Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on October 3, 1959 · Page 6
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 6

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 3, 1959
Page 6
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-Junior Idiforj Quit on— INSECTS QUESTION: How doe* a cricket make its sound? ANSWER: The cricket is a small insect related to the grasshopper. The most common it the black field cricket, also called the house cricket, tl has a merry song that sounds something like "re-treat, re-treat." Only the male cricket makes the noise and he does it with his wings. When the cricket's wings are folded, they lie along his back, one over top of the other. Each wing has a thick vein with cross ridges, and a hard, sharp-edged portion. The vein is called the "file" and the other part the "scraper." The cricket makes his noise by rubbing the scraper of one wing against the file of the other wing. FOR YOU TO DO: See if you can catch a cricket, then look for his file and scraper with a magnifying glass. You will find them near the front of the wing. (The $10 award for this question goes to Linda Jane Sullivan of Charleston Heights, S. C. Mail your question on a postcard to Violet Moore Higgins, AP Newsfeatures, in care of this newspaper. If duplicate questions are received, Mrs. Higgins will select the winner.) CARNIVAL By Dick Turner T3JL tog. O.S. P»t Ofl. S"»69 'oj ME* S«nrk», tna. 'Funny thing! Her aptitude test indicated she had no office ability whatsoever. 1 " SIDE GLANCES By Galbroith \v ^Ov^U*. U.S. P«. Ofl. 4l 19SS fcjf N£A S«r»i<«, he. You girls certainly do look good to me after all the old ruins we saw on our trip!" SWEETIE Pit By Nadine Setose* "I'm not calling anyone—I'm just dialing for Shultzl" TIZZY By Kofe Osann (J> 1959 by NEA Swvict, Ins. T.M. Rig. U.S. P«, OW. "I'd LIKE to think about something else besides boys, mother—but what else is there?" Asiatic Nation Answer to Previous Puzzle ACROSS 1 Asiatic nation 6Latakia is its seaport. 11 Rang 13 Comeliee • 14 Wanderers 15 Shoe part 16 Friend (Fr.) 17 First number 18 Born 19 Spur 21 Demented 22 Knights 23 Closer 25 Moccasins 26 Bushel (dial.) 27 Oriental porgy 28 Buzzer 29 Measure of cloth 30 House top 32 Secluded 35 Telephone inventor 36 Goddess of the dawn 37 CJeave 39 New Guinea port 40 Anger 41Sainte (ab.) 42 Harmonizes 44 Bind 47 Long seat 48 Fall flowers 49 Lock of hair 50 Analyze grammatically DOWN 1 European herring 2 Petty officer 3 Deep gorge 4 Island (Fr.) 5 Atmosphere (comb, iorm) 6 Walking, stick 7 Pronoun 8 Satiric 9 Conger •fishermen 10 Releases 12 College degree 13 Discover 17 Rowing tool 20 Frolic 21 Apportion 22 Mariner 24 Shoal 25 Hand part 27 Golf mounds 30 Peruser 31 Ester of otefc acid 32 Fish eggs 33 Bed canopy 34 Penetrates S5 Blight 36 Gaelic 38 Thick 40 Followers 43 Pints (ab.) 44 Musical note 45 Adder 46 Depot (ab.) 000TS AND HER BUDDIES Red Letter Day BY EDGAR MARTIN OUT OUR WAY 6Y J. «. WILLIAMS . 