The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 14, 1927 · Page 3
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 14, 1927
Page 3
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I Donald Arthur, the .little son of !Mr. and Mrs. \\'. W.'Mltchera. is ''reported, ill. [Vim. Penn—5 cenis—A Good Cltrar W. W. Mitchein left yesterday Tor Uklahonia to work. He is-driving a truck for the Sifers Candy Company. " ; I " . ^ ' I —C - H. TTjraiJor will spisik at K. P. HaW "Tuesday night on •'The U'orltl's Only Hojie." Kree. Yoti cannot affotd to miss it. ^ Mr. and Sirs. L. I>. Ui»on of Tulsa. Oklahoma is here visiting .Mrs. Dixon's, sister. Mrs. Harry Ileatty and; ]mother. -Mrs. .lulia Kishcr of' North Second strcec. —The ! AVorld's'Ojily Hope." frc<' Ircture by O. H. Draper of New York at K. P. Hall tomorrow nipht. .N'iincy,'' Helon Seneker^ who was erroneously reportt^d ill of niea.-'IfS la."! week, was <-6nfinrt to her home with a severe cold. She was able to reiuril 'to kindergariiMi this liiOniini;. .N'amy, Helon is the .'jinall dauRhter ofL -Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Seneker. iiK) • South... .•street. . ; : • IVni. I'enn -."> «-enJ-—.V (Jood I'lifar S. -M. Sifern. of iho film, yifcrs Candy Company. Inft thi.-: morning for a several diiys hu.<iiu's .-f vi.--it in Si>riuBfieIi|. -Slo. .Soft .SiraAV Hals in all < (doi s to l;.kr' tlio pl ;ici' of felt*, ul K'>'.*> Kdw *r4rt .Millin.r5. THEIOLA DAILY REGISTER. MONDAJV EVENING, :t.' A. Slininoii<< >Vlnaer of .Sairar. ; Thgrsda}! the-Register carried an iid on the market page! for the Pennington Crocory at TOl South Washliigtori avenue advertising a 100 pound jack of sugar to he giv- ri) away free !p the holder of <he JIARCH 14, 1927. right Uckf o'clock; tht . h. UnrfleUjitid Mrs. C. b. Uam-;...,,^ ..„,.„r» -r \ Kan Unrflett jyid <iiou, and other relatives. —JxLst like Angef Food l^an Hoozer 'B Breadj 2 tor ISo. Mn--. .Martha Alfonl - and .Miss ( )<Ki!i Alford spent Sunday with Ir.s. Alfords brother. >Ir. W. Cdwards and, family of Chanutie. IViiu I'euit^^'t cents—\ (;»<id''( iifur (in - Saturday . at ' 3 holder of the correct ticket ((' lie'at the .-tore at the'time .3 and :•.»!>• people at lh.( slur.-. .Mr. T. A. Simmons.• •who livr-s soutliwest :of lola. held the Im-ky ticket. ' Miss C .laily.s- Icanie-Satiirdiiy t I .Mrs; I ,Le --.NoftzRi-r. I street. Wooii-: of Wichita to visit her sister, (if MO .Ka.fl AIr<. C. .S. (iainmon Iloplin. Mo..*Saturdu.v j ^liss Ir.ue CoiT- rctiirind "from l';cfslmr~ last niglit i spent'llie refurned i 'runi evening when when' sh<r with .Miss I KliiC.ihetli s;i„ith, who is attending he Kansas iita;.- Teachers collcsey; 5he has been Ihe |;iiest of her i tVni. Pi iatt?ht<>r. Mrs. K. J. Cudd»;bac« and : ' Mr. Cuddeback. | I —Are yon trying; for tlie Kelvi- jnator Electric Ucfri^erator'/ ; It's Free: Se(^ jK. C. Electric j and Plumbing Col , j I week- end who enn -.'> cents-A O'ood I'hrar , Mrs. ('. 11; Pn .'filT. .who has het-n |i>;r.> 1 ariiig for lit-r d;<ughter.. .Mrs. {. K. Little while she Ihe <iicas!<s. returnt -d ti her home in riiRi 'iiu. Kans;|s today. Isaac Meyers of I.aHarpei Sauircjay on the •\:'ls oil flyer left for Pueblo, (.'olo. where he expects to make his home with his daughters. Mr. Meyers has been a resident of Allen county since the vear of isso. • j t\m, Pfnn—."»