Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 6, 1950 · Page 22
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 22

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, January 6, 1950
Page 22
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FRIDAY, JANUARY 6, UN ALTON IVRN1NO TELKORAPM g*.. ^ aikad FA01 Selective Buying Helps Market NEW YORK, Jan. 6 — (M - tflihty selective buying kept the stock market on an even keel today. By and large the market did ftot get very far one way or the other, rising showed an edge over losses but there was not enough driving power In either direction to tofcf a decisive movement. Ch«ng«* ranged to a point or so. Business started off with a rush, •lowed down for a while, and then swung into a steady gain that lifted total sales close to 2,000,000 •hare*. Yesterday sales piled up to 2,950,000 shares, tops for more than • y«ar, but prices scarcely budged. The President's economic mes- Mge to the s Congress had little, If any, effect on .the market's t rend. A very illght upward slant developed at the report was being read but It was questionable whether It,was caused by the President's recommendations. Higher price* were paid for Admiral Corp., Emerson Radio, Philco, Radio Corp., Zenith, Motorola, SchenleVt Montgomery Ward, Federated Department Stores, Consolidated Vultee, Boeing, Goodrich, Northwestern Telegraph, International Business Machines, Cuban Atlantic Sugar, American Smelting, Dow Chemical, Eastman Kodak, Southern Pacific, Gulf Oil, Loew's, and U. S. Gypsum. Abbott 51 1-2 Al Ch & Dye 205 Allied Strs 35 All!* Ch 33 3-8 Am Can 106 Am Car & Fdy 26 1-4 Am Gas A El 51 Am Loco 16 Am Pow 15 1-4 Am Rad 14 1-4 Am Smelt 57 1-4 Am Snuff 41 1-2 A T * T 147 3-8 Am Tobacco 75 1-4 Am Zinc 67-8 Anaconda 30 5-8 Armco 28 7-8 •Armour 8 1-8 A T & SF 104 3-4 Avco 6 1-8 Bald Loco 11 3-.4 Bendix 37 Beth Steel 32 3-8 Borden .................. 49 1-2 Borg-Warner 59 1-2 Briggs 29 1-2 Case 39 1-2 Caterpil Trac 35 5-8 Ches & O 29 5-8 Chi & N W 13 1-4 Chi RI & Pac 43 3-8 Chrysler 66 5-8 Com wealth Edis 30 3-4 Congoleum Nairn 27 3-4 . Cons Edison 27 7-8 Cons Gas 43 1-2 Container 39 1-8 Cont Can 36 5-8 Cont Steel 14 3-4 Corn Prod 70 3-4 Corn Prod Pf 183 1-2 Crane 28 3-8 Curt Wright 8 3-8 Douglas 72 3-8 Du Pont 62 Eastman 47 1-4 Eaton .; 30 1-2 El Auto-Lite 46 1-2 G E 42 3-4 Gen Foods 48 G M 71 3-4 Gen Time 23 Goodrich 73 Goodyear 45 Gt Nor Ir Ore 12 1-2 Gt Northen p£ 42 1-2 Greyhound 10 3-4 Homestake 463-4 Houd-Herch 13 1-8 Hudson Mtr 14 I C 38 1-8 Inland 40' Ins Con Cort 14 1-2 Int Harv 28 Int Harv PF 180 3-4 Int Nick Can 29 I T & T 9 7-8 Jewel 59 1-2 Johns'-Manv 48 3-4 Kennecott 52 Keystone SAW 16 1-2 Kimberly-Clark 25 1-4 Lib-Glass «3 1-4 Libby, McN. & L 77-8 Marshall Field 26 1-2 Montg Ward 56 7-8 Naah Kelv 17 5-8 Nat Biscuit 38 1-8 Nat Cont 81-8 Nat Dairy 39 1-2 Natl Steel 92 N Y C RR 12 3-8 No Am Avia 11-5-8 North Amer 19 1-2 Northrn Pac 181-4 Ohio Oil 28 1-8 Owen* Glass 65 3-4 Packard 4 1-4 Pan Am Air 95-8 Penney S* l Penn " 1-2 Pepsi 93-8 Phelp* 50 Phillips Mor 53 Phillips 81 1-4 Phoenix Hos 9 1-2 Pure Oil "• 29 3-8 Jl C A 13 1-4 Reo 11 5-8 Repub Stl 24 3-8 Scott 69 1-2 Sean 43 1-2 Shell Oil 37 1-2 Simmons ................. 27 5-8 Sinclair .." 23 l r 2 Socony Vac 16 1-2 South Pac 53 1-4 Spiegel 91-2 St. Brands ..., 21 3-4 St Oil Cal «4 3-4 Si OH Ind 43 3-4 St Oil N J 68 7-8 Sterling 38 5-8 Studtbaker 27 1 Swift 357-8 Texas Co 61 Timken Axle 15 1 Trans America 16 3-8 Un Carbide 45 3.8 Un Pacific 87 1-2 Un Mr Lines I 5 Un Aircraft 27 U S Rubber 38 54 U 8 Stl 27 1.8 \V»U •••• 22 5-8 Weit Elect 32 3-8 Woolworth 49 1.4 Wor P A M PR PF 10 Zonllt • 41-2 CsMttiBty te popular kellef, th* bulUHMa of elastic Greece were not pJ5» wMte, but brilliantly paiated, according to the Encyclo- CHIMPS IS DAPPER, TOO— 8-year-olc! Doug, youthful Chimpanzee at Dallas' Marsalis Park Zoo is being bundled up by zoo superintendent Walter Carl ton Jor an outing in the snow and ice yesterday. Doug left the 72-degree vvarmlh of the ape house to to take a stroll in the freezing weather. The clothes belong to Homer Bullock, 5-foot 3-inch keeper of the ape house, who wears the same size coat as Doug.