The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 14, 1927 · Page 2
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 14, 1927
Page 2
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PAGE TWD AS I GO SlXfilXCJ. [As I go slifgiflg tip the street My thoughts so. full or yqui •it seems tWat everyone I meet - Must britg you into viety. I The very p ivenxnit stones are laid ! Wlth-jfew la thai flash and flare, il nnUt a thousand })enumed flow- I • era, i So tragrani Is the afr. Yet you are miles and miles away I In London or (.'ai>e Town, —- :A8 I go singing'up the street With love tha —Almira Rid Interludes. t will not down, lardsun Wilcox' In Class Remmliers Shu(>ln The members jof (he Loyal Leader* class of the Flntt I Christian txhurch met Bunday atternoou in :the home*or Mrs. Faris Fraser and with Wtfll luUen baskets, including •food of every kind, went to the ibome of Mrs. Fred McKean, 1418 North Coltonwowl" street,; 'a class member whose liushand is in a :tubercular sanitorium and who pa» had muKh illnesH in her fan>iy of several children, and pre- nented her with the thoughtful j?lff«. A pleasant soda afternoon was apent and several of the class merabers • Kiive niusical se|ecti(>n.<<. Mrs. B. F. Griggs played a har- motiica' solo ; .Mrs. R. L: Jackson and Mrs. J. A. Tompkins played piano selections. Mrs. George Defe- baogh gave readings, and old -lim? . songs were sung. ! • These women represented th^ class: Miss Dolly Adams. Mesdames Joe Wolf, Faris Fra .ser, H. • e.-Jewett, A.rD. Morris. .1. L. Mat- fkt, A. R. St roup. Ira B. Franlz. Xlfred Atzbach; O. E. Oliver, O. C. : Taylor. V. Orr, C. M. Harris, B. - P. Griggs, R. L. .lackson. Delia Moore, W. K. Swinford, L. L. Kiser. Emma L. Long, Lottie Herrick, H. A. Siiyder, Mary I>ong,; B.{0. .Smitlj. J. O. Myers, George •-HUbbard, J. - A. Tompkiiis, W. F. Sfneker. .1. K. Reynolds. C. H. Holt.'iililford Bai-^ ber, E. O. .Miller. i,B.> E. .Mcroy, E. " C. Cannon, R. H.; Coblcritn. .1. A. Griffith.' CO. Peter.'jouj .M. K: Chryst, B. C. Young. George- Dcfp- baugh, C. E. l^ne, Cilry Shaffer. Bessie tester. Dave Lon^.i.r. E.' Wiliiaros. Miss Naomi Williams and Miss Lulie Adams, i • • • ' —lEreryliody come to lhe|!<f. Pal- litck's Tea at the Ikiptlst Tein^ile Taesdar afteriiooo. i AnM'Ifnin Assoriatlun of .I^BlrenUjr Women Jleets •These officers wefe elecleil al a meeting of the lola chapter of lUe American Assotlxition of Uiiivi-r- , sity Women Saturday afternoon in tte home of Miss Ooris (lliilds, .S5i» Nbrth Sycamore street: Mrs. Gjiy ti. Lamer, presideni:' Mrs. W. H. Anderson, vlc »'-presiilent; Miss Tlo• b^rta Warner, st'i-rHary; anil .Miss .y(ury Wlshard. ireasurerj . I'liuis wpre discussed for fuiii>-e work. Tfclg organizalio;) will h ^ild mect- i Injss once :i nioiilh uiiid IJie A|)i-il meeting will t>,- wi^h Mrs. T K. Wordgren. ~' : . . \ *rh«-memberH j)ri!t('n( wen-: .Mrs. i II^zcI MaxHon, .Mrs. f. I. iVildsnHili. ; M|8B Mary ^Vishard. .Mrsj .1. W. ; H^ser, Mra. (iiiy M. I^iner, Mrs. W. H. Anderson,' .Miss Kathleen Fprsythe. iliss Rolfcrlii Wanic.r. Mlaa Carrie Back, < .Miss Frani'cs ' MarahalJ, .Ml.s.s Rsther , .S.h.iHi r. Mrs. Burney Miller and .Mrs. T. K. Nordgren. , PtcDlc Supper and .IJBe FartT The following g*onp of girls had a picnic supper .Saturday, nveiiing io the home of .Mr. and -Mr.s. 1>. Pehlnger 2115 North Third street, •yrlth Leola Penin ^er as hostess and afterwards formed a line, i)ariy a( the KeJley Theatre. ! Hilda Shelby^ .Marcella Synimes. Karyl Dugan, Selma Stith. Ruth Polkner, Mary Hoeruing, Dorothy Penlnger, Harold \|enziej William Sutton Bdlle Biittrani, Hilton Bak-- 'er. Harold Averett, ' R .ilpli White and Alljert Cornell.