Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on September 1, 1972 · Page 16
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 16

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, September 1, 1972
Page 16
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Alton Evening Telegraph Friday, September 1, luf2 Performers protected by liberalism, says actor By JOHN T. WHEELER NfeW YORK (AP) -Two decades ago, as America Wtxrfid up an unpopular and tttcbryless war In Asia, Bollywood was shivering in the gales of what became a long winter of fear and political discontent. McCarthyism was the hottest public topic, and the House UnAmerican Activities Committee was soaring toward unprecedented power. Actors, writers, directors and producers suddenly found themselves before harsh f o o 11 i g hts and withering criticism for political beliefs and associations. Careers were destroyed and blacklisting was common. Social comment on celluloid was sometimes equated with treason. * * * * TV LOO KTVl (ABC) :. KMOX (CBS) 4, KM) (NBC, S, KETC 9. KPLR 11, KDNLM FRIDAY EVENING C:M-~2 Petticoat Junction 4 5 News 9 Hodge Podge Lodge 11 Andy Griffith 30 Father Knows Best 6:80-2 To Tell the Truth 4 Circus 5 Hee Haw 9 Bridge 11 Dragnet 30 1 Dream of Jeannie 6:55--ll News 7:00-2 SPECIAL: Summer Olympics 4 O'Hara, U.S. Treasury 9 Green Thumb 11 Movie SO Man from U.N.C.L.E. 7:30-5 SPECIAL: Pro Football—Baltimore Colts vs. Detroit Lions 9 Get Together 8:00—4 Movie 30 Movie (BW) 8:30—9 Off the Record I:M—9 On Being Black 11 Perry Mason 9:55-11 News 10.00-2 4 5 News 9 Designing Women 11 Buck Owens 30 Rifleman 10:30-2 4 Movie (C) 5 Johnny Carson 9 Commonwealth 11 The Virginian 30 Movie 11:60—9 Viewer's Viewpoint 11:05—9 Chorall Group 12:00—5 News 11 Flash Gordon 30 Movie 12:15—5 Truth or Consequences 12:30-2 Movie (BW) 4 Movie (BW) 12:45—5 Weather 1:00—11 News/Religion 1:45—30 Movie 2:05—2 News/Religion 2:15-4 Movie (BW) 4:00—4 News 4:10-4 Movie (BW) 5:35-4 Religion Saturday September 2 5:45—4 Religion/News 6:00—4 Summer Semester 6:15—2 Thought For Today 6:20—2 Farm Report 6:30-2 World of Ideas 7:00-11 — "Three Coins in the Fountain" (1954) Clifton Webb, Dorothy McGuire 8:00—4 - "On the Double" (1961) Danny Kaye, Dana Wynter 30 — "Out Man in Havana" (1959) (BW) Alec Guinness, Burl Ives 10:30-2 — "The Outsider" (1967) Darren McGavin, Sean Garrison 4 — "The Comedy of Terrors, (1964) Boris Karloff, Vincent Price 30 — "The Human Duplicators" (1964) George Nader 12:00-30 — "Agent 8%" (1963) Dirk Bogarde, Sylva Kascina 12:30—2 — "The Senator was Indiscreet" (1948) (BW) William Powell 4 — "Little Nellie Kelly" (1940) (BW) Judy Garland 1:45-30 - "She's Working Her Way Through College" (1952) Virginia Mayo 2:15—4 — "Barnacle Bill" (1941) (BW) Wallace Berry 4:10-4—"I Was a Shoplifter" (1950) (BW) Scott Brady SATURDAY MOVIES 9:30—11 _ "Blondie's Hero" (1950) (BW) Arthur Lake 1:00—4 — "The Monolith Monsters" (1957) (BW) Grant Williams 30 — "Our Man in Havana" (1959) (BW) Alec Guinness, Burl Ives 2:00—11 - "Buck Privates" (1941) (BW) Bud Abbott 4:00—11 — "Looking for Danger" (1951) (BW) Hunts Hall 8:00—5 - "Banacek" George Peppard, Ed I) Nelson 39 — "A Private's i Affair" (1959) Sal Mineo, Barry Coe 9:30—11 - "Rhythm on the Range" (1936) (BW) Bing Crosby 10:00—30 — "Monster from a Prehistoric Planet" (1965) (BW) Tamio Kawaji 10:15—2 — "The Champagne Murders" (1967) Anthony Perkins 10:30-5 - "Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine" (1966) Vincent Price 11:50—4 — "The Hue- anew" (1658) Yul Brynner 12:15~2 — "Father