—AP Wirephoto. Chicago, St Louis Grain Quotations Chicaico Cash Grain CHICAGO, Jan. 6, UP) — WHEAT — None. CORN — No. 3 yellow 1.28V*- 30% (lake); No. 5 old 1.32U; No. 2 yellow 1.34%; No. 3, 1.30 Vj-33; No. 4, 1.2514-29H. OATS — No. 2 mixed 76'/i; No. 1 heavy white 78V«-80; No, 1 white 77'/4-78; No. 2 white 77; No. 3 heavy white 77U; sample grade heavy white 77. BARLEY — Nominal: Malting, 1.20-80; feed 90-1.20. SOYBEANS — No. 2 yellow 2.32. Chicago Grain Futures High Low Close WHEAT— Mar. .... 2.18% 2.17K 2.18^-H May ... 2.12% 2.11% 2.12H-H July ... 1.93'A 1.92 % 1.93 Sep. ... 1.93H 1.92Vi 1.93% CORN— , Mar. ... 1.31% 1.31 K 1.31% May ... 1.31% 1.30V* l.SO'A-Sl July ...'1.2914 1.28% 1.29H-H Sep 1.25 H 1.24 H 1.25 OATS— Mar. ... 74% 74 74% May ... 70% 69% 70% July ... 63% 62H 63% Sep «1% RYE— May ... 1.44% 1.42W 1.4414 July ... 1.44% 1.41% 1.44 Sep. ... 1.44 1.41% 1.44 SOYBEANS— Mar. ... 2.33% 2.31 2.33%-% May ... 2.31% 2.28% 2.30%-31 July ... 2.27',4 '2.25 2.27'? Nov. ... 2,06% 2.04V* 2.06% St. LcilU Cash Grain ST. LOUjS, ian. W l/P> — WHEAT — Receipts 3 cars, sold 1, sample grade red winter 1.90. CORN — Receipts 15 cars, sold 1, No. 2 yellow 1.34 Vi. OATS — Receipts 5 cars, sold 1, No. 1 white 86. For "Iran" Read "Persia" School children will have to learn It all over again, tor Iran Is going to change its name back to Persia, because of mistakes arising through its neighbor being called Iraq, Tehran reports. The name Persia comes -from Persis, the people of a province ot the ancient Persian Empire afterward called Fars. Iran comes from Ariana, the Land of the Aryans. First Surveys The first public surveys In the United States were made In Ohio, under an ordinance of the Continental Congress passed in 1785. Slightly modified, this ordinance became an act of Congress in 1796 and still is in force. New York Curb Ark Nat Gas A 11 1-4 Cities Svc 70 El Bond «V Sh 18 Heels Mln 11 3-8 Kaiser Frazer 51-8 Kingston Prod 31-8 Niag Hud Power 15 7-8 Livestock Prices At East St. Louis NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111., Jan. 6, UP) — (USDA) — HOGS — 10,000; barrows and gilts steady to 25 lower than average Thursday; later mostly steady, sows steady to mostly 25 lower; bulk good and choice 180-240 pounds 16.00-50; two loads 16.60 and two loads 16.75; top 16.75; most 250-300 pounds 14.50-15.75; around 350 pounds 13.75; 140-170 pounds 14.50. 16.25; 100-130 pounds 12.50-14.50; good and choice sows 400 pounds down 12.75-13.25; heavier sows 11.00-12.25; few 10.75; stags' 8.5010.50. CATTLE — 800; calves 350; cattle mostly about steady in cleanup trade with heifers and mixed yearlings and cows active; very few steers offered; odd lots common and medium heifers and mixed yearlings 17.50-23.00; good cows around 18.00; common and medium cows 15.50-17.00; canners anc cutters 13.00-15.00; medium anc good bulls 18.50-21.00; cutter anc common bulls 15.50-17.50; good and choice vealers 23.00-38.00; common and medium 18.00-27.00. SHEEP — 1200; slaughter lambs active; fully 25 higher; other classes scarce; good and choice woolec lambs 103 pounds down 23.50-24.25 few medium and good 21.00-23.00 good and choice clipped lambs No 1 pelts 23.00-25; part deck medium and good 22.50; odd head wooled ewes 10.50 down. at Soviets Training German Army, Price Says WASHINGTON, Jan. 6 (*» — Rep. Price CD-Ill) said today he has been advised that Russia Is training an army of 500,000 in the east zone of Germany. He said his information came from a German newspaper man who must remain anonymous be> cause of fear of reprisals. Price, on his return from s month's tour of Europe as a member of the House Armed Services Committee, said there is ah army of 50,000 so-called police in the east zone of Germany and that it is rapidly increasing to 100,000 Price today called this estimate conservative in view of his new information. Price's German correspondent called the German east sone army a threat to world peace. 