Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 14, 1927 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 14, 1927
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VOLUME XXX. No. 120. STATE YOUNC PEOPLE WILL Christian Endeavor Stale Convention to Be Held Here May 30-31, June 1 — Big Program. ' Iiilit will eiilortain iiioru tliuii •r .OM ,(lfloKato« lo -tlic stato Cliris- liaii Kiidpavor sniMcly con volition JHTf .May :{!» and :U and .luiic 1, , .•uciinliilg toltoy Brt-R. state .sprre- lary of Hi'' society, who was in IOIH Satnrday niglit. Hi-eR met with loeal Clirisiian ICniicavor inemli<>r.s Saturday nifilit at the Presbyterian oliurcli to make plaiw for the convctiou. Aceordius; tii HroK, the best pro- Krani in tlie history of state conventions will be itros^mted with a larRf niim)jer of iialiojially known (speakers. ? ' . •• lola virtiiaUy lias .i )Ji 'iJ>;ed ils loiivenlion quota to .Mr. Hrec and lie helicvc.s a rccord-biraking convention is as.surcd. lola liMlly Has Time Now HAG AN IS TO \ PLEAD GUILTY Confessed Slayer Waives Preliminary Hearing Today. BanlHlown. Ky.. .Manii U. (AIM LaUK llHKan. ronlessed ><layi-r of IIIH llflli wifo. de.ilared on liis .irrival In le from Clcu li-slmi, Mo . - wlienn- lie was .exiradliejl. thai hi' would pletid Kuil'y lo niiirdei' tie waived prelliniiiary eNiiiiiinaiion and WHS ordered, held to the ;\l.i> !• ilti of lh<r Nclvoii •roiiiiiy c .ranc Jury. HaKaii. aK well as Hi -piily ."^In i iff U. \V. I lav i land, "who i ir(iiii'<l (iiiii Irirlii MiHNOui 'i. exjiresmd heliet licit a (••legiam ho rci -eived Snoday ^fioni jtorKer. T'-xa:. olIc'riiiK aid and li(i.innf; (he name <d. the woman: he iidmils kiJIiiiK. is a hoax. MaKaii told of his live iiiarria^''* • ilnee .io Kenimdiy women, oiw in .Mis -Miiirl and one in .\rKansa.s. aiid then reviled the events lending up to the dp -ith of hi.s'Ja.'-t wife. He said lie threw a .stone at h "r ilurinK a iiuarrel. "I'suaUy she tlOilged." he said, "hut this time •she flid not cinck'.'' and ll hit her] bi'l|iiid the ear. I "1 lw:ld her in my arms an <l • lirayjui' that she would live." he! said.' "She died in about halt ati| hour. I didn't know what to do. 1' was itorror filrieken and the. only tliinK 1 lliou'ght of was to : bury her--"- _ . • UW SUIT IN ^CdURTOVER SHOUPWILL Heamans Bring Suit Asking That Will Be ^et Aside—Bolers Are Named Asi Heirs. CharKhiK (hat \V. O. HoU-r. her .son-in-law. exerted his influence in till- niakhiK "f Mary .\nii r Shoup's broiiKht sjiil iji ; aside the in- >Vliile. •I Olios, of I'old IslaiKl.I (•liiiiiic —llO|l il 'iisl.«'d i rj. "I plllMl. .Miss Kiisiilirj (•iiriiiiirr siii'l'rimisl iiilit liilrcss S|iriiiK lltif !l)or, «as norkiiliri iis i nii-- iii nil )iuioiiiolill<> ij <'|i:iir ivw jonrs Ji '.r«, sM was I she wiis 'ioiiii; (u iiuir- hiiwirt HiiU'j" sli'c iT- \ott, Willi >t<>ni<'ii- I 'll. iniiirhlM'iU she's )iiiii(^iiii((>il her eill^iiui'llti'eiil III I.ltileil Sdlles Seiliilolf < hiieiiie I. I>ll , the only OeiiiiM-raf e»er lli he elerleil to tlie- iijipej- liiiiUe of Coiiunjss from Jliij Slnte m' Hirshliitiliiii, They! Mllli Med I ill I .New \»Th. will, relativi's today district court In x-r striimenf.. IMaintilfs in (he action :ire:. .loo I^-aman. a .ion-in-law, his chflilrcn. Kloicnce lieaman I'aRe. "iUiGlen i lieamaii. I't; Mililred Oeainaii. Christie Itcaiuan'. 12; tJIefoit fJea- man. H; Dorothy liuanian. 7; Toin- iiiie lieaman. .">; and Lillian Itos.s Varnau. a grand daughter. 'riie suit was hronght Joe Jieiihian, and his tihlldren: V.'ilnia Koli-r I'arrott. SI; Kloyd itoler. 15; tlla'dys ItOicr. 10. Ill the petitioti the IJeamaii's si't out-ihal at the time the will Wi s ma(|e .-itid e.xecnieil, ]><•«. 4. lltul! .Mai'y Ann Sh(Mi|i was] by reason of advanced yearsiaud frail condition of health, wholly incompetent to iran.'<act business or to rculi/e the responsibilities,of making a will. 'Il^'ev charge that she was easily'] persuaded to ilo what "a desiguiiiK prison" cdllhl illllllclice her to do. and set ioiil that \V. I). l!oh-r. hasi greal ililluciice with IK.