The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 23, 1966 · Page 21
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 21

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 23, 1966
Page 21
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Wednesday, Nov. 23, 1966 Alflona (Id.) Upper DM Meln«»-7 don smith into a clipping the othei day - and unlike so many clippings a person hangs on to for some reason or other - this one was a dandy, and we're sure you'll get as big a bang out of it as I did. It's an album of "Smash Flops" as prepared by a fellow by the name of Hugh A. Mulligan. THE album notes state - "But for slight errors in timing, the 12 songs represented in this album might have been remembered as the greatest hits of their day. However, due to unforseeable and ironic twists of fate each song's destiny was a failure." A quick rundown of the song titles shows why: "We're Depending on you, General Custer." "When the Hindenburg Lands Today." "Congratulations, Tom Dewey." "The Confederate Victory Song." "Sleepy Cape Canaveral Moon." "When Amelia Earhart Flies Home." "I Wish 1 was in Chicago on St. Valentine's Day." "There'll Always be 48 States in the U.S. A." YOU'LL note that while a couple of the titles (the second and sixth, especially) might seem to be in bad taste, the album, which is for real, is funny all the way. We'd like to hear itl WE no sooner predicted (along with many others) in this column last week that Gov. George Romney of Michigan would be the Republican presidential candidate in 1968 than a story appeared in the dailies stating aStopRom- ney campaign had begun. We don't however, agree with some big observers that Richard Nixon will be the man. The majority of the GOP won't buy that. THIS sign appeared in one office - "This year's Christ- JUDGE THE GEHL MIX-ALL ON YOUR FARM! Arrange now for a Mix-All demonstration and we'll grind and mix a few tons of feed FREE/ We make this offer because we're sure you'll like the Mix-All features: (j)fjW> thu^hammers4hat out .tf&. not pound . . . grain jTjjtnd Wr 1 '^ unifoj|n si||i Jap) variable speed drive brv The aiiger; ftederTfj) twice as many hammers per square foot of screen area than other mills; (4) fiberglass mixing tank (optional) ... no rusting, no condensation, no feed bridging, no upkeep or color fading; (5) rugged construction from hitch to hopper and mill to mixer. But . . . how about judging this for yourself? now to schedule a Mix-All demonstration on your farm. Call DEHL JOE BRADLEY EQUIPMENT ALGONA FOR A TRULY COLORFUL CHRISTMAS GO ZENITH - IN COLOR/ There is only one thing that would make a more exciting Christmas gift than a Zenith television set: a COLOR Zenith television set. Stop in today and look over our many models. We have the model, size and price to make your family's Christmas merrier, NORTH IOWA APPLIANCE CENTER 310 E, Staff Algong mas party has been canceled due to last year's Christmas party." BEANIE Cooper, the only head football coach Garrigan High has ever employed, sent us a note recently, which contained the list of lettermen from his very successful 1966 squad. Besides 17 major letter awards, Beanie gave six minor football awards to boys he considered worthy of honor even though it was not possible to present them with major letters. Without naming the lad, we'd like to quote Beanie, "Contributed a great amount of work and effort to the varsity football team ' and while not earning a major letter, showed a great amount of personal achievement by seeing a Job through to its completion. This was his first and only year out for football," The awards to the six, while not of the major variety, should make those boys mighty proud. We thought it was a good idea. GOT a nice note from Darrell Ludwig, ex-Algonan who now lives with his family at Warrenville, HI., just 28 miles from Chicago's loop, and is employed by the Bell Telephone laboratories at Naperville. Said he enjoys the UDM very much, Periscope included. Now, that's the type of mail we like? Thanks, Darrell. -?TOUPEE - Ear-to-ear carpeting. - ?OUR footballers last week represented Ohio State, Illinois, California, Arkansas and Oklahoma. How'd you do? Here is another group - Paul Scull 1928, Frank Reagan 1940 and Chuck Bednarik 1948; Ed Weir 1925, Lloyd Cardwell 1935 and Dennis Claridge 1963; Ernie Nevers 1925, Bobby Grayson 1935 and Frankie Albert 1940; Bennie Oos- terbaan 1927, Harry Newman 1932 and Tom Harmon 1940; and Morley Drury 1927, Jon Arnett 1955 and Mike Garrett 1965. NOTED not long ago that the movie industry (at least the eight companies recognized as the major outfits in the business) adopted a new production code, which changes somejjf the things Jth|Lf-can b^Bown qiftthe s$f eehs -in theaters" around the country. Included is a classification "suggested for mature audiences" in cases where officials feel more information about a touchy movie should be