E.Asex six in best of njarJier Garaj^p, Phon»» 515. aged, married mail for farm work the year aroiind. Earl .Mpnfort, two miles •me west lola. Phone TRA.CTORJ PLOWS —Two Little j Genius's, $90 each: .No. :5 Primrose, cream .separator, G50 lbs., $75; Del Laval, all new. closing o card, Karls. 1^0 lbs.. $65. These,. are machines that 'we are lit. Ralph E. Smitl), Kin- USED 10-inch 12-inch inch E spreader; Jolin ne non's. lolja IMPLEMENT BARGAINS— .fohn Deere ganig plow; 1. Case gang plow; 16- ;m^rson sulky; Clover Leaf Case corn planter: 14-16 Diift; Harrow. Shan- FnelJ per load at.'. mile.H H: Gerd.s 61 AP.VRT.MENT—5 rooms and gar- ai-re., nicely furnisb'-d. entire up-j per floor of moilern house. 710 .North WdshiiiKloii . Phone lO.S. Farms and Land for Rent 78 FARM Well improved stock and grain tarni, half uectli.n, Allen County, Kans.^ near .Morali. Wi^te J. .M. T'jylor. Independence, .Mo. Phone Independ.-ncu S07. IIOIISE-Uarn,' I hli ken house, 10 :ur("\ of uriiiiinl. 2 miles west, 1 soiiih of lola. K. It. Ibitler, :i01 South Elm, III ACltK FARM liiipii.v.'d. Jaek- son Ue;Jiy Co., ovi-r lirowii'S Drug .Slon -i . Honses for Kent 77 FIRXI.S'IED IIOLSK- Five rooms sirii-lly'; nioderii, nicely furnished; garaee. 710 .N. Wasliinglon or| phone lOS. j " : HOUSE -Five room furnished; also furni.-hed apartment, close in.| Phoiie .-tSS. : - HOrSE—Five rooiji Jiouse. rnqdeVn with garage. CiiU A. W. Anderson Grocery. Phone 292-291. THREE ROOM HOUSE—Electric lights, citv water, located at 30S South Chestnut. See M. A Schlick. 55A Suburban for Rent 8rt SUBI.-RBAN TRACT—For rent,- S or 9 acres, for small grain. Phonej 1050 evening.'!. REAL ESTATE FOR SALE Farms: and Land for Sale SSI t Co. l.MPROVED 100 .A.CRES-^Oue mile of Pleasantou, Kan.i.; price, and terms right. Arbiickle Real Estate. Honses for Sale 84 HOUSE—Five room niodern, aou- ble garage, good lodatjon. Johi. Reuther. Feed, Fertllhers M KAFIR FODDER-Good dean, $1.50 4 miles east LaHarpe, north of slab. Charles 11. NICE PRAIRIE HAY—Baled. 35c H0U5E—6 room mo.deni, garage, close in. near Jefferson. schbol. John Reuther. HOrSIC—.Mwlern. five room, garr age. good location. Inquire 415 S; Cottonwood street. To Exchange-Real Estate ^| 320 ACRES—To trade for incQme in lolo. Have some money to pay difference. D. E. Wat.son. Brbn- son, Katis. ^ n^A.iiSil-'lEI) Df.ilh.AY BABY CHICKS You cjin buy Slate .Accredited Chicks now for $12.00 per 100; 200. $23.50; 300, $3.5..50; 406. $46.00: ,50U, $56.25; 700. $T7.W;' 900. $94:50V 1*100, .|102.50; Poultry feeds and supplies. Cqstom. hatching. 4c per egg. Our bigbest per cent on Custpfh Hatching las£ week was 87.R> of all eggs sft. Sturdy Chick Hatclieiy, 220 West St. loia, Kaiisl

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