Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 6, 1961 · Page 32
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 32

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 6, 1961
Page 32
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Page 32 article text (OCR)

THURSDAY, APRIL 0,1961 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE THUn < y*TMKIII MTVI (ABU) I, KMOX(UB8) 4, R8D (NBU) ft, RPLR 11 Thursday Evening T V Digest —2 rfucWdwrty Hound 459 New* 6:10-4 5 Wenlhef 0:15—4 CfiS Nows: Edwards 5 Hunflcy, BrlnWpy News 9 Casals Master Class 8:30-'-! Guest ward No: The Hootons build a barbeque with Hawkeye supervising and are .unaware that Ihelr Immovable creation reate on property of the Pueblo Chief's most dedicated enemy. 4 December Bride: Series of repeats stars tonight replacing "Ann Sothern Show." Toflight: Matt takes option on two ocean-front lots and decides to sell his home. 5 Outlaws: Express agent and conductor decide to rob a train and outsmart a captain of the Pinkham Detective Agency m "Outrage at Pawnee Bend." 11 Bold Journey: Hells Canyon 6:4!V-9 Sociology Course 7:00—2 Donnn Reed Show: The Slour Family runs for cover when Alpx prepares his income tax rpturn jusl before the deadline. \ Angel: When her dentist charges hpr for missing a dental appointment. Angel retaliates with hill for making her wait for him. 11 Science Fiction 7:15—9 UN Review 7:30—2 Real McCoys: Grandpa tangles with stuffed shirt lieutenant when he'goes to the rescue of a McCoy cow that's been "unofficially" requisitioned. 4 Zanr Grey Theater: Herbert Marshall stars as lead- er ot a pacifist religious sect, whose desperate efforts to preserve the character of his community prompt him to propose a hanging in "The Atoner." 5 Bat Masterson: Woman helps Bnt set a trap for most wanted gang in Territory in "Ledger of Guilt." Jean Allison, 9 Speech Course 11 Broken Arrow 8:00—2 My Three Sons: Robbie and Mike take on a picket fence painting job with entire neighborhood getting into the act. 4 Gunsllnger: Cord rescues murderer from a lynch mob and jeopardizes an entire Army fort in "Hostage Fort." Jack Elam. 5 Bachelor Father: Peter decides that his night schoolteacher would be perfect match for Bentley in "Peter Plays Cupid." 9 On The Line 11 Rough Riders 8:15-9 Out of This World 8:30-2 Untouchables: Ness dissents when jury convicts Tommy Karpeles on circumstantial evidence of committing a mail robbery in "Tommy Karpeles Story." (Repeat) 5 Tennessee Ernie Ford: (color> Charles I^aughtnn guest. 8:45—9 Hat and Cap Workers 9:00— 1 Fare The Nation: "Should Private and Parochial School* Receive Federal Aid?" Msgr. Frederick O. Ilochualt, Dr. Oswald C. J. Hoffmann debate. 5 Groucho Marx 9 Briefing Session. 11 Movie: Joel McCrea, Frances Dee: "Pour West" (1948) Outlaw and girl battle perils of th« west. 9:30—2 Silents Please: Lon Chancy Sr., stars In "Hunchback of Notre Dame" 4 Face The Issue: Should Our Schools Teach About Communism?, Topic for educators. 