^ , First Xetho<llst thnrch \ • TTie first Sunday of the new conference year at the' First Methodist church was a very Iielpfnl day. Thp Sunday School attend- once was Well above that of last Sunday and fine congregations were present at both the iiioriiing and eveniiig services. | . ^^^.At the nvorning .hour (he pastor spoke on the subject, "Things Great and Small." i • • • Keriral at the I". B. I'bDrch Th.ese meetings jiave been in progress over five «*eks, and have resnlfed in a num'tipr of conversions and reclamations, and a^rieep- ehing of the SpirU«"al interepU of the church. j Last night waj? one of the I)est series.' It was and four adiilt .Sand.-iy Dinner (>nc>ils . .Sunday dinner guesj-s of Wi-. .•md .Mrs. R. J. Stewart,, of Ci»t; Sbulli Washingtou avenue, were their nephevy, Mr. I^eopard Kepiey. aiul familyi.^f Bourbon county, | and .Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Crook and family, of Humboldt. •:• • •> (iuests Orer »'eek-EJid Mr. and Mrs. Joliii K. Layl.*. of South Ilavc-n, Kans., were (Quests rl Mr« Lavh-'s uai'ents. .MrJ and •vi-r of Mrs. Layle's parents, Mrs. J. P. KohJer.. and fam ly thf week end. Mr. Charles K<l>UKr, stndejit al the University )r Kaii- sa's, also wa.s present at th4 family eatiiering. and Miss lU-sleit IJack- Cltn wir>' gathering, and Miss lU-sleit ney. of l^flarp'-. and .Mr. Smith, of Pittsburg. Kai.s.J EWS NOTES NEOSHO Cbniiute Minister to Neosh All-Sihool Play, "Daddj," •Wednesday Night-' I Personals. n i-'allsi- Saimday evi-Jijng .:• <• •:• The KaiHKt Temiile : The Baptist .Suii'iay at lop mark again <Mrs. \V. P. Heath) . NKOSHO FALLS, .Mar. it.—The a .Dpoiiiriiiint of tin- Rev. H. W. Todd, of Chaiiute, was received liere witii ' K<'iieral satisfaction. HilUibnldt.; Chanule, Yate^ Center. Biirlingtoii! ani/ N.'o.iho Falls were reiiri'sented by inenibers. The next i!i< •>!in).', will IK' held ,ut iSiii'lingtuu. .Members of the'all-school . play ar<^ liiisy I'lditarsiug for„ilie pl ;iy. •Ii^addy.' \yliicli will hegiveii at .Mi-moriai liall next .Wedne.sday i-ve- niiit^. March I 'l, as the second liiini- 1 )1 r 1 .1' tbi;- Ivi -eiiMi couisf. Tlie casi lit i-lidrailiMS is: .VI". Hrnvvn. ."^.iiii litir^oii: 'riioinpsoii, .lack l>"iii;!a.' : .Vfllii' Hrinvii; • liachi-l ryu Rid- OLA DAILY REGISTER. UtONDAY EVENING. B U RCH 14, 1927 T%ins Bk>m to Sisters linni-r 'f;ite:i(s. j iliatlr Wfi.. HimMi. Callii }ill.'; "lid llri)«)i. .loliii Williams; siliiiiilj was ! Ah.". riicstiT. Viola .Mailin: Paul yestcjfiliiy. !(•!,,..J. cilUirt .Mi-als; .I'ane. iJI- Cliurcli .SI rvices win- well ail.finl-l li.m !Jiir!i))i. . ' . • ,1 ed. Tile evening s.-rviiH. was |;iv<ii y^^. ^,,.,1 \|,.,,. over to tlie W. W. U- whiij. pi i [.^,,„ a splendid pnigrani. l-ivr .V^l'ug .siiii.lay quests of .Mrs. W.