2 Malays Sentenced To Hang for Murder SINGAPORE, Jan. 6 (ft — A district court here today sentenced two young Malays to be hanger foi the murder last Dec. 3 of Duncan Stewart, governor of the rich British colony of Sarawak. The two youths, Rosli Bin Dobie, 18, and Moshidl Bin Sedik were members of a bsnd agitatini Cor cancellation ot the 1946 cession of Sarawak to Britain. Witnesses said the pair attacked Stewart ai ho arrived at Slbu, an inlanc Sarawak town. They testified that Rosli drove a five-inch knife into Stewart's abdomen. He died In Singapore a week later. Produce Price* ' At St. Louis St. LOUIS, Jan. S, (Jft ~ Produce and live poultry: PRODUCE — Butter, 90 (core 60-60H, 89 score 59-60, • POULTRY —Fowl, heavy breeds 20; comrtercial fryers, brollfrs and roasters, crosses 23-25; netrby farm-raised reds 33; capons, 7 pounds and up, 35; under 7 pounds, 31; Slips 29. . Other prices unchanged. Bell Likely to Reject Union Demands ST. LOUIS, Jan. « (Jf> — Southwestern Bell Telephone Co. Is expected to say "no" today to a inlon demand for a 15-cents-an- tour overall pay boost for its 50,000 workers In six states. A company statement last night Ipped off. Its hand on the pay questlbn. The statement said the union demand, if met, would increase he utility's pay roll about $20, 00,000 a year—an amount It com pared to an $8-a-year boost In each subscriber's telephone bill. Vets in 7 States to Get Half of GI Dividend WASHINGTON, Jan. 6. (.ll—Al- most half the forthcoming $2,800,000,000 GI life Insurance dividend is likely to go to war veterans in seven states. A check of Veterans Administration records showed today that of 15,283,000 veterans of World War II living last Nov. 30, about 7,094,000 were In New York, Pennsylvania, California, Illinois, Ohio Texas and Michigan. The checks will range«ln size from 90 cents to $528. URANIUM HUNTER EXPLAINS GEICER TO HIDE - Eiler Henrickson. who found a deposit of uranium last August while pros pecting in Upper Michigan's Baraga County, demonstrates to his bride of three weeks the use of the geiger counter in detecting presence of radioactive material, at Minneapolis, Minn. She is listening to the gadget's clickirfg as it Is brought into contact with the luminous dial of Henrickson's watch.—AP Wirephoto. I Jut! Ilkt ntw. '1150 1946 Bukk Sedanette U. S. Troops on Move For Amphibious Assault NORFOLK, Va., Jan. 6 (JO _ The troops were on the move today for operation portrex—his- tory's greatest mock amphibious assault—which the army, navy and air force will atage in the- Caribbean early in March. The army's first detachment of 3500 soldiers set sail yesterday from Charleston, S. C. ( enroute to Little Creek, where rugged training for the assault gets underway Monday. Ultimately the army wlil send a total- of 15,000 men for training to the nearby amphibious base. S.SOAI. MOTICES _ NOTICE OF CLAIM DAY K °' **ary A, Mulcahy, Deceased notice Is hereby given to all persons that Monday, February 6, 1950. Is the claim date In the estate of Mary A. Mulcahy Deceased, pending in the Probate Court of Madison County Illinois. and that claims may be ' " against the said estate on or before date without issuance of summons. GUS MOORE, Administrator with DU HADWAY & Jerseyvllle. NOTICE OF CLAIM DATE <h . ™ e i« hereby given to all persons that First Monday In February 1B50, is {,"« plf 11 " Date in th* estate of J.mes ft. !S k w Mlh 5T' D ««aa«d, pending in the Probate Court of Madison County Illinois, and that claims may b* filet •*A' n S tith *,.J*' d ••'•'• on w before n ? .?*£• w i£ out 1 " u »"c» <" aummoni Dated this 80th day of December. 194* FRANCIS MAKER, Attest: AdmlnlilMtot JOSEPH HEALEY, Probate Clerk. BMERSON BAETi Attorney Dec. 23. 30. J« n . a NOTICE OF CLAIM DA~TE Notice ii hereby given to all persons * t J!' l ? §t 5! ond «y "> »"«bruary, 1050, is JJ>« Claim Date in the estate of Samuel E. Mull, Deceased, pending in the Probate Court of Madison County, and that claims may be filed against the said estate on or before said date without iuuance of summons. Dated thla lath day of December, 1949 DONNA I. MULL, .. Executrix. Attest: JOSEPH HEALEY. Probate Clerk. GIL8ON BROWN, Attorney. Dee. is. ao. Jan. • UAtUI OK I'HANKk DONNA SUE CALVEY—We wish to express our sincere thanks and appre elation to all our friends and neigh, bori for their kindness and sympathy shown during our recent bereavement We especially with to thank East Alton Fire Department. East Alton and Wood River police, and the Wood River Hospital. Signed: Mr. and Mri, Everett Greenwood And Mary Calvey. IN MEMOKIAH IN MEMORY—Of 'Walter Upple, who passed away a yeara ago, Jan. S, 1947 So swiftly, Heaven'i stair you climbed Each atep, a smile, kind word, or stop To help some loved one, that we failed To realize you'd reached the top. So now we falter on alone, Yet your example bright, Exerts a mighty upward pull And helps to guide our feet aright Sadly mlsaed by the Family IN MEMORY—Of George W. Bryant who passed away Jan. 8, 1044: Though sweetly 'math your velvet turf, You've slept the calendar away, We do not think of you as dead, For in our heart* you livt today. Somewhere above this troubled world Safe beyond grief and care, Our daddy rut* In heavenly peace, God grant some day we meet him there. , Sadly missed by . Children and grandchildren IN MEMORY—Of Jas. W. Calvert, who passed away 4 years ago, January 8 It Is so hard to find a verse that is sweet enough for you, That's warm enough and fond enough to tell how we miss you. They say there's a star In Heaven for each soul that has left this earth, That the measure its brightness has given Is the measure of that one's worth. So when the stars are shining, You know dear, what we'll do? We'll look where the brightest one is shining, And know in our hearts that It's you Sadly missed by Wife and Children, IN MEMORY-Of Glennon S. Clark who pasted away on* yaar ago today Jan.' i, 1040: That w* cannot forget you, Nor hide the teart away; W* mitt your genii* klndn*M> Your tender lov* and car*. Heaven must b* sweeter atocaut* ol you being there. Sadly missed by Wife and Children. I M1SOKHH.S ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS - Alton phoa* t-TUS or 3-41SS, or F. O. Box JtT. __. _. li dtD AT 40, SO, •»r-|IANI Vou'r* crawl Thousand* peppy at T0> Otlrex Tonic Tablets pep up bodl** lacking Iran. For rundown feeling, many man women call "old". New*!** aequalnl- ad" tiw only Wo. Al all druMl't*' In Alton at Thrifty Drug. SOCIAL IVlMTl RUMMAGE SALE - Gfvea §» Wood River Eastern Star, Saturday, 0 a m.. at «i4 Eat! Third. Alton. WOOD RIVER LODGE-NO, tan. run era! rtlet for Brolhar Charts)* T. Webber will be performed •' eUrw ' performed funeral name. Woo*) Mv Saturday afternoon. - » Mr' v*r. at t o'clock request Richards Motor, Inc. 420 N. Wood Rivor Avt. Your Wood Rlvjr BUICK Doalor Dial 4-3*22 toc'fTiM-i.onata GREENWOOD LODGE — Odd Fellows. No. 481. Will have a public installation ol officers-elect Saturday, » p. m., Jan. 7. Members of Carlln Rebekah Lodge assisting In the ceremonial. FREEMAN E. RODGERB, N. O. H. H. PLOPPER, S«c'y; WALTON CHAPTER—No. 1018, O. E. S. Special meeting Jan. 7, 7 p. m. Initiation and refreshments. II SITUATION* WANTED—MAI.K HOME n"EPAiJRS—MUceliancoiis "work, electrical, plumbing. linoleum tile, flittering — any repair work In home. Phone 2-8173. II LOST—IT* A* tO—STOlIf* LOST—Female springer spaniel, blind In both eyes. __.Call 3-7444. WILL PARTY—Who took sled from~S14 Lawton, please return It. No questions asked. LOST—Between Market and Alby on Broadway, tight blue eyeilau framei, trimmed In gold, Wednesday morning. Return to Broadway Newt, 4 Eait Brouclway. Reward. LOST—Man'« "wallet containing Social Security card and valuable papers. Finder keep money, also additional reward. Dial 4-6527 after 6 p. m. LOST—White lapphlre ring in "Carl's" rest room. Family keepsake. Reward. 2-826.1 before S p. m. or "CarlV after 5 p L m. LOST—Black and white female dog, near Pralrletown. Reward. Edwin Franklin. Rt. No. 1, East Alton. LOST—Black leather purse on North 6th itr«et, Wood River, or American Legion Hall, East Alton. Contained social Security card and birth certificate of Thelma Smith. Finder please dial 4-3125. TOOL BOX—Taken from Bell Telephone truck. Phone 2-4044. LOST — Beagle hound, female, brown and white. Call 4-9024. II NOTICE INCOME TAX RETURNS BOOKKEEPING SERVICE Call 2-5466 RIDE WANTED—From Lincoln avenue, East Alton, to Broadway and Central, Alton, s dayi week. Hours: 8 to 4:30. 