• «'iit> -A (inod i'i |tar r of .Newton Lune. tti:ili .mi r of the Sinclair Oil jCo. here, spent the lay yesterday ;if the lidiiie of .Mr. aiii! .Mrs. .lay Kliii(;ei..,.ir;rii iit the Z»U bloik on Suu'li Sei.ond sCrctt. H.iiTy Heach of ("liauiiti> is vj.~il- ing, In the Jioine of his nieie. .Mrs. Ninon Wood. -IHt South Walnut. i — O. L. Cox, M. D., SpecUllrt. Bye, Ear, Nose and Throat. .Mr. iiJid .Mrs. If 'larence .Sniith .-irelif y.>lei-il:iy in the hoin(- of .Mr. and Mrs. .Allien Maijiiinc j near .Moraii. Other iliiiiier ;riies;s iw-re. Mr. ami -Mrs Cljji Wi-ast and family. .Mr. iiiid .Mrs. .1. C. .Voriou and Mr. Dee Doty. ; .Miss; El zabcth Apt of 222 South bak-lias returned from a visit with her broth( r. Senator K. (J. Apt and, family at lopeka. j .Mr. and Vada.^ .Mo. Or. and tierday. .Mr. and through h PAGE THREE Mrs. James Lear ()f Ne- were all ;day guests of Irs. Ira ii. Frantz ycs- .Mr. and .Mrs. J, K. Elliott spenll the week end' at LaCygne, Kans.' with their .son. W: IL Elliott, principal of- the LaCycne school, and wife. .Miss Pear! Elliott, teadicr in the .Mildred school, accompanied her parents to LaC.vgne. .Mrs.' E. Derricks of Abi- , Dr. A. I!. Twadelt w;is a biisines.y visitor - in .\!toona, Kans.. yester- dav. ,cne. KanUas who hjt.s been visit- j , i:ng in Kcdiield. passed: v,-. and Mr.s. L. F. Kuner of Cha.•re today enroutc home, jimte motored to lohi Sunday to visitj — 'Mrs. Rimer's parents. Dr. aiul Mrs.i ily Weber, who has been y xivadel! of 6U East .Madisoii] of .Mrs. A. U. Ward, and urhed today to her home • i ; Dr. fra Kerwood was a hnsijiessl visitor in Hrouson this morning: i I ! -Mrs. En| i i:he guest 1 family, re I r |i Garnet^ ! '• Liltjle DJck • Wcast. :;2 "t South ! \yalnut is one of tho latest victims [ of nniasle^; who is out of school! this week. •avenue. : J. K. C!: tlie floors ful" last wi 'ek. J. Hill. i-North Kentucky street, is moving' 1 today to -A Kenard I Kansas vi.' i terday. and Trust Company Citizens' _ , I started by the closing of three R 'ster i j >jjj{„[ ^y^.^ institution.*. In this unusual picture depositors of the Farmers' Hank, waiting to withdraw their funds, gath-: i ^jpr-.; uii er Interestingly about an armoured car which hi.s ar-rivt-d 4it /i' emergency cash. .Miss fttilii (Iiay and .Miss I.tilu Vily of 'Ma" Streeter Disappears; "Deestrict of Lake Michigan": Is On ly a Vague Memory For IJIC'I.I. Fuller Uriislies, : .Miss Calherint •ilfelll la^t week mother. . MV M. W. Ka .Mf Jackson av. lo Kansas City. Ilumm>',l. who here Willi ,her I. Ilamm•^i of 70<'i liiie, liHM returned H. .A.'Silit'iii. lii.iti:m!r of lil .Pliitjiliiiig • <'ouip;iit.i, \\\\\ K Wichita toinoirn* ii| ;I M ,.III| .-iiate convention l,f |i;!uiiiiiersi .Mr. and .Mrs Dnuir k and Mr. and .Mrs. Cliristian of Ft. Scott ijhoii'.': uer- Sunday, visir.tirs at liie home of Mr. ;uiil Mrs. |L, V. Lott. :!i:t .<oiit|i Walnut. \ lol.i to the Hm. Penn .'« «•»(•• A <.'(md i\eav , -Lost ,11 brlndlc.! Kiertb.od] Cdiiip In Ihe SX. Pnl- rick'-;Ti-ii }it \\\t B»p(M IVnifiii •fiirodiij niteriKioii. .Mr. iiiid .M/s. <;. C ifovle and dauchter .Marie of Winfiidd hav been called to hda'by the illness (if Judge C. L. Whitaiier and will remain until tlur crisis in-his <(ni- ilition has iia.