-lit ling Tip- itw. Mr. I'urk Ililniick and j.-jv:, ' -^''^"^ Leiia Htiin ui' ladie.s'. Miss Ganl. .Mi.s.s Di)lli-.>ii. ;Miss Higgin.s. .Mrs. iJrudshaw and uMrs. OidK. dressed in the garli and ini persona led .vonng piopli- from i India, China, Japan. Uurmali. Piiil- i niorniiin iiiid evi-niu;;. His -services I'ppino Islands, and Africa, and told ! "''n- w.-M au.uded by iiu-iiilicrs of of HlHitiit missionary advances in :ih- Wills preached at Ciiiigri-Kalioiial <)iurcli .Sunday each Pearl of these McKarnin countries. gave a very lliin- W. I his meetings of the largely attended 1 people knell at the alter, confess-' flug their sins and accepting Christ j as their Savior. ' The meeting, was scheduled to close last nightf but because of th«' unuriual interest nianifest. ihei^e , will; he. meeting a'gain" tonight. , .Further announcements will be made from the pulpi*- As loniglit may be the last service, ypu are cordially invited to attend, t . * • • ^ (iosS'Tlndel ^ The-marriage of Miss Ruth Goss. . daughter of .Mr. and .Mrs. J. X. jGoss, of C02 South S><aimbre street and Mr. Orvillu TinUel,-son of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. TJIKICI. I of -HC South Kim strc4't. took place Wednesday afterndon, * Mdrch 9. in Yates Center, Kansas. -They were accompanied by Mrs., Oren Long .and Mrs. I). R. Symmes. * Mr. and Mrs. Tfndel expect-; to. reritlnue making lola their home an5l have jiurchased furniture for housekeeping. The bride is a graduate of ^ the lola high school with the cla.<;s of 1925 and WILS in her second year Wjunior college at the time, of her ^Dtarriage. The bridegroom Is em- jployed at the Unitecl Irou Works. deseripfipn nl what comprisef: W. (5. work land told wliat" Guild had to do to win tlie caiiii>l- abrum which'they had lighicil on the table before llie imlpit. Tile nieetiag was pre.---iiled over liy .\liss Viola I-ewmau. presideu; o( liu- So- ciel.v, I The Heralds .-ang a line chilii'sj^ong., ami a heautil'iil trio 'lyas ri^hdereil l)y Misrfes Breckenridge. Melton, and Higgins. • I- • <• • • I Preshjierian t burili .Serj»ices Yesterday wa;-i "Eljx-ery ,Tw6 .sets of twins weie born in Buffalo on F^rtday, Marcli <—but theextraordiiiary thing aliout it is that the motjiers, Mrs. 'Willlaip T. Wright and Mrs. Kmile L. Frigou, are sisters. iMrs. Wvisht and her daughters Jean and Janet are sliown in thi- upper ph^to. Mrs. rrlgon with son Earl and d: r.'i'.ucr 'i^vena belovr. hoi ll I liinclu-s. ' .Mr.'itnd .Mrs. ICllis Tidd iin- niov- j ill;; this Week into the Gr.iss rcsN diinft. . 'I'.' W. (;:inlin'r was a business 1 Ivi^iii'ir i.n. ^:ll••s ("i iitiT Tlicsdaj'. .Nil.-:. .Mrriiol lias ilie sympathy of lur r;iej;<ls in iier Iimir .(f sadiie;ss' •.News lias jiua liecii riei 'ived iif :lie deatl! Ill iicr laoiliir. whom she has -liei 11 witli lor ::iveral daj.s at her lllill'e ill lilU'a. .\Fir<M)l iiMil W!f:g!ns • - EAST lOLA RUMBLINGS (J. p. Bell) (J. p. BeiU .McCoy of .\ortli Still OFHllMBOLDr School Has GymnaslRin Exhiblttou —Dr. and TMpi,, Xodge or Kansas Vlty Yisit Here. 1 Prani<iia Culver) HumboJdt, .Mar. 14.