-I. \ '•' , i The will in part follows: "To ills' daiiglili'.'. .\iiiie lieaman, one-third id my priipeity, both real and. person:.!: provided she Is I'lvltiK at my death; It not living at my death, or: if she is living with Joe Iteainiin iflj! my death, then bhe .Is lo receU'e lind the jemaltider shiill go to \V. Oi Holer, Wllinu Holer, Klo.v'd Holer and liladys Itider. shtire alike." I'l llnl pi'lilioii the plaliiliffs ask that the.'will be set abide, hut ask thai 111 lasi- the will fs iiof set a .ide. that the will he so iiiterpret- id thai (hey will receive a sliare in I he esl;ite. They iiollii (Hit that t!ie itCaiiian's arc'' rightful heirs to" Anna Ilea- Senator Apfs \\ote is \ Life-Saver tq Meamrei C'hanKe$ Vole When Apprbpi-ialion Faces i)ealh in Scnale—I 'rcHcnl Buyinir SyKlem is Tcrnicd "Absolutely Rollen." m Sucerasor to 'the lola I>:in .v Riiti-tt- loti l).illy Hpifnrd. aird I.>l.t It.iily To|>«*ka. Kan.. .Mar. \A. (AIM — After the present system ot imr- chasing legislative supplies hat been tetnieU "absolutely rotten." tl "dirty outrage." and a "hold-up." the senate twlay passed, under protest, a olaltn and acccmnt coiniiilt- tee jhlll covering legislative e.\- peit^es. , . . 1*he hill faceil di-u1li until Senator Apt of lol.'i chuuged his vote; explaining that a bin wa^ pending- to place |he_ purchase of! the Icg- islaturo'.s 'supplies under The .state husitiesft manager. . 'Senator Van l)i- Mark; of Concordia, ohjecfed to paying: $.100 for disinfectants."Why. that's; enough to floiwl hpth the house and senat«}." he dc- cjarecl. SL>nator Van He .Mark also pro- tcsfed an item for Inj?" nf 15 ea^h for 24 chair, he said, was pnr ber repaired. A casljor was onlv replacement, he dssertetl.) "This IH just an exiimpic of !{e- piihiican t^tficiency.'.' Senator Hen- nelt of \'('asliington. {a Democrat, saifl. : ; Senalorj Van i>e .V lhal.tliM .s;late hoitsi- jfhalr repair- chairs. jHis of the niim- the rk replied lislodian was by {Jovernor l>emocriii appointed Davis. ! "That doesn't clrarige Senator Bennett said, publicans i could have A resoliition censuring Frank J. Rvan. secretary of .stajte and Major A. H. state liouse <uslo- dlan for failure to rare properly for the legislative chambers and furniture ' between s adopted by the senate. HOUSE IS PAT ON .AID MOVE J)oesn^tiWant Federal Aid For Building of State Roads. KING OFF things." "The Ke- fired hiin." rasions was FOR SANTO DOMINGO Later to Senator Hopes Continue to Haiti, Despite "Fitht." Topeka. Kan.. .March K. tAI'»' The house i^-fused liidaV lo i'esciiid its resolution |ieiiiioi)iiig congress lo abolish the .system of fi.'deral aid for state proJer:ls. It prostpof.eil tndellnilely the consideration of a{ reHolution by Ileprisentatlve lJcr-{— ryiiian of t'lark county, chairman of the roiids and highway.s committee, who sought lo nullity the aiili- federal action. Washington. .Man Hannibal Price, minister here, li I H.'.(Al-> jlie llaitieii iviiig an- noiincei^ that the I aitieii gnv- i-rntnent would not lermil Senator King, of I'tah, lo land (in th^it country, now considers the case closed as far aa hells conceriied. r. Tlie Jm)f.x. SIX PAGES BAIiK REFUND BY STATE IS TURNEDDOWN Bill to Appropriate Cash To Repay Depositors iiji Defunct State Banks Loses In House. Blameless Topeka. Kans., .Mar. II. (Al' Tlie proposal that the state inibur.-:e depositors of slate bar which failed while operating members of the. insolvent si guaranty fund was defeated toi ill the house "of. represetitati\|es.! The bill for submitting lo the v )i- er.s a five million dollar bond is^ for • that purpose was rejected to U. after a heated debate. \otice that re(onsidenin'(>n v i:i I be sought was serveil on the ho^se by .McKoiie of I .t .avenworth coii! colleague of lOiidres. Ilie Kepii can floor leader and aitlhor of l.ill. Kndres. urging ri.issage of measure, dei-lared '•111'- iiinral < Salioii of the slate is involved." The iieoiile who Inst mnney stale lianivs h;iv,» been deceivj'd the rt.'ite," h-' asserted. "The si has failed ii ils duty to proi'-ct cili/ens an I has brnught upon self di.sre|ii to throiigh/>iii the tion. The flooil |e.ii|.