4-6798 after 5 P. m. HOUSEHOLD HINT —Clean upholstery and rug« wear longer. Foam clean with Fina Foam. Buck's Paint Store, 695 East Broadway, DOEPKE'S BLACKSMITH SHOP ACETYLENE WELDING TOOL DRESSING TEMPERING Porter & Come-In Place Curdle Heights Addition. Dial 2-445S i INCOME TAX RETURNS PROPERLY PREPARED BY A QUALIFIED ACCOUNTANT AND TAX CONSULTANT (Over an Years Accounting and Tax Experience) • COMPLETE SERVICE • ALL FORMS FOR INDIVIDUALS • FARMERS BUSINESS EAR! w. MANNS ACCOUNTANT 4> TAX CONSULTANT OFFICE Ml W. Third St. (Over Hollywood Shop) Phones: 2-8232 — 3-683S ALTON, .ILL. STATE LICENSE AUTO. CHAUFFEURS. DRIVERS. Etc. C. CLARK. 1504 E. _^ ALTON CEMETERY HA* COTS TOR SALS Csnreral nundred «-grave tola la various •aria of the cemetery err avallabst. HARRY A. MOORE PIANO TUNING and REPAIRING 603 Forest Ave.. Alton. Dial 3-7SM HELP MANTED—MAi.» SALARY, OVER RIDE AND COMMISSION Will be given to experienced Insurance salesman by an old line Legal Reserve Stock Co., specializing in the finest hospltallzation contracts available. If he can qualify for office manager's position. J. P. Schmidt, Reserve Life Ins. Co., 517 Metropolitan Bldg , East 5t, Louis, III. WANTED—White man for dishwashing job. Straight days. Apply in person. Marvel Restaurant, after 7 p. m. TRUCKMAN—Over 25. owning or able to purchase and personally drive acceptable tractor-trailer, moving equipment. Year 'round long-term contract. Substantial earning. State age, experience, briefly. CREYAN LINES, 89-W Grand, Chicago. WANTED REAL ESTATE SALESMAN Good personality, honest and ambitious, experienced in saleswork preferred. Apply by letter giving qualifications, experience and references. Write Box 830. care Telegraph. EXPERIENCED BAKER WANTED — Others need not apply. 3-8711. U «ELf WANTED—r«MAL» _ WANTED — Experienced stenographer. State qualifications And experience. Write P. O, Box 383. Alton. WHITE WOMAN—To help in home. Dial 3-8480. WANTED—Stenographer. Must be able to take shorthand! also clerical work. VOGUE. | MIDDLEAGED—White woman (or general housework; stay nights. Threw adults. Phone 3-8148^ WANTED—Woman to "care for babyT Room, board and wages. Dial 3-SM7. 1884 E. Broadway. , WOMAN FOR HOUSEWORK—And care of two children. White. Stay. Phone 4-M70. WANTKD — Office secretary. Musi be efficient In taking dictation and typing and use of modern office machines. Write giving training, experience, address and telephone number to Box aio, Alton, III. •__ _ WANTED-Stenographer, must take short hand, give references and ate. Apply lox No. 510, care Telegraph, WANTED- Sa!et!ady for Sportswear, Ladies Ready to Wear Store. Give references and age. Apply Ion 590, care Telegraph. TYPIST—Beginning or •xperleaced typ- 1st. epsjed and accuracy naeaaaar*.*- day weak, Salary open, Write lax too, care Telegraph. SECRETARY - Local Industry. S-4ay week; heavy dictation Salary onto. Write Box Mo, care Telegraph. M. sV M. OPERATOR— Local concern needs experienced multl-Hth or multi- graph operator. Salary open. Young lady desired. Writ* Box »10, care Telegraph. ____ _ LADY^-Over 30 to care <ar eblldijn while mother worki. IIS George it (rear). East Alton. ______ _ OFFICE ifCBETARY-Capable ol supervising all Phases of office work. Shorthand, typing and bookkeeping required. Write lox sso, car* Tele_____ WANTBD - Bookkeeper * stenographer. Slat* age. experience and salary expected Write ion MB. c*f« Altesj Telegraph. WANTED—Baby sitting by the hour or evening. Call 4-4129. MIDDLEAGED WIDOW — Wants baby sitting, 3-BM7, WHITE LADY — Wanti' washings and Ironings, Dial 4-843S. ___ WOULD LIKE TO CARE—For'ehlldreh In my home, days. Reliable rare. 4-4448. HIGH SCHOOL GIRL --"Wants""office work of any kind. Can take Vyulng. Phone »-38S3. _ LAUNDRY WORK—To" do "in "niy home. Call 2-3330. References. «» IMiBIMr'HS GROCERY STORE—For sale. Established business: bunding tor rent, flxturpt for snle. Will inventory stock. Bcne- flel's Market, So Roxana. 4-7983. CLEANING PLANT -- Fiilly equipped, for sale or lease. Sale price, SlnM. ', down, bafance ttrmr. 3310 Franor. HASUSkH 4NU M»AtlT* cWfRAL ILLINOIS SCHOOL OT BEAUTY CUl.TURE 401 Hear* Street Alton's Oldest State Accredited Beauty School II Years ot Successfully Graduating Students AMBER W HUNTER Free 3-4411 401 HENRY . M OBBSSHAKING—TAILORING ALTERATIONS—Cloth or fur coats, suits, dresses, drapes and curtains made. ROSACK ft. LOVE. Dial 2-39A3 or 3-6303. .11 LAUNDERING CURTAINS — Washed and stretched. Called for and delivered. 