Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 31, 1898 · Page 8
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 8

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 31, 1898
Page 8
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V Y' wr ness Men: Let the Telegraph Show What it Can do to Bring Customers to Your Store anTBEeTBalance to Your Bank Account ^«KKp$F fM v b \rzi his health the weeds of diKesse f*r<yw tip and choke it. ,.,..„_ ;i*t dally and hourly marvel that men I tfec1tM»slJ «eglect their health, when tofoettt'a thought should tell them that ate courting death. It lies in most _.«./ Mtttn's power to live to a green old 'Sgfc If a matt would only take the same «*f* »f himself that he does ofhis horse, ot «W. or dbg, He would enjoy stood henlth. " When * nuui Owrm a hundred-dollar horse, 11 a«3 it *et»«lck, he ddes not waste any time 4 KSttt doctoring him up. When his garden S? 5S* fall of weeds, he doesn't delay about UMofiM them out, for he kbow* they will ' fcjwk* out his vegetables. When he is out . «f torts, »lck, nervous, headachey, has no v appetite and la restless and • rteeplesiMrt t Sfgnt, he pay* Kttla attention to It. The <_ rtsnlt to consumption, nervous prostration J « K»m* «eriou» blood or skin disease. Df. 'r »e*w'« GoWea Medical D scovery Is the f, beM of all medicinesfbr hard working men. It tfve» edlrt to the appetite, facilitates the S*io5 of dllesUve juices, inviRoratei, the (•> Met and purifies an«^nriches the blood. * It IB the great bloocf-maker and Mesh; -bnilder. It cures 98 per cent, of all cases . t1* lingering coughs, bronchial and throat Sim", weak lungs, bleeding from lungs kindred affections. Do not wait until i Are too far wasted to admit of THE NE1URMY PLAN Mea8urs Will Be Strongly Opposed in Congress AND A OKEAT OKIHIS MAV AR1SK. When th« Tronly of »'"»™ »• «»«'"-« tho fin Slunk to n !>«'•'• I'nollnic «, N<,I1M> I"" " Army Mint of 30.OOO M«nil to liicrrn«» tli« Numl.iT All Ovnr Will Hn Unl»wr«l «i"l Will Illivo MW^ nveye»f»-, ,, i roe up to die with consumption, t O/ McKlnney of Derpvrnter, Vvfti !W,Vtu "' look treatment from Or. «.»_ • f - and «m entirely well now, f had uken V!M directed tala 'Golden Medical »U- Dr.' Werce'a Pleasant PeUeU cure coo, aUpation. One little "Pellet" is a do»e. To Bn DlKolmrKoil. Washlligton, Deo. 3l.-I-cglBl*t!on f..r the ntul Increaso of the army and imvy will pr-m upon tlm attention of con(fr««s liiuncdlttlfly iiftci the recess. Its urgenry IK Incn-asod »>• the prospect of nn ,-nrly approval at the peace treaty, which puts nn "Illrlnl period to the W(ir »n<I to the .;inerg"n<'> which warrants tho present law dimensions of the military nn-1 n.-iva. arms ..f the K overnment turn of peace the With tn.- re nrmy will shrink t.. Women Should Know it, Many womon Buffer untold agony and rnlBpry becanse the nfttare of their dlRr-nso IB not correctly nndor- ptood, They hnvfl been led to believe that womb trouble or female weak- mwofBome sort IB reBpon»ible for tho ninny ills that beset womankind. Nouraleln, nervousness, headache, pnffy or dark cirrlea under the eyes. rhptimatlom. n drflgging pain or dull ache In the back, weakness or bear- Ine-down sensation, profuse or scanty supply of urine with "trorjK odor, frequent desire to pa«B It with scald- Inn or burning sonBMUn, sediment In ItafierstHndlng in .btfttle or common alflfw for twenty- fouf hour«. are signs of kidney nnd bladder trouble. Tho above symptoms are often attributed hv the patient liernelf or by her phyeiclan to female weakness or womb trouble. Hence, so many fail to obtain relief, because they are tvontlng, not the dipeane Itself, out a reliction of the primary cause, wnlcn is kidney trouble. In Jact, women HH well as men are made miserable with kidney