Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 14, 1927 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 14, 1927
Page 4
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•fa CHA8. R. «0OTT ^t«rea • at «ie -IM* v FMtoiniM U Second ^Qiiss Matter. iT«l^hon« ...t.' i CPrlVa:t« BraiiCh'lSxcluinse Connecting'' i;- I'l .•All .Detartmtaitt) j Official ^aper-City of lota. Offlfclal Paper City of Baaaett Official Paper-Allen County. • t'OBSCHIPTIOH BATe8,_:.; • CiyCarrJ^r In 'lola. G&a City. ].aRarpe ' . • , and Bansrtt. ^ ^ ' One Week vi..15 Canti : One Month V:. ...70 CrtiU One YKir .....^..tlM ! BV. MAIL ! - - Outalde iMten County • • One -Tear •I"!? Three Monthx «1.M 1 • in Allen County. ./J ; One T«ir ; •••••••li-H ; Wx MoWtha ' :-•<• miree Months ;...,...»l .a5 One Month' ............i 6«c Member <rr-<- 1 I N^iohal eldltori : Kanias Preair A«koclatron. I The' Kansas Oaliy^Xeaaue.- Audit--BMraaii-of - CirculatiOB. Press Coiigr«!«srof the WorW. Inland DailyiPress Association. lal Assaclation. kSiioch ~ MEMBER jABSOCIATED PRESS. Th« Reaisteri carries the Associated I Prtss report j«y ipeclal leased wire. The Associat6tt!Prea9 is ^<!;luslvely.en- ; titled to the use jfor republication of all news dispatches credited to it 'or ; not otherwise oAdlted in ;tWst;pap«-. •. : and also thAlo^aljnewa published h«re- '• In. Ali riehu or republication of spe- ; cfnl dl!!patchcs.her^ln are alsoTeserve<1. i BJblc fhb'ufih t .for Today. •.\hrahani belieyed Ood, and it was ; rrftinted :'Unto ' him for , righteous-; MUSS.—'Rom. A:?,. \ and Xlinea OXE ROAD! T» I1:A(K. "Strange as it may-'sMml" .said Orj JJ Crpinblne,. formerly of ^Dsas biit ,now 'General ^kchiw oi. the American Cbiid .liea&h As- Roclation, speaking at MiaUMpolts the c^t^er xlayr"strani^e |t may Hieem, life li), a war-time trench tir saf^r than It is in Ameirida's pe'ace-tline cradle, ^or of -arery iJiousand babies bprn Jn the United Sf^atea in 1924-over j^Q died during the first year of th^ir lives that was more than 'seven lli'e, mortality of pur soldier^ Over There." Ahd the 'tragedy bf it. ab the boctor proceeded to iK>int out, is that ln| the "gre^ majority. oC cases )f infant mortality death jesiJUs rom diseases tiiat may te'classed lis preyeiitabie. Th6 tipe l3;pear, (he Doctor declared, 'i'when death from diphtheria, for .^ampls, -will lie tlie subject of inquiry. by a ' :oroner '8 i jury, to fix ci;imit ai re- iponsii)ility for a life neeiles ^ly ! acrificed." Of course the most, imiqrtaat itep to take to, reduce' the devas- K ting tOtdi-of infant deAhs is the ucatioo tif tlfe parents, and th; next 'important .step is for every donimiHiity to -have the sen ice of nurse, (jealtli: is. the county a full HEWS SiirTnpr nsfeltafr Fariy In HaiiRren. leKs .ireXarTle<is Age and Big Ffsh fteally Canglit—Sab- fiay ^Vork Prmree'dtng. COLO.NV, Kans.. Mar. h.—Mr. and Jlrs. t'. O. Whitaker are the parents of a daughter, born Monday, .Marrh.S. .Mrs. Whltaker's mother. Mrs. H. H. Kackler. capie ni> from Humboldt to be with her. .>lrs. Walter Peine lias ; been staying for some tinie witli her parents. Mr. aiid -Mrs. P. SeuUey. and has been tiuite ill. The Colony tasketball squad will go to Parser{Kridav to participate iu a tonrnhmeitt there. B. B. Rose iij iiei^e from western ICah'sas and wi farnv^just west, brother-Fn-Iaw, -a. wisely jtratned visiting backfed , up - by .a, full time officer inltbe pounty. That goal^ towdnl vblcli every >h 'Kansaii should strive, -r More than twenty lyears ago. aft- M n>e. healt^ unit. The live? which er rt'iurning from" a triii through tho Oriunt, the editor ofUhe Register wrote