-^sed. .Mrs. lloyle is: a daughter of .Mr. and .\trs.' Whita ker. * Ilesloreyjur Sprins * Apparel io its original * newness by our " Dry Clcanin;; J!iM-loii L O.HI Sill !.ull l.l.N . I' .1. .--'(iiith.iril of SolHll Kell.! tlK kv 'Ireft lui.s >r:ided li!- liirm (liu; bjiiwii to:- .i raitii near Krie, ,ind is inov- I'iione jl IJli- illg 111- llOll -elloUl gllOllS luiLlV. (Hy Hoy J. Olbhons.) • 'opyright, l!i27. NEA Service Inc. •Chicago. .Mar. 11— Down where 'he Chicago wat('r .front overlooks \\w choicest and jiroudest .section of the .cfly's famed Cold Coast — boiilevaid of; brown stone fronts •ind iiilMionairi's' palaces (here fight lit;: I i -dSfu 'l court. stovepijie 111 watcit chain Hut with battered and for-' and abandoned ; .MKand .Mrs. J .\. .M '.of .Vortli .Iei;.)son C.i! drove lerditO iivr and Vat. the stcr a\)eiiue W'-l \ Ve>>' lay with friends. Win., Penn "» cents • \ <;OIM I ('Igar Li! win ' Phone lu.'i . • * « » * « tt « * , Mrr Harry Snyder of Dexter Kans.. who hasi been here for short visit with llis umlf, Mr. M. T Shinn and .Mrs. Sliiiin. retiirnei hoine today. . , ' <l IViiu Peiiii—;»'c-eiir<—A (.Odd CiL'^.r ^ Mr. E. E. C.rahani ami wife of Kansas CitJ-. .Mo., .stupped over oij their way: from Tulsa Sunday to a short visit wjth .Mr. C. S. Cim inon antl i[amily.' -\ .'••jx'cial showing; of bejiutifiil Drcs.- Hats qt %\.": Thi-^ line of iijis has no (i(iual or rival for styl^ ai'd <iualily. This, iiiclddes ^i :h(ad sizes. Edwanis.Millinery Word has been reiJe'ire'd o! birth of a ilaught(-r. March l,; lij .Mr. and .Mrs. Edward .*Jeffeis of ' I'ltt'^hurK. .Vew^ .Mexico, 'ijo wlioii) 'liev have ;;lv<Ml the n :"mc D'iroiliv Mrs. .leffefS W ill. lie llilter .'^•n |e||| hereil liv her Jrii'iids. Iicft .ii .Mi INllmr Drclier - i;vervl)iMly -lioiiSil li .ar 'I'll H'.ol'j:'" fliiily llo |>e.> ;,t Die K.' 1 Hall Inmo -riiW lii;;hl. ' A niceliiiK^of; Ihe Elsmore F ,irn I'.nreaii clJib'will lie ijeld this iift <-ni .-)(in .tt the home o(! Mrs Waiieif .•^ainp. • Mrs. Florence Syvernd ,'i county home denioiistration agent :v atttniding. ' Work in m\\Vm-ri <*ill'be taken up. Wnu Pennren<> -.i lioiMl Cfeaij .Mrs plorence Cass -.vill leave to iiislit oil the -SunfUiwer Special fnii flevelatid where she will visit f;irlhno<l friend helore joining heri ' son. Philip H. Cass and wife .New York City. The departure oi1 \lrs. Cass from lola is deeply re pretted by hi^r irany friends. Sht has '!>een conspicuous in (dtih an( social circles and active in church' W(irk. She has been librarian of the lola Public l-..rbrary for the last thirfeen yeai-s aiid is rated as aa| ex'pert in this work. , P. L. B. LEATELL, S: D. Special attention given Diseases of Colon and Rectum. Electro-Therapy and i ' Physiotherapy. Office lola State Bank Bldg. Phoneq—147 and 705. . The friends of Juiise C..L. Whita-j ker. who have .been ver.y ;inxiou> over his couditfoii. are relieved t( know that the second apoplecti( stroke whi(;h' it was feareif would] f<dlow the first witnin a feiv hour.', did not o((-nr and while . the .i>a •tient's. condition is .still ct-iilcal. It is-Jar from being as dangerous as| It was at first teared to be. The .•«li«ht stroke' wlileh Judge Whita-| ker suffered -ai;. inWin last S.itiirda% and which v^'a?