wa* a Fullback" (1949) (BW) Fred McMunray i:$5-4 - "The LiuJy Gambles" (Utt) Barbara Stanwyck 3:50—4 _ »E1 Paso" (1949) (BW) John Wayne SUNDAY MOVIES 10:00—30 — "Two Violent Men" (1964) Alan Scott H:30_4 _ "Hills of Home" (1949) Lassie, Edmund Gwenn 12:00-11 - "Tall in the Saddle" (1944) (BW) John Wayne 2:00—5 — "Mission Mars" (1968) Darren McGavin 11—"Charlie Chan in London" (1934) (BW) Warner Oland 4:00—30 — "Great Expectations" (1946) (BW) John Mills 5:00—2 _ "The Champagne Murders" (1967) Anthony Perkins 6:30—4 — "Enter Laughing" (1967) Reni Santoni, Jose Ferrer 7:30-11 - "Sons 0' Guns" (1936) (BW) Joe E. Brown, Joan Blondell 10:15-2 — "A Matter of Innocense" (1967) Haley MiDs 10:30-^ — "September Affair" (1951) (BW) Joan Fontaine 12:35-4 - "Raw Edge" (1956) Rory Calhoun 1:55-4—"Edge of Hell" (1955) (BW) Hugo Haas 3:30-4 - "The Stand at Apache River" (1953) Stephen McNally MONDAY MOVIES 9:00—2 _ "The Lively Set" (1964) James Darren 8;00—no - "Close to My Heart" (1951) (BW) Ray Milland, Gene Tierney 10:30-2 - "The Reluctant Astronaut" (1967) Don Knotte, Jeanette Nolan 4 — "Cattle King" (1903) (BW) Robert Taylor 30 — "The Reformer and the Redhead" (1950) (BW) June Allyson 12:30—2 — "Overland Pa- cific'' (1954) Jock Mahoney 4 — "The Babe Ruth Story" (194S) CB\V) William Bendix 2:25-4 - "The All American" (1953) (BW) Tony Curtis 4:10—4 _ -world In My Corner" (1956) Audi Murphy TUESDAY MOVIES 8:00—2 — "Munster, Go Home" (1966) Hermione Gingold 1:00-11 — "The Deadly Decoy" (1962) (BW) Roger Hanin j:0o_2 — "Portrait from Life" (1948) (BW) Mai Zetterliflg Robert Vaughn had yet to begin knocking on the doors that would open his way to stardom as Napoleon Solo in TV' s "The Man from U.N.C.L.F." But the mood of the times so impressed him th;,t the actor wrote his doctoral thesis on the effect of political assaults on the American theater. Is it a period to be repeated as America seeks to end * * 4 P.S. 4 5 Agriculture 7:00—2 Jerry Lewis 4 Bugs Bunny 5 Dr. Doolittle It Across the Fence 7:30—2 Road Runner 4 Scooby Doo 5 Deputy Dawg 11 Herald of Truth 8:00-2 Funky Phantom 4 Harlem Globetrotters 5 Corky's Colorama 11 Samson 8:30—2 Jackson Five 4 The Hair Bear Bunch 5 Pink Panther 11 Roller Derby 9:00—2 Bewitched 4 Pebbles & Bamm Bamm 5 Jetsons 9:30—2 Lidsville 4 Archie 5 Barrier Reef 11 Movie (BW) 10:00—2 Curiosity Shop 4 Sabrina 5 SPECIAL: Children's Theatre 10:30—4 Josie and the Pussycats 11:00—2 Johnny Quest 4 Monkees 5 Corky's Colorama 11 Soul Street 11:30-2 Fury You Are There Outdoors Children's Film Festi- 4 12:00-2 4 val 5 St. Louis Hop 11 Wagon Train 30 Black Circle Hour 12:30-2 SPECIAL: Olympics 1:00—4 Movie 5 Baseball Pre-Game Show 30 Mr.vie (BW) 1:15-5 SPECIAL: Baseball- Chicago White Sox vs. New York Yankees 1:30-11 Cisco Kid 2:00-11 Movie (BW) 4 U.S. Open Preview 2:30—2 Golf Tournament 3:00—4 U.S. Tennis Chant pionship 30 Soul Brotherhood 3:30—5 Outdoors 4:00-2 SPECIAL: Summer Olympics 5 Sports Challenge 11 Movie (BW) ' 30 Untamed World 4:30—5 Sports Action Profile 30 Ensign O'Toole 5:00—4 News Makers 5 Sports Action Profile 30 Land of the Giants 5:30—4 5 News 11 Kid Talk SATURDAY EVENING 6:00—2 Death Valley Days 4 5 News 11 Lawrence Welk 30 Rifleman 6:30-2 To Tell The Truth 4 Lassie 5 Dr. in the House 30 1 Dream of Jeannie 7:00—2 Summer Olympics 4 All in the Family 5 Comedy Theater 11 World Series of Hockey 30 Boxing 7:30—4 Mary Tyler Moore 8:00-4 SPECIAL: Pro Football 5 Movie 30 Movie 9:00—2 News Special 9:30—2 To Be Announced 11—Movie (BW) 10:00—2 5 News 10:00-30 Movie (BW) 10:15—2 Movie Movie News