brought to the attention of parents. But, the code clearly regards parents as final arbiters of family conduct, letting the film industry off the hook. Among other things, restraint is to be shown in portraying the taking of life; evil, sin, crime and wrongdoing will not be justified (the crook shouldn't be a hero); there will be restraint in using minors in portraying criminal or anti. social activities; detailed and protracted acts of brutality, etc. shall not be shown; indecent or undue exposure of the human body shall not be presented; sex and obscene language will be cleaned up; religion shall not be demeaned; and cruelty to animals shall not be portrayed. However, the new code okays some things that have been frowned on in the past, with the use depending on plot development. (We wonder how some of the so-called "actresses" seen on the screens for obvious reasons, will manage to get parts in movies WE SELL SNOW TIRES TOO I ALL SIZES IN STOCK PRICES START AT $12,99 WE GIVE GIFT HOUSE STAMPS ON TIRES TOO! FREE PICKUP AND DELIVERY CHUCK BEHR'S STANDARD 295-3372 Garrigan Band Presents Thanksgiving Ive Concert Newness will be on display when the Garrigan High School band presents its first concert of the year tomorrow night at 8 p. m. in the GHS gymnasium. The band's "newness" is a result of a new director, Mr. Norbert Rezac, who has taught the members new techniques in playing. The variety-filled program ranges from marches such as "American Boy,'* to three selections from the opera THE MAGIC FLUTE, as well as popular tunes in "Great Themes from Great Italian Movies," and a little bit of jate in "Time Out for a Jam Session." The Junior High band will be making its debut on the same evening. This band is made up of the seventh and eighth graders from St. Cecelia's, Algona; St Joseph's, Bode; St. Michael's, Whittemore; St. Joseph's, Wesley; and St. Benedict's, Algona. Also appearing will be fifth and sixth grade beginners, who will give a sample of what they have learned. There will be no admission charge, but a good-will offering will be taken. WAWSWm*:^^ STAR Garrigan High School Algona, Iowa 50511 Tuesday, November 22, 1966 Is Honor Roll Fair? Is it possible to make the. honor roll a better Indication 'of student success? Does the grading system attempt to make generalizations through comparisons which are not valid? For example, is it fair to compare two students who take different subjects? Certainly different subjects require varied skills and a meaningful comparison between physics and ^yplng wouldn't exist, for these courses are on different scales. Furthermore, isn't the system's comparison of marks given by different instructors unsound? Teachers have. different methods of measuring achievement Latin Students Adopt New Form Of Pronunciation Classical pronunciation has been adopted by Sister Mary. Sarah's first-year Latin students. In previous years, Garrigan pupils used the Italian pronunciation. Why the abrupt change? ,. Sister Sarah gave the reasons. » yTjie classical pronunciation, rioted to be easier, is usecf.ln many colleges. Also, the book the students use, FIRST YEAR LATIN, by Charles Jenny, is written for this pronunclatibn. Lastly, the Italian pattern, which is the equivalent of Church Latin, is not so necessary since revisions have been made in the /Liturgy." Second - year Latin students have retained the Italian pronunciation. Vivo La. France! and some grade higher than others. But the grading system cannot by its nature take this Into account. Each mark is an evaluation in itself and there exists no common unit of measure to compare it with other marks. It appears .that everyone's "average" is based on a unique criteria and has only theoretical correlation with the averages of other students. The honor roll method treats all marks equally. Might this system be inconsistent because it cannot reflect the variables existent in students, courses, and teachers? Is it fair to measure all students on the same basis when their courses, Instructors, background, capacities, and personalities are diverse? THE STAR would like to hear your opinions and solutions for this problem. Address your replies to THE STAR, Garrigan High School, or place them in the mailbox outside Room 1? at school. Coaches Choose Cub Cheerleaders Cheering the Cubs to victory for the basketball season became the job of sophomores Becky Bormann, Diane Eischen (alternating each week), Gina Forbes, Betty McGulre, Darlene Plathe, Barbara Stoffel and substitute Maureen Bestenlehner when they were chosen as the •Cub cheerleaders, Nov. 9. Book Worming — M. Mantle Cites Kinds of Courage The Quality of Ceurag* By Mlckty Mantle THE QUALFTY "OF COURAGE .is not basically a baseball story. It is, rather, a composite of Incidents through which Mr. Mantle' tries to explain his Idea of courage. "Bravery has different forms," he writes. "Sometimes courage is very