and blad- > ra. FOR SALE. . Hart?propejSr oornerSth iwd Albi "Lot . reet bet. 10VS Prloe$100. s . rwldenoe ot Cteo. Klnwh on Belle strerti Bjbe»t«ai»yturnaoei In {*4-roon? brick SwelUng . W J* JWT»: 1 M. Toniur boouutsad containing^. about «• «n» lOroom SwemnlJSfrult of alUlnd. ayW^J^W^SSS >' ,. K «.. ._««_ dvalllnff. beatea wltb weni e4th with furnace. Lot 80 Its normal dimension, a maximum of 26000 regulars, nnd the naval enlistment to nbuut 10,0(10. some bl , Is passed to authorial; an Increus,.. an over thin number will lie unlawful ana will have to be dlschnrsrrt. Or, at least If they are retained some one will be taking a chance with the appropriations mmmltK"-!. Nottt Loglllniitt" KxpeiiMi. This committee Is likely to decide that the maintenance of it standing army In times of peace I* not a legitimate expense such us the committee Is warranted In loglBlallns for. The old-time peace limitations «jn the army and navy were fixed with n view to no such emergnney as Is pr<svnU'd by the possession of conquered dependencies In both hemispheres. Oincral Miles stated before the house committee on military affairs, when the Hull bill was under consideration, that rO.COO men would be needed for garrison duty In Cuba and Porto Hlco alone. The number of men that may be needed In tho Philippines IB still a matter of estimate, and estimates are increasing with each day's dispatches from that quarter. The crisis at Hollo, where the Insurgents seized the city and raised their flag before General Merrill's troops could take possession, has unmasked Agulnaldo's defiant attitude, and shown beyond question the. necessity tor a strong military assertion of the sovereignty ceded to this country by Spain. Fifty Xli<i,i«uiul Men Needed. War department officials do not hesitate to express the opinion that 50,000 men will be needed for the pacification of the islands during the next two years. In the face of these claims the minority members of the house are preparing to oppose the bill providing for the increase of the standing army to 100,000 men. They say It will be quite unnecessary unless the administration Is preparing to embark In a career of colonial possession and Imperialism. Sixty thousand men, It Is stated, will be ample to preserve order In the Islands until their government may be turned over to competent natives. This Is part of the anti-expansion programme, which der trouble nnd both need the namo Dr. 'Kilmer's Swamp Root is the wreat discovery of the eminent kidney and bladder speciallstB, and 1* easy to get at any drug store for 50)» To prove Its wonderful merits yon miiv have n sample bottle and book tell'ingHll about it, both sent absolutely free by mail. Kindly mention the TKUSORArii and send your address to Dr. Kllmor & Uo., Blngbam- ton, N. Y. __ THE MAUKETS, Chlcngo Orulu itnd Proilnoo. Chicago, Dec. 30. Following were the quotations on the HANK WUKCKI.B; war, SKUU:. i.<lJilln. Mo.. Will T« J. C.TI,,-n-P«.». nf» I)n|io»Hor» In » r «H. . t.r.-. :.l,.-.VHpnHai;rom Ho«• Thompson, th, St. u,,ilH. tel, i M.... «iy«: nence Th mps frZ, Board of Trade today: Wheat- Open. Hlj?n. * .67% » .08 .70% """ Low. * .87% t . .70V4 . .69% . December JSy '.'^.'.'•'.'.- :«!% -68% December ... .37V, .37% May 38% .38% July 38% .39V4 Oats— December ... .ZG'A .26V4 Cr ry ..::::: i»* ".SB July 2a% .26% January 10.10 10.02V4 10.10 May... 10.50 10.62VS, 10.45 Ja'rfu'aiV 6.62% 5.62% May 5 '7B 5 - 8j Ja S n h u° ar ry R ! bS r4.90 4.95 4.80 \fav G -20 5.25 6.17% Produce: Butter-Extra creamer- Nntlonnl hnnk "f Bodalla. now a res dent of the City of Mexico, wishes to return h-.ino. Tho Informant, a Mr. Lyotm. who U a lawyer of some promi- In tho mpllal of Mexico, says son (l.-i.ullwd him to call on 1 announce thnt he Intends to return In a.