-^.Miss Pai| ine Taylor, girls' gynuiusiuin structor ig the city schools, pi senited be^ puifls in a- gymiiasii.jin 1- iki- exHIblt" Friday evening, .Marel at the hig;b school aiiditoriiim. T exbtbit inclSdeU girls from the lower grades to high school siji dents. It was unusually good, and the precision and certainty of the iperformanne reflected credit upiin the instrii'ctor. A fairly good audience atteiided. I * were a number of otiiir attractions- Friday night. .Amui^K these was the concert given by:t^e Kansas City l..iltle Syniplii)ii>^: lola. This attraction drew at*i> one hundred and lifty Humiiol people. TJie concert proved to 1 very popular! with' practicalj everyone who heard it. Another , eiitertainmeni wlii<i drew a large number of Hnmbol people was tli^ final number the Chanute Artists' Course.^ This Kickitig tlnee carloads of caltle t City and Si. Liijris tliis W .Member! -^''•''- Wentiinn has L.Ii. .McCoy of .\ortli Buckeye j street who went to i Weiil/.vilie. Mi).', some time ago to attend llie funeral of iiis mother, lias had a .severe attack of piieiinii'nia but-is iVeporteil better at this time. He is shiiiped .;, wentzville. ) Kansas I liek. F. J. WilHlt 01 :5»»G Soutl) Keu, I tucky street, wlio has been unite remaineil , „p,,,.,,,!!,.;,;.^. tee. ! , • • •• file choir under tlii'_ilire;tiori of Mr; Garrison reiidereir two special anthenris that were nutcli eiijoycd-l''"! hx the congregation. | In the evening liie pastor spl<ke on "Tlic Soul's .Altitiiili' 'I'liward God." ' i •? •:• •:• Trinity .ITelhodist Kpisciipal i'hurcli , | _ Rev.; J. C. Wil.son w;i^ greeleij by fine.congregation for lii.s I'irsi S lu- day of (lie new i onii'ieiiee viar. The iiiteusive program that is ilie- ing piil on l)y the p:isti)r iiiiil ip'<-o- jile is goins forward, in a fitii-. wliiy. i Since I WediU'sday iv.-niiig of l.tsl | week tlie riiiahce /•oininittie lias ciiri'il subscriptions (iivering liu I'liiirtli.s of the entire IMHI^-II I'-H^ year, and are e.vpiiling. in li'in'' ('Oiiiipl|-teil vvilliiii a very : ii linn Tlie Si I : jiaslor i.'! planning :•' ri' g:illi%:itiuti iif the wnmeii's wi.ik the Aid Koiiety and has i;i.ll.-i llleeliDK of all tile wiinieil i|'l eliiii'eh, old an)l yniing In niiiel iinj"'' Tliurivilay afleriKMiii in llie Jailies|"'" jiarlor. Tliey ' liiipe to piit^ mi; a j irrogram in this i(e|iarliiieiii tli.-it will wjork in <-ircles in a very jdiiii'- italdejaiid iiiieresiing way In all. 'i'lie pastor is ilelivirliig a seiM'S iif allpropi'iate .'•..•rniiiiis le:ii|iiii; ID I'.'ilin Sniiday ;iiii| i;ayt<-i'. i> ;a.s.Hlktiiif; :(i the biiildinlg of the (niii;;!! Cn liii hi iil.:;e. ;Kor |lie pres- eii- tiiey liii'.'e iM,); the Corli- llOIIli-. I .\!i-. aii/t .Mr-. Cordon l!lulinsky. .Mr. and ."ilrs. Moiiiii DuIiUsky. .Mr. :iiiil .\l.s. Karl Diiiliisky weh-<alled ll) !i>l:i 'riiesi!;i.v .i)y lh>' ili.alh of lluir b!iiliier-in-linv. .Mi:^ F. Van Hi.v.iT 'I'lje 3'aiiiilies Iiavelllie syni- \fM\i\ ui' ilieir Iriemls. f . Graie. riias. and Dorotliy Wilson. Geialiliiie .Sliewell and .Miss rii-nean s|» n; llie weel. eml at lola. • Mrs. Uoiiv.liliHi Imill a i!>'W i-l.icli.-n lioii;ii . .-iiviiul rr '>i.i JieM' aiteiiiled the I lo,m;;.iii< .J! at liil;^ lasl v.eek. , lie K .ias:i-, I'nii.i I'liib met at . :!l> I. II II i' ll.ill 'I'll-.-illj.N i-Ve i unit l''^- il . !'-iMil:ir si-r.":oii. .