Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 6, 1961 · Page 30
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 30

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 6, 1961
Page 30
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Page 30 article text (OCR)

IHUIWDAY, APRIL «, 1W1 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE THIRTY-ONI Tuna Loaf Is Tasty Anytime B| UNCLE FRANK KOHLftR IsTHllllt MlllfalsHMMt ^^•livi on s • I v" »swr / This tuna loaf, at made by Mr. Ralph H. Jarr, Chicago Daily News Chapter, la one of the tastiest nye've met. 2 cups canned tuna, drained 1 cup cooked whit* tie* Milk \<a teaspoon paprika H teaspoon ground nutmeg Dash Tabasco Vt cup dry bread crumbs Butter 1 teaspoon lemon Juice fttfcck pepper 1 green onion and top, minced. Mr. Jarr puts his tuna in aj strainer and rinses It well in cold I water, then (lakes it fine, and mixes it with the rice. Separate the eggs, beating 2 whites and Ij yolk and mix them with the tuna,! reserving the second yolk. ' Stir in ?4 cup milk, 1 teaspoon salt, and the paprika, nutmeg and Tabasco. Mix well and pack, in well-greased loaf pan. Sprinkle with crumbsr dot with butter' and bake 1 at 400 degrees for 30 to 33 minutes. Melt l l u tablespoon butter in a saucepan and blend in 1 table- : spoon flour. When blended, slow-i ly add 1'a cups milk and cook, stirring constantly over low heat, j until sauce is smooth and thick-) ened. Season to taste with saltj and pepper, the onion and lemtmt juice. Remove from he»t and stir; in the remaining egg yolk, loos-i en the loaf with a spatula, turn out on a hot platter, and serve 1 with the hot sauce. j Real Butterscotch pie — "Herej is my recipe for it," says RoselJai Kersten of our Appleton (Wis.); Post-Crescent Chapter. And be-j lieve me. this is a Real one! First, bake a 9-inch pic shell. For the filling: 1 cup dark brown sugar, packed' 2 tablespoons butter ] 4 teaspoon salt V4 cup cotnstarch 2 eggs, separated 1 cup milk 1 teaspoon vanilla Granulated sugar (optional) Combine first 3 items with 2 tablespoons water, bring to a boil and let boil 5 minutes. Blend cornstarch with 1 cup water and stir in to the brown sugar mixture. Beat egg yolks slightly and stir them in, along with the milk and vanilla. Cook, stirring constantly, u$Ul mixture thickens, then cook 5 minues more over very low heat. Beat egg whites until toff peaks form, then add a litHe-gwmulat-j ed sugar if you like, and beat until stiff to form a meringue to top the pie. Turn the filling into the baked pie shell and let cool and firm up a bit. Decorate the top as desired with the meringue, and pop under the broiler or into the oven just long enough to brown light-1 ly. Let cool, and serve. Send YOUR favorite recipe; and a stamped sell-addressed envelope to this newspaper and become a life member of the Skillet Club. We'll send «JU : a membership card to prove it.' Try Green Beans With "Personality ta more Important than good looks" is a consoling statement which teen-agers, going through their adolescent period, lik« to hear. Seldom, however, is there anyy definition given (or that qualification. We take it for granted that there should be a certain amount' of originality but, at the sanie time, there must be conlOCTnity in some respects. Both-' overweight and und<N>weight ihould be avoided.