1-7636. FUEL OIL STOVES—Oil rentes repaired. Service at any time. Phone 2-7304. GUTTERING—Spoutlni. metal chimney covers. Free estimates. WHITE'S TIN SHOP. 2-1424. TREE SPECIALIST Trim TOD. Take Down and Haul Away. ' Insured. ED KRAUT. Dial 4-9343 BLOCK LAYING—12c each; cess pools and septic tanks built and pumped, reasonable rates. 3-S415. 3-B500. TO PROPERTY OWNERS - Beware of termites. They are destructive to your property. For free Information call Century Termite Control. Phone 132. 1019 Rusk in Ave.. Edwardsvllle. III. All work guaranteed. CONTRACT CEMENT WORK of" all klnda. Union work. Free estimate. Lynn Wood. 3603 Franor. 3-9293. i-ms: DBCOBATINO WANTED—Paper hanging. Good work at reasonable prices. Phone 3-5967 or 2618 Yager street. WHY WAIT?—Get your decorating done now before the spring rush. There Is no plastering job too small or too large for us. Will we plaster your ceiling? Yea! Will, we plaster your complete room? Yes! Yes! Will we remove your wallpaper, paint your walls or hang wallpaper Yesl Do we guarantee our work? Yesl Will we decorate your whole house and give you easy terms? Yesl Why not phone us today No ob- ligatlon. Of course not. Phone 2-4726 INTERIOR PAINTING — Removing or cleaning wallpaper; floor reflnlshlng. Special prices now. 3-S3M, INTERIOR DECORATING — Plastering, patch plastering, removing wallpaper. Reference. Free estimates. Dial 3-8178 DIAL 2-2141 — For free estimate on floor sanding and Inside painting. WALLPAPER STEAMER FOB RENT— Dial 2-2141. 1004 Phlnney. INTERIOR PAINTING—Plastering and patch plastering. U you are tired of old wallpaper, call us today, we will remove your wallpaper and. with tne latest style colors, we will remodern- ize your home. Call today lor a free estimate. 2-6030 MAKE OLD FLOORS LIKE NEW-ReBt our high speed sander and edger Dial 2-2141 1004 Phlnney FLOOR SANDING - And reflnUhlng; also painting Reasonable rates, free estimates. Dial 3-6514 or 3-3230. PAINTING. DECORATING - Removing wallpaper, plastering, patch plastering our specially. All work guaranteed" References. Free estimates. Dial 8-8884, . WALL & FLOOR T|LE Baker Aluminum Awnlaji Retail or install** rra* Estimate) CROXTON BROS. TILE CO 140S Itodgers Ave BLECTBIC—KAPIO» RADIOS REPAIRED Promptly • Economically DIAL 2-7843 WORKMAN'S RADIO REPAIR 3811 State Street RADIO & TELEVISION SERV. rOUR MEN TO SERVICE VOU ' SQUARE DEAL SHOP 720 E. BROADWAY - 3-9411 BREGENZER'S Radio, Television Service at your home. Guaranteed. Dial 3-50M. 1222 State. STOBAO Quick Or fUR MU V IMit fURNITUBt AUSO REFRIGERATORS. STOVES TRUNKS BOXES OR WHA1 HAVE YOUf CALL 3-7490 at S-BNO •RES BELCHER ~ SMITH BROS. MOVING LOCAL - LONO DISTANCE .DIAL 4-6561 19 W Ferguson Wood River After s P. M Dial «-3J» Used Furniture Bought end Sold _ ~M. A. NEVLIN MOVING, STORAGE ACROSS TW STREiri OR ACROSS THE CONTINENT LOCAL & LONG DISTANCE Itlt WASH1NOTON AVU McCOY TRANSFER C07 IB! FRON1 BT ALTON ILL. DIAL RNSKY 41 gi.SKP»aJU SOUISS a SLEEPING ROOMS-On bus llneTneTt to cafe. Plal 8-1110. SLEEPING ROOM-Nexl to bath. Private entrance. 9 blocks from town, lao Aeton 4-4BQI. LAROB iLEEPING^ROOM-At WII Col"- Jege, Phone a-aosQ, SLEEPING ROQM-In all modern home. ', all times; one Stoker heat, hot water, _ block from bus. Si weak. Alton, a-awa. 000 Main, LARGE CLEAN ROOM—Across from Pott Office, in last Alton. Dial 4-3408 WOOD RIVER—Large madam sleeping room. Phone 4-fS4_lT ____ 3~INOIVIOUAL^iLECPINO ROOMS 4-room unfurnished apt. 101 E. Fer|- uson, Wood,Rlver._4jjjil,__ LOVELY SLEEPING ROOM-Wlth new maple twin beds, adjoining path; block from bus! 1 or I nice werklng slrU or women. 834 Madison avenue. Wood River. Phone 4-<U(K. NIC! BOOM-ln JUST LIKE MOTHER MU TO DO! Remember when ?