>r held ;i iDiiy .1 si;;ii wliiclr he said h- had CHI this morning froipllie WJIHIMU cji .stale bank jn Topeka. Deposit.- aniy fiiitd < f the the .si;;li re id. j Km!res i- -ad a I yr.-ir-old 1; riiier i sas. who said li'! savings throu^^h protecl>-d by IIM- g; Stale 111 Kaiis: ty.l li-l he I he in i>y i lie I ils ; il • I la- i I i.f Il li, I i lar- I ^•lt>r trniii in wesi.fii K h:id losi Ills Ih "If coilgrej.;. lakes word, we sh:i|l noi he San (Al 'i Juan, I'orto 1 Liiited States IIS able •ll ""'•III. King, of riah, .sails today for ico, .Mar. n; [Senator Wm. Ill build AiisllM. Te\., >lar. .tJ. I»r. C. W. (•iiildiiril. ritj' pliysje- eoniieetron (.\r). American Is Found Dead At Shanghai ShHMKhaJ. .Mar. II. (.\l'). The body of SerifpaMf 4umrs .Moii- lairnr, Inlleil .Slates corps. WHS found foilay In the WhiuigpiMi rher, tJie police he. Ilete ho was iiiiirflered and are uorkinir on that theory. Sergeant 3Ionfairiio srneii In the iiiurlhrs for many years. He iaii, held hi the shoofifitr of Cily .Muiiager .^Aihidi R. Johnson Ibis innrii. Imr. 'Mas found flils aftornoon dead in IIH > city jail, (lis throat was eiil. - .lustice of the I'eaee iF. K. Tiinnelilll rendered a lenliet of death ' by suicide. The «as found by Cily .Mi|i l.iftlepatre. <.'oddard*s and one of his wrists hail SIMSIII.,! j| slllalt knife. hiidy rshal throat been liockrl THE WEATHER h jieriiid. I llUtKfAST FOK K.\NS.VS: Fair I ((itii'ihl and probably 'liie>dav;j I Mjf.rmer foiiiglil. ! Weather initloik lor lli< j .\Iarcl: I I to .March lH. Vxl'. I sloiial period.- i )f iirec.ipil ' III" n/irlliorii and ceiitial •hut iiiosily fair in ih': } liorfioii ihroD ^liiiPit the wee) : ^enira! preclpiMit imi is, li I .Satrrday." mild temper.ii ti roai s." lierryinan dcclaieil. "Wlu-n •the house adopted that i-esolutipn. iKimiL" of us did not know what we ! wer • doing. The actlou: put this mans slmrc beiuise of the fact th«t ! "'Reusable ijosition. she wa.s dead and not living wiili 11'pn tentative Niles. of Coffey Joe Iteaman at the time of her.'^'niptv. author of the aliH-lederal (Icafli. ^ i aid resolution, rose to its .Mrs. .Shoiip lived in the vicinitv; "VVe can hUild better roads and of Klsmoro prior to her death. ;moncy at the same time by , usitig state money only," he assert. ed. "We mu>!t gel away from fcd- J eral domination fn Kansas," McUugin. of .Moutgomi'ry c:ounty. said. "E'resideiit Coolidgi' hiuiTielf, has deiiounco<l the evils <d' federal aid." . lUnneit. of .Marshall county, shut off debate ujth a niotiop- that further consideration of the' lierryinan resolution be iifistponerl. Santo Domingo, with "the hope" that ^le may he able ijo continue to Haiti where, he saysj he has been advised, that a gre^it reception awaits l>im. Not until he reachi 'S Santo Domingo, the senator si^Jd.-would he proceed to (ip- dotermine whether ti REV. S. W. GAMBLE TO SPEAK HERE Itev. .S, W. (iamble. fornier pastor Id the l^illarpe .M. K. church, whose pn seiice in lola was noted inj Sat- urda.v's Kegi.stcr. is to give a lecture tonight al .S o"cIocli"in the lola -M. VI. church. The subject of his lecture will hi; tile sapie' as the title .)f a hook he has: written: ["Sunday, the True Sahhatli of (iod." .