Movie Champions another unpopular war In Asia, again without military victory? "There isn't a sign of it," Vaughn says. "Actors have more latitude now than ever before—and without reprecus- sions. Jane Fonda can sit on a (North Vietnamese) antiaircraft gun and still get work. Story lines can explore any political or social point of view." * * 9:00-2 Church Services 4 SPECIAL: Why de we Work 5 This is the Life 11 Gospel Hour 30 Billy James Hargls 9:30—5 Woody Woodpecker 30 Little Rascals 9:45—2 Davey and Goliath 10:00-2 Bullwinkle 4 The Church Is You 5 Mr. Wizard 11 Roller Derby 30 Movie 10:30—2 Make a Wish 4 Sunday Morning 5 Bugaloos 11:00-2 SPECIAL: Summer Olympics 4 Face the Nation 5 Corky's Colorama 11 Wrestling 11:30—4 Movie 5 The Temptation of Reb Yisroel 12:00—5 Meet the Press 11 Movie (BW) 30 Gospel Singers 12:30—5 Black Experience 30 Streams of Faith 1:00—2 Perception 5 Magic Circus 30 Christ is the Answer 1:30—2 Dimensions 4 Pro Football 30 Revival Fires 2:00—2 Daniel Boone 5 Movie 11 Movie (BW) 30 Day of Discovery 3:00—30 Here Comes the Brides 30 Summer Olympics 3:30-5 Bill Cosby 11 Wagon Train 4:00—5 Champions 9 Toy That Grew Up 30 Movie (BW) 4:30—4 Animal World 11 Porter Wagoner 5:00—2 Movie 4 Campaign 5 Wild Kingdom 9 Along the River 11 Wilburn Brothers 5:15—9 Toute La Bande 5:30—5 News 9 Profile of a Tete- course 11 Buck Owens What's the difference in the early 1950s and the 1970s? Vaughn feels a major factor is heightened public sophistication that probably extends to any who might want to create and then ride a Communist, or right wing, scare to political prominence. But there are some limits on point of view and subject. Permissiveness and open- mindedness have yet to ex- tend themselves to penetrating looks at the Vietnam war. "That issue is too hot now for a tough show on Vietnam. Maybe after passions cool." In a very un- Solo mood, Vaughn says he not only would spurn a role in such a production, "I don't, even want to hear the word again. I've opposed the war so many places and In so many ways, I'm exhausted." * * * 5 10:00—4 5 10:30-4 5 10:50-2 11:00-2 4 5 30 Speedracer 9:00-2 Movie 4 Joker's Wild 5 Dinah Shore 11 Telethon Continues 9:30—4 Price is Right Concentration Gambit Saa- of Century Love of Life Hollywood Squares Lucille Rivers Password Where the Heart la Jeopardy 11 Suspense Theatre 11:25-4 News 11:30—2 Split Second 4 Search for Tomorrov 5,Who, What or Where Game 11:55-5 News Noon-2 All My Children 4 Green Acres 11 Telethon Continues 12:30—2 Let's Make a Deal 4 As the World Turns 1:00—2 Newlywed Game 4 Love is a Many Splen- dored Thing 5 Days of Our Lives Dating Game Guiding Light Doctors General Hospital Secret Storm Another World One Life To Live Edge of Night Return to Peyton * 11 News 30 Mr. Patches/Bullwinkle 8:15—2 Romper Room 11 Cartoons 8:30—11 News Zoo Revue 30 Speedracer 9:00—30 Movie 4 Joker's Wild 5 Dinah's Place 11 Jack LaLanne 30 Flying Nun 9:30-4 Price is Right 5 Concentration 11 Not for Women Only 30 Financial Report 10:00—4 Gambit 5 Sale of Century 11 Galloping Gourmet 10:30-4 Love of Life 5 Hollywood Squares 11 Bewitched 10:50—2 Lucille Rivers 11:00—2 Passward 4 Where the Heart 5 Jeopardy 11 Suspense Theatre Market strength surprises experts NEW YORK (AP) Trading was light in preholiday action on the stock exchanges today, but the market rallied with a verve that surprised many of those brokers and traders still in town. The noon Dow Jones 18 selected stocks Accused Bernard L. Barker, above, one of five men arrested for breaking into the Democratic National