-Food m.u«t b> ehwen with this in mind and it-should also be remembered that a good skin and healthy hair are asset*. II good food habits have been ingrained during childhood, they will usually continue later in life, although there may be a short period when sweets spoil the appetite for the fruits, vegetables and milk which ware stressed during childhood. Attention. should then be called to the (act that certain vitamins arid minerals furnished by these foods, are just as important now as In the younger years. U you're interested in sports, a good choice'et food it essential, just as it Is tor an eajapment of everyday living, Green BeaM wife GtMM! Cook fresh or tmtep euj in mull Bmeufit o| aaltad water until just tender. Ditio Md dress with crewo aa(|M to wWfh finely shredded carrots hive liifn added Just before serv»ng t stir, in few tablespoonj «at*m?- TQM well and reheatVariatiqp: Combine shredded carrots with chees* oauc* of mad* ium thickness. Add paprika ar d«8» ol Tabasco to taste. TOKYO - Japan reports a 111 per Mat gain in personal e»pa«B- turee, a 91 yet caot booit is) prU vatt heuauisi and an 18 per cent increase ip government turea. SPARERIBS , Lean, U. S, Gdv't. Inipeeted, Small, J Lbi. inrf Down, Pine for Barbecue AnurUin SimriM AC, I* Th» *i«M Braunschweiger 45 c Ib LB. tamlum, SWM( Smekt4 Tn«e Piece Bacon LB lit CuH, Half «r Wh»l« SUM, f To 12-Lb. Avara|« 39 45 Ml.kalb.rry. Oltf Fashioned Link Polish Sausage HEIFETZ SAUER KRAUT u, 49 Quart Jar 29t FREE 75 EAGLE STAMPS WITH COUPON BELOW 75 FREE EAGLE STAMPS »i; WITH THIS COUPON And a $3.75 purchase or more excluding > tobaccos or cigarettes Redeemable At Any National food Store Offer Expires Saturday Nite, April 8th This coupon Is issued for your use and exchange hi National Food Store* Only and remain* the property of National Tea Company The only right you acquire In this coupon U to exchange It for Keel* Stamps at the time you make a purchase •t your NatlonaJ Food Store. You must not dispose W thia coupon or us* It In any other way withovt Mr consent in writing. LIMIT ONE COUPON TO A CUSTOMS* SOUP'N CRACKER VALUES! CAMPBELL'S SOUP VEGETABLE — VEGETARIAN-VEGETABLI BEAN AND BACON Reg. 5 Cans ^ 1 00 CRACKERS 19 WESTON SALTINES 1-LB. BOX TOP TASTE MARGARINE 5 ^ 95 c For Lifhttr C«k«t CRISCO iB'WANSER 2 a 33 c tt 89 C GOLDEN FLUFFO W 83 C 39 C Lsb«l! Rftty Crocker PIZZA MIX i«t(y Crocker PANCAKE MIX REG. PKC, 28-OL PKG. to'i 39' 55' WO. rtftj KM. JJ 2 IE6. WW. U.HH ^W^^ ** m - M mm * ^ — -a* .A^ Mlif ^,att4aijB%M "Guaranteed to Pleat*" BEEF SALE! U. S. Gev't. Graded Choice Railed Boneless Pot Roast Chuck et Arm 79 U. 1 Cov't. Graded Choice, Lean, Tender *V gffc Boneless Beef Stew tB 7V MICKELBERRY'S FINEST GRADE STORE-SLICED LUNCHEON MEAT VALUES! C U. S. COV'T, GRADED CHOICE, CENTER CUT SIRLOIN STEAKS U. S. Cov'r. Graded Choice, Shoulder Center Cut tfVTtT* SWI$$ STIAKS • LJ vD LJ A I U. S. Cov't. Graded Choice IAKID PICKLE LOAF OLIVE LOAF CHICKEN LOAF MINCED LUNCH LOAF HEAD CHEESE PORK AND CHEESE YOUR CHOICI 55 C Ib (CHOICE) RIB STI * KS %**•*' L^VJr* 1 -- j ,j s Cov . t< Crad « d choice ^~~^ T-BONE STEAKS LB, LB. LB. 85 99 JUST CAN'T FIND FINER, FRESHER PRODUCE! BANANAS ANOTHER NATIONAL BIG VALUE! REDEEM THIS COUPON FOR 25 FREE EAGLE STAMPS WHEN YOU PURCHASE ANY PACKACI GRASS SEED OF YOUR CHOICE R«deemabl« At Any National Food Store Offer Expirei Saturday Nite. April 8th U. S. 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BARS REG. BARS BATH BARS I0e Off D«aJ! PREMIUM DUZ Fo/ Thf Automattf CASCADE Th« Onc< Ovtr Cl«sn«r. 1« SPIC & SPAN ALPHA-BITS VANILLA WAFERS IN ALTON SHOP AT 510 DELMAR AVE. • 1862 E. BROADWAY • .__ _._. '—————•^—-~™ 33' 29' 27' 29' 29' 25' 62" IN WOOD RIVER SHOP AT 337 E. FERGUSON AVE. SIZE REG. PKG. REG. PKG. 45' 26' 2 Th«r«'» Cold Cream In . d^N COMPLEXION CAMAY 3 New! ^ WHITE LAVA 2 For TKe C'eantst Pishes. £•% REG> IVORY FLAKES 2 "«* REG. MRS REG. BARS i

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