< report*rt in id. Itegisler of iliaf day re«iilf(id doubtless from a t.iny blood I KM some wh('re In till' brain. I KII t lug ijihyslclan.s now eiit hope that this js lapldlv sorbei] and that If It Ts lowed by another stroke! few days, there l.«i reascti (<> h<i lievfl Ihjl the patjeiit wi|l;;soon b<i restored to hia .Bormal c ()u<lition. Hi allelid-i riain ih' b'eina ab nof fol Ivithin .leftt-rjoti .Mr, a!i)i .Mr- |i family o: ::ll .Noi Mi lUte drove iiow;i tn ("luinitt.- v.. day for a visit wit'ii .Mr. arid Hennie' l.iruii;. i;eiiijie is man of the Star Ciolhiisu' store at nnte. and ave- , ter- i Sirs. IgeV ' 'ha- ,Mr. and .Mrs. J. .\. Sn'iiiis. wiio liave niaile Irda t!ieir home ^.-jinct last fall will move . I KIC U to^ lliitn- bolil' some time iliis we"k. •JTh own a homo in H'.imindil?', tnd will ik-iiiiiy it when • they nj-orr'oiu here. .Mr. Syii'li is a sn-Iesman at; the (J.'id).-' ('lo:;i:iisr stoi'-^'. ^Try It once—.vou will have othfer. Van Hoozer's Bread. Mr. and Mrs. .<;.' \V. Chew; wiifi have he-Jiiiii;; ill lol,--. •soni'-' -tinie are moviim toil.iy 1 to T,;cH.irii>-- wiiere ili.y own home. i t; II l .ir .ilier of .New York bc- I lire.I 16 a lull hi>iis-<' at I lie K P. Iiall "i.isl night on "Who N S'<\\XT (!od " He will spe.ik again to- niorrott nigl!!' .it th" .sa>iie hali on the «ubje,t. j -Thei Worlds Only Hope." —Dr. A. Twjtdell. Osteopath. .Vew Globe B|ldg Phone 191. .Miss .\Ie:li' i ^Milijirs of .V- brj,-.ka visii>-i! Saturday »l t!;e home of .Mr. ami .Mrs. u". .l'. Dnnn of .'.l!! ;Soui!i Wasiiiiictoi! avenue. .Mr. and ..Mrs. it. C. Sxitt and 'ciiiliiren of Horgei-, Texas, iirrtved , Friday iiigiit for .i; two weej»s visit' !;h 'reiativLS a !>ii friends.' —Dr. Montgomery, Chiropractor, tola Laundry Bldg. Phone 138. rifles III anchor, lorn, an einply 1 rait. Frayed ropes hold iLs stern beside tile rusted piling, .tnd no life stirs from Its deck nor inside tile liny cabin. It bobs with the waves, neglected. . And few there are who recognize in this (uckle-sliell with its slatternly rigging and stoved-iii railing the thing for which it stands. .V Historic (Gesture, The boat is the last vestise of the! "Kingdom i )f the, Streeier- vjIK 'S." It is all that remains to remind the jTreseut year of a dec- adei and less ago when "Cap'n" Ceorge Wellington Streeter, doughty hnd pictures<iue. threw a gesture at Chicago, which has gofte dow;n into its history. I'ntil three months ago the i raft TlK-y laid him a •And wi'li acro-s his kilo "Ciii 'ii" H irlow' dill iilir I eliniini-: I She got toirether '!;e lio ' lifia' til .The las: o/i ja:i iinsiic- app^-al to tiio] supreme Ivay in his. th.- heavy \i gone, his tile fight, ii.itrerei did 'ie.ert »Tf| boiis'lifia' iti\n\ iiiooi- ••d It fir-it tij one spoi .iitd ilieii to aiiotlier. alwiiji ki iii!.:: U.:iiiu ihe 'tiie territoi iiil • w.irer- o;';' -'.-itr''-'- erv:i:e" , o;n: | IfMleii Against lilin .No' So long ago in<- cei :sion oi 'he sup!>nie couri. fiir allien liie now di-ad ••<;'airir' had I ecu w.u't-' ing. w.ts hacded ilown. i otifii i'.:;ig the jiidgmefS'jl of the cour' .Ma's case was lost tor. vi -r. IJiit shi; still conjiniied paddliji-g aii'iur tiie old "Dt'-'strict's shoreline to maintain a lenal resideiiei, tiiere. Ceorge L Williams, circulation ni-mager of the lola Daily Kegis- ter. left this afternoon for Kansas City to atttiid the .Mid-Wesfern Circuiaiion .Manager's convention which is mi]"liiig tlurc- Ttiesda.