-.lallft In a short time, HtralKhtrn out his accounts nnd pay ? h ; a d",«»lt,,n, of the bank he wrecked dollar for dollar the amount due t.ieni. Mr Lvons soys Thompaon Is prosper|,,B and has extensive Interests In railroads, mining storks. Hanking and bonanza gold mlneu. whlr.h promise in a short time not only to retrieve his lo«t fortune, but also to make him a millionaire. Attorney Lyons says that Thompson will resign Jan. 1 as Inspector for the MexU-nn Central railway to accept th,; P Billon of cashier In the Mexican iin.l London bank of the City of Mexico Thompson. Mr. Lyons says, 19 anxious to rlnht the wrongs he has committed, 'recclv,! forgiveness and eventually become once more a citizen ! Din! In n Iirnllfit'" Chair. Milwaukee. Dec. 31.-Mrs. William Snell of 35" I 1 *"" 1 avenue died In a dentist's chair while under the Influence of chloroform. Mrs. Snell had been a patient of Dr. Isaac O. Newell, and having a tooth that pained her, she Insisted that Dr. Newell accompany her to the dentist's ofllce nnd administer chloroform. They went to the office of Wentworth & Kimpp. and Mrs. Snell died before the dentist made any effort to extract the tooth. Dr. Newell claims that he made an examination of his patient before taking her to the dentist's office and could find no evidence of heart trouble. EFENDING .36% .38V4 .88V4 .26Vi .28V4 .26% 6.52V4 5.75 .37% .38% .38% .26% .26% .28% .26% 10.22% 10.67% 6.60 5.82% 4.80 6.20 it Armc» a»ive. Tie best salve la the world for oat»! braises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever sores, tetter chapped bands, chilblains, corns, and all ekln eruptions, and positively cures piles, or no pay reqnlred. H Us guaranteed "OjB'y, 0 perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 36 cents per box. For sale B, M»roh. Alton and tipper Alton THE NATION. Catarrh isourcouh- try's enemy. La grippe, lung troubles and other diseases of the mucous membrane take hold of our people •nd fatal results follow with I:L alarming fre- quimey. All of these troubles are catarrh, and _,._ cannot exist vfhere the membranes are clean and "MM Lou Davis, Fayettevttle, Tenn., tell, in her letter how Dr. Hartman s great catarrh remedy, Pe-ru-na, cured her of la grippe and serious lung complication. She says: »I was afflicted with a disease commonly known as la grippe two years uo; the doctors said I had consumption I got one bottle of Pe-ru-na and the second right tny cough atopped. I took several bottles, and I will say that I believe I would be a dead woman now U it had not been for Pe-ru-na. Mary M. Pruitt, Palpa, Mo., says: Medicine Co., Columbus, O. »I had to grippe lor three aueeeaato years; it seemed to get a tighter hold In me each year. It seemed I was in thVjaws of, death. What had helped me before would not do me any good. I .aw an advertisement of P 6 '™' * orooured two bottles and it cured me. t have not felt any symptom since. You may use this in any way you please." Ask any druggwtlor a free Pe-ru-na Almanac for the year 1899. dead x-v . R , said. »f «hP nhsence of Mi. MonlM-m ery from Drcatur. Pnna. 111... 1'««". nl. l'nim, 111". Knrl Horrlmt. a ui« eiin (Impp'o »"" «••" "lie buHcl P»«"lnB throURh bis heart 1 was 20 year, old and the m.n of Bj- KPHtit of Police IlerrliiR of SprlngllPlu 1'riifrrl-i'it Ilenlli I" ilnll. Chicago Dee .11.—Hather thnn suffer the Indignity'(if ^\W locked In a cell all nlKht Joseph Knspcr, formerly of the Sim of Shrouds & Kaspor. Jewelers and once reputed to be wealthy, shot himself at Henry Piper's bakery. 