5 Two Faces West 9 Circle of Confidence 10:00—2 Tombstone Territory 4 News: Spencer Allen 5 News: Bob Hille 9 News: Walter Ross 10:10—4 Weather: Fontaine 5 Weather: St. James 10:15—4 Eye on St. Louis 5 Jack Paar: (Color) Hermoine Bnddley, Martin Gabel, Marguerite Piazza guests. 9 Sports Away: Les Carmichael host of new outdoor show. 10:30—2 Movie: Ruth Roman, Rod Cameron: "Belle Starr's Daughter" :1948) Girl avenges killing of outlaw mother. 4 Movie: Walter Pidgeon, Myrna Loy: "Man-Proof" (1938) Kternal triangle drama 10:55—11 News 11:00—11 Movie: Wiliam Gargan. Carole Landis: "Behind Green Lights" I191R) Police probe death of detective agency head. 11:45—4 Movie: Ross Alexander, Patricia Kills: "Boulder Dam" (1936) Youth flees accidental killing and fails for saloon singer. News: You Asked News: Comedy Time Daily Word Weather Forecast 12:00—5 12:10—2 12:35-2 5 12:35—4 News: Prayer Friday Daytime, April 7 5:45—4 Prayer 5:50—4 News: Tom Brooks 6:00—4 Town 'n Country 5 Continental Classroom (Color) 6:30-4 P. S. 4. 7:00—4 Morning St. Louis 5 Dave Garroway 7:30—2 Rural Almanac 8:00—2 Camera Two 4 News: Grimsby 8:15—2 Community Activities 4 Capt. Kangaroo 8:20—2 Cartoon Time 9:00—2 Jack LaLanne Show , 4 I Love Lucy 5 Say When 9 In School Programming 9:30—2 Romper Room 4 Video Village 5 Play Your Hunch: (Color) 10:00—4 Double Exposure 5 Price is Right (Color) 10:30—2 Coffee Break 4 Surprise Package 5 Concentration 10:55—2 News: Hayward 11:00—2 Morning Court j 4 Low of Life ; ! 5 Truth or Consequences 1 ill:30-2 Love Thai Bob I 4 Search For Tommorw ' 5 Could Be You < Color i; 11:45—4 Guiding Light 11:55—5 NBC News: Scherer ! Noon—2 Camouflage i 4 5 News: Weather | 11 The Story 12:05—4 Burns and Allen 5 Charlotte Peters 12:30—2 Number Please 4 As the World Turns 11 Modern Almanac 1:00—2 About Faces 4 Face The Facts 5 Jai Murray: (Color) 11 Movie: "Four Faces i West." See Wed., 9 p.m.. Ch. 11. j 1:15—9 News: Walter Ross 1:25—2 ABC News: Al Mann 1:30—2 Comedy Plahouse 4 House Party 5 Loretta Young 2:00—2 Day in Court 4 Millionaire 5 Young Dr. Malone 2:30-2 Seven Keys 4 Verdict is Yours 5 From These Roots 3:00—2 Queen for a Day 4 Brighter Day 5 Make Room for Daddy 11 Ilka Chase 3:15—4 Secret Storm 3:30-2 Who Do You Strust? 4 Edge of Night 5 Here's Hollywood 11 Scope: Documentary 3:45—11 Cartoons 4:00—2 American Bandstand 4 SS Popeye 5 Life of Riley 11 Capt. ll's Showboat •1:30—4 Movie: Grade Allen, Warren William: "Grade Allen Murder Case" (1939) GracSe becomes involved in a murder. 5 Wranglers Club (First 15 min. (color) 5:00—2 Kin Tin Tin 9 Krirkety-Kracety 5:25—5 Mr. Magoo 5:30—2 News: Hayward 5 Whirlybirds 9 Words and Music A 11 Three Stooges The Telegraph's Daily Radio Chart THURSDAY N—News W—Weather S—Sport* KSD (NBC) 550 KG WEW (MBS) 770 KC KMOX (CBS) 1120 KC KWK 1380 KC WOKZ 1570 KC F. •• - w «• 5i e .M 1 7 :!S 3 » £ :3S 91 101 11 " II ;> *• ft & * 01 7 -2 .49 "!i 01 10 i 11 " 11 n 192 • •1.48 *• f :ff * 1* 2 .M .15 8 J :S :8 ^W ' «4I N: S: Law Business: Welk Hille N Cotno; N N: S H. Winter-halter World N E. Morgan N; Music Music N; Music N. Music »i *» Metronome • 1 N Memories N. Memories Memories Memories; N Music World N; W; Music Music World Music: N: W Sign Off N: W: Davis B. Anthony S; N N: S N in Person