^ a;:(l Wednesday' of 'tiis -.v .-ek. ,1. C. Heard ri't'nrtie.l home Frir da.v from a 'nisiiiesi an-; pi'ii-iuc- trip to Texas. .Mr. and;.Mrs. S. L llighbarger Tiiid dtiagliier. Helen, of :;n West .New street. (.'of tey Vlj le. !K.<I1S. Silent I In- WiM -k ellil ;it th,-; .1. ,\. Flemint; hoiiie. "M' T East .M.idison ai 'enue. Mr, :iiid .Mrs. Pogiie Fuiiston :ind childn 11 and '.Mr. and .Mrs Cook and family (>l' iiejir CarUle pint S.ifurd.i.v el-, riiiii- a: the Fr. d <'of- I:.. Id. .Ir.. hon[.\ .Mrs. J. iting her family of to her hoii K; Mrs : ('onia. afti -i- .• \ ; en< e and I are here Marvin '. Che.slhllt ; Hrayni' r, =deafhi if ildrcss finislied of "The Home sanding Beauli- .Miss : Lnijise Ileylmun (if Tulsa.j Okla.. spent vt 'sterday" with hen parents. Dr. and .Mr.s. \V. R. Hpyl- nuiii. of -I::'! South afreet. Miss! Ileyiinun is a stenographer for thej Fiister Oil company at Tutsa. |\vho has been living on .\. .\. Sail- of near iJiiffalo. Kan.s.,j a:>d his brother. .lohniSale of Mus-j small larm near here. !^^i^'• drove to yesterday 1 from Buffalo, to visi^ J. C. Beard Colony,^"" old fr'end whom' they hadn'tj loia yes- i ••'I 't-n for thirty years. j Stackinan ited friend.- of in ^ Week end guests of th le. John i'lstol and fam- Baiitlesville. Ukla. ' — ! ^liUig. wh>> ilas been vis- son. Elmer Hilli;.; and Hassett, retitrued today e in Joplin, .Mo. Joseph Lee Shepard of Bronson| underwent a tonsillectomy-opera-} tion at St. Johns hospital this morning.. ' Feminine Charm ' \ Disappears When .Ij .\liimbaii.:;:i of Fres..; returned home today with her sons. Clar- Lcster .Xiiimbaiigii. who ttciidin:; school. ' McH .e st reel. .\|ii . on ~ broth. of .North was . i,ll.,ii to a" I Ollllt ot life •r, Jo... M I Bee.' ; the nose has an ugly shine. Keep t):e skin looking like a peach with tlii-; new wonderful F'rench Pro• .ss Fai e I'owder called- .Mello- Clo. .S^.-iys on indefinitely— .so pure and fine -prevent.-* large pore- kii-p; .your skin youthful. C-t this new wonder/ul Face Powder .MELLO-.CLO at the toilet! counter toda.v.—Cook's Drug'Store'. Mr. ;;nd Mrs. family ol Yale." I'rday with .Mr. .Mrs! K L. smitii ey,- street. Byron .-jmiih apd Center .ipeiU Sat- .Smith-s mother, ijf MI North liuck- Dr. a:id ..Mrl-. .1. daiighti--. of i':!;!!'.^'!- Hoiikin-i of (:'.itf.-y%ii: and spi;!:' SuMliiy w i'er'- |i .t!r.-ii'~. .Mr. Harp-r of No K. ,H;.rp"r'a!:d I 'l- . ar.d .Mrs. | e;-.;n'- nil a llrlhir-i .m.i .Mrs. W. L. • .leflers.)!!. .Miss Bernice S.iilcrs of .'ii;> Soutli Washington avenue returned to .Ne: hraskJ witii h.r isisrer. .Merle Sail- .iors. ; S.'ie will finish the school ine.^yrtHT in-thtr-school {there. ~ ' for' • I —I Ciiar'-s Ai:uer .nid Miss -\gn''r of .Moral) x' gii".-: uriiay of M:!s. .!. li:! Childre,- .Vortii \\\\. key. ^;ri-e!. DO ilcS i:.-ita Sat••. 7U6. Wnf. Penn. .'» cents .V't^inid Cigur Mi .S ln :i:, .I.,,y s a't '-Tj .N s. liiM.l ,!! i'V, spr-n: S;i;.:i;,y \KiX>-\\\~. tli. ReV. .•s.'iiil-iiie rit- r. « :.' home '<i \\\.Mrs. il. V. V..rn.-r .Miss Ciiolv.-- It.i;,.!--. .il- the 1..:.! \'\.\n,\.:wi Sllnd.lV »!':; .Moran. Ijook'ii KI! ••..1. Viii •i.-.i I'l Weil .iigi. •i'-:ii.