6l» Well-, ntreet. He died at 2:10 o'clock In ^e mornlnV at the Alcxlan Brothers' hospital. At the time Rasper shot himself he was under arrest charged with larceny as bailee. Dog Kcturiw from Klanillko. Houghton. Mich.. Dec. 31,-Jerry Mur Dhy a well-known miner living In Calumet sold his blB St. Bernard "Uarney to a Klondike party elKhtoen months ago The dog was taken to Dawsou City and performed good services. Thursday night "Barney" reappeared at Murphy's home in Calumet. How he succeeded In returning from Alaska Is a mystery. __ Tho Kind Yon Have Always in uso for over 30 y™™^^'^ nn ,f e r hto P*r'. 'since T"* * ' the health of w- What is CASTORIA ™ Castor* I. a and Soothing Syrups Narcotic CASTORIA *»»*** Bears the Signature of les 19V44Z201A per ID; extra dairies, 16@ 17c- fresh packing stock. 12@12«,c. Eggs -Fresh stock. 2H4@22% per dozen. Dressed Poultry-Turkeys S@IOc per rb- chickens, 6(S)6%c; ducks, 6@6V4c: rPotatoes—Common Includes a demand that the »20,000,000 ifVti°m'Hlgl>ltndP»rk thenorth aide ot Second 1 LaMdon street. •_-.. -- - w .»«uiogwlthloU20xl»(eeti,fln« , ndemnlty pa | d for the Philippines be ^»^^m 0t dw?l^rw?t? SS)* "^ao^rot, settled on the Islands as a debt, and ^^^metruuan?6had* tree. I Mo«k» that no 8t epg be taken for making the, "^|S5nto« to Upper. AlBm. 'I possessions territories or giving any to*lot on.«h sweet-. . betwean 'ICth j other form of government looking to 1 their ultimate incorporation as a part tt the United States. Will Appeal to Labor. On these issues the antl-expanslon- iBts will appeal to organized labor with the argument that the policy contemplated by President McKlnley means heavy, taxea for the support of a standing army, disastrous competition of cheap labor, and an unchocked Intlux ot "heathen Immigrants" from the Islands of the South seas. Should members of the senate see fit to follow the Democratic congressmen In opposing the army reorganization bill It U hard to figure on what the outcome might be. It 'la conceded that the senate will be thoroughly occupied after Jan. 4 considering the treaty. The presump-i tlon Is that they will need about all the rest of the session for Its consideration, and there has even been talk of an extra session. If, therefore, the senators' feel that the standing army cannot be Increased without deliberate consideration and exhaustive 1 discussion the administration will Hnd Itself In nn awkward dilemma. choice ZeWcperbu Sweet Potatoes -Illinois, $1,00©U5 per bbl. Apples- Common to'fancy, 12.0003.76 Per bbl. Cranberrles-^WiscoiisIn bell and bugle. 15.00©fi.GO. • ' Kant Bufflilo Live Stoak. East Buffalo, N. Y., Dec. 30. Dunning & Stevens, Live Stock Commission Merchants, East Uunuio, IN. *., quote as follows: Cattle—Receipts. 4 cars; market steady for good to prime heavy on handy <*t butchers- ^.^ fnr medluin on coarse fat steers, VCH.IH active and higher; tops. »7.BffQ8.00; others *B 00®i7.00. Hogs-Receipts, 60cars; market opened slow and lower, b* advanced; Yorkers, $3.60 early; S here rnlk.,'moluo. Sheep and Larabs-Becelpts, 39 caro; market slow nnd lower- choice to best lambs, $5.25 0B3B- culls to good. »3.26©p.l5; sheep steady- lops. $4.00(84.10; culls lo good, $2 00<5>3 90; wethers and yearlings, *4.15 Clilc«BO Wva Stook. Chicago, Dec. 30. HOBS— Estimated receipts for the day, 000- pales ranged at »2.80®3.36 . for room dwelling on BWU itrwt. Pflo» NOB dwelling in ypper Alton, good hoice to extra steers, $4.DB@5.20 good to^holce do* »4.40«4.85 for fair to good, common to medium do J38» ' Sheep - Y*_ Lambs— frlrt dw«Ul»g on William itrMt. » BOO"* lots. »t',* Prtoe, tt with Una rtrertlnwi &'&*£/.»£• " on Jrd •treet with btttt i-room t«u»m»aw i«ar Gaerrr . IB Upper ._, now oc- in given by len, DOW oooup y Jnll $2 6C@4 30 naUveS. and »3.75«6.40 lambs. St. I.ouis Grain. St. Louis, Dec. SO. Wheat— , 2 red cash ele- jrlre at Milwaukee. Milwaukee, Dec, Si.