\'o admission i.s being charged and everyone is cordially! invilei! to atteiid. i Haiti if rrtsident ISorno still IKJscd his visit. Senator King, who is now in the West Indies with ll^e announced intention : of surveying conditions in Porto 'Jlico. the \'irKin Islands and Hsiiti, has |M.T ."iistently attacked the policy ofthe American gov- crninenl in tlie Haitj'ien ; republic and has sought' the withdrawal of the marines from tiir] island. The Maitien govermiienl gave no- would refuse i because of tice Saturday that it to let hiiii enter Hai PULMOTORS MAY ;his attitude. The Ilaitien in Washing'on said REBECCA WANTS TRIAL AT ONCE f)iia- tioii ill lorlioiis sjnlllhern except '• i ^' '• ! ;'^,„S Alleged GirfBank Robbfer ; abiint Weiliiesday tjieil fidl^'"-"I I was analive of' Vircinia, and .!'"I'l''!;. rising temperature asaltf by i arrhod with the .forces sent from .San jlUe«'o on the trans, port Chauinont. y^>sle,ril;iy ni lOLA SYMPHONY TO COLONY SOON The lola Hymphoiiy (IrcliesIr .i, J. \' Itoheris,- director, will give a i.oiiceri ;it ' Colony liigii' school 'I'lliirHda) leveii);ig nf IJiis week. Special leiiliiren nil the prograin V,\\\ be vocal seleclloilM, by Kverelt D I.JHIII. Ilariild Kelliy and -Mlsx I'hiia' lliiiwin. Mrn Mnyd Kiowii i\lll play a Vinllii iiiiiiih |-r willt'.Mr. I.ln.vd litowu i\n acmmjiiiiilitt, (iREAT-RRITAIN IN ON PARLEY st lowest I:i.s1 n'ight, nnrnial Injlnday. th" i-nd of ilie wteli. Teni (i .raiiir<' : 'i^', at .1 p. m I .III. :i! V ;i. m. I II:. I xcess or .(lefii-ii hiy yi|s|erday e\c <'s siiiie .laiiii.'iiy |.st. :!".S I degrees; llii.s dale last yeaV, iiigli- (Wl, .',0; I I 'rcclpjnit inn tor the L' j hmirs ' iidiii'; .It 7 a III idij.iy. .bo; total for this year lo dafe. IM| K c;i (iicy .Mii(i .la/iij .iiy;, iri'-lies. Iiiitiildlly al '1;; lionii 17 pfi*; '•eiil ; V a. III. Ill I ' iiii. Iiainmiiiir ie a I '-vi I, :;o.:.".'i lVi (-lie», . 'J .!.•. a 111 ; 'j.e|.. Refuses to Ask for Continuance. I" l;niidnn. .Mar. II. t|,M'i - Ureal •llain will go into the three power val disartii-'uneiit conferciK'e at •iiev.i. propos'eil by rreslHenl Con- li^lac. with the expectation that her cial naval requirements will he lalken into consideration. W. (?. idgejnail. first lord of the ad- lebrally. ^(dd th" Mouse of Ci>"m- ni}>ns this aftornooii in st,-iliiig th<^ position of the admiralty. U. S. NOT WORKING FOR DIAZ; KELLOGG ^ AVa.shington. Mar H, (APi-^-For- liial denial was made today by Sec- liclary Kellogg that either he or any other repr(*setitative of j tlie Ifnit-.'d States had issued diretrt or iifdlrecf iiistrucfions- to the Ieg;ij|on at .Managua to work for the election of Adolfo Diai. or any nUwr parik'ular candidate to the .Vicara- guari' presidency; CHURCH RAISES FUNDS RAPIDLY Independence. Kan.. .Marcli H, (AP)—The First Presbyterian church of this city yesterday .successfully slag'ed a one day eani.- paign for riising of JlaO.OOO for the erection of a_new modern church home. At the' close of the day's work ami, pledges in hand amounted to $136.0(»0 and promises . of the roinnindcr ILIII been'niatle. O ItellillK yett|ir"la.\ 'l.iy. !i dllcl d In iillll lis' |i. III. ' . • ' : INmiU and Uenlher Klsewhere. ,MI points clear, all roajis KHOII except Topeka. rough. Siamese Twins C^t Apart, and In Good Health <.lenc"e...Minti., .Mar. JI. (AP) ';.ioined logether at the' aliilonien: ;'a( birth, se'icn nis -ks old twins arr .recinerintf today friitii an^ . oncrction \\\\M\ sp|(;irjiled tlipui. They are the danirhters ei" Mr. and .>lf<. KenUntind Alslehm. The Infants appar. eully are in goinl heiilth iwide from illie eff«'<'t of the upcra- tloM, i • ' SINCLAIR WANT^ DIRECTED VEkDICT San Marco. Te.\.. .Mar. 11. (APi Itefusing to slgii a coijtlntiance mo- tinii; drafted by her attorneys. Re- liecira llradley P.ogers. .21. fornier I 'niViTsitv of Texas student charged wilb r 'diliing the Farmers .N'a- tioii 'al Hank at liiidii, Texas, iiid; catcd here this morning, she desired ,111 liiimediate trial, i 'I 'he detendiini and her alioiiieys ' iiuitveil af court ahoiil an ' hour liite. The state announced ready, liiit i |efijfis<: counsel Inimr^ialely pi'e.eiiieil a motion for contliiii- Kiirl Siott. Kans.. .Mar. il. (API -Doctors trying to save the life of Miss Mona Citiod- hod.v. teacher al Kijlton, \i miles northi>ast of here, aro nsiiig o.x.vgen .forced inio her lungs contihu'iiisly by ,a pull- motor to ki.'ep her alive. Two tanks of oxygen hav( been used and a third is being used. An airplane