\ i 111 •I .nil ii>iiji:niil ol pliilio solo; I r-:olii.:-., I i-iii.i Hull"; |iiuiio Mil..., .iii|in ; Vo^'.'il itiiln. ; l-^i! v.;i;) .!• ii r.iiee; iliiet. ila '/••I .mil ' llelnii I' Grove, la., nnije Geewhi should be Cii whi-/:'it helped them Some of liio lola real i-siale ditalers say they never have seeti so .i;reai a demaiid I'cr larhiv to rein. A sood indi<!alioii that fariii- iiig is a preUy j;o<i(l avinaiion alter all. i A certain insiiranee lonipany ; spends thiitisalids of dollars an- • niialiy in advertising a nariiin.u to people using niatches. .Most lire.-? are prevenlabli! and kei;pl!iK inatcii- es'in a .sate place nut of the riael:; iiV ehildren is .one: way In pnvi-lili fire liaza^il.s. , .^„li. Jnlni. '.\Ir:i. UiiSh'-IJ Yartnii m' .\li.raii i .lni-.l::irs. I ame to Inia : Saliiidiiy ami le • .\lr. anil .\li.- niained over night .-11111 Siiiiilay vi;- >|,.,. ;,,*,,| Ml nbOQ. tor a short i visit with Mrs. MciCracken's sIsteK Mrs. C. R. Leonard and famhy, \ retui-nlng Monday night. Mr. and. Mrs. Henry Snider and family, .Mr. and Mrs. Bert Baker and Mr. and Mrs. Hurle)r Butts and family were at the hbnfie of their parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Snider. Sunday. .Mr. Snider sllll remains in very poor health.]/ Mr. and Airs. Lce ;Slilltvan' of WinfieJd, Kansas were supper guejis ;n the home of Mr. and Mrs. pt. K. Svllivan, Monday evening, February 28. t , B. X. Baker and his faithful tractor was busy Mond:|y afternoon, moving an old house for Mrs.; M. S. McIIenry on her south eighty. Mr. and Mrs. C. K. McHenry ate dinner Wednesday In the Klink home. j Mr. and Mrs. Harry Sheltpn and children were callers in the N. Y. Sams home Sunday. r -Mr. and .Mrs. M. B. Landis received a i letter. from their son, Arthur, wlio is in Portland, 'Oregon, stating that a heavy roll of wrapping pa|»er fell from Its position above him. hitting Mm on the heitd and back injuring his back SO! severely tliat he was off from liiH iluties sevej-al days. Bert Bilker was one of the first 10 i sowing onLs in this dis- triit. • • : c of head or chest are more wsilr treated externally with— Grip, tiiftu^ •Since 1889- entertainment \ was furnished Miss Gay .Mi;I^ren. who 'gavt«a act play, "Father and Dad." taki all the parts herself. This attra tion waf%^ greatly appreciated, at^d all who attended Veport that Mi McLaren had ai marvelon.^ meninr wonderful dra.inatic ability, and alii | uncanny jiower to portray character. - . Drs. Lodge and Lodge, and .Mrs. Lodge of Kansas City. .Mo., were .guests .vesterday at the Dr. O. C. Pa.vne home here. Drs; Uidge am! Lodge are well known specialists. They as-t* cousins of Mrs. I'ayne. Clarke Allen| Clay, now at Kansas L'nlversitvj al Lawrence, came here over the week end for a short visit with his narenis, Mr. and .Mrs. W. L. Clay. ! He will return to Lawrence toai|;ht. He is pledged i with the Pi Kappa Alpha Iiafer-' nity at I.,awreiice. j Abbe bllda 11 their 32-lyear-6ld kzit, but thje I name piu. Rcceiitl.y Gee- •wjeddiii}: ann p'ulleii' theifi their L-.'th Gee \\lii,:/il ijaiel jilacts; wlien courtyi!;. Celebrate versary. to the they i w^ere KIG CREEKi (l..iiia Cuppel.) .Manh IL'. - Mr. i. C. Jo s |i«-iit Sunday dan and al Dale Will..