— Fire which hid" No 'i hard, 68@Mc. Corn—High- b 'No 2 cash,' 36%c bid; December. - - - -- •«>•»>« bid. OatB—• B800M 18, P. 0. BUILDINO. boote u>i i 31 In good I W«r»« OB »uu i started from spontaneous comhustlon In the dry kiln of the north aide yards ot the John Schroeder Lumber company causofl a JOBB of about 170,000, partially Insured; The flames, after wiping out the dry kiln, communicated to the large planlnB mill which was-also destroyed, the large lumber, yards escaping. The loss to th» Snhroeder company Is $60,000, Insured for $25,000. Tn'e Coal sheds of the Louie Heneii, Jr., cotd vornpnny ndjolning. where 10,000 tona of coal nre stored, also caught fire. The low to this property is partial and 4i«lmated at about I20.0CO, fully In»«red. H«lr«»» to #aoll.O«0 Miming, Chicago, JJec. 31.—Mra. Augle Sloan, ••who Until a year ago lived at 112 Fifty- street, Is heUess to a fortune of I. nccordlllK to a letter received by Captain Colleran Mrs Mary VV. UayleU of Parnassus, V"a., wrote him stating her Jjiother died recently, leaving nearly <600,coo to her tv. o daughters, Mrs. Haylett and Mis. Sloan. The presence ijf both )» required at Parnas- gus before the estate can be divided.> The polloo can tlnd no truee of Mrs Sloan. _ Candy folion* a Clflld. Toledo, O., Deo. SL—Lillle, the 5-yearr old dftUgttter of Mr. and Mr», S.-, J. Latig, AU4 from the effects of poipou contained In colored candy. The little ,glri and lour other children dlwaolyed, •ome Of thin candy ftnd played doctor, giving quantities of the IHluld to one, another as medicine 3he died In »pUo of all that ooi)ld be dojje tor her. The other four children are also Kick and little hope Is entertained for the^r r«~ oovwy. . ,'...__ ._'-' ' Piwyfu* Still on »e»|lV lilH»4< ' Paris, l^ec. 31.-*^Th9 n^tnlvtry of tb^ colonlen den'e» *»• report haa Brnburlted from Cayenrie on hi* turn^^^n**' a** 1 "' ^ ftt *• ooyr ? 0? caMattc ..,.-....""" (Ion ol U>« Tetjirn ot tba A . track December Z8c: May. 28%c; No. 2 white, -30V4c. Hyo— Firm 1 ,- B4o. Milwaukee Grain. Milwaukee, Dec. SO. Wheat— Firm; No. 1 northern, 68J4® 09*4c; No. 2 northern. 87®8»c. OatB- 28H©29»4e. Hye-V4C higher; No. 1. B44 DmtresBlng Stomach Disease Permanently cured by the masterly power of South American Nervine Tonic Invalids need suffer no longer because this great remedy can cure them all. It h a cure for the whole world of stomach weakness and.Indi- gestion. The cure begins with the first dose. The relief it brings ie marvelous and surprising. It makes no failure; never disappoints. No matter bow long you have suffered, your cure ie certain under the use of tbia great bealth'-glving force. Pleasant and always Safe. Sold by 8. H. Wj«fc Texas. The Missouri, Kansas & Texas Kail- way Oo. will sell low rate round trip tickets on Nov. 1. 15, Deo. 6 and 80, with final limit of return to 21 daya from date of sale. An excellent opportunity tor homeseekers, tourists »nd investors to view for themselves the great resources of the State. *or further information address _ John L. Williama, P. and T. Agi, 103 N. Broadway, St. Louis, Mo. Try Qram-OI Try Orain-Ol Ask your grocer today to abow yon a package of QIUIN-O, tha new food drink that takes the place of coffee.: The children may drink it without Injury as well as the adult. All who try 16 like It. OBAIN O has the rich seal brown of Mocha or Java, but it Is made from pnre strains, andI thei most delicate stomach receives it without distress. % the price of coffee, lha and 25o per paonage. Sold Dy an drugglBts.__ . No Humbug. Foley's Honey and Tar does not claim to perform miracles. It does not claim to cure all oases of consumption S asthma, but it does claim to give comfort and relief It advanced s?ages of these diseases and to usual y cure early stages. It ^ oertainly worth trying by those afflicted or threatened with these dreaddiseaaos. Sold by B. Marsh and 8. H. wyes. A Word to the .WiaVia Bufflcient. Ely's dream Balm has completely oureo- me of catarrh when everything else failed.