arriveil frcm Kansas City this afternoon vt-itli antitoxin to ho used in the battle with death. .Miss Goodbody Was holding her. own at last reports. She is'ill with pneumonia. I FOUR PLANE! feXcE OVERSEA IS SEEN I that I able the legation foreign SAVIE TEACHER i •'"''fi'^'J jSenator King it considers hint and the access ory of Haiti is forhidtlen to him.' I "The llaitiens cons ! champion." Senator ("because in the sena as nndosir- of the terri- der mq., their King said, e r have op- InsJ his fainire n : bank in which he lieliev d j money was guaranteed by tliesi ".More than itio.imii men women in have lot iim; because the stat" has peniiilied banks to ii'se ils name falsely -their advertising." iCndres aildi "Certaiirl.v, the honor nt slJte is at stake." . ^{epresentative nerrym.'m (tlark county.; iirirsident of a ;1ioiial bank, led the fight a ^;i I the bill. Seventy-five per ceiit| jllie cei lifii-ates against the :^-.;aaraiity fund, he insisted. li| •been assigned to speculators. I ryman "smiled as he offered^ amendment for a bond issm Itl.i.liOn.Oflll dollars "for . pa ever.vhody's losses from aii.v whatsoever since 1'.>""J." "The gentleman frpiii Clarl^ an enemy of this bill." Kudres. tested. "•You might as well Satan to revise the Bible as tuj this banker amend this bill." "Such all amendment comes 7ii- I III • hu- j :i hi-ii (lie. I lllil I K'V ; llei ill . .\iler III! years, there is only one blotj - and''that*s hardly perceptible on the white flouer of. .Urs. .lane I Chllders' blameless life. In her youth, nearly a ceiitiir\ ago, she sliouied^an iinprecaturj "ilerii" al a co>\ t\ho ran off as she prepared to milk. For tears she regretted this heinous sin, asked forgheness and belie»es she was forgiwn. This picture itas taken on her Hlllh liirtli. day lit the .\iiilreHs, t„ home of her diiiighter. .Mrs. Lena I,lit her. '*l.ite i-rglit liiid yon 'II IIM - long," was her an- nlwrsary iiihice. MAYCOMETO THIS COUNTY Extradition Papers, Arc Issued—Sheriff H. D. Smock Leaves for ' \ Oklahoma City. .Sheriff II. D. Hiiioek will ajipenr ; before Henry S. .lohnston, governor of Oklahoma, at Okiahonia Cit.v today in an effort, to have extradition papers honored so he {Mil arrest Karl Doyle of South Coffey-" ville. t)kla.. and return,'him to Allen co'iinly to face cli.irpe.s XJI possession of stolen property. Dcyle was arrested siiortly after the robbery of two jewelry sf.ore» here early this year. Hoods-found at his home; were identified' by .V.i.thah l.effler and J. V. Merchant, as part of that taken from theit: stores. Kxtradilion jiapers were received here Saturday by Cniiiity .Vttorney Kennel|j; Koiist aiiil .sJmock left nishf fo}' tiklahoma City. (' If the;(iaii(rs are liiniored by the ' governor of Dkh'lioma, Smock Wiil go lo 5 ?i)V,ala comity to arrest . I)<)yl«'. Doyl" Jtl [iresenl is out on bond following a cnmidai.fil isstiejl in Okl.-.honia to liold him for iws-. • session of the propi'rl.v .stcden here; Only part of (he stolen jewelry waa f'lunil at his hom<'. " 1^ of; iia -i list I oil blink > ive i Itler- j an I of! iiig 1 use: very poor grac'.> from a natiitmal banker." reniarkeil .Mir ;ugin .Montgomery county, "when the tional hank.s don't even fiay same taxes as the slate hanks. In Million Libel Case •>!S ; rn- ask let' .ith i hf ' na- i the ! I • [posed the present American bayonet rule and nrged jlvr!'return of! the Ilaitien government lo the llai­ tiens under a cnnstttJition of their own enat:tiori and off cials of lln'ir own selection. "I have wired i'otiiniission'er j niissell fJohn li. llnssefl. Ame_ri- can high commissioner in flaiti), that I am .sailing f(|r Santo Do- niinco. He is the power in Haiti. President Rorno does (what ftu.s*.<;en says. If Russell wants mo to enter Haiti, Homo will say the word. Senator King said he woiiid re turn to Porto Rico Inter. CHINESE CALL INTERNAL TRUCE J./ I was iiil"iH|'-d ' nf ivid 'Ilie W Cantonese Republic Pa Calls a Halt After Bitter Fight. defi- } ji.iice, whclh iioie<I that Meveral tiiiii- lerlal wiliiesses Were llhHelll. Olii lit ilicKc I 'l (tils Itogcrn. hiishaiid of tiie ili'fiiidatit, who IH III at AUK- ii'i. ; . When coiirf reces.sed to this .