Headquarters in Washington, D.G., bas been accused by a Miami commercial photographer of paying for a batch of photographs of Democratic party documents one week before the five wore arrested. (AP Wire- photo) Wrestling 10:30—5 11:06-4 11:30—i 12:00-5 11 12:15—2 Movie (BW) 1:00—4 People Speak 5 Weather 11 News 1:55—2 News/Religion 4 Movie (BW) 3:40-4 News 3:50—4 Movie (BW) 5:45—4 Religion Sunday September 3 SUNDAY EVENING 6:00—4 News 5 Survival 9 Electric Company 11 Nashville Music 30 Rifleman 6:30—4 Movie 5 World of Disney 9 French Chief 11 Country Carnival 30 Untamed World 7:00-2 FBI 9 Firing Line 11 Country Place 30 Roller Game of the Week 7:30—5 Father on Triall 11 Movie (BW) 8:00—2 SPECIAL: Summer Olympics 5 Bonanza 9 Masterpiece Theatre 8:30-4 SPECIAL: Life of Leonarda Da Vinci 8:50—9 Two-Way TV 9:00—5 Bold Ones 9 Evening at Pops 11 Soapbox 30 One Step Beyond 9:30—4 David Frost Revue 11 SPECIAL: Jerry Lewis Telethon 30 Underground 10:00-2 News 9 Profile of a Tette- course 10:15—2 Movie 10:30—4 Movie (BW) 5 This is your Life 9 Film 30 Rex Humbard 11:00—5 It Takes a Thief 9 Choral Group 12:00—5 News 12:05—5 Comment 12:10—2 News 12:30-11 Telethon 12:35—4 Movie 5 Weather 1:55—4 Movie (BW) 3:20-4 News 3:30—4 Movie 11 Telethon 4:55—4 News 1:45-4 Religion/News 7:6*—4 PS 4 5 Gospel Singing 11 Songs of Faith 7:20—2 News/Religion 7:30—2 Pattern for Living 4 Camera Three 5 Lester Family 11 Oral Roberts 8:00—2 Message of the Rabbi 4 My Father's House i America Sings 11 Rex Humbard 8:15—2 This is the Answer 8:30—4 Fai'-h of Our Fatten 5 Insight 30 Gospel Time 8:45-2 Sacred Heart Monday September 4 1:30-2 4 5 2:00-2 4 5 2:30-2 4 5 Place 3:00—2 Summer Olympic 4 Family Affair 5 Merv Griffin 11 Telethon Continues 30 Mr. Patches 3:30—4 Mike Douglas 9 Puppetmaster 30 Speedracer' 4:00—9 Mister Rogers 30 Lost in Space 4:30—5 Truth or Consequences 9 Electric Company 5:00-2 4 5 News 9 Sesame Street 30 Star Trek 5:30—2 Hogan's Heroes 4 5 News 11 I Love Lucy 5:55-11 News MONDAY EVENING 6:00—2 Petticoat Junction 4 5 News 9 You! 11 Andy Griffith 30 I Dream of Jeannie 6:30-2 To Tell The Truth 4 Green Acres 5 SPECIAL: Ail-American Futurity 9 Origami 11 Dragnet 30 Beverly Hillbillies 6:55—11 News 7:00-2 SPECIAL: Summer Olympics 4 Gunsmoke 5 Baseball Pre-Game Show 9 Journey to Eldorado 11 Hockey Series 30 High ChaparraU 7:15-5 SPECIAL: Cleveland Indians vs. Detroit Tigers 8:00—4 Here's Lucy 30 Movie (BW) 8:30—4 J'oris Day Book Beat Cade's County Artist in America When Church was Young 11 NCAA Football Highlights 9:55—11 News 10:00-2 4 5 News 11 Porter Wagoner 30 Rifleman 10.30-2 Movie 4 Movie (BW) 5 Johnny Carson 9 Nme to Get Ready 11 Virginian 30 Movie (BW) 11:00-9 Pulse 11:05—9 Choral Group 12:00-5 News 11 Saint 12:30-2 Movie (BW) 4 Movie (BW) 12:45—5 Weather 1:00—11 News/Religion 2:00-2 News/Religion 2:25-4 Movie (BW) News Movie (BW) News 11:30—2 Split Second 4 Search for Tomorrow 5 Who, What or Where Game 11:55-5 News Noon—2 All My Children 4 Green Acres 11 Cartoons 12:30-2 Let's Make a Deal 4 As the World Turns 11 Three on a Match 1:00—2 Newlywed Game 4 Love is a many Splen- dored Thing 5 Days of Our Lives 11 Movie (BW) 1:30—2 Dating Game Guiding Light Doctors General Hospital Secret Storm Another World On« Life to Live Edge of Night Return to Peyton Kane Boy, 18 Girl Scouts win honors Following are today's noon quotations of New York Stock Exchange issues research has indicated are widely held in the Alton area as supplied to the Alton Telegraph by Newhard Cook & Co., from its Alton branch office. The New York Exchange closes