quiet." Mr. Mantle brings out this theme in sketches concerning soldiers as well as baseball stars. This book is written in a free, easy to read style. The author 'makes his point very quickly, backs It up with substantial proof and examples to the last page. I think it will appeal mainly to the boys in the audience because of the nature of the material. At any rate, get it, read it and see if you agree that it is worth wJUle. Varsity Chorus Appears on TV Sunday, Dec. 11 Butterflies ? Possibly. But stage fright or not, Garrigan's Varsity Chorus appears on KVFD television at Fort Dodge, Dec. 11, 1:30 to 2:00 p, m. Sister Mary Dominica's chorus^ on television for the first time, will sing a variety of Christmas songs, including GLORIA, 0 BAMBINO, MOZART'S MASS 12, HALLELUJUH CHORUS and SNOW, BEAUTIFUL SNOW. Faculty Members Learn Civil Defense Techniques In case of a flood, tornado, or fallout, what would you do ? Where would you go ? Several local Teachers learned the answers to these questions in a Civil Defense course taught by Mr. Marvin Waltz during the past six weeks at Garrigan. vvtf&ffffm&f?^^ THE STAR wishes to congratulate the following football players on the honors they have received. BUI Reding - first team - All Siouxland; first team-All Northwest; second team - All State; first team - All Diocesan. Didc Muller - second team All Northwest; fourth team - All State; first team - All Diocesan. Jim Youngwlrth - second team - All Diocesan; honorable mention- All Northwest; honor-, able mention- All State. Jack Muller - second team All Diocesan; honorable mention — All Northwest; honorable mention- All State. Bob Schmltt - second team All Diocesan. The teachers became acquainted with the Civil Defense agencies on state, county, and local levels and were made aware of the need and value of a Civil Defense director. The tornados in Topeka, Kansas, and Belmond, Iowa, were cited as examples in which organization was the determining factor. Attending were Sister Mary Ignatius, PBVM; Sister Mary Imelda, PBVM; Sister Mary Lucille, PBVM; Sister Lawrence. Marie, PBVM; Sister Marie, OSF; Sister Mary Maun, OSF; Mr. Thomas Puetz; Mr. Nor- Jsert Rezac and several elementary school teachers. They are now qualified to instruct high school and adult Civil Defense classes. Having completed the 15 hour course, these teachers received their certificates on Nov. 9. Mr. Puetz will combine this Civil Defense course with American Government classes at Garrigan this year. What's Up? THE STAR is published twice a, month by the students of Garrigan High School, Algona. Iowa 50511.' ****************** Nov. 24-25-ThanksgivingVa- cation - No Classes Nov. 29 - Basketball begins Bears vs. Fort Dodge High, there Dec. 1 - Barbershop Concert, 8 p. m. Dec. 2 - First Friday; Basketball-St. John's Bancroft Johnnies vs. Bears, 8 p. m., .here Artists Show Ingenuity Students Tour Europe French cuisine, operas, ballets and museums will be some of the cultural advantages offered' Sister-Mary Alfred, OSF, and her fellow travelers next summer. The French educational • seekers will leave the U. S. next June, and return late in August. Enroute to France, the students' will tour London, seeing the Tower with Big Ben, Windsor Castle, Cathedrals, hundreds of years old, the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford, and the Parliament Building. In addition, they will see the Royal Shakespearean Theater Company present a Shakes- pearean play. On the return trip, the students will spend five days sightseeing in Paris. During their five weeks in France the group will study French in order to speak the language more fluently, to broaden .their cultural background and to appreciate other peoples and their cultures. The advantages of the tour will extend beyond next summer; students can transfer the credits earned to their academic records at their respective schools. Any student between 15 and 20 may attend, with or without a previous knowledge of French.. (Photo by Sandy Elbert) Sister Mary Iva, OSF, has introduced silkscreenlng to her art students (left to right) Bonnie Dahlhauser, Jean Ewen and Janette Miller. Using their original designs they experimented with various techniques to create works of beauty in stationery, cards and prints to enhance the home. Professionally this graphic art medium is known as serigraphy and the prints, are called serigraphs. The silk screen process permits the production of multicolor prints otherwise prohibitive in cost. Reporters Gain New Insights BY PAULA DEARCHS Do students .put "on special roles when they go to conventions? Do they expect other students to fit preconceived patterns? Journalists from all over the United States met in Milwaukee at the Catholic School Press, Association Congress, Nov. 1113, and learned, much to their surprise, that they knew little about people in other parts of the country. Representatives from