B. Burnes S; N The World B. Music N: Music B. Music II M N : Music B. Music N. .T. Buck II II N; Buck ;! B "? k • i •• N : Richard K. Richard N; Richard K. Richard N; Richard K Richard S; Richard K. Richard N: Richard K. Richard N: Wilde D. Wilde N: Wilde D. wiide N; Wilde p. Wilde N: Wilde D Wilde S; Wilde N"; Wilde N: Wilde D. Wilde N; Watch N. Watch N: Music S. Digest J. Palen Palen: N Sign Off FRIDAY H. Gunther Roedel N H. Gunther Roedel N N: Ounther H, Qunther Roedel N World N H. Qunther N; Qunther H. Qunther N; Burke J. Burke tt ft If »i N; Newsoroe G. Newsome l« l> N; Newsome 0, Neweom II tl P'hOUM PJjf. •» M N: Pwty P'houw ftf. I* *• N: BurlM /, Burke N; Newsome G Newtoou N; N«w*oro* c ; Newsome Newsome; N Opener Music World ti if U. Viewpoint Music World N; W; Music Music; N: W Music World N; W; Music Music World Music; N Music World ii ii N: W; Music Music; N; W Music World »» n N; W; MuslO Music; N; W Music World ii it N; W; Music Music: N; W Music World it ii N: W. Music Music; N; W Music World H II N; W; Music Music: N; W Music World N: W; Music Music; N: W Music World >t » N: W. Music MUMC. N; W Music Wnrld N; W. Music Mustc World Music; N: W N: Williams G. Williams W; N: Butler Clockwatcher N: W Rex Dtvls World N Clockwatcher Rex Oavlf Clockwatcher M N: W Clockwatcher ii Flair. Scott N: Godfrey A. Godfrey N: Party Housaparty G Moore Ci osby-Clooney R« Davto If II N: Williams G. W.lliami Cards-Yankee* (at St. M »• •» »> t* it *i i* t» M ** VI II »• »l *i II N: Buck J buck • » »• N; Club Coffee Club N; Club Coffee Club N; Club Coffee Club N: Club coffee Club N: Club Coffee Club N; Club Coffee Club N: Davis G. Davis N: Davis G. Davis N; Davis G. Davis N: Davis G. Davis N: Davis G. Davis N; Davis G. Davis N; Davis G. Davis N; Davis G. Davis N; Jone* J. Jones N; Jones J. Jones N; Jones J. Jones N; Jones J. Jones N; Jones J. Jones N: Richard K Richard N : Richard K Rtcbard N: Richard K RicfanT N; Day Bob Day ii ii N; Day S. Day N: Day Bob Day N Bob Day ii •• N; Muilo Take Break Tell A Quit R. Benson N . Benson R Betuon »i »i N: Tune Cry. T«m» M. Galnes N Farm-Mil!. Rev Burgund Club New* N; Day Bob Day U Counter N : Music R Benson N: Helen j I'aleo N. P«len . J , "«•" U I* BETTER BUYS YOUR ONLY PRIZE ITS ALWAYS WISE-ECONOMIZE!! FRESH!! CDVCDC * ARKANSAS!! f KI C NO *FRESH!! x-WHOLE!! WE HAVE 'EM, TOO! Pork Loins 149- SWIFT'S GENUINE YEARLING! STORK HOURS: OPEN DAILY fl A.M. TO 6 P.M. FRIDAYS 9 A.M. TILL 9 P.M. No personal checks please! Payroll checks cached free only with orders over $5.00. Sirloin Steak 69'» Rib S SWIFT'S GENUINE YEARLING! Genuine Yearlings!.' BEEF CHUCK ROAST.... 39c Ground Fresh All Day Long!!—PURE GROUND BEEF....3 p z; s 119 Fancy Beef Rump Roast . . . Ib. 69c Pure Ground Beef Chuck . . . Ib. 69c Fancy Beef Short Ribs ... 3 Ibs. $1 Boneless Corned Beef Rounds . Ib. 79c Swift's Genuine.!! SHOULDER VEAL CHOPS . . 59c Swift's Genuine!! SEASONED VEAL PATTIES . ' 69c Extra Fancy!! Cut Up!! PAN READY FRYERS .... • 33c Very Finest!! 4 to 6 Avg.!! FRESH BAKING HENS . . . • 39c A Treat Anytime.!! YOUftG KEN TURKEYS . . . ' 39c Rath's Newest!! GENUINE CHICKEN LOAF . . < 79c (I. S. Choice!! Square Cut!! LAMB SHOULDERS . . 