daily at 2:30 p.m. (Alton Time), so these are not the closing quotations: Airco, Inc 19'A AT & T 43V/8 Clark Oil 10% General Motors 78% Grant (W.T.) Co 37% Kresge (S.S.) Co 44% McDonnell Douglas 34% Mobil Oil fi7% announced National Steel 39% Olin Corp 171/fc Owens-Illinois 45 Penney (J.C.) Co 82% Sears 106% Shell Oil Co. .. (ex-Div.) 49% Squibb Beechnut 101% average of 30 industrial stocks was up 5.34 to 969.07. Advances opened up a 760-to-379 lead over declines on the Big Board, with 1,483 total issues exchanged. The New York Stock Exchange index of some 1,400 common stocks was up .21 to 61.32. At the American Stock Exchange, the price-change index was up .04 to 26.fi6. Charles Lewis of Treves & Co. said: "I think people are anticipating an Indian- summer rally after Labor Day and are trying to buy now, before prices get too high." The Big Board's most-active issue was Curtiss-Wright, down % to 53% because of apparent profit-taking as some investors cashed in on recent gains. The slock had risen almost 8 points in three days after General Motors its plans for use of the Wankel rotary engine, to which Curtiss-Wright owns North American rights. Standard Oil (Ind.) Standard Oil (N.J.) U.S. Steel 75% 80% 29% 4 5 2:00-2 4 5 2:30-2 4 5 Place 3:00-2 Movie (BW) 4 Family Affair 5 Merv Griffin 11 Somerset 30 Mr. Patches 3:15—9 Cartoon Instruction 3:30-4 Mike Douglas 9 Designing Women 11 Flintstones 30 Speedracer 4:00—9 Mister Rogers 11 Flipper 30 Lost in Space 4:30—5—Truth or Consequences 9 Electric Company 11 GUligan's Island 5:00—2 4 5 News 9 Sesame Street 11 Leave it to Beaver 30 Star Trek 5:30—2 Hogan's Heroes 4 5 News 11 I Love Lucy 5:55-11 News The Telegraph cannot always publish last - minute changes made by the television stations. 9 9:00-4 9 9:30-9 8 judges indicted KANE — Four local Boy and Girl Scout Troops earned nationwide recognition with the announcement that the scouts' environmental action program is one of the top 10 winners out of more than 1,300 contestants in national competition sponsored by Owens-Illinois, Inc. Those selected for national recognition were Girl Scout Brownie Troop 345, Girl Scout Junior Troop 347, Cub Scout Pack 83, and Boy Scout Troop According to Joseph H. Lemieux, plant manager of the Owens-Illinois glass container plant at Alton, the scouts' environmental improvement effort has won a $250 award as one of the ten best programs in the country — and will now automatically compete for the grand national prize which will be announced later this month. Led by Scoutmaster Lindel Norris, the scouts' anti-litter, beautification and recycling efforts centered on a massive clean-up and anti-litter program throughout the city of Kane. During the clean-up program, the scouts collected and sold for recycling waste glass and scrap metal. The competing 1,300 Boy and Girl Scout units throughout the United States represented nearly 40,000 scouts with programs featuring various anti-litter, beautification or recycling activities. The contest was developed by Owens-Hlinois, Inc., to support and stimulate enthusiasm for environmental improvement efforts on a local and national level among all ranks of Boy and Girl Scouts. The local scouts became eligible to compete nationally when they won the local competition sponsored by the company's Alton plant. The troops received $25 for winning the local contest and will receive $250 for the Wheat setting the pace Woman sues Alton for $50,000 EDWARDSVILLE — An Alton woman who suffered a broken hip in a fall on a brick sidewalk is suing the City