a letter for Iiis paper in which he expressed the opinion that the peace oi the Pacific could 'bi- absolutely assured and. th'e siich on orgenizajtion . would : save -j-the time It would save In the lives of those who become ill and 1 • ' - . I • • recover biit.who never should' hove become ill. would many tlmts repay the money cost of mailritdfning p«ac.' of the whr,ld to a great ex- J'V «.o P"t matter on the lowest tent niadcj scciire by an alliance. • offensive and defensive, between i till' l!iii|pd Stales, dreat . Britain ! and Jaittin a j)art of the treaty of •fourse lieiiig a rproyisipn that i>aeh of ilie parfit'8,10 it should .Hcrupu- louHly re.siJM'ct ilie territorial and, olbfM'riglit.s of (iu' others. The ar£Ulin-iit was^ ilhat thpse thrpf liowfl-s have givater inlorests in ' the. maintenance of ppalfe In the Pacific than any others., aijd 'hah if rlipy kept Ihf jicace with respect 10 one another no other power could impenil hj; wlille If they mutually agreed to come to one another's aR.';tstan<'p in ease of ng- gre.ssive attpckon the [[art of .any agnihst either otlheni. other powoi^ there neynr would be such attack. Ii not jlikely that theiAdhiin- istraiion :^t j Waslibigton h'jis any :uicli iio.afy!,as this "in nijnil, for the Registcf confesse-s at once that It Is ^oo f4r out of line with the "traditions" of America to comT nian<l innch attention at a time • whf -n :ilip jiowers that be. seem Bppcially lo.tent on ob.serving those traditions. Anil yet the announcement from Washington that the President has proposed a "conversation" between representatives of plane .and say uofhing about the sorrow and grief whicli would be • sjiared.- ^ . i I\ TI1E,BA¥'.S NEW.S "Noblesse Obilge" may he an out-of-date mdho. but \t is ,si4ii hi-ld sacred by a certain: f<'W of I lie: "British aTlfltoifracy. And Lady Aberdeen, who Is 70 •yearn -old today ,_Bffords an excellent e^'imple of what some, wicked ';^ii!gjtyled "II (.Viun^ss wjlb a cpnscl jnce." flhe 'iias beeii twice vlce->qi|(en lit. Trjeland ^nd ynpe In Canada, mt to; tiie general.ptl^licXhiB energetic wbmaii Isbest knoWn as an authoress, ileclurer,. philanftardpMi, atid for lu^ny years president of the International .Council, of Women. Lady Aberdeen is a wdman of high mental attainments tiiid much ./n- dividuaiity. She Is well iciioyhto many Amerioans hy reason of, her residence. In Canada apS numerous vislLs to the United States, Ijrhere j she has bpoken fro'tn the pTefform in I behalf of temperalnce and other social reforms. The Earl of A!ber- deen.'to whom she was married, juijt fifty year's ago, is one; of the few surviving'' intimate friends of \1 1 (A, C. S.) "Cod pity the siiylor's ou a night like this." murmured a young. lolu matrdii as stie helped herself to afnother piece and: went to the door to admit four Wfaexpected guests. «'«!*• The Texas legislature iids adopted the mocking bird as the official sttfte warbler—proving ibat .they haven't lost their sense of humor yet, anyway. » »' * • 1 reat Britain d in June in the I'nited States, ( and .lapan, to be'he rieneva for the purpose of coming to an understanding it possible with regard to further limitation • npop naval armament, is an en. couraging pointer in the direction Of a "three power pact" that may ' ripen into .something like the proposal the Jtogisier made twenty • years ago. The three great navaii powers in the world are just these! '^i" three, and if even an "entente" coiild Ite reached among them a V)ng step would have been~iakcn Ifi'llin direction of: world peace. • the From all about over the State come complaints because o Ia4 be spr citi lUSINKSS ItOMANCK. iSl Dorado Times: Kdwurd (!. Seubert, only thirly-five years ajjo u iiewslKiy i)n the streets tif Syru-, .