39c U. S. Choice!! All Center!! RIB LAMB CHOPS . . 49c V. S. Choice!! And Swift's Select I! LEGS OF LAMB . . . 59c Twelve to Sixteen Pounds Avg.!! PORK HAMS .... It's Delicious!'. Home Matte is:: PURE PORK SAUSAGE 3 $1 Lean ondMeaty!! COUNTRY STYLE SPARERIBS . • 59c You'll Enjoy These!! SMALL SLAB SPARERIBS . < 49c Rath's Whole Roll!! SMALL BOLOGNA .... • $1.25 Swift's Genuine Hard Salami . Ib. 89c Fresh Cole Slaw Ib. 39c Fresh Potato Salad Ib. 39c Fresh Ham Salad Ib. 49c Ready to Eat!! WHOLE PICNIC HAMS... 39c Hornier* Dairy Brand!! Boneless Daintee Rolls... 59c Horniel's Famous!'. SL, BACOHENDS.. 4 The Jumbo Kind!! FRANKFURTERS .... 2,!;!;, Fine Quality Too! SKINLESS WIENERS . . . 2,^99 Rath's Black Hawk!! SKINLESS WIENERS . . . Rath's Black Hawk!! PURE PORK SAUSAGE . . Rath's or Krey's JUMBO BOLOGNA •* 39c It's Lovely!! It's Sliced!! BOSLED HAM- 79 USDA Graded "A" "A" SMALL FRESH EGGS DOZEN 1 CONTADINA SLICED OR HALVES PEACHES DINING CAR STRONG ROBUST COFFEE NO LIMITS!! 59 C LB. PREFERRED GRIND IT FRESH! COFFEE 59c LB. BAG 3 STA-RITE ALL VEGETABLE OLEO REG. 25c EACH ONE POUND BOXES 2 ONE AQ ( POUND -CM 1 ROTtK W POPULAR BRAND Fresh Daily BREAD 6 GIANT 20 OZ. LOAVES BANQUET Chicken • Beef • Turkey POT PIES 5 s 89 C NEW AND NICE ANGEL FOOD CAKES 3 REG Lois Kae SWEET PICKLES 39' Betty Crocker BISCUITS 3 Tubes Z9 C MIX or MATCH 'EM! Musselman's Apple Sauce Tomatoes • Swt, Potatoes Whole Kernel Corn $3.95 Case of 24 6 U MIX or MATCH 'EM! Cream Style Corn Shellout Beans • Gr, Beans Apple Sauce $3.25 Cose of 24 7 l5o $1 308 I Tint I MIX or MATCH 'EM! Sauerkraut • Sliced Beets Or, Beans With Potatoes Mustard or Turnip Qrtens $2.95 Cose of 24 B ill $1 Tins I QUALITY DAIRY'S GRADE 'A' 2% HOMO 35c Each 3 " 89 C BORDEN'S ELSIE BRAND ICE CREAM 12 DIFFERENT FLAVORS REG. 89c 79' HALF GALS. MEADOW GOLD'S GRADE 4 A' Gurn-Z-Gold 3Sc Each HALF GALS. 3 ss 89' G&H PURE CANE SUGAR NO LIMIT 10-98' MIX or MATCH 'EM! Pork & Beans - Spaghetti - Hominy Chili Beans-Red Beans-Kidney Beans Limas - Navies - Northerns Shoestring Potatoes - June Peas 10 $2.35 Case of 24 2 for 25c 300 Tins 1 Meadow Gold's!! BUTTER- O 00ft MILK L Ots. Qg v Meadow GoM's!! 900 Dietary 70c Weight control. Qt. 1 9 V Meadow Gohl's!! COTTAGE CHEESE THIN TWIN Fresh POTATO CHIPS REG. 59c SIZE 39' Bi'ituty TOMATO JUICE . . .3 36-oz. Tins IIV Swt'etencd!! GRAPEFRUIT JUICE . 3 46-oz. $1 Tin* • It's BLENDED JUICE ... 3 46-01. Tina It's Sweetened!! ORANGE JUICE .... '^.'39° MILNOT $4.75 CASE OF 48 10 K $ I TOPIC $4.75 CASE OF 48 10 S $ 1 PET MILK or CARNATION *ti.B5 Case of 48 3 Til" 45C ROYAL PATENT ALL PURPOSE FLOUR Pound $*| 40 Hags el Fancy Hot Hou*<»!! RHUBARB . . 19c Genuine Sunk)«t!! LEMONS . . . "" 19c Flue tor Dr»-*»ing:: CHESTNUTS . . 9c The Verj Flne»t!! BANANAS . .. 9c REOORWHITII iCCD OR TABLE! POTATOES..25^69 C ROSE BUSHES • • • X!?,!' 0 PLANT FOOD . . . . 3 Swift's "RIO" Crabgrass Control r.,^" * 41 SWIFT'S AIL FUBPOSI PINK VIGORO Ntw Formula 35 Pound It* KHP L«ekii| Ii Pnl For tit Bui DuJtfU GOTTA6E HILLS

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