of Alton for $50,000 in circuit court here. Bernice Kirby, 1118 E. 7th St., claims in her suit that the injury occurred when she tripped and fell while walking north along the east side of Central Avenue near Seventh Street on May 22. The woman contends that she tripped and fell because some bricks were missing from a portion of the sidewalk. She says in her suit that the city was negligent for failing to properly maintain the sidewalk. She said the broken right hip injury hospitalized her for a period of time. By ED DE MOCH CHICAGO (AP) — Wheat futures, advancing 3 cents a bushel led all commodity futures onto higher ground on the Chicago Board of Trade today. Soybeans advanced 2 cents while corn and oats gained nearly 1% cents. Soybean meal was up more than $1 a ton and soybean oil gained some 15 points. Iced broilers were up 20 points but trade was slow. The strong buying interest generated much short- covering as prices rose. The main factor in the advances -mm- -t was the abscence of deliveries MOHCV OCLQ. against the expiring Sep- J " tember options. • • The trade took this to mean COTttCLlllHTt* that holders of positions in the " September options expect prices to continue higher in the next 20 days. Buyers in com, wheat and soybeans were mixed but the big exporting firms were noted among them. The trade was expecting announcement new export business, possibly with Russia and with mainland China in the next few days because of the big involvement of exporting firms on the buying side. After the midway point, wheat was 3 to 3% cents a bushel higher, September 1.89%; corn was % to I'/, cents higher, September 1.32%; oats were % to 1% higher, September 79% cents and soybeans were unchanged to % higher, September 3.44%. stolen 4:00-4 4:10—4 5:30-4 \ 5:45 — 4 News/Religion i:00— 4 Summer Semester 11 Telethon 6:30—2 Thought for Today P.S 4 Focus Your World Farm Report/News Lone Ranger CBb News Today Fury Cartoon Carnival Capt. Kangaroo Romper Room 11 Cartoons 8:30—2 New Zoo Revue Tuesday September 5 4 5 6:35—2 6:4a— 2 7:00-4 5 7-15-2 7:45—2 8:60—4 5:45—4 Religion/News 6:00—4 Summer Semester 6:30—2 Thought for Today 4 PS4 5 Focus Your World 6:35—2 Farm Report 6:45—2 Lone Ranger 7:W-4 CBS Nevus 5 Today 7:15-2 Fury 7:30—30 Little Rascals 7:45-2 Cartoon Carnival 8:06—4 Capt. Kangaroo CHICAGO (AP) - Eight election judges are among 18 persons indicted on charges of vote fraud in the March 21 primary election. The indictment, returned Wednesday by a Cook County grand jury, charged the defendants with election fraud, illegal voting, tampering with voting machines, perjury in signing nominating pettions and giving perjured testmony before the grand jury in its investigation of vote fraud. In addition to the election judges, four voters and six persons who circulated nominating petitions were charged. Most of those in- dieted worked in predominantly black wards of the city on the day of the election. A result of holdup PADUCAH, Ky. (AP) - A Paducah druggist who suffered a heart seizure after foiling a holdup attempt Aug. 20 at his home died here Wednesday in the coronary unit of Western Baptist Hospital. Cecil Holman, who had had a history of heart trouble, had been in the hospital since the robbery attempt. national award. The grand . national winner will receive Livestock prices an additional ?250. According to Lemieux, national winners were selected by a screening committee at the corporation's headquarters in Toledo, Ohio. The top ten winners, he said, were selected from the more than 90 local winners representing