••) wcrt a M htw MUM pttHiim mmt a big at mftuntiiM until you hid • eliaM* tw talk HNHH tv* with Mom? She •Iwajn hid tht answer that wmiM mid* tft' problem melt like mow in the sun, It's wonderful to bo ible to drop your problem* In Hte IM of someone who his the right answer. It's the same way wm selling your property, ly letting the ALTON REAL ISTATI EXCHANGE handle the tale of your property, many of tto little problems which grow to mountainous proportloni «ym be avoided. Don't waste time, money and energy, WMN you've decided to tell, let a firm who knows HM aniweri, do it for you. CALL THI Alton Rul Estate Exehinp 716 K. 4th St. Wsl l-Hir FREE APPRAISALS The SIGNAL for a FRESH START Do you have unpaid old year bill*? Are your installment* pant-due? Art) you running short of eauh . . . month after month? If to, January in the time to "catch up." The person who IK ahvaya "H month behind" In his personal fiminer* subject* himxrlf to • lot ef needless worry and nrrlously injurra hit credit standing. AUTO - CO-MAKER - FURNITURE ALTON FINANCE & THRIFT DO. 318 E. Broadway Dial 3-5622 SLEEPING BOOMS 41 MODES N SLEEPING ROOM—Adjoining bath. I block to bus; private entrance. 717 E. 6lh. CLEAN—Comtortitble sleeping room. Automatic heat and water, home prlv- ileges; near Class works. 3-8103. ROXANA—One nice sleeping room for rent, 205 Thomas. SLEEPING ROOM—For rent, near e~aT Ing place. No drinkers. 131 West For- SLEEPING rtOOM—In all modern home; private entrance. 4-5685. JOB Klngs- hlghway. East Alton. WARM, MODERN—Front sleeping room adjoining bath; hot water at all times. 66« Lorena. Wood River. 4-9103. 41 ROOM AND ROARD ROOM & BOAHD—Pensioners, men & women'. Will accept invalids. 633 E. 4th. 2-90(15. 4S HOUSEKEEPING ROOMS EMPLOYED COUPLE—Or one person. Good heat, day and night. 1100 Washington. FURNISHED HOUSEKEEPING ROOM— Heat, lights, water, gas, furnished. 1426 East 4th street. EAST ALTON—2 housekeeping rooms, first floor. Lights, gas. water, furnace heat. Also 1 large room. Dial 4-«685. 4ft 2 UNFURNISHED ROOMS — Upstairs. Private entrance, lights and water pnid. $25 per month. S41 Madison, Wood River, back door. 2-ROOM BASEMENT APT. — Dry, all modern: electric refrigerator, private bath and entrance, 1 block from bus. Utilities furnished. Adults only. Dial 3-54S1. 4-ROOM MODERN APT Private bath new electric range, heat, hot water, electricity furnished. Good location on bus line. $85.00 per month. Write Box 630, care Telegraph. 2 or 40 FURNISHED ROOMS—Gas furnace. Frigidalre, utilities furnished Block to bus. Reasonable. 4-9206. TWO ROOMS—Heat, water, lights, gas, furnished. 430 E, 9lh after B p. m. 3-ROOM — Unfurnished" apt. Private bath, private entrance. Modern. 2122 Rockwell. 3-799.7. 4 & 2-ROOM — Unfurnished modern apts.; automatic hot water heating system. Call 29-R, Brighton. 3-ROOM MODERN APT — Off Milton road, second house In back of Greer Real Estate office. Apply between B a. m. and 4:30 p. m. 4« FURNISHED APARTMENTS 2 ROOMS & BATH—Wood River. Front and back entrance, refrigerator, wash- Ing machine, gas range, gas heat, lights and water furnished. 112.30 per week. 4-BS12. 2-ROOM APT.—Nicely furnished, clean, new Frigidaire, electric stove, private front entrance, oil heat. Wood River. J-B703._ ^__ WOOD RIVER — 2-room furnished apt, complete, except silver, linen and bedding. Gas heat. Call 2-2,190. TWO FURNISHED ROOMS—-Lights, water, heat, furnished. S12 Marsh. .1-6S27 TWO — Furnished basement rooms. Washer, refrigerator, lights, gas, hot water furnished; outside entrance. 14S East Alton Ave., East Alton. 4-9142. 6 ROOMS & BATH—All furnished, on top floor of new home, or dry, 2-room basement apt., \'i bath, outside entrance. Call 2-2207. 3-ROOM APT. FOR RENT—Private entrance, electric refrigerator and stove. Heat and lights furnished. S16.50 week. Dial 2-6S83. 2 LARGE FURNISHED ROOMS—Downtown location, nione 2-2380. .1 FURNISHED ROOMS—Lights, heat, and water furnished. 2811 Residence. 2 LARGE ROOMS—Utilities furnished, private entrance, 3470 East Broadway. 4-R029. 2-ROOM FURNISHED APT. — Newly decorated. Electric stove and refrigerator, private entrance. $4S month. 4 W. Delmar. MODERN 2 ROOMS—Prlva'te bath, "private entrance, gas heat. Adults. Ml East «lh. HOUSES FOB BENT FOR RENT—Mlddletown, 6-room apt.. 3 up, 3 down, newly decorated, two baths, hardwood floors throughout, laundry and drying room, water and heat furnished. Dial 3-302* or 2-78«l. FOR RENT—Wood River, very nice 4- room modern house, good location. For Information call H, G. Wick*n- ha user. 4-4354. STRICTLY MODERN — New 4'/,-room brick house; Ideally located in Godfrey. Knotty pine living room and dinette, tile bath, attached garage. Full basement, automatic heat and hot water. Write Box 570, care Telegraph 6-ROOM MODERN—In Alton, close In. References required. 