\. Y.. yesterday hecumo president of the' Standard Oil Company Of jLuillupa. one of the largest c6i°- porotiuns in the Unitml StatCM, lie Is now 50 years olil. He started !iM a lunclilniiti's helper and went on up the,litdder. He hos lipen pn (he.board for right yeors and the iHrger.pnri of~4l)al tline has been'] a vice-president. 1^ , the ronVpnny hail Its greatest year and HhowtM net earnliTgR'af more,than r>r> liiiifibn . dollars, after settitiK p8lde ^7>i millions fo^r .taxes. On December 31. 1926. the company's fltiri^lus was mo.tP. than lOS millions. « ^ So. an ex-newsboy becoihes the active liead of this va.<it corporate oHterprise. The romance of business in America outstr.ips any nov.»liRt's imaginings and there aft late Wlillam E.' Cladstonel which requires 'atprimary the to held In "every city to deteijmlne wb9 shall run as candidates at the ng elections. In a great ^any ?s there were only two cindi- !M for. any office and lit iomi s there was only, one 'ceniil- dati^ for each of the offices to be filled,; and yet the people had to go ftace in the wedl for a vacation. TVhy doesn't he jiay Mr. McNni*y a visit? Ttfo Ibia you^ig men went to call on some friends at a rather late hour, "Let's act as. if we were drunk." suggested one. " will seem more natural.*' "I don't know-how," protemed the other. "I never was .sober enough when I was drunk to rem' 1 acted!" .» • • » Headlines you never see: Mc-, ADOO BOOM MAKES BIG HBATi- WAV LN NEW YORK. Sought Adventure aiid\ Foun^ It RISING ("Mrs. ^Howard Hardy) Mar. 10.—Parmei-s are beginning their spring worki STAR preparing to sow oats. of plowing and Mr. and .Mrs. S. E. .McGinnis of Jola spent Sunday with the latter's sister, .Mrs.i Nate Ketchum. and .Mr. Ketchum. | The sad news of the very sudden deathi of Mrs. O. A. Chitwood of throU«|h the Ujostly; farce of hplding a primary in or^er to make up a ticket for the city election. Heie-in iola It cost the tax li'ayers $3&<) to detei^inine which two of thri e \ candidates for cpinroiHsioner sho lid go pn U^e election 'baUot. Wli It harm wohld have lieen done If .nil three of the numes/had Bone oii the elevlio iiballot? Tftaven't the people liitelligetice eiioug^ to ?ho^8e aintong three men, or must number be reduced to two cost of 1.15(1 in order to bring pro>bi<inr within the rang the at n! tiie of e ous th^ of tlieli- iiinited mental powers! JJul Mirse this is rank, and danger- heresy. It is an '.^ttack on briinkry," whfch ndbody but polidctil iTixers with axeH to gilnd. acipd^^tfing to the i'opeka Cap tal, woiild ihaite. daily evrdences of its worklng.s. • Secreliry Mohler reports that the'stoitlts -if wheat on hand March 1, still in i tiie posse.sslon of the Kansas growers. Is more than twice, as large as it wasilaat year, and amounts to 2.000,000 bushels more llla'n the average forj the past five years. /Of the reo-TOn this extra! quantity, ftf wheat is on hand is it has been held for a higher price. Which ahb^ . tiiat Kansas :wiiea|; ' farmers arej h^coming' increasingly inbre ^iatiie to choose their own time for ^lar- ketlng their product, anid that Is a good sign. at the girl olj h« t«' Carl 'Junction. Mb., was received Suhddy morning. Mr. and Mrs. OhitW|aod lived for many years just east of Wesley Chapel and the deceased was loved 'by everyone. Mrsj. Young is quite iworly at present with a sore throat and. a severe cold and cough. Mrs. Prank Curley also has a severe cold. Sam Pyles and family luoveil Saturday to'the C, D. Benfcr farm vacated -by Bert Jackson'. Miss Flak went lo her home at Savonhurg- Saturday to spend the week and fully recover from the Here is an exclusive picture of the four ITriJguayan airirien who hopped off to fly the South Atlantic from Malaga lb Monievided and ended up in a crash on the .