-Alfred W. Stevens, Oald- Italian Kloter* Set Free. Rome, Dec. 31.—King Humbert has signed a decree granting amnesty to a large number of persons who were convicted of participating In the May riots. Nearly S.OOO who had bean sentenced for two years or less were liberated. Among those thus set free Is Anna Kullschoff, a Russian socialist. British Steamer Wrecked. Hong Kong. Dec. SI.—The British tteamer Glenavon, Captain Plthie, which sailed for London from here, has been wrecked on a rock. Part of her crew has been saved and landed here. The captalnr the chief officer and the second and fourth engineers are miss- Ins. . , .' • •' v*o Waahlngtou Court House;, O., Dec. 31. Hoby and Frank- Urown. sons and William Uoby. —Gary Hoby ^.^near^r-i^Uuvned to death „ Brown', house, which was cles royed by fire while the parents were at New Holland. Five children were left In the house, of whom three escaped. IH'llUi CnnsiMl by KntlllB rills. Belolt, Wis., Dec. 31.—The 9-year-old daughter of Knule Hogan. a farmer, ate a lot of pills she found In a box and died within three hours. Dr.BulFs Cowa pleurisy «ad pnett- monia ta » wonderfoUy Bhorttkne. It ^""P^ allays InilammaUon of the lungs, Foftorelans* ,-. H Is Invaluable. ' SmaJfdoseft. FriceZSc. rats 'iijr Ocnulno. HENRY J. KLUNK, Hoarseness Sore Throat Hoarseness, sore throat and constant coughing indicate that the bronchial .tabSsare Buffering from a bad cold, •which may develop into pleurisy or Inflammation of the lungs. Do not waste health and strength by waiting, but use Dr. JohnW. Bull's Cough Bvrup at once. This wondertul remedy cures all throat and lung affections in an astonishingly short time. Dr.BuIIs Cough Syrup Cures Hoarseness and Sore Throat. Doses ore small and pleasant to take, poctort recommend It.' Vrlce «s«t». At nil druggist*. The Kind You Have Always Bought Use For Over 30 Years. BEST TRAINS ALTON TIME CARD WM ARMSTRONG. Dealer ic ' ement, Lime and Waii Plaster If **»•** «te »* mob* <af fto*. ineo- £)rs. O. and' //. Taphorn. PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS. : '• OFFIuB ta M'Pikc Building. : Cor. and and Eagum ets. Phone* 138 and 171. Price* to meet oomMttUoo. UTered. elephone IN- Olflce 107 Went Second Street . Veterinary OR. D. M. MAHER. Ontario Vnt«rnl«y Coll«il« otor The .Mode) •torn COB .THIRD AND P1A8A 8TM ttJ , Chicago ft Alton. •• < . On and attor ooon Aug. 11, J88S, tr»ln» wUl - le«ve Union JJeppt, Alton. M followj- For Cnlo»«o, North' »n4B»«v-»r t-»l»;tt* (0:20 r Seojoinf 07 *X "indBle Four t_ trains bstwe«n Alton apCot. Loula. P.SCHUSSLER,M.D HOMEOPATHIST •ndSURQBON OWnOS UTORB9Q)BNCB, HOTEL MADlBOt* Telephone too H. R, L,emen Oream Balm works like a, ' ©B4V4C. Barley-Steady: NO. 2, 49%c; sample, 44©48*(ic. Detroit tlrnln. Detroit, Dec. 30. Wheat—Cash white, 72c; red, 71%c; December, 71%c; May. 73Vt£. Corn- Cash. 3fl&c. Oats—White, 30%c. Rye— 6)c bid. The general Lutheran conference at Philadelphia has adjourned, Rev. H. F. Bcheele presiding on_the_closlng day, Nhot an Unbidden Ouut. Lexington, Ky., Deo. 81.—A special from Sergeant, In eastern Kentucky, gays that George Frazler, a prominent young farmer, gave a .holiday dance to which .Tohn Stldborn came unbidden. Frazier ordered, Stldborn to leave, and on his refusal to go, shot him dead'. Frazler gave himself up. Ths Suie La urippe Cure. There la no use suffering from tbie dreadful malady, If you will only get the right remedy. You are having pain all through your body, year'liver fa out of order, have no life or ambition, have a bad cold, In fact are completely used up. Eleotrto Bltterata the only remedy that will give yon prompt and sure relief. They aot directly on your Wver, Stomach and Kidneys, tone up the whole extern and n/ak'e you_fed Mke a new fo. In are guaranteed to cure or ed. For sale at B. Marah's drug atore, only 60* per bottie, WliatbTtn* ChUdterTibrmit? pon't give them tea or coffee. Have ou tried the new food drink called charm; it has cured me 'of obstinate case of .cold in tbj .head. I would not be without.