- -.-lliult Ui I.. A'-llI I-'. < 'oi!;;er mi < il n>\ lii :aiMl .Velivitiij l<;iii .1 I'liliiii-!. rniiiiiany, .Mr. liny .\/.>'is mi •lee A1:iiiii).ii • nil-.' > A dinner :t >l veil l)y I lie ^lnlll•<.:| ii • 11, < ii< .\i oslin l-'alls ^:|•ilonl l-'ni l> • (.A-n nlellllli.M's sii' ;-ii. <l-i Mere present. S of the • and li.v- atnl Its ;.t «,::n sci- iiigii and The lirefix jneajis "son of." "Ma. • III a naise I'l' i .oVi . Ill Tiy j.s a bb-ssiiig in • ll:: fn\i^t'. is perfi-cl. Old-FasJ^ioiifed, But l^afe I'i'il Itrooks! has been katlllnK r\\ oil' on iK-r lnn« .jiiiirni • ,.„,-,i 1,; KiMumi- tor Homer Cation. •:dgar Se .Mon ol 1 In:! ;t id lor. s r;iii4n. I.iane Wisborg Nil.I .\rli-ii.- Lililiy are hiick In . :ifii r a_liwit or three weeks' :il;'.elie.- oil ae(-i>lfllt of the ineasIeS. Mr. and Mrs.; A. IJ. Jordan were t:.nlliii! al 'lileiiSe Friday aftf?rnoon. .liillai-.l ami j Vuriion : H<(werton ..r.- "ILL ihe si. k jiist at this W/itilig. • .\iiiwerir is p^i-paring a program •J. I.-I.-S to comniemnrate th^ 350th itins ill tlie luitiur iil .Mr. iiiiil Mis. An Ilowey an.I talliil.v ir| Hi Soiilh Ki-litilrky sln-it. Aillllovvey ol' hi .Sniilli K.-iil ii.U.v si reel' made a Hip wiUi lii:' ll'ili.. to .ll 'tiiti .-lta. Iikla.. la .-.i w .il; an. 1 'a load ot hoilselKild Kooils tor .VIrs. I'lia .i. Kidil. who is lKo;in;-. in lia;. cKy ri'oni lleiirieM',!. .Ml^. ('. il.iyil i.-tt on III.' train Saturday lor li> r ' limm- 111 San ilernardiiio, l^alil . all.r i.ii extended visit with l)..-r MHI. S, I;. Cason. .Mis.'i Knih llnwe.v and Mr. Casoii Went to the il.pnl m 1- .Mi's. Bi.>nl Mrs. K striji-J expeil i to l.-ave tin- niiiiilli- of tJi" week to join ln-r lni.-.iiaiii| \u Kaiisas (^ily wlieri- tln-y will m:iii- .lis- I ""'V' Life ill Jar".'- litiis is nnt alin gether alluring. There yn .i will find rol.bery. iiiiirdL -r and .--iiiii .li:ire common •.vhilo in smaller (daei- crimes lan-ly lia|ipeii. .Iii.-i ! tlie.iillier day ii'r Tnlsa. iJKl.i., l->ii.- I lining stations wer" raliin li wiiiiiii ! thirty miiiiit(-s time. j An Howey of 11/ South Keii- ijtiH-liy street made a li:i.-iiiuss 111;.Jill) Lallarpe ihi.s niiiriiing. I .Mrs. Urine Hoover of. Ill Soiiili SKentUcky street wetil to Kali.^as ! ('il.\ yesterday on business. I'loie I'leri- siie will go to KIIIIKJI la in • j I'oie returning licme. .Mr. and SU:. W. H. limit of 111 Soiitii Kentc.eky street iiiade a Inisi- iiess 'rip to Lallarpe tlii.>. iiinrliiii^. .Miss Helen Wille.v: of It; Soiitli Ohio street has an aita.k of ;i|.- peudicitis. , J. R.'Gariliier of .-.02 South Ken- tueky street. Kvho was tak.-n to tie- Johnson hospital at ('haiiute for an operalioii lor hernia lasl week, is reported as |.:etting along very well and will probably r be iible to return honii- witliin tlie next lew da.vs. I A newspaper ^says. ••Believe it | '.or not,'but a ;!-ljei-.k up shows titer.- _ I arei more automobiles ihiin fl. I j pIlojlieK in the I'liit^Ml States." .Vol | j it j'ou count thew'onien. ! ; It is a recognized fad lliiil hens I ! need grit in <irder io ilo' a good job • j of producing People also I need grit to, amount lo iinyibln;; I j in this old-:wlorld. I It is claimed that d.vii;iiniie is a • ; better explosive than swf.arlng. • wl;eii the plow hiis an obstriKtinii. I I Kd l"iiompson iij prepai-im in ! build a new hutigatow t-n his lot on I I .VortU Ohio street. I Little Betty l-iikin. daut-li-!" ler of .Mr. and Mrs. Waller Kakin. j| of 1.!.S .Si/ulh Keiitliicky street, lias | an attack of the iQeasles. 