*ifl.- eriioon tio ruling had been made on wlietilier the.girl's case would b"e|'(onii(iiied as her lawyers a.tkid. NO A:GREiEMEN|r ON : SEMINOLE OUTPUT •^'ulsa; f)Jila..'.Mar. I^J. fAIM — Seminole operators meeting here Inday. failed lo-r-t-ucli an agree- ineiii for cooperative curtailment (if prnductinn in the greater Semi- liole area as recommendwl by the i|ilvisory , committee^ of three rc- reiitiy when a lih. p^r cent reduction Wits suggested. Production in the future, "the operators said, would be limitetl only by. pipeline land storagecapjijcitiesl LEGISLATURE TO ADJOURN TUESDAY Washington. .Mar. 11. \ AP)—.\ directed vertlict of i not guilty wiis asked for by the defense today in the contempt trial i f Harr.v F. Sinclair. THREE FLO i BANK IDAjl CLpSED Fla.. klar. U. n today when the resolution fixing; West Palm Ueai (.\Pi—Three PalniJ Beach county banks failed to opeiji their doors today, while another local ffn.ancial Institution sought to stave oft a severe run. Topeka. Kans.. Mar. 14 (AP) — Sine die .adjournment of the Kansas legii^Iature. oil Tuesday, .March 22. became ccrta' senate adopted aj „ that date for ei ding the session. The house" will concur, having al\ ready voted for adjournment Pri- i day. However, the work of; the 1 leglKlatiii ;o will be coraplelcd Thursday^ night. The last three days of the session will be devoted to perfunctory nleetings. coii- ducted by otily the four- Shawnee;, county ' legislators, while tbe gov-. ernor studies the final' batch of hills. .New Vnrk. .March U. (Al 'i Prospect of a four' plane • race across the Allanlic for llie fCay- iiiond (Jrleig l.'.I.OOii prize hiotned todiiy with the aniioiinceinent that l ,r <'iileii,inl ('oiiiiiiandcr .S'oel Davis woulil al'i >mpl a tioii-stoti flight from .New York to Paris. .Cniii- itiaiidi-r UlctinnI K. Myrd Is ptaii- iiliig to lioji oirr In a Kokker plane Captain Itene Koni-k. French .ice. whose lirst attempt cost the lives of two, is lifivliig a new plane built. A St. Louis Ut Paris night, for the .same rac<'. I."? ronteiiiplatrd by Captain Charles A. Lindbergh, chief pilot on the ,St; lx>uis-Chi('ago air mail route and Ilight of the lliiih <»bservation Nijuadron of tip- -MisHouri National Guard.-' Captain Lindbergh .said his plans were for a small plane and that he would be unaccompanied. SECOND BREAK AT JOLIET PEN Men Arc Captured, Short Distance From the Scene Today. JolieV. m., .Mar. 14. (APi-On the heels of three fellow conviitts who escaped in a sensational Jail break here Saturday, two prisoners kicked several boards from the high fence surrounding the stste penitentiary today and *made a break for liberty. They were captured however, before they had gone far. A guard turned his back for a moment on Leonardo Russo. serv.- Ing a one to ten year sentence for larceny aiid Joseph Pasquale. doing a one to twenty year robbery sentence, and they made their attempt to escape. Although they got thru the bigh fence, they were run down quickly. I. ' , r I Kellogg Ik At Lossfor Action Washliigloii. .March 11 (APi Hack at his desk todiiy troiii a g(df- Ing trip In .South (.'alotlna; Secre. lentullve eii- < arly during lury Kellogg found u gagement to confer the week with Ham Ibal Prince. Haitian minister, over the exclusion of Senator Wlllliun II. King, of rtah, front Haiti as an "iiiiilesir- ablc." . , While the stale den'arlmJMit is al a loss about what it tan <|o in the matter, the visit of tliv Jminisler will give the sccretaiV |ip^or|unity to personally go over 'the' position John -ll. Rus.sell. Aifiierican high lonitnlssioner in Haiti, already has represented to Presiilent jlorno of hat country, j The Haitia^ president, who has lenied admission to he senator on the groiijid that he h: s .