>\ 111!.;: •p-r l>«-nt I of 1. Ill .Mr : t;iii lOtll"* lay i 'Lii'dla Varti-;• s;re..!. T:;.' Ke , le-r:;: r . ai,.l Lad'ii., ar- v: 'la> ••tirmii.. fr t.> til. :;• ii'-w;- .Mr :rai.-f.-ri.-.i l: c ':il I I il .1- .-'.1 .••piiiii:- ,1* 'il.- :eiii ,11 • T'ip''k,v. iib-nle rirer. w:io Baker liiivers- with her •.ni.i .Mrs C. V. ai.- vi-!'ing at latr.'i's mother, and si-^ Miss V. aiid 's.,t|S. siting East .Monroe .Mrs. Siiulen- Earl !ier.> 111 .<ali.-'ha. •..i<:\\,- it: iileTC i- .'.I >auc 11.. I ieoil K.insils B.ix'er -r ' •:i...ii-t li.i.v:*-! Ille'.-lice was the home of .StrtM-ter's widow -the eijuall.v sirappy ".Ma" Street- i er. who (hVelt in it with none but ia white bull doi tor company and a- shotgun across her knees. Year in and out she drifted across tlie water front, pursued froiii pier to. pier by tiie vigilati'c harbor :io!i<-e. .Vow -.Ma" has disappeared. .None knows exactly she has gone. To all this hangs a tale winch dates back'to 'l^^•) and what is • termed "the night of th.; big wind." 1; seems, from what is handed ' down by those who knew him, that liie'-Cap'n" had grown sf(k of Chi- ia;;o and decided to ]iack up ,in .f ; shove off in his go.xi old flat-bol- •t.itiied scow, tiie "Heutan." Bin :iie •Ueiif.iii' grouiiih/i! on a sand.liar •just a few hundred f..'it from wiiere lie |t;iii set out tile IireVIOUs <iav.' The -Cap'n" c.uiliin t i:.-t i: ..If, flays lengthened into months aii.i diiritii; that; time the dougiuy o^d few '''11">^- ^^i'h appraising eye. wc!- coAied tile efforts of lonlract'irs and e\c;iyators wljo wen- u-iug the TJie .proi -e ^js-servers ".Ma" again. |They want move her lioat on the gn it is a de.reiiit and is ot tlie-way. Hnt ".Ma" is gi; her recorded alis. the boat and'slie iias not bill! last (.'llristmas. Just a worji old junth it's wiiarf -biif ir spi.^ak.s rj of anollier duy wheii a .tigurfl. with I a walrus stovepipe signia of ;<re after ler to re- itind that erwise iil lie. It is u-e fr.iin Favc. the six yejir old liauiihter. of Mr. and .Mrs. L. '\. HoIi-maii of 6L't South sf-reet. 's repiirte.i ill. KEEP. YOUR STOMACH RIGHT! Gat, Heartburn, Discomfort ARE Seriotuf Here's an Old-fashioned Treatment that Keeps You Fit hat and VNcaritig tiie iii- iflile, coH>is heavV gold defied all of .1 fortune. Rnbb-.-, ti.. Mrs. C, C. II ill. ' .Mrs. II. B. Porter. Iif' arm amputated who had her at St. Johns )e. n s-'nn ' hospital a few days aso. was able; to he taken (his morning to t!li.e' home of Uoy Sleeper, on South! B^ickeye street. w|i(-r..' siu' will re- ' main the presint. Her friends is iin- : ip ti.i! 'o iie liistory all: leaii- iiiii-^tacliio. nam ai r i^sl Chicami in a in;: ot h:s VeST. il^ut lor sop ivi.-, I.' j f'.Mr. and r..-pdrV-'d tiuite ^ -.vill I).' u'.ad t.> know that she provins: .-alisfactorily. ''hallos Inman. of Lallarp.-. underwent an operation a; Johns hospital a week aii'i, able I;., re. irn home today. i who : W;is ' Helen Wiili.y. the fourteen old dautthteij ,,t .Mr: an U. Will.y of lU 'i S.iuth O! wiio was t;ik-!i '11 Saiur ing wiMi ai>p-tidi.iti<. i-j belter today. S!;.' :sr a .liiliior High; Vi -:ir 1 Mrs .