— Fred'k Fries, 283 Hart St., Brooklyn, N. Y. A i" trial size or the 80o size of Ely's Oream Balm will be • Kept by druggjat Warren St., N.Y. atB. Ely Brothers, 56 Many People Cannot pniik coffee at niabt. It spills their, sleep. You can drink GBf IN-O when you please and sleep like a tfjvyo* &EA1N-0 does not fM»jJ»tt5.1t nourishes, cheers and fe eda. W Jt looks and tastes like the best coffee. For nervous Pe«on?'n y ? nnllg PJS2S and children GE&IN-O ia a V^ttwt drink. Made from pure grains. Get a package from your grocer today, ffy it In place of coffee, loo ana S»0> 9ioo< Dr. E. Detchon's Antl-PiunUC May be worth to yon "ore than f WO U von have a ohUd who aoUa bedding from incontinence of water dortaj; Bleep. Cures old and young alike. I arrests the trouble at once. II. Bol< by 8* H. W>BB, Druggtet, 658 Second A LOCAL Disease, A Climatic Afitcuon, Nothing bnt • local'] remedy or chsnjre of ' ollmate will cure It. *" Gets w«ll-knowii epaomo, , CATARRH EK'S W 1 It U quickly A Olves Belief i Opens «ad olwuMW-'. ihe N«wH PassiBes. iltyi Vnfl»mm»llon,_ f)rs. B. C. UPPER ALTON, IllL. OFriCE HOURS: 7 to 9 «.m; 11 to 1, a to » p.m TELEPHONES?- * Henry Meyers Butcher and Packer Ailduler It Pmk tat S*H Meiti u< UN, ut mat Ut BASt 8BCOKD • • *iT«H 1U. ' C.H.t Between Alt««* St. LT. Alton Por8t. Loan. 6 18 am ??? «?•:<• ^W "/ DENTIST. Ofllot Hour*. H »*. to In « T.. it V THIRO «6 '* HEAD Heiie anil Protoot* the Mambr«ne. Bestoras SSiSenSw ot Taste «na Smell. No Coflalne, MS Mironn. No Injurious flru*. Full size BO^: for the vttb » ln ?«*j a n»ln»ted toragami The „, ltl«delicious and I tade*> thn place of oonee rod give the oh * -puiliatribijtetbroogb /rain 0 i* mad.« of when properly pre- oat ono'fonrtb aa 16o and 880. Life Benewer la tb0 erve Iwitldw known. We hope you will Remember -that w« «rf Buck's Steel Ranges Cook attiHteattoo Stoves, The WQRU>'S Buy no other kind till y«u tee our line ««» our tow prices do not allow any <K>»l«"<">hMg. you .n ow time high prloo for » «•»•'•'»•» like they u»«d to dp In the '80'» attor tU« *M- Buy on* f rorp us w« h«»« DISCHARGES 'OBTAINED IN BANKRUPTCY In Sbort Time, Yager & Yjftger, Attorneys 306 Belle Street. PANG SUE, LAUNDRY. Laundry Work Carefully «|Hl Promptly Donei Alto b«»t 01 TMI mi CWOMS NoieV«»> ot 6Z4 But Second at, . 306 Dr WlinuiuH'lndluoPlli Ojiituioiitwill uuro lilind IHeudiim And IlcLInt ^ && lml>ioriJiitiiotuKaoi& ulluya tho Uvhlim at onte, nct» • ••duB a pounine, Klve» histuiit re B Hal. Dr. wnitoms InilloiiPlloOlul • rnentl"prepared for PIlBiandKcli Ing of the privata purts. Ever? tmx I warranted. By drncglst,,, Jjy mall on. tt. eeipt of jprloe, 60 ovnti ana *1 (Ml. I IWHUIF«nfUmNB CO. PK.D8.. Clevabv T. M. LONG Civil Engineer and Surveyor Maps Profile! and Estimate FurnUhed. 309 Belle Street, Up fttolr* Edmund H, Blair, Real Estate and Insurance Afcot. MONEY TO LOAN, Notary Public., And year of '89. True eoononiy will te»ob you to look wound w prlw »«»««» "* *"X W ***; « 1$» toWfiat p.lQM. AU pur K*??"* BWfwaw Guarreoteed »r tha Buck's hi^o Co?, ot ». UOU «HV* lo i)« W er and »oW Pn •!>• in<ko«r«< no pay »1W>1 • or Btov» THROUGH SERVICE BBtwdn-^-. ST, IO UIS, 0 H IC AG O, KANSAS CITY AMU ROBT, M. STAMPER. REAL ESTATE, Loan and Insurance Agent, Moa»y to IMU on /jnpronxf noon Granitoid Paving Co.

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