-Xfrican coast near Cape jubi, where Moorish tribesmen found them: (left lo riglii I Commander Tadeo Ijrrre-Iiorges. leader of the expedition; Captain Jose Ibarra, relief pilot; Ul luco IJHY- re-Borges. the commander's brother, radio operator, and Joie Figulo. mechanician. -Mr. aiid .Mi-t^. rffumbo moved on Ithc; farm L\Ir. and ~Sir». ] Jack measles. | .Mrs. I'rless Nevitt is sub- iiig her daughter. Mrs. Stlii'mbo and stitijting jagain this week. ; .Mr. .Stumbo. Christiiie. Harold and Kenneili I J"st recenti.y Hardy and Robert Russell are all: viicatcd by absent '.from school with the I'l^wers. : measles.: ; Harry Springston cxriected to Harold; Springjton and I.eola i leave Wednesday for C;an)ett where Zoriierf. lioth of the first grad tered our school .Monday morn Roy Lineback and • mothe lola spent Sunday afternoon , .Mr. and .Mr.-<. Everett'Ketchum. close of school. Elmina Daugherty of lola spent; Mrs. Kmmd Lambeth. Dbiiald and Saturday night and Sunday with Kvelyn of l.jiHarpe speiH i'Mondyy her parents. .Mr. and .Mrs. It. willi her parent-;. Mr. an IJaugherty. .Mr. and .Mrs. .^Iva , Daugherty. i Flack and son Russell were Sun-^ .Melvin l.^aie spent Sun! day visitors there :;in(l .Monday with his (;r>(n'dmiitlier .Vlrs. Reed of Henry, .\lo.. is visit- Hardy. 1 occupy the Turner of town, which his Frank Bauguess. recently purchbsed. Mr. Rose's faniily will jdin liim here after school closes. ' County superintendent. JDoering was down from Garnett Wednesday, inspecting our schools. The spring fishing season opened early this '•• year of tribulation.' and depression, this Haugenless and .Mc.Naryless age. .and opened with a bang." W. K. Puyton took a party out and netted nine bassj Ithat weighed 1-1 pounds, the larg- i est-one weighing 3% pounds. .Mrs. fH. n. Swick«rd catching it. Then ' Alec West was down from Kansas City looking • after his ;iay lands an(l he took Harley Kelstadt wirh him audi they landed the prize to date, a wliopping bass (hat weighed on Brown's scales at the store, where ail the fish have been weighed up. just 4»4 pounds. Then Artie Smith had loade<l a party of piscatorial artists into his family Ford anil they came iu with i:i pounds of - bass and crai)pie. the biggest bass welgbfljg 314" pounds and the"- .same i evening Mr. Harrigan weighed up a bass that lacked one ounce of weighing T, pounds. So if Cal. Coolidge wants to go some plafo where there Is a farm i irobienj land some good fisfiing. ihy he can head his whoopie for Colony. The Santa Fe ha^s unloaded some mammoth concrete sections, considerably larger than, a baiTel. at the drain under the yard trucks here, and will take out the did small, wooden spillway and install the coucri'le .to give them sufficient outlei for tlie water fnini the town. The subway will care for a portion of the water farther south With this new installation there will be the best surface drain .system in the west part^ of townJ liiat has been known since th'<first .shovel of dirt went into the liuilding of Hroad street hill. At the secomi dislrii;! li:iski-l ball lournanieut :. at Parker, Colony went ove.r thiongh the mud Friday. <lie\v I.,a Cygne and won over thai evening 21to-ll. They (Iraw a teaiin for Saturday and play in the afternoon.' . The .M. I. C. met with .Mrn. Dal.- •Vicliols Wedn.-siluy utternoou. The teacher. .Mrs. .