Chicago, New York, Nashville, San Antone and Milwaukee learned there were no more cowboys and Indians and that people of Iowa did actually have cars, electric milking machines and corn pickers. "You mean that you don't pick corn after school by hand?" Four representatives from Garrigan learned that it is very easy to get lost in Milwaukee and that it is possible to get sick of elevators. Also, that "big city kids" have a hard time finding something to do just as well as "small town kids" do. Tired Representatives who "r&\ turned home in the wee hours of Monday morning were juniors, Paula Dearchs, Sandy Elbert, Susan Elbert, and Karen Fuchsen along with their advisor, Sister Mary Maun, OSF. Yes, students do play special roles at conventions, but they discover what people are like behind the roles, too. Recollection Day Provokes Thought On Christian Life «Vhen the first day of spiritual renewal quieted the halls of GHS on Nov. 18, students thought 'deeply upon their Christian role in life. Guest Speaker, Father Alfred McCoy from Lidderdale, Iowa, provoked these thoughts with four conferences spread throughout the 'schedule of the day. There is also a day of recol-. lection scheduled for mid-winter and another in the spring. These days replace the retreat which was scheduled for three consecutive days in past years. - if the code is adhered to. It is possible some might be out of work. Their obvious reasons won't offset their inability to read lines.) ART Buchwald says - "Even when President Johnson is announcing good news, it sounds like bad news. Vice President Humphrey should announce the bad news, because even when he is announcing bad news, it sounds like good news." / Fairmont Girl Bride Nov. 13, Kossuth Man SWEA-EAGLE - Ardis Hagen, Fairmont, was honored guest at a pre-nuptial shower, Wednesday, Nov. 2, at the home of Mrs. Homer Henriksen, Ringsted. Mrs. Eugene Rippentrop was assistant hostess. The afternoon was spent play' ing games, after which Miss Hagen opened her many lovely gifts, followed by a delicious lunch served by the hostesses. Guests from this area were Mrs, Everett Rippentrop and Mrs, Kenneth Brones, Miss Hagen became the bride of Orville Rippentrop on Nov. 13, - o- Lyle Rippentrop, son of the Everett Rippentrops, has enrolled in the U. S. Trade School in Kansas City, Mo. He is taking auto mechanics, Mr. and Mrs, Jim Smith and family were Sunday guests at the home of her sister and brother- in-law, the Loren Claytons at •Dolliver, The .Laurel Petersons and family, and the R. E. Petersons were Sunday visitors at the home of Mrs. Laurel Peterson's sister and family, the Lee Schultzag at Cosmos, Minn. The Francis Sullivans were Sunday guests at the Bernard Sullivan home, Fairmont. The Joe Sallies and Tom Sullivan were others present. Mr. and Mrs. Burdette Carlson of Ottawa, HI., visited at the Dettmer Thompson and Gene Thompson homes last weekend. They were here to visit Mrs. E. E. Thompson, who is a patient at Holy Family hospital, Letts Creek Aid Names Officers Coming Year LONE ROCK -Immanuel Lutheran Ladles Aid met on Friday, Nov. 11. The Mite dedication was given by Mrs. Gerald Radig, Mrs. Duane Uebe, Mrs. Leonard Pompe, Mrs, Wayne Boettcher, Mrs. Gerald Kuecker, Mrs. Herbert Potratz and Mrs. Orville Kressin. The study was led by Pastor Vehling, "Christian Disclpleship Called To Reach and Witness." Election of officers for the year 1967 was held. Mrs. Harold Cross was elected president; Mrs. Gerald Radig, vice pres.; Mrs. Melvin Pompe, secretary; and Mrs. Gerald Kuecker, treasurer. The next meeting will be a Christmas party with each member asked to bring a guest. A monetary gift brought by the members will be given to the Bethesda Lutheran Home of Watertown, Wise., the American Bible Society and the Lutheran Chaplain Fund at the mental institute at Cherokee. Gift boxes were sent to the boys in the service. Gift boxes will also be given to the shut-ins and sick at Christmas time. Again Sponsor Hi Mom Calls About 2,000 servicemen and women stationed overseas will be awarded a free three-minute telephone conversation with their loved ones at Christmas - part of the 10th annual "Hi Mom" program sponsored by the Communications Workers of America and the United Services Organization. Mrs. Bettie Bennett is steward of CWA local 7106 which includes members in Algona and six other north Iowa towns, Families wishing to win a free call should write a card or letter telling relationship of person they want to call and where he is stationed. Letters slijjuldbe senJt to CWA Local 7106 at 482 S. Wooster, Algona, no later than Dec. 5, Anyone with a son, daughter, husband or sweetheart overseas is eligible, although Mrs. Bennett said "Mom will get top priority." for MOTHER or Grandmother ."*«•» HK.. PMj« Riband ind will ft v-'<<M!P™. ORDER EARLY WIITGEN JEWELERS AIGONA .'.'•Mi

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