1 There seems ,tol Ije quite a de-'l niand for' residence property iii'|, i l-:ast tola at the firesent lime. j i .Mr. and .Mr.s. T. S. Rooks left ; | Sunday for ifu-ir li/mie in .loplin. Mr. Rooks iiad been in lola takiiiu treatments of,one of ot'ir'Ineal pliy- siciali.-. He is a brother of .Mis tJ. Bell of il South Keniuck;. i st .r-»''- Th;: outpost ot the Salval.inii .\iiny at Kasi and Kentui-Uy streets, is nieetin.t? *''iih great favor. .Me .t ing.s are liti-ld three tinies each t Week with Sunday school :ii In itiani 'lie ili- A 111. • -'ftir. .::l till- Sharp, tlieir dangh- faiWiiy and Ltila nnd ('iipl»-l ri B.iitits spent Inline. SI nday at nime ipupils have jehri! .lled^ imnl. bringing tln^ altend- 1.111. up In 1 wi-iity-three. i W:. ICayiiiojiiil llowerl ill und'; lia\.- been ;<|jll'te HI i| iii^-.liiii . Ruhji 'A itli II. I- ilirii.-l l-'.-ii vi.w l.adi's I wi'ii ilrs.-rii :i lal'i'i- . ,'ov».i I if . oiiilit ion I • Mr li.rl ' •(..•. I.ol.'l Aid mel jMaroh lies -lai ob.sclu. Quite itieiuled (-onsidering 1'^ Hie roads. ' K. wjiiis i;i.driving a new iii.Viln; <ar. .i:iniw-r>-a ry ...-lis. birth PRAIRIE DELL (Mrs. 6. P. Klink.) • March 11.—.)lr. and Mrs. Roy Kaufman.: Dale: and Glen, drove i Chanute Sunday and spent the da witli .Mr. and Mrs. Turner Tysoi and family. [ Mrs. .Martha; Woody has lieei real sick th^ liast week. ,Mrs. R. K. jSuIlivan spent tjie day in Kan.sasf City .Monday. i Cortniey Kaufman sp.-m Suii.fny with George Remsberg. •Mr. and Mr.i Floyd .McCrackei drove to Barilesville Sundav after-- SAME PRICE for over 35 Years Sayer seed treatment comes in two ftirros: BA'YER DUST for Dust «««£-. meot and USPtJLUN for Soak treatment. Most growers prefer the Dust «reatment t^ause ir is quicker and saves the trouble of drying thc'aced. Both are equally elTectivc. Increases Your Profits BAYER DUST or USPULUN pay their small cost many times over be-, cause they: Permit earlier planting. Prevent soil decay. i Increase germination. Prevent seedling bUght, root and stalk irot. Reducethe aioount of "down" com. " Increase the yield. 1 And bring greater profits. KC BAKING POWDER Guaranteed Pure QMless than of higher priced brands MILLIONS of POUNDS USED BY THE doVERNMENT row much com did you lose last year irom the above diseases? • Next season you can avoid these losses and increase your com profits by trlestins your seed com before planting. The new Bayertreatment protects . the seed from discaseorganisms on the seed and in the soil. It allows the seed to germinate and i^cm unmolested. Seed that is not treated forced to fight':'the;tots and molds which cause poor gcnniftation. "down"com, root and stalk rbts. And you lose bushels that should t>e doUars in your pocket. Makes Poor Seed Good This treatment insures germinatioa and sturdy growth never before possible from poor seed. Even scllected seed is benefited by the treatment because of the protection it is given against the injurious