participating Owens-Illinois facilities throughout the United States. The accomplishments of each troop were judged on the basis of significance, effectiveness, group effort and uniqueness as documented by a ''Record of Accomplishments" submitted by each participating troop. In addition to the local winner, the top 10 national awards went to various ranks of Boy and Girl Scout units located in Augusta and Atlanta, Ga.; Holmdel, N. J.; Worcester. Mass.; Cincinnati, Columbus, and Toledo, Ohio; Minneapolis, Minn.; and St. Charles, 111. at East St. Louis NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111. (AP) - Estimated receipts for Tuesday: 8,000 hogs, 3,500 cattle and 300 sheep. Hog receipts: 3,500 head. Butchers 25 to 50 lower, sows 25 to 50 lower. US 1 220-225 Ib butchers 30.00, US 1-3 200250 Ibs 29.50-29.75. US 1-3 300350 Ib sows 27.25-27.50, 350-GUO Ibs 26-50. Boars 23.50. Cattle receipts: 100 head. Market trends not established. Load holsteins 1,400 Ibs 33.00. Cows utility-commercial 23.5024.50; utility 25.00-25.50; cutter 23.00-24.00; canner 20.00-23.00. Vealers choice 46.0048 00. Sheep receipts: not to establish market trends. enough Eggs and poultry at St. Louis Cash grain CHICAGO (AP) — Wheat No 2 soft red 1.81%n, No 2 bard red l-SO^n; corn No 2 yellow 1.32%n; oats No. 2 extra heavy white .80%n; soybeans No 1 yellow 3.47*4n. No 2 yellow corn Thursday sold at 1.31% ST. LOUIS (AP) - Eggs, consumer grades: A large 3140, A medium 25-35, A small 12-24, B large 24-34; wholesale grades: A large 22-25, standard 17-20, medium 12-15, unclassified 8-10. Hens: heavy (6 Ibs and over) 9, medium (5-6 ibs) 6, leghorns 2. Ready-to-cook broilers and fryers 29.25-29.75, next week's delivery. The St. Louis egg markets will be dosed Sept. 4, Labor Day. A money bag full of credit card slips and $7 in change was stolen from the Moto Service Station at 2320 Washington Ave., while the attendant was busy working Thursday. Attendant Richard Sample told police at 12:15 a.m. today that while checking his receipts he found the bag missing. A policeman later found the credit slips in a trash barrel in Salu Park across the street from the service station. But no trace of the $7 in silver, or the money bag, was found with the credit card slips. In other news a car driven by Miss Sally Rhoades, 19, of 102 E. Elm St., Hartford, collided with the parked car of Eugene Sanders Thursday night, police said. Sanders of 1207 Harold St., Alton, had his car parked on the East side of the 800 block of Silver St., when Miss Rhoades, going east on Silver, collided with Sanders' car. She was ticketed by police for failure to remain within proper traffic boundaries. In another Alton accident Thursday cars operated by Carl W. Cain Jr., 37, of 823 Circle Drive, Bethalto, and David L. Maxson, 17, of 917 Taylor St., Godfrey, collided on Market Street. Police reports show Cain was pulling onto Market Street from the city parking lot just south of Front Street and Maxson was driving east on Front when the two collided. Cain was charged for failure to yield right-of-way when emerging from a driveway. Cars driven by Eugene Allen Sawyer. 63, of 1202 Rockspring Terrace and Mrs. Mary Miller, 37, of 514 Lampert St., both of Alton, collided in the 300 block of Henry Street Thursday. Mrs. Miller was driving south on Henry Street and Sawyer was backing out of an angle parking spot along the west side of Henry whea the two cars collided. Sawyer was ticketed by police for improper backing. m^ff

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