\. C. Speegli- conducted llie devotionals. .-V short mu.sicnl program was enjoyed after whieli the .Mrs. Dale- .Vichols. as.sisted by Mrs. Russell .Mcrtenry and '.Miss .May Ross .served refreshments to tiie following guests and members: Guests were -Mrs. C. C. Dobie and daughter Bernice. .Mrs. Charley -McHenry and Miss Thelnui Fields of lola; members were: .Mrs. A. y,. Speegle, Mrs. Roy Kauffman. .Mrs. F. Klink. .Mrs. Bert Baker, .Mrs. M. B. Landis. .Mrs. F. X. Willenburg. Mi's. Bert Jephet. .Mrs; R. K. Sullivan. .Mrs. Rnth .M<Henry, Mrs. -M.; S. McHenry. .Mrs. S. K. jloss, .Mtas May Ross and .Mrs. Jessie .VUhols. '.Miss .May Ross spent Thursday night with Mrs. E. F. ScoviU. .Mr. Lloyd Stiickey. who has been helping his father. .Mr. Oscar •Stuckey move from' Ro.ssville. At n. C( Ipnel'Charles Grtodnisht. r.uuhrtJan m' Claveiu'.nn. a*xas, has Coiinr.e Goodiiiuht..2«;. oCBuiie. Moiif. Miss Gbodnigh . a t«-le.!;raph -operator, read of the colorful life of the iiMidnel. a noted soutlnve.stei-n pioneer. JMUI Urole to him. Tlie romance resulted. the home folks. The very friendly fedling evidenced between the lola J. C. Overmii and Colony .schools is a fine thinj:. ."^undav al'tei at the J. M. Overman home. Mrs.. ;ui and hoys also spent; ternfion there. i ; j -r : ' Report of Star Valley school for" STAR VALLEY ith© sixth month ending .P'ebruary l.Mits S F Ross) • ^'n'tiber piVpils enrolled, boys Mr. E. >.!" Scovili leftThurs(iai -|V:, ^"''^^ V' -'iverage" morniiig loi; Citv on busit '''"''>' attpncian.-c, hoy.^ .s l-2tl. girls ne.^.s. llci will return home Friday iiL,-'-!"- ''"^''f i-ii-diness. o.- iij^ht. \ • ; Those reci-ivfng spelling .certlfi- .Mr.-^. I Mrs. R. Iday night Me .iA MURdERE.R -;^r'5 ALL. CJ»S;Co2 CtmJOqoFORhA bOtsTT HOQ^'A-Ts Kio 6 \Gt4 iT AiviT MURbCR- AlKif OCXa^ ALMOST HUKilUN ? WA GOTTA THIMW: UH^-^E-M "iPtlWCJxS ! MORdER%> A -rt3RR9uL -Tr-\lK4C3- MA. \OOV( HOvAJ COTE TME."^ LOOK MA - LOOK' ^ !ArUM« VS/OM T LOOW 1^ QH FOR MEAV/EKIS €>KKe Pur -TMEM BACV< »K 1 'Tl^e. GARA&E • vi /oo MAKE ME. tla^e yon been reading the '|ln- thna (e Story :of dhaplln 's Lffe,", by Chiirjle OhatiHn'a "ddsest domain friend", which has bedn appearing In a syndlcaite of papers? It jyou have ihtii Isn't ^t (be wdrf^t loj; df mush and slush and bad.taste and bad .trritlng you ever fell foul of? To ithe--wrlter of these sidt-swe«t artldlp (hiarlie Chaplin is n<per has "wonderful" 'ao'd'liQ is ntly "sublime" and "niiap- •Tbl^," Yie is a "wpnaer ^dl" he has a "wcAiderfuV' ^^ipe in ^ his "woiiderfur Mme Its "wpnddrful" 1ntef|or, thronkh the "wonderful" windows of wh ch ;he can get^a "wdndernil" view (f the Pacific ocean "M'riEjst- less "a Id isni^ng IBB Hits lOwh cfjea- ,t^ a Id 'iibefrc Wnl." thla "dnd e «iIinnuB Ifk^ it aliont a inan ii [ho age'of ,thirty-six married'a 15 OS an alternative to go^be ^penitentiary! ] less frVqU( prohc fabl^." father organ with ea.«t part of town. 11. r^. Swlckarcl wants to buy a chicken eating .sow. .Vow what in the tarnation dcies he mean bv that? Those who', want to see a really splffy school, holise. now almost ready for occupilncy. should tnotor over to Welda ahd see the fine sIrlictHre tlicjy are building-there. Little; Robert t^wen. .of east Colon>-l. cails his dog Coolldgc - and he seldom c-ver harks. : Smith L.: Jnckkon. sfai'e senator from Anderson county, was rn(p<l by a K. C. Star repoi-ter last Sun- clay'.' as the wit of the s-nate. The joni|iiils arc all in full bloom. • I j - .Saturday morning the George Brnnnlng milk route truck, just afier crossing the Santh. Fc tracks, going west on Broad street, hdd sothething happeh to the steering |;ear and got out of control and hearted for the ditch and upset, spilling about fifty cans of milk, losing the labor of!al>out 200 cows for a whole day, 'Milk ran down the drain ditches In "a great stream A crowdcollected. found the driv- er.unhurt, and the truck was dragged back on Its wheels, somewhat thcf worse for the spill. Colony business men provided I the admis.