1 FOUMP THI$ OUP '"' CAW HALF PUtL OF JO, YOU FI6UREP IT RI&HT \~ OP. THE BIKE--BUT THERE PAIMTAUP THOUGHT ] VVASM'T ENOUGH FOR. A i(\ THERE'P BE ENOUGH I SELF-PORTRAIT, TOO' TO COVER MV BIKE BUT 1 SEE I R6LJREP WROM& THE WORRY WART OUft B6/M*5IN6 HOUSt . . . with . . . MAJOR HOOPLl HEV,CAT<:H THIS.w UNDERSTAND ;\ITWASTME^ I5WINS IS MI5SIMS W 6IGSEST 8£NMY MOZART !! NOISE SlMCEj, ^^ M02ART (AFTER CRACKPOTM TH AV.^// ^f^Tl R T ° ^^ ''/^M/-\A/Di-rcc?C A• iX /-^/ \T Uici I cVtN aw Inrti.,, ,•-•,_.,_« sONSWKITBKs/j!/^ OUT Hlb «pcAi>iW(o DP//\Vl DPMON3E* tl^nnr-y-** lit** /^Vs'-rtl 1 it/t-r/J A—1 ^>rc/ J v^.tJ N «v 3 ^"x/ A7L.Wrnw*"— • WOBBED H!M/76TlLLVVtTH ^V u.oo^e V/ x MUST(5ET A aowtoRc^N H& 5 YESTERDAY < HIS •^MOTEU/^r WERE YOU YESTERDAY, HAPPENED TO THINK; OF IT- BUGS BUNNY Ready for Him ONCREPIT, \\ PLEASE, ANCL.y, WHAT'LL W THE MERCHANT'S YA HAVE, \ LUNCH,GUV'NOI?,.. SYLVESTER? PRISCILLA'S POP Knows What She's Doing BY AL VERMEER /-• OM, YOU KNOW HOW SOMEBODY ) ELSE'S J DON'T YOU LIKE THE ONES YOU MADE? COOKING 1 -^ Ad \ HA! EATING YOUR MOTHER'S MUFFINS, EH, PRISCILLA ALWAYS SEEMS . TO TASTE -' BETTER.' ALLEY OOP Out in the Cold YOU'RE SHUTTING DOWN THE LAB? ...NOW THAT WE'VE GOT TD THE PLACE WHERE THE HIRED HANDS DICTATE THE OPERATION! OF MV LABORATORY I THINK IT'S TIME I HUK1G UP MY SLIPS RULE.' 10-3 BY V. T. HAMLIN VVELW A WELL,OOf? HOWSTHE/ SEE, ^ I 6UE5S V UNEMPLOYMENT /OSCAR, I THAT'S / BENEFITS BACK ( PUNNO IF [\ THAT. 1 / IN PEAR OLP MOO?/ THETGOT MORTY MEEKLE Weight Drop BY DICK CAVALLI YOU BET I HAVE/ HOW DID YOU HAPPEN TO NOTICE (T? YOU'VE L06T •SOME WEIGHT, HAVEN'T YOU/ YANCEY? I'VE TAKEN ABOUT FIFTEEN POUND6OFF THEOL.' WAI6TLINE, BUT TELL ME,., FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSER AMD IF TA SEE ELSE CXDWN THAT LOOKS 600D — eer rr/ HILDA/ BE ANDGODOWM IF VOUEFATHK SUFFERED THIS ATTACK BECAUSE HE OBJECTS TO tHE MAU YOU WERE ABOUT TO ELOPE WITH/VE?, I WOULD PUT OFF MARKY/W6 HIM BUT HELL NEVE!? FEEL AMV DIFFERENTLY/OH, CAN'T YOU DO AMYTWUS? KILL A WAHJ DO YOU THINK OKIE OF THES& 0OOKS TELLS HOW TO fj&wove IT FKOM A MAN'S HEART? HOT OMVOUK LIFE/ CAPTAIN EASY CONTACT WITH 50WEOWE WHO TO PICK UP AgOUT PROJECT UMFREUA" A AfiEWT Amazed WSJ>EcfbfZ. THIS 15 AN EQUATION I WORKEO OUT INVOLVING A CERTAIN PHASE OF THB PROJECT! IT \e> IMCWCElVAgLE THl^T ANYONE COULP HAVg QAINEP ACCESS TO WY NOTgSi BY LESME TURNER 1 IEKEMP TH& NOTB-& WERE LOCKED W THl$ SAFE WITH K6 WKKlMCalM THE SAMg ROOM ALL Wtf WELL,SOME- OWE- P\D GET TO THEM!

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