•ittackedllie policy o( the American RovornmMit toward (he island repithlic. is entirely within his righ ai^d no diplomatic channels are open to the department to change His decision. The visit of the Hiiitian minister is to present formal y to .Mr. Kellogg a telegram fron Foreign Minister Leon reitcrathig tlie refusal to permit the senator to enter Haiti. BAD CHECK CASE UP LAT TODAY Harvy Cuinmlngs Will face a preliminary taearinK on a bad check charge in Justice Latner's court at 5 o'clockj tonight.. Cujmmings Is alleged to! have passed a "bad'i* check on! a Burlington man. ac^oust. county cording to Kenneth attorney. The preltmilnary was set for this morning, bui was postponed because ol tte fact tbat Gumming^' lawyer could not get here. A iii- or KhaMgh.-|i, .March 11. truce has been declared in th ternal fight in the Kiiomintaii»{ Cantonese republican ary parly, after a biller ligli the cotlfereiice of the party's fral execnli've committee. \ still is ill session at HaiiUnw. The fiindamenlal divergen.cii I ween the nioilerates lieaile the • Calitonesr- generalissimo eral Chang Kai-Shek, ,-ind tin wii gers, however, have! . |„,i eliiiinated. It is iincerlain wlietli>'r CliJ.iiig. who remained at .Nancbiiir afiil vi Delp,it, .Mich.. Mar. 11. (AP) — .\ replies; by counsel for Aaron .Sapiro to be permitted to inject a new jiaragr.iidi in Sapiro's declare ation in his Jl.nOo .iifiO libel suit again^f Hetiry KnnI was denied by Judiie Fred .M. Itaymond in TTnitod Sl.iles ilistrii t court here tod.iy. William Henry Cailaghcr <-oiin-i sel lor Saidro, s:iid the new para- ;'-cr .i[ili set forth .that of I previous publications of the Dear' born liidepoudent, tlie term "jew" as used, ill 2'» articles alleged to j contain lilirl, was a term of scorn, .ludgo I{.iymn;i/J held Die paragraph lironslil no new charge of libel but iiil 'iul 'd to widen tlio scope liicii woiilil bo admit- ' Cniin.^ej for .Mr. K()rd objected , .slrciiiioiisly lo the inclusion of the liaragraph. saying il. would change the whole issue of lln^ case. .Mr. •evoIui |ii>ii-i 'lalbiKber argued tiie iiaragrapb in .tiie ,;,'c!aratiriii but was CAPTAINBROOKS IN CHARGE HERE Is Appointed to Salvation Army Position i In lola. I Cai.l. II. A. i'. who -IiaK 1 been in Ifda t'nr snnio time past ; and who has been working with iCajit. Ilaiiiiltnir ill tlie interests ot itlie Salvation .Army al this place, j has reeeiveil tl '.e ap|iniiitnienl Ot j Captain of the local Army and ha, i and .Mrs. Mrooks will odcupy tho I .\rmy residence as soon as CapL ; and .Mrs. Ilaniiilon'vacate. . Capt. Brooks is (piiie welJ known in lola. • He is a' nieiiiber of the Spanish War Veterans and several other leading iirganizatioiis and is an— lola boosier. Ho hopes' [ar, the,. cp-operati(m'of the business poopl.o/. of lola as well-as all others who i have the interest of the better-; ment of living al heart. TI|o Salvation Army is a good organiza-i tion in^iiiy commiinity mudi good if ba'lved citizens of' the town. and will do • up by the bv ruHi;d lo attend tlo! conrcien accept, the trm-*' lerins wbicb tantaiiioiiiil/to il selbai-k for uill a re llilin. , ,, , , . .. I. , l -il was mi lefbillnll nil llllll In e.lll Mtibordinalliig him as geiieralisjiimoj . . larv ' to Ihe revived naliniial mil council. There Is also doubt wbctbei the present relations belwi-en the political and military branches o th Cantonese will permit continu; lion of Ihe recent triumphs in the e d or bring about a 'collaiise of the en tire >.\alionalis-t moveineiit. Tile foregoing analysis is tli| re suit of a' study,of all availabb advices from Hankow, wiiere (lit sit nation is obscured by heavy delay; amounting to a censorshiti. in | re? messages. ' NEW PAY FOUND IN WEEPAH N at ja<jdeil •en •only ail, iiil'-i preialioii. To this Jiicb I ,., Kanley of I''ord 'ounsei re- I plied tiicre was no (iiiestion in tho '""•c ;ise nf a jewi .sli < oijspirary but pillar Ihe jssii" was .Mr. Siipiro and his .iciivilies. "ll .Mr. (iallaiiher 's' motion grant! d we Would liavn to ask for a Iniig cniitiniiaiice tij sludy llio mailer."' said .Si -najnr '; Jame.s A. It I nf Jlisiiniiri. Iieinliiig tin- Fnrd i,ci>i |jir'-) \ ''We adiiiil s.iHl .Mr. Saiilrn w'a:( a jiw bnl we cniit'tid I Sixteen Sent ; To Hospital In Pen Break llii., .Miircli It. (AP)—Sixteen, prisoners of ' liilby prison here are \f\ the. Tinspital today I'olloninfc an nn- .snccessful attempt of .'