\. lio street, iia.v inorn- a littl]. ^tii'lent :ist —For prompt results use the CTlassitied C(ilunins, / .Wo...Ley Cordon had his tonsils i r. ii'ove.J this morninc at St. Johns h..:-pital. : Mr. and .Mrs. C.eorge Hoffman ;iii.l daushter. Laura Lea,. .Mr. aiiil .Mis. Ceorg" Hanson and dauirh- ter.' .loan, aiid MK and .Mrs. Lee Oiipliant, of Cliamite. were all day : visitors yesterday of .Mr. and .Mrs. ' Freii Woodiu. T H.\TJ"fun" feeling after meali— gas. Heartburn, discomfort, an occasional pain just over your stomach —these are Nature's way of telling you therd's something wrong. Dillingpam's Plant Juice will help your liver and.encourage your stomach—for {that's what's wrong! Your stomach's not working right. Mrs. IlaUan Bitting of 419 Max St., .Mlenltown. Pa., says: "Sbce I began, on Plant Juice it has rid me of all my ailment^. Three yeara agcj my appetite was so poor I didnotcarewhetherlateornot. Gas catised severe pains, my nerves were upset aijd robhed me of many a night's sleep. E>UrinK the day I felt dull, listlen and weak. Now those pains ana distress are things of the past. M:j^ :^crvcs are cabn steady, my sleep is sound and unbroken, and I go about my housework sin^g." Plant Juice is compoundM 1 herbs and plants. This pleasant tasting remedy works naturally, easily, without any discomfort. It cleanses your whole system, purifies your blood and tones up your body. The first few doses will pve yoa a chance to see how mucb better you f«ieL Bttt don't stop, just because of that—@Te .this fin* old remedy a chance .to do you some real good. .^.'Jc your druggist-for the orignaal Dillingham's Plant Juice. : Dtllincrham's Planr Juice Nature; Orii^nal Time^Ierted IONIC AW CLEANSER T THK LATKST IK BAN DITIRY riH .I.IeJ,,; of tjle "' f.>." a . diiiiipliig ground 'I lie Sand Bar Jirowx. .More y.ars^iil ;iiii| th" diiiiip- iiig griiiili'! btoMioiiied Into a u ld< patch (if • iiMile liiiid.' The "(,'apn ' claimed ail tills by .»i |iiatter's rigii: i and called it "The Dee^lrht ..f Lake .Michlsaii." . He claimeip \n~ i po-se'sloii to be li.-\olid the lon- jtrol Of 1 state law and forlln'. i'!i : busied iliniself to istabll .Hli on i' !aii .Ameflcan counterpari of .Moii'.- ! Carlo. • Lilllc Fav..|te Siiioot. yar old ihiuiihi.'r of .Mi| Harr> Smiot n: ti. ir K! h;i- been ii.rr, -.v. , il M a pliy.-ii-iai. < i ai • . i- siiMilily Sl:e Wi.,«- ill.le littl.. (oda.;- ' l-:iiiier I -M I VIIK I S h.i- f new, of tir Lon IJov..r City. niNiii M .i Fun- death his h' ih'> foiir- and Mr nior. • who •ek~ iind' r iii;|.roving II -it up a civil l\f hi-' nivie, III Kansas The N.irth Rev. F. K. f !onhaiii, of :;ir2 , Fourth street, who htis ben An Invention ^ Not an Imitatlgn, J lioldiiig il s-rie. of tiie -'ln s. till- Free .Mifhodi-' < Iiurcli ^n sas (.'ity for t!i.- r.'s good crow.Is c.%stiil liieeliiig. Kaii- tWO! V,-|.ek^. 1 ' .1 siiv- "ii-cuiri-il .^utidiiy ra! servici will .be i -ld on Tu'.iid.iy, .Mr I. C. K. Fritts M.ixine, who hav.. their mother and Mrs. RoH" <lif..n. Kansas City i.i join Mr. Fi'ifts ani make hom.- Tliey have hi:i-n spending the wiit.