and costly attacks of soil-infesting diseases. : Tested by V. S. Dept. ofAgric. Extensive tests by the U. S. Depert- ment of Agriculture show;: that the BA'VER DUST tTeatroentj of nearly disease-free Dent com gave an increase bf 8.S bushels per acije; of Dip- lodia ihfectcd aecd, 15.8 boahda; and of Gtbli>erdla infected Med, tt.9 bush* tit.Phytopatholo4y,Janumry.1936. CostshutaFewCemtMperAcre You need no special equipMcst for this new aeed treatinent. No tiresome or lengthy procedure ia involved. Two busheli oit seed can be treated in less than three minutes. And the cost is less than 5c per acre. One pound of Either treats six kusheb of seed com Bayer DIM: 4iM. 50c« 1 B>. 9i;7I« f lb*. SaOO. Uipuluu 2 oz. SOc; 1 b. Ibk iI3.«0 TRY THIS H6ME;TKT ON YOUR! SEED COiW ftovethevalueofthistreatnjent to your own satisfaction before the planting seastMi. Today, get a SOc tin of BAYER DUST or USPULUN from your dealer. . Sdcct 50 kemelsr of com at ran^. dom from your ited com. Treat 2S seeds and plant them in a agar box or flower pot. Plant 25 untreated seeds in a similar container. Then watch them grow. The results wUJ arruise you. Dust Ir^m^Ttt Mallnee 10c an^ 20c; Nights 10c and 30c ||< AAAJIL*^^^.<...^L^U ^ W ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ A ^^i^ \ye -Deliver Soak. Treatment TO.MGH The Screen Gives It's Utmost! 1,001 I^yes, But t AND TUESDAY ONE too many! I She the beautiful siren in Evropr, hr the ninatcr of jonien'n hearts. With ow/y/ ihf flcril to referee he. matched hcati n(jaini<f ait. \lvn Lyon, I |Oi .s .Moran^ Keith, Sam Lya J)e Putti, Mary Brian, Ian Hard.f and Olive Tell It's better jio be safe than stylisli. a. ni. eaeh'Sunday, .\ll are w.l- <-ome at: these s»>rviei>s. .Miss Alice "Edwards of Cleveland. O . decide* So she put on garb of the days when knii ;hts were bold betore venturiug out among the hui'ryins. scurrylnje tlivvers When one hither, the driver got au'awiul Jolt, while Misa t,dw»rd« ^ inerely aroae.. dusted ofl her arjnor. aud weut on her wa- Following the custom of een- •' turics.' no elec-tric lights were use.! " to illuminate the njiite .folluweil : by the cortege of thi; late Kmp'-r- ; or of Japan. The way vas liglit.;d i I entirely hy paper lanterns. i L .Seyerijbig stars, a'wonderful story, |beautiful jcene.s, gorgreous settings, all Avoven into Die great p£ture by the hand I of a Germj n master-director. See it! It may be years before a drama as powerful a.s thi.s.wilj again rsach the screen!. Also Comedy aiid News SATII{l>.%Y-i''TIIK MYSTERY fLlB"—T.ET READY NOW! Siqx AOTT FOR SATrRD..iY! I I 39* 3IATIX1;ES 2:00 p. m. Daily Satordar 1 to 11 NIGHTS 7:00-9:00 p. m. Direct from its three weeles phenomenal run at the Royal Theatre, City . I As imp ati last is Made in c re-s.sive in its way as "The Big Parade," here khe production everyone has been talking of. o-operation and with the endorsement of the IJi S. Mar ne Corps. A truly big picture! Lon Chaney in!a role t lat will amaze! The "Devil Dogs' " own film! Aesop 'H fi.bles—^Topics of the Day—-Fox Comedy, "Madame DjTiamltie"' .Matinees 10c and 25c; Nights lOc and 10c Comedy] Thursday, Irene Rich in "Sillien Shackles."

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