><M) prisoners nh« relH >lled Jast liiglit u^iinst a restriction of the Tis- Itiiifr hours, (jnards iised shot guns and tear lionibs in fiuclf- ing the riot. ^ BANDITS BATTLE WITFl OFFICERS leit Ijeiiii ii.i lint allat king a jew. W tile Jewish race,' Mr. liallaglier .replnii iliai in the arlicles In the Dearliiirii liiil"pind- I'lit .Mr. Sapiro w,-is retirreil to as a member- of "<irgaiii/.inl .lewry" iaiid "Drgaiii^eii 1 iiternalional Jew, ry." • Dodge City. Kans.. .Mjir. H. (API S'-ailered reij(ir(.s drilling in her»' fodfiy indicate that tin- gang of men- who robii -d (lie Maiiitoil Colorad<»[. i 's pbank Tbtirsilay, were engaged in. a,, K'ln fight will) ol'licer.s at Cardeiv City, early .Siiiii |:iy iiinrning aii'l . that lliey are .--lill .'•nmewh 're uit»\\i\ 'of.; Iicre, 'i. " :: !- The j'..iiig wai |ir ;t . ei.|i ,il .Syr;i- 1 If e H,ilil :'lay liulil wliere lllijtf ' jiiir< lia- ed Home sandwiches and |i!g -d entree at tin; Harvey Hnii'^o; They uer-- driving a large six c ."l« itider car with disc vvhecls. Qffi-^ crs ar- .•Syracuse jihoiu 'd ahciil lij nrf 'ii .il.; :it Ciarrleii Citv who armed- Ihi'iiiselve.s anil Weill two miles West of the city to await the rob-i hers. > • ! rich Tonopah, -Nev., .March 14. (.^|Pl With the di.scovery of surface ileposits near newest boom town of the west) spectre of trouble hovers in th ing. Already ore deposits started a rush of prospectors, laws permit the staking of claims, on each for, surfa<'e lode mining on any ploh A flicl is forecast. ROAD UPKEEP FUND LARdER Topeka. Appropriat OOo for maintenance highway dfeparlmcnt jKans.. Mar. ion of more of gold i ,Wej.pali.; the j off- I have Klate t wo and con- Joplin High Sthool|Boy Is Drowned Joplin, .Mo.. .Mar. II. (.\P) Wildcat park, south of here, «;is the scene, of the first, dioniiing of the season' here • yeslerdjiy ."ii the occasion of il»' cj.eiiiii!; day. Itnford> F. Uells. ;i .lopliii high' school graduate, reshliiig on a farm •near; her*", was dro«ned when a.cairoe in t>hirh he was riding with Raymond >Yndkins of .|o|>> Jiir overtnmp<i. .lOSKPH W. HALL DIES IN OKLA, Hlar-kwell. (Ikla.. Mar. 11. (AP) — Joseph W. Il.ill. Kl. widely known railroad man. and the mati.who'fi-- iianced publication of the first liooks of Harold Bell Wright, died ;at his home here today after a lions illn<ss. He had. undergona 's"veral operations. ^ ' 14. f.^P)-- than the during next biebnium was today by .the house' way.s means committee. For the prjesent bieniiium. the highway department was siren only $1. "JO .000. SOO- Istate the DIAMOND FIELD • . NOT SO RADIO HEARING • COMNq SOON Washington. .Mar. 14. fAP)-— Hearings on the entiirc^radio sitn-- af ion'are planned by-the naw radio commission. Four members of tiie commission pipw|)> I called today on President Ojolidg'a (to pay their respects prior to or- London, .Mar. 14. OVPl—The cor- resptmdent of tho Daily Mail in Johannesburg. Sonth Africa. sendS a discouraging account{ of the new Orasfontein farm r diamond field. He says that although there are , ......uhj '"^jsome rich patches of Bround„inany recommended j pf diggers have drawn blanks. and i Hundreds of them already have left the diggings. Maijy farmers ;Who sold tbeii- farms and boujgbt worthles.s claims at^e destitute. ganizing tomorrow. FOOD SPECIALIST WILL BE IN lOLA .Miss Conic Fobte. food and •nii- trition specialijst fromi KansgSyJ State Agricultural College. wiU be'.in lola Friday and Saturday to conduct a food and nutrition meeting " with Women's Farm Bureau Ifiad-;. ers.

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