-r inoiiThs in .Miami. Fla.. ;iiid iliiiight.r. been visiting gratidniothcr,' I ft foffjiv frtr Mr. '••i" He set himself up :i< ruler of his "Deestriit " absolute an! i tleil off all who camij to take it ; from him with shotguiii; and rifles. ! r .li oni- pilidied battle oiie man was I ki'lled and several wounded. ! The fights were always stage.! ' around the remains of the "Reu• ti^n." This traft liaving long s;n< ; bei-ome landlocked, the "Cap'n " improvised it, into a for^re^s and dnbbed it his castle. From the upper window of ' \ the 'fap'n" used to sit. iti liigii i stovepipe hat and with an aticiior- ( like chain of gol.l strung acros- ^ihi.s vest, "watched for varmints " And by that ho nieant any of his millionaire neighbors froth tii;- Cold Coast, who tried trixjuent^v througlf theij- agents to disp.issess the old] man. What the "Ciip'n" called his ."Deestrict of I ^ke .Michigan." ati-l what now is known as Streeter- viile. houses almost . $I <MI,(»W,"0" worth of property today and the land on which this wealth is hiiili is worth perhaps as much again When the "Cap'n" first saw the place it was nothing but a shallow mud bottom,' Six years ago he died an •Wear-Eiver lAluminum. BalloonTires- PLACE the Model .8 NEW IDEA *• Spreader a.s far ahead of other sach machines the latest model automobile is ihead of the first "horseless carriage". Wide steel .tires with colrtinuoiis cleats that ffuarantee perfect traction—smooth comfortable ridjniBr and prevent side slipping! or s^d^ ding. Let us show you this and alLthe other exclusi\-e features on this leader of all spreaders. A foMer civioc Tatiable mst**" tion on how to cook by Keani will be sfvea to each purcIuMr. Dytiitinii-. 'pi:!! I hese J w o -.- II l!(l2,o "0. The lobb pavioji; Th >-i\" in ;i < iiiintiy road b.v ipp-ii.-d i;e,(r. ('lllsbilt->;l!. tt- uaitiil fill: tlie; c;.ss. 10 1 oliie Ihe "plant" bv electjiiiiv.- ii;i|ieries being hui(ieii in ;i •men In the payroll party were injured. t iaiidits wreckrd iKIIll.'lilS got lihillg. tlifjll oft with ' set ofl i- nejiriiv ti..e Fivej Endiiiott-Johhson World'* Laritosf Shoe ,Miikers Children's and Misses One-strap Slippers $2 .25 '^^ $2 98 BILES T HE '^WEAR. EVER" trademark ihown above is stamped*on every' "Wear-Eyei" uten- s3. Lookforttonthe aJuminuni utensils yoa buy. Mdre than oaebundcedmniibn ntensils bearing this mark are in use co> day. M<ny « "Wear-Eyef" •UM U bcariasthtoCTKle. ottfic bu been la dailr •>(« IbrtawitT-fivc T*"** T HE Aili 'MiNuu C OOKING V TENSIL C O. lUw Knirii|«tBti, PcaiM. Come^inand get youifs todayl Steam tpurfood Tb>» is more than a ptidding pan. Fine for wparate tue ia cookine aacb ditbca as inaca* roni. bea<>«. Mallopcd OT>> tir»,etc .orfoc (teamins food •ocombiaatioo OTiih the 4-qt. Sauce Pan. Sccamcr Tbis St earner aeetton fits the mxT/Uk It not onlr swV coofcafoodwdl ^ bnt prevent* ^' •ctkxu. leu of valuable food •tc waKcd by the boitinc 3-Co $LQP Other uses Ceo^tii, P>a.2-qt.l . rm dltr «nat«iakiaccaB- buaooga poaaifala witb tlu* ••t. Ab«T*illastratlan OtiM SuiB docker I JOIN THE FARMERS who are imi^roving fheir jland arcl thereby falsing bigger and better crops by 1 spreading manure,- T}]e slogan— ! ! ! , applies We ha 'Good equipment makes a good farmer better' to the method used in spreading the manure- 'e a good line ofi spreaders to choose from-New Icea,-John Deere, Nisco, and some used ones jtt real baji-gains. We the thi sol i six spreaders^ last week and are starting or ^^^'Wl car load since the middle of xN'ovember. HARDWARE and LVlPLEMENTS Octr Tlijrtii Yiut.-; in lola

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