175. Writ* Box 540, care Telegraph. FOR BENT—5-room modern house, furnished. References, I7» per month. Dial 3-3398, _ J-HOOM FURNISHED HOUSE* — 431 lob street, Eait Alton. 4-OT40. SOUSE'- for 6-ROOM FURNISHED rent. Call 4-»»». £ 4-ROOM BASEMENT HOUSE—furnished. Dial 4-apgl, BUSINESS flACBS FOR KENT or SALE—Masonry building. 28x42. at 197 Gouldtnf avenue, East Alton, Suitable for grocery, ate. Oil heat and water furnished, two apt*, above now occupied. Dial * 1SS< MIBtlSl.s.ANSOtlS TRAILER SPACE — For on*. Private Phone 4-47*8. HANTS* TO O fWf EB—for TERRITORY MANAGEB—For Ufa* fjl company n**d« a-bedroam unfuraJahad house by F*b. lit, In Alton-Wood livai aj-ea. Call Mr. Rogers. 4-4111, day*. H heat. AWON-N*w«£aom Ibrlek. Da* By ownar. |*BOu. 4-ifU». 4, s. t ROOMS—Small dawn Payajaml Immediate pos§*Mton. ExcellMit Isiaa- Hon. ».T7i»; evenings. 3-aft*. Iron* bus. Did n Ml t Ivate hoint. Block ill* alter • f • a». 4-ROOM MODERN - With or furniture. Immediate, paaaenien. Jerseyvllie . MsPBT jpTjgiV Area. NORTH ALTON - 4-reom all | brick home, only I rear* eM. wood floors, cabinets, gas •ousts roa SALS 3-ROOM—All modern hout*, *Ktra gas heat, built-in cabinets, batsj play room, large fireplace. Show* Mr appointment. 3-S01S, WOOD RIVER SPECIAL - „. Second—5 room stucco on tile, insulated, cabinet sink, stoker, shower in basement, Venetian blinds, wired for electric stove, linoleum in kitchen and bath. Reduced to $8200. T. P. ECCMANN, REALTOR: Emmet Howard, Salesman 4-5714 13 Whitelaw FOR SALE-New FHA approved homaa in Wood River or East Alton as lew as 1332 down and »42 per month. Tn*M are real buys. Must b* seen to b* appreciated. -Phone Edwardsvllle aim Ralph H. Ladd. General Contractor. FOR SALE—4-room house. Gas Mat WOOD RIVER — 4 room brick, 3 yrs. old, large kitchen, gas heat and insulated. C. H. Auten Agency' ; Phone 3-8422 Tuetken—3-5095 Hale—2-2246 Drew—2-1296 NEW 4-ROOM MODERN — Nice fabi- nets, full basement, level lot, good construction. Only .'. .MatN STANLEY E. WILTON AGENCY^ . 2-42S4 '• ' ' After »! 8-414T f • H". H. HEB8ENFLOW r " WOOD RIVER ACTON—4 rooms, fully modern. House only 4 years old. Price ..SMM GI loan for S5200 can be transferred to buyer. LORENA—5 rooms, fully modern. Newly decorated and painted. Price. .STSOt Will sell tor S1000 cash and ISO month DULANEY-Extra nice 5-room home. Large brick perch, new hot water Itir- nace with stoker, house Insulated and storm windows, extra rooms and bath In basement, garage. Price HSot FHA loan for SMOO can b* transferred ALLEN-HESSENFLOW AGENCY 11 Wood River Ave. Dial 4-3U3 Evenings Dial 4-7748 or 4-8447 FOR SALE—14 lots. B-room house, full basement, furnace, two outbuildings, all in good repair, well and Cistern. Dorchester. Inquire til West Oak street. Gillesple, Illinois. _; --,-NORTHMOOR — New 4~n3n t with 2 bedrooms, oil heat, automatic water heater, 4 closeti large landscaped lot ... .$12,000 NORTH HENRY ST. - 6 roowi, fireplace, breakfast room in knotty pine, stairway to attic, this home is new, call for appointment HAWTHORNE - 5 rooms, J bedrooms, built in cabinets, wired for electric stove, fas heat, basement finished for play room. $IO,50C GODFREY - 4'j rooms, utility room, built in cabinets, lot 75i 497 $10,500 POHLMAN-TINCLEY AGENCY REALTOR •->' 23S6 State 3-6912 !veHrn« Mrs. H. H. Hewitt—3-1733 Harold Cordes—2-6232 Homer Crgfuebach—2-47M TJ --—-'—— ••••Mwifwn ••_...*. _»linoleum, fireplace, all moaetm. ll down payment, balance Ukeranl K block from bus line. Write Box MO, care Telegraph. FOR SALE-NEW 4-room briesT.— Coved ceilings, inlalds. chimes, eel nets, beautifully plastered, ' located, exceptionally well built. __„ for occupancy. Sll.MO. or will rant to right party. Dial S-IJ6S. -*^ NICE LOCATION—In Wood River, t room modern home. Hardwood lleejf*. cabinets, gas heat, level lot. aide SMOO. After 5 p. m, dial ' " m94tr " priced. May I Help You Buy or Sell MRS. HAROLD HEW 3-tTM >ohUnan - Tingley Agency. Witt, FAY CAVU-^rw:_4~ot m** house; rnuat N ua4et taops, S-gH*.

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