<jlon price, so that mein- ibers of the high school orchestra ! could attend the Kansas City Little Symphony orchestra concert at lola Friday evening. Cars were provided and the entire on-bestra went down to enjoy this fine entertainment. The basket ball hoys returned Saturday evening from the tournament nt'Pa'rker, where they to Blue Mound in the semi-fiiials by a score of 21 to 19. .Members of the dramatic and physical culture (jlasftes of thelola Junior. College; under the'Hirectlon of their teacher, I Mrs. (larrisoh, drove here from^ lola and enter- t^jped both high school and grade pupils at their weekly chapel hour last Thursday. A varied program of excellent readings viras given, a vocal duet and folk d'aiice also he- ng much enjoyed. Miss Esther i'alm. oX Colony, is one of the' dramatic class and her. comedy reading received hearty applause froda, O. A Ray has been quit sick bit is reporled better.'. Mrs. Hon er Teats and children spent Tiiesclay- with- .Mrs. tTcoj. Davis and family. (- Mr. »ind Nlrs. Russell McHenry are moving Ifo lola. -Mr. and .Mrs. Dale Nichols will move on the .McHenry fai-ni and Mrs. M. S. .At<?Henry will iliove on her'farm south on the Statii street road in Prairie Dell disirictL Mr. and .\lrs. Osc-ar Stuckey and son Loyd spenl Sunday afternoon in the f«eo. Davis home. .Mr. a-nd .Mrs. .less Howard of lola spent Sunday witli .Mr. and .Mrs. Homer |T.ats. .. The Star jVallc-y Farm Iliireau ladie.'#met' tvitli Mrs. .S. K. Kciss TacKsday afternoon; Tin- leaders Mrs. E. H. Brown. .Mrs. Beatty Bay and ^Irs Roy tlwiii. finished llu-ir sei-ond unit jworlt. •Air. and .Mrs. ;hiss and son of lola were .SiinclaVljiJJe'rnoon callers at the K. F. Si -oVill home. Mr.; Thoiiias of Las Aniuias. Colo..' who bronchi a car load of liiir.-^es to lola III Sell. s|ii-iil Suii- .ila.y evening with J. .M.' (n.-niiaii ami family. . .Mr.--. .1. II. Ccioper i-i assi-liiii; lu-r ilaugliler. Mrk Clias. Hair wiili her housework. • .Mr. and .Mis. HomerCi-nok .-ipi-ni Sunilav at RifiSe. Kansas. | .Mr. and \\ilr.-;. Will K.lley and i Mavis spent i Sund.'iy at the par- | i -Mlal Caiion home near Elsiuori'. .Mr. and Mj-s. K. J. Riimsii-k and c-hildreu spent Sunday' aft .'rnoon. cates for one hundred jwrfect les- .sons are: .Mavi.-; Kolley. £flie Bremer Cccyl Wilson. Opal.'Butler. t;race Ross. Kalpli UlielV Junior Van Burciii. Dona Ishcll. ,Mary Jane Simmons. Cliar'es Urenu-r, Mar- ?:aret .Mnort- and (Taud Simmons. Lincoln was tin- I'ti '.-^t President to wear a full li-ard. and Grant the J 'irsi to wear a moustache and heard. FOR INSURANCE City andFarm Phone i:il or S20 llay Invesiment Co. .Mrs. Philip S. Itay ! LET JONES DO IT! Jones Electric Works 1 j I'jllOXK 192 PHONE • WHE.V y OUT OR G prii LIGHTS GO S'OljH PLU.MBING PES BAD ILC. ikctrk and PtifinbingCo. WE I)KLIV>:R FREK 'Ontmsiaiffam HARDWARE& IMPLEMENTS Since I With; the Chicago Sharpenei' selling at only a dollar—no one need deny himself the pj mode easure qnd satisfaction •n conveiiience. of this Phoiv; 18 and we will deliver one to your store